Anonymous Person Sends Me Nancy Salzman’s Nxivm ‘Reserved Parking’ Sign in Mail

The Prefect's Parking Sign from NXIVM/ESP's former headquarters in Albany, NY.

I got something unexpected in the mail recently.

I’m not certain whether I should laugh – and I was amused at first – or report it on Frank Report to try to get it back to its rightful owner.

It came in an unmarked brown box and inside was nothing less than Nancy Salzman’s old ‘No Parking’ sign. No note. No message. Nothing.

It once adorned the outside of Nxivm offices at 455 New Karner Road in Colonie, New York, and was apparently removed and replaced by another sign.

Colonie is a suburb of Albany.

The headquarters of Nxivm was the L-shaped building on the right. To the left, 457 New Karner was also a Nxivm-owned property.

The handsome sign in my possession [below], stands almost two feet tall and more than a foot wide.

Front of sign.

It is off-white in color, possibly white at one time, with black lettering, made of the finest non-stainless steel.

There is a little rust at the screw hole, but is in generally outstanding condition, suitable for framing or for using in a parking lot for someone named Nancy Salzman.

The back has some discoloring.

Back of sign.

It came to me in an unmarked box, with no return address, sent to my home in New York. Whoever sent it has my home address, which is not published online.

I had formerly published this picture [below] of another, the replacement Nancy Salzman sign, with the following caption, when it graced the front of the Nxivm offices.

The sign is there and if you notice closely a screw is loose for Nancy Salzman.

However, the sign pictured above is not the same sign sent to me [below] since the wording is different:

Apparently, somebody took it upon themselves sometime before Nxivm imploded – in late 2017 – to remove the sign and then, someone, at a later date, sent it to me.

I did not ask anyone to send me this historic and valuable collectors’ item. But I now possess this elegant and valuable sign. And I would like the rightful owner to claim it.

However, I do not know who the rightful owner is and will require evidence of ownership in order to release it, plus a slight fee for shipping and handling.

It might be Nancy Salzman who owns the sign.  After all, it was the sign that prevented rank-and-file Nxivm students from parking in her designated parking spot which was close to the entrance of the Nxivm offices where the notorious Nxivm intensives were held.

Nancy Salzman was the president of Nxivm and known to students as Prefect. She reported directly to the founder of Nxivm, the now-incarcerated Keith Alan Raniere.


L-R: Pam Cafritz, Nancy Salzman and Keith Alan Raniere at Vanguard Week.


Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman in 2009 at the Dalai Lama Nxivm speech.

The sign does not likely belong to the US government insofar as the property at 455 New Karner, where the sign once was located, was seized by the feds after the sign was removed.

Clare and Sara Bronfman [whose money evidently was used to purchase the property] and Nancy Salzman, the president and titular owner of Nxivm, have given up any claim to ownership of the New Karner property or its contents.

On top of that, the feds have seized the company that owns Nxivm, First Principles Inc., of which Salzman was the ostensible owner, although Raniere, unsuccessfully, attempted to claim he owned a percentage of the company.

Evidence shows that the sign was removed before the feds stepped in to seize the property.

This Google Maps picture was taken during August 2019 – shortly after the conviction of Keith Alan Raniere – and shows the replacement Nancy Salzman sign in place. The sign next to it – which used to be reserved for current Nxivm leader Edgar Boone is now down.


In the golden days when both Nancy and Edgar could arrive at Nxivm headquarters and enjoy the comfort of knowing they would have a place to park their cars.

Edgar Boone built Nxivm in Mexico and he seems to want to grow it again. In any event, whoever owns the sign is invited to claim it and I will return it.

Please send $5 for shipping

Plus $1,000 for handling and I will send it at once.






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    • Thank you for stalking her social media so we don’t have to. And thanks for sharing your wit by calling her a gook. You are clearly more ethical and brave and white than she is.

