Former Fiancée of Joe O’Hara Tells About Nancy Salzman and How Nxivm Harassed Her

Mama Salzman in happier times

There are some who think that Keith Raniere was the only villain of Nxivm and everyone else was a victim. It may be true. But here is an account from a woman who had an experience with Nxivm – a dark experience – and one of the main villains in her tale is the Prefect herself, Nancy Salzman.

Nancy was president of Nxivm for 20 years – until she was arrested in July 2018. In 2019, she pled guilty to a single count of racketeering conspiracy – and is now claiming to be one of the biggest and long time victims of Keith Raniere.

Nancy may, in fact,  be Victim #1, the biggest sufferer of all the Nxivm women.

She is presently awaiting a sentencing date and it is believed by some that the reason her date has been pushed back is so that Raniere and Clare Bronfman can be sentenced first and then Nancy and her daughter Lauren and Allison Mack can make an appeal to the judge for leniency based on their being victims of Raniere.

While in Nxivm, the alleged victim Nancy lived a life of prestige. She had a very comfortable, brand-new 3,000 square foot house  – and enjoyed a six-figure annual salary plus a $50,000 expense account. I was told she also had a $40,000 annual clothing allowance. She drove a $90,000 BMW SUV.

She traveled all around the world on the company dime promoting and teaching – and everywhere she went, she was the Prefect to thousands of students.  She was given tribute everywhere. Now, that is all gone.

No doubt she did her job well. She was the public face, the approachable figure of Nxivm. While Keith was the mysterious and hidden Vanguard, hard to access, unless one was extremely fortunate [it helped if one was a slender, attractive lady or a wealthy trust fund baby], Nancy was on the front lines often teaching courses and giving Exploration of Meaning (EM) sessions for those willing to pay the price for her services.

Here is one woman’s account of a Nancy Salzman that does not appear to present her as a total victim of Raniere.

The woman, who has asked not to have her true name revealed, was Joe O’Hara’s fiancée during the time he worked as a consultant for Nxivm. Joe worked for Nxivm for about 15 months. He found some illegal and questionably ethical things that they were doing and he decided to quit.

Much like other racketeering enterprises, you just don’t quit Nxivm. He tried to distance himself peacefully but that was not how Nxivm founder Keith Raniere operated.

Here is Joe’s former fiancée’s story.

Keith Raniere with some of his followers.

By “Linda” 

I was living with Joe when he was first brought into Nxivm. He was starting up his consulting business in Albany and the money they offered made them seem like pretty good clients.

We knew little about them.  I did a little reading up on them and I will admit, I was not terribly impressed. But they paid him well and he thought he would give it a try.  I am sure he regrets it now.

My most negative experiences – while Joe was there – was mostly with Nancy Salzman.  For some reason, she took an instant dislike to me.

It was pretty evident she was attracted to Joe and perhaps she saw me as a roadblock in her way. She did everything she could to break us up.  In the end, even though he had already left Nxivm, I guess you could say, they did successfully break us up – although Nancy did not wind up with Joe.

As for Nancy, I think she should get just as much prison time as Keith because she was just as guilty as Keith. She was the mouthpiece of the organization.

To her credit, she was a wonderful mouthpiece. A great speaker. She got crowds interested – as long as you didn’t listen too closely to what she was saying. But she is one nasty woman.  I saw a different side of her because she kept going at me.

Keith actually had to step in at one point and tell her to lay off because Joe told him that if Nancy didn’t stop picking on me, he would have to resign.

I didn’t really care as much as Joe, because I would say things right back at her. She would come after me and say something rude or demeaning and I would say something right back. But many times, I held my tongue, because they were Joe’s clients and paying a large monthly fee.

But Nancy kept making things harder. Not publicly, but privately.

Barbara Bouchey, Keith Alan Raniere and Nancy Salzman.

I think the day I realized that she was really manipulative was the day she told me I was responsible for getting breast cancer. It did not just occur. She said I attracted my breast cancer because I was seeking attention.

As you know, Nancy herself got breast cancer [she had a double radical mastectomy] and I always wanted to know if she thought she did it for attention.

