In Rescheduling the Masters for November, Does Augusta National Know Something the Public Doesn’t?

An article appearing in had an interesting premise: That the members of the Augusta National Golf Club, prestigious, elite, world-movers that they are, might know when the coronavirus pandemic will come under control – and when the public might start gathering again in crowds to attend sporting events.
Augusta announced that they plan to reschedule the annual Masters Golf Tournament to November. It is usually held in the first week of April and was canceled this year due to coronavirus. Attendance is around 50,000 during some days of the event.

Here is what’s Michael Bamberger  had to say in his article, Why a rescheduled Masters is such a positive sign (and it has little to do with golf):

Fred Ridley, the chairman of the Augusta National Golf Club, said on Monday [April 6] that the club hopes to hold the Masters in November, concluding on Sunday, Nov. 15. Thanksgiving is 11 days later…

“The news is welcome because of the source, and the message behind the message.

“The Augusta National Golf Club is an immense depository of accumulated wisdom, intelligence, inside information (of the legal kind). The club is cautious by nature. Ridley would never have made the statement he made, that the club ‘intends’ to have the Masters in November if he didn’t think it could happen.

“Consider some of his resources, just within the membership. Bill Gates. Warren Buffet. Condoleezza Rice and Rex Tillerson. Roger Goodell. Various members from Atlanta, where the Centers for Disease Control is based. Jack Nicklaus, Sam Nunn, Ginni Rometty.

Masters Chairman Fred Ridley: A pro off the course | 2020 Masters
Masters Chairman Fred Ridley

“No matter what your opinion is of any of these people, think of the reach they have. Consider their deliberative nature, and the people they know. Augusta National, as an organization, is exceedingly careful and calculating. Of course, the club has made missteps over the past nearly 90 years. But it gets most things right. It would be easy to have more faith in the decision-making ability of the Augusta National Golf Club than the federal government.

“The club gets most things right…on the basis of careful consideration. By applying intelligence and money and forethought to any issue it faces. Plus, an intense review process, too.

“The club’s statement today [April 6] is the opposite of slapdash. It’s the opposite of wishful thinking. It’s not intended to boost your spirits. It’s based on what Ridley, in his wisdom, figured is a pretty good bet: that the club will be in position to host a golf tournament in mid-November. If that happens, it will only happen if the country and the world is in a much better place than it is now…

“It’s odd and interesting: among major sports, golf has been the slowest to postpone and cancel events. And now it is the first major sport to announce even the prospect of a return to action…..”


Some of the current members, of the estimated 300 members, of the Augusta National, are:

Warren Buffett, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway[

Pete Coors, former chairman and CEO of Coors Brewing Company and Molson Coors Brewing Company, current chairman of MillerCoors

Bill Gates, co-founder and chairman of Microsoft

Lou Gerstner, former IBM executive

Roger Goodell, commissioner of the National Football League

Pat Haden, former NFL player and former athletic director at the University of Southern California

Lou Holtz, former college football coach

Hugh L. McColl Jr., former CEO of Bank of America

Darla Moore, South Carolina businesswoman

Jack Nicklaus, Hall of Fame golfer and six-time Masters champion, and the only Masters champion who is currently a regular member of the club

Sam Nunn, former United States Senator from Georgia

Sam Palmisano, former CEO of IBM

Condoleezza Rice, former United States Secretary of State

James D. Robinson III, former CEO of American Express[45]

Ginni Rometty, chair, president, and CEO of IBM

Matt Rose, former CEO of BNSF Railway

Lynn Swann, former NFL player

Rex Tillerson, former United States Secretary of State

Henry Waite, former chairman of HUFF Productions


10 things to know about Augusta National members
Members get one green jacket each and it cannot leave the property.

Like most private clubs, Augusta National is a for-profit corporation and does not disclose income, holdings, or membership.  Like other golf clubs, it has a golf course, which, ostensibly is its reason for existing.

Augusta’s course opened in 1932.  Since 1934, the club has played host to the annual Masters Tournament, one of four major championships in professional golf, and the only major played each year at the same course.

Augusta, as much or more than any golf club, is about its membership. There’s no application process to become a member. According to, “If you ask, your chances of ever being considered reportedly plummet. And if you do get through initial screening stages, you’ll be exhaustively vetted before it’s determined you’re member material.”

