The Government Said All Eight DOS First Line Masters Were Criminals, but Only Allison Mack and Lauren Salzman were Charged – Meet the Others

DOS First-Line Slaves with their master in the middle.

There are a few stories that still have to be told to complete the coverage of Nxivm. This is one of them.

Assistant US Attorney Moira Kim Penza told Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis at a sidebar during the trial of Keith Alan Raniere that all his eight first line slaves were criminals.

Moira Kim Penza

She said, “The idea, Your Honor, is that everyone in the first line — the Government believes that every member of the first line was a co-conspirator. There is no question; there’s no distinction about that…..  These were people who were — when they joined DOS, they knew that the defendant [Keith Alan Raniere] was their grandmaster and then they conspired with the defendant to conceal his identity and to recruit new people in [slaves] to get naked pictures; to get property; and in some situations, to get women to have sex with the defendant.

“So the Government views those people as co-conspirators and that is the distinction that the Government is drawing” [in deciding to use their first and last names.]

But the distinction ended in terms of prosecution with six of the first line criminals not being charged.

Only Allison Mack and Lauren Salzman were charged and both pled guilty.

This shows, one could argue, selective prosecution, since the other six women were also equally guilty, according to the prosecution.

DOS First-Line Slaves with their master in the middle.

Let’s look at the eight women and where they are today.

Allison Mack

Allison Mack

Everyone knows Allison Mack was charged and involved in a sex cult. She was the top headline maker for the entire cult.

She paid the highest price too, despite the fact that she was no more guilty than the others.

She may have been a little better at recruiting than some and joined in the grotesque lie that DOS was an all-female group, when she knew it was led by a man, the monstrous Keith Alan Raniere.

But she was not more guilty than the others, most of whom will not be punished.

Today, Allison’s life is in shambles. She has been subject to home confinement for more than two years. She pled guilty to racketeering and racketeering conspiracy more than a year ago and awaits sentencing. She faces up to 40 years. That, of course, is an unlikely sentence, but she still will likely do some prison time  –  possibly three to five years.

None of the time she spent subject to home confinement goes towards time served.

She has lost her fan base. She may never act again. Her reputation is shattered. She went from having an estimated $8 million in assets to being dead broke.  She has reportedly had a nervous breakdown. She bitterly and emotionally revealed that she was misled by Raniere and was ashamed and embarrassed  –  as she said during her allocution before the judge when she pled guilty in April 2019.

She paid a heavy price for her stupidity, gullibility and her complicity in following a demon she thought was her mentor and a helper of women.

If she goes to prison, which seems likely, she can possibly emerge a better woman for it and try to help other women. She could write a book or make a lecture tour or a documentary.

People will be interested in hearing her story  –  and if she can tell a compelling one, a cautionary tale, she may be able to help other women.

She has a long road to hoe.

However, there are, I understand, numerous men out there, who have proposed marriage to her since her arrest, and she might find one that offers a promise of a good and gentle life outside the limelight.

If I were advising her as her PR agent, I would suggest she start working to help other women after she serves her sentence and possibly even during her sentence. With her natural charm and the fact that she can get publicity any time she wants, she could have a platform to tell women about her mistakes, how she got caught up in this, how she suffered and how she healed, and how other women can avoid the pratfalls she experienced.

It is not too late for her to make a new start.  Who knows? She is in her mid 30’s. By the time she is in her early 40s, she may be free of this nightmare and can start helping other women  –  which purportedly was her goal from the start.

One thing is certain, and I believe this is true for the others who were charged [except Raniere], her arrest was a good break for her. Otherwise, she would have likely remained in the destructive cult for many years, far longer than she will be punished for once being in the cult.

Allison might have spent her whole life with Raniere, had he not been arrested, along with her. And I believe there will come a day, if it has not come already, when she will bless the day she was arrested, as the very first step in her freedom from being a slave to a monster and a member of a brainwashing cult.

DOS slave Lauren Salzman

Lauren Salzman

Lauren Salzman was unquestionably one of the top leaders of the racketeering enterprise known as Nxivm.

Unlike Allison, Lauren knew many secrets of the foul Raniere and kept them hidden. Not just DOS but the whole rotten Nxivm scheme. She profited by it pretty well over the years, always enjoying a six-figure income and a lot of prestige in the company.

She was the last of the eight first line slaves to join DOS, not arriving into the sick sisterhood until early 2017.