Of course, I never bought into her theory. I do not believe a woman gets breast cancer because she wants to get attention. Fortunately for me, I only had a lumpectomy under my arm and it is not noticeable and I am free of cancer now for 18 years. Early detection was essential in my case.  I considered myself to be lucky with having only one little scar.

Nancy did not do as well.  When I read online on Frank Report about her cancer, I felt bad for her.  I did not feel any glee over her getting cancer after she making her obviously stupid and horrid comments to me when I was suffering that I was somehow guilty for having cancer.  I do not take joy in somebody else’s misfortunes, but it doesn’t mean I like Nancy Salzman.

But she did not like me either. I never had anybody hate me so much in my entire life – before or after.

Still, I think it may not have been so much hatred as it was jealousy. It seemed to bother her that Joe and I were happy together and that I was financially independent and owned a really nice house.  She claimed that things fell into my lap and I did not earn my wealth.  I was not a successful business-woman like her; that was her implication.

I think her goal was to snag Joe away from me and get him into Nxivm.

I also observed her with the Bronfman girls.  She could come across as motherly when she wanted. I remember that she was charging them $800 per hour for advice. And that was almost 20 years ago.

The game changers for Keith Raniere, Clare [l] and Sara Bronfman.
I always felt that those girls were really being taken advantage of. I felt sorry for them, but Clare turned into somebody else over time.

She was not like that in the beginning but then over time, I guess she totally bought into it. As for Sara, I’m glad she kind of got out.

They are, I suppose, a good example of what happens to kids when their parents don’t pay much attention to them and they are raised by nannies.

But the main issue Nancy had was getting me out of the way. It was clear that Nancy had a desire for Joe.  She would go out of her way to let him know despite his telling her we were a couple.

A part of her effort to win Joe was to put me down. All the time.  Nancy referred to me as a suppressive.

Besides my cancer – which she said I got to get more attention from Joe – she said I did other things to get attention. When my father died and Joe went with me to Pennsylvania, she was livid. She said I was trying to take Joe away unnecessarily from work so he would pay more attention to me.

It was incredible the way these people guilted and harassed and interfered with our lives. For example, somehow, it seemed almost every single night, Keith Raniere would call at dinner time. It did not matter what time we were having dinner, Keith seemed to have a 6th sense.

Joe O’Hara worked for Nxivm as a consultant for about 15 months.

Whenever we were about to sit down to dine, the phone would ring and it would be Keith.  He would keep Joe on for at least an hour. He delayed many dinners for us.

I also took a few Nxivm classes with Joe. He asked me to come along to keep him company. The mere taking of classes was in their minds enough to put on the full-court press to get me involved.

Loreta Garza was Nancy Salzman’s personal assistant. She then became one of Keith’s harem and quickly rose in the ranks of Nxivm.

They assigned one of their people, Loreta Garza, as my coach. I was supposed to report to her, call her and meet with her and apparently bare all my secrets to her. I refused. I would not call her or share anything with her. This is one of the reasons I was labeled a suppressive and probably another reason Nancy wanted me out of the picture. I was never going to be a Nxivm member.

Nancy Salzman, NXIVM’s president, poses for a photo during Vanguard Week at Silver Bay Center on Lake George Tuesday August 27, 2003. (Will Waldron / Times Union)

One of the strangest things I witnessed was at Silver Lake – at Vanguard Week. We went up there for Keith’s birthday. We did not stay the whole week or 10 days or however long the retreat lasted.  But we were there for his actual birthday [August 26th] party.

P [Prefect] and V [Vanguard] at Vanguard Week
A gripping part of that scene was waiting for him to arrive at his birthday party. Everyone, including Joe and I, were there early – or I should say, we were on time.  Keith was late.  We were all in this room waiting for his grand arrival.

It was almost mass hysteria when he got there. People standing up and crying as though God had just walked in the room

I literally saw all these people making tributes to him, crying their eyes out about how Raniere changed their lives.