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      • – female mongrel supported by Canadian television and the
        Canadian media through affirmative action
        – talentless
        – ungifted
        – incapable
        – liar
        – selfish
        – (probably criminal)

        • She’s half-white, half-Asian. If anything, she’s likely more of a victim of affirmative action and its opposite, since whites are the majority/entitled and Asians get slotted out of positions due to often being better than other races in a number of things, e.g., academics.

          Talentless, ungifted, incapable: The relatively constant work in her industry over a period of almost two decades that has made her a multi-millionaire without putting in much effort (unlike many other actors) says otherwise. What got her into the industry was her beauty and what kept her there is her personality and talent. That you’re anonymous really gives you no credibility to say otherwise.

          Liar: Maybe. 99% of people have likely have lied in their life and so could be labeled as one. But she’s likely not at your level of lie-telling. Although many people like to say that professional actors are good liars, that is not necessarily true. They’re just good at being truthful in the context of a simulated environment such that what is not really true looks like it actually is. Liars know the truth and willingly deceive others with its opposite. The latter is an issue of morality while the former is not. Actors can be moral or immoral people, and if they are the latter, they could use their skill to actually lie and fool others.

          Selfish: Probably. Most people are.

          Probably criminal: Possibly, but not probably. Since no evidence has been put forward for criminal activity in the past several years, unbiased people tend to give those accused of such the benefit of the doubt.

          • Pretending to be white and kissing lots of males is not talent. It’s easier to stay in the industry then it is to get into the industry, irregardless of talent. Actors are in a extremely privileged position to receive lots of money, irregardless of talent, or lack of, thus they do not need a long filmography or talent to end up multi millionaires. The Kardashians are useless. Actors will receive more in 10 episodes, then you will have to work for over five years. There are a ton of c-list multi millionaire actors you have never heard of. Sixty grand here. One hundred and fifty grand there, all adds up. If your spank Princess was so talented, she would of got big roles already. Instead, she is a d-list film actress and former b-list, now, c-list television actress. And she’s old. And Asian. And a cult member.

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          • You must have a pretty shitty job to be so hateful and jealous. It seems you have no “skill” except being white. Too bad you can’t make money writing racist and misogynistic comments on blogs.

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          • If they’re shit—which is an assessment coming from you so it is utterly worthless—at least they’re known and get paid millions of dollars for it. You’re shit and you’re only recourse is to cowardly cry in anonymity on a blog about them being shit in the cluster-fuck of racist and misogynistic comments. I mean, you can’t even show your face to the “cowardly”, virtue signaling Kreuk. If you had any dignity at all you wouldn’t care about their lives enough to engage in such a manner and simply live your life. But as it is said, the proof is in the pudding. And maybe Cosby’s drugs.

            By the way, I’m not responding for the Kreuk or to “rescue” her. I did that years ago. That’s why you’re crying here. I’m responding only due to my own ego.

          • You are a better stalker then Kristin Gook is an actor. You probably already know the answer, but how many men has Kristin Gook kissed on camera? What else has she done? A privileged millionaire for pretending to be white, denying actual white women roles, and kissing men. Excessively privileged and useless. No wonder she spent a decade in a cult.

          • After all of these years learn what the fuck a stalker is. She’s a public figure. Reading articles on her, watching all of the things she’s been in–which I haven’t even done since I’ve never watched “Earth Sea”, “Snow White”, nor “Ecstasy”–following and/or checking out her social media accounts, etc., is not stalking. But searching for a non-public figure like me, scanning for what I write and have written on forums both related and not related to her like my former social media accounts (do you miss me?) because you know the aliases I have used, having certain people call me out by my real name here, etc., that *is* stalking.

            And despite how many times you say it, Kristin is a good actress. She’s especially good at displaying emotions, which is rather surprising for being as introverted and shy as she claims to be.

            And really who cares how many men she’s kissed on camera? That’s a tiny part of her job that most actors learn to compartmentalize for it. Why does it matter to you so much that you’ve mentioned it at least a dozen times now? Why aren’t you complaining about the number of women male actors have kissed on camera?