She pled guilty to racketeering and racketeering conspiracy and like Mack, she faces a similar sentencing range. However, Lauren was utilized effectively by the prosecution as a witness and did a pretty good job helping them sink the filthy Raniere.

While Mack employed her deceptive wiles on slaves for maybe a year-and-a-half  –  and likely thought that it was for the benefit of those women [on some insane level] just as she thought she was benefiting herself from Raniere’s teachings  –  Lauren practiced deceptions on others, mostly women, for almost 20 years.

She and her mother, Nancy Salzman, were two of his chief criminal conspirators. Yet, Lauren will likely get off with a lighter sentence than Allison since Lauren testified for the prosecution and will likely get their backing for a reduced sentence.

The judge also seemed sympathetic to her since, at one point during her cross-examination, after she started blubbering uncontrollably [or at least so it seemed], the judge prevented defense attorney, Marc Agnifilo, from continuing his cross -xamination, a highly unusual event in a criminal case where the defendant faces up to life in prison.

The judge later said that he felt she was on the verge of a breakdown.

Lauren gave the performance of her life and it should help her. Allison did not get that chance. She was never called as a witness.

Still, Lauren is at least part victim. She bought into the monster’s lies and we learned from her testimony that he led her on for many years, literally the best years of her life, thinking she was going to have his baby.

Of these two, Lauren is more guilty by far than Allison. She did both DOS deceptions and Nxivm racketeering for years. Allison only engaged in DOS deceptions as far as is known.

I am not the judge of course, but if I was, I would sentence Lauren to several years probation and no prison time.

I would impose a penalty that she be permanently barred from giving therapy, joining any self-help groups, being part of any multilevel marketing companies, joining any sororities, having membership in any secret groups, and, of course, barred from joining anything even remotely connected to a cult. I would insist that she work at a standard job where she cannot recruit others into anything.

I see no value in putting her behind bars.

As for Allison, I would sentence her to probation also. With the same conditions as Lauren and possibly insist she get some kind of therapy.

Both of these women need to heal. And maybe they can.

Lauren Salzman, childless, single, long time member of Raniere’s harem.


Allison Mack cannot likely go back to being an actress.

As for Lauren, she has a chance of obscurity in the future, and to find employment or a husband or both. At age 42, she might be a little old to have children  –   the thing she wanted so badly with Raniere.

At age 37, Allison might still have a shot if she wants children. Of course, it all depends on whether they go to prison and for how long.

Now for the six who got off scot-free.

Rosa Laura Junco, wealthy heiress and mother of four.

Rosa Laura Junco

Rosa Laura Junco, the wealthy daughter of the famous Alejandro Junco, the leading news publisher in Mexico, gained great notoriety, especially in Mexico, when it was learned that she offered her 15-year-old virgin daughter to Raniere.

The daughter is now 18.

Rosa Laura is the only one of the eight first-line to have children. The other seven are childless.

Rosa Laura is, of course, as guilty as the other first-line women. She was older, by far the wealthiest of the first-line, and considered a leader and mentor to many women in Nxivm. She also had a major role in organizing DOS.  She recruited Lauren into DOS as well as other slaves.

Her father has great wealth and Rosa Laura, a very intelligent and educated woman, knowledgeable of the world, believed intensely in Raniere. So, she recruited for him, left her husband for him, and was willing to offer her child to him.

It is sick, of course, but keep in mind that she was a true believer.  She is humiliated now. Everyone knows the depths of her depravity and she is living in virtual seclusion.  According to a source, her siblings tried to get her disinherited, but it is believed she still stands to inherit hundreds of millions  –  so she will never have to work.

When she was at Nxivm, she was reportedly on a million dollar per year allowance.

Her children from her first marriage are reportedly estranged from her [How would you feel about a mother who was willing to have a madman have sex with you when you were only 15?]. Her life is in shambles, but obviously she is not starving.

In time, perhaps she can rebuild a life [with her many millions] perhaps with people who will forget or at least not bring up her horrifying role in Nxivm.  She may be able to one day explain why she would offer her daughter to Raniere when the child was a virgin.

But it will not be easy, I think, to get any kind of general acceptance that she thought it was best for the child [which she probably did believe].

In society [and she and her family are known throughout Mexican society], she is considered an outcast because of what she did and it is hard to live that down.

