Allison Mack Deserves a Second Chance

By Balls of Fire

I’d like to see Allison Mack using her arrest as a turnaround point in her life.

See her living a happy life without her Vanguard. She is only in her 30s, so if she turns her life around, perhaps she could actually get cast in an acting role and have a new career in her 40s and so on.

Why not?

Allison Mack had numerous court appearances prior to her pleading guilty of racketeering and racketeering conspiracy. Her plea deal spared her standing trial on far more serious charges of sex trafficking.

People screw up all the time for love. They do stupid and uncomfortable things. I don’t fault her for who she falls in love with and whose girlfriend and lover she wants to be, even though it was Keith Raniere.

Allison Mack was in love with a wonderful guy, her slave master Keith Alan Raniere.

For love, people quit jobs, move across the country, even overseas, go vegan when they hate it, hang out with people who give them the creeps because their “soul mate” is best friends with them, ignore their own friends, and some really go to the extreme and go all out and get mixed up in a cult like DOS.

Does she deserve a second chance? Yes.

I don’t believe in kicking a person when they are down, shaming people away from their careers, putting a permanent label on someone just because they did ignorant things in college or ranted embarrassing stuff on Instagram 10 years ago.

Likewise, should Allison be judged in her 40’s for what she did in her 30’s? No. Not if she does the best she can do to apologize and bend over backward to make things right for her victims…ah…slaves.

Allison Mack retrieves a package from her parent’s home in Los Alamitos California where she currently resides under home detention.

And, of course, she will need to fall in love with someone better. Not a person who, when you get right down to it, is just an overblown KNOW-IT-ALL…!

He did know all, see all, divine all, understood all and Allison felt blessed to have him as her mentor, guru, guide, philosopher, ethicist, and lover.

She would do well, down the road, to at least try to put her acting career back on track, even if it is BEHIND the scenes — which is still a good place for her talent.

Allison leaves court appearing not very happy.  She finally told the judge that she was misled by Keith Raniere and apologized. Had she not been arrested, she would have likely continued on her reckless path with Raniere.

She will need to run far and wide from all pyramid jobs (schemes) and stick to what she is actually good at…which is NOT being a slave master!

Allison will figure it out….I really hope so.


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  • Yes, you broke the story. But it’s really pathetic to see you trying to remain relevant with article after article about this story. Please. Find sonwthing useful to do with your lives. You’ve become a tedious, predictable rag.

  • This article is too little, too late considering what a huge impact this website has had. I think she does need to spend a few years in prison for this. If she’s a changed woman when she gets out then she should not have too much trouble staying out of the sex trafficking life.

  • Allison’s victims have gotten and are still getting Justice, what more do people want from
    Allison Mack?

    1.) She plea guilty to 2 felonies.
    2.) She has been under house arrest for 2 years. Not a big deal? People are complaining about being in the house one week because of Covid-19.
    3.) She still faces a prison sentence.
    4.) She still faces a civil lawsuit.
    5.) She still faces going “broke” in the civil lawsuit.
    6.) She still faces a ruined reputation because she is a celebrity and cannot blend into the shadows like Jane Doe can. Think Lori Loughlin, the Cover Girl of the College Admissions Scandal.

    Perhaps people would enjoy watching her get beaten in the public square like in Saudi Arabia?
    How bout life in prison with the possibility of parole in 25 years?
    Maybe a Game of Thrones shaming walk where people can spit on her?
    Perhaps people would be satisfied if she could now become her victims’ slaves?

    After all, turn-about is fair play isn’t it?

    When does Justice become revenge?

    When does revenge become greed?

    When does a victim stop being a victim?

  • This site is trash. She ruined people’s lives, and you want to shrug it off as “she was in love”? Thats a load of bullshit. Adults should be accountable for “love” makes them do.

    • elysia
      The only people who brand women are Pimps like Allison Pimp Mack.
      Truth never changes.
      I will always express the truth.

      If you were injured by Allison Mack and the NXIVM gang, please contact attorney Neil Glazer of the Philadelphia Law firm of Kohn Swift and Graf.

      Shadow State

  • She should rot in prison. Had it been a man who is poor, sex trafficking women, he would be doing life in prison. This makes me sick!

  • When scumbags do wrong, whatever their motivation, they should be punished. This softness is so pathetic.

    Is ‘Balls Of Fire’ Omar Rosales?

  • If she can be rehabilitated, and eventually become a productive and responsible member of society, that would be a good thing.

    But she is a convicted felon, who deserves as a consequence of her own actions, a prison sentence.

    One thing you can be sure of is that due to current circumstances, she unlikely to go to prison anytime soon; or possibly not even this year.

