Is 5G the Vector of Coronavirus and a Stealth Electronic War on Civilian Populations?

By Fred

I’ll tell you what the conronavirus pandemic is: It’s a battlefield test of 5G, of full electronic warfare.

The flu outbreaks are the consequence of extreme millimetre wave irradiation of populations.

We’ve seen this before, and I’m going to go into it right now. I’ve personally logged two terrible outbreaks of lingering flu, that killed many people across several cities, and that coincided exactly with the rollout of major wireless networks, the first being the first cellular networks.

Dr. Arthur Firstenberg MD tracked outbreaks of lingering flu across cities in the USA as they rolled out cellular networks. He’s described how the Spanish flu first broke out at a US Navy wireless training camp.

In his book, he documents how diabetes basically arose as a disease with the electrification of America and the world; how the first bee “colony collapse disorder” was noted on the Isle of Wight in 1904; this being where Marconi built his first big radio station. How waves of depression and suicide accompanied the electrification of New York and other cities, “diseases of modernity”, along with cancer and diabetes.

Lt Col Tom Bearden, PHD

This is Lt Col Tom Bearden, writing in 1991, spoke about the effects of electrosmog:

“In biological systems the presence and effects of the increasing jamming of our living energy flows will be evidenced by anomalous effects, often by very slow effects for which we do not recognize a causal connection. Long-range detrimental effects from this smog are occurring now, such as extremely slow jamming of our immune systems, leading to a rise in arthritic diseases, immuno-suppressive opportunistic infections, etc. Also, such diseases as influenzas will slowly seem to become harsher and harsher. Indeed, new strains will appear, and they will be much harsher and more resistant to medical treatment. Continually stimulated, the immune system slowly begins to improperly react in and upon the body, and so the auto-immune reactions increase slowly, year by year. Leukemia— cancer (control disorder) of the blood—is increasing, as are other cancers. The sperm count of young American males has already decreased by up to 50 percent.”

You wonder what radio frequency has to do with viruses?

Within the world of electromagnetic warfare, one name is still spoken of in hushed tones, true awe.

Vlail Kaznacheyev,

This is Vlail Kaznacheyev, the late doyen of Akademgorodok, the elite academic city in Siberia that fostered many of the Soviet Union’s greatest scientific advances, not the least in biological experimentation.

You either know about Akademgorodok or you don’t – it was a kind of free-thought bubble in the middle of total Communist totalitarianism, where avant-garde Western movies were shown, international string quartets performed, and top foreign scientists were entertained and had their brains picked.

Kaznacheyev actually instituted the civilian branch of the biological academy there, according to his CV. Soviet science was militarized from top to bottom.

In his later years, he was involved in a big international campaign to deweaponize wireless technology and ban “psychotronic” weapons, he said they could cause “the destruction of the planet, the death of humanity”:

Nonetheless: in at least 15,000 meticulous experiments, Vlail Kaznacheyev documented how cell cultures infected with various diseases, including many types of viral infections, were able to transmit these diseases and induce them in neighboring cultures, purely by electromagnetic radiation. The frequencies emitted by the cells were in the near ultraviolet region.

If the cultures were separated by glass, no effect was seen – glass was able to block these photons. However, quartz windows allowed the radiation to pass through, although these cultures were otherwise completely physically separated from one another. And viral infections were routinely seen to be induced in neighboring cultures.

In particular, as cells died, they emitted what Kaznacheyev described as “death photons” which induced resonances in neighboring cells, which themselves then became infected and died.

7 - 3 The Life and Death of a Photon - YouTube

These purely electromagnetically induced cultures are also able to go on and infect other cell cultures. In every respect, they act as though they’ve been invaded by a virus, producing more viruses of their own; but the trigger is just radiation.

Experiments showed this could also be achieved with highly tuned infrared radiation, through harmonic effects. This is getting very close to the millimetre waves of 5G.

All of this is in perfect accord with the theory of biophotons, developed especially by the German researcher Fritz-Albert Popp from the 1970s to the present day.

