Interview With Three Prostitutes

When a person gets in the public eye, he often finds himself with supporters, even fans, and with critics and sometimes virulent detractors.

Some of these are madcaps, who become infatuated with you – or obsessed and bent on condemning you. This is to be expected and it can be a positive good to have both critics and supporters.

Recently, some of my detractors, who, like all detractors, have taken it upon themselves to be moral judges, condemned the fact that I have done some street reporting.  Particularly because I interviewed prostitutes.

Of course, one is exceedingly lucky to have these kinds of detractors, for it is through them that you can look inward and find out truths. If their criticisms are fair, you can benefit and improve – and if they are unfair, you can better understand the various ways that people purvey,  either willingly or recklessly, untruth.

When they criticized my interviewing prostitutes – which I did on the ghetto-streets of rough and tumble Niagara Falls – the city with the highest crime rate in New York State [far higher than New York City], it caused me to go back and look at the stories again.

Contrary to their claim that I had no right to interview prostitutes or that it was somehow hypocritical or misogynistic, after I reread them, I thought that the articles should be republished – for the same reason I had when I first wrote them.

During its initial publication, in print and online in my newspaper, the Niagara Falls Reporter, this story achieved several hundred thousand views [online]. The print edition was about 25,000 copies.

Initially, I wanted to interview prostitutes, or streetwalkers, not because I wanted to condemn these women, but rather to get the people, including the police, who saw them walking the street, [and were annoyed] or thought them to be criminals, to better understand them. To see them as humans, not as criminals, and, as it turned out, as tormented individuals.

A woman who walks the streets selling her body to strangers is not there, as I discovered, because she loves her work.  Some of my critics – bless their hearts – think it horrific of me to opine that arresting these women is wrong.  That these women should be free to do this work if they think it is best [this is freedom] and, if they need help, maybe there are some who will have a kinder heart to help them, rather than merely advocate for their arrest and try to force them to stop being prostitutes.

They really need to stop being drug addicts. Out of 11 street walkers I interviewed [in three stories], all 11 were addicted to drugs. That was the compelling part for me; that drug addiction is what made them work in the horror-job they had.

So here is my street reporting. Street reporting is a little different than mere phone interviewing. You go out and actually see the people as they are at work, engaged in real-life activities, done in real-time.  I’ve done a lot of street reporting on drugs, gambling, sex offenders, crime, and prostitution – nightmare scenarios that plague Niagara Falls and other urban, suburban, and rural areas.

Three Prostitutes Talk About Life on the Streets

By Frank Parlato

(The names of the interviewees and some incidentals were changed to protect the privacy of those who agreed to be interviewed.)

We have seen them on the street, walking, making their presence known. Trying to entice some man to come and stop and trade money for a brief encounter in a car or a room.


As I drove my car down Niagara Street, I started looking. As I approached 24th, then on to 16th, I turned. It was 1 a.m., on a cold November night.

I saw a woman outside a convenience store. She was white, of medium height, slender, not dressed in a provocative way. She could have been mistaken for a mother or single girl, except for the area and the lateness of the night.

She looked, as I pulled up.

You’re not the police right?

She hopped into the car, and I told her I would like to interview her and pay her for her time. Instead of what she normally does with a man, she would be paid for just talking.

As we drove, she said, normally, I just don’t get into a vehicle. I make a man pull it out or make him touch me to make sure they aren’t the police.

I could tell she was nervous. She was pretty. And soft-spoken. A gentle, lean brunette. She would be striking, if not for the signs of wear on her features. A tired, drawn, defeated look. She was 30, she said.

Admittedly, I asked blunt questions. Maybe they were too simple. I wanted to capture her views, to draw her out and at the same time not scare her.

Why are you on the street tonight?

Addiction, she said, in a soft, halting voice.

Tell me.

I started on heroin when I was 23. After two years of being clean, I was having a craving to start getting high again. I started smoking crack cocaine over a year ago.

How often do you smoke?

Usually, several times… a dozen times a day. It depends on how much I want to chase.

How much does it cost?

About $300 a day.

How do you pay for that?