    • Which current circumstances are you talking about? The Wuhan Chinese coronavirus, her helping the Feds, or both? I wouldn’t mind her being confined to her parents’ home longer and then serving her time, it keeps her away from society for a longer period of time.

  • Couldn’t that be said about all of the women? Or at least Lauren Salzman and Russell?

    Is Mack a special case just because she’s the prettiest, and somehow we might tend to have more sympathy for her?

    • AM, “prettiest” is a matter of opinion.

      In my experience, being considered pretty more often garners envy and spite than sympathy from not only other women but men with low self-esteem who feel they don’t stand a chance with a “pretty” woman.

      IMO, Allison’s good looks may be a detriment to her in this case given that poor Lauren sports a schnozola that alone might have been grounds for prosecution in the EDNY were she facing SouthEast when branding her slaves in the Nothern district.

      Your own presumption that Allison’s looks are an advantage — a presumption of innocence — proves my point.

      • Cankles aren’t pretty and you’ve never experienced that “envy and spite,” obviously. LOL

        Mack was only “pretty” when she was standing next to Salzman and the other average looking NXIVM women AND had her cankles hidden.

      • Maybe outwardly, bur subconsciously people prefer attractive people, that is a fact. And the subconscious is what really controls how you treat people. Your idea that pretty people have it more difficult is backed by 0 data and sounds ridiculous tbh.

  • If Alison Mack can be forgiven for what she did and deserves a second chance, why not Keith Raniere? He, like she, can finally look in the mirror and see what he did was wrong, once and for all.

    Stop infantilizing these women! They were all adults living in ALBANY for Christ sakes, even that ultimate crybaby Nicole. So, what if there’s collateral? Which in the end is just nude pictures, just walk away!


  • Sure, why not? She’ll lose her fortune, freedom for many years, public shame, her parents know she wrote false letters saying her father molested her. I don’t believe she will ever act again professionally. Hopefully, she can find someone to love her who doesn’t hate her and want to “break her”.

  • In other News


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    WASHINGTON — The Trump administration announced sweeping indictments Thursday of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and some of his associates on federal drug-trafficking and related charges, in a major escalation of the U.S.-led campaign to topple Maduro and his socialist government.

    The indictments, described by Atty. Gen. William Barr at a news conference in Washington, allege that Maduro and members of his inner circle conspired with rebels from neighboring Colombia to create a vast and lucrative criminal enterprise in Venezuela “flooding” the United States with cocaine and generating billions in illicit dollars. Maduro and his allies pocketed profits,


  • “I’d like to see Allison Mack using her arrest as a turnaround point in her life.”
    A turnaround point is necessary if Allison was a genuine criminal.victimsone of the victim forced to collect collaterals under coercion (and manipulation)

    “so if she turns her life around perhaps she could actually get cast in an acting role and have a new career in her 40’s and so on”
    As far as I know, she is done with that part of her life…it brought nothing good. It’s because she was an actress that people like Sarah E, Lauren and Raniere preyed on her.
    And I agree with her. Especially when some people believe they have a right on her life because she was acting.

    “People screw up all the time for love.”
    And again you ignore the FACTS…she wasn’t in love and she was coerced, starved, sleep deprivate and drugged to commit the “crime” she committed.
    Love has nothing to do with what happened unless you believe the BS interpretation Frank and his team is giving (and in that case, you are an idiot like them)

    “Not if she does the best she can do to apologize and bend over backwards to make things right for her victims”
    What victims? she is the victim of the same thing…and apologize for what? You consider that her being a victim is not an excuse so why should we consider the others (who didn’t had her excuses) as victims?
    You ignore , once again , the FACTS…
    You try to play Mr nice guy but you are ignoring the reality and still try to accuse her of everything…stick with the facts and you’ll see she need not to apologize to anyone…

    “She will need to run far and wide from all pyramid jobs “
    Idiot, SHE WAS A VICTIM OF THIS SYSTEM…not running it.
    She was wealthy and now she is broke (and it was before the authorities took the few dollars she had). So, instead of acting like you know anything about Allison, forget about her.
    She is not an actress anymore so you can give up your stupid fake fan BS.

    “Allison will figure it out….I really hope so.”
    Who do you think you are…you ignore the facts , the real undisputable facts, try to add crime that she never committed, ignore the abuse and reason why she was doing it and then you play the moralizer?
    Don’t try to make it sound like you care about anyone…you are just another idiot who decided to enjoy her pain , ignoring it and the whole truth to make it sound like she is guilty of everything.

