Maybe There’s No Correlation, BUT Your Chances of Dying of Coronavirus Are More Than Doubled if You Live in a 5G State

By Fred

It’s not hard to see why the parish of St John the Baptist in Louisiana has an astronomical “COVID-19” rate. This area has been known for years as “Cancer Alley” and its residents are described as living “in the shadow of one of the most toxic factories in the country”:

This is an oil refinery and facility long operated by DuPont, which produces a particularly nasty chemical called chloroprene.

If you look at the toxicology profile of chloroprene, you’ll see that apart from being mutagenic and carcinogenic, symptoms of exposure include: “central nervous depression, lung injury, liver and kidney damage, irritation of the skin and mucous membranes, respiratory problems, dermatitis, and alopecia [hair loss].”

NBB: Lung injury, respiratory problems. It’s also said to weaken immune systems:

Now look at this graph, showing that pneumonia diagnoses have fallen off a cliff in the USA this season:


Clearly, what’s happening is that all seasonal deaths and pneumonias in St John the Baptist are being recorded as COVID-19 cases, quite a convenient way of sweeping a dreadful environmental health problem under the rug and blaming it on something else.

I watched the whole video below, it’s quite interesting. You’ll see public protests against “toxic emissions”:

Tiny Louisiana parish has the highest Covid-19 death rate in the US


St. John the Baptist Parish is a parish located in the U.S. state of Louisiana. As of the 2010 census, the population was 45,924. The parish seat is Edgard, an unincorporated area, and the largest city is LaPlace, which is also unincorporated.

Don’t forget that Wuhan was the site of major protests about a waste incinerator that was creating massive air pollution. There was much more to Wuhan than just the first full motorway 5G testbed in China.

There are innumerable reports that doctors in the USA are being instructed to list COVID-19 as the cause of death, even when this has not been clearly established. And that no autopsies are being carried out. There are some very funny memes.

Diagnosis 2019: broken ankle, 2020: coronavirus.

Diagnosis 2019, heart attack, 2020: coronavirus.

In 2019: “It’s a boy!” In 2020: “It’s coronavirus!”

This extreme outlier of a very poor community with an appalling record of ill health clearly caused by highly toxic air pollution, can be contrasted with the relatively wealthy mini-state of San Marino. Exactly how do you explain that little nation’s sky-high death rate per capita?

Where you look, you find, and I’ve given many examples from Tenerife to Turin where an apparently affluent community falls prey to this “deadly virus”. And it turns out they have 5G.

I suggested a hypothesis and simple statistical test, to see if this apparent correlation was real.

Someone has now done this for the USA, Dr. Magda Havas, of Trent University in Ontario. She did this on a state-by-state basis, about as rough as it gets. The graphs she gets are, in my opinion, very revealing:

When she does the correlations, it turns out that states with 5G have a 95% higher incidence of COVID-19, and a 126% higher death rate, than states without 5G.

The statistical significances are at 98% and 95% confidence levels, respectively. This is not just a superficial association. Your chances of dying of coronavirus are more than doubled if you live in a 5G state.


There could be all kinds of confounders and influences that need to be controlled for, but all those people bleating that “correlation doesn’t imply causation” can relax on one score: straightforward correlation at one level has now indeed been demonstrated.

As for causation: I am picking up chatter from all directions to the effect that the 60 GHz microcell frequencies are being widely activated worldwide. You will remember that this frequency is specifically absorbed by oxygen, meaning that the radiation will not travel very far through the air. This, paradoxically, makes 60 GHz a “sweet spot” for engineers, who can then reuse these frequencies in nearby mini-cells without interference.

Much of modern radio planning involves making sure that the radiation footprint of your tower does not extend too far, so that frequencies can be reused in nearby cells. With 5G beam splitting and focusing, the same frequency can be used to communicate with different users from one tower, something called spatial division multiplex.

So these minicells have to be right close to you, because their signal is absorbed by oxygen. The 5G system is tracking you, inch by inch, to radiate you with a focused beam on frequencies that are deliberately chosen to interfere with oxygen.

You find all these accounts of doctors saying – in scientific journals, in YouTube videos – that what we are seeing is like high altitude sickness. These people don’t need ventilators, their lungs are working. They’re just not getting oxygen into their system. You’re actually damaging their lungs and windpipes with all this intubation and forced breathing. When you go on a ventilator, you’re very likely to die, as I understand it. Something wrong is happening here.

