As Death Toll Rises in New York, China Lied to Us About Origin of Coronavirus – It Was ‘Made’ in China

By Ken Gibson

The Big Apple is getting eaten by a worm that does not seem to ever die.

After days of coronavirus deaths going down, slipping under 500 the other day, 744 new coronavirus deaths took place between Monday and Tuesday, a major spike that dashed hopes.

Some 14,427 New Yorkers are cold in earth from this pest.

Mayor Bill de Blasio said at his daily press today that the pandemic is still “raging”.

And Gothamites are raging. Raging at the way that the politicians are inept, allowing the People’s Republic of China to cash in on this calamity which it caused – either by stupidity, or, worse, by design.

Coronavirus Is a Man Made Virus "manipulated" for HIV research ...

Dr. Luc MontagnierDesign is what Dr. Luc Montagnier is telling us it is. He knows whereof he speaks. He is who discovered HIV and in 2008 was awarded the Nobel Prize for medicine.

Others in the medical community have said the same, including two Indian writers earlier this year.

The People’s Republic of China is now buying up shares and companies from here to Milan. Getting fat off our distress, they have strengthened their position in the world.

So where is the outcry? A nation that tortures its own citizens, ripping out hearts from live victims with no anesthesia, is allowed to cash in? Where is the concern for civil rights and the future of our planet?

Nothing is heard about this from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who spent so much time out of her district when this was starting that people made MISSING PERSONS posters of her: Last seen in Iowa with Bernie Sanders.

It is her district that is hit so hard – it includes, ironically, Corona, and parts of Elmhurst, Queens, along with the South Bronx, where people too are hard hit. Where is she?

Commentary: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez becomes the Sarah Palin of ...
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Queens is burning. Today I took a trip out there, catching the E train early in the morning, to find myself surrounded by homeless men with no masks, stretched out and filthy, refusing to move or be concerned.

Whispers about them being bio-hazards turn to shouts, the most liberal of New Yorkers starting to wake up to reality and voice the fact that this must be addressed or the virus will continue to strike. The wheels of steel that ought to be bringing people to work are in fact bringing viruses to your door. This issue ought to have been dealt with IMMEDIATELY – but no.

It was left and still is.

Public restrooms were closed up tight all over the city, and so now the homeless just defecate in their clothes. Some too drugged up to know or to care.

NYC coronavirus deaths outnumber 9/11 death toll; N.Y. records ...

So the death count went up. Up up and away it threatens to go. And the politicians allow us all to be endangered, as they sit back in their cozy homes, their gilded cages, dictating to the rest of us and trying to blame Trump.

Maggie Haberman opined on the front page of the New York Times on Sunday that the GOP is ‘scapegoating’ China.

Scapegoating? She really believes that PR China is innocent? For any liberal newspaper to support this sick, barbaric, satanic regime is disgusting. But this is the rag that had strong ties to Jeffrey Epstein, and has yet to do an expose of his brother, Mark Epstein, or of the Humpty Dumpty Institute, of which Mark is a director; and on which 32 congressmen sit, along with actors from PR China.

Maggie Haberman must not ride the E train. Like so many journalists today, she can sit back in her own apartment and write nonsense about Trump, sounding like a jilted lover with a vendetta against a man who scorned her. And her apartment is not like that of most New Yorkers; Haberman can afford the same ice cream as Nancy Pelosi. She can ignore the plight of her fellow citizens, she can insist that we give PR China a pass.

But many people are not going to do so. Whisper turn to shouts. And PR China, along with the many politicians and journalists that support it and try to cover its sick, disgusting murders, will be called to account.

But when? Is that just a forlorn cry for justice on the part of myself and a few activists, or is that really going to happen?

NYC officials confirm 1st homeless death from coronavirus - ABC News

I would like to say the latter, but I take into account that sick creeps have at times been allowed to get away with their crimes for a long time. And I know that only if people rise up and put pressure on their congressmen, calling their offices and DEMANDING justice – addressing key issues like PR China, contagious homeless people endangering the population, treason committed by top politicians, etc., will justice even begin to be done.

