The Right to Riot? – I Don’t Think so — Here’s the Law

By J. Gary DiLaura, FBI, retired

Title 18 Section 2101 United States Code (T18S2102 USC) states;

(a) Whoever travels in interstate or foreign commerce or uses any facility of interstate or foreign commerce, including, but not limited to, the mail, telegraph, telephone, radio, or television, with intent—

(1) to incite to riot; or

(2) to organize, promote, encourage, participate in, or carry on a riot; or

(3) to commit any act of violence in furtherance of a riot; or

(4) to aid or abet any person in inciting or participating in or carrying on a riot or committing any act of violence in furtherance of a riot; and who either during the course of any such travel or use or thereafter performs or attempts to perform any other overt act for any purpose specified in subparagraph (A), (B), (C), or (D) of this paragraph…

Shall be fined under this title, or imprisoned not more than five years, or both.


There’s more, but even the uneducated can understand what this law prohibits.

In my opinion, these riots, like most other riots are organized… They are very well organized and funded by organizations like those that former President Hussein Obama either started, organized, belongs to, or sought funding for and then used to cause rioting. George Soros’ money may well be involved.

I don’t believe that organizations that Obama organized like OFA, Obama for America, or other such names, were formed to do anything to help America.

Follow the money. And when they find it came from Democrat sources, go after them. Like Hillary said, “Never let a good tragedy go without taking advantage of the situation”.

Do you think for one minute that these “people,” who are rioting in all those Democrat places are a coincidence … or maybe showing sympathy for the Minneapolis tragedy? Get real … these are last-ditch, straw-grasping Democraps… grasping for straws… They realize that neither Joe Biden and Ms. Anybody Else… nor any color, anybody Democrat, can win against President Trump… and they hate it!

Regarding the riots and riots they are… they are NOT demonstrations, by any sense of the imagination… identify those who are participating and follow the money, transportation, food sources, motel accommodations, pick up points …prove they are funded riots and take it to the organizers. Do we know anybody who is an expert… spent his career as a Community Organizer… there must be someone… he’d be a good starting point…what do you think?

Barrack Obama

As far as controlling a riot… enforce the laws! When, after an incident occurs that could lead to problems…do not allow any permits, are they nuts?  Impose a temporary curfew and arrest any violators, don’t run away from them.

If there is a lack of holding cells… rent 40 ft tractor trailers and photograph, ID if possible, search their record for the info, keep them handcuffed and place them in the temporary holding cells… it may take a while … tell them to bring a bag of Depends!

Depend Men's Fit-Flex Convenience Incontinence Underwear - Large ...
Depends could come in handy for rioters if J. Gary DiLaura’s advice is heeded.

Give due notice that because of the extreme dangers cast upon the citizens and law enforcement and property, by riots, by executive order, there will be a mandatory 30 day jail sentence and $1000 fine for those arrested in the Curfew designated areas.

Arsonists will be shot, any armed rioter will be shot, and rock throwers will be shot, by law enforcement.

These people are not protestors, they are violent, recidivist criminals looking to benefit themselves.

Chicago Chaos: Looters Hit Nike Store, Rioters Burn and Flip Cop ...

Administrators ( Governors to Mayors), Chiefs of Police, Sheriffs who refuse to protect preserve and defend the Constitution and American Citizens, should be charged with Criminal Negligence!

You want to “vent”? Go get a ventilator!

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  • “The message to the Chinese people was: the mass movement never took place; those peaceful protesters were thugs. Only the party can restore order and make you rich. Keep quiet, forget the past. Forget democracy and freedom. For the sake of stability and economic growth, the state can murder civilians.

    But the underlying truth was simpler: dictators will always put their political survival above human life. They will not rest until they have perverted every truth and obliterated all possibility of dissent.”

    – Ma Jian

  • So let’s see what the ‘demonstrators’ will do next in the name of peace and love.
    Yesterday they heisted $2.4million in rolexes.
    For a good cause?
    And if that wasn’t enough, they burned a house with a child in it and then blocked the firemen from getting to the fire.
    Since the usual idiots will question anything I say, and will try to defend the ‘demon-strators’ – maybe post bail for them
    and give them more free food etc funded by the taxpayer – here is the URL:
    And then there’s the issue of the Minn gov’s daughter giving out intel to the demon-strators.
    Maybe she could try doing this in China.
    She’d be executed.
    But somehow she expects us to be OK with burning children in the name of the ‘revolution’?
    I don’t think John Lennon would approve.
    He sang that he had not $ for minds that hate. And that was a song about left wingers.
    I wish he were alive today. Mabye he would not support Donald Trump but he would
    NOT support Letitia James, Mark Epstein and his Humpty Dumpty congressmen, PR China,
    Ed Buck or Ed Buck’s friend Adam Schiff, or any of these idiots.

  • Hi DiLaura,

    I have two questions. One is serious the other flippant.

    1.) What is your general belief regarding the JFK assassination?

    The magic bullet velocity and trajectory is not what bothers me. Everyone I know who has ever frequently used firearms – soldiers, hunters, or gun enthusiasts – has at least one crazy or freaky bullet story; all explainable at the end of the day.

