Former Boyfriend of Sara Bronfman Talks About Intimacy Thwarted by the Vanguard

Sars Bronfman Igtet

I published some of this material in the past but it warrants another look now that the Nxivm gang is largely broken up and Sara Bronfman is now the subject of a massive civil lawsuit with some 80 plaintiffs.

Sara is wed to Basit Igtet and was last seen in Portugal after leaving, in turn, the USA, the UK and France.

Sara married Basit in 2013. She was pregnant at the time of their wedding. They now have two daughters.

Basit Igtet and Sara Bronfman with their first-born child.

Prior to her fairly whirlwind courtship with Basit, Sara had a longstanding but covert relationship with Lama Tenzin Dhonden, the American emissary of the Dalai Lama.

Lama Tenzin was supposedly a Buddhist monk who, according to the vows he took, was precluded from having sex with women.

Sara Bronfman with her Lama Tenzin


Lama Tenzin with the Dalai Lama

Sara was one of the few members of Keith’s female circle that was free to date other men. Normally, once Keith offered his miracle sperm to a woman, she was to be his forever.

While there is no doubt that Keith and Sara communed on the highest level, consummating with the noble gift of his sperm, for some inexplicable reason the Vanguard permitted her to be with other men.

Inscrutable are the ways of the glorious Vanguard.

Edgar Boone built Nxivm in Mexico and he seems to want to grow it again. He dated Sara for a time.

Over the years, Sara dated Edgar Boone, the pioneer of all things Mexican in Nxivm; Emiliano Salinas, the son of the former Mexican president Carlos Salinas; and reportedly several others in the Nxivm cult.

In 2008, she began wooing the Lama Tenzin in order to get the Dalai Lama to come to Albany and publicly endorse her master.

The two of them – the monk and the heiress – soon struck up a warm relationship and, encouraged by Raniere, Sara bedded the lover Lama. It was a well-kept secret until one day in Los Angeles, Sara and the Lama were guests at the house of a friend.

A neighbor dropped in unexpectedly and caught Sara and Lover Lama nude in the backyard hot tub canoodling and in a hot necking embrace. The nosy neighbor could not keep her trap shut – and told everybody, including her neighbor and friends of Sara.

It became a bit of a scandal that the Dalai Lama’s top emissary in the USA was a fraud. The reaction among the Raniere harem, however, was far less judgmental. They were used to their spiritual master having sexual relationships with women, thinking it was a deeply spiritual experience.

Sara was seen as doing the noble work of her Vanguard by sleeping with the Lama.  It all worked out pretty good too in the end. Lover Lama was able to get the Dalai Lama to make an appearance in Albany [after several hitches which we will discuss in another post] and allowed Sara and her sister, Clare Bronfman, to sit on stage with him. At the end of the Dalai Lama’s speech, he invited the Vanguard on stage and gave him a white sash.

The Dalai Lama gives Keith Raniere a white sash, May 2009

After the Dalai Lama’s appearance, the Lama Tenzin and Sara continued in their largely clandestine relationship for several years, the Lama even moving to Albany and living with Sara for a time.  But evidently loved cooled and the Lama left the embraces of Sara to take up other works, other endeavors and, quite possibly, other lady friends.

In any event, let us go back before Lama Tenzin and her husband, Basit Igtet, to the days when Sara was free to date despite being a sexual slave, in effect, to her Vanguard.

This was written by someone using the moniker Saline 22.

By Saline 22

I went on a few dates with Sara Bronfman a few years back. She is charming and pretty. The dates were fun. I liked her but she kept talking about the guy she worked for. It was Keith Raniere of course. At first, I just thought it was her boss. But she talked about him so much that it got kinda gross. She called him ‘The Vanguard’ here and there and I asked what that meant and she said it was just the thing they called him. I, of course, learned all about Raniere later. But at the time, I just thought he was her boss or something. In one conversation, she said he was her ‘spiritual guide’. At that point, alarm bells started going off.