Using a unique photomultiplier – he says it just gets better the longer he uses it – Popp showed without question that DNA emits and absorbs highly tuned light in the near ultraviolet. This has since been confirmed and extended in thousands of papers from Russia, China and Japan. The last world biophoton congress was held in Beijing in 2009. American researchers routinely photograph biophoton emissions from plants, using sensitive cameras in ultra-dark settings.

If you want to see a really spectacular demonstration of “biofluorescence”, take a look at the images of radiation from plant photosynthesis around the world captured by NASA’s GOME satellite:

The last I heard of Popp, he was developing an infallible test of produce freshness through the level of biophoton emissions. None of this seems to penetrate the general Western scientific consciousness. It’s “fringe” research.

Dr. Martin Blank, in his paper ‘DNA is a fractal antenna in electromagnetic fields‘, suggests that the DNA structure is optimized to receive large amounts of EMF radiation. The reason for this is because DNA acts as a fractal antenna, attracting EMF radiation.

The late Dr Martin Blank of Columbia U showed that DNA is a fractal antenna, emitting and absorbing electromagnetic radiation. All that “junk” DNA with its “meaningless” repeated sequences is actually a highly tuned, highly sophisticated optical laser system. It uses the quantum effect of stimulated emission, exactly like a laser, to amplify single photons to create tuned cascades that are able to influence the entire cellular network in real time, and then radiate out into the environment:

This is how rats in a laboratory are able to sense and get highly distressed when their compatriots are being “harvested” – the groups marked for life or death always have to be kept very far apart.

Incidentally, Dr Martin Blank led a major appeal by 250 top scientists to the United Nations and WHO, giving particular evidence of severe genetic damage from wireless technology, and insisting that WHO acknowledge and amplify the precautionary warning given in 2011 by its own top cancer doctors, the International Agency for Research on Cancer, against all forms of radiofrequency exposure.

This appeal was made in 2015. Martin Blank died in 2018 without even receiving an acknowledgement of receipt from the UN or WHO, beyond the signatures obtained by their courier service at the reception desks in New York and Geneva. I checked this.

Because Western science labels most of this fractal DNA as “junk”, it can interfere with it, insert foreign genes, and cut and splice gene sequences, without regard to how this will affect the overall crystal structure. This “science” is all overtly based on ignorance: we don’t know what this DNA does, so therefore we can mess around with it at will. An insane logic.

Shield Your Body. DNA is a Fractal Antenna– That Matters for Electromagnetic Field [EMF] Health Risks.
If orthodox science were merely to acknowledge the existence of biophotons emitted by DNA, that is the immediate end of your entire Genetically Modified Organisms [GMO] industry.

Food industry group wants permission to label GMO foods as 'natural'

This is one main reason why it’s all ignored, despite having been in the hard literature for nearly a century now.

Kaznacheyev was largely building on the work of A. G. Gurwitsch, a pioneering researcher in the 1920s who first discovered this weak ultraviolet radiation. He noted that it was prominent during cell division, so he he called it “mitochondrial rays”.

Gurwitsch also noted health problems with microwave radiation – in fact, Hertz’s original electromagnetic radiation experiments in the 19th century were in the microwave range, because of the centimetre lengths of the sparks, and health issues were noted even then. So we have well over a century of evidence that this radiation affects the body. This is the other reason why biophotons are never mentioned in orthodox science, although “radiation-induced bystander effects” or RIBEs in cells have been confirmed by researchers such as Carmel Mothersill:

Carmel Mothersill:

Getting back to Kaznacheyev: what is beyond doubt is that his experiments were all co-opted and weaponized to the very full by the KGB. I’ve already talked about the vast amount of human experimentation the Soviets did in pulsed microwave irradiation of political and psychiatric inmates. This effort was their real Manhattan Project.

If you measure the exact frequencies and characteristics of these “death photons”, you can infold them in ordinary radio waves and transmit them wirelessly. You can also use these pulsed modulations to affect brainwaves and other biological functions.

But please note for now, first and foremost: scientists tell you that viruses “hijack” the reproductive capacity of cells, the machinery that DNA uses to replicate itself, to manufacture more virus material.

What’s actually happening is this: radiation or toxins pathologically affect the cell, which tries to detox by releasing what we call viruses.