It is up to all of you. So do you read this and do nothing, in AMERICA’S DARKEST HOUR – or do you read this, then call your congressman and senator – and then get back here with their replies?

It is time to raise your voice and SHOUT.

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    • Heidi, here’s what was indeed actually said:

      PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: “Thank you very much. So I asked Bill a question that probably some of you are thinking of if you are totally into that world which I find to be very interesting. So supposing we hit the body with a tremendous whether it’s ultraviolet or just very powerful light and I think you said that hasn’t been checked but you are going to test it. And then I said supposing you brought the light inside the body which you can do either through the skin or in some other way and I think you said you were going to test that too. It sounds interesting.

      Right. And then I see the disinfectant where it knocks it out in a minute, one minute and is there a way we can do something like that by injection inside or almost a cleaning because you see it gets in the lungs and it does a tremendous number on the lungs. So it’d be interesting to check that so that you are going to have to use medical doctors with but it sounds interesting to me so we will see but the whole concept of the light the way it kills it in one minute that’s — that’s pretty powerful.”

      transcribed from video and

      The amateur theorizing, word salad, and un-grammatical style with incomplete sentences, remind me of reading one of the transcripts of Raniere talking. What do you think?

      • Actually disinfectant inside the body is an EXCELLENT idea. Try it one day and you might not be so stupid,
        AnonyMaker – were you really, as you once posted, and officer at the Pentagon?
        Di-allyl di-sulfide is taken internally by millions of people, and those who take it are known for longevity.
        This substance is very good on killing germs and has been suggested as an answer to germy hospitals.
        I put it in pasta, meat dishes, fish dishes, in fact I got a source of it today and gave some to friends.
        But it IS known to hurt some people, so, like chloroquine, you might be against it.
        It especially hurts vampires. And in your case it might make you go away.
        One source of it causes haliotis, in just about everyone.
        Harmful side effects.
        So try to avoid sources of it, like garlic.
        And try to avoid telling people on this site that you were an officer at the Pentagon.
        They may just think you are a crazy fantasist, jealous that someone else is POTUS
        and you are not – and never will be.

  • China is responsible for Coronavirus!!!!

    The man that identified HIV & was on the front page of Time magazine and received the Nobel piece prize; stated that the genome of the Coronavirus has a sequence from the HIV virus.

    Here is the article:

    The article below talks about Coronaviruses being used to manufacture drugs for Aids back in 2006.

  • Scott LOL Johnson.
    You say you’re tired of hearing about NYC.


  • Hi Ken,

    I live in the greater Boston area
    “metro west”.

    I took a drive about an an hour ago, to get out of the house, all around Boston and the surrounding areas, for about 2 hours.

    I would say about 1/2 the people aren’t wearing masks and 1/4 of the people are not practicing social distancing whatsoever.

    I watched people getting on busses and the T(subway) with no masks or gloves on. The numbers in Boston and the surrounding areas are still going to steadily climb; whether or not the stay-in-place order is lifted.

    I agree that the cure can’t be worse than the disease…..

    But I have no idea what a happy medium would be.

    Do you?

