Ground Zero: A Cry For Help From New York City & Foolish & Greedy Doings of Quinn, Bezos, Chirlane McCray,Health Stores & Manhattan Mini Storage

By Ken Gibson

COVID-19 is biting the Big Apple. Biting it to the core, with 25,665 infected and 192 dead. Only a few types of businesses are allowed to stay open, and gatherings are limited to two people. Three is not a crowd; it is a crime scene.

As we reel from this, we are hit with some hard facts. The governor of this state is perhaps the biggest criminal in New York.

Andrew Cuomo once had more pressing needs than buying ventilators

Some say he ought to be in jail, sharing a cell with eight of his buddies. It was he, Andrew Cuomo, who refused to buy 16,000 ventilators, using a greater amount of money on a solar panel project run by his brother, which never panned out.

Then there is the issue of an entire hospital – St. Vincent’s, located on 12th and Seventh in Manhattan. Or it used to be. Christine Quinn, darling of the left, NYC city council speaker at the time, sold it to developers. She loved developers. She did not love sick people.

Christine Quinn


The ghost of St. Vincent’s Hospital is now ground zero for Coronavirus.

Now Manhattan, which has about 3,000 of the NYC cases, is stuck. Hospital closed.

Quinn is unavailable for comment, elusive as an eel in oil.
Chirlane McCray, wife of New York Mayor Bill de Blasio. Does she know where some missing money is?

And what about the $1 billion or so that Mayor de Blasio’s wife can’t seem to account for? Why is she not under investigation? That $ would really help us now. It’s gone. Maybe she’ll find it. I hope a jury finds her – guilty of embezzlement.

And what about the downtown leaders who urged people to ignore the warnings and attend the Chinese New Year Parade in lower Manhattan?

So we are not at ease with our leaders, who seem so adept at getting on TV and acting authoritarian. Where were you when we needed you?

And neither are we at ease with some of the businesses in this city.

Manhattan Mini Storage - SoHo - Spring Street | 260 Spring Street ...

I just got a call from friends who are local businessmen who are now faced with no sympathy from Manhattan Mini Storage. This company is owned by a man who has made many millions off of Gothamites over the last 30 years or so. He now owns more than a dozen facilities, some acres in size, which house not only personal property but business inventories. As most businesses are now out of business for the moment, local vendors are stuck with no income while forced to pay for storage.

One would think that MMS would take this into consideration. That some delayed payment plans would be offered to ease the pain. But no. On the contrary, even the most long term customers are being told that they have to come up with the rent or be locked out. Absolutely no exceptions.

Which does not make sense, as MMS would then have to auction off the lockers of those who default – an action that is now illegal if it involves more than three people on site. Or they would have to dispose of large inventories – an action that would be, if not illegal, just about impossible. Where would all these go? Acres of goods just heartlessly dumped in the streets? Who at this time would move any goods in?

Clearly, they are not thinking this out.

But they are not the only ones not thinking.

No Quinine, No Chichona

As soon as I started learning about quinine, and saw that bottles of tincture were available on the net (were – note the past tense) – I ran midtown to Westerly Health on 8th Avenue. No quinine or any chinchona bark product was to be found. So, of course, I asked a worker there about it; guess what he told me. That they were “working on more important things.”

The health of the entire city was not as important as selling very high priced items, such as garlic essence, $40.+ or a small box. Garlic for $40? What are they thinking? To hell with all of us? Give us your $ and drop dead?

A block north I checked out The Vitamin Shoppe. They too knew about quinine and chinchona products but were just dismissive. They did not even want to know. And a few blocks further north at Jeff Bezos’ Whole Foods in Columbus Circle, the hipster attendants did not want to know. No quinine, no chinchona. But lots of VERY high priced exotic essences; in reality, all kinds of herbs that we can all grow for pennies. Jeff Bezos is getting rich there, and he is getting rich off of the panic, with shops ordered to close, and vendors FORCED now to use Amazon.

After Briefly Falling To Number Two, Jeff Bezos Is Back As The ...
We never saw a man so completely altered. Jeff Bezos’ hair [such as it is] jhas turned quite gold from coronavirus.
These businesses are not in line with the ones that President Trump is getting to help us; Bayer is DONATING chloroquine pills – three million – to America.

That is the spirit we need, not overpriced trendy quack meds and greedy storage locker companies.

Trump is leaning on business owners and getting results. I hope he reads this and calls MMS and the so-called health food shops in this town. We need them to get real.

We also need some of the younger, more active residents to slow down. They are calling themselves corona rebels. I call them jerks.