Prostitution, she said, in a whisper. Sometimes, I have guys that know where I live. They come by. I like to have a phone, but right now I don’t, so I have no choice but go on the street.

She explained with a sad note in her voice that she gave her three children up for adoption. She hasn’t seen them in years.

They deserve somewhere safe, she said, and almost cried.

How much do you expect to make tonight?

Just a couple hundred. I am not really in the mood to do too much. You get tired chasing.

When is the last time you used?

Half an hour ago.

How much does crack cost?

Nowadays you’re not getting anything nice, unless you at least have $10 and $20 is barely satisfying. $20 is one small blast.

When do you start craving again?

It last for about 5, 10 minutes then you come down and you’re chasing again.

Are you craving crack now?

A little bit, but I’m a little more nervous too. This is different.

When you are out on the streets, aren’t you nervous too?

I get scared all the time.

Then you do not like your work?

Absolutely not! There is a couple gentlemen, of course. You meet some decent people out here. Sometimes I am sad that I couldn’t have met some of these guys before I was using. If I am not comfortable with someone, if it is a cleanliness thing, I won’t do it. I used to carry a bag with me, with sanitizers and baby wipes and everything. I can’t afford it. The habit took over so much.

I’ve been robbed. I’ve been raped. You deal with the dates. You deal with the hustlers. You deal with the men that try to take over. There is always somebody trying to take control over what you do. They see me get into a vehicle. As soon as I come home, they try to get me to spend with them or whoever they have with them. I know about 40 crack dealers, just on the east side.

How many men do you see in a night?

It ranges from a couple to, wow … maybe a couple dozen. When I do that, I instantly want to get high, just to take away the way I feel.

Most times, I come out because I’m hungry. Or something I need or want and after I perform I don’t like the way I’m feeling, so I get high so it just keeps repeating itself over and over. I want to get out, but I guess not bad enough. I’m at the bottom, not as low as I ever have been. I was homeless for two years living in condemned houses. I have a home now.

She told me she had been out three hours that night and had two customers. One she charged $30, the other $20. With him she had unprotected sex, she said.

Did you ever get a disease from this work?

I believe maybe I have, but I didn’t go get checked. Normally I don’t have sex. It is just oral.

Where do you get crack?

I normally go to a phone and have them deliver.

Could you get a regular job?

That habit would not allow me. It consumes you. It consumes your mind, your body, everything. It’s all that matters at that moment.

How do you make money in the daytime?

Most of the time I have my door cracked and most of my guys know that if I have my door cracked, I am available.

She asked me to drop her off at her apartment. I paid her $30 for the interview. She said I was welcome to talk to her again, but the people inside her apartment tonight would be scared that I was a police detective. If I came back, she would come outside.


As I drove off, I noticed that young black men were on various corners, positioned rigidly in one spot or another. When I looked at them, however, they avoided my gaze.

There was a woman all alone standing in place, on a deserted Niagara Street.

She had a pretty face, a thin face, and clear complexion, but she was not thin. She hopped right in the car.

Dark-haired, white, she answered questions directly. She had a friendly, pert voice.

I’ve been out tonight a couple hours. I made around $80 from three customers. Most times I just do oral. Sometimes people want sex and I get a little more for that, $40 and up. Sometimes it lasts five minutes, sometimes half an hour. Usually I do oral in their cars. I use rubbers when I have sex, and I won’t do sex in the car.

Most of my customers are older, white guys, 40, up to 80. The youngest, 19 or 20. One time I told a guy I’d do him for 30, and he gave me a 100 bill. One night I made a thousand dollars. I’ve been arrested three times. The most time I was in jail was three months.

Do you like your work?

Not really, honestly. You never know who you are going to end up with. There are some nice guys. They are very few and far between. Between the cops and the assholes, it’s very stressful. A lot of guys get nasty. Some guys get physical. Some guys try to rob you. One night I was walking outside and I was pregnant and this black guy popped out and put a knife to my throat. One time I was in the middle of giving some guy head and he got pissed and started punching me in the head. I’ve been ripped off on several occasions.

How did you start?

