More Questions About Kristin Snyder – And What Floats Floats

By Shivani

Elaine Smiloff talked to Frank Parlato about driving Kristin Snyder home and said Kristin seemed in no condition to make a long drive.

She seems to have admitted that she just left Kristin at her door without caring about Kristin’s “condition” at all. Heidi Clifford was given to think that Elaine was with Kristin and would stay with her until Heidi got home that evening.

Why the discrepancy?

One could think Heidi was being deceived by Nxivm staff to keep her at the intensive, and that would provide a window of time for Kristin and her talk about Raniere getting her pregnant to be handled, put to an end.

The truck could have been driven by [Name Redacted], to get the truck to where it was located, to fit a diversionary narrative and “suicide” location. [Name Redacted] could’ve simply walked home to her nearby cabin.

[Name Redacted]  – sketch by MK10ART.
Kristin could have died and been disposed of elsewhere.

Speculatively her death could have even happened in her own home in Anchorage before Heidi Clifford left the intensive.

It’d be likely that Kristin was placed nearer to where she met her end and was not driven, deceased, to anywhere near where the truck was left.

MK10ART’s painting of Elaine Smiloff and Miller’s Landing where Kristin Snyder’s truck was found.

Where was Esther Chiappone Carlson after Kristin was driven off in a vehicle by Elaine? Did she leave the ESP intensive that same afternoon, for one reason or another? Is her time accounted for by reliable witnesses, as her having stayed at the Westmark Hotel until the intensive ended for that day/evening?

Where was Karen Abney? Where was [Name Redacted]? Where was every ESP Anchorage staff member, after Kristin was expelled from the group and then disappeared?

Did Nancy Salzman or someone else have Kristin hidden somewhere in a staff member’s house after Elaine dropped Kristin off at her and Heidi’s house?

It was only about eight miles from the Westmark to Kristin’s residence. Anyone who wanted to isolate Kristin had around three and a half hours advantage over Heidi Clifford being able to note that Kristin wasn’t home.

It took Heidi hours longer that night to decide to call the police and report Kristin missing.

We don’t know the specifics of Heidi saying that Kristin could be suicidal or exactly why she said so. We only have ideas. We don’t know either exactly how it came to be that Heidi thought she might know where Kristin might’ve gone.

All we know is that Heidi Clifford had a feeling that Kristin may have taken off for Seward or Resurrection Bay.

[Ed. note: Heidi Clifford told Frank Report that she did not single out Resurrection Bay exclusively but told police that there were a number of places she liked to go including Resurrection Bay.]

It does not make much sense, if Heidi and others saw Kristin being driven away in a distraught condition and not having another vehicle other than their truck, which was as the hotel.

Kristin Snyder in her Toyota truck. How did she get back to the hotel to get it?

Heidi must have assumed that Kristin got the pickup truck from the Westmark Hotel. How fast did Heidi get a ride once she found the Toyota truck was gone and then arrive home herself?

Both Kristin and Heidi would have been very upset at these turns of events at the intensive, which were already impacting them before the intensive had begun. I do think that Heidi knows more than she has felt ready to reveal. The reason seems to be fear. Also she might not know certain things for certain at all but could have her own suspicions about what happened.

Who to trust, when a whole group has been deceptive, and your mate disappears? Who knows what someone from the staff might have said to Heidi Clifford? She could have been misinformed again and again, treated like dirt or threatened that she would be the prime suspect if Kristin was gone. The staff could have told Heidi that they themselves would blame her.

MK!0ART – Keith Raniere and his dutiful slave Esther Chiappone Carlson. If anybody knows what happened to Kristin Snyder it is likely to be these two.

A lot is missing, things, details that we don’t know yet and might not know, maybe ever.

Yes, it does look to me as if the fanatical scatterbrains were capable of carrying out and covering up a crime. It would have been done as a reverential service for Raniere. With Nancy Salzman advising the participants, particularly if the Resurrection Bay scene was fabricated to put the attention of law enforcement and searchers away from the scene of a crime and from the real location of Kristin’s body.

Certainly Kristin’s death could have been bloodless. She might have been drugged, rendered unconscious and then asphyxiated, for example.

Maybe Nancy Salzman herself brought a black bag on a fast flight to Anchorage as soon as Kristin was taken from the intensive. Or maybe she sent “a black medical bag” to Anchorage with an escort who knew what to do.

Kristin Snyder could’ve killed herself. She could have driven hours in the Alaskan cold wearing purple slippers, after getting the Toyota out of the Westmark parking lot. But where was her body, if she did kill herself? Where was any circumstantial evidence, if she paddled out into the bay?

MK10ART’s painting of Kristin Snyder kayaking, but did she kill herself this way?

My father was out on the Connecticut River’s historic flooding in 1938, in a rowboat with one other young man, working to rescue people. These waters were huge, and I just remember him telling me of things that he saw. I know a river is quite different than ocean, but Lord knows, much of what sinks comes to the surface. And what floats floats.