Augusta National admitted no African American members until 1990 and no women members until 2012. The club long required all caddies be black and barred black golfers from the Masters Tournament until 1975.

There are about 100 beds available to stay on the Augusta National property. That includes 10 cabins.

The club’s season runs from October through May. Members can bring several guests at a time, but guests won’t be allowed onto the property until their member has arrived.

The golf course is consistently ranked as one of the best courses in the world.  The membership costs at Augusta are extremely low considering the wealth of its members. The initiation fee is around $40,000. And yearly dues are estimated at “a few thousand” dollars per year.

Augusta National members wear a green jacket to show they are members. Each member is issued one green jacket, for which they are charged a small fee. They aren’t allowed to remove these jackets from the grounds. Instead, a member will arrive on the property to find his or her jacket freshly prepared in the locker room.

There are four members-only events: The Opening Party in October, the Governors Party in November, the Jamboree in late March and the Closing Party in May. Each are reserved for members only and reportedly draw a sizable percentage of the club’s 300 members.


In 2004, USA Today published a list of members of the club. The average age was in the 70s.

Many of these members are now deceased.


State First Name Last name Employer Age
Ala. Crawford Troy Johnson III Coca-Cola Bottling, Retired 78
Ala. Joseph Lamar Lanier Jr. Dan River 71
Ala. Claude B. Nielsen Coca-Cola Bottling 51
Ala. Robert H. Radcliff Jr. 84
Ala. Hall W. Thompson Thompson Tractor 79
Ariz. Lyle Anderson Lyle Anderson Co. n/a
Ariz. Jack Steele Parker General Electric, Retired 84
Ark. J. Frank Broyles University of Arkansas 77
Ark. Joe Thomas Ford Alltel 65
Ark. Scott T. Ford Alltel 40
Ark. Jackson T. Stephens Stephens Group n/a
Ark. Warren A. Stephens Stephens Group 45
Calif. Samuel H. Armacost Weiss Peck & Greer, Retired 64
Calif. Donald R. Beall Rockwell International 64
Calif. Riley P. Bechtel Bechtel Group 50
Calif. Stephen D. Bechtel Jr. Bechtel Group, Retired 77
Calif. Benjamin F. Biaggini Santa Fe Southern Pacific, Retired 86
Calif. Donald L. Bower ChevronTexaco 79
Calif. Michael R. Bowlin ARCO International Oil & Gas, Retired 60
Calif. Lodwrick M. Cook Atlantic Richfield, Retired 74
Calif. Rex D. Cross Lone Star Industries 81
Calif. Kenneth T. Derr ChevronTexaco, Retired n/a
Calif. Sam Glen n/a
Calif. Frederick W. Gluck Scient 66
Calif. Harold J. Haynes ChevronTexaco, Retired 76
Calif. Paul M. Hazen Wells Fargo, Retired 60
Calif. Charles B. Johnson Franklin Resources 70
Calif. Ruben F. Mettler TRW, Retired 79
Calif. Edfred L. Shannon Jr. Global SantaFe, Retired 75
Calif. George P. Shultz Former U.S. Secretary of State, Retired n/a
Colo. Edward B. Close Jr. n/a
Colo. Peter H. Coors Coors Brewing 56
Colo. Charles C. Gates Gates Rubber Co., Retired 81
Colo. Frederic C. Hamilton Hamilton Oil 75
Colo. Will F. Nicholson Jr. Rocky Mountain BankCard System, Retired 74
Colo. Jack A. Vickers Castle Pines Golf Club 77
Conn. Ray C. Adam n/a
Conn. John F. Akers IBM, Retired 68
Conn. Ralph E. Bailey Conoco, Retired 79
Conn. Morrison H. Beach Travelers, Retired 86
Conn. Lawrence A. Bossidy Honeywell, Retired 68
Conn. Edward H. Budd Travelers, Retired 69
Conn. George A.L. David Otis Elevator 61
Conn. Clifton C. Garvin Jr. ExxonMobil, Retired 81
Conn. Kenneth H. Hannan 91
