From the Left: Communist Gives Point of View on America and Our Purported Racism

This topic – pro communism – will probably not be shadow banned by Google, the the umbrella for what is arguably the largest collection of oligarchs and de facto censors in the history of the world.

This article was submitted to me by Jeff Brown of China Rising. I think it is worth publishing to get an idea how some of the far left view America. While I don’t agree with much of it, and certainly don’t believe, as the writer does, that communism will bring freedom to people, some of the protestors we have seen in recent days, believe fervently in the ideas put forth here.

I beleive it is the road to peace to understand the views of others.

Brown is a communist who feels America is a badly governed place and would prefer communism, a system where the government controls all people fully – even if the ideals it espouses are intended to be beneficent for the people.

Since government is – at its essence – the use of force – though possibly well intended at first, communism must always devolve into using force and more force on the people, which in time must inevitably make the people slaves, just as they are in Communist China. Communism must always create a two tiered system of the slaves and slave masters, the latter being the elite of the government, as opposed to the oligarchs of America and elsewhere in the world.

Brown has some interesting ideas and a perspective well worth understanding and possibly learning from, as a corrective for America’s own excesses, for not all he says is false. He helps us understand those not quite as far left as he is, such as, for instance, some of the journalists at CNN.

Brown has a very racialist view [which is of course not necessarily racist] and certainly it is not all flawed.

He recently interviewed ‘Chairman’ Fred Hampton Jr., the son of a Black Panther leader who was apparently killed while Fred Jr. was still unborn. Brown extols the Black Panthers as communist-socialists and of course admires other communist leaders, who in my opinion, enslaved and murdered millions.

Still it is hard to believe that Brown is not well-intended and so we can learn from him. [I think it is also fair to say that it is quite possible that Brown is a paid operative of the Communist Party of China, the largest slave state in the history of the world.] He is to the left of Bernie Sanders and even Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and yet the people who believe, as Brown does, are more inclined to support a Bernie or a Cortez than a Biden or a Clinton.

These are the unhappy with the Democratic party leaders who deliberately set out [and it seems cheated] to ensure Bernie did not win the Democratic primary, largely because they did not feel he could beat Trump.

Brown’s point of view will help us understand how the Democratic Party has become alien to so many Americans who still try to identify it with a idealistic Kennedy or a comforting Roosevelt.

This is Brown’s slightly excerpted introduction to his interview of Fred Hampton Jr., an interview I may also publish.

By Jeff Brown

… I am awestruck by how inspired the Black Panthers were and are by giants of communism-socialism, including Mao Zedong, Ho Chi Minh, Che Guevara and many others. They fervently believe in the socialist foundations of the Black Panthers as the vanguard party, the party of the people, a revolutionary party, all power to the people, serve the people, solidarity among all peoples, and the noble goals of self-determination, true freedom and social justice for all of humanity. It is not vacuous rhetoric. They were and are fighting and dying for their liberty.

They realize that violent oppression and capitalist terrorism in Africa, Asia and Latin America are inseparably tied to the government genocide being perpetrated on Blacks, Reds, Browns, Yellows and the poor across the United States.

This also goes for other anti-imperialist groups, such as the American Indian Movement (AIM – and Movimiento Estudiantil Chicana/o de Aztlan (MEChA –

The next thing that strikes me is how intelligent and articulate all these freedom fighters are.

Listening/watching footage of celebrated heroes and heroines of the Black Panthers, Chairman Fred, Jr., his father, Comrades Akua Njeri, Tupac Shakur, Mumia Abu-Jamal, Assata Shakur, Malcolm X and so many scores of others gives awestruck goosebumps to anybody with a conscious and a heart.

The only answer the US government machinery has had and continues to have against these and future towers of inspiration and righteousness is to try to annihilate them. But, as Chairman Fred, Sr. said many times, “You can kill the revolutionary, but you can’t kill the revolution”.

Through it all, I keep coming back to a sad reality. White, middle class Americans by the millions protested in the 1960s-1970s against the Vietnam War, against the slaughter of Asian peoples, against genocide and extermination as an instrument of official global capitalist policy. In fact, the 1968 Democratic (Party) National Convention protests and riots took place right in Chairman Fred’s hometown of Chicago, when tens of thousands of antiwar protesters and police waged pitched battles on its streets.

Those sincere, mostly White, middle- and upper-class protesters were trying to stop the war in Southeast Asia.