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  • I just wanted to tell Frank that although AnonyMaker hates whipping dead horses, the whole purpose of having a dead horse is to whip it further.

    Whipping a dead horse makes the world go round.

    A day without whipping a dead horse is like a day without sunshine.

    Question for AnonyFaker…

    How many millions of duplicate RUSSIA/PUTIN COLLUSION STORIES have we heard in the media —- which pretty much said nothing new?

    This is just a rough estimate on my part, but I’m guessing at least:


    (that’s 99 Gazillion, for the layperson)

    So while AnonyFaker wants to shut down the Kristin Snyder saga simply because we’ve already discussed it 10 or 11 times before, I say FUCK THAT SHIT.

    We should whip this dead horse as many times as we can.

    In fact, I think we need to explore the possible ‘incompetence’ of Kim Snyder and how her laziness may have contributed to the injustice and lack of investigation into Kristin’s death.

    I think that’s a new angle that Frank hasn’t explored yet.

    Kim is lashing out at Frank for dropping the investigation, yet Kim was too lazy to challenge Heidi Clifford’s lies 17 years ago and to hound police to investigate further.

    We need to hold Kim Snyder accountable for her own inaction (17 years ago) which may have contributed to the lack of justice for Kristin Snyder 17 years later.

    Frank needs to stop protecting Kim Snyder and deleting any comments which criticize her, Heidi, “L” or Joe O’Hara.

    Frank needs to stop playing favorites here cuz it’s beginning to piss me off. We’re all adults here, Frank. We can all take insults with a grain of salt. We don’t need you protecting anybody and playing God.

    You’re a real piece of shit, Frank. I won’t bow down to you, sir.

  • Heidi says she just kinda thought Kristin might want to go to Seward/ Resurrection Bay in February As a little road trip? Are you kidding? Not plausible. Seward is full of tourists and charter boats in summer. But it is dead in winter. And freezing, wind from glacier. No one is there then, except a skeleton crew. The Bay is surrounded by steep mountains with little light even at midday, and the days are short. You’d be lucky to find restaurant open. She didn’t line up a place to stay. Its a unique type trip to go to Seward in winter. So much easier to kill herself in Anchorage. She could have killed herself kayaking in Cook Inlet five minutes from the Westmark, or, heck, she coulda jumped off a balcony at the Westmark . Heidi needs to be asked– why would./ did Kristin want to go to Seward, just about the last likely place someone from Anchorage would go mid-week in end of winter. For the zillionth time, the others attendees at the intensive need to be questioned. It was a small group. Especially considering Kristin’s group accounted for 3. A lot had strong Nxium connections or worked for it– they were not “just students.”

    • fi, good questions and good points.

      I’ve previously pointed out from the sad cases of women I’ve known, including two who traveled far or made a calculated effort to try to ensure that their body would be lost forever, that people who commit suicide often seem to have an urge to make a final dramatic gesture and statement. Remember, you are trying to analyze, from a sane and logical frame of mind, the actions of someone who was going psychotic, thought they were responsible for the space shuttle disaster that killed 7 astronauts, and was so desperate to have already laid out in the freezing snow apparently hoping to die (perhaps just the sort of dramatic gesture typical of half-hearted suicide attempts – but there’s that element of drama again).

      But, yes, those involved or with knowledge should be questioned and investigated to determine what happened, if only to expose the degree of NXIVM’s negligence and depraved indifference.

  • Thank you, Shivani.
    That is a great rundown of all of the unanswered questions concerning Kristin Snyder’s disappearance.

    In going through the recent complaint filed by Attorney Neil Glazer against the NXIVM defendants, I noted the inclusion of charges that NXIVM encouraged its members to engage in the unauthorized practice of psychotherapy.
    The result was that many people were traumatized and suffered from nervous break downs.

    “The complaint (PDF) alleges that the defendants peddled an inherently risky “pseudo-scientific hodgepodge of psychotherapeutic methods” as expensive self-improvement courses, taken by thousands of unsuspecting people, many of whom lost their life savings and were severely traumatized by the process. ”

    NXIVM’s psychotherapy was devised by NXIVM’s co-founder Nasty Nancy Salzman.
    Most of it involved bullying and browbeating the students.
    Making people abandon all notions of reality and common sense.

    Keith Raniere taught women that he could “cure” them of lesbianism, a dubious claim.
    In the process, it appears that Kristin Snyder became pregnant and members of NXIVM denied Kristin the medical care she needed pushing Kristin to perhaps consider suicide as a reasonable alternative.
    This kind of outrageous behavior by the Ghouls of NXIVM could be considered a form of murder and might fall within the realm of Neil Glazer’s lawsuit.

