Following Leads of a Possible Living Kristin Snyder

Kristen Snyder smiling
Kristen Snyder, who vanished mysteriously in 2003 while attending a Nxivm/ESP intensive.
Recently, a reader, who uses the name “Peaches,” made a comment that deserves a response.
It is on the topic of Kristin Marie Snyder, the 35-year-old woman who was removed from a Nxivm Intensive in Anchorage, Alaska, on February 6, 2003 and was never seen again.
Kristin Snyder stands beside her Toyota pickup truck. The truck was found with a suicide note parked on the shores of Resurrection Bay with a suicide note. Kristin was never found.

Peaches wrote:

In my opinion, Kristin Snyder could still be alive. She was part of the Nordic Ski Patrol. I wonder just how well Kenny Powers [head of the Nordic Ski Patrol at the time Snyder disappeared] “groomed” Kris. I wonder how much Kris really loved Heidi Clifford and vice versa.

In “The Lost Women of Nxivm”, Clifford didn’t come across like she cared much for Kris. The one thing that sticks out is how she didn’t say anything about Kristin’s pregnancy to save her own ass from being a target of an investigation.

I love how ID had her in silhouette in the beginning and then later not.

My Answer to Peaches:

It is true, Kristin Snyder could be alive. She would be 52.

As part of the Nordic Ski Patrol, being groomed, in fact, to be its next leader, she certainly had survival skills. She could have disappeared into the glaciers or paddled, even on a February evening, right across Resurrection Bay and hidden in any number of places for some time – far from where the search for her was undertaken.

Kristin Snyder was trained in survival skills and could have lived in the remote areas of Alaska for days if she chose.

She might have even driven away in another vehicle with the aid of some friend. There are a thousand ways she could have disappeared in Alaska if she so desired.  No one was looking for her in those first few hours. Alaska is a big country to hide in.

Kristin Snyder’s truck was found at Miller’s Landing – there was plenty of country for a Nordic skier to take off in.

Kristin’s partner, Heidi Clifford, at first refused to go on camera for the film “The Lost Women of Nxivm”. She had been advised by Toni Natalie [then pretending to be my friend while backbiting at every turn] that I was not to be trusted.

The ID team was up in Alaska, and her decision not to meet with me was kind of a blow to our plans to investigate what happened to Kristin.

Finally, Heidi agreed to appear on camera – provided she was not identified and in silhouette. The crew met with her and filmed her in her forest cabin.

Later, she agreed to go on camera with me, showing her full face and revealing her true identity. Both interviews were shown in the film – the one in silhouette and the one where she comes out and reveals her identity.

Interviewing Heidi Clifford in Anchorage Alaska for the film “The Lost Women of Nxivm”

Heidi was very gracious and invited the production crew and myself to her house where we filmed the second interview.

It was August 2019 and in the midst of the long-running forest fires, the smoke of which hung over the area for months and obscured the view of the valley below where she lived.

After interviewing Heidi Clifford on numerous occasions, on and off camera, I doubt she had any direct involvement with Kristin’s disappearance. I don’t think she believes Kristin is alive. I don’t think she helped her escape and disappear.

There are some who think Kristin Snyder is still alive and did disappear, such as, for instance, Kristin Keeffe.

I chased down numerous leads – in places where Kristin Snyder was said to be living.

I went with the entire ID production team to North Port, Florida, [in Sarasota County] where we had gotten word that Kristin had been living.

Along with us came two private investigators and the four-person production crew.  I went to two residences where Kristin was supposedly spotted and knocked on doors. Visited neighbors. She was not living there presently – and if she had ever lived there, no one seemed to recall seeing her or a teenage son.

We did not use any of the footage we filmed of our trip to Sarasota since we did not uncover anything.

I also found out that Esther Chiappone Carlson was living nearby in Sarasota and we went to her home and knocked on the door. An older woman answered and said that Esther was not there. We gave our phone number to the woman, but I knew Esther would not return my call.