            And for the umpteenth fucking time, she *is* half-white. Just because you’re a blind racist who can’t see past her Chinese heritage, she has as much a right to her European blood as anyone else born with a mixed heritage.

            And she doesn’t deny anyone roles. She auditions for, and/or gets *chosen* for them because, here’s the kicker, people in the industry actually think she’s good at what she does.

            Don’t cry.

          • “After all of these years learn what the fuck a stalker is.”

            You are, Hasif.

            “And despite how many times you say it, Kristin is a good actress.”

            Hollywood does not agree.

            “She’s especially good at displaying emotions, which is rather surprising for being as introverted and shy as she claims to be”.

            Does she display emotions when kissing lots of men?

            “And really who cares how many men she’s kissed on camera?”

            It’s not halal.

            “That’s a tiny part of her job”.

            It’s like 75% of her “job”.

            “Why aren’t you complaining about the number of women male actors have kissed on camera?”

            Because we are talking about Kristin Gook. But fine, male equivalents of Kristin Gook are shit too.

            “And for the umpteenth fucking time, she *is* half-white.”

            Half not white. Yuck.

            “she has as much a right to her European blood as anyone else born with a mixed heritage”.

            If you were dying of thirst in the desert, you would rather have a bottle of 100% water, instead of 50% water, 50% piss.

            “And she doesn’t deny anyone roles”

            She took white character roles, profited, denying white women the opportunity for those roles, when she does not look remotely white. She looks mixed Asian. Looking at her filmography, it seems she also robbed paki actresses and other brown people of a role where she played a muslim paki. Bigot!

            “She auditions for, and/or gets *chosen* for them because, here’s the kicker, people in the industry actually think she’s good at what she does”.

            They think she is good at looking white or paki? These “people in the industry” need replacing then.

            “Don’t cry”.

            Don’t spank.

          • –You are, Hasif.

            Takes one to know one.

            You want to play this game?

            –Hollywood does not agree.

            Reification fallacy. Hollywood doesn’t exist as an volitional entity that makes such decisions. Hollywood is a term that encapsulates the entire American film and television entertainment industry.

            –Does she display emotions when kissing lots of men?

            Likely, since kissing is an empathetic act. Of course, I wouldn’t expect a sociopath to understand this.

            –It’s not halal.

            Actually, the act of kissing is ontologically “halal” in practically every religious framework that exists, which is just a term for what is morally allowed. It just wouldn’t be considered “halal” outside of some contexts, and those differ depending upon the morality a person subscribes to.

            Of course, someone like you who displays the morality you do–and likely subscribes to none limited by nothing except his own whims which effectively wouldn’t be an self-subjugation at all–has no right to question someone else’s.

            –It’s like 75% of her “job”.

            I see that you’re really dumb at math too, huh?

            –Half not white. Yuck.

            Better to be half-white beauty than full-white asshole.

            –If you were dying of thirst in the desert, you would rather have a bottle of 100% water, instead of 50% water, 50% piss.

            I see you’re still really stupid at logical fallacies too (false equivalence).

            –She took white character roles, profited, denying white women the opportunity for those roles, when

            Learn the definition of deny. It will require some reading in a dictionary (which might take you a while to parse) but I’m sure you’ll pull through, eventually.

            –she does not look remotely white. She looks mixed Asian.

            No one said she “looked white”. They said she was “half-white”, and she clearly looks it. Just because you’re a racist dolt and it burns your insides to know that she has what you believe is your Nazi “pure” white blood mixed in with “defective” Asian blood, doesn’t deny that the DNA coursing within her veins and arteries and existing in every cell of her body granted to her by her “pure white” father is there. What do you suppose a “mixed” Asian is mixed with you utter buffoon?

            –Don’t spank.

            I’ll spank whenever I want. At least I have something to spank with, unlike you, who has no cock at all.