She is reputationally ruined but because she has great wealth, she can lead a private life and perhaps she will marry again [her third marriage.] She also has enough money to go to another country [like Sara Bronfman] or perhaps an island. She has enough money to buy Clare’s Wakaya Island or Richard Branson’s Necker Island and live, I suppose, in obscurity with the natives.

Rosa Laura Junco wrote to Keith Raniere in August 2015, “I am 100 percent clear that you are what I want for my daughter (and obviously myself).” Rosa Laura will not likely be charged for her crimes, but her stigma is as great as anyone connected to Raniere for she offered her daughter to this pig and this no one will ever forget that.

Monica Duran

Monica Duran was around Raniere for well over 15 years. She was part of the Mexican contingent, all recruited from the down-line of Edgar Boone. Monica was not wealthy and came to live in Clifton Park, in Knox Woods where Raniere lived, to work full time for Nxivm and be one of Raniere’s sex toys.

For years, she was Clare Bronfman’s assistant and through Clare, she recruited Sylvie as her slave. She gave the best years of her life to Raniere, waiting for him and waiting on him.

She used to keep the door unlocked at her town home and wait at home for the day or night when Raniere would stop in to see her, perhaps for a “quickie” – which, knowing Raniere, resulted in only one-sided satisfaction.

Neighbors who knew her say she was a sweet girl. No one had a word to say against her. She was quiet, friendly, smiling, considerate.

I know no one from Nxivm either who had a bad thing to say about her. Even Sylvie said nothing horrid about her and yet she willingly lied to recruit women as slaves and get them to do free labor and have sex with Raniere.

Monica Duran, single, childless, longtime member of Raniere’s harem.

She could potentially move on with her life. She could change her name. Get a job. Find a husband. It is not known if she still considers herself in Nxivm and a follower of Raniere. But unlike Allison and Lauren, she faces no criminal penalties and unlike Rosa Laura, she is not famous.

She could leave her Nxivm past behind.

Loreta Garza

Loreta not only recruited for Raniere under false pretenses, she laundered money for him and ran his notorious Rainbow Cultural Garden child experiment.  She will not likely be charged, however.

She spent years in the USA, getting in illegally by lying on her visa, for which she also won’t likely be charged.


Loreta Garza with Keith Raniere. Garza, single, childless and longtime member of Raniere’s harem.


Loreta Garza

Loreta brought her two sisters into Nxivm and into DOS –  Jimina and Carola Garza. All three sisters got branded.

Carola and Jimina are married. Loreta remained single as part of Raniere’s harem. She had a unique infatuation with the villainous Raniere so much so that she brought in her sisters.

This suggests she truly did believe in the madman. For no one who is close to one’s sisters, like Loreta is, brings them into something one does not believe in. This to me is a mitigating factor in her favor.

Loreta also believed in Rainbow – though she made good money at it –  enough to own a half a million dollar home in Raniere’s neighborhood paid for by cash.

But she believed in her work at Rainbow and her sister, Carola, ran the Monterrey Rainbow.  Her sister, Jimina, co-ran, with her husband Omar Boone, the Monterrey Nxivm center. Both are closed now, though Omar and his brother Edgar continue to lead Nxivm Mexico, or what is left of it.

It is believed that all three Garza sisters and the two Boone brothers are still faithful adherents to the Vanguard – and believe that he will use his supernatural abilities to get out of prison  –   perhaps on appeal and resume the leadership of Nxivm.

Loreta got her start in Nxivm as Nancy Salzman’s assistant. She was slender and attractive and Nancy soon set it up for Raniere to enjoy her sexually.

Jimena Garza and husband Omar Boone

Daniela Padilla

Dani Padilla [left first row] was part of Keith Raniere’s harem. She was never top of the harem which she did not seem to mind. Barbara Bouchey was the top harem woman and is shown here next to Keith Raniere [Monica Duran second row right]. Dani was smart and was always available for Raniere. She married Sean Bergeron to stay in the country. She is from Mexico and comes from a fairly affluent farming family. She has returned to Mexico and is living in obscurity there. It is not known if she has left Nxivm or is waiting for Raniere’s triumphal return.
Dani Padilla on a walk with Keith Raniere


Allison Mack and Dani were threesome partners with Keith Raniere. The two women were very close and spoke with joy about being sister-wives.

Dani was one of the kinkier DOS slaves. She was more into sex than the bad-ass warrior part of DOS. She took the lead in buying the sex toys for the women and loved her bisexual adventures apparently.