Esther was the one who arranged to remove Kristin from class and interviewing her could be very revealing.

Esther Chiappone Carlson.

I called Esther several times on her cell phone and left messages but she never returned my calls.

I suspect that Esther, Ed Kinum, Keith Raniere, and Nancy Salzman know more about what happened to Kristin Snyder than they are willing to say. It was Keith and Nancy’s position that Kristin staged her own disappearance and, using Clare Bronfman’s money, they spent as much as one million dollars looking for Kristin.

Keith claimed he had pictures of Kristin with Heidi in the Grand Canyon taken several months after her disappearance. There were pictures and they were seen by people I have interviewed. However, the pictures were taken from a distance and it is not clear who the people in the pictures are.

Heidi said she was in the Grand Canyon at the time, but not with Kristin Snyder, but with another friend who happened to look somewhat like Kristin. [This shows that Nxivm was following Heidi Clifford].

One Nxivm member told me in 2007, when I worked as a consultant for Nxivm, that she spotted Kristin Snyder several years after she disappeared [2006], in New England and tried to follow her but lost her trail. She told me this story, saying she had absolute confidence that it was Kristin Snyder, whom she had met before. She said when she stopped at a pay-phone to call the private detective hired to find her, Kristin took off in her car.

Kenny Powers

Kenny Powers spent time with Kristin during that last week before she disappeared. He describes a distraught and clearly depressed woman. Was it an act on her part? Kenny does not think so.

I doubt that Heidi Clifford or Kenny Powers know anything more than that Kristin disappeared. They both report that Kristin was acting erratic, psychotic even. And suicidal.

I think they believe the official story of suicide is true.  Kenny Powers is a lawyer and evidently a premiere outdoorsman. He struck me as completely sincere and honest. He seemed to have felt genuine emotion when talking about Kristin’s disappearance and presumptive suicide. I don’t believe he was faking it.

I think Heidi is rather a stoic person. I think she cared about Kristin deeply but is not the overly-emotional type. Although she did weep at times during our interview and she said one thing that impressed me: “You know Kristin has been gone 17 years but I still sometimes think I may find her somewhere. That I might run into her someplace or that she might just walk in the door someday.”

I think it is true, as she said, that she was harassed by Nxivm for years after Kristin disappeared, most likely to intimidate her into silence, and it is very likely – almost certain – that Nxivm hired private investigators to watch her, possibly to discover if Kristin was alive and they were in contact.

For nearly 17 years, after Kristin disappeared, the case lay dormant [other than what Nxivm was doing] until I started investigating it and published my findings on Frank Report and in the film “The Lost Women of Nxivm”.

Right after the Lost Women film premiered in the USA, on December 8, 2019 – that very night – at around 2 AM [Dec. 9], I got a mysterious call. I don’t mind telling you I had chills in my spine when a man, who identified himself (Jim is his first name), told me what happened to him some 9 years before. He said he watched “The Lost Women of Nxivm” and thought that Kristin Snyder was alive and that he met her in Colorado around 2010.
Unsolved Mystery: Did Raniere murder Kristin Snyder? – Frank ...

One of the teachers, Jim said, was an apparently gay woman named Kristin, who said she came from Alaska – who had a birthday during the time that they were teaching. {Snyder’s birthday is Dec 14] The woman was the same age as Kristin Snyder would have been then – 43.

She was about 5’7″ and quite fit. He said the woman had sandy blondish hair – and that looked just like the pictures of Kristin he had seen on “The Lost Women of Nxivm” with the addition of several years.

Jim said he had lost her phone number but he recalled another woman instructor, whose number he still had  –  and suggested she might have this Kristin’s number or at least would remember the last name since they had been closer friends.

He called me back with Kristin’s last name the next day and he had some photos. This Kristin was the right age, and had the right general appearance. She was a Nordic skier and also an Alpine skier, I was told.