My father used to hook me up with a couple guys when I was 17. I was scared of my father. He abused me sexually. After my father passed away, I told my mother. She said we don’t talk about those kinds of things.

Do you use crack?

I am addicted, but I can go without.

What did you do with the money you made tonight?

I gave my mom some, then I partied a little. One of these days, I want to get a real job. I applied at Tim Hortons, Dairy Queen. I didn’t get called. If I got a job, I wouldn’t come out. I would still see my regulars. I have five or six. I don’t have a phone, so I have to call them. They pay me $20 to $50.

What’s your average take on weekends?

Usually, at least, $300.

How much do you spend on crack cocaine?

About half. Around $50 bucks, up to $200. I make quite a bit. I also buy diapers and food for my mom’s house. A box of diapers is 25 bucks.

She told me she knew about 15 dealers. She bought mainly from two.

One used to go and buy me clothes and stuff. He pretty much figured, if I had new clothes and I was out here dressed real nice, I would make more money to bring to him.

Have you had policemen as customers?

Yes, I have. I had two. One is a regular. He pays $40. I don’t know if I should trust you or not, she said, laughing, nervously. I just figure if I am going to get arrested, I am going to get arrested anyway. That’s the only reason I am already in your car.

But, you’re in good humor.

Who the hell wants to pick up a miserable bitch? If they want a miserable bitch, they go home to their wives. When it’s decent out here and I don’t run across an asshole, it’s not bad. But a lot of them want to call you names, push up on you, try to get a little rough. Sometimes you think somebody is going to be alright and they end up surprising you.


After I dropped Robyn off on the street corner, I decided to go back to Jane’s apartment.

I went to the door and knocked. And as I did, from the shadows suddenly appeared a black man, about six feet tall, sturdily built, with a hoodie. He said his name was Joe.

I later learned he made money to support his crack addiction by brokering deals between buyers and the young sellers of crack, putting the strong arm on those he could and sometimes offering protection. Jane had told him about our interview.

It was a squalid, dingy two-room apartment, without heat save a small electric heater and without a stove. There were two other women in the room.

I came into the bedroom and we talked. They sat on the bed and I sat on an old wooden chair in the nearly barren house.

Soon enough a knock came at the door. A young black guy entered and he was hustled by Joe into the kitchen. A moment later Joe came back and gave everyone what they wanted.

They put it on their glass stem pipes and smoked it fast. The second-hand smoke was nauseating as it filled the small room.

For a moment, they were happy and calm.

Jane said she would go back on the street to make some money. Joe turned on a small television set and watched a pornographic film. One of the women, May, wanted a beer and went to get it.

The other woman, Donna, had much beer already and, combined with the crack, she was talking in a slurred manner. Donna admitted she had been a prostitute and would work if the opportunity came up. But did not walk the streets anymore.

After smoking, Jane became reflective. She pointed to a small frameless photograph above her window sill. It was of her and her children.

Then she wept.

A little later she said, prostitution messed up my original sex life. I don’t want no man to touch me. The last time I let a man caress my body was … I don’t know when. I don’t feel I’m worthy of a man’s love.

Donna was drunk and high. She said she was molested when she was young, but that it didn’t have anything to do with her being a ‘hard partier.’

She said, I’ve been married and divorced and had two jobs. And now here I am.

Jane now admitted that she was three months pregnant. And that she had hepatitis C.

I don’t want to [have the baby] but I don’t believe in abortions. I was hoping it would take care of itself. With my health condition usually they don’t make it. I never thought I would be pregnant and still be here doing this.

Donna interrupted, I will never forgive the person that first gave [crack] to me.

Jane continued as if she had not heard Donna. Jane said, … and yet I still continue. Someone comes to the house and gets me started. They give me some [free] crack, just to get me started. Then I go out to make some more.

Before the night ended, I wanted to interview one more prostitute, so I left Donna and Joe. Jane came out and took a ride with me to the convenience store.

I gave her $20 to buy food. She went in, spent $5, and came out with baloney and a loaf of bread. I went inside the store and observed they had crack pipes on sale, by request.