About the same time, we had begun the first stages of intimacy and it looked like things were going to go all the way. I don’t know how to put this delicately but we were just about to get there when she stopped me. She said something I will never forget. ‘I can’t do this unless you understand that I belong to Keith. You have to share me with him’. That was the end. I put on my clothes and left. I have only seen her a couple of times since in passing but we never went out again. After that, I started asking questions and found out all about Raniere and Nxivm. That was maybe the weirdest experience of my life. I’m not ‘scarred’ or anything like that but I will never look at dating the same way again. She seemed really normal and somebody I could start a relationship with. So the revelation was a total shock.

BTW is it just me or has this site sort of become a ‘Nxivm self-help’ group? LOL!


Clare [l] and Sara [r] Bronfman
I think Saline 22’s story has the ring of truth. I find it especially interesting that Sara was willing to bed Saline but she made it clear that her first man would always be Vanguard.  Saline not desiring a cuck relationship with Sara promptly got dressed and left.

This shows that there are people with good instincts. They got the red alarm right off the bat, like everyone probably did and they chose to leave.

For the men such as Saline, all he really lost was a kooky promiscuous heiress. But the women who did not give up all for their Vanguard lost the following.

Warning Grotesque Images ahead!

This advisory is published in conformity with Ethical Media Publications Standards of the Ethical Media Congregation of Ethical Persons

Sara Bronfman-Igtet said that no matter what other man might come into her life, this man [above] was first.

Sara Bronfman put her Vanguard first – and above all others.

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  • The comment section used to be more like a support group for those of us who had direct experience with the people involved, and the intensives, etc. That was before the trolls came and destroyed it.

    • Thanks for that reminder of the role that the Frank Report once served.

      Unfortunately trolls will use the anonymity of the internet to exploit free speech, to destroy others’ opportunities to speak, unless somehow moderated.

  • Without the Bronfman money, this batshit crazy crew wouldn’t have been able to do half the “sinister” bullshit they did. Nobody would ever have known of them. Without that money, they’d have not been a threat to anyone. Well, anyone with a brain

    They get way too much credit as serious criminals and a threat to anyone’s safety. I’m sure most especially in the younger years there were people that put the fear of god in Raniere and his misfits.

  • What an interesting article and from such a direct and unique perspective. On the way to making love, but thankfully, Sara Bronfman showed her cards. And the man said no, thanks. R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

    She looked like cheesecake but turned out to be dogmeat and crab salad.

    Wowza. This reminds me of something that Princess Diana said, about how there were three people in her marriage.

    “Inscrutable are the ways of the glorious Vanguard” of MDC. Do tell. The Inglorious Turd. Maybe it was just a matter of “it takes one to know one,” between Sara Bronfman and her guru, the hobgoblin, Flabturd.

    Raniere (and his devil) might’ve decided to make a deal with Sara Bronfman’s devil; she could pipe in $$$, influence and status to him, but only if he understood that she was gonna fuck around. It might have sounded good at the time. Let’s Make a Deal

    And look at how Sara Bronfman wound up with Monty Hall’s strangest booby prize, Basit Igtet. Even Britney Spears would call that jack rabbit Toxic.

    Remembering an ancient tv gameshow, look at Keith Raniere, trapped like a rat as Queef Reignrear for now. As a longlost contestant on Queen for a Day, the newly released Sicko Episodes, he almost won.

    Unfortunately he’s in no position to receive the tiara or the first prize, a splendid Whirlpool washer and dryer. Where he lives even Preparation H can be impossible to squeeze.

  • “she made it clear that her first man would always be Vanguard. Saline did not desire a cuck relationship with Sara”

    If he was truly emotionally attracted to Sara, then he would be the cuck. If she was just a lay, then he could have sex with another cuck’s woman, if he wanted. And Saline actually might have wanted to if she were much prettier–he probably would be just fine with sharing Kristin Kreuk with Hildreth and/or Vanguard.

    • Shivani:
      In the end we will all be exposed to the virus, just like in any flu season.
      We must make sure that it has as few symptoms as possible.
      No smoking of anything.
      Get plenty of fluids and rest.
      Don’t use ibuprofen.
      Avoid nursing homes and infecting the elderly.
      Above all else, don’t panic.
      We’re going to make it through this problem.

