Ireland Nxivm Leader Kim Constable Has Fitness Training She Calls ‘Prison Workout’ – Did She Get It From Raniere?

Kim Constable might be an exception to the rule that anyone who took enough Executive Success Programs courses was sure to be a failure.

The Nxivm stalwart, and leader of the Belfast group for Nxivm and Rainbow Cultural Garden, has become a body building guru. She calls herself “the Sculpted Vegan” and operates a website to sell online training.

She seems to have been in Nxivm since around 2003 and seems to be faithful to the now decimated organization.

She recently deleted social media that showed her longstanding ties with fellow Nxivm leaders in America, but this was probably a necessary business move since Nxivm has a notorious reputation that could dissuade potential fitness customers.

With an entrepreneurial spirit that her mentor Keith Raniere may have inspired, Kim is offering a special workout course that she compares to workouts available to prisoners.

Kim says prisoners are often in the best shape, despite the fact that they do not have workout equipment.

Kim is offering a 4-week program – to coincide with the lockdown for coronavirus – which she describes as “hardcore home fitness for extreme transformation.”

In her advertisement, Kim shows off her sculpted vegan body in a prison outfit top and a bikini bottom.

It is ironic, for her mentor, Keith Raniere is actually in prison.

It is not known if Keith, who claims on his bio to be an amazing athlete himself, provided her with the actual prison workout Kim is now offering.

Keith Raniere with consultant Richard Mays.

In fact, some say that Raniere has the hot, sculpted body that others crave.

Here is an image of Raniere, pre-prison:


Kim insists that you, too, can look like her [or Keith] whether you are in prison or in the prison of your home because of lthe ockdown, writing on her website, “Social distancing took us into our living rooms and away from daily activities, including the gym ‘my favorite place’. This made me see fitness differently forever. By becoming reliant on shiny dumbells and big machines to get jacked, we forgot a CRUCIAL fact. THE GYM IS NOT THE ONLY PLACE TO GET RIPPED.”

In “a month,” Kim writes, “you can have new, washboard ab muscles and shredded arms that make you ABSOLUTELY PROUD of your mirror’s reflection. How?!  For centuries, people got into droolworthy shape using the 1 thing everyone has: THEIR OWN BODY. 

“After deep research and testing with these ancient ‘yet modernly scientific’ methods… I’ve unlocked how to ESCAPE the gym & get killer glutes WITHOUT weight machines.”

Kim Constable is big on killer glutes.

Kim Constable – Irish leader of NXIVM – jokes about working out in ...

Kim continues, “I’m revealing this new 4-week system. You’re at home anyway. This is the way to relieve anxiety and get a killer physique. Say YES to this insanely hardcore program that’ll transform your body (and mind).”


She goes on to explain why prison is the answer:


“While I’ve spent years driving to the gym here in Belfast, Ireland – Inmates have developed innovative ways to sculpt their bodies and get insanely strong in small spaces and with no equipment whatsoever. Throughout history, throughout the entire world, they found a concise way to get ripped AND flexible…

“…The results of your newly sculpted arms and daily mental energy are gonna be INSANE…

“This is Jailhouse Training, where you break FREE from needing big barbells

“Instead of relying on machines or feeling powerless during this madness, you’re going to claim back the power of control – physically AND mentally…

“This shred is f***ing hard. Even though there are NO dumbbells or Stairmaster machines, done from your living room does NOT mean easy.

“We can sit in fear or we can muscle up.

“Your body is doing more than running from a virus, it still gets to wake up each day and achieve its top peak shape.


Kim describes herself as a body-building mama [she does have four children, who reportedly were Rainbow students.]

“Seize this moment to get JAW-DROPPING SEXY in only 4 weeks – ESPECIALLY when inside, trapped with our own possibilities anyhow.”
There are those who might consider Kim ‘jaw-droppingly’ sexy. I believe Lauren Salzman did and possibly Allison Mack.
The famous tongue sticking out pose, which some claim is the Nxivm women’s secret messaging for their ubiquitous practice of cunnilingus [being deprived of other men if they are part of the Raniere harem]. Note: Kim Constable is married.
A now-deleted Facebook message from Lauren Salzman to Kim on her birthday is strange. The concept of “I love you so much… I’d push a ‘pie’ in your face” seems to indicate a different kind of pie than the one pictured. The use of the term “Mexican style” is also curious.