          • Well it’s nice to know Bangkok and Sultan of Sexiness are still going at it!!!!!!

            God bless the two of you!

  • What city was the envelope stamped?

    I’d be careful. On the one hand, it could be innocent humor.

    On the other hand, it could be a set up. Or biohazard. Or may the government owns it?

    It would also bother me someone has an unlisted address.

  • I occasionally get through Albany, and had dropped by the old NXIVM building. The sign I saw and photographed in early 2019 was the same as shown in the 4th picture, the one with the building in the background.

    The sign I photographed up close then looked fairly old, with cracks and rust stains not obvious in the larger photo of it here. Frank, why do you think that was a replacement sign, and not, say, one that just came from somewhere else, like the Apropos club?

    Either way, it’s a score, and I’m jealous 🙂 I made an attempt at social engineering to see if I could get property management staff to let me take down the big NXIVM sign, but no luck….

  • Nice post! I think this is helpful to remind us also of the power Nancy had. Not anyone has a sign with their name for parkingl.
    Amazing to see it come down

    • I guess Kreuk should be barred from having an opinion on anything—until she expresses sufficient outrage at a defunct cult whose leaders have been convicted—even the Frank Report has moved on to other issues.
      What “sacrifice” would be enough for Anonymous—the world wants to know?

      • You just can’t help yourself fag. You are as predictable as a bad smell after a fart. Your cucky response does not prove the above comment wrong & you know it. And yes, Kreuk should never publicly express BS opinions after her NXIVM cowardice.

        • Not Sultan, but it’s absolutely unsurprising that you have both Kreuk and Sultan on the brain. When the bell rings, you’re just like Pavlov’s dog.

          • Whenever Kreuk’s name crops up, there YOU are. Just like Pavlov’s dog.

          • “Whenever Kreuk’s name crops up, there YOU are. Just like Pavlov’s dog.”

            Did you just take what I wrote and attempt to throw it back at me in the manner of a preteen on a junior high school playground?

            I’m actually here and respond to articles and comments MORE than when Kreuk’s name just pops up, but unlike you, I don’t incessantly and ostensibly broach Kreuk or Sultan in what seems to be every comment section of every article that is posted here.

          • “Did you just take what I wrote and attempt to throw it back at me”.

            Yes. Stop worshipping Kristin Gook.

          • “Yes. Stop worshipping Kristin Gook.”

            Huh? Not everyone here who comments is obsessed over Kristin Kreuk like you and Sultan. I think you two should move on. Or get a room and fight over your infatuation, the winner receiving the “spoils of war”.

            The previous was tongue and cheek by the way, since its the 21st century and educated people have moved on from your racism and sexism and its obvious she couldn’t care less about two stalkers, one a white racist and the other an Indian. Neither of you have a chance with her.

            Are you going to continue to mention her here each time she posts something on Twitter or Instagram that you don’t like regardelss of the article? It seems like Frank has moved on. Maybe the both of you should too.

          • Stop being you, Spanky. You never get this triggered whenever anyone else gets mentioned. Your dream spank is a cunt. As are you.

          • –Stop being you, Spanky. You never get this triggered whenever anyone else gets mentioned. Your dream spank is a cunt. As are you.

            Even when people comment here and say they’re not me, you still think it’s me. Why do I need to be someone else when I say whatever I want directly to you?

            You’re one to talk about being triggered you racist, cowardly, piece of shit. You’re the one who is triggered by whatever she posts that doesn’t fit your bigoted worldview you have to immediately come crying here to bitch about it. Why don’t you show your real ugly mug that matches your ugly soul to Kreuk and others instead of hiding behind anonymity? Why don’t you really tell them why you actually stalk Kreuk and display your triggered anger here every time you comment, because it’s certainly not because she’s some “smell-the-fart” C-list actress who’s irrelevant. She’s so irrelevant you have to constantly troll her name just to release the whine and try and bring out me.