He had a very large chair. It was actually meant to be like a throne. It was perhaps well-intended but poorly conceived. His throne was too tall, the seat was too high. He’s kind of a short, dumpy, little guy. Keith actually had to jump up to sit on it. When he sat, his feet did not touch the ground.

Loreta Garza with Keith Raniere

Once seated on his throne, students came forward and presented gifts to him. I remember one was an expensive violin.

The really big gift that year, which was the show-stopper, and upstaged everyone, was Clare and Sara Bronfman’s gift. They presented him with an over-sized check – for $20 million.

When I saw this, I was flabbergasted. For some time, I felt that the Bronfmans were being taken advantage of by Nancy and Keith and when I saw those girls holding the big check in front of everyone – so proud and giddy – I felt bad for them and looked at Joe.

I think it was pretty obvious I had a look of incredulity. Joe noticed and whispered “Don’t look at me like that; they’re watching us.”

I turned and watched the scene. I think the girls tearfully thanked Keith for allowing them to make this donation for his world-saving scientific work.

[Editor’s note: Because of Joe O’Hara’s efforts, and the intervention of the trustee for the Bronfmans, the $20 million donation was never finalized. However, for those who are fans of Raniere, don’t be sad. He got all of the $20 million and much more – about 10 times more – in the next few years out of the Bronfmans.]

It is an experience I don’t need to see again.

During the entire time Joe worked for Nxivm, I was his girlfriend and we lived together. It caused quite a strain. They just insinuate themselves into your daily life and try to take over. They don’t want you to have friends outside their group.

It was interesting – looking back at it in retrospect. But at the time, it was scary.

I was astounded when I later learned about the sex crimes. Neither Joe nor I knew anything about this when Joe was working for them. We had no idea about the young girls. We saw no evidence of it. We never saw any 14 or 15 year old girls around at all. If this was going on, it did not happen when we were around.

We did notice that all the women were very thin.  They all had long hair. They all seemed ultra-devoted to him. It was bizarre.

All of these women were slender but over the age of consent. Top row: Barbara Bouchey, Keith Raniere, Lauren Salzman, Pam Cafritz. Below ?,?, Monica Duran, Karen U. 

Eventually the ‘drip, drip, drip’ of their constant effort to get us into the cult – and the tension they brought into our lives – was disastrous for our relationship. It got to the point where we could not function as a couple with Joe working for Nxivm.

He quit. He tried to leave peacefully and after he left Nxivm, I went to work for Joe.

His office was in downtown Albany. In addition to being his girlfriend,  I worked for Joe as kind of his Girl Friday. He put me on the payroll. I’d do filing, ran to the post office, got everyone their cappuccino, filled their parking meters, but I did not get into the nitty-gritty of the business. I did not want to get tied down to the job and I did not need the money. The business needed an employee like me to do these jobs. I got along really well with his staff – and it was sort of a fun job for me.  I would come in the afternoon and stay until it was time for Joe and me to go home to dinner.

He had broken away from Nxivm. And things were normal again for us. It was a nice period of time but it did not last long.  Joe thought the understanding with Nxivm was “I will leave you alone; you leave me alone.”

But they never leave anyone alone. They went after him with everything they had. They tried to seize his assets. That did not work out for them. But they continued. The legal cost started to mount up. Trying to fight them drained Joe’s assets.

I do not know why they went after him. Joe was not going to cause them any problems or try to take them down. They are done now – and nobody was as happy as me to see that Nxivm was destroyed.

But for months after Joe got out, Nxivm continued to haunt our lives. When I lived in Loudonville, they had cars parked in front of my house, literally for months, watching the house. It was very unnerving.  They canceled my cable. They stole mail. Our phone lines were cut.

One day, my alarm system went off – and when I went out to check, my front door was open and my back door was open. I fled the house to a neighbor’s home.

I had a small grandchild oftentimes at my house.  The final straw for me was when I was carrying my two-year-old granddaughter in my arms and went out to my car and saw my tires slashed.   I finally had to break it off with Joe. I had to protect my family.

It freaked me out but they were a dangerous group. And it was not Keith alone, though he might have ordered it. Somebody had to execute his commands. They are guilty too.