Disguised as pens in a glass tube, or just a glass stem with a small paper flower in it. It was obvious these had one purpose. I paid $5 for one pen. When I tried to use the pen, it immediately fell out and broke. Now it was just a stem pipe, suitable for smoking crack cocaine.


After I left Jane, I drove to Pine Avenue. There I saw a young white woman walking fast.

I stopped the car. She looked. I rolled down the window. She was a redhead. Kind of short. Medium build. I told her I was not a cop. She smiled.

Soon enough, she told her story. She would be the third streetwalker I would interview this night. She had been working as a prostitute for 13 years. She was 29.

Her language was coarser than the other two.

It ain’t all bad. The money is alright. It is stressful. Because just having to suck dick all the God damned time and fuck guys all the damn time … oh, is it OK if I talk like that?

Talk anyway you like.

Then having to do what they want, and do this, and be there on demand and… oh, God…. It’s all I know. Niagara Falls has been my downfall. I hate Niagara Falls.

Do you use crack?, I asked.

Every day. But, she added quickly, I do buy clothes. I do buy food… I had six months clean. But then I was in drug court. That was a long time for me.

There were once a hell of a lot more [prostitutes]. A few of them quit. A few of them are in jail. A lot of them got killed. Dorothy, she got shot. Michelle, she OD’d. Brandy, she OD’d. Loretta, she got killed.

How much do you charge?

Maybe $30 for a blow job and $50 for sex. It ain’t bad. A call girl would be over a $100. Or you get a nasty chick that is $5. But I give a fuck about myself and my appearance. I’m sure I don’t smell nasty. I’m sure I smell damn good right now. And I don’t like wearing my clothes three days in a row. It makes me feel like shit about myself. I like looking good and smelling good. You got to look attractive. Some guys don’t give a damn. Some guys will pick up anything.

I asked her the question I asked the other two women: Do you like your work?

It is harder sometimes to get money than other times. It stresses me out. It can be cold as hell outside and I’m walking for hours and hours, and it makes me feel like, damn do I look that bad? Because nobody will pick me up that morning. Sometimes I have a guy that will pick me up and say I have $5. I say wait a minute. It is too cold and too hard to be running around for just $5.

Once I was on 20th, I get into this truck and this guy takes me all the way to the Reservation, into the woods, and his turn-on was the fear on a female’s face. I’m going to fuck you in the ass. I was scared. I didn’t want him to kill me. He kept grabbing my skin extremely hard and kept saying that for like two hours, grabbing me, and then he drove me back and gave me $30. Thank God I got back and thank God I’m not dead.

But I met this one guy and all he wanted was a blow job. Every time he took a hit of crack, he gave me $50. Every time he took the light off the stem, he stopped and said, I’ll give you $50 more. I made $450.

What percentage of your money do you spend on crack?

Maybe 50 percent. Sometimes I spend $100 on clothes because I like wearing brand new stuff. After I buy an outfit or two, I’ll go out and buy some crack, and I’ll feel good because I spent it on something other than crack.

You seem almost happy.

I keep a smile on my face so people don’t know how to hurt me or make me cry. Nobody knows how to hurt me or make me cry or my weaknesses. I don’t tell nobody anything.

Do you have friends?, I asked.

There are no friends out here.

If I gave you money for this interview, what are you going to do with it?

I’m going to buy some dope, she said, then laughed.

Are there a lot of places you go to get it?

I don’t have to go to any place. I call them. They come to me.

They deliver just like a pizza, I said.

Yeah, but it don’t take that long. Pizza takes forever.

We concluded our interview. As she went out of the car, she said, would you like my number?

Sure, I said.

I paid her $30. She gave me her number, then walked away and immediately got on her cell phone.


I will admit that, at first, I did not know how to analyze the scenes and the people I had just met. Upon reflection, I am not sure I have any other comment to make except this: I heard their voices and felt their presence.

Was there joy, glamour, adventure?

A little bit, perhaps. But there was fear and self-loathing and despair and little hope or so it seemed. It seemed to me that, if there were a hell devised to torture souls, this would be a playing field for such a torment.

But, who’s to say that it was not enough to have seen it and felt their spark of joy and their mass of misery?