    • A Dr in Chicago came to the same conclusion about the homeless. Obviously, they are and any other sources of the disease are delaying a return to work, delaying the happy medium. But they are sacred. If you suggest that a selfish, drug addict who cares for no one else in this life ought to be restricted from riding around on the subway, T, or holing up in front of your building, you are labeled a nazi.
      It does not matter that the selfish homeless person is spreading disease. Is it not murder, or technically manslaughter?
      So millions of people in society are sacred cows allowed to kill others.
      I too saw people not wearing masks, sadly, in Borough Park, where the orthodox trust in God but do not listen to God, who tells
      them to “love thy fellow man as you love yourself.”
      Other religious groups refuse to respect their fellow man. The Bible says of this that if you cannot love your fellow man whom you can see, how can you God whom you cannot?
      These are also dangerous people.
      And then in Central Park an hour ago, I saw lots of non-religious people, certainly not homeless, but rather rich, young, uncaring louts, gathering in small groups and not wearing masks though they were close to one another – I am not picking on the poor.
      In fact, I espouse giving responsible homeless people jobs and places to stay.
      I have been homeless myself, as well as rather well to do. It’s not a matter of rich or poor; but a matter of following
      common sense and the law.
      Many people will not do so, and so the law must be applied to safeguard the many, not the selfish minority who take drugs to the point
      of oblivion, prance around arrogant with their trust funds, or take the name of the Lord in vain with their disregard for the law of the land and the plight of their fellow man.
      If a man walks into a school and starts shooting, can we not take steps that are out of the ordinary as an act of protection?
      The same applies here.
      There will be no happy medium if we let people walk into schools and shoot, or if we let people spread diseases.

  • Ken Gibson,

    I greatly appreciate your reporting from NYC.

    Politics aside…

    Politicians on both sides of the aisle have sold us out China for over 25 years.

    Now, us regular people are paying the price.

    Keep up the street reporting!!!

    Thank you!!!

        • Scott Johnson,

          You are no longer TexTex because Amway’s attorneys sent you a cease and desist order and your wife is pissed at you for acting like a meathead.

          Move on Douché Bag!!!!!

      • Scott got tired of watching Cuomo reading off the PowerPoint after two days. He tunes in to watch Trump thump the media every day for the pure entertainment of it. LOL

      • Shadowstate,

        You and I may argue, but we will always agree on one thing……..

        Scott Johnson is a mentally challenged adult and a born sucker. In fact the only thing Scott excels at is being a loser. 8 years into Amway and Scott had an epiphany…”OMG I’m being suckered!”


        Yah sure do have to wake up early to fool Scott Johnson….

        Scott makes Woody Harrelson’s character in the movie King Pin look like a winner.

        P.S. Shadow do you happen to know of any retarded losers selling $60 powdered laundry detergent out of their garage? I’m in need of some overpriced laundry detergent that doesn’t work.

        • Scott, aka Anonymous LOL, claimed to be an expert on nuclear engineering!
          Could you imagine him at the helm of a nuclear submarine or aircraft carrier?
          I had nightmares about it all last night!

          • Shadow,


            I couldn’t imagine Scott at the head or helm of anything…..

            Except getting head from a New Orleans tranny in an ally.

  • Ken,
    The real problems start next month when corporations and billionaires start defaulting on loans and bonds.
    Many businesses are highly leveraged and run on borrowed money.
    Richard Branson is already asking for a government bailout.
    All across America, retail businesses are teetering on the edge.

  • Ken,
    I’ve found Anastasia Ocasio-Cortez!
    She’s judging Ru Paul’s Drag Race.
    A contest of Drag Queens!

    This cultural extravaganza was less than two weeks ago.

    ‘True Blue’: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez judges ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’s’ Madonna-themed episode

    It was time for the queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12 to strike a pose and express themselves Friday, when they starred in an homage to the Queen of Pop herself called Madonna: The Unauthorized Rusical. And also representing was “queen from Queens” and “ray of light in the U.S. Congress,” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who served as a fierce guest judge — giving good face and good advice.

    This contest with a “Madonna” theme featured contestants with names like Heidi N Closet.

    With all the Bright Lights and Glitter AOC was unable to see the homeless people dying in the streets.

    “Maggie Haberman opined on the front page of the New York Times on Sunday that the GOP is ‘scapegoating’ China.” Ken Gibson

    Maggie knows better than that.
    Has Maggie Haberman forgotten that the Chinese dictators used their Propaganda Machine to spread the outright fabrication that the US Military spread the virus?
    And the Media Moron Whoopi Goldberg bought the Chinese LIE and spread it on her TV gabfest The View.