    What I cannot get passed is one fact regarding the magic bullet.

    How was the bullet in near perfect condition?

    I worked for two summers at an outdoor rifle range. One of my responsibilities was retrieving the bullets from the berms [God knows why].

    Every single bullet that entered the dirt/sand berms was damaged or had surface scratches at the very least.

    “The bullet passed through President Kennedy’s neck and went into Governor Connally’s chest, went through his wrist, and embedded itself in the Governor’s thigh. If so, this bullet traversed 15 layers of clothing, seven layers of skin, and approximately 15 inches of muscle tissue, struck a necktie knot, removed 4 inches of rib, and shattered a radius bone. The bullet was found on a gurney in the corridor at Parkland Memorial Hospital after the assassination.”-Wikipedia

    How is it possible the bullet was not damaged? A lead bullet. Is it possible?

    Second Question:

    2.) Short of an act of God… What would it take for you to sit Indian style around a campfire and sing “Kumbaya My Lord”?

    Question 1, I’m very serious about. I believe a great number of Frank Report’s readership and many other people would be interested in learning your opinion on the matter.


    • The Right Side,

      Your first question is easy to answer. JFK was absolutely killed by former Chicago, Military and CIA killer, James Files, DOB 1-24-42, with a Fireball bolt action pistol from the Grassy knoll. First shot was fired by a another Chicago hood ,from memory I believe his name was Johnny Nicolette, a third was there as well. Lee Oswald was in the Texas School Depository as a decoy and everything he said was true! He did not kill JFK or Officer Tippet. He didn’t kill anybody. No shots were fired from the Book Depository where Oswald was staged. Jack Ruby was hired by Chicago Don, Sam Giancana to silence Oswald. Giancana believed JFK screwed him after Gianacana got Kennedy elected with the Union vote by setting Bobby Kennedy after Giancana as Attorney General!

      One single piece of physical evidence, by itself ,proves everything Files says. The bullet shell case from the fatal shot was found decades later, EXACTLY where Files said he placed it,under 6 inches of accumulated dirt with his teeth marks on the case! The FBI has that case but refuses to allow dental records comparison that Files says he wants?! Why? Because they want the case closed…no other reason. A retired FBI Agent West did most of leg work. The records from the Motels the team… including Oswald,Files, Nicoletti… stayed, were located when and where Files said they stayed before the assassination, both in Texas and Florida where they did the final zeroing on the guns…he could not possibly have made up his story…I’d stake all I own on that!

      The second doesn’t deserve an answer. The Right Side

  • Re Police Shot at Riots Last Night:

    Update!!!! Time for the Governors in every state to fully activate their national guard.

    Last night multiple police officers were shot in multiple states and even run over by autos.

    I fully support the rights of peaceful demonstrators. Demonstrations are emblematic of the United Stated’s First Amendment and Bill of Rights.

    However, the murder or attempted murder of police officers by rioters is unacceptable.

    Initially I was against activating the state’s national guard units.

    The national guard units need to be a activated to quell the riots.

    The line in the sand, the Rubicon, has been crossed.

    The Governors need to act!

  • It is clear that much of this is not just people protesting, and I respect the protest, I want the guilty cops prosecuted.
    Neither is it just people looting – looters do NOT want to shoot cops, start fires, smash national monuments – greedy
    and hypocritical as they are, they are smart enough to grab the $ and run. Start no trouble on the way home, just get
    on eBay with the stolen goods and make some $. Call them capitalists who want to make $ with no capital but communists
    and anarchists they are not.
    We are seeing protest and looting – and systemic anarchy. Which is an oxymoron.
    Which I might put better by saying we are seeing morons run by clever agents who are using
    this mess to their own good.
    Did I say PR China?
    Well, let’s just say they are the #1 suspect at this point. After all, not far from the PR China consulate in NYC
    someone is writing on the walls of the Port Authority E train platforms “Surrender to China, On your knees America.”
    And I hear there are leaflets telling people to follow the advice of Candi CdeBaca, the Dem pol in Colorado, who exhorts
    people to infect Americans with the cuomovirus. Or call it the coronavirus if you prefer.
    What I do think has happened though is that the backlash against the burning of America will bring about Trump support.
    None of the black people I know are happy about this. Yes, they and most white people all want the cops to be put on trial
    and racist nonsense to stop – and do NOT want other crimes, such as rioting and looting to continue.
    Black people are not starting these fires and at times they are stopping white people who are to tell them to cut it out.
    So let not anyone think they are supporting the black cause by burning down a bank.
    That is a crime. A black jury, and a black judge, will send you to jail for it.
    That is America. China, if you’re listening, take note.

    • Well said, Mr. Gibson. It is important to remember there is no equivalence of value between human life and goods and property. The loss of human life must always weigh most heavily on our collective heart and conscience.

    • “Three men with ties to a right-wing extremist movement have been arrested on terrorism-related charges, the AP reports.

      Authorities said there was a conspiracy to spark violence during the protests in Las Vegas. Prosecutors said the three white men had US military experience and were arrested after making Molotov cocktails in glass bottles and filling cans with gas.”