      • We must make sure that it spreads as little as possible, until a vaccine is available – likely in 1 to 2 years.

        If it’s like a flu season with about 31 million cases, at COVID-19’s 20% hospitalization rate, that would be 6.2 million.

        We only have fewer than 1 million hospital beds, and if the system becomes overwhelmed even the young will increasingly die.

        The way through is to flatten the curve.

        • Sorry, but you’re failing to understand that the 20% hospitalization rate is largely for ‘unnecessary’ hospital stays (non ICU treatment) from ‘terrified’ people who fear death due to media hysteria.

          FACT: Hospitals cannot easily turn people away if they have COVID and are seeking hospital treatment.

          Why not?

          Because if a single person died (after being sent home) then the Doctors in charge would probably be fired. This is a politically correct hot potato.

          People infected with COVID are so ‘terrified’ (due to media hysteria) that they’re seeking hospital stays in greater numbers, whether they need to be there or not.

          However, ‘regular’ hospital beds can’t save any lives for COVID patients — only ICU beds can.

          *There is VERY LITTLE that any hospital can do to treat COVID unless a person is in ICU and needs a respirator/ventilator to help them breathe.

          Antibiotics don’t work for COVID and the type of pneumonia it creates is also not usually receptive to antibiotics (even though some types of pneumonia can be treated).

          Thus, regular hospital beds are NOT saving lives, you dipshit. They are only calming nerves.

          Regular hospital beds are simply keeping people hydrated and rested, which any person can do at home.

          Younger people (who are healthy) will NOT be dying in mass numbers simply because they can’t sleep in a ‘normal’ hospital bed with their favorite teddy bear out of ‘fear’. LOL.

          You’re delusional.

          Only the sickest and weakest are dying.

          Younger people with pre-existing conditions are dying but they are already immune compromised or otherwise unhealthy ——- and they are dying in ICU beds (not regular hospital beds).

          COVID will NOT be killing millions of healthy young people regardless of how many hospital beds are available. LOL.

          I can’t wait to rub your nose in it (this summer) when I remind you of these doomsday posts you’ve been making.

          Prepare to have egg on your face.

          You and Joe will be screaming ‘doomsday’ and ‘millions of young deaths’ until the cows come home.

          You want nothing more than to see suffering on a mass scale so you can blame it on Trump.

          How pitiful.

          But I will hold you accountable and make you eat crow this summer.

          Have a nice day. 🙂

          • Also…

            There’s no ‘guarantee’ that a vaccine will ever work as planned against every strain. Yes it’s very possible, but it’s not guaranteed.

            You can’t pin humanity’s hopes on a single ‘hopeful’ outcome.

            You must assume that the worst possible scenario could happen, which means no vaccine that works.

            In other words, IF the vaccine doesn’t work and/or immunity doesn’t last as long as predicted, then society cannot just ‘shut down’ and stay at home forever to flatten the curve — you dumb fuck.


            Cuz hundreds of millions of jobless people can’t be fed and housed by the government for more than a few months before they’d be homeless and starving.

            …and that’s billions of people when we factor in other countries, worldwide.

            Rent can be delayed a few months and the government can cut a few monthly checks for food —– but landlords and banks can’t just let people live for free for years, without our society collapsing.

            At some point people will realize that they’re gonna have to treat COVID like the flu and just take their chances with a low fatality possibility.


            Because the ‘alternative’ (shutting down society permanently) isn’t gonna be palatable for more than 6 months, because people aren’t gonna tolerate being jobless for years just to prevent the oldest and sickest from dying 1 or 2 years earlier than normal.

            At some point the ADULTS must regain control of the insane asylum currently being promoted by mainstream media.

          • What evidence do you have to claim that the 20% hospitalization rate is largely for ‘unnecessary’ hospital stays?