This was Part 1. Stay tuned for Part 2.



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Frank Parlato


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    • Other than what is covered by this disclaimer in the story: “(The names of the interviewees and some incidentals were changed to protect the privacy of those who agreed to be interviewed)” what details are you referring to?

      The point of this story is to reveal that the women who take up this work do not do it for glamor or fun but because they are addicts.

      The so-called removal of details is the simple process of writing. No one can put in all details of any story. Do you mean the removal of critical details- such as would change the import of the story? If so, what are they? As far as altering details – I have already said incidental details have been altered. Are you talking about non incidental details? What are they then?

      • Well… there are certain aspects that you have written before but removed. You know what I’m talking about, Frank. Don’t pretend like you don’t… Makes me wonder if something more happened…

        • You are perhaps the most unprincipled, dishonest, and least disciplined individual I have ever spoken to. You say I know what the “certain aspects” are that were removed — I don’t know what you are talking about. Don’t pretend I do. Suppose you tell me what they are?

          • I can show it to you if you’re short in memory, but perhaps not as a comment. After all, you can’t necessarily call it a repost if you change the original version, which to be honest, sounded way more real than this new version. If you compare the “repost” to the original, the new one seems actually “fabricated”, why not just leave the words of the interviewees to stand for themselves? Or just say you made changes in the writing as well/in what the interviewees actually said. Also, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you speaking about prostitution, just thought it was quite funny since you claim to be a celibate. From a man claiming that real men are lions who surpass lust, claiming to make both polygamy and prostitution should be legal is quite strange. Dishonest? I’m not the one that gets butthurt and allows their assistants and hateful commentators to post photos and comments of Kim claiming that a reason for why her sister died was because she wanted to avoid Kim. All of that because she was somewhat against you by the time. So, I wonder who is subjectively biased here?

          • You must be confusing two different articles. The repost was from this:

            Please show me the changes I supposedly made.

            This is an example of your tendency toward hasty conclusions.

            There is so much that is false with what you write that it would take me considerable time to explain it to you. The main thing is you jump to conclusions and you are steeped in your own confirmation bias. If you dislike someone, then you believe anything any source, regardless of credibility, says – if it supports your bias. And you leave out anything that does not conform to your bias.

            Don’t get me wrong. I am flattered that you are obsessed with me. And I don’t mind controversy.

            If I get the time, I will try to show you your mistakes. I guess this is what you wanted from me in the first place – to teach you – and then you got butthurt because I did not have time for you.

            This comment [like, it seems, much of your writing] is filled with hasty and wrong assumptions and poor critical thinking skills.

            By the way, why would it be contradictory, to both support celibacy and at the same time, believe in freedom for others – that is to allow people to choose for themselves what they want to do with their lives? Whether it be polygamy, monogamy, or celibacy. And certainly, I believe it is wrong to put poor women [or men] in jail for being sex workers.

            Overall, I sense you are a true hater. You don’t look for the good in people but the rotten. And you are too quick to believe any voice that supports your confirmation bias [i.e. hate.] That is not journalism.

            Grow up and stop hating. Then perhaps you will become a good writer one day. As of now, you tend to write lies, half-truths, and biased nonsense.

            I wonder if I deconstruct your articles, and show them filled with errors, obvious provable errors, if you will post it on your own website?

          • Oh, so that means back in 2012, you already had changed the original one of 2001.

            You’re totally allowed to have your opinion on me, Frank. No, I never wanted to be taught by you, sure I thought back then you were actually seeking the truth. (Besides, all I did was what you suggested: to write my views and, as I later said… I didn’t want to write it) But then I saw things… and read things…. so, I wonder why everyone that brings good points that are somewhat exposing certain things you did end up going silent.

            All I’ll say, Frank is, the truth will speak for itself sooner or later. So let’s see who is speaking the truth.

          • It is remarkable how you get things wrong but yet you are so sure you are right. In most places in the world this is considered a mark of stupidity.

            I hope this is not the case with you, but rather that you just need to learn how to not make hasty conclusions.