So when we point to an invisible environmental factor that signally and singularly affects oxygen, this 60 GHz radiation, we’re entitled to ask: “Has this ever been tested for its effects on living beings?” – living beings that all run on oxygen, in one way or another.

And the answer is, well, we’re testing it right now, aren’t we. And it’s working fine. We’re tracking every single move every one of you is making, to the centimetre, right across the landscape. That’s how we’re dealing with COVID-19.

The WHO from 2006 has told the world’s scientists: do NOT research health around towers. Very especially, do NOT research cancer around towers.

This experiment on human beings and the entire environment is being carried out with the express instruction NOT to look for any health problems. And I’ve argued that in doing this, the WHO is actually trying to preempt accusations of crimes against humanity: if we’re not looking for results, we cannot be conducting an experiment on you, can we.

I will bet you anything that the UN puts this forward as an excuse, when we accuse them loudly enough of human experimentation without informed consent. I know how these devious bastards’ minds work.

Meanwhile: you can see the entire creaking dinosaur parade of the mainstream media, squealing in unison now about towers being set alight by hooligans across Europe – 60 in the UK alone, according to this story in the Financial Times:

This article is worth analysing. I have scoured the Internet, and I can find almost no details whatsoever of these 60 masts that have been destroyed. There is not one shred of concrete evidence of any sort that any of these fires – even if they actually happened – were arson, beyond a single piece of graffiti saying “F**K 5G”.

Setting a major tower on fire is not a small undertaking. The UK is saturated with surveillance cameras. Towers are national key point infrastructure. If there were really gangs out burning 60 towers across the UK, the authorities would have caught someone by now.

The roll out of 5G wireless service is 'a massive health ...

According to the Financial Times, authorities in the Netherlands have characterized the attackers as hooligans engaging in a “European Championship of Mast Burnings”. You can see a “5G Fire Table” at 0:32 in the video here:

To be honest with you, when I see rubbish like: “LIVE UPDATED LEAGUE LET’S GOOOOOOOOO!!!!” (sic) then I don’t have to think once. This is MI5 [he United Kingdom’s domestic counter-intelligence and security agency] up to their tricks, with their pals at GCHQ [Government Communications Headquarters, a UK intelligence and security organisation.]

This is just one of their stupid British games, this is all false flag nonsense. If you know the way they play, it’s all as clear as day. I don’t even believe these stories about 60 masts being set on fire.

If you see a tower burning in your street, you’ll take a picture. I can’t find any, except for this one mast in Birmingham they keep showing. And again, there is not a shred of evidence that this was arson.

But there’s one thing this FT story says that really rankles with me. Just one more of their lies, but this one is actually more pernicious and perfidious and devious than normal, even for the Brits. The article says: “The theory has also been pushed by so-called ‘QAnon’ conspiracy theorists…”

Now, I really take personal offence at this. It’s just a fact, if there’s one thing on which Trump has completely sold out on, it’s 5G.

The FCC has never been more captured than with Trump’s pick, the truly despicable Verizon lawyer Ajit Pai at the helm. Q has never breathed one word about 5G. You can go and look, I harangued and harassed them on QResearch at every opportunity about 5G.

I said… “I’m 1000% with you, in wanting to see Hillary Clinton in Gitmo, wearing orange and facing capital charges. I really am. But even if that happens, it’s all just a distraction, to keep your eye off 5G. 5G is the big issue, I told them, this is your life and liberty on the line. You have to fight this.”

And what I got was: “This line of yours has not been sanctioned by Q, comrade.”

To which I tried to reply: “I thought Q’s central message was ‘Think for yourself.’ But I couldn’t get the post through, and I have now completely given up on the QResearch forum. It’s all a distraction, a massive psy-op, to distract “patriots” while they roll out 5G.

So don’t come and tell me that 5G is a Q Anon conspiracy theory.

Really, it shows you that everything these toxic mainstream morons say is just fake, fake, fake. If it walks like a duck, sounds like a duck, and looks like a duck, and it’s in the British media – then it’s a deep fake.