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  • “then Nancy and her daughter Lauren and Allison Mack can make an appeal to the judge for leniency based on their being victims of Raniere.” Frank Parlato

    These Three Ghouls might think of themselves as victims.
    But the world is filled with REAL VICTIMS.
    In the last ten weeks, at least 35 million Americans lost their jobs through no fault of their own.
    And their spouses and children are suffering as well.
    Many of those jobs are gone for good.
    People can’t afford their rent or mortgages.
    Businesses are closing forever.
    People are waiting in food lines for charity.


    • I doubt the judge will give them leniency for being victims. For helping the Feds prosecute more crimes and criminals, yes. LOL

  • Too bad that “Linda” didn’t put some cameras around/inside her house to catch the criminals. LOL

    But everyone is a victim, so we can’t have that! LOL

    • I’m not a victim! I filed a police report, notified the post office, and had a security system installed.

      • Anonymous,

        Please pay no attention to Mr. “everyone is a victim. LOL.”

        He is a spiritual nephew[whatever that means] of the editor. He is a mentally challenged adult. Please ignore him.

        Thank you again for sharing.

      • Your answer was non-responsive. I said video camera, go on offense, catch them in the act, and prosecute them. Stop playing defense with only a police report, notifying post office, and having a security system installed. LOL

    • Scotty Tard,

      “…Everyone is a victim, so we can’t have that!”

      Aren’t you a VICTIM of Amway? We should all ONLY feel sorry for the retard (you), who tried to get rich? Boohoo, boohoo for the Texan Retard!!!

      Hey, retard, you still lighting your farts on fire at cocktail (beer) parties? Gee whiz, the whole trailer park must love you!!!

      • No numbskull/NiceGuy 666, Scott is not a victim of Amway. LOL

        He was scammed by Amway, as have millions of others. He has been on offense since he learned about the ATS (Amway Tool Scam) in 2005. I never asked anyone to feel sorry for me and that’s what I’m looking for, I’m looking for people who want to help educate others about Amway and other MLM scams.

        But you’re too much of a stupid coward to do that. LOL

        I never lit my farts on fire, but I did witness one of my college roommates do it. LOL

  • Frank: “O’Hara tried to distance himself peacefully but that was not how Nxivm founder Keith Raniere operated.”

    Nancy also was a controlling figure and a vengeful one. It has been reported that she closely “mentored” Kristin Krook—i.e. “mindfucked” her. I’m sure that when Krook considered cutting ties with Nx, she feared the vengeance of both Nan and Keith and it was a big factor in Krook not speaking out against Nx

    • There’s no reason for Kristin Crook(ed) not to speak out now; they are convicted felons. LOL

      Scott spoke out about Amway before, during, and after they sued him, to this very day. LOL

      Scott shows them no mercy, and nobody should show any mercy to NXIVM, either. LOL

      • — I no longer use my name because Amway’s nice attorneys threatened to sue me and my wife, found out and she is pissed at me. LOL

        Am I right LOL BOY?

    • Not surprised Kreuk was a pet project for Nancy — but uncertain if she ever got that pussy for Keith or just used Kreuk in other ways for her own gain and gathering younger sex slaves to satiate him.

      Btw, Nancy Salzman used the same “she’s only seeking attention” routine to forestall the Anchorage group from taking appropriate and timely action when it came to Kristin Snyder.

      …Not 4 months after Gina’s untimely death in October 2002, which Nancy and/or Lauren might have had a hand in — as evidenced by Gina’s August 2002 ESP EM chart with the “glass ceiling” notations and all.

      At the very least, Nancy knew Keith’s teachings and her own methods posed a suicide risk for some. Yet she did not alter them but only covered up the deaths.

      • —Kreuk was a pet project for Nancy — but uncertain if she ever got that pussy for Keith—

        I’m pretty certain Nancy used her NLP to “mentor” Krook’s pussy into her own bed. Naive sweet Kristin was ripe for being mindfucked into lesbianism as female empowerment. Lesbos by Design,

          • Anonymous(retard),

            Time to drop some knowledge on you…

            The “Penthouse” letters section was called “Penthouse Forum“.