Speaking of bad ass – or happy ass – it is hard to tell which, the story is told of how Keith wanted the DOS women who needed to be punished to be paddled. One day, Keith actually paddled Dani vigorously as punishment. He expressed extreme chagrin when he told the story that instead of feeling punished, Dani actually enjoyed getting her bare-ass paddling.

Camila Fernandez

Camila Fernandez started having sex with Keith Raniere when she was 15 or possibly younger. Though Camila, who Raniere nicknamed “Virgin Cami” when she was just a teen, is also a criminal – and, as the prosecution said, also a victim too.

Raniere started sexually exploiting her when she was no more than 15 and quite possibly younger.

Her nude photos were found in Raniere’s library, taken by him of her when she was 15. The fool was not smart enough to destroy them before he fled to Mexico, although one source said that he left that assignment to Nicki Clyne who flubbed it.

Still, if you want a job done right, do it yourself. It would have taken very little for him to do it himself.  He left the evidence behind that was the most damning of all – child porn – right in plain sight in his library on a hard drive that it would have taken him less than 30 seconds to destroy.

This was the crucial evidence that made the other five codefendants take plea deals, one after the other.  It came late – after the indictment and superseding indictment.  And when it was found out that the feds had nude photos of Cami when she was 15 – held by Raniere for a dozen years – on a hard drive – making possession of child porn a fresh charge – the five female co-defendants did not want to be tried with a man who sexually exploited a child and they all quickly took plea deals.

During the trial, the jury and the public were treated to hours of texts between Raniere and Cami, recited by an FBI agent and the prosecutor – which showed the highly abusive nature of their relationship.

No one who reads those texts can think of Cami as anything but a victim. Yet she, as of the last report, continues to be part of Nxivm and awaits the release of Vanguard – which she has been told is imminent.

Cami could one day wake up and realize Raniere is never getting out of prison and start a new life. She is around 30 and a life without waiting for Raniere could bring her success. She is an intelligent and sensitive young woman. And for the most part, she is unknown. That is a great boon for all those who wandered into the world of Nxivm – being unknown.

Nicki Clyne

I will always have a warm spot of Nicki, for she let me know where Raniere was hiding in Mexico and I was pleased to pass that message on to the authorities by publishing it on my website. He was arrested shortly after that.

Of course, Nicki was not deliberately trying to help me. She just posted her location on Instagram.

Nicki was not as popular an actress as Allison, but she was the first actress in Nxivm to forsake all and join the cult.

It was interesting. Kristin Kreuk, Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne, all actresses, all joined around the same time – around 2006. Kristin never gave up her career and silently left never mentioning Raniere publicly after she left.

Allison took her time but finally gave up her career to be in Nxivm fulltime and was destroyed and then, when she took her plea deal, she renounced Raniere.

Nicki gave up her career almost at once, seems to have escaped prosecution – and reportedly is still loyal to Raniere.

Kristin Kreuk Nicki Clyne and Allison Mack put on a show to promote Keith Raniere. Note the banner in the background.

She quit her role on Battlestar Gallactica and the chagrined producers had to kill off her popular character.

For a time, Nicki was queen of the harem and Raniere’s favorite. It did not last long. Ever desirous of being on top again, she felt special when she offered to be Raniere’s personal slave and he, enamored with the idea, accepted it.

In a sense, Nicki virtually created the idea behind DOS. She thought she found her niche and that she would be his only slave. She helped Raniere flesh out what a master/slave relationship would look like.  But Raniere wanted more slaves. He saw in Nicki’s model an opportunity to expand or mass produce it. He loved the dog collar and liked the idea of a tattoo or mark on Nicki and we all know where that led.

Of course, Raniere did not bother to tell Nicki he was out finding other slaves, while he practiced on her.

When Cami found out that Nicki was also his slave, just as she was supposed to be, she was very upset for she did not like Nicki.

When Nicki found out that Allison was a slave, she was terribly upset. She did not feel like she wanted to share Raniere with Allison.

When Allison was arrested, Nicki took over Allison’s remaining slaves and did her best to lead DOS, which was in shambles after the grandmaster Raniere was in custody and could no longer give daily commands.

Amazingly, and I suppose this is a sign of her not being too famous, Nicki was able to get work at a vegan bar in Brooklyn under the assumed name of Nicki Lee and fooled most of the employees for several months until she was outed.