            Do you really expect us to believe in Italy, for instance, that they’re letting people who don’t need to be in hospitals, take up beds? That they are, as reported by Italian doctors in multiple media reports, already starting to triage and put older and sicker COVID-19 patients out in hallways to die, if there were less serious cases they could shunt aside?

            ‘the virus’ rapid spread was forcing them to operate like war-time medics, triaging patients to decide who would receive access to scarce ICU beds.’


            Gingrich said that Italy has a “decent health system” but no country would be fully prepared for the “scale” of cases that have overwhelmed their hospitals.


            And, yes, if it reaches the predicted serious scenario here where there end up being 6 patients for every ICU bed, or a worst case scenario approaching 20, people will be turned away, or at least put out in the tent wards already being set up, where they would receive little more than minimal care:

            When Hospitals Can’t Save Everyone

            ”If cases continue to build up the way they have been, hospital capacity is likely to be overwhelmed in at least parts of the country, which could mean doctors have to decide who gets access to treatment and who does not, much as happened in Italy.
            And speaking of age, the Centers for Disease Control has a new report pointing out that a lot of people who need intense medical treatment are not particularly old. So there will be intergenerational competition for ventilators.
            Basically, younger adults are unlikely to die from this, but many of them do require hospitalization or even ICU care.”


  • ” for some inexplicable reason the Vanguard permitted her to be with other men.” Frank Parlato

    I think Sara’s 300 million dollars had something to do with the Vanguard’s tolerance of her promiscuity.

    Perhaps Sara should consider relocating to beautiful Benghazi after the dust settles on this NXIVM thing.

    I understand the friendly people of Benghazi are very tolerant of half Jewish American liquor heiresses.

    Just ask foreign US Ambassador Chris Stevens how friendly the people of Benghazi can be.

  • Love that pixie cut on Sara. Reminds me of Kristin Kruek’s shock chop when she first appeared as the GBD poster girl.

    And of my sister, Gina Hutchinson’s, look in the last Summer of her life.

  • Keith & Co. used the Bronfman sister’s in every way possible to make inroads into power.

    Their Tibetan Buddhist power grab began with my sister, Gina Hutchinson, who wound up dead at a Buddhist monestary.

    Initially, Keith was outraged that Gina had other lovers and mentors until he saw a way to use that to his advantage. Then he encouraged her while covertly punishing her for it.

    He’d always used Gina to recruit acolytes and experiment on in the name of curing her disintegration’s and Luciferian traits. But the evidence proves he was secretly grooming her to ‘suicide’ herself all along, for decades.

    There’s evidence that Kristin Snyder — another fatality — was also being groomed in the same path Gina took.

    Kristin’s mother, Johnnie, showed me notes that Kristin took around the time of her death about Buddhist teachings that could have come straight from Gina’s journal.

    Remember, Keith described ‘sheep’ AND ‘goats’ in his flock.

    I believe he used Sara’s promiscuity and, later, her marriage arrangements to a Muslim to weaponize her.

    Sara is lucky to be alive.

  • You should have taken that poontang she offered you —– then dumped her AFTER getting inside her panties.

    You misplayed that one badly, bro.

    Never turn down pussy from a reasonably attractive woman. Sara was reasonably attractive many years ago (but not really today)

    Poontang is poontang. You can’t undervalue it.

    It’s a relatively sought after commodity.

    It has many uses.

    Rule 1: Never turn down pussy, beer or steak

    Rule 2: If you’re gonna dump a whore for whatever reason, do it AFTER she gives you the pussy

    Use these rules for a more fulfilling life. 🙂

    • The author might have saved himself herpes by turning her down. After all, she slept with the germy one!

    • Sara Bronfman and Nancy Salzman both purportedly offered some nooky to Frank Parlato.

      And let’s not rule out she whose name shall not be spoken on FR.

      We’ve also been informed that Clare Bronfman dreamt of Frank’s astral projection guidance.

      To what do you attribute your irresistibility to NXIVM’s leading ladies, Frank?

    • Some people have self-respect, Bangkok. You should get some.

      You and Vanguard ain’t much different. You just go about it in different ways while pretending not to be like him.

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