Conn. Robert S. Hatfield Continental Group, Retired 87
Conn. Reginald H. Jones General Electric, Retired 85
Conn. Dohn L. Kalmbach Berman, Kalmbach & Company 65
Conn. Robert D. Kennedy The Perkin- Elmer Corporation, Retired 70
Conn. James W. Kinnear III ChevronTexaco, Retired 75
Conn. John E. Kircher 84
Conn. John L. Weinberg Goldman Sachs, Retired 78
Conn. John F. Welch General Electric, Retired 67
D.C. Amory Houghton Jr. U.S. Congressman 76
D.C. Melvin R. Laird Former U.S. Secretary of Defense, Retired 80
Fla. Warren M. Anderson 80
Fla. Richard T. Baker n/a
Fla. Robert H.B. Baldwin Retired 82
Fla. William Houston Blount Vulcan Materials 81
Fla. Willard S. Boothby Jr. Paine Webber, Retired 81
Fla. Rinehart S. Bright 90
Fla. Anthony J.A. Bryan Copperweld 80
Fla. Howard L. Clark Sr 86
Fla. E. Mandell de Windt Birmingham Steel 72
Fla. John H. Dobbs 70
Fla. Beverly F. Dolan Compressor Components Textron, Retired 75
Fla. Nelson Doubleday Former owner New York Mets, Retired 69
Fla. James D. Finley J P Stevens, Retired n/a
Fla. Maurice F. Granville ChevronTexaco, Retired 87
Fla. George V. Grune Wallace-Reader’s Digest Funds 73
Fla. James M. Hoak Jr Heritage Communications 59
Fla. John C. Jansing Vestaur Securities, Retired 77
Fla. David S. Kirkland Bessemer Trust 63
Fla. Richard K. LeBlond II Chase Manhattan Bank 82
Fla. Donald S. MacNaughton Hospital Corp., Retired 95
Fla. Frank L. Mansell Paine Webber, Retired 81
Fla. Robert S. Oelman Koppers, Retired 93
Fla. Edward M. O’Herron Jr. Eckerd Drugs, Retired 77
Fla. John R. Opel IBM, Retired 78
Fla. John G. Ordway Stillman Maynard & Co. 79
Fla. H. Lawrence Parker Morgan Stanley Canada, Retired 76
Fla. Ogden M. Phipps Bessemer Trust 62
Fla. Lawrence R. Pugh VF Corp., Retired 70
Fla. J. Howard Rambin Jr. ChevronTexaco, Retired 91
Fla. Fred S. Ridley Foley & Lardner 50
Fla. F. Morgan Taylor Jr. 71
Fla. Ronald Townsend Communications consultant 61
Fla. Rawleigh Warner Jr. ExxonMobil, Retired 82
Ga. W. Hale Barrett Hull, Towill, Norman, Barrett & Salley 74
Ga. Louis L. Battey River City Augusta, Retired n/a
Ga. James H. Blanchard Synovus Financial 61
Ga. Thomas M. Blanchard Jr. Blanchard & Calhoun n/a
Ga. Clayton P. Boardman III Boardman Petroleum n/a
Ga. Stephen W. Brown n/a
Ga. Hugh M. Chapman Nationsbank, Retired 70
Ga. William P. Copenhaver The Pinnacle Club 78
Ga. Thomas G. Cousins Cousins Properties 70
Ga. Edwin L. Douglass Jr. Augusta Cab 66
Ga. Walter W. Driver Jr. King & Spalding law firm, Atlanta, GA. 58
Ga. Nick W. Evans Jr. Spartan Communications 53
Ga. H. Ray Finney Retired n/a
Ga. James R. Gabrielsen n/a
Ga. William T. Gary III Gary Concrete Products, Retired n/a
Ga. Ben S. Gilmer AT&T, Retired 97
Ga. Phil S. Harison Harison-Kerzic n/a
Ga. Harry T. Harper III Harper Pennington & Shaw n/a
Ga. E. Val Hastings n/a
Ga. Eugene M. Howerdd Jr. The Howerdd Group 66
Ga. W. Howard Hudson Orthopaedic Associates n/a
Ga. Clifford M. Kirtland Jr. Cox Communications n/a
Ga. Boone A. Knox Allied Bank of Georgia n/a
Ga. Jefferson B.A. Knox The Knox Foundation 39
Ga. Dessey L. Kuhlke Kuhlke Construction, Retired n/a
Ga. Peter M. Menk 75
Ga. Charles H. Morris Morris Communications n/a
Ga. William S. Morris III Morris Communications 68
Ga. John L. Murray Jr. n/a
Ga. J. Fleming Norvell 42
Ga. Samuel A. Nunn Former U.S. Senator, Retired 64
Ga. William P. Payne Premiere Technologies 54
Ga. Carl J. Reith Oxford Industries, Retired 89
Ga. John D. Reynolds III Club Car n/a
Ga. Julian H. Roberts Spatial Sites n/a
Ga. J. Haley Roberts Jr. n/a
Ga. Ray M. Robinson AT&T 54