    Maybe the Chinese and Maggie and Whoopi subscribe to the notion of Joseph Goebbels’ Big Lie.
    If you tell a Big Lie and repeat it often enough people will believe it.
    Or maybe Maggie is following the example of the New York Times’ Patron Saint the journalist Walter Duranty.
    While millions of people in Ukraine were dying in a famine in the thirties deliberately organized by Stalin Duranty sent stories back to the New York Times denying any famine.
    And Duranty won a Pulitzer Prize for being Stalin’s Top Liar.

  • It has of course nothing to do with the royally fucked up US health care system or the inadequate reaction of the president. What is the point of denying Chinese citizens access to the US when you allow 400.000 American citizens to travel world wide and even bring in Americans from China. This guy is just a joke.

    The next blunder Dear Leader is planning is the reopening of the economy without providing sufficient protective gear and tests. I guess he will not be responsible when there are New Yorks all over the country. Minitruth will simply send out it’s minions again.

    Or to say it with Kellyanne Conway’s words. This is Covid-19 and not Covid-1. How could the government be so unprepared.

    • 19 in Covid-19 stands for the beginning of the new coronavirus in 2019 and not for the 19th virus. Coronaviruses have been known for a long time and there are many different ones. The chosen name is only used to distinguish the virus variants.

      • Don’t tell me, tell Kellyanne Conway. She was on FAKE, oh sorry FOX on Wednesday. I am just repeating her words.

        BTW, where are all the Hydroxychloroquine ads now? They were on all the conspiracy and BS sites like FOX, Infowars, Frankreport. Did the truth come into contact with the nice story the right wing bullshitters were saying?

        • So you’re the one who keeps CNN’s ratings from being zero. Do you know the other person as well? LOL

        • The pivots of the ideologues are coming faster and faster these days as the reality-checks come in quickly – and hard – in a rapidly developing situation like this, where there are undeniable if inconvenient facts such as death counts. Like in Orwell’s 1984, what came out of the Ministry of Truth one week, is un-spoken and un-thought the next:

          Trump and Fox News want to send their hydroxychloroquine hype down the memory hole

          Even Fox News has had to report:

          COVID-19 treatment hydroxychloroquine showed no benefit, more deaths in VA virus study

          Reportedly, promised preliminary results of a relatively large New York hydroxychloroquine study are about ready for release, but we have yet to see them for some reason. Those will be very interesting to see.

          • Let us see whether or not some idiots will try injection disinfectants. I would suggest Trump as the first patient and every time it shows no effect, we simply double the dose rate. At some point, the virus will die with its host.

    • America’s Health Care System has been ‘fucked up’ for years.

      But what’s worse is that America’s Trade and Industrial policies are fucked up.
      In the early days of the American Republic, Great Leaders like Alexander Hamilton, Henry Clay and Abraham Lincoln knew that for America to survive and thrive it needed a Wall of Protective Tariffs.
      When America was in peril in World War 2 it had an Industrial Base to out produce and fight off both Germany and Japan.
      Thanks to Sixty Years of Free Trade Treason that Industrial Base has atrophied away.
      Politicians of both political parties have repeatedly stabbed the American Worker in the back by exporting entire industries, factories, and millions of jobs.
      Now America imports 90% of its medical supplies from China.
      So does the rest of the world.
      Is it any surprise that many of the testing kits for the Wuhan Flu are already contaminated before they are used?


      • There hasn’t been sixty years of free trade. Other countries prop up their industries to give their “private” companies an advantage. THAT is the reason why tariffs are needed. LOL

        • As early as the fifties the Japanese were pushing into consumer electronics
          .Now, Scott, your job for today is to go out and buy an American made radio at WalMart or Target.

          The first major push for tariff reduction began in the Kennedy Administration.