Apparently while there she did her best to recruit new women into the branding and blackmailing cult. The bar, Izzy Rose, is closed because of the pandemic.

Where Nicki goes from here in life is hard to say. She went from being a  budding star to a cult slave to a bar manager.

She probably thinks she is a hero, a true badass, keeping the faith for Raniere, living in Brooklyn near him. Maybe one day she will come to realize that she was fooled. A return to acting seems dubious. But she could possibly write a book or reinvent herself as a victim turned woman who wants to help other women.

There is always a chance for a comeback for all the women, and all of them should be thankful that Raniere was arrested.

Though I must admit that the hardest one to rehab is going to be Rosa Laura. But who knows, it might be done. In the end, Raniere did not get her hands on the virgin.













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  • “I was pleased to pass that message on to the authorities by publishing it on my website. He was arrested shortly after that.”

    LOL, That’s a good one Frank. I’ve come to appreciate your bits of humor. The public patting of yourself on the back while simultaneously subtlety admitting the Feds didn’t need your help.

    “She quit her role on Battlestar Gallactica and the chagrined producers had to kill off her popular character”

    Not sure that’s really correct. Her character wasn’t that popular and the show was already in its final season when her character was written off. Plus Clyne talks in an interview about never having had a contract when she was on BSG and being surprised when she found out she wouldn’t be in the rest of the final season.

    Sadly, at least as of when Edmondson talked with Steve Hassan, Clyne was still loyal to the cult. Edmondson talks about Clyne and Hassan gives advice on how Edmondson might help her in this interview.

    Frank do you think you can do some video interviews with Edmondson and Oxenberg too? If you do, please try not to talk as much as Hassan does. I felt he kept interjecting just when Edmondson was going to talk about something of interest.

    So far, I haven’t found that Kristin ever mentioned Raniere publicly even while she was a member of the cult, unlike Allison who started publicly defending NXIVM as early as 2008 and started publicly mentioning Raniere March 2012. Was this Allison paying tribute to Keith as Vicente mentioned in his testimony.

    On her blog dated March 15, 2012, Allison described him as, “a dear friend and mentor of mine, Keith Raniere.”

    On her follow-up blog, in which Allison incorrectly assumes that the negative reaction was to having a mentor rather than having the psycho Raniere as a mentor, she writes, “Keith Raniere is a man who epitomizes mindfulness and compassion for me.”

    In 2013, she’s tweeting:
    @allisonmack Oct 27, 2013
    Listening to Keith Raniere explore thoughts on media, love and humanity. Mind is blown. I am so inspired.

    @allisonmack Oct 23, 2013
    an early morn walk w. my sweet and wise mentor and friend keith rainere always put a spring in my step and a light in my heart. thanks…

    You should appreciate this one Frank:
    @allisonmack Nov 15, 2013
    Turning enemies into heros. What am amazing morning of introspection. Thanks to my friend Keith Raniere. How beautiful to learn compassion.

    In 2014
    @allisonmack Oct 13, 2014
    “A sacred preservation of human observation.” – a quote on writing by Keith Raniere

    @allisonmack May 12, 2016
    Watch this important discussion on hatred & fear in the media. Great work
    @markvicente & #KeithRaniere.

  • “She said, “The idea, Your Honor, is that everyone in the first line — the Government believes that every member of the first line was a co-conspirator. There is no question; there’s no distinction about that…..”
    And Penza is an idiot who made a LOT of allegations but never managed to demonstrate even 1.

    I’d like to remind that she is the genius who pretended Allison was the leader until she found more intel on what was happening…then, all the sudden, she stopped saying that but noneless ignored the facts (including coercion, sleep deprivation and starvation)
    She also clearly tried to get Allison punished by retaining information (confirmed by the judge scolding her about not transmitting info to her and her lawyer…if you don’t believe, it’s around september 2018)

    I’ll also say that she baffled the constitution by removing the right of a fair trial for Allison by coercing her to accept an absurd plea deal that include crimes she never committed but ,despite the right baffled (like the right to give her version of the story, the right to defend herself) tried to do Allison’s trial while it was RANIERE’S TRIAL.
    She is the reason Raniere could have won (if it wasn’t for the jury deciding that despites the lack of proof for certain accusation, he was a monster that deserve jail time (and i couldn’t agree more)

    She is the reason he can actually do an appeal (with little chance of being rejected and that mean a new trial…with all the risks involved)…well actually, it’s also thanks to the genius clown lawyer who made his client commit a perjury.