Ga. Carl E. Sanders Troutman Sanders LLP/Georgia Senate, Retired 77
Ga. George A. Sanoken Jr. n/a
Ga. Leroy H. Simkins Jr. The Tubman Home n/a
Ga. Frank Troutman Jr. Coil Coaters of America n/a
Ga. George Wislar Fountainhead Water n/a
Ga. Danny Yates 52
Ga. Charles R. Yates Jr. Moses Contracting n/a
Ga. P. Dan Yates Jr. Yates Insurance Agency n/a
Ga. Charles R. Yates Sr. Atlanta Arts Alliance, Retired 89
Hawaii C. Pardee Erdman Jr. Retired n/a
Ill. Edward A. Brennan Sears, Retired 69
Ill. John H. Bryan Jr. Sara Lee 65
Ill. Richard J. Ferris United Airlines, Retired 66
Ill. Donald V. Fites Caterpillar, Retired 69
Ill. H. Laurance Fuller BP Amoco, Retired 64
Ill. Christopher B. Galvin Motorola 52
Ill. Lester B. Knight 44
Ill. Vernon R. Loucks Jr. Baxter Travenol Labs, Retired 68
Ill. Lee L. Morgan Caterpillar, Retired 83
Ill. Richard M. Morrow BP Amoco, Retired 76
Ill. Donald S. Perkins Jewel Cos., Retired 75
Ill. Philip J. Purcell III Morgan Stanley 59
Ill. Irving Seaman Jr. Burston-Marsteller n/a
Ill. Daniel C. Searle GD Searle, Retired 76
Ill. Arthur M. Wood Sr. Sears, Retired 89
Iowa Lloyd D. Ward 53
Kan. Howard J. Carey Jr. 80
Ky. William S. Farish US Ambassador 60
Ky. William A. Marquard Arkansas Best 83
La. Frank A. Godchaux III Riviana Foods, Retired 76
La. John G. Phillips Louisiana Land and Exploration, Retired 80
Mass. Frederick S. Moseley III Seaward Management 74
Mass. Robert P. O’Block McKinsey and Co. 60
Md. Nicholas F. Brady Former US Secretary of Treasury, Retired 72
Mich. Wendell W. Anderson Jr. Bundy, Retired 77
Mich. William C. Ford Ford Motor/Detroit Lions 78
Mich. Robert J. Hampson Ford Motor, Retired 85
Mich. Roger S. Penske Penske Group 66
Mich. Harold A. Poling Ford Motor, Retired 77
Minn. Paul J. Bridston Bridston 74
Minn. John R. Harris Professional golfer n/a
Minn. Bruce A. Lilly Minnesota Museum of American Art n/a
Minn. David M. Lilly University of Minnesota, Retired 85
Minn. Robert R. Waller Hormel Foods 65
Minn. Wheelock Whitney Former owner Minnesota North Stars and Vikings, Retired n/a
Mo. Andrew N. Baur Mississippi Valley Bancshares 58
Mo. Charles F. Knight Emerson Electric, Retired 67
Mo. Eugene F. Williams Jr. Centerre Trust, Retired 79
N.C. John M. Belk City of Charlotte (N.C.) 82
N.C. Blake C. Clark 80
N.C. R. Stuart Dickson Ruddick 73
N.C. Thomas W. Dickson Ruddick 47
N.C. James H. Hance Jr. Bank of America 58
N.C. John W. Harris Lincoln Harris n/a
N.C. James E. Johnson Jr. Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice 72
N.C. Hugh L. McColl Jr. Bank of America, Retired 67
N.C. Paul J. Rizzo IBM 75
N.J. Robert E. Allen AT&T, Retired 68
N.J. Charles L. Brown AT&T 80
N.J. Richard A. McGinn Lucent (former) 56
N.J. John S. Reed Citicorp, Retired 75
N.J. Donald P. Remey 60
N.J. Reuben Francis Richards Emcore, Retired 73
N.J. Arthur F. Ryan Prudential Financial 60
N.J. Walter V. Shipley Chase Manhattan Bank, Retired n/a
N.Y. William R. Acquavella Acquavella Art dealer 64
N.Y. Kenneth I. Chenault American Express 51
N.Y. Theodore N. Danforth Retired 77
N.Y. D. Ronald Daniel McKinsey & Co. 73
N.Y. Louis V. Gerstner Jr. IBM 61
N.Y. S. Parker Gilbert Morgan Stanley Group 68
N.Y. Edward D. Herlihy Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz 55
N.Y. James R. Houghton Corning, Retired 66
N.Y. John F. McGillicuddy Manufacturers Hanover, Retired 71
N.Y. Douglas D. Mercer 66
N.Y. Thomas S. Murphy Capital Cities/ABC 77
N.Y. Peter G. Peterson The Blackstone Group 76
N.Y. Richard I. Purnell 84
N.Y. James D. Robinson III American Express, Retired 66
N.Y. Whitney Stevens 75
N.Y. Robert G. Stone Jr. Kirby Corp. 78