I found this Kristin, who had taught with Jim in Colorado. She had moved to the very uppermost part of Alaska and, for a few short days, I hoped I had a match. But after doing some discreet research, mainly by finding her relatives, I was able to discover that this Kristin was not Kristin Snyder and that she was using her true name [which was not Snyder].

It was pure coincidence that a woman the same age, possibly the same birthday, who was also a skier, who had the same general appearance and was gay and lived in Alaska, would be brought to my attention as a possible living Kristin Snyder.

But she is not Kristin Snyder.

Duval Street Bar Crawl | Insight Guides Blog

One former Nxivm source told me that Kristin Snyder lived as recently as 2019 in Key West and that she knew her address. In addition to this search in Alaska and the search for her in Sarasota, I was told by a former Nxivm member that she had evidence that Kristin Snyder had been living in Key West, and from a private investigator, I got information that she had been in Miami as well.

Miami and Key West are about 165 miles apart so this information coming from two different sources seemed worth looking into.

In addition to this, I did get one mysterious call one night.

I had been given a number by a non-Nxivm source, who gave me a phone number and told me that this was Kristin Snyder’s current cell phone number.  I called it and got only a prerecorded message that did not identity the name of the person whose phone number it was.

I left my phone number, saying “I am looking to speak with Kristin Snyder. This is Frank Parlato.”

The number was a Kentucky phone number [area code 606]. Kristin had lived in Kentucky before she moved to Alaska.

I called several times and left messages, adding once, as I recall, that Keith Raniere was in prison and that he could not hurt her anymore.

I did not get a return call for some time. I assumed it was not the right number [that there was no right number for Kristin is gone] and that whoever got the message might have thought it was just a wrong number or perhaps that I was some kook.

However, I saved the number on my phone as “Kristin Snyder” and oddly one night – months later – at about 3 am – the phone rang.

I was asleep and did not hear the phone when it rang. When I awoke in the morning, I looked at the missed calls and found strangely that I had gotten a call from the number I had saved as Kristin Snyder.

I thought this was odd because I had not called that number in months. The person had apparently saved my number and one night – deep in the night – this person chose to reach out and call me.

The person left no message.

Why did this person call me months later? Why did this person even save my number?

I tried the next day, or perhaps the day after, and left a message but I never got a return call.

Was it Kristin Snyder? Maybe it was a friend. Maybe it was someone who was curious. But why did this person keep my number for months? And why did he or she call me one night at such a peculiar hour?

Kristin Snyder with her sister Kim Snyder.

Someone calling themselves Gene wrote to me:

Frank, if you thought the girl in Upper Anchorage [sic], was Kristin, where is the photo proof, age, and why have you NOT told the Snyders about this trip to the Upper Anchorage area?

Do you have a photo? May we please see it? Maybe the Snyder family would like to rule out the possibility – that it is Kristin?

Will you please put the issue to bed, and show us the photos? Please?

My Answer:

I cannot publish the photo of the woman who was suspected of being Kristin Snyder because she is NOT Kristin Snyder, and there is no good cause to violate her privacy.

Back when I was doing the research on her [December 2019], I sent a photo of the woman to a member of the Snyder family, without saying why, and simply asked this particular family member if she recognized the woman in the picture.

The family member said she did not recognize the person. This was my first evidence that the woman was not likely Kristin Snyder, for a family member would be likely to recognize Kristin even with the addition of some 17 years.

At the time, I did not tell the family. If it was not Kristin [as it turned out not to be], why should they get their hopes raised and then dashed.

On the other hand, if it was Kristin, there was a challenge.

It was a challenge I had thought of many times during the investigation. What if she was still alive?  Would  I “out” her?  If she were alive, she evidently went through great pains to find a new life and become dead to the world she used to know.

Suppose she was alive? Would I have to respect the fact that she wanted to remain dead to the world, even to her family?

If she chose to not tell her family and have them think she was dead and I did find her, would I leave her be?

Would I tell her that she had nothing to fear from Keith Raniere if that was why she ran away?

Yes, I would tell her that.