    Let’s ignore the coercion she was victim of…Let’s ignore the mental raping she got thru because of Lauren and Raniere (and Nancy)…Let’s forget she was physically abused by Raniere…Let’s forget the health reason for her behavior, the fact she was starved, sleepless and drugged…
    She is a victim, like it or not, she doesn’t owe you anything and certainly not to give an apology for crimes she NEVER COMMITTED.
    Stay in your confort zone instead of talking out your ignorance.

    For once, I believe it would be a positive post but once again, Frank Report publish rubbish written by a nutjob who is willingly ignoring the truth and the facts…
    Now it make sense why he would accept to publish this article…it’s absolutely not in defense of Allison as you criminalize her further than her real official implications.

    The day FR will be facing the truth (and that is that everything that was posted about her is nothing more than defamation hidden behind reinterpretation of facts…well, seeing the general intelligence here, I doubt it will ever happen.

    A GOOD journalist, an efficient one, would try to see both side of the story, try to know who was Allison instead of posting ridiculous statements made by idiots who know nothing and decided that the fact she was drinking a certain kind of tea means she was Jack the Ripper in desguise.
    No one here tried that once…to see the other side.
    No one tried to reach the people who truly know Allison and know who she really is and when they have one, they prefer to ignore them to give more credit to the stupid absurd childish rumors instead of seeing why the facts are the facts…

    But when a blog is relying on hearsay from people not even related to the cult, take info from particularly shady source (like some poster here or CDaN…)

    I don’t even know why I still give interest to this ridiculous blog as in the end, no one sane listens to what is said here anymore…
    This website is nothing but rumors, Fake news, conspîracy theory and by continuing to post about her, i feel dirtier every time…

    I don’t think it’s worth trying to convince the few “reasonable ” people around here as they likely either stopped posting or will be gone soon after they had their laugh at the absurd news posted here.

    Frank, wanna do real journalism? Stop the rumors and ask people who knew Allison before Nxivm (and i’m not talking about me, it’ll never happen).
    Like ALL THE VICTIMS, she was a different person…and better than many of the “victims” as she had a huge heart, a beautiful soul and was a model citizen who was not committing anything criminal nor even close to borderline criminal.
    She is an awesome person and she don’t deserve a second chance as she didn’t screw up but was screwed by a cult.

    She needs to be left alone by everyone so she can, like any victim, heal properly.

  • Is Allison Pimp Mack really reformed?
    What is her alter ego’s view on Victim Sarah Edmondson?

    @foxdiemethyltriptamine you can call her that but what about Sarah Edmondson she was recruiting for years but because hubby found out she had to make up a big story, now people call her a hero. India and Nicki and others done the same thing but weren’t charged, people seem to dislike Nicki over it but look at India as a victim

    Allison Mack’s alter ego seems to think that Sarah Edmondson is not a victim.

    @charger426hemi1 Are you Allison?

    charger426hemi1’s profile picture
    @foxdiemethyltriptamine you can think what you like about me but think about why did it take Sarah’s husband a couple months to see her brand after she got it when they are a married couple

    Charger was asked a simple question “Are you Allison?”
    Instead of giving a yes or no, Charger launches an attack on Sarah Edmondson’s married life.

  • How about letting other actresses have roles in movies and TV shows?
    Actresses who do not have the baggage Ms. Pimp Mack has?
    Many of Pimp Mack’s victims were wannabe actresses.
    How about giving those victims some acting roles in the media?

    Balls of Fire:
    Why do you show all of this sympathy for a sadistic clown like Allison Pimp Mack and no sympathy for her victims?

    And for the record, Southern California stinks of wannabe actresses.
    Ms. Pimp Mack is a Has Been actress.

  • Kim Snyser
    What don’t people get? Allison Mack, Keith Rainere & all of his minions need to go to jail!!!!!!
    They are NOT people that you want to put back on the streets. She is a high criminal. She burned women with a hot iron in the corner of their privates-why are we talking about letting these criminals have another shot? Another shot at more criminal activity? Why? Are we crazy?
    Keith & his minions need to go away and be done with society. This is NOT a game! These people have stolen, lied, and hurt people. Why are we still debating this crap? Allison Mack has to see that she did wrong- and it is time to pay the fiddler.
    She is NOT a witness- but a defendant- this is pathetic!
    Frank thinks this is a game- it is NOT! Wire fraud, burning people, lying, stealing, etc. These are punishable crimes.
    NO- Allison Mack does NOT get a second chance. If we gave her a second chance, then we would have to do the same thing for all of the defendants. This is nonsense!!!!!!
    Stop feeling sorry for these jerks and lock them up- everyone that was involved in NXIVM needs to go- they all need to learn a lesson! Time to hear the key be thrown away!

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