There are some who find a body-builder/body-obsessed female attractive. But it remains doubtful that anyone is as attracted to Kim as she is to herself.

But the fact remains that she is out there selling a course and spending a lot of time on her body.

The course, by the way, is $97.


She also provides some coaching.

“Get weekly live, private coaching with me, Kim Constable here, in the Facebook group for the full 4 weeks so you always have the support you need. I am holding your hand through this insane training to make sure you DO NOT fail – whether at the park or on your bedroom floor…

“I once thought a gym was the ‘only’ way to get insanely sculpted. Studying prison inmates like Mike Tyson, who came out of of prison looking jacked beyond measure, I see the truth. THEY SAID ORANGE WAS THE NEW BLACK, BUT REALLY?”

Kim also provides a lot of insane advertising:
  • “Insanely simple calorie & macro meal plans that will get you totally peeled”

  • You will be “insanely strong”

  • “insane training to make sure you DO NOT fail”
  • “insanely sculpted”
  • “insanely shredded”

Speaking of insane, Kim has quite a few insane friends, [for what else can you call people who follow Keith Raniere?]
Here are a few of her deleted messages from Facebook sent to me from a follower of Kim’s.

A visit to Sara Bronfman’s place.

Clare Bronfman, always the salesperson for Nxivm


Mark Hildreth, former Nxivm leader.


Kim and Lauren had a special relationship.


Siobhan Hotaling and Kim were close.


Edgar Boone, the leader of Nxivm Mexico, and now third in command under Clare Bronfman and Keith Raniere.


Dr. Ed Kinum, who figures so prominently in the disappearance of Kristin Snyder.


Siobhan Hotaling, the troubadour of Nxivm.


Dawn Morrison


Ben Myers


Nancy thanks Kim for her birthday wish


Dr. Brandon Porter


Kim is off to visit Sara in Paris [before Sara fled to Portugal]

Sara Bronfman’s stepfather is British actor Nigel Havers and Kim got to meet him at Sara’s birthday party – pre-Raniere arrest.


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  • On the one hand Kim Constable is an attractive woman.

    On the other hand she looks like a dood from the neck down.

    I feel so conflicted….

    I guess I will ask my Uncle….


    Uncle Frank,

    Would it be gay to sleep with Kim Constable?

    Thanks a million!!!!

  • “The famous tongue sticking out pose, which some claim is the Nxivm women’s secret messaging for their ubiquitous practice of cunnilingus [being deprived of other men if they are part of the Raniere harem]. Note: Kim Constable is married.”

    This show how pervert you (and your fan) are…so what about the kids? are they doing it too? it means NOTHING…It’s an idiot mimmick that Allison was sometime doing (like many adults) without any meaning but not surprise you try to link it to something depraved or sexual…

    You are a pervert …you really are like Raniere, just as bad!!

    This is a common mimmick that many people do and there is no message behind it…but Mr conspiracy theory is oblivious to reality.
    To the point that you pretend that REAL scientist are supporting the conspiracy theory between 5g and coronavirus which is………a natural virus.

    Many country who have been hit heavily are not even starting with 5g yet…you idiot.

    I know, it’s off topic but it’s just to illustrate how disconnected to reality you become.

    Frank, you might have been a decent person, decent journalist even (maybe) but lately, you are just a clown who blow many senseless things or lies.

    Either wake up or get serious help !

    BTW, if you indead cared for fact, you would know that REAL scientist are indeed against 5g but not for the idiotic conspiracy theories.

    And while there is an impact (like all form of wave to an extend (i mean light wave are warming us, this is an impact)), there is nothing proving any kind of negatif impact…

    Maybe if the quantity of wave continue to raise, eventually, it could be bad but at this moment, there is nothing showing any kind of correlation between diseases and 5g waves…
    Reminded, 5g is just a derivation from the 4g with a wider “specter” we’ll say (to simplify)
    So if 5g is dangerous, 4g is just as bad…

    You spend to much time reading conspiracy blog Frank…way to much

  • Who’d stick it to Kim Constable?