However, blinded by centuries of internalized racism and an inculcated sense of intellectual and cultural superiority, they completely ignored (and still do) the just-as-violent war being waged on the south side of Chicago, in what Black citizens nowadays call Chiraq, meaning that just like Iraq, South Chicago is an invaded, occupied, plundered country and people.

Heinous, relentless government genocide, land and resource theft, cultural cleansing, kangaroo courts and concentration camps were and are being used against, not just South Chicago’s oppressed masses, but all Black, Red, Brown, Yellow and poor peoples across the United States, who are mired in generational urban poverty and rural third world towns alike.

The coup de grace is the CIA’s global heroin and cocaine empires that intentionally funnel their deadly chemicals into these targeted populations, to weaken, suborn and kill them, while guaranteeing a vortex of common crime, gun violence, mass political incarceration and plenty of money to be laundered by the oligarchs’ A-list of local banks and businesses.

America’s 1%, the oligarchs, going back to 19th century’s prairie populist, socialist, communist and labor movements move into high gear, whenever oppressed Whites begin to combine revolutionary forces with their colored comrades. They know how to exploit White Americans’ innate sense of racial superiority, offering them a few extra table scraps and/or a slightly higher social status, to split them apart.

And when people of color, like Blacks, Reds and Browns join revolutionary hands, like they did in the 1960s, the oligarchs don’t mess around. Let the annihilation and extermination begin…. it started with the first imperial colonists landing in Jamestown in 1607, exploiting slavery and the genocide of Natives, as it continues across the country on a daily basis.

Now, White Americans ignoring the plight of their Black, Red, Brown, Yellow brothers and sisters all these centuries has caught up with them. Government genocide is now inching its way up the socioeconomic ladder into lower-middle- and middle-class neighborhoods.

Their trillion-dollar rape and plunder during the oligarchic-planned 2008 crash was the first expropriation across their collective bow. Now, with the (likely planned) coronavirus boot of hysteria on their throats, and with no end in sight, much of America’s middle class will join the ranks of their colored brethren, in a downward spiral of government-organized, socioeconomic sodomization and police state fascism (

The United States would likely be a much better, more socially just country, if the privileged antiwar movement fought domestic, not international genocide.

Will White citizens continue to fall for the oligarchs’ centuries’ old racist tactics of divide and conquer?

Ironically, back during all the 1960s-1970s upheavals, people of color were offering their cooperation and support, in common cause with the majority White antiwar movement, but were largely marginalized and unrecognized as being unworthy allies in the good fight.

It’s 2020 and America’s domestic wars against so many oppressed citizens is still completely off their radar.

America’s minorities have been in trenches of anti-colonial, anti-capitalist resistance for four hundred years and are much better experienced to survive an induced economic depression. History shows that the White majority always ends up hoisting itself on its own racist petard. Maybe, just maybe this time, increasingly desperate conditions will harken to their better angels. Theirs, everybody’s survival may depend on it.


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  • You communists never had the answer. Some slick purple prose in the preface to The Communist Manifesto, some rigorous dedicated work on the systemics of labour that have helped billions of working people understand how important it is to own as far as possible the means of production and to defend our working stake in any profits accrued from our labour. I think Frederich Engels was a deeply conscious and resolute soul whose values and genuine human feeling for the lives of his own workforce, in the first instance, and then for the work force in universal terms led to some of the best analysis of labour conditions in the twentieth century.

    Marx I think, was a lazy dissolute snide userous usurping, horror of a dad and husband. He was also intensely, umistakably, racist and It goes without saying, not a fecking patch on Hegel. Why Karl’s fat head made the icon/meme status it did seems mysterious to me, Im guessing Engels had less memorable features.

    And yet, and yet, the communist creed perpetuated in this country at least, (UK) by a frightfully upper-class cohort, with few, highly defensive ‘working class’ ie. poor and uneducated people. This doesn’t surprise me. How many times in my youth was I told by some dude with a goatee and a che badge, all about the misery of my historical circumstances. Shit one date gave me a copy of the Grundrisse, to help me figure out ‘where I came from” Ah, nothing so sweet as a comfortably raised milk skinned boy in an ancient thrift coat, spitting and swearing in an effort to woo me with his convergent liberal ways. One never knows where to start? Where are your manners?