            I used to read my best friend’s older brother’s collection of Penthouse magazines when I was 13 in the eighties.
            Not that you care.

            While we are at it!

            Let’s give homage to Frank’s favorite section of Hustler Magazine……

            The Beaver Hunt section.

            In case you missed it, it was Hustler’s section was like a version of National Geographic. The section was Polaroids of white-trash ladies, totally naked, in their natural environment, and spread eagle.

            How attractive were the women, you ask? Well after man gazed at the Beaver Hunt section he didn’t think about sex for two weeks.

          • But almost everything in Nxivm was too bizarre for Penthouse…and has been reported and or even testified to. So Nancy and Kristin burying their faces in each other’s muff wouldn’t be news if one wasn’t a celeb.

          • Nice guy, the Beaver Hunt seems like a lot like the DOS lady’s photo spread that Keith demanded. Life imitating Art

          • Way to turn a head-turning comment into a good point. Betcha Keith used to read Hustler.

          • I’m glad we got all of that cleared up. LOL

            NiceGuy 666 once again is a major thought leader. LOL

          • NutJob,

            I believe your hunch is correct.

            No doubt the hairy/furry beaver, of 70s hippy trailer-trash, infected Vanguard’s young polluted mind.

            God knows what the Beaver section did to Frank.

            O’Hara once gazed at the “Beaver Hunt” section, and he has been drinking ever since….That and the fact that he is Irish.

          • Important Footnote:

            Lastly, the wholesome husbands and loving boyfriends, of the women who appeared in Hustler, sent the Polaroids into Hustler to be published in the Beaver Hunt.

            I imagine Scott Johnson is the epitome of such men.

  • The lady in the hat is Sara Bronfman. The lady below Barbara Bouchey looks to be a relative of hers, possibly the one who passed away.

    • Please do you post the above comment. I have read all of Heidi’s comments on this thread and I believe she is in a rough place and nonsensical joking with her is probably a bad idea.

  • “then Nancy and her daughter Lauren and Allison Mack can make an appeal to the judge for leniency based on their being victims of Raniere.” Frank Parlato

    These Three Stooges knew damned well that Raniere was both a polygamist and a pedophile.
    And these Three Clowns facilitated Raniere”s crimes.
    These Three Reprobates are like the Nazi leaders who tried to blame all of the Third Reich’s crimes on Hitler, conveniently forgetting their own complicity.
    At this point, there are at least 80 plaintiffs suing these Three Gangsters for their massive multi-year pattern of Criminal Behavior.

    I recently found some writing from a few years ago where Allison Mack gave some background on herself. The writing is similar to the writing of Charger426hemi1.
    The use of superlative adjectives by both writers identify them as the same person.
    Both describe Allison Mack as “unique.”

    Let’s focus just on what Charger has written since Allison Mack plead guilty in April 2019.

    This passage was based on a photo posted by Charger on August 8, 2019.
    Four months after the Guilty Plea.

    @charger426hemi1 Are you Allison?

    @foxdiemethyltriptamine you can think what you like about me but think about why did it take Sarah’s husband a couple months to see her brand after she got it when they are a married couple

    charger426hemi1’s profile picture
    @foxdiemethyltriptamine that makes me question anything she has said about nxivm

    First of all, Charger can’t or won’t answer a simple question about her identity.
    Why can’t Charger answer a simple Yes or No question about her identity?
    Then Charger launches into an unprovoked attack on Sarah Edmondson’s veracity and the quality of Sarah’s marriage.
    Charger/Allison displays absolutely no sympathy for the fact that Sarah is a victim.