These can be pathogenic in themselves, like any toxic waste, but they’re basically a cleansing of the cell. If the detox fails, and a cell dies, it emits death photons that trigger the further production of these pathogens in neighboring cells, and a deadly cascade can be initiated.

The real vector is the radiation; once you know that, you can start shielding yourself, not so much with goggles and gloves, but with glass and tinfoil. Just put these coronavirus patients in radiation-proof tents for one night to sleep, and I’ll bet you they improve.

What do you do, if the pathological signal is infolded in powerful radio waves that penetrate into your home, that blanket your entire environment? What do you do, if the pathological signals are infolded in the microwave radiation from the mobile phone you hold to your head? If your landscape is covered with 5G towers radiating you at these carefully designed frequencies from every other lamp post?

Duga radar - Wikipedia

Take a look at one of the truly vast old Soviet Woodpecker transmitters, which caused a colossal racket on the shortwaves from 1976. I well remember hearing this din all over the dial, there were huge protests against this Soviet radio interference. Those were biologically active frequencies they were using, around 10 Hz was the dominant frequency. The researcher Tom Bearden has described various outbreaks of disease that happened right across the USA within a very short time, which he attributes to the Woodpecker.

Look at the weird spread of the coronavirus across the world, and it just doesn’t make sense, unless there’s some other vector involved. Overlay the maps showing the distribution of 5G and microwave infrastructure generally, and the light goes on.

Remember: this can all be turned off at the flick of a switch, this whole nightmare, if I and many other researchers are correct and this is primarily electromagnetic warfare on civilian populations. Yes, there are pathogens, which themselves may be affected by the radiation and may mutate; but the radiation alone will force cells to defend themselves and start releasing toxins, initiating the whole epidemic.

The military scientists have many other pathogens lying dormant in the environment, waiting to be triggered by microwaves, showing this synergy between toxins and radiation.

I have this direct from Mr Barrie Trower.

Barrie Trower

Does the idea of “death photons” being weaponized by the KGB give you a chill? Then you’ll know why Kaznacheyev is spoken of in hushed tones.

His work has largely been inherited by Drs Alexey Dmitriev and Alexander Trofimov. You can read a fascinating interview with Trofimov here:

This gives you a small flavor of what research is done, and what conversations are held, in Akademgorodok.

It’s a long story, but: for decades now, not only has it been known and fully documented in the hard scientific literature, in thousands of experiments, that “viral infections” can be transmitted by radiation; but this knowledge has also been extensively weaponized.

These are facts from the stealth war.

Welcome to our invisible world.


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Ken Gibson
Ken Gibson
3 years ago

Fred, thanks again for posting. I have written about bees for years, including that in my Hemp for Victory book.
GMO and cell phone radiation are both suspected. Few listened.
What do you see happening with bees in relation to 5G?

3 years ago

So what do you think caused the flu epidemic in 1918-1920? How about all the other epidemics that occurred long before the existence of wifi or internet?

3 years ago
Reply to  Flowers

Great point – conspiracy-type theories tend to be very elaborate and include all sorts of supposed anecdotes and examples on one hand, and on the other hand fail basic common-sense reality-checks like that.

Fred actually tried to blame the Spanish Flu on new WWI radio equipment in his previous piece, which I fact-checked:

It turns out the installation that he tried to finger, wasn’t where the Spanish Flu originated, and had fewer cases than surrounding civilian areas – suggesting once again, by Fred’s standards of conflating correlation with causation, explosure to radio waves (combined with a highly vaccinated population) could actually have confered protection, not been a hazard.

3 years ago

Frank, what the actual fuck is going on with this site? Once a beacon of investigative journalism, it is now a cesspool of ignorant – and worse, actively harmful – conspiracy theories, most damagingly this retarded attempt to link 5G with coronavirus. It’s tinfoil-hat shit like this that is destroying the great work you did bringing down NXIVM. Who is going to believe anything posted on this site any more when this kind of utter shit is promoted as credible? The irony is, it is exactly these kind of bullshit, evidence-free conspiracy theories that were promoted by Raniere and blindly followed by his acolytes; and here you are, doing just the same.