            The three women I interviewed in Buffalo [for Buffalo Beat] in 2001 are not the same three women I interviewed in 2012 in Niagara Falls [for the Niagara Falls Reporter]. They were two separate stories. That should be pretty obvious except to one blinded by bias and hatred.

            As for the truth coming out, it will and then you will see who is right and who is wrong. Fighting for truth is a long hard process, and it is one where you get real monsters with evil in their hearts fighting you, and also you get carping critics who jump on any bandwagon that suits their fancy at the moment. I think you are of the latter variety. But I think you should watch your heart, for I think you have the makings in you of being a true hater.

            When you combine hatred with a willingness to jump to hasty conclusions you get – as you are showing me – untruth. And untruth does not rise Bruna, as you will see sooner or later. Best wishes.

  • Thank you for publishing this. I was a call girl at one time. I targeted submissive men because they are safer. It was a natural extension after selling undies in college because mainly sub guys buy those. They tend to have stable, boring jobs with ample excess income, practical to frugal, very polite, and socially anxious. One gave me a Christmas card with an extra $20 like you would give your mailman or hairdresser, which was heartwarming. I was never attacked because of my strategy, but I had gotten ripped off when I was too high or drunk to notice. They are not good memories in my life, most of it is blacked out. I do remember one of the good ones, I remember learning how to size people up in a single instant. I got out because an older man who paid me generously for photos I connected with and slept with voluntarily, we began seeing one another. He found a review of me and wanted me to be safe so I got out of that life and got a normal job, got promoted there, and kept rising up. I have great empathy for all people who work the streets and will buy them the food or the energy drink or coffee they ask for when they’re outside a convenience store, give them a cigarette, anything to lessen the pain for a minute. Most are not as lucky as I am.

    I noticed in one statement you put “[prostitute]” so I infer the woman said a more derogatory term for sex workers. This is how I know you are trying to humanize them. There is a hell and it exists right here and now through lives on Earth.

    Crack addiction amphetamine is different than heroin addiction. Heroin will make you sick upon withdrawal, but the same does not happen for stimulants. The addiction to stimulants is more psychological, they turn off difficult emotions in the speed haze. It makes sense that women in danger constantly would choose a drug that enhances their ability to react or freeze through threatening situations. Without coping skills and therapy, it will be difficult to overcome.

    I was molested by a Capital Region pediatrician at every annual exam. My father did not believe me, he was a raging drunk and engaged in confusing grooming behaviors around me after I reached adulthood, which gave me nightmares. He is, thankfully, deceased now so I don’t have to worry anymore, but I still have nightmares so scary I shake in my sleep, but my husband wakes me up.

    Thank you again, Frank. My experience in sex work and difficult early experiences are part of why NXIVM is interesting to me. They are all human too and they will judge themselves when they die, or if they’re lucky enough to survive with a near-death experience.

  • Before judging these women, I think everyone should remember that at one time, they were little girls, who grew up enduring hell.

    I believe articles like this one are important to publish because they illuminate the fact that prostitutes are not criminals, but victims.

    • That was a very tender, heart-felt comment NiceGuy 666. Of course, being a little girl yourself, because you’re too scared to pick up a phone and talk to Scott, it must come quite naturally. LOL

      • Scott, you have zero empathy for anyone except yourself. Everyone on the Frank Report knows what a waste of space you truly are.

        Have you repaired your cracked toilet yet? Or are you still pooping in the backyard?

  • I agree that hookers should not be arrested. I didn’t like this: “They really need to stop being drug addicts.”

    It seems patronizing. I think the article is very interesting and refreshing. But I would avoid those patronizing terms. The pimps are the ones who usually get them hooked on drugs a lot of the time.

    It would have been interesting to hear more about how they started. Usually, the pimps bring them into this world, like the second one mentioned with her dad. The interview felt at times that you wanted to judge them for being drug addicts and, hence, why you focused the questions on drug use. What about the pimps? What about the whole system that is not helping them to get out? Why not ask them about that?

    I think it is important to not blame the victim.

    But interesting reporting.