    In a photo posted by Charger on September 18, 2019, she makes this comment:

    @crotchzillaa maybe you should read what she actually plead guilty too, she didn’t recruit underage girls. The only proof of anyone underage was a photo of Camilla Fernandez which had
    nothing to do with Allison

    Now neither the media nor the court published Camille’s name because she was a minor.
    So how did Charger know Camille Fernandez’s name?
    Maybe Charger’s lawyers informed Charger about the photo of the underage Camille

    On September 28, 2019, Charger posted this photo and one reader recognized that Charger is Allison.

    omg! she’s the one that got convicted of seex trafficking 😮😮😮😮

    @withmy3rdeye Who is charger426hemi1

    Go find out from THE SOURCE

    THE SOURCE was Allison Mack’s bogus acting school designed to recruit new sex slaves.

    With respect to Charger/Allison’s Instagram page, many of her fans are Hispanic.
    Could they be members of NXIVM Mexico?
    After all, Mexico is now the Heartland of NXIVM.

    This week Charger/Allison posted a new photo.

    And just look who liked that photo!
    German Salinas Farfan

    German SALINAS Farfan
    His picture shows a man sporting a fake big black mustache.
    Kind of like the mustache Carlos Salinas has.
    Could German SALINAS Farfan be a member of the SALINAS family which is so prominent in NXIVM and Mexico?

    • Mr. Shadow may be onto something with “Farfan” and Allison’s Mexican hecklers.

      These posts are just that, Shadow, people looking to silence, threaten and set-up Allison. Mebbe keep her from “singing like a canary.” Or, as they prefer in Salinas land, “canary tree.”

      I don’t mean Nicky Clyne, either.

      Good research if you’d align it with the facts instead of contorting it into your twisted, dark view of Allison.

    • On this one

      @smarshmellowcity there is only 1 woman hotter than Allison and she is not a celebrity

      @chloe_sullivan___ as i said she isn’t a celebrity so you ain’t going to know who she is even if i did say a name

      That is 15 weeks ago, roughly the time someone on FR (probably nicki) was infatuated on here with Toni Natalie. I would bet charger is referring to toni in those comments. sounds similar language as to what was on FR.

      I would be it is nicki clyne as a way to show a judge her devotion to her wife in case she gets deported. the account started just a month after allison’s arrest.

      also, I need to get a life.

  • Thank you so much for sharing!!!!

    I’m so sorry you had to go through such an ordeal.

    I hope you are in a good place.

    Take care and best wishes to you and your family.

  • Nancy’s sentence should be comparable to Keith’s.

    She and her family, the Sleazemans, continue to be an endangerment to society and will be more so if Nancy and Lauren are only lightly punished and hacker, extortionist Ben Myers is not at all.

    • I personally would like to see Nancy get at least a 5-year term. If that happens, I’ll go visit her in prison – and flirt with her. 🙂

      • 😆, Joe. She’ll cream herself. You’re the one who got away — albeit not entirely unscathed — and not counting Frank Parlato, Doug Rutnik, Joe Bruno, etc., etc.

        What’dya bet Nan and/or Lauren are blowing at least half of “Clare’s” counsel assemblage?

        • Scott you are so hard up for companionship you are probably toying with the idea of being pen pals with Nancy. Nancy has no tits and you have no balls in other words a perfect match.

          How’s the broken above ground pool at your home? Which is more valuable your Plymouth Mini Van or your home or my wife’s pocket book? LOL

          • You’re projecting again NiceGuy 666. LOL

            YOU are the one with no balls, because you won’t pick up a phone and talk to Scott. LOL

            You must have a voice like Bangkok, high-pitched and squealing sounding. LOL

            I’ve never owned an above-ground pool or a Plymouth minivan. LOL

            If your wife’s pocket book is worth more than Scott’s home, she must be a very accomplished whore to be able to afford that fancy pocket book. LOL

          • Scott,

            God only knows what your wife is……

            She is with you, she won first prize in the My Life is Shit sweepstakes. Second prize was purgatory.

            Btw, I’m sorry you can’t even afford an above ground pool or a minivan.

            So I am right about the Platinum Plus cable package? White trash love having cable plans which eat up their disposable income.

            When was the last time you went on a good vacation? And, no, your honeymoon does not count.