And yes, I would tell her that I think she should contact her mother, who loves her, and no doubt regrets so much her disappearance. I would try hard to persuade her. But after 17 years, why would she change anything?

So, just so you understand it – if I had found her and she did not want to be revealed, I think I would respect her wishes. And let her live her life obscurely.

This probably won’t please some people, but as far as I could see, Kristin Snyder committed no crime by disappearing. That’s why I would leave her alone, with perhaps her child, Keith’s child, who is now, or would be now, 17 years old.

If she was suddenly found by me, and I exposed it, it would create a great deal of publicity for her.

I would not want her son to be known to the world as Keith Raniere’s son, not if she did not want that.

What would you do?



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1 year ago

I just watched The Lost Women of NXIVM. In addition to Kristin’s handwriting sample being very different (IMO) from the “suicide” note, I noticed that NXIVM was spelled incorrectly as “Nexium”. To me, this is good news. Kristin is listed as an early member of the organization. One would have to expect she would not have misspelled it given the number of times she’d read it or written it over the years. And neither would a NXIVM operative. Nor, would I imagine that NXIVM member would give so much exposé on ESP and what it was known as, but rather try to turn the focus away from itself.

“No need to search for my body” is weird in conjunction with the body never being found. Whoever wrote that knew there would be no body. This makes me think that Kristin was helped to disappear by a person or group. Even the outbursts in the sessions the day before (or was it the same day)
are so odd given the secrecy and shame that NXIVM sowed. That seems like a purposeful display that could have been for several reasons, ie: legitimately give a heads up to others about Keith and/or to make it look like she was coming unhinged so that the suicide would make sense.

I’d imagine there was a lot more handwriting samples that Heidi could have produced. Even a bunch of notebooks from NXIVM classes that she has access to but didn’t provide makes me think she, too, suspects or knows Kristin is alive. If she thought someone had killed Kristin, I would have to assume she’d be providing truckloads of Kristin’s handwriting to prove there was foul play. However, proving she didn’t write the suicide note, and if NXIVM knows they didn’t do it, then it means she likely faked her own death and would theoretically make her a target, again.

1 year ago
Reply to  Anonymous

I had the exact same thoughts about the misspelling and the fact that if a Nxivm rep wrote it they would not have mentioned ESP or NXIVM. Just on those 2 things alone I feel like it’s possible she wrote the letter in a rushed manner. Or, and I like this point you made, a friend wrote it trying to help her escape and hide. The one thing not adding up is the kayak. Why steal a kayak (it served no purpose in proving suicide as it wasn’t recovered)? Has that place had kayaks stolen before (could just be a coincidence)? If I recall in the documentary the kayak was taken a day or so before her disappearance, so that’s weird.
I hope that Kristin in alive and well, and now with the trials over, maybe she can finally reach out to her family.


[…] beguiling loose end in the ongoing Frank Report investigation into the death of Kristin Snyder is a missed phone call that Frank received late one night. It was from a number Frank was given to attempt to follow up on reports that […]

Ann Lee
Ann Lee
3 years ago

Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.”

The Eighth Commandment condemns lying. Because God is regarded as the author of all truth, the Church believes that humans are obligated to honor the truth. The most obvious way to fulfill this commandment is not to lie — intentionally deceive another by speaking a falsehood.

Heidi Hutchinson
Heidi Hutchinson
3 years ago

Part of what fascinates me about FR comments is that once and awhile, at least, I detect the fallout of the crimes — and the head games — NX plays on it’s victims. Not excusing or excluding anyone, including Moi, but before anyone judges (and I know I do that, too) we need to consider the unique and devastating consequences of being exposed to the kind of mind conditioning NX exerted on its followers, their families, friends, connections, etc.

Remember the kind of money and power NX controlled, controls, and aimed at its targets. If Keith ever had ANY kind of genius it was sizing people up and using social and psychological pressures against them. That’s where “he’s” still winning and too many people, including Frank sometimes, too often succumb.

3 years ago

Flowers, Frank has already dedicated a whole article on you accusing him of lying. You wouldn’t know what a liar looked like if it slapped you in the face.