N.Y. Douglas A. Warner III JP Morgan Chase, Retired 54
N.Y. Sanford I. Weill Citigroup 70
Neb. Harold W. Andersen InfoUSA 79
Neb. Warren E. Buffett Berkshire Hathaway 72
Nev. William L. Searle GD Searle, Retired 75
Ohio William Boeschenstein Owens-Corning, Retired 77
Ohio William W. Boeschenstein n/a
Ohio Edwin D. Dodd Owens-Illinois, Retired 83
Ohio E. Bradley Jones TRW, Retired 75
Ohio Patrick F. McCartan Jones, Day, Reavis & Pogue 66
Okla. Robert W. Berry 78
Okla. William K. Warren Jr. 68
Okla. John H. Williams Williams Companies 84
Penn. Lewis W. Foy Bethlehem Steel Corp n/a
Penn. Henry L. Hillman The Hillman Company 84
Penn. Michael H. Jordan CBS, Retired 66
Penn. Howard M. Love National Intergroup, Retired 72
Penn. Thomas H. O’Brien PNC Bank, Retired 65
Penn. Arnold D. Palmer Professional golfer, Retired 73
Penn. David M. Roderick USX 78
Penn. Thomas J. Usher U.S. Steel 50
R.I. Bradford R. Boss A. T. Cross, Retired 69
R.I. J. Terrence Murray Fleet Financial Group, Retired 63
S.C. Robert H. Chapman III Inman Mills 51
S.C. James W. Foley 91
S.C. Alester G. Furman III Alester G. Furman, Retired 84
S.C. Robert Goodyear 77
S.C. John B. Harris Jr. 81
S.C. Lou Holtz University of South Carolina 66
S.C. William W. Johnson Augusta National Golf Club Chairman 73
S.C. David S. Lewis Jr. McDonnell Douglas/General Dynamics 58
S.C. Roger Milliken Milliken & Co. 86
S.C. Robert P. Timmerman Graniteville Co. 82
S.C. Francis A. Townsend Jr. 63
S.C. Wilson C. Wearn Multimedia Inc., Retired 83
S.C. Joseph H. Williams 76
Tenn. W. Lipscomb Davis Jr. Davis Cabinet 69
Tenn. John C. Dobbs Fourjay 83
Tenn. David B. Ingram Ingram Entertainment 39
Tenn. John T. Lupton Arnold Palmer Golf n/a
Tenn. J. Bransford Wallace Advocat 70
Tenn. Toby S. Wilt TSW Investment 58
Texas John R. Butler Jr. J.R. Butler and Co. 63
Texas James F. Chambers Jr. 89
Texas Peter J. Fluor Fluor 54
Texas John M. Griffith Jr. 66
Texas William R. Howell J. C. Penney, Retired n/a
Texas James W. Keay 80
Texas Edward C. Kennard 83
Texas Ben F. Love Texas Commerce Bancshares, Retired 78
Texas Felix R. McKnight 92
Texas James M. Moroney Jr. Belo, Retired 81
Texas Boone Pickens Mesa Water 74
Texas Lee R. Raymond ExxonMobil 64
Texas Robert H. Stewart III Bank One 76
Texas Edward E. Whitacre Jr. SBC Communications 61
Texas J. Otis Winters Dynegy 69
Va. William C. Battle Ivy Foundation For Biomedical Research U. VA, Retired 70
Va. Howard W. Blauvelt Conoco, Retired n/a
Va. Harry W. Easterly Jr. n/a
Va. David R. Goode Norfolk Southern 61
Va. David P. Reynolds Reynolds Metal Company, Retired n/a
Va. W. Thomas Rice Seaboard Coast Line Industries, Retired n/a
Va. Robert H. Spilman Jr. Bassett Furniture n/a
Vt. James G. Affleck American Cyanamid, Retired 79
Vt. Andrew C. Sigler Champion, Retired 70
Wash. Richard P. Cooley Bank of America’s Seafirst Bank, Retired 78
Wash. Bill Gates Microsoft Corp. 47
Wash. Charles M. Pigott Paccar, Retired 73
Wash. Mark C. Pigott PACCAR 49
Wis. Virgis W. Colbert Miller Brewing Co. 63
Wis. James E. Reinhart 48
Wyo. Richard E. Heckert DuPont Co, Retired n/a
Wyo. John K. McKinley ChevronTexaco, Retired n/a
Canada David M. Culver Alcan Aluminum Ltd 78
Canada Richard M. Thomson Nexen, Retired n/a
England Ronald Hampel n/a
England Gordon B.B. Jeffrey n/a
England H. Colin Maclaine n/a
England Wolfgang Reitzle Linde Ag n/a
France Jean-Marie Tine n/a
Ireland Ian W.L. Webb n/a
S. Africa Ivor R. Jones n/a
Scotland W. Ronald Alexander n/a
Scotland Michael F. Bonallack Royal and Ancient Golf Club n/a
Scotland J. Stewart Lawson n/a




