Raniere Being Quarantined as 14-Day Lock-down About to End – MDC Officials Still in Denial

Keith Raniere by MK10art

Back on April 1st, the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) announced that it was putting its more than 170,000 inmates on a 14-day lock-down because – or so it claimed – it wanted to reduce the chance that any of them would contract the coronavirus.

Although it didn’t label it as such, the announcement was nothing more than a cruel April Fool’s Day joke.

Throughout the lock-down period, the BOP has done virtually nothing to protect those who are in its care and custody.

On the contrary, the BOP has done almost no testing on inmates.

Earlier today, U.S. District Judge Rachel Kovner ordered the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) to provide her with copies of its protocols for deciding which of its inmates should be tested.

MDC as portrayed by MK10art

She also ordered the facility to provide her with ongoing reports concerning the number of inmates being tested – and the number of inmates who tested positive – for COVID-19.

Judge Kovner’s orders were in response to MDC’s argument that the low number of inmates testing positive for the disease was an indication that COVID-19 is not widespread at the facility (According to MDC’s reports, only 3 inmates had tested positive as of April 9th).

Public advocates and criminal defense attorneys have been arguing for weeks that the low number of MDC inmates testing positive was simply an indication that the facility had only tested a handful of inmates.


“It’s important that the MDC disclose their testing protocols, particularly because it appears that the lack of adequate testing obscures the problems in that facility, as we have heard several reports of symptomatic people at the MDC who are not being tested”, said Betsy Ginsberg, who represents incarcerated MDC inmates in the case before Kovner.

Judge Kovner also ordered MDC to disclose the number of “Sick-Call Requests” that inmates had submitted during the period from March 13th through April 13th.

“Evidence of the number of inmates submitting sick-call requests based on symptoms consistent with COVID-19 is relevant to assessing the likely prevalence of COVID-19 within a facility where few tests have occurred”, Kovner wrote.


Internal Email From Guards Union at MDC Reveals What’s Really Going

An April 9th email from Rhonda Barnwell, the vice president of the union that represents MDC’s guards, indicates that even the few inmates who tested positive for COVID-19 were only held in quarantine for a few days.

“Why do we have 2 inmates who tested positive on regular housing units J-73 and G-43?” Barnwell wrote in her email, referring to two of the cell blocks within the jail, which each hold about 70 men. “These inmates were released to general population even before 7 days of quarantine. Why aren’t those housing units on quarantine with appropriate PPE” — personal protective equipment — “for staff?”


Barnwell’s email also described several other dangerous conditions at MDC. One such allegation is that staff who have been in direct contact with inmates who have tested positive – or who are symptomatic – are not being quarantined. Another allegation is that when MDC staff are diagnosed with COVID-19 –  as nine have been as of April 9th – other staff who have been in direct contact with them are not even notified, much less quarantined.

The president of the union, Anthony Sanon, also claimed that the guards at MDC are being forced to work in unsafe conditions.

“I’ve been pleading with the agency to give us N95 masks — they have close to 3,000 in the institution but they’re keeping them in locked closets”, Sanon said. “That’s absurd. To put the lives of these men and women sworn to protect the community is a crime itself. Instead, they’re giving us regular surgical masks. They’re throwing us into ground zero, with zero protection.”


Meanwhile, Raniere Is Hiding Out in Quarantine

Unlike most federal inmates throughout the country who have been trying to avoid being put into quarantine because they don’t want to be near those who are infected, Federal Prisoner 57005-177 – formerly known as Keith Alan Raniere – actually requested that he be placed in such a  unit.

That’s why he’s currently being housed with 8 other inmates who have shown symptoms of COVID-19.

MDC Quarantine Unit

And why, you ask, did Raniere do that?

Was he being assaulted – or threatened with physical violence – by other inmates?

Were inmates continuing to break and steal his eyeglasses?

Were guards harassing him by continually tossing his cell in search of contraband?

None of the above…

According to our sources at MDC, he actually asked to be placed in quarantine because he was tired of the non-stop teasing he was getting from both the guards and other inmates.

Seriously…and just wait until you hear just what those meanies were doing to poor Vanguard.

Some were calling him “Professor” – and others were addressing him “Doctor” – apparently in reference to his prior claim of being “the smartest man in the world”.

Others had the audacity to question why he hadn’t come up with a cure for COVID-19?

And the really, really mean ones were actually telling him straight to his face that he’s nothing but a “bullshit con man”.

Oh my…

Don’t these villains know how easily Keith’s feelings can get hurt?

Don’t they realize he’s used to being venerated?

Don’t they know he used to have a harem of women who would do anything he asked – even brand their pussies with his initials?

Don’t they know he used to be the Vanguard?

Apparently, the answer to all those questions is “NO”.

Seriously, does anyone think that Raniere is going to survive once he gets to a real prison?























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3 years ago


Enjoyed the read!