    “This shows, one could argue, selective prosecution, since the other six women were also equally guilty, according to the prosecution.”
    In reality, it’s even more than a simple arguing as during trial , some of the six member were really guilty and participate deeply in the conspiracy and the criminal actions…

    Allison shouldn’t even be on the first line as she had done nothing that most did…worst, she was in a way worse position and i suspect that Raniere put her on first line so he could unleash his hate when the whole thing (DOS) would explode public…This is exactly what happened has he made her take the blame.
    He coerced her to do a phony interview (that was obviously phony and forced as the interviewer herself noticed it!) ,he forced her to take the blame in front of every other member so that eventually, those willing to defend Raniere could say “she admitted it”.

    Luckily , there is enough proof to show it’s far from the truth and that Allison was no different than any other victims…

    “Everyone knows Allison Mack was charged and involved in a sex cult. She was the top headline maker for the entire cult.”
    Except here, not really…i’d say that despite the light charge and irrelevance of the accusations, Felicity Huffman had more headline than Allison.
    It was worldwide and really made the headline, you are the only obsessing on her…most , after the trial , understood that Allison looks more like another victim then a culprit.

    “She may have been a little better at recruiting than some”
    Extremly inaccurate…she was a terrible recruiter…who many for the 12 years she was in? you can count them on your fingers…
    Sara E. was an incredible recruiter ,mostly because she was receiving a cut so she wanted to recruit as much as possible to get the ridiculous salary she was getting (ridiculous as in high, not low…it’s executive kind of salary (like her position in the cult)).

    “But she was not more guilty than the others”
    She was actually way less guilty but more public…that’s why Penza choosed to go after her.
    For penza, it must have been a shock to discover that there isn’t much fitting for HER narrative…but it was too late.
    Either you go full in or you admit that you committed a judicial mistake (but it’s costly)

    “None of the time she spent subject to home confinement goes towards time served.”
    This isn’t your decision, you clown…this is the judge decision and one can argue that he admitted it publicly that for him home confinement is prison(september 2018).
    And there is the problem of constitution, at this level, it’s becoming hard for a judge to say “no, it doesn’t count” when he allowed the trial to pushed and pushed and pushed and pushed…

    If he is ignore the time serve during home arrest, he would be an idiot and Garaufis doesn’t have this reputation(nor the reputation to be a mean judge).

    At best ,she should get (for what was proved) a maximum of 2 years (without counting redeeming factors) and this mean that she already over the reasonnable time she should have received.

    “She has reportedly had a nervous breakdown”
    And once again, it’s just a fake rumor…no one close to Allison would disclose this kind of info and especially not to you!

    “She paid a heavy price for her stupidity, gullibility and her complicity ”
    None are true or it is an insult for each and every victim as they all felt for this fraud!

    “If she goes to prison, which seems likely, she can possibly emerge a better woman for it and try to help other women”
    First, not likely and tell me why she should spend what’s left of her life feeling guilty and helping other women who ,without the slightest empathy despite the proof that she was way more abused than them, send her to a bonfire?

    When it’s behind her (when her home arrest will be lifted), she’ll start a fresh life rebuilding herself..

    IF ANYONE deserve the right to heal , it’s her…The some of the victims have that right too but some should seriously think about their actions instead of trying to blame another victim.

    “However, there are, I understand, numerous men out there, who have proposed marriage to her since her arrest”
    you are an obvious idiot trying to bait people but an idiot noneless.

    “her arrest was a good break for her”
    Off course you believe that…you are obsessive about punishment (you are really much like Raniere)…
    It didn’t helped at all .She was about to bail out when this stupid blog dragged her in the mud.

    “there will come a day, if it has not come already, when she will bless the day she was arrested”
    Right…”bless the day some incompetent people dragged me , after all the suffering i’ve been throu while accusing me of the worst without the slightest proof…Blessed the day when the same idiots rejected the FACT that i’m a victim and destroyed my life”
    I’m sure she’ll send a present to Penza too…

    about Lauren:
    “She was the last of the eight first line slaves to join DOS”
    And this is BS since there is an anachronism showed in the whole trial.She was in it almost since the beginning.
    I remind you that she pretended that she was in for 6 months before it was debunked by the proof.