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymouse

Yes. Long time visitor here. Questioning the whole point and purpose of Frank’s enterprise, unexpected, shame.

3 years ago

Fred, you’re making the classic mistake of confusing correlation and causation.

As I pointed out in a comment on the previous post on this topic, a fact-check turns out that the countries that have dealt most successfuly with the coronavirus, are actually mostly those with the most advanced 5G deployments. South Korea, in particular, is the world leader in 5G – and the model of success for suppressing COVID-19 infection.

Plus the new hospitals the Chinese built to help contain the coronavirus outbreak – which they did successfully – were billed as fully wired for 5G:

China opens first ‘intelligent’ coronavirus hospital with 5G-powered robots offering round-the-clock care for patients

So by your own conflation of correlation and causation, examination of the examples shows that 5G (and vaccines – South Korea. China and most of the others are among the world leaders in vaccinations, too) would actually be the preventative or cure for pandemics.

Or else, 5G and COVID-19 actually have nothing to do with one another, other than coincidence.

The conspiratorially-minded might then say that it actually looks like you are trying to hide the cure for coronavirus from America. Which would lead to the question, of whose agenda that is – maybe the sort of county engaging in steath asymmetrical warfare against us? Just someting to “consider”….

Your 5G Phone Won’t Hurt You. But Russia Wants You to Think Otherwise.

3 years ago
Reply to  AnonyMaker

Let’s begin at the end, shall we – you quote the New York Times blaming Russia for the health concerns about 5G, no surprises there, since Russia is always to blame for anything and everything.

I was interested in these stories about tents being set up at Ground Zero for coronavirus patients, and accepted these overtly apocalyptic descriptions of chaos at New York hospitals, overwhelmed with dying patients. This was most sensationally trumpeted by a video and story produced by the NYT, headlined: “An ‘Apocalyptic’ Coronavirus Surge at an N.Y.C. Hospital”:

This was dramatically reported by one Colleen Smith, who claimed to be a whistleblowing doctor working at Elmhurst Hospital Center. She produced video of long lines of people – all in hoodies and looking away from the camera, allegedly waiting outside the hospital. Ambulances were shown frantically unloading patients. A huge truck was described as a portable mortuary for all the bodies. Nurses were seen busily intubating patients.

Citizen reporters who went the next day found the waiting rooms absolutely deserted; the ambulances standing idle; no mortuary vans; the overflow tents completely empty:

The most action that the redoubtable Dana Ashlie could find, in a tour of her local hospitals, was one boarded up with signs saying “Disaster Drill In Progress”.

Then Amazing Polly weighed in, with a blockbuster dig on Colleen Smith. Amazing Polly is on the fringes of the QAnon crowd, some of the Anons are very dubious of her, but if I were a bad guy, I would seriously not like to have Amazing Polly on my trail. She does very focused searches on people and uncovers the most interesting connections. You can watch her video here:

You can read some of what she says here:

The main thing she discovers about Colleen Smith is that her speciality is medical “simulation” – that is, the staging of medical scenarios for training purposes. Dr Smith has participated in simulation exercises of this nature in the past.

Colleen Smith breathlessly reported that there were not enough ventilators, that people were dying. Yet she showed a line of unused, brand-new ventilators, sitting and waiting. Her “mortuary van” had no cooling unit. She showed a “corpse” in a body bag being dumped straight into an expensive coffin, quite a bizarre and incongruous sight.

Amazing Polly was right to be sceptical. The next bombshell was a video showing that the desperately ill patient being intubated was actually quite clearly a dummy, with painted hair and a mechanical joint at the elbow:

This whole video is a fake, commissioned and carried out by the New York Times and its pals. The patient being unloaded from an ambulance has a dummy hand.

Amazing Polly did a dig around the influencers who have been pushing this New York Times story and its narrative. She found that they were all former communications consultants for Democrats like Chuck Schumer, Kirsten Gillibrand, Amy Klobuchar and Nancy Pelosi.

The motivation is absolutely clear: make it look like there’s a disaster, and Trump is failing; trash the whole economy, to make it look as though Trump is failing; and spread as much panic and confusion as you possibly can, to make it look as though Trump is failing.