    • Hookers should not only be arrested, they should be given very long prison sentences. This will discourage girls and women from being whores in the first place. If they don’t learn the lesson, they will be locked up until they are old and wrinkly, then only old men who can’t get it up would f*ck them. LOL

      How is it patronizing to say they should stop doing drugs? Would it be better to say they should keep doing drugs? If the first statement is patronizing, then the opposite statement must be uplifting, right? LOL

  • Thank you for enlightening me as to why I was propositioned, many times over, in the days following my sudden banishment from my son’s home — including at the Thousand Oaks bus station where — upon twisting my ankle and spraining my foot while attempting to capture video of the surreal scenario going on there — I was approached by a black “Pimp” who oddly refused to help at all as I lay injured — followed by a “John” who, likewise despite my injured condition — outright proposition me in front of the paramedics who arrived per my 911 call once I was able to crawl to my phone without assistance from the aforementioned “actors.”

    Frank has live video and pics of the parade of undercover cops or PI’s who approached me in a similar fashion whenever I appeared in public in the days thereafter.

    My best theory is that an attempt was made to frame me for solicitation — laughable if you knew my aging, plump, sweat-panted condition at the time compared to what an LA hooker looks like — based on some serious misinformation and my association with Mr. Parlato.

    So, Frank, fess up, is there any chance any of your ‘investigative work’ in this field may be misconstrued into some sort of sex-criminal mindedness or that any actual events could be or that there may just be some attempt to do so?

    • Heidi, with the kind of people associated with Nxivm and the people who become obsessed with it – frame up could happen. I think there are those who are out to frame you and I urge you to be very careful.

  • This is an awesome piece, and brings life to the dead art of investigative reporting. Thank you, Frank, and I mean that.

    This is the type of reporting, by the way, I would pay for. Not some BS police blotters they drop in your driveway that refuses to ask the right questions, namely to Mr. Cuomo and politicians.

    That aside, I have long said: make it legal, tax it, monitor it, treat the drug abuse, and keep the women safe.

    Europe has it all over us.

  • I don’t think this is an appropriate post. These women should not be interviewed. Just arrested.

    • Loraine, going to jail is respite for prostitutes. Arresting them doesn’t do anything to cure their addiction. A lot are products of their environment. Gang members will keep the girls drugged up, branded, and locked in because they’re standing on the street corner watching them. It’s organized crime. Blood gang members literally tattoo red numbers on their girls.

    • I don’t think that was an appropriate comment. LOL

      You should arrest yourself from making future comments along those lines. LOL

    • abfnt1
      Nicki Clyne
      How are you?
      I hope you’re doing fine.
      I just wrote a piece for the Frank Report identifying Charger 426hemi1 as your spouse, Allison.
      So, Nicki you can admit that Allison is Charger.

      Now why should these women be arrested?
      Unless they are also pimps or madams they should only be arrested to take them off the streets.
      Do you believe they should be arrested for betraying their pimps and madams by talking to Frank Parlato?

  • Some people argue that prostitution is a “victimless crime.”
    Nothing could be further from the truth.
    In prostitution, the victims are the prostitutes themselves.
    Many times the women were victims of sexual abuse as children and those women turn to the sex trade or drugs as a consequence.
    The main perpetrators are the Pimps or Madams who traffic them.
    The women are often branded or tattooed to mark them as livestock.
    Was Ms. Female Empowerment Allison Mack ignorant of that fact?
    Sometimes the women are kept in line through blackmail or beatings.
    Frequently, the Pimps or Madams use drugs to control the women.

    The occupational hazards of prostitutes are many.
    Prostitutes are more likely to contract Venereal Diseases like Hepatitis, chlamydia, syphilis, gonorrhea and AIDS.
    They are also more likely to die of drug overdoses.
    And because their job involves climbing into cars with strangers they are frequently murdered.

    And let’s not forget that not only are young women lured or forced into prostitution but so are young men.
    And male prostitutes face the same hazards.

    Last year, two New York State Assemblywomen tried to legalize prostitution.
    The two Assemblywomen were Hispanic Democrats, one from Brooklyn, the other from Queens.
    While some members of NXIVM might welcome such a source of revenue, it is a path that should not be taken.