    I’d hit that booty!

    I’m just scared the bitch has a 6 inch clitoris and a set a balls.

  • I’m sure the pudgy Raniere is as skilled at prison fitness as he is at training world-class track athletes. LOL

  • So maybe the cure for Corona is between her very masculine thighs. Coronavirus was like oh hell no! Scurrrrt!

  • Mark Hildreth’s msg of “miss u both” refers to Kim’s rock hard butt cheeks that he misses burying his face between—AKA a Vancouver Pie, a delight he and his former gf both enjoyed consuming.

  • She lookah like a man with lady boobs. Not exactly hubba-hubba. If the body is one’s temple, who wants to look like a Krupps factory? She also reminds me of a full torso of beef hung on a meat hook at a river market in Thailand.

    However, the article did give me two key pieces of info, so thank you, Frank Parlato. Now I have specific insight into how come Nancy Salzman prefers to concentrate her oral efforts upon giving blowjobs to dentists. And now I also understand how come Sara Bronfman Igtet is still stuck with that sadistic sleazebag of a huzzband. Sufferin’ succotash!

    • Any real man would enjoy having sex with her. You’re probably some flabby b!tch who has a hard time reaching around the multiple fat folds to clean yourself. LOL

      • Scott, try leaving out your fucking LOLs. Whassamatta4U, curmudgeon? Huh? Find some way new ways not to be clever.
        Forget about Amway. Sex is a much more interesting pursuit than spending your life pissed off about soap. Get cracking! As things stand now, you wouldn’t be able to find a g-spot if one swallowed you whole, or is that hole? (This is a hint.)

        As for wiping yourself, again, try to get hip. Have you never heard of bum squirters? So g-spots and bum squirters to you! Your constipation is severely overdue for release, the relief of a mammoth let-go.

  • Isn’t NXIVM one big happy family?
    Interestingly enough Kim Constable visited New York City last summer and for some reason
    Kim C.’s BFF Allison Mack was not available to show her around the Big Apple.
    And I would not doubt that both BFFs would share cream pies in the face.
    (See Nice Guy’s comment below.)

    Picture posted by Kim Constable in NYC on July 24, 2019

    The woman with Kim Constable is Dayna Martin a former participant on the TV show “Wife Swap.

    On the weekend I went to New York City with one of my best friends @officialdaynamartin .
    We walked, talked and ate in some of the most amazing #vegan restaurants such as @candle79 and @hangawi It was so incredible to spend a weekend exploring the city and reconnecting. .”

    “I watched an episode of American wife swap in which she had appeared, and she completely blew my mind. I had no idea before meeting Dayna,”

  • Of course it’s also possible that she just finally made a complete break with her NXian past and connections – or even that they rejected her, such as because her current pitch could be seen as mocking Raniere. Lots of people involved in cults and similar groups get out slowly and by degrees. It’s a particular dilemma for former members – or people who want to leave – when their social and business circles are entangled with such an organization. In the case of Scientology, members who want to get out sometimes just move far away to avoid problems, but in Constable’s case she’s already somewhere isolated from most of the others, who she may never see again, and could just have decided to close the book on that chapter of her life. She sounded like a diehard who I’d be suspicious of – including that maybe she’ll just cult hop to some other dubious group – but I want to point out that based on what I’ve seen with members of different cults, other things could be going on with her, too.

    Since the piece mentioned it, I did have to check out the lower part of her fake prison attire. It appears that she has a tattoo that starts on one hip, and then plunges right into the area that DOS slaves had branded. A brand like such as that – or the scarring left from having it removed, perhaps by grafting some skin from somewhere else – could be disguised if not hidden by covering it with a large tattoo, a technique often used to hide undesirable old tattoos. It may be just a coincidence, but it is a reminder of the sort of thing that former DOS slaves might indeed do to hide their markings.