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[…] This is in response to a post by Fred, entitled, Maybe There’s No Correlation, BUT Your Chances of Dying of Coronavirus Are More Than Doubled if Yo…. […]

3 years ago

One of the other reality-checks that quickly exposes the farcical nature of this sort of theorizing and its bases in trading shoddy, inconclusive anecdotal examples, is that In the Southern Hemisphere, another unfortunately hard-hit country in the news is Ecuador – along with Panama:


Those are countries that have no 5G to speak of and, unlike Iran, no “massive microwave jammers installed across the nation to block US missiles, coupled with the extensive military radar systems” either.

I’m sure Fred can come up with some sort of twist or conspiracy theory to make those examples fit his beliefs, too. Maybe the dreaded Jesuits can be fingered as having been secretly rigging up church towers with 5G.

3 years ago

The “doctor” doesn’t have a very good reputation:

I can understand crackpots like Fred getting all hot and bothered, but a PhD knows better than to make spurious claims. She has NO peer review research approved by a reputable organization. A PhD knows she has to produce a double blind study, not use random data points that support her opinion and ignore other data points that do not.

The beer virus is seen in 5G locations because that’s how new technology rollouts occur, in the highly populated areas first. Dense populations also spread diseases much quicker and have more people with health issues, such as diabetes, fat, heart issues, old, etc., that make them more vulnerable.

Where in the world has 60 GHz 5G been rolled out? Where are the references to the WHO ordering no research to done near cell towers?

When QAnon ignores a stupid idea, you know Fred is out to lunch. LOL

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

How on earth do you conduct a “double blind” study comparing areas with and without 5G? I know you think you’re being clever, but truly, this is beyond mind-bogglingly dumb.

You would have to have technicians install a whole lot of absolutely valid-looking 5G towers across a city, which towers are actually dummies, realistic-looking fakes. You would have to hook these dummies up to real power sources and have them in every respect appear to be live antennas. The dummy towers would have to be so close to the real thing, that the technicians themselves would have to be unaware whether they were installing real or dummy towers; this is the essence of a double-blind test.

You would have to tell the citizens of each city: we’re going to be installing this system, it might be working, or it might not, even we don’t know. Just carry on as normal, folks, and let’s see which city gets the most ill.

Given that the installation of 5G means you do radiation measurements, just to make sure your tower is working correctly — do you see that what you’re proposing is literally insane? Would you have fake radiation meters that would fool the technicians that the dummy towers are working? Come on, you’re being clever, you explain to me how you would do a double-blind study to show that states or cities that are being exposed to the “real thing” display differences compared with those with dummy towers. I’d love to hear how you would do it.

The virus spreads in densely populated areas, you say. What about Manila, Philippines, the most densely populated area in the world? How about Bangladesh? How about Indonesia? These are classic cases of overcrowded, dense populations, yet they are not ranking in the COVID-19 sweepstakes.

Where has 60 GHz been rolled out, you ask — why don’t they tell us and show us exactly where? Until they do, here are just two sources:

“New York shows off its 5G credentials with a 60 GHz public testbed” reads the headline.

This article is dated January 2016, TWENTY-SIXTEEN, four years ago:

“The New York University (NYU) has stepped into the 5G fray with the announcement that it is building a public test-bed specifically for the higher frequencies of millimetre wave (mmW) spectrum, which are expected to play a crucial part in the evolution of 5G.”

“The first version of the system will operate in the 60 GHz band, which is one of several that the FCC recently decided to regulate to move mmW technology toward commercialization.”

So there have been 60 GHz testbeds accommodating multiple vendors in New York City for four years.

Here’s another source:

Headline: “2019 was the breakthrough year in Europe for 60 GHz unlicensed 5G”.

It’s all about the decision across Europe to open up the 57 – 71 GHz spectrum as an unlicensed free-for-all. The story states (in an appallingly written sentence):

“This decision has led to that the rollout of unlicensed 5G has started in EU, e.g. with the award winning MetNet Self organizing (SON) technology from CCS (Cambridge Communication Systems) getting to the market with full certification in both US and Europe.”

“CCS with its leading unlicensed 5G MetNet technology has now been launched in several new places in Europe like in London by Ontix, around Trafalgar Square (see picture below).”

And there is a picture of 5G panels on the side of a building, looking over Lord Nelson’s statue in Trafalgar Square.

Please note: this technology has been launched in “several new places in Europe”. OK? This is proof of what I’m saying. The chatter is that the 60 GHz systems are being much more widely deployed than is being announced, because these mini-towers are going to be so densely packed across the landscape that they don’t wish you alarm you too much with details of what they’re doing.