Some corona rebels are going to extremes, like letting their dogs foul the paths. I chased down one, a hip-looking young man named Adam, who refused my request to clean up after his shepherd dog. He tried to evade me and walked up to the part of Fort Tryon Park where dog owners congregate, and told them I was a psychopath giving him a hard time.

They told him to go back down and clean up the feces. I followed him down, marching him north on the winding path towards the children’s playground where this rebel had left his disease-ridden mess. He whined the whole way, as people nodded to me when I explained the situation. Adam insisted he would like to talk to the police and turn me in as a psychopath. But when I walked towards Broadway to flag down a police car, Adam ran away.

So there are some strange goings-on that defy logic. Greed and arrogance are not killed by this virus; just mammals – humans, and recently, a dog – which died in quarantine in Hong Kong, making me very wary of people who leave their dog mess near children’s playgrounds.

And I am wary of other things as well. On this site, there are a number of very good articles about 5G and how the virus breaks out in proximity to 5G towers. Why?

It seems that 5G damages our immune systems. But 5G is hip, and it makes $. Lots of greedy, arrogant hip people who want the latest on their cell phones, so screw the rest of us.

I say we put 5G on hold till we get real studies on it. How much more internet do we need?

Enough for now. I have lots of friends who are facing bankruptcy, eviction and other unpleasant realities. Thank God that all are healthy. I will do my best to keep it that way, researching quinine, chloroquine and azithromycin, and dealing at hipsters who leave their mess in the park.

Which is a deja vu; my first ever civic act was to write a letter to then-Mayor John Lindsey telling him that hipster heroin addicts were letting their dogs poop in the sandbox in Tompkins Square Park, lower Manhattan, where I lived in 1970. He replied. He assured me he would take care of it. Even then, at the age of seven, I knew I was being lied to.

Since then, I have trusted few politicians, least of all, the left-wing NY pols who deprive us of our hospitals and refuse to buy ventilators.

I trust in the Lord who has the cure. We must pray. That is my best advice.

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  • St. Vincent’s saved my life in the late 90s. I was stunned and upset when they closed; it made no sense. To build yet more condos, ok. The psychological effect seemed to be “We do not acknowledge sickness or death. Those people do not exist to us. The past does not exist either. Only the young and healthy and wealthy exist now.” as for Chirlane Disgracio, I can hardly look at her face or that of her husband. Once the veil is pulled back and their corruption, incompetence, mendacity, and greed is exposed, it will rival that of Jimmy Walker one hundred years ago to the day. P.S. Your friend battling MMS should notify the NY Post pronto.

  • Firstly they are advising in the UK to socially distance by 2 metres so that without using an imperial measurement is 6 and a bit feet for you guys, wash your hands before you leave your home and wash them as soon as you some in. Don’t sign for deliveries. My wife and I aren’t sleeping in the same room at the moment because we value life more. We have isolated apart for about a week now so please understand this is very serious.

    Kids are immune but equally carry it without showing signs most of the times. In fact a lot of adults do too so this is very serious. So don’t mix kids who go out to play together then infect unknowingly. Particularly if they are looked after by Grandma or Grandpa outside of school.

    We are effectively locked down in the UK now, not officially, but laws have been passed to ensure so (first of a kind). I expect it to happen.

    With regard to the guy who chased down the dog owner. Dogs do not carry this virus but avoid sharing your dog in a silly like way so you kiss it then allow the dog to kiss your partner straight away where you just did. The dog is not a carrier your dumb brain is for doing this.

    The shedding of this virus is quite heavy according to reports which means beyond 2 metres anyone who coughs it will hit the ground within 2m so aside from washing hands, watch the touching the soles of your feet in areas of infection in places like NY state etc.

    Ventilators are key and in short supply so already if you are over a certain age they are putting DNR on you. DNR= Do Not Resusitate and this thing scars lungs as goes. Stay safe.

    • When I write I write from facts. So please do NOT try to rebut from your lack of knowledge, it is highly annoying.
      A dog indeed DIED from coronavirus in Hong Kong.
      And it is only logical to point out that the hair on a dog or other mammal could well be surface for a virus.
      Dog feces, if it does not carry coronavirus, in NEVER to be left in the park for people to step in.
      I have looked very carefully at this and have in fact been on this issue for 50+ years.

      This is a zoonone, which goes from humans to animals and vice versa.

      EXPECT dogs to get it and be VERY CAREFUL with your pets.

      • Ken Gibson please don’t lecture me on trying to provide facts as they are being reported. I’d take that dogs odds in Hong Kong right now, if I could, if he was the only dog that died in the world so far due to “allegedly” coronavisus.