    “While Mack employed her deceptive wiles on slaves…”
    No she wasn’t, you interpret it for you fantasy but the trial showed the opposite…

    “Allison only engaged in DOS deceptions as far as is known”
    She didn’t engaged…she was forced to do it and this fact is enough ,for many other, to be seen as victims.

    ” At age 42, she might be a little old to have children”
    At what age do you live…hellooo! 21st century

    “The two women were very close and spoke with joy about being sister-wives.”
    And where did that BS lie come from? your ass?

    In the rest of the list, from what is clearly known

    dani padilla, rosa junco,camilla fernandez are clearly deserving time (with Lauren and her mother) as they all knew the TRUE purpose of DOS.
    They also were the one that either retained the collaterals against people (including Allison),accepted to recruit sex slave (camilla definately know, the text message that exonerate Allison is clearly putting lots of guilt on her shoulder),abused other girl (camilla on Nicole, dani on Allison (with Raniere))…
    rosa even gave her child to raniere , this show how terrible those people were.

    In this case there are a few people who definately deserve to spend a long time in jail…sadly most will never.

    raniere will but what about monsters like nancy, lauren, dani, rosa, camilla, and some of the others older enablers…

    People like Vicente and Edmondson should also be punished as it took them 20 years before they decided to go against the cult (while they were conscious that they were destroying MANY lifes)

    Hell, they try to blame Allison while they are the reason she was a victim of this cult!
    Edmondson by trying hard to get Allison recruited and Vicente when he saw an Allison in pure complete and close to death distress but decided to close his disgusting eyes!

    Those people should be severly punished…especially since Vicente showed his extended knowledge of the crime being committed (yet choosed to ignore it)and Edmondson was also an executive who accepted to play the crime game for money.

    Allison is still considered (luckily by some only as most sane people see that it’s not fitting) as a monster while she never had a chance to get out as soon as she was dragged in by KK.

    Little reminder , her own Boyfriend said that Allison wanted her to bail out at the whole beginning but after a friend convinced her to continue, she started to change…
    In 2007 , Allison was already in a descend due to the differend manipulative modules…
    Did Edmondson or Vicente actually had to go throu this? likely not!

    They took advantage of a poor young girl and blamed her for their crime (easier that admit you are a criminal i guess…and after all, raniere already started to do this to Allison).

  • Did Laura Junco get a new divorce ?
    I think she is also one of the most dangerous as people trusted her because of her money and she could easily do massive trafficking of women 🙁 very scary .

  • Not only did Nicki Clyne reveal Raniere’s location in Mexico, but while in Albany, she reportedly failed to destroy incriminating evidence against him. As a cult member, she is the worst failure ever. She might as well go back to acting, where at least she had some success.

  • i think they should not get involved in any women empowerment group. I would create a big protest around it. Given what they did in the past they could be very dangerous. I think all of them should get into porn. They would be very popular.

      • It cannot be ruled out that Keith Raniere recorded sex with all these women on video, both as a means of blackmail and as a reminder of better times to watch it when he had his erectile dysfunction again. Raniere was a hunter-gatherer. One who hunts women, and a collector who collects blackmail material like souvenirs or stamps or something like that.

  • Jesus, Frank. Pussy whipped much? With the exception of Cami who grew up with this shit, these “girls” are criminals.

    Don’t wish redemption on them. Wish them extinction!

  • The reason the Feds charged Ally Wack was to make her flip on the evil bitch the Feds really wanted—Kristin Krook!

  • Hmm. Any clue why no Nancy Salzman? How’s abouts the evil docs — Roberts and Porter? Or hacker Ben Myers?

    Madame Salzman is, of course, the owner and co-founder of NX, it was the two doctors who did the branding and conducted the mind warping experiments, respectively, and Uncle Ben who cyber spies, harasses, extorts and frames NX detractors and recruits.

    Shoulda been a pyramid graphic, not a circle. It is, after all, a human pyramid scheme with a hierarchical structure.

  • Great article. Appreciate the updates. Nicki forgetting to get rid of her Vanguard’s kiddie porn is wild.

    I’m in 100% agreement with Frank’s opinions on what punishments the judge should hand down.

  • Because of the ongoing delays in sentencing, most likely caused by many of the convicts cooperating with the DOJ, I wouldn’t assume there will not be any further prosecutions. But then again what do I know, I’m just a ghost? LOL

  • It’s Time to Play America’s Favorite New Game Show!