You ask where does WHO tell people not to investigate health around towers. These are the WHO International EMF Project instructions to researchers in the year 2006:

“Research on potential health effects from base station RF fields was deemed of low priority since studies of cancer risk related to such exposure are unlikely to be feasible and informative because of the difficulty of reconstructing adequately long-term historical exposures.”

Now, this is the ONLY research field that is designated as “low priority”. This is the death knell for any serious research. No one will touch a subject that the WHO has designated as “low priority”. What they’re saying makes no sense — determining historical exposures is actually much simpler with a static tower, you can measure the radiation at different distances, and then correlate with illnesses. If you do this, you get an illness incidence pattern that exactly matches the radiation intensities from towers, as I will now demonstrate.

Find the paper titled “Mobile phone base stations—Effects on wellbeing and health” by Kundi and Hutter in the link below, a brilliant edition of the journal Pathophysiology edited by the late Dr Martin Blank and devoted entirely to problems with EM radiation:

Look at Figure 1 in this study, the incidence of illnesses reported by Santini et al. at various distances from towers. You’ll see the illnesses decline from a maximum right under the tower, then there is a distinct spike between 50 – 100 m from the tower, then the illnesses decline again.

Now, any radio engineer will tell you that this spike is EXACTLY where the maximum beam of the tower falls.

So the illness incidence exactly matches the radiation profile. This is across a wide range of symptoms, you can go find the original paper, each of these symptoms — headaches, sleep disorders etc. — shows a peak at this distance. There’s no way that people could have made this pattern up, no matter how hysterical and deluded they are.

If you look at that paper, you’ll see they specifically mention the 2006 injunction against researching base stations. As I often observe, this recommendation has been particularly faithfully followed by American researchers. Not one study on health has ever been conducted around a base station in the USA, to my knowledge. Please let me know if I’m wrong.

Now: you have tens of thousands of microwave towers, all blasting the environment. You have millions and millions more such towers planned. These millions of mini-cell towers are all going to be radiating you at close range at 60 GHz, precisely because this is the absorption frequency of oxygen. You don’t get precisely tuned radiation like this from the sun, or from any natural source.

Does ONE American researcher stop and say: hey, you know, since we all breathe oxygen, maybe we should do some studies on health around all these millions of small cells, before we roll them out? Not a chance. Not a snowball’s chance in hell, that a single US researcher will dare suggest such a study. They know they will prejudice their academic careers forever if they do.

Mr Barrie Trower went to his alma mater, Exeter University, with a fully funded, fully worked out proposal for a study. They were delighted to accommodate him, until they found he wanted to study towers and health. They then literally ordered him off the campus and told him never, ever, to set foot on their university grounds again.

That is how strongly they do not want you to research base stations. Mr Trower went to the Open University in the UK with the same proposal; they were more sympathetic, but said, we cannot possibly take on your research, “it’s too political”.

It’s too political, capisce? Governments are getting fortunes from the telecoms companies. There’s far too much invested in this technology to risk doing any research to see if it’s going to kill people. And So Mr Trower remains Mr Trower, and not Dr Trower, and it’s concrete proof of his integrity.

I think I’ve dealt with the substance of all your criticisms here. What Magda Havas did was an extremely simple, straightforward correlation exercise. She got told by someone that some of her states were wrong, they had 5G, she took down her analysis, she checked all the states, she found she was right all along, and she put it up again.

She is putting her material out for the hardest, most brutal peer review: circulating it to an extremely wide network of researchers, including myself, and issuing it publicly on the internet.

I work as a professional scientific editor, specialising in statistical and econometric texts. What Dr Havas has done here is the kind of extremely simple, extremely clean, rough-but-ready correlation exercise we need right now, just to get a handle on this pandemic and what’s really causing it.

What I want to see is a map of 60 GHz sites, ALL of them, every single last panel, installed right across the world. When we get that from the industry, along with details of the installations of their military pals, which will require a global political revolution to obtain, we’ll be able to draw the real epidemiological maps. But this is top secret information. This 60 GHz oxygen absorption story is dynamite, it’s literally beyond belief that these idiots can roll out this technology without a single health test, and they know it.