          • You’re projecting yet again, NiceGuy 666. LOL

            I have a vacation every time a laugh at one of your stupid comments. LOL

  • Keith had a “sixth sense” because, no matter what time they took dinner, he called? More plausible that there were hidden cameras/microphones in the house

    • They did. Eventually. But many felt a legitimate fear of being harassed and having their lives ruined due to the man-child’s tantrum through litigation response due to rejection as many had that actually done to them, even smart people like Joe. A number of people here call Kreuk stupid, but she was actually quite smart in how she dealt with the group and approached leaving as things got worse.

        • Nutjob,
          Most people would have buried their heads in the sand as Kreuk did. If Kreuk had spoken out, she never would have stood a chance of fighting NXIVM even with her money [its a pittance compared to the Bronfmans]. She would have lost everything she had in legal bills.

          Now is the time she should take responsibility for her role in NXIVM and the destruction of Allison Mack’s life.

          • If she didn’t do it before, Kristin Crook(ed) isn’t going to do it now, NiceGuy 666. LOL

            Now is the time for you to take responsibility for how abjectly STUPID you are. LOL

          • The only people who destroyed Allison is Raniere, his inner circle of enablers, and Allison herself. To put the blame of destruction on a mere recruiter in an MLM for something that happened ten years later is like saying the delivery guy who handed you a pizza with an extra sausage on it caused you a heart attack after a decade.

        • Why Kreuk kept quiet
          May 24, 2020 at 2:49 pm
          Around 2017, Kreuk still had her “good girl” reputation, despite many people knowing she spent years in a so-called “sex cult.” When the DOS branding went public, that threatened to make Nxivm headline news and highlight Kreuk’s involvement which would damage her good rep.

          Kreuk hadn’t been branded, but speaking out then would tie her unfairly to DOS in the public’s mind because she was the most famous of Nxivm’s minor celebs and her name and face would be featured in every story. So instead, she (and her PR team) decided to lay low and make that famous vague statement. Her PR plan seems to have worked reasonably well.

          Did Kreuk feel threatened by Nxivm?
          Even though Kreuk didn’t supply DOS-type collateral, Keith and Nancy did have EM “confessions” to use against Kreuk to keep her from speaking out. Plus who knows what intimate (even sexual) material Keith, Nancy, and Hildreth might have obtained (with or without her consent) during her 6 plus years of mindfucking. Or salacious false rumors might easily be believed about any “actress in a sex cult.” Even gossip about normal intimate sex acts could have been used to threaten to harm a private Kreuk with a good reputation and a semi-successful career…all of which could be easily and forever damaged by Nxivm’s money and vengefulness.

          • Now Kreuk can say anything about NXIVM she wants because the government owns NXIVM. No one will or can sue her. The plaintiff would have no standing.

  • All of the top people in NXIVM are gangsters who enjoyed hurting other people.

    And I will state this right now that Allison Mack’s super fan Charger426 hemi1 is in all probability Allison Mack herself.

    The writings of Charger closely match the writings of Allison Mack filled with grandiose statements and outrageous superlatives.

    Charger repeatedly defends herself by saying all of the women were consenting adults.

    If one goes into Neil Glazer’s complaint, one finds a passage where Mack and Lauren Salzman deliberately edited a video to Sarah Edmondson’s detriment.

      • LOL-BOY,

        My understanding is that due to a court order filed by Amway, you’re not supposed to be online either, LOL-BOY

        Boohoo, retard!

        • My understanding is you are a liar and publish fake news. LOL

          Amway lost when they sued Scott, the settlement agreement is on his website, NiceGuy 666. LOL

          If there is a court order, go find it and publish it. LOL

          Boohoo indeed, RETARD. LOL

  • Isn’t there a John Wayne Gacy to meet and help Nancy out a little bit? Maybe for a day? I don’t think her lungs would last for longer than that :-)))

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Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in hundreds of news outlets, like The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CBS News, Fox News, New York Post, New York Daily News, Oxygen, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, The Sun, The Times of London, CBS Inside Edition, among many others in all five continents.

His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” Parlato was also credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premiered on May 22, 2022. Most recently, he consulted and appeared on Tubi's "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM," which aired January, 2023.

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