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  • Probably more relevant and real for most readers, rather than some supposed secret knowledge, the sort of people mentioned in this piece have other more meaningful advantages in a time of crisis like this, of the sort discussed in this article I found linked on Drudge:

    The Coronavirus Class Divide: Space and Privacy

    I have those advantages myself, but I don’t think it’s good for America that essentials of health and safety come down to who can afford access.

  • Boob bait for bubbas and your buddy anonyfaker, Parlato. If the economy is not restarted in the next two weeks than shit like the fucking masters is irrelevant People are starting to be hurt in the wallet and some of these leftist governors are trampling all over civil liberties.

    • You spammed this somewhere else, Shadow – or do you lose track?

      A fact-check shows that he’s an anesthesiologist who went to one of the Caribbean medical schools that people who can’t get into American programs resort to, who now works in physiology and sports medicine – suggesting he may not have been able to make the grade in the lucrative but rigorous practice of anesthesiology – with mediocre ratings for his professional practice. Probably not the best source of expertise on hematology and virology, anymore than say Dr. Danielle Roberts of NXIVM branding infamy.

      Sadly, it’s not surprising that you’re enthralled by the same sort of dubious sources as actual cultists.

  • Many sports are considering or even planning on resuming by fall – nothing unusual or mysterious there. It’s just not clear whether fans will be in attendance, or competitions will only be televised to audiences.

    MLB, union discuss playing all games in Phoenix area without fans

    Report: NBA Tells Teams to Prepare for Games Without Fans as Coronavirus Precaution

    NFL-NFL expects to play full season as scheduled despite coronavirus

  • Sounds like a fun club. How can I get an application?

    Bryant Gumble and Alfonso Ribeiro want to know how Lynn Swann made it in? Inside info tells me Russell Wilson in the next African American to be a member.

    If Augusta National Golf Club happened to be located in the middle of Chinatown NYC, they could hold that tournament tomorrow and it would still be impossible to get a daily ticket.

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