            Like all cowards, you’re a wimp whose only strength is to stab from the back. You’re one to hypocritically talk about no sacrifice or no bravery.

            The only cunt here is you.

            Cue the masturbation, racist name calling, pathetic rhetoric.

          • Anyone who says something about Kristin Crooked is the same person….

            “Cue the masturbation, racist name calling”.

            Still jerkin’ off in your mom’s sock to Kristin Gook, you mud hut dwelling, curry munching, IED planting, female genital mutilating, female and Christian oppressing, burnt piece of toast?

      • Not the original poster, yet IMO, the only thing enough from Kreuk would be honesty.
        We all realise that is far too much to ask from her, though.

        • And what would she have to confess to, that would satisfy you?
          Be honest.
          She has been accused of everything from money laundering to child sex recruitment, so will she have to confess to that? What do you think she needs to confess to? Be honest.

          • Go away Hasif, you insufferable brown little turd. Kristin Gook missed the boat long ago. All her behaviour is disgusting. Exposing her causes you so much autistic pain.

  • I’m not sure why anyone would want to start up NXIVM again, nor why the US government would want to own such froth. This is an organization that was a front for a cult that purported to teach critical thinking skills. How learned and successful can those people who were in this group for years be in the said skill be if they were fooled for so long by such an obvious snake oil selling conman and his minions?

  • I’ll pay $1500 for that sign. Nobody is going to claim it. My email address is given in the required field with this comment. I can pay by PayPal email me and let me know.

  • My inital thought was funny but upon further consideration of this, I hope you wore a mask, gloves and disinfected that thing. How long does corona live on metal? Some sinister character may have sneezed on it and be trying to infect you. I thought I’d be the one to post an alternative view verging on conspiracy theory

    • not quite long…depending surface type but up to 3 days max…also it’s unlikely that if the virus survived, it would make you sick but maybe the person who did it indeed believed he could infect Frank like that…

  • I’d be careful about taking that $1000 — surely, you jest — given NX’s track record on framing their foes. Remember, Nancy once sued an airline for losing her laptop including the enormous value of the data stored thereon.

  • Nancy Salzman has lots of screws loose.
    Put it on the wall as a trophy the way a hunter puts a bison’s head on the wall.
    Or better yet wait until Nasty Nancy kicks the bucket and then post the sign over her grave.

  • Kim Snyder
    Who ever sent this sign to Frank- what ever your motive was- to infect this sign with what ever- and to try and make him sick, YOU meant this for evil, but God meant it for GOOD- to put you away for a longer period of time.
    You meant it for destruction, God meant it to get our attention- that NXIVM is pure EVIL 👿!!!!!!
    You tried to lead Frank into danger, but we helped to lead him away. We have made sure that this item is going where it needs to go, and that Frank is okay.
    Nice try with your attempt at harming him. It failed!!!!!!!!!!
    Why you would do this, this late in the game, we don’t understand- either as a joke, or whatever else- this is NOT funny. We don’t know what your intentions were or are- but to let you know, we have taken every precaution possible. You meant it for harm- God meant it for GOOD!!!!!
    I am very much alive and am fighting for justice for Kristin Marie Snyder, my ONlY SISTER- I am NOT going away!!!!!!!!

    • N. Salzman’s gonna need a new sign if she goes to prison anyway.
      There should be a sign at the entrance to her cell that reads something like:

      Reserved Prison Cell
      N. Salzman

  • I would like to buy that sign if nobody claims it. My email address is listed on the comment. Please let me know.

  • LMFAO!!!!!!

    I read the title of this article/post and immediately started laughing!!!

    Frank, you should hang the sign in a bathroom over a toilet.

    God bless whoever mailed Frank the sign. Whoever you are, you F-ing rock!!!!!

  • I’m glad that Frank has retained his sense of humour even after all the ugliness he has had to sift through in his long fight for truth and justice.

    I think $1000 for handling is a bit on the low side, considering the inconvenience involved.

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