Mexican Newspaper Claims Raniere Has COVID-19 but Cites No Source

Does Keith Alan Raniere have coronavirus disease?
The Mexican newspaper Vanguardia MX, published out of  Saltillo, Coahuila, claims Keith Alan Raniere, the now-jailed leader of the Nxivm cult, is now infected with the coronavirus.
Vanguardia cited no source for the story – and it is possible they may have misunderstood recent developments in the Raniere case.
Of course, you would think that with a newspaper name like Vanguardia, they would have the inside story on all things relating to Raniere whose followers referred to him by his self-given title, Vanguard.
Yet, in reading the story, the newspaper offers no further evidence than their mere assertion that he does have it.

The English translation [the story is published in Spanish] is “Keith Raniere, founder of the NXIVM sex sect, tests positive for coronavirus.”

Here is the English translation of the story:
Raniere, whose sect was involved in human trafficking, tested positive for COVID-19, but will receive treatment at the Albany, NY prison where he is being held.

Keith Raniere, NXIVM creator of the cult , dedicated to sex trafficking, tested positive to the COVID-19, but is receiving treatment for the disease behind bars.

Raniere, 59, has not been considered a high-risk patient for the virus, since, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), only prisoners should be considered at risk, and patients in general, who are over 65 years old.

The decision to remove him from the danger list negates the possibility that he will post a bond that allows him to cope with the disease outside of prison. His defense last week requested that Raniere’s medical records be released to verify his health, local New York outlet CBS6 Albany reported.

Raniere requested a new trial earlier this month, considering that the current process was riddled with irregularities. So far his request has not been accepted, although judge Nicholas Garaufis decided to postpone the sentence, which was originally scheduled for April 16, until May 21.

The man is being held at the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center , awaiting sentencing for the crimes of which he has been charged. Raniere faced charges of extortion, money laundering, criminal association, wire fraud, identity theft , sex trafficking, and forced labor.

These illicit activities would have been carried out with the facade of a self-improvement group to which millionaire heirs and celebrities from the world of entertainment were linked, such as Allison Mack, actress of the television series Smallville.


In analyzing the story, it is apparent that the subheadline, at least, is wrong. Raniere is not being held in an Albany prison.

It is, however, possible that Raniere has coronavirus disease and we do not know it, but there is not any sourced-report to substantiate that.  His lawyers recently asked Raniere’s judge for his medical records – and to be able to speak with Raniere by telephone since all attorney visits [and all visits to his prison, the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn] have been suspended because of fears of contagion.

The judge granted the request for both his medical records and a phone call.

The fact that it is nearly impossible to even speak with their client on the phone absent a court order suggests that the prison is on lockdown and because of that calls are hard to make, with everyone assigned to their cells with what might be described as forced social distancing.

While his attorneys may or may not have received his medical records yet, the prosecution informed the court that the only reason Raniere had been considered at “high risk” if he got the disease is because of his age – which is 59.

Formerly the CDC had listed people of his age range to be at “high risk” should they contract the disease. The CDC later shifted its guidelines upward to people age 65 or older.  Based on this report by the prosecution, there appear to be no underlying medical conditions that Raniere has which would make him more likely to suffer complications or death if he were to get coronavirus.

Meantime, the Vanguard is likely suffering intensely. Lockdown typically involves being confined in a small cell [with or without a cell mate] for 23 [or more] hours per day with one hour out to move about in another confined area.  There is nothing to do all day long. Books are scarce. Television is unavailable. Meals are served to prisoners who must eat in their cells so they avoid social interaction.

This is not entirely dissimilar to what Raniere himself required Daniella, a young Mexican woman, to do for some 700 days, after she kissed a man, and refused to admit her “crime” against Raniere.

Raniere, with the help of Daniella’s  father and others, required her to remain in her room, in virtual solitary confinement, until she healed her “ethical breach.”

Her family brought her meals which they placed outside the door so she would see no human being.

Vanguard has now been in custody since March 26, 2018, which means he has been confined for two years and almost one week.

We will try to update readers on Vanguard’s purportedly precarious health in the future – and hope he remains well of course.

But we should not be so quick to dismiss his health concerns.

As readers know, during his long tenure as a free man, he often told his numerous girlfriends that he was ill.  He told at least two women he had cancer and was hospitalized. Those claims appear to have been total fabrications.

He told several women he had a heart condition that might kill him at any time, the condition largely caused by other women doing things that hurt him so. Those claims also appear to have been total fabrications.

He also told numerous women that if they cheated on him, it could cause him death – and, even though several of those women did, in fact, cheat on him, he somehow lived.

In his text messages to Cami, which were embarrassingly read in court at length, her cheating on him with a young man named Robbie – and her failure to properly atone for it – caused him to bleed profusely from orifices, he said, suggesting a possibly fatal condition because of her infidelity.

Raniere’s attorneys’ recent, embarrassing quest for his medical records on the theory that he had underlying medical conditions that could remove the Vanguard forever from our visage should he contract coronavirus disease turned out to be more of the same, it appears: That our Vanguard is not only not ill, but in excellent health and is merely going back to his old, old tricks of feigning illness for sympathy or gain.

The difference between the old days and the present ones is that Raniere’s claims are now subject to verification by medical people and, hence, the Vanguard who cried wolf was exposed as a bit of a fraud once again.






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  • Kim Snyder
    Frank you have removed my comments from every article. What the hell happened to free speech? You can’t stand the truth. You keep telling things that are NOT true.
    Just like solving my sister’s murder. It is NOT a murder- it is suicide. The case is closed- and will remain closed. I have already told you who by- the last checks are being out in it- and it will be sealed.
    Why do you keep attacking President Trump? He is serving this country as Commander and Chief. Until other wise noted. Let him do his job.
    I know you don’t like me anymore- so be it. You burned yourself when you continued to write about your hero- Keith instead of investigating Kris’ death.
    We are walking on with pride and grace- and NOT allowing others to bother us.
    There is freedom of speech you know- you once told me- I have to allow people to say what they want on the blog- but you are always talking down my comments.
    Why is that?