But these are ENGINEERS we are talking about. Again: for them, the fact that these frequencies are absorbed by oxygen is the ultimate selling point, the sweet spot for well-defined cells, because the radiation is absorbed and won’t bleed through to the next cell, so you can reuse the frequencies.

And right in the middle of these focused beams of radiation is: the oxygen in your lungs. You will appear as a dense object to the radar system they operate as 5G, because of the absorption by the oxygen in your body. It will help them to target you, literally, they’ll be able to shadow your every step across the landscape. And radiate you with a focused beam of millimetre-wave radiation, designed specifically to interfere with the very oxygen you’re breathing.

What could possibly, possibly, possibly go wrong? If you do not see that there is a potential problem here, then you are automatically part of the problem yourself.

To quote Dr Martin Pall:

“Putting in tens of millions of 5G antennae without a single biological test of safety has got to be about the stupidest idea anyone has had in the history of the world”:

So, do you really associate yourself with “the stupidest idea anyone has had in the history of the world”? Think carefully, and if you still do, tell us your association with the wireless industry.

Where IS the wireless industry, by the way? Why are they not here, cheerfully defending themselves against my crackpot arguments?

They’re absolutely terrified to face me, is the truth. The last time I was invited to attend a meeting with operators by a housing complex fighting a tower was in 2017, and I made an extremely rare cross-border trip to attend. The operators — when they found I was going to be there — first immediately said this meeting was now going to be held under “Chatham House rules”, i.e. no quotes attributed, and then they abruptly cancelled the whole meeting an hour before it was supposed to happen. So I took the bus back home.

I have absolutely run rings around the operators every single time I’ve faced them, in innumerable public meetings. They do not have a single answer to any of my points, except to say “We are within WHO guidelines, and that’s that.”

Oh, oh, and your comment that even Q Anons are ignoring this stupid idea — this entire Q farce, and it really is a farce, is absolutely clearly designed to decoy “patriots” away from 5G as an issue, so that 5G can be rolled out while they’re all distracted. I’m now 100.0% convinced of this, after interrogating that forum very thoroughly.

So what is all this fuss about Q Anon, and what is all the controversy really about? It’s all, all, all designed simply to draw attention away from 5G. That is the truth.

The powers-that-be know, once they have 5G in place, it’s game over for the human race. If they can only get it rolled out without bother, it will all be so easy. That Vodafone whistleblower had it dead right: there is no going back from 5G, they HAVE to roll it out now, whatever the consequences, no matter how many people have to die.

So just you wait. All the chaos and calamity happening around you, this is just the beginning. When the 5G system is more widely rolled out, the real pandemics will begin — the pandemic of pandemics. You really ain’t seen nothing yet. And I’m sure you’ll still have clever comments to make, but I will long be past dealing with this kind of nonsense. I’ll be back later to deal with some of the other challenges here, some of them are a bit more sensible. As the Chinese general’s prayer goes, God grant me an intelligent enemy.

3 years ago

Hunter Biden’s DUBIOUS investments with Communist China.

3 years ago

A full study, translated from the Spanish, has also undertaken a bunch of correlations and shown that countries and regions with 5G have significantly higher COVID-19 rates:

For example, looking at countries on the same latitude: Spain and Italy (with 5G) have 220% more infections than Portugal and Greece (without 5G). So this idea that it’s colder countries that suffer, and that’s why the Third World has been largely exempt, goes out of the window.

There are a few issues I can see, in identifying the extent of 5G rollout, but the basic story is very clear here again.

Now: we normally expect epidemics like this predominantly to affect poor countries with overcrowding and inadequate health resources. So the fact that Africa has been the least-affected continent is highly relevant.

Why is it prosperous, developed nations that are being hit so hard by COVID-19? We now have a solid working hypothesis that it is 5G, and the proliferation of wireless technologies generally, that is a major underlying factor.

Again, the biggest enigma is Iran. Some people are suggesting it is because of massive microwave jammers installed across the nation to block US missiles, coupled with the extensive military radar systems the US also has in the area. However, I am still pointing to Huawei and MTN as having decade-long involvement with the Iranian government in secretly providing military technology and enabling massive surveillance of the population. I will bet you that the country as a whole has a terrifying radiation footprint.