    • “AnonyMaker
      April 28, 2020 at 1:43 pm
      Of course it’s also possible that she just finally made a complete break with her NXian past and connections – or even that they rejected her”
      Not quite.
      Kim Comstable is still in with the Salzmans.
      I’m seeing a lot of “falling down” art recently. Is this how you’re feeling on the inside? 😆

      michellesalzmanart’s profile picture
      😁 it’s not work related…

      thesculptedvegan’s profile picture
      @michellesalzmanart haha love it. Love your art. Your so talented ❤️🙌
      6d1 likeReply
      And Constable is in with Farouk Rojas, partner of Livia Cohen and former singer with Mack’s singing group.
      Farouk makes frequent trips between Toronto and Vancouver with some side trips to Mexico.

      • Thanks for that fact check.

        Then she wasn’t as thorough in deleting social media traces of “longstanding ties with fellow Nxivm leaders in America” as the piece might have made it seem. Though Michelle Salzman is a peripheral figure whose mashed-up user name would be easy to miss as a NXIVM connection – is there any more than that?

    • AnonyMaker,

      “…Then plunges right into the ‘area’ that DOS slaves had branded.”

      My, you have an eye for detail. Mmh?

      Just kidding around.

      Hope all is well with you and your family.

      • I went to grad school in one of those college towns where there was a lot of counter-culture and had a very broad circle of friends and acquantances from mormons to scientologists, and it was particularly some of the female followers of Baghwan Shree Rajneesh (now Osho) whose group later became infamous for its cult compound in Oregon, who were obvious early adopters of tattoing and piercing well before they started to gain wider acceptance. So I’ve long had an awareness of body art and have kept an eye on it as a cultural phenomenon, though I’ve never myself been willing to get something tattooed on that I’d have to live with the rest of my life (particularly as it fades – another aspect of the phenomenon I’ve gotten to observe over time, along with the “cover-ups” people resort to for old, bad, or unwise tattoos).

        Also, Osho is long dead, but remnants of his group live on in this country of course, plus there is still a big ashram in India. NXian Sahajo Haertel seems to have some sort of connection to them that I’ve noticed in her social media, and she has been reported as having been a member – I’ve also seen a clue that makes me think it’s possible that she grew up in or around the group.

        And we’re doing well, thanks. Fortunately we’re mostly in places that aren’t hard hit, and I’m making sure that good masks get distributed and everyone is drilled in proper safety procedures. Same wishes for you.

          • Scott,

            When it comes to your tranny hookers…..

            …..Do you tell yourself, “I’m not gay. The tranny is the gay one” ?!?!?

            Scotty, denial can run deep…

        • Anonymaker,

          Tattoos are definitely a phenomenon.

          No matter what tattooed people say tattoos are exactly like bumper stickers.

          The Dr. Seuss book “The Sneetches” somewhat deals with tattoos. Where would the world be without fads?

          Glad you and your family are doing okay.

          The shelter in place order in Massachusetts has been extended until May 18th.

          Outside of the more affluent areas of the Boston suburbs you would have almost no idea the Coronavirus Pandemic is occurring.

          I took the liberty on several occasions to drive around Boston and the greater Boston area, even with the shelter in place order and the seriousness of the Coronavirus, people are still congregating; riding the T and buses with no masks; and the six foot rule treated as a joke. I would say only about 30% to 40% of the people in the city and surrounding areas are following the rules.

          Only the upper middle class and affluent towns have almost 100% compliance.

          You mentioned drills….I’m not doing drills, but I have had to go over with my family a number of proper procedures, such as when returning to a motor vehicle and making sure everyone disinfects their hands and/or uses hand sanitizer before entering the vehicle otherwise they contaminate the car…


          I’m leading an exciting life! 😉

  • Frank,

    Thanks for providing some much needed
    Real Skin ™️.

    Most importantly I investigated the Mexican
    pie euphemism on Urban Dictionary.

    As you guessed, Frank, pushing a pie in someone’s face, Mexican style, is double entendre.

    …Apparently the girls of NXIVM were into
    sharing Banana Cream pie from different pies. I let you mull that over……

    It made me want to vomit. Lots of blue flames on “pie night”.

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