        Stay safe.

        • This idea that pets don’t get it is FALSE – VERY DANGEROUS AND FAKE NEWS.
          Click here to dispel this myth and see how dangerous and stupid some of these trolls are:

          Here is the part of that which deals some facts to you guys:

          Pets can get coronaviruses.
          Husky at the vet
          Unfortunately, cats and dogs are able to contract coronaviruses—sometimes with deadly consequences. A 2011 study in the journal Advances in Virology discusses how what’s called pantropic canine coronavirus can infect cats and dogs. And a virus known as feline infectious peritonitis can cause cats to exhibit flu-like symptoms or even organ failure.

          At the beginning of March, it was confirmed that a dog in Hong Kong contracted coronavirus from his owner. “There are strains of coronavirus that do affect dogs, typically puppies,” Christie Long, DVM, the head of veterinary medicine at Modern Animal in Los Angeles, previously told Best Life. “As coronaviruses themselves are capable of rapid mutation, we are always on the lookout for evidence of disease caused by new strains of this virus.”

      • Gotta fact-check: Not died “from”.

        Elderly dog dies in Hong Kong after release from precautionary coronavirus quarantine

        “A 17-year-old dog in Hong Kong, which had been cleared of the coronavirus after initial suspicions of infection were proven unfounded, has died two days after it was released from quarantine, authorities said on Wednesday.”

        Pet’s fur is a very unlikely viral vector.- you could fact-check that one, too.

        • Fact check common knowledge? No way. Pet fur is a great place. Miles of surface area, kept warm.
          Is this not obvious? Some pet owners are extremely selfish – and dangerous – if you care to fact check –
          look at the dogs who maim and kill children. Laws do not apply to these sick dog owners, who keep dangerous breeds against local laws.
          So I don’t need you two to even try to suggest we overlook the obvious. Where I live there selfish pet owners, some keeping illegal and dirty breeds of all kinds of dogs, snakes etc – and people are dying.
          We do not appreciate the added risk. And this dog that died in HK had the virus – so enough said.
          Please STFU and wash your pets.
          We don’t want to die for some cute pooch.
          I even like dogs, as a falconry enthusiast, I am around dogs, but around responsible dog owners.
          Falcons are regulated in this country, only responsible owners are allowed to keep them in very specified conditions.
          We ought to make laws that prohibit people from keeping dogs if they don’t clean up after their dogs.
          The dog mess could kill lots of people, and even if you get on your perch and ask for a fact check, it is
          a mess that we don’t need. No need to fact check that – use common sense for once in your life.

        • BTW, the Reuters story is contradicted by other more responsible news outlets that DO report that this dog had the virus.

          • What other “more responsible news outlets?”

            Even Fox news is reporting that you’re wrong, and that it was an elderly dog who died after testing free of the virus – with even the initial positive test in doubt:

            First dog to test positive for coronavirus dies

            ‘The first known dog that tested positive for the novel coronavirus, a 17-year-old Pomeranian, has died in Hong Kong, according to a local media report.

            According to the South China Morning Post, the dog passed away on Monday after it was returned home, following a government quarantine and a negative test. The dog, which belonged to a 60-year-old woman who recovered from the disease known as COVID-19, had previously tested “weak positive” for the virus, Fox News previously reported.’


            I notice that you can never admit you’re wrong, and just make stuff up and assert it as if it were true, hoping no one will fact-check you.

            When called out, you also employ the rhetorical or propaganda technique of diverting or digressing into long-winded anecdotes about largely unrelated things.

            Those are the same sort of techniques that the narcissistic psychopath Raniere used with his NXIVM, followers, interestingly.

            p.s. I’ll grant that your prose is better than the average word salad, too bad you can’t put that talent to better use.

  • You are promoting Bayer? They manufacture RoundUp a real killer of a product.
    Please stop maligning my Governor. If you are a NY resident, I urge you to relocate to another state ASAP.

    • Your governor is a corrupt criminal who is lining himself up to be a presidential candidate to be crushed by Trump in November. I left the shit hole of New York when his corrupt POS father became governor.

    • I am not promoting Bayer. I stated a fact, that due to the influence of President Trump, they donated 3 million choroquine pills to the US. And as another poster noted here, and as I noted in my 2006 book “Hemp for Victory”, Monsanto invented Roundup.
      Who is your governor? How am I maligning this person?
      Leaving is not an option at this point, as I have people here for whom I must care.

  • Please leave comments or post more on 5G – one article I saw was very good but tended to blame an entire nation for this. Certain people and companies all over the globe are doing this, for greed. I would like to know what we can do.

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