    Your bourgeois vanguard ian ways, your essential parasitic laziness inclines you to attach yourselves to the the cultural reality of,
    what can we call ourselves free of the taint of your bombast? because Lumpen Proletariat never sounded to me like any sort of a compliment. Anyhoo, the Lu-Pro, the mass, John Tam’s Bairns, All Of God’s Children etc. never seem to want representation by snide, apparently-politically -correct-absurdly-fundamentalist-in-your-single-issue vanguardists.

    All you do is steal the experience that gives us our tremendous human value, imply that intellectual pursuit lies beyond our broken-homed psyches, that we cannot lead ourselves with all our broken wings, our penchant for art, fucking and entertainment. The way we conjure seed capital out of nothing – haha. The Bourgeois like their working class clean and obedient, ever grateful for being lionised – above all, the bourgeois like to see the rest of us as wretched as possible, crack addled selling ass, no mark, no crumb petty crime cretins. They write endless series of TV dramas, films, music that attests to this fact.

    I hate the Liberal communists as much as I hate the Alt right uber trend of the USA. You move in on misery, hijack peoples narratives, sneer at their taste and inclinations, You talk down whilst raising up and this is fake and phony. Worse thing the panthers ever did was to entertain dead one dimensional frankfurt school marxism. Before that they were doing God’s own work.

    • In my opinion, if you take the ‘Right’ to the extreme, and the ‘Left’ to its extreme, they both become Fascism, and the results are equally oppressive and destructive in both cases.

      • It was Willheim Reich’s The Mass Psychology of Fascism that clarified my feelings and experience and persuaded me of this truth.

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  • Hey, Comrade Jeff Putz Brown:
    You justify Looting as “Social Justice.”
    Look how your Social Justice Warriors smashed up a Los Angeles restaurant owned by a poor immigrant woman from Japan.
    Are you proud of that kind of looting, Communist Schmuck?
    If you were here right now, Comrade Brown, I would take some Syrup of Ipecac and BARF in your Communist face.

    • maybe the burning of a house with a child inside and then the obstuction of the firemen was an act of social justice to this creep.
      Americans are sick of this mess, and all the black people I know do NOT think that robbing the diamond district and the Rolex shop
      is anything but crime – which is mysteriously organized. Explosives to blow safes have been found.
      How is this helping BLM?
      It is not. It is not anything but a foreign enemy using BLM and other groups as a front and then destroying the US.
      Biden and deBlasio might think this is great. Americans, black and white – think this is a crime spree.
      And are on the side of the police.

  • Communist regimes all placed tremendous emphasis on spying on their populations

    Meanwhile, in the US, companies have installed software on employees’ computers that take screenshots of the computer that the employee is using and record everything that the employee is doing, all without the employee’s knowledge that this is even taking place. So far, companies have installed this software on hundreds of thousands of computers and their use is growing very rapidly.

    This would be a wet dream for any Communist setup.

    They have really interesting names, like:

    Employee Desktop Live Viewer. 

    A”light-weighted, yet powerful monitoring tool which records all the employee desktop activities and presents live streaming.”

    Some others are called:





    Who needs communism when you can have cheap covert surveillance?

    • He didn’t have a ‘Heart Attack.’ The coroner mentioned Cardiac Arrest, which means nothing more than the fact that his heart stopped beating. Everyone who dies from whatever cause suffers Cardiac Arrest.

  • Comrade Brown paints a rosy picture of Communism, forgetting the 100 million or so victims of Communism who died over the last 100 years.
    But Comrade Brown no doubt believes the death of one man justifies riots all across America.
    It’s like Joe Stalin said: “When one person dies it’s a tragedy. When a million people die it’s a statistic.”
    Isn’t that what you believe, Comrade Brown?

    • Apparatchik Shadowstate,

      “Kill a few and they call you a murder; kill millions and they call you a conqueror.”
      -Comrade Pol Pot

      Do you have more or less people buried in your basement than John Wayne Gacy?

  • Thanks for the laugh, Frank. LOL

    Every once in a while it’s nice to read a total nutjob’s take on things. LOL

    Not as often as Mr. Shadow was writing about Mack, just every once in a while. LOL

  • Please allow me to give some background information about Communism and its sorry history of brutality and deception.