  • I wonder how “business” is now, with social distancing and all. I wonder if they got any of the PPP money as independent contractors. Time to pay these girls another visit. LOL

    • Next time I’m New Orleans, I’ll have to pay the girls [men dressed like women] a visit. I I I don’t know about PPP, but I know about OPP. I’m “Naughty by Nature”. LOL

        • Obviously a fake ghost of Scott, “Next time I’m New Orleans…?” LOL

          Scott would never claim to be a city. LOL

          I think this Anonymous ghost of Scott drank a few too many Hurricanes at Pat O’Brien’s before writing that comment, or perhaps an entire Magnum. LOL

          Although perhaps she is a lightweight who took a few sips of a hurricane before becoming drunk. LOL

          One of Scott’s “favorite” memories is riding the dorm elevator all of the way to the top, the 12th floor, where his junior year dorm room was located, and having to be careful not to slip on the very smelly hurricane puke on the elevator floor. LOL

          i’m sure this other ghost of Scott can relate to “contributing” to that mess, can’t you? LOL

          • Scott,

            I forgot you used to be a janitor…Oops…

            ….I mean custodian at the YMCA.

            BTW how is the YMCA as a college?

  • Who cares about whores? They do it to themselves. They chose to do drugs. So they start selling their well used loose punanis to losers to pay for more drugs. Then there is the fact they don’t pay taxes for screwing losers. Go get a real job. There are tons of women out their who don’t sell their muffs for dollars, even in third world shit holes. These are not child sex slaves enslaved by ISIS against their will. Even the dumb DOS whores were happy to go along with obviously stupid shit. Hey, maybe one of these gross hookers would give a freebie to Sultan Of Six.

    • “Who cares about whores? They do it to themselves.”

      No they don’t. I hate when people say this, it shows you don’t know anything. So many women suffer from childhood abuse. It’s a vicious cycle. Some get out of it. How someone like me survived still amazes me.

      Police are so useless in helping. At least if you are a whore keeping them satisfied allows for certain passes and favors. These men are extremely dangerous BTW. Frank if you can find an undercover cop selling and pimping would be interesting. They just sell back what they took all while protected by their badge. Ruthless, heartless bastards.

  • Darya Klishina: “I have been offered $ 200,000 a month for being a prostitute”

    Russian athlete Darya Klishina, the 2017 world long jump runner-up, has revealed that she was offered $ 200,000 a month (about € 183,000) for prostitution. “It happened in the United States a few months ago.”

    Klishina, 29, explained in an interview to the channel that a man sent her a direct message through Instagram in which she offered to become a luxury escort. «I answered immediately. I am sorry, but this proposal does not interest me ». The man insisted and said that he was talking about a sum of $ 200,000 a month. “Did she really see me as a woman capable of doing something like that?” Asks Klishina in the interview.

    The athlete, who has a better mark of 7.05 outdoors, said she knows that she is interested in many men more because of her physique than because of her athletic skills, and described her appearance in Playboy magazine as a youth error. «You do it without thinking that in any way it will affect your career or even outside it. I think of it as something from the past.

    “I am satisfied with my body, I have nothing to be ashamed of, but I feel safer with my clothes on. That time they asked me to undress and I felt uncomfortable. A clear sign that something was wrong … ».

    Klishina is one of the stars of the IMG representation agency along with Novak Djokovic, Maria Sharapova or Phil Mickelson. “When I joined them, they managed to remove most of those photos from the Internet, especially outside of Russia. They can still be found in my country ».

    • Niceguy will not be heard from until he finds the damn pictures! If it takes a trip to Moscow, a trip to Moscow it will be…

      • Are you referring to the Golden Showers Mystery? Myth? Scandal? Hoax?

        Good time?

        In all seriousness, I like this story Frank chose to republish. I like it because these women need to be humanized in the public eye.
        They are not hoes and sluts; They’re daughters and sisters.

          • HEY RETARD,

            You are a witty one. As a reward for being so witty……

            ….Would you like a piece of candy or a new shiny sticker?

            Or maybe a big box of adult diapers, with backside receptacles, for those large loads? Mmh?

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