  • No Source has been regularly cited by many Frank Report posters for years.

    I see no reason why that should be expected to change, unless they turn out to be Liberals, or start yapping about ‘Science.’

  • I think ‘Vanguardia’ newspaper is obviously controlled by Vanguard.

    How can Frank not acknowledge this? 🙂

  • With or without the virus, Raniere will die a prisoner.

    That is the inevitable result of all the choices he has made.

    • You’re just absolutely frantic to post off-topic distractions, aren’t you?

      As far as lying straight to our faces, let’s look again at one that really affects us as Americans – and may even cost hundreds of thousands of American lives – that you apparently can’t address anymore than, say, the NXIVM cult loyalists could address Raniere’s lies even when they were blatant:

      “Anybody that wants a test can get a test. That’s what the bottom line is”….
      “Anybody right now, and yesterday, anybody that needs a test gets a test. And the tests are beautiful. They are perfect just like the letter was perfect.”

      How South Korea Triumphed, and the US Floundered, Over the Pandemic
      Testing, national health care, and transparency saved the day.

      • The topic is your agenda of spreading Communist Propaganda and trying to destroy President Trump with LIES.

        “For some perspective, here’s what Trump was saying around then about China in particular, and his colleage Xi – who he has yet to ever do anything but praise, by the way:” quote from AnonyMaker

        April 1, 2020 at 7:14 am

        Here is the truth AnonyMaker failed to tell.

        Trump accuses China’s Xi of failing to halt fentanyl exports to U.S.

        WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. President Donald Trump on Thursday accused his Chinese counterpart of failing to meet promises to stem a deluge of the synthetic opioid fentanyl into the United States,

        Fentanyl is an opioid painkiller 50 times more potent than heroin, and has a central role in the devastating U.S. opioid crisis. In the United States, fentanyl and all of its analogues are controlled substances subject to strict regulation.

        More than 28,000 synthetic opioid-related overdose deaths, mostly from fentanyl related substances, were recorded in 2017, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

        China is waging a Chemical and Biological War against America and the only way to win that war is for America to obliterate China.
        War is about killing people and breaking things.
        The more people America kills and the more things America breaks the sooner America wins that war.

        • Shadow,
          Examining historically the psychological profile of the specimen called D. Trump, it should be clear everything that exits his mouth carries the same value as that which exits his anal cavity. You do understand the logic but every now and again you put a foot wrong. 😁

          So be it. I still like you.

        • I’ve actually served our country in the Army – the sort of real-world experience you’ve apparently never had, and contribution to our nation you’e never made – and have been warning to be wary of them for decades, back when your ideological masters were pushing offshoring and outsizing, and firing up ideological flunkies like you to attack those trying to keep manufacturing in America, before doing one of their typical cynical pivots.

          And even in that piece you cite, Trump still refers to “My friend President Xi.”

          I’ve only quoted Trump, and cited facts. If you consider that “lies,” then you’re as delusional as any cultist.

          Your war-mongering at the end confirms that you’re coming unhinged. Hopefully someone who sees after you can help.

  • The issue is not whether Raniere has the China virus.
    In the long run, most people will be exposed to that virus.
    The issue is whether he develops symptoms. Over 90% of people will have the virus but develop few or no symptoms.

    • That’s incorrect and bears no relation to anything that scientists or epidemiologists have observed and published.

      • Paul,
        Let’s remember the Western world electorate enjoys wiping their ass with the opinions of epidemiologists but instinctively fall on their knees and offer oral sex to any social dirt, ie. “sports stars, most movie actors” and others of the like.
        So, in these conditions you have no chance of presenting a convincing argument with your current choice of reasons. ☺

    • You should use The Google before you end up posting misinformation. Or are you so simple-minded that you can only parrot the talking points other websites feed you, or comforting delusions you simply fabricate?

      It’s 50%, or less, who are asymptomatic:

      CDC head: Up to 25 percent of those with coronavirus never show symptoms

      90% may not be sick enough to require hospitalization, but that remaining 10% across a US population of 330 million, is a staggering number. That’s how we could end up with more than 2 million dead, unless people treat this seriously.

        • Now your’e really starting to sound unhinged. And it’s still all just a distraction, or cultist-like thought-stopping, with you unwilling or unable to address the inconvenient truths pointed out to you.

          So what, you want a war with China?

          And you’re starting to sound more like a scientologist than a NXian – they believe that they’re locked in some sort of planetary struggle, and that they should always be on the attack and never question their own leadership.

          • AnonyMaker,
            Are you surprised at Scientology’s effects on its followers? The prime profile of its members must be Tom Cruise: highest education attained, 8 years of formal schooling. This monkey belongs to a zoo cage for having opened it oral cavity way too many times when it should have kept it shut. Yes, “it”!

          • AnonyMaker,
            ShadowState puzzles me. For all his intellect and education, he can present the most puerile of arguments sometimes.

          • Wiki says: In 1980, he graduated from Glen Ridge High School in Glen Ridge, New Jersey.[24]

            Alex, maybe you shouldn’t criticize others education, considering how deficient yours is.

        • To the well trained, cowardly monkey promoting Cruise’s educational credentials:
          I always found interesting, human specimens lacking an observable connection between their mouths and their cranial cavity! Ie. your parents, yourself and “Mister” T. Cruise!
          Cheers! Don’t be sad, be glad you and your parents did not arrive here in the Middle Ages!

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