    When I was 8 years old my father took me to see the then new movie of “Doctor Zhivago” based on Boris Pasternak’s novel of the same name.
    In college my Western History classes required the reading of the Communist Manifesto.
    My favorite History Professor, the late Nunzio Pernicone, was a noted scholar of Italian Anarchism.
    My class work included reading Orwell’s “1984” and “Homage to Catalonia”, both books about the failures of Communism.
    I also read Arthur Koestler’s “Darkness at Noon” a novel loosely based on the life and execution of Nicholai Bucharin, a leader of the early Communist party.
    My readings also included Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s “One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisevich” about the life of a Soviet Concentration Camp Inmate.
    I have also read Solzhenitsyn’s “Gulag Archipelago”,a multi-volume history of tyranny in Communist Russia.
    I have also read journalist Anne Applebaum’s works describing how Russia’s Communist government deliberately starved people to death from 1921 to 1923 and later from 1931 to 1933.
    America’s future President Herbert Hoover organized food aid in the 1920s that saved millions of Russians from starvation.

    The Ukranian word Holodomor describes how Moscow’s Communist government deliberately starved millions of Ukranians to death in the richest farmland in Europe.
    The Communists stole the farmers’ harvests and lands calling them “Kulaks” greedy peasants.

    I took a full year of Russian History taught by Professor David Ransel, who in the sixties studied at Leningrad (St. Petersburg) State University, and I have taken courses in the Russian language.

    My brother and sister in law served in the US Military during which time they traveled to East Berlin on orders of the US government.
    Later my brother and sister in law traveled to Krasnoyarsk in Siberia to adopt two boys from Russian orphanages.
    My brother described Russia as a nation still mired in “dire poverty”

    Our Communist writer Jeff Brown talks about “The Police State.”
    He doesn’t tell you that the East German Secret Police, the Stasi, enlisted 20% of the East German population as informants, snitches and spies.
    Nor does he talk about today’s Totalitarian Communist Chinese Police State that spies on over a billion Chinese people.
    In Communist China if you displease the Communist Party they will deny you the right to purchase airline and rail tickets.
    Indeed the Communist Chinese execute religious dissidents and harvest their organs for transplants.

    Our Communist Jeff Brown talks with approval of Aztlan.
    He doesn’t tell you what Azatlan is.
    Azatlan is a movement to break up the United States creating a Hispanic-Communist nation stretching from California to Texas.
    Map of Azatlan.

    He wants to accomplish the Destruction of America using class and racial warfare setting Hispanics against Blacks against whites.

    Jeff Brown refers to the “Giant of Communism Mao Zedong.”

    Great Chinese Famine
    Country People’s Republic of China
    Location Mainland China
    Period 1959–1961
    Total deaths
    15 million (government statistics)
    15 to 40 million (some scholarly)[1]


  • Starting in the 1990’s, moderate political influence in the USA began to die. All that is left are two political extremes which leave moderate centrist voters with nowhere to go.

    The only choice they have is to vote for one extreme or the other.

    Until moderation returns to US politics nothing will change in any positive way.

    • Interesting how the Lamestream media had a monopoly on the “news” until the 1990s when the internet was made publicly available. LOL

      The fake news and their Libtard following also harken for the “good ‘ole days” when people could be fed whatever information THEY wanted us to hear. LOL

      Naturally, they want the Constitutionalists to be labeled as “far-right,” or “extreme-right,” when all we are is correctly right. LOL

    • Paul,

      You are right. No one is meeting in the middle anymore. Most Republicans and Democrats are more moderate than the media would have everyone believe.

        • NiceGuy666, would like to know why the whacky retard (Scott Johnson) no longer uses his real name. Scott, how are tricks?

          Do you have an aluminum siding or vinyl siding home?

          How is your above-ground pool? Is your above-ground pool a chlorinated pool or do you fill it up with a garden hose?

          Do you really keep your pool racially pure? LOL

        • It’s true!!! LOL

          I want you all to come visit me in Rhino-Land. LOL This Saturday is a 1/2 price weekend.

          Scott, then can I come and visit you in Trailer Park Land?

          I hear admission is free and it’s $20 bucks to bang your wife in a flat bed pickup truck while you drive the truck around the park.

          I’d love it if you threw in a free bag of pork- grinds and a old Polaroid of the Missus with her flapjacks hanging out like in Hot Rod Magazine style.

      • On my site I once mentioned, very briefly, that I might like to see a centrist party.
        It got immediate reads AND NSA attention. Other posts, with much more content, controversy and images got much less.
        A centrist party is a good idea, taking the best of both and dealing with real issue.
        And standing up to PR China as Trump is doing.

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