    Brought to you by the Bronfman sisters, Clare and Sara!
    And by XR LLC..
    When you’re thinking whips and chains think XR LLC.

    Question # 1
    This Pimp said “Having Sex is like Playing Tennis.”
    Who is Allison Pimp Mack?

    Question #2
    This Pimp confined a woman for 18 months because she would not have sex with the Vanguard.
    Who is Lauren Pimp Salzman?

    Question #3
    This Pimp tried to pimp out her own 15 year old daughter to the Vanguard.
    Who is Rose Laura Pimp Junco?

    Question #4
    This Pimp was the daughter of a socially prominent Washington DC real estate developer.
    Who was Pam Pimp Cafritz?

    Question #5
    This Pimp enjoyed threesomes with the Vanguard and Allison Pimp Mack
    Who was is Dani Pimp Padilla?

    Question #6
    This Pimp housed teen age girls from Mexico while they were being mentored by the Vanguard.
    Who is Rose Laura Pimp Junco?

    Question #7
    This Pimp said according to court testimony “Do you think I would work for a child molester?”
    Who is Allison Pimp Mack?


    • Wouldn’t they be pimpettes? LOL

      Q1: Well, they both do include holding fuzzy balls. LOL

      Q2: Salzman testified she wasn’t aware of the “breach” that had occurred. LOL

      Carry on. LOL

      • Q1a: Well, I know a thing or two about holding fuzzy balls from Mardi Gras. Fuzzy balls are special because they don’t have to be cupped in the cold night air.


    • Shadow- You forgot Kathy Russell, Mrs I drove you over the Canadian border now let’s have a threesome with Vanguard.

  • I challenge you to not mention Allison’s name or write any stories about her for three months! I bet you will fail. And by the way, Allison has not lost her fans; she even has a huge fanbase. Also getting brainwashed can happen to anyone and has nothing to do with stupidity. Even to you!

    • I agree, let’s move on to talking about Amway and other MLM scams. LOL

      I also agree Mack has lots of fans, because most people will stupidly follow someone who is famous and also a criminal. LOL

      There is no such thing as brainwashing, it has been totally debunked. Try another excuse. LOL

      • Lol 😂 no it has been confirmed by some of the best cult experts, some of them were even in the documentarys in TV Interviews and podcasts with former members. It is proven that the women were under undue influence! 😉

        • If it was “proven” the women were under undue influence, then why did they plead guilty? LOL

      • is brainwashing totally discredited?
        and who discredited it? perhaps someone who like you thinks that the millions of people who are or have been part of a cult, are simply people who wanted to destroy their lives

      • Agreed!
        Shadow state and his research have proved beyond Doubt.. COVID-19 was created by BOTH CHINA and Alison Mack!! It’s main purpose is to STOP Trump and make Alison a PIMP.. the fact death rate is X4 times higher in US to rest of world is NOT Trump’s fault .. (plus Nicki Cline has 9 different posting names on FR

        • What is your source for the claim that the U.S. death rate is X4 times [?] higher than the rest of the world? LOL

  • All of these women are retarded. Instead of settling down with a single man who garnered their full and undivided attention, they chose to share a man in many of their cases decades older whose reputation was built on lies and manipulation. They knew who he was directly unlike others and so are mostly culpable for their own situations. I have little to no sympathy for any of them.

    • i would use the term “evil” instead of “retarded,” but I agree with the remainder of your comment. LOL

      • if you believe that only someone evil is willing to do bad things if you believe that the cause is just, you must come from another planet, in human history such people abound

      • Anonymous Johnson,

        —I would use the term “evil” instead of retarded.

        Of course you would be offended by the use of the word retard…..

        ….You are a R-E-T-A-R-D .

        Hey retard do you know what time it is?

        emit ot egnahc ruoy srepmap uoy llems ekil tish!!!!

        Hey retard!!! I bet you can’t unscramble the above message.

    • “All of these women are retarded. Instead of settling down with a single man who garnered their full and undivided attention,” — The only type of man who would give a woman his “full and undivided attention” would be an obsessive control freak or stalker.

      • Since Raniere was both a control freak and a stalker/predator, that pretty much defeats your point.

        • Since Raniere was never interested in “a woman,” but always several women at any given time, that pretty much defeats your point. LOL

          • Thanks for showing that you understand neither the language nor logic. LOL.

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