This is another talking point the mainstream media keep jumping on, the fact that Iran has such a high infection and death rate, while it’s only planning to implement full 5G in March 2021. As if there’s no 5G trialing going on. As if any of these pundits know a single thing about Iran’s military microwave infrastructure. Again, the Iranian people can take this epidemic of illness as a clear sign that their government is, indeed, radiating them and frying them nine ways south of Friday, their equivalent of Sunday.

3 years ago

The states with no 5G are also rural states where your chance of commiting suicide is also up to about double – go figure:


Fred is obviously good at spinning a convincing-sounding narrative, and apparently connections, seeming buttressed by some sort of evidence – or fancy charts (hard to read, and here falsely showing there’s no 5G in Connecticut and Delware, which doesn’t match with common sense much less a look at coverage maps).

But on a simple fact-check, for instance, a Google search on the obvious term “list of 5g tower fires” turns up other examples in just the first couple of returns, which turn out to include in many cases photos and videos – and clear evidence of arson – even though Fred claimed that such couldn’t be found:

* Police appeal for witnesses to ‘5G’ arson attack on phone mast in Belfast
‘The video clip shows an incident on the Antrim Road in north Belfast on Thursday night, in which flames can be seen at the base of a mobile telephone mast.

Voices can be heard stating “**** 5G” and “viva la revolution” as the fire burns.’


* 20 phone masts attacked over Easter weekend as 5G conspiracies rage on
[pictures of burned mast in Dagenham, England]


* Man arrested after another 5G telephone tower set on fire [Liverpool]
‘After forensic and CCTV enquiries, officers arrested a 47-year-old man on suspicion of arson.’


[photo of burning tower in Almere Haven, Netherlands]
‘An eyewitness told a news crew at the scene that he had seen a man using a jerrycan, filled with petrol, to set fire to the mast.’


Fred is also obviously quite determined to make a case for his beliefs – even, when necessary, blaming the failure of evidence to fit his theory, on some sort of vast conspiracy. As for the US county with the highest death rate – but no 5G – I think we can better trust the local coroner that he’s seeing far more deaths than normal, and not deceiving the world on behalf of the new world order or the Jesuits or whoever – and thus that they are indeed related to the current pandemic:

* This is historic’: St. John Parish reels from rapid coronavirus spread
‘ In his 32 years as coroner for St. John the Baptist Parish, Dr. Christy Montegut says he’s never seen anything like the grip coronavirus has on his community.

“Never, this is historic,” said Montegut. “We’re having trouble keeping up, but we had probably 14, 15 cases since last Thursday.”’


* Louisiana cancer-ridden county known for toxic air pollution tops NYC for highest coronavirus death rate
‘Dr. Christy Montegut, the coroner in St John the Baptist parish, said he recorded 30 deaths in the parish linked to COVID-19. That’s a rate of 68.7 per 100,000 people, The Guardian reported. The death rate in New York City, which is the epicenter of the outbreak in the country, stands at 29 per 100,000.’


Obviously, most of the places hardest hit are going to be major urban centers that are hubs for international travel, and ripe environments for the spread of a highly contagious disease – and due to being centers of business and wealth, the first and most likely to have been wired for 5G. These are probably also places that have other expectable correlations, like the most sushi restaurants and designer handbag stores per capita.

But even then, the counties with the 6th, and 7th highest coronavirus death rates, are Randolph, GA, and Louisa, IA – the first with only some areas of 5G coverage and significant areas with no cell phone service at all, and the latter with no 5G at all and sizeable areas of no coverage of any type:


And then there are the cases I’ve brought up before, of entire countries that inconveniently don’t fit Fred’s theory – which he apparently can’t even respond to, though he obviously has spun hard trying to explain away that one US example in Louisiana that I brought up previously:

* The new hospitals the Chinese built to help contain the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan – which they did successfully – were billed as fully wired for 5G:

China opens first ‘intelligent’ coronavirus hospital with 5G-powered robots offering round-the-clock care for patients

* Over 50 other cities in China with 5G networks had low rates of COVID-19, with the most highly 5G wired, Beijing, having few cases and deaths only in the single digits

* Hong Kong started testing an extensive 5G network just as the coronavirus started to spread, and like Beijing had few cases and a number of deaths that could be counted on one hand

* Taiwan also started aggressively rolling out 5G this past winter, and also experience few COVID-19 cases and single-digit deaths

* The world leader in 5G – and an international model of success for suppressing and treating COVID-19 infection – is South Korea

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