And people around here call ME a “fear-monger”.

So when you quote the New York Times to me, saying 5G health concerns are all a big Russian conspiracy, well, it’s just not funny any more.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo declared in front of the President that we are engaged in a “live exercise”.

I’m sure the New York Times will have all kinds of rationalizations as to why it was necessary to hold this disaster drill, to conscientize the masses. Dummies to fool the dummies.

One thing is really jarring me, however. Colleen Smith describes herself, not just as a specialist in medical simulations, but as a “simulationista”, no less. In other words, someone who makes fashion statements through staged medical emergencies.

This is all just a tad too obvious. It’s almost as though the New York Times is virtue signalling to its audience and media cohorts. And you can see how they pile in, to amplify the message that this is “apocalyptic” and it’s all Trump’s fault:

Even Fox News gets in on the act, saying “the city’s health care system is overwhelmed and seems on the verge of collapse”:

For me, the fishiest part of the whole story is that line of people waiting outside Elmhurst hospital. Almost all of them are wearing hoodies. All of them face away from the camera, one turning his back as the camera approaches. There is just something about their demeanour that suggests rent-a-crowd, not a bunch of ill people waiting anxiously to get tested for a dread disease and trying not to cough.

I would love to see the registration forms that were filled in that day, and exactly which people presented themselves and where they came from. I’ll bet if you could trace them, they would have a story to tell as to how they were hired to stand in that queue.

In the meantime, Colleen Smith announced that she had contracted covid-19 and disappeared into seclusion, quite convenient. You can follow her Twitter feed here, you’ll see she’s a “foodie” as well as a “simulationista”:

Now, just as this “simulation” or media hoax was unfolding, I happened to be doing a little digging around the Harlem 5G testbed run by Columbia University. The southern boundary of this testbed was the suburb of Morningside, so I took a look for coronavirus cases at Mount Sinai Morningside hospital. This story immediately popped up:

“At Mount Sinai Health System’s Morningside hospital in New York City, the number of coronavirus patients at the 500-bed facility doubled in two days this week, to 20 patients needing hospitalization, another 18 who were being observed for potential infection and more than 50 being tested in the emergency room in one day.”

However, if you look for statistics from other hospitals at this apocalyptic time, they are curiously absent. I tried really hard, but in particular I couldn’t find any patient details for the main Mount Sinai hospital, for which overflow tents were being constructed in Central Park.

Now, it’s clear that the media had one main agenda: to emphasize the “apocalyptic” nature of the surge in coronavirus cases, the desperation of watching people die because you don’t have ventilators. So they were out looking for cases, to push the narrative.

Yet, this one hospital in Morningside is the only one where they are actually able to produce figures, which are concerning, but far from apocalyptic.

So was all this hoopla also intended partly to distract attention from this one hospital on the other side of Central Park which DID have cases, as per the narrative? But which is located within a special 5G campus testbed and might therefore be revealing too much?

All I can tell you is: I was watching that exact area for signs of ill health following Columbia University’s 5G trial there. And this is the one hospital in the whole of New York that was reporting a serious load of cases during this “apocalypse”. For me, this is an interesting connection.

You can find an interactive map of every zip code and its coronavirus case load, here:

One of the hardest-hit areas is Queens, and a very quick look reveals that 5G was rolled out there in September last year:

The picture is developing. One thing about Elmhurst, with its alleged high case load, is that it’s very close to La Guardia airport – airports are always bathed in intense microwave radiation from radar systems. You can never tell what’s really going on in any given area, without actually going there and measuring.

Bristol University has had a campus test bed since 2017, since when 13 students have committed suicide. This Columbia testbed extends over that whole campus, and if classes resume there, I would strongly predict suicides and illnesses at that university. Sorry to say it, but if this community is going to be used in human experimentation, then someone should keep an eye on the results, and it certainly won’t be Columbia University, openly at least.