3 years ago

Having recently discovered the delights of the original Lost In Space TV series, I can see a similarity between Vanguard and the cowardly hypochondriac, Doctor Zachary Smith who also claimed to have many dubious talents. I’m now so hooked on the robot that I’ve ordered the whole boxed set.

3 years ago
Reply to  Pyriel


Dr. “Keith” Smith!

Space Family Robinson is oddly entertaining.

Ann Lee
Ann Lee
3 years ago

Like any wild beast behind bars, he will conform, settle down and rest in the doggy style position and get fucked right up his fat ass.
P.S. I’m losing my mind under these coronavirus days. Frank, for the love of God, save me he’s blasting dyngus day polka music. Too bad Raniere couldn’t enjoy this hell I’m in. He’d probably say this is joy. 😭

Balls of Fire
Balls of Fire
3 years ago

Keith is not always crying in the corner…

I question these “sources” when they say Keith is upset with being called Professor and Doctor, I know inmates who give other inmates lot’s of nicknames and Doctor and Professor isn’t one of them.

….Wait, we did have an inmate in the unit who was an actual Professor and of course was always called Professor, despite the fact he tried to burn down his estranged wife’s house – with her still in it!

Keith, in my opinion, must enjoy moving up in rank to these more respectful nicknames considering his former was “Cry Baby Jane.” Cry Baby Jane is embarrassing but then all he has to do is not cry in front of anyone, they do have showers, no?

I also find it to be a stretch to believe that Keith would mind being “teased” about finding a cure for Covid-19. This would be a sure fire opening for Keith to get on his soapbox and launch into a whole litany of everything he does know.

People misunderstand the nature of some of the inmates who are in and out of those huge jails. Not all of them are going around and calling him a “bullshit con man. ” No, there are actually a lot of very young guys who go through those jails and they are scared shitless, they are ripe for someone like Keith to “mentor.”

Don’t tell me that all you people out there who believe Keith was smarter than Allison Mack and had total control of her, cannot believe that Mr. Vanguard can have that same control over a petrified young punk kid who is facing 10 years away from living in Mom’s basement.

Let’s face facts here, Keith is now a hardened criminal, of jail that is, he has 2 years of hard time under his belt. Don’t you think he has learned a thing or 2 about manipulating the system?

Keith is a predator by nature and rest assured with his mature age and 2 years experience he knows how to spot someone’s weakness behind bars.

How do you think he got all those phones? Do you realize how manipulative and conniving he has to be to get people to literally sneak in those phones at great risk to themselves for doing it?

These phones didn’t come to him by some magical powers like he apparently had on the outside. You know, when he could control the rain and make streetlights turn on and off just by walking by them.

Keith was not smarter than Allison Mack but you can bet your bottom dollar he is smarter than plenty of others in the MDC – staff and inmates alike.

So apparently Keith isn’t getting sent to segregation anymore, no, apparently he is requesting it himself and waltzing right down there to his favorite cell.

Well Keith Alan Raniere has come a long way, from Crybaby to Professor to Doctor to contraband smuggler to manipulator and right on into the housing unit of his choice.

How will he do in prison?


3 years ago
Reply to  Balls of Fire

That’s a good post. Thank you

Balls of Fire
Balls of Fire
3 years ago
Reply to  Balls of Fire



I question these “sources” when they say Keith is upset with being called Professor and Doctor.
After 2 years of MDC’s brutal hot & cold therapy he would consider these names a compliment. I have heard the madness inmates hurl at each other and those insults do not include the nicknames of “Doctor” and “Professor.”

3 years ago

Kim Snyder
Thank you Shadow State. Frank loves Keith- and I think he is his HERO.
Keith is NOT intelligent. He has no use on this earth- and I certainly would love to see him locked up for life- for killing my sister- of whom, she has been left to the side of the road.
Kris has been drug through the mud- connected to Keith too much, and her inner beauty has NOT been brought out. Instead, she is always connected to the rapist/druggist/killer- Keith.
Keith does NOT deserve to have the light put on him any more. He is a rapist/killer. Why is my ONLY sister being left in the cold? Why?
Rapists and Killers get so much aire time and their victims- NONE! Why? WHY? I am so angry about this- NO ONE is helping us- NO ONE!!!!!!!!
Shadow- you are very smart- Keith is stupid- and everyone spends so much time on him. Why? Why? Why?
Help, Shadow- Help!

3 years ago

“Some were calling him “Professor” – and others were addressing him “Doctor” – apparently in reference to his prior claim of being “the smartest man in the world”.
Others had the audacity to question why he hadn’t come up with a cure for COVID-19?
And the really, really mean ones were actually telling him straight to his face that he’s nothing but a “bullshit con man”.

These prisoners are actually smarter than Raniere’s own followers.
They are smarter than Clare and Sara.
Smarter than Allison Pimp Mack.
And smarter than Nancy and Lauren.

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