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Anonymous “Proud Boy” member,

Obviously there are very few commentors here who have the ability to recognize the bullshit that is often posted on this site, (both as anon comments and as articles by certain contributors.)

It’s pretty easy to spot the nonsense, and interestingly enough much of it links back to Roger Stone….who, btw, is also a former NXIVM member.
Weird, right?

3 years ago

Where is the journal online?

3 years ago

I’ve commented about how nasty Kim treats Frank on here before. I always found it strange that everything Frank has done for Kim that she would be nasty and compare Frank to Keith or call all of us who comment on here names and judge us because of our interests on FR. If she doesn’t like the commentors, artists and writers why doesn’t she just go away? Let the big boys handle things. Besides if Marie and Frank have caught her in lies why waste any more time on her?

3 years ago

Uh, WTF?
Like a child calling for help from his parent – FRANK!!!???

3 years ago

Why didn’t you want to tell Snyder that her sister, not just her mother, was missing her?

It’s obvious that Frank found Snyder and this story is the elaborate cover story.

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous


Why would Frank go to such lengths with an elaborate [actually simple]cover story? By Frank even mentioning anything about Kristen’s disappearance, he is only indulging the “Kristen is alive” crowd. Frank is, in effect, feeding the fire of the conspiracy crowd. Frank’s actions would be incongruous with his goal.

Lastly, if Frank was attempting to conceal something, he wouldn’t go into a lengthy explanation; he would not broach the subject at all and let it die silently.

3 years ago

How to say this?

My sense of what happened to Kristin Snyder is that she died no more than 48 hours after she was last seen leaving the Anchorage “Nxivm” intensive site at the Westmark Hotel. As I measure it down, it really seems to me that she died sooner rather than later, and was killed during the night hours, right after she was driven away from the hotel.

Kristin might have been made unconscious with pharmaceuticals and overdosed or was suffocated while she was unconscious. I don’t think that her body was disposed of anywhere near Resurrection Bay, either. It seems to me that entire “theory” was deliberate misdirection.

Kristen was seen as disruptive to the agendas of the intensive’s staff and to the entire false structure of the cult, engaged in guarding Raniere’s make-believe “status” of celibacy. The staff leaders insisted that seeking any outside or professional medical help for Kristen was blocked and dismissed as unnecessary.

Kristin was made to shut up and disappear. From what I see, this was not done by any act of her own free will.

There are certain specific individuals who I have in mind, who know where Kristin’s body was really put.

Of course, my theories could be mistaken. Each to his or her own.

Each one who carries any participation in what was done to Kristin Snyder, whether remorseless or regretful, the die is cast. Cleanup on aisle Soul. Who’s haunted, ready or not.

3 years ago

What a haunting tale. That picture of Kris in her survival gear and the late-night phone call gives me hope she is alive. I agree with you, Frank. If she is well, you would be doing the right thing by keeping her wishes to stay hidden.

3 years ago

I’m struggling with something. Is it disrespect that’s causing people to call Frank in the middle of the night? Or is it a show of respect towards the always working, always hustling, Frank Parlato?

3 years ago
Reply to  Nutjob

They called at 3 am in order to find out if it really was Frank who called. They assumed he wouldn’t pick up and instead listened to his voice mail greeting.

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

I appreciate you sharing your wealth of information. What was Jim’s thought process for calling at 2am?

3 years ago
Reply to  Nutjob

You are very welcome. I enjoy helping people who call themselves Nutjob. LOL

Jim was obviously shaken by the thought that he knew Snyder. That was so obvious that you should keep calling yourself Nutjob. LOL

3 years ago
Reply to  Nutjob

Clearly it was a 2am booty call. LOL

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

And boy do I know all about booty calls. I need a seperate rolodex just for my 504 area codes. Don’t knock the tranny life if you’ve never tried. LOL

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

I like dark and light booty (turkey) with a pint or two of gravy. LOL

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