So let’s just dwell on the New York Times and its fake news for a moment. The article you reference was written by one William Broad. Mr Broad first came to my attention with an article he wrote on the apparent microwave irradiation in recent years of U.S. embassy staff in Havana, Cuba. He quotes an official National Security Agency statement that confirms that a “foreign power” had built a weapon “designed to bathe a target’s living quarters in microwaves, causing numerous physical effects, including a damaged nervous system”:

This is exactly the kind of thing Mr Barrie Trower reported. He had debriefed Soviet-bloc dissidents who had been extensively irradiated and made ill in their homes. He also confirmed that the Brits did exactly the same thing to Catholic populations in Ulster during The Troubles.

I was absolutely amazed that the New York Times was admitting the reality of microwave warfare, and thought it was worth drawing William Broad’s attention to the singular revelations of Barrie Trower. So I wrote to Mr Broad, offering to provide him with a legal document I had drawn up providing evidence on the dangers of towers, which quoted Mr Trower extensively. Bill Broad wrote back to me in cheerful vein, saying he would be happy to look at this material, and so I sent it to him as an exclusive.

This included evidence that Barrie Trower gave in camera at the trial of a police officer accused of manslaughter, for hitting a passerby at a G20 protest in London, who died shortly afterward. The officer had been sitting in a radio van for two days filled with riot police, all equipped with Tetra radio equipment, radiating him at saturation levels in a closed vehicle that trapped all the signals. Tetra is pulsed at a frequency known to incite aggression and violence, as Mr Trower testified. The policeman was controversially found not guilty. While Mr Trower’s evidence was never mentioned in news reports, it may have helped convince the judge that the policeman’s judgement had been impaired.

An interesting story, yes? And an exclusive. I had sent Barrie Trower a hard copy of this document, and he had no objections to my retelling his story; so here was a genuine scoop, quite apart from the general microwave warfare expertise Mr Trower could have brought to the New York Times’s reporting.

I never heard another word from Bill Broad, after sending him my legal broadside, but while I was waiting, he suddenly popped up on my radar. I subscribe to alerts from Microwave News, absolutely the only platform that has covered this entire debate properly, an indispensible publication. The editor, Dr Louis Slesin, was drawing attention to a story by William Broad about the National Toxicology Program’s findings about cancer and DNA damage in rats. William Broad had basically lied, and said that the NTP found “some” evidence of cancer, when in fact they had reported their most categorical level of finding, “CLEAR” evidence of cancer:

And I quickly learned from Microwave News that William Broad has been the main mainstream media denialist of any dangers from wireless technology for decades. The one person to whom I’d sent my legal document, was the very last journalist on earth who would ever have followed it up.

I had words with Bill Broad after this, one-way words, I never received a reply. Barrie Trower was given an intelligence estimate (not his own) as to the number of deaths worldwide that they expect from this technology: it’s two billion people. That’s one in three users, about 30% of the industry’s customers.

The Irish Doctors’ Environmental Association, which won a Nobel Prize in medicine, has estimated that electrosensitivity rates will rise to at least 30% in coming years, with cumulative problems from exposure. Already, we can safely say that 100% of American children are suffering permanent brain damage from this technology. One in three users eventually dying seems quite plausible.

When this death toll is quantified, William Broad of the New York Times will bear the greatest blame of any journalist living, for his consistent denial and insulting of anyone who raises or researches the issue of wireless technology and health. I have seriously vowed to make sure he stands trial as a journalist for his crimes against humanity and I told him this in no uncertain terms. So I can assure you that William Broad is familiar with Fred.

You may think you’re being clever quoting William Broad of the New York Times to me, and talking about asymmetrical warfare – you don’t know what you’re messing with, just how asymmetrical this war is, and just how bitterly it’s being fought.

Here’s another take from Microwave News on William Broad’s “blatantly deceptive” reporting:

Working our way towards the beginning of your comment – you say I confuse correlation with causation. Now, I make a living as a scientific editor, mainly dealing with statistical and econometric manuscripts for Japanese, Korean and Chinese academics. The reason I specifically chose statistical editing was that the whole wireless / health debate was turning into arguments about statistics, and lies told around statistics, and I needed to be completely on top of this game.