          The Kennedy Round was the sixth session of General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) multilateral trade negotiations held between 1964 and 1967 in Geneva, Switzerland. Congressional passage of the U.S. Trade Expansion Act in 1962 authorized the White House to conduct mutual tariff negotiations, ultimately leading to the Kennedy Round. Participation greatly increased over previous rounds. Sixty-six nations, representing 80% of world trade, attended the official opening on May 4, 1964, at the Palais des Nations. Despite several disagreements over details, the director general announced the round’s success on May 15, 1967, and the final agreement was signed on June 30, 1967—the very last day permitted under the Trade Expansion Act. The round was named after U.S. President John F. Kennedy, who was assassinated six months before the opening negotiations.[1]
          The main objectives of the Kennedy Round were to:

          Slash tariffs by half with a minimum of exceptions
          Break down farm trade restrictions
          Remove non-tariff barriers
          Help developing countries

          And Kennedy’s brother Teddy, the drunken Senator, co-sponsored an immigration law in 1965 that flung open open America’s doors to criminals, drug dealers, spies and virus infected travelers.
          Scott, do you enjoy the Cultural Diversity?

          • What’s the problem with Japan making radios? Do you think they should just tend to their rice paddies and STFU? A radio isn’t exactly an example of a critical industry. It’s not as if the world would fall apart if the Japanese stopped selling us radios. There are many other sources for radios. Therefore, your assignment has been rejected by Scott. LOL

            AGAIN, the issue is other countries subsidizing their “private” companies, and even using them to spy on us and/or boobie trap critical infrastructure, such as websites, telecommunications networks, electrical power systems, etc. Try staying on task next time, Mr. Shadow. LOL

            Trump is right, the U.S. has allowed many other countries take advantage of us for a very long time. After WWII, it was understandable, in order to stand the world back on its feet economically, but it wasn’t phased out like it should have been. Scott believes in Cultural Diversity, but he does not believe in the U.S. being taken advantage of. LOL

          • Yesterday a NYC councilman, Eric Ulrich, told the truth: the homeless will keep this virus ticking.
            He said we need to close and clean the subways, and provide transport for essential workers.

            He is right. I had to go to Queens yesterday again, and I took a longer route with the F train – which does not have the same homeless problem that the E does.

            When I returned,I chose to walk through the south Bronx around midnight rather than take a train.

            One person here left the comment: “Everything is about New York. Yawn. LOL”

            I am in NY so I write about it. And in a way, EVERYTHING is about NY – or rather – NYC – I went upstate yesterday where there are major closings but no virus and social distancing automatic in some of the small towns – people looked at me and my friend with funny looks when they saw the blue masks – so NY STATE is a different country in some ways.

            So NYC is getting all the attention, this time for all the wrong reasons. And it needs to be paid attention – albeit for the wrong reasons – in that the inept Dem leaders here are NOT doing what needs to be done. The rest of the state, the nation, and the world, could suffer. Walking bio hazards are left to wander the streets and poop in their pants – thus infecting everyone here, who in turn infecting others.

            If you are that jealous that you want the attention, you are welcome to it. Or better yet, come to NYC and hug a homeless person. Nancy Pelosi and AOC can give you a prize in the next drag queen contest, but you might have to get it posthumously.

            Nasty and AOC need to get real, de Blasio, the NYT, everybody has to override the idiot decisions of politicians in NY who CLOSE HOSPITALS!!!!!!!!!!!

            And open up shelters to rapists, murderers, child abusers and drug dealers, who infect society.
            They feign such concern for humanity while endangering humanity.

            Remember Adolf and his free lunch projects, his endless talks about altruism?

            He had to go. So do Cuomo, deBlasio, AOC and all the Humpty Dumpty congressmen in bed with PR China and its biolabs.

          • Almost one out of every seven people in NYC tested positive for the beer virus. It’s called herd immunity and the herd is being thinned out. LOL

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