  • The Dirty Rat Communists are trying to stage a violent coup d’etat against the legally elected government of the United States just like Lenin and the Bolsheviks did in Russia in 1917.
    If the Communists succeed they will cause a BLOOD BATH where they will kill all their perceived enemies.
    Millions of Americans will be murdered.

    The solution is simple.
    Declare that there is a nationwide insurrection.
    Call out the military.
    Declare that anyone wearing a face mask in public is a Violent Revolutionary and will be dealt with accordingly.
    Obliterate the rebels and traitors.

    Washington DC last night

      • Although I occasionally tease Shadow, I have to admit I like him. His heart is in the right place as a patriotic citizen. I think this place would be much less stimulating without him. I agree with him on a lot of things, and disagree with others. All the best to you Shadow, a genuine seeker of the truth.

    • So now we’re supposed to stop wearing our masks? LOL

      I’m so confused, Mr. Shadow. LOL

      Please help! LOL

    • “Declare that anyone wearing a face mask in public is a Violent Revolutionary and will be dealt with accordingly.”

      Will that apply to Whitehouse Staffers, Judges, Members of Congress, and the Senate?

      That might not be popular.

  • This is the inevitable result of a political system that is entirely fuelled by hate.

    Is it a desirable outcome? No.

  • No one said it was legal. But justified? Yes. We should all be rioting, we should all be looting. Look around. When the people in positions of privilege get to do what they please, no consequences (i.e., super-rich, government officials, religious leaders not just speaking about whites)… What is the reason for citizens to uphold their devotion to the social contract we call “law”? There isn’t one.

      • Mr. Shadow moved from Allison Mack to Communists. LOL

        Shadow may wish to contract and combine both topics. LOL

        Commie-Cankles LOL

      • Anyone who doesn’t like the laws and Constitution of the USA is free to leave. People who don’t like the fact that freedom of opinion or expression is a right in the US might like North Korea. Those who don’t like that the law prohibits officers of the state from carrying out summary executions might like Saudi Arabia or Iran. Those who think that there should only be one political party might like China. There are lots of choices. Myanmar would be perfect for people who hate minorities. Those who would like all-powerful leaders without any opposition would love Russia. I think the laws and Constitution of the US population are quite popular, so I doubt that there’ll be a mass exodus, though there seem to be a few on this board who are not very happy with rule of law in the US.

    • That was a rogue ghost of Scott, not one of us. LOL

      We do not share that perspective, anarchy would result, and it wouldn’t be pretty for anybody. LOL

  • Yes, don’t forget to bring Hitler into it! Resuscitate him from the grave and bring him into it. While, you’re at it, indict his dog, Blondie, too. WTF? Don’t hold any prisoners…

    You can bring Jesus, Mohammed, and email some of the apostles to show up to the court proceedings too.

    You’re doing a fantastic job at blowing your trumpet each in every direction to cover up the real scum who should be summarily shot dead!

      • The oppressors of humanity, ‘anonymous’. Who might those be? Those controlling the finances? Maybe you’re too religious to grasp anything you haven’t been forcefed by your ‘pastor’. It’s so funny isn’t it? Keep laughing… don’t forget to start walking on all fours when your religious leader comes out in front of your family with his pants down…

      • “The real scum who should be summarily shot dead!”

        Unfortunately for you, this is illegal and unconstitutional in the US.

        Have you considered a move to North Korea or Iran?

        You might like it there.

  • These riots were stirred up by a Communist group called Anti-Fa.
    Minnesota has a unique political history because it was settled by Socialists and Communists from Finland, Sweden and Norway.
    Many of these Communists INFECTED Minnesota’s Democratic Party.
    So much so that it is called the DFL the Democratic Farmer Labor Party of Minnesota.

    Thanks to degenerate Communists like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez the whole National Democratic Party is infected with the disease of Communism.

    Minnesota Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party

    • Yes. All black people in America are covert members of ANTIFA, Shadowstate. It’s all Antifa and the communists’ fault. What will you do?

      • We can expect Shadow to tattoo Trump’s penile size on his chest then blow himself up while wearing only a belt of explosives in NY Times Square on the next anniversary of Trump’s appointment to the presidential office!

      • Many of the rioters are white Communist agitators trying to stage a
        Violent Revolution.
        The white woman who tried to murder four NYC cops with a fire bomb was 27 years old and from Upstate New York.

      • My understanding is that Antifa (anti-fascist, which it is anything but) is mostly white boys. LOL

        However, BLM (not Bureau of Land Management, a federal government entity, but Black Lives Matter) has similar nutty positions, so there is a place for virtually any nutjob in the country. LOL

      • Shadow is upset because Black people are secretly Communists, who are secretly Chinese, who are secretly Russian, who are secretly agents of the WHO, who are secretly Antifa, who are secretly secret, secretly spreading the flu in secret, via the deadly secret Liberal protozoa and prions.

        • I can’t understand how Shadow can be so brainwashed… Maybe it’s the same as having a supercomputer and installing a very destructive virus on it… It creates havoc with all the other software no matter how good it is… 😐

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