So: yes, I know the difference between correlation and causation. Most of my time is spent editing econometric texts that correlate shark attacks with icecream consumption, controlling terribly carefully for the flavor of icecream. Most of these papers are truly useless. I’m a mathematical modeller by training, so I always look to see if anyone has any real clue what’s going on, some sense of dynamic or interlinkage, or whether they’re just correlating everything with everything to see what happens.

So I have a model, an underlying dynamic I’m investigating, I don’t just correlate at random. I take a look where there’s a couple of hospitals in Kirkland, Seattle, that were Ground Zero for the initial U.S. outbreak, to see if there’s any 5G connection. Sure enough, the very first “inside the building” tests for 5G were held by a company located just a few blocks from both those hospitals.


I’m watching a particular area of Harlem for signs of illness, I told Frank Report about this well before the coronavirus epidemic struck. When “apocalyptic” illness is reported in New York city, I find that the only hospital that’s actually reporting significant figures is right in this Harlem testbed.


Yes, correlation doesn’t prove causation: but correlation does sure as hell prove correlation. Something seems to be going on. Shark attacks correlating with icecream consumption: there’s an obvious connection, what we call a multicollinearity. 5G rollouts correlating with virus outbreaks: not so much. Therefore, these correlations are truly telling us something meaningful.

Right now, the U.K. government and others are frothing at the mouth about “conspiracy theorists” blaming 5G for this epidemic. Towers are being set alight; it’s an outrage, it’s a threat to national security, this is key point infrastructure. Tower workers are being abused on their jobs. It’s all the fault of these terrible conspiracy theorists. There is absolutely no connection, it’s totally preposterous and utterly ridiculous, to suggest that radiation can cause a viral infection, they all chorus.

Now, I have provided absolutely starkly solid scientific evidence that full-blown viral infections CAN indeed be initiated purely by electromagnetic radiation. Vlail Kaznacheyev was not a no one. He was probably the single most preeminent biologist in the Soviet Union in his day. The accounts say he did 15,000 experiments – he actually said 20,000, in one interview. This has all been published, it’s been on the record in the hard scientific literature for decades, it is fully part of the Russian scientific oeuvre. Yet it is top secret in the West.

So not only do I provide correlations. I provide proof of causation, which no one has done up until now, I’ve not heard anyone else mention Kaznacheyev’s name. But you can look him and his findings up for yourself. This is ancient news for those of us who research this field. Tuned electromagnetic radiation can induce viral infections of all kinds.

I have tried to research these attacks on towers in the UK, there’s hardly any information about them. I have been warning activists to be careful, that there would be agents provocateurs, that there would be dirty tricks and shills, and that we were going to be viciously attacked in the media and slandered.

One of the first such shills, an entirely odious creature called Sasha Stone, was fingered here on Frank Report before he made a sensationalist video on 5G as an “extinction event”. I’ve put out more than a few warnings about him.

Just think how useful these tower attacks are to the authorities. They can now crack down on the loonies, these tinfoil hat threats to society. I strongly suspect that these attacks may be provocations. I’ve never recommended that anyone try to take out a tower, it’s far too dangerous. I’ve briefed people how to tackle the operators at public meetings, this is actually what they hate the most.

I’ve met and talked to lots of tower workers, I have a special sympathy with them. Tower workers have the most dangerous job in America, for one thing.

Watch these two videos from tower workers, warning about the dangers of 5G, the second one has a great platform from which to speak:

These guys know what they’re doing. And they don’t like it. But especially in these times, you need a job – and while we’re all on lockdown, it seems that tower worker is one of the jobs that’s busy working overtime.

Next time you hear the statement from the Powers That Be, assuring the public that electromagnetic radiation cannot possibly cause a viral infection – you will know that this is a lie.

But in the Brave New Coronavirus World Order, if you quote scientific papers, especially Russian ones, that’s proof enough that you’re a dangerous crackpot conspiracy theorist.

It’s asymmetrical war, all right: the entire mainstream media, and all the world’s governments and their public health agencies, and their intelligence and surveillance agencies, and their military and police, and the United Nations and the WHO, and then just the richest and most powerful industry the world has ever seen, all versus one absolute nobody from absolutely nowhere, as William Broad can attest.

So, when do we attack?

3 years ago
Reply to  Fred

You can write an amazing amount while completely avoiding my principal points that disprove your theory, the 5G wired hospitals in China that they built where patients were cured and, particularly, the examples of the most 5G wired countries in the world like South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwain, and Germany, where there are very few coronavirus cases and high cure rates.

Are you just too obsessed with you pet theory to see the forest for the trees – or an actual trained propagandist?

The NY Times has another excellent piece today, reminding us of the Soviet Union’s now-exposed disinformation campaign to blame HIV/AIDS on bioengineering and the US during the period when Putin was coming up through the ranks of the KGB, and the now-forgotten attempt using a Western conspiracy theorist rather like you and your Barrie Trower, to blame the 2009 H1N1 swine flu pandemic on US biowarfare labs:

* Putin’s Long War Against American Science
“A decade of health disinformation promoted by President Vladimir Putin of Russia has sown wide confusion, hurt major institutions and encouraged the spread of deadly illnesses.”

3 years ago
Reply to  AnonyMaker

Perhaps, you should do some research: There are many reports from peer-reviewed, academic, governmental supported agencies that connect 5G with producing viruses in the body. Further, ‘viruses’ respond to frequencies and often makes the more virulent. There’s plenty of info and more coming daily regarding the inherent and known dangers of EMF/RF on living organisms. What do you believe you are composed of? You are energy/frequency and no matter how hard you try to deny that, it won’t change the facts. Energies affect other energies; some beneficial, most man-made ones are harmful.

I would post more links for you, but, you live in the manufactured world specifically created to keep you in your box and believing that ‘schooling’ actually educates you.

Regarding the pandemic of 1918: They can’t keep numbers correct now, and have falsified, created, changed the numbers and the rules to make them fit for a better, and more ‘scary’ pandemic which isn’t even worth speaking of. That small percentage that have died would have died of anything in addition to their frailty.

Get an immune system and get over it. Those controlling corps also control the gov and the ‘education’ you supposedly received. FACTs are this: 5G does damage living organisms and they can, via patents, experiments, declassified data, etc., program your DNA with frequencies.

Now, just go OBEY and keep your mind closed as your programming expects you to do.

BTW: Russia LEADS the scientific community in bio-energy research and they don’t CENSOR everything from their citizens as the eUSA does openly. It’s the eUSA that is imperialistic in nature and their job is to allow corps to scavenge the planet and create havoc.

Funny… this was retracted, but, it isn’t the only report out there:

It was retracted because too many people were starting to catch on, and the report was published. I have Chinese studies done stating the same and more regarding 5G and its effects on opening pathways allowing virulent natures of pathogens to become exhibited. These reports cannot be taken down by the AMA or the rulers. It’s just fact! Once you understand reality, you’ll never look at frequencies the same again.

Opening pathways: “Because Ca2+ signaling regulates a broad range of cellular processes, it is not surprising that many viruses modulate Ca2+ signaling to favor their replication. For example, the Dengue virus (DENV) and West Nile virus (WNV) disturb Ca2+ homeostasis to favor the viral replication cycle, and cells treated with Ca2+ chelators and channel blockers significantly suppress the production of viral yields (Dionicio et al., 2018; Scherbik and Brinton, 2010). Rotavirus (RV) infection activates the ER calcium sensor stromal interaction molecule 1 (STIM1) and store-operated calcium entry (SOCE) to promote viral replication (Hyser et al., 2013). Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection triggers ER Ca2+ depletion and increases Ca2+ uptake by mitochondria to induce apoptosis and mitochondrial dysfunction…” 5G/EMFs open pathways.

Please, also understand that humans have more bacteria and viruses than they do their own cells. We cannot live on earth without them. They, because of the environment, go rogue; we live in a toxic environment making it all too easy to trigger responses if you know how. I can assure you, there are those that know exactly which frequencies promote certain activities within the body. Again, patents, studies, military de-classified info, etc., all state their capabilities.

Good luck staying healthy. I don’t live in fear of death, which is KEY to selling the FEAR surrounding death and sickness. BFD. Live or ‘live’ in fear daily, which is ultimately, dying every day.

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