    Other NXIVM defendants like Allison Mack told a woman who had been traumatized by sexual molestation as a child that the cure to her trauma as a child was to have sex with Keith Raniere.
    Another crackpot claim by Allison Mack.
    From its very beginning right up to NXIVM’S demise, this kind of criminal madness was the norm in NXIVM.

    I want Kim Snyder to find some closure in the case of her sister.
    I want Kim’s questions to be answered and I want the perpetrators called to account.
    Kim Snyder should contact Neil Glazer and relate to him the circumstances of her sister’s disappearance.
    Neil Glazer can be reacher at:
    For information about this lawsuit please call Neil Glazer at 215-238-1700 or email him at

    Perhaps some legal heat can bring out the truth about what happened to Kristin Snyder.
    Kim, it’s important that you act on this matter as soon as possible.
    Frank Parlato as a journalist can only do so much to uncover the truth.
    Again Neil Glazer can be reached at:
    For information about this lawsuit please call Neil Glazer at 215-238-1700 or email him at

    • Kim Snyder is an emotional & selfish idiot —- who would only HURT Glazer’s lawsuit if she ever became a part of it.

  • I thought we’d beaten this to death already. There certainly are questions that ought to be answered – but until or unless they are, continued speculation isn’t going to get us anywhere. And any such new information may just confirm that the truth is more mundane, and the speculation overblown – it looks like we’re about to see an example of the need for revision, in the case of the Kendra Voth story that invited so much theorizing commentary but then had to be taken down.

    Among the things I’ve pointed out previously, including with links to multiple sources, are that people disappear into the wilderness just a few miles from downtown Anchorage, so a clever conspiracy wouldn’t have needed to take the risk of a long drive set up a plausible scenario for someone vanishing – and people in Alaska disappear with surprising frequency, at a rate that is about twice that of the rest of the US, due to a variety of unusual things about the place, and the people who live there.

    Just this January, a kayaker disappeared much closer to Anchorage – and their body has never been found:

    Responders suspend search for missing kayaker
    Jan 05, 2020
    “According to the Coast Guard, 36-year-old Kale Pastel was reported missing Sunday after not returning from an early morning kayaking trip to Birdsnest Bay.”

    “Kale Pastel is missing from Japonski Island, Sitka, Alaska since January 2020. Was kayaking from Eliason Harbor to BIrds Nest Bay”
    “Salais Elena: This just makes no sense to me. I mean I know nothing of the Alaska but Kale was no novice. Strong, skilled and experienced in those waters. On a day that by all accounts was not bad weather. Maybe I’m just in denial. Praying 🙏🏼 for a miracle still!”.

    Looking for that turned up yet another case from 2016, that’s another weird one – the guy left for an evening walk, but then apparently decided to go for a midnight kayak trip. Maybe it’s an Alaska sort of thing that us lower 48ers just don’t get:

    UPDATE: Missing kayaker presumed dead
    April 8, 2016
    “Mills was reported missing by his wife after he did not return from a solo kayaking trip on Wednesday night.”
    “Mills left his home in the 1400 block of Halibut Point Road at 10 PM Wednesday night, after telling his wife he was going for a walk. ”

    Also, Frank’s initially posting of a picture of a pair of typical fuzzy bedroom slippers was probably misleading; if Snyder was going out even to an event at a hotel in Alaska in winter, she may well have been wearing something more like what comes from Maine, shearling-lined Women’s Wicked Good Moccasins:

    “With exceptional cushioning comfort, a precise fit and a thermoplastic rubber outsole make our popular women’s furry slippers the coziest ever.”

      • I’ve said time and again the NXians involved should come forward with the truth, and that the family, in particular, deserves answers – that’s why I’ve gone out of my way to take more action in the real world than just about anyone else here to assist with that, and the effort is not done yet. Wanting answers does not equate to engaging in endless online speculation – in fact, the latter eventually becomes a distraction if not even counter-productive.

        Speaking of gangsters, and action in the real world, have you started going around Chicago taking on the Italian-Americans and various other -Americans who insist on maintaining their loyalty to some other motherland by flying its flag, speaking its language, maintaining ethnic clubs to avoid really assimilating – and “cordially invite them to leave” to paraphrase your own words? Have you even checked to see if the library carries identity politics rags like Fra Noi, L’Italo-Americano, America Oggi, La Gaceta (Tampa), Il Corriere del Popolo, La Voce di New York, Il Progresso Italo-Americano, I’M Italian, Primo Magazine, Italian America (published by the Order Sons and Daughters of Italy in America), Italian American Review, Italian Americana, VIA: Voices in Italian Americana – and who knows what else may be out there – and asked to have such divisive and un-American material removed? Or are you unwilling to even lift a finger to do anything about the things you complain so feverishly about?

        • “I’ve said time and again the NXians involved should come forward with the truth”

          NXIVM has its own Omerta.
          As for the Italian gangs of Chicagoland, they are not what they were thirty years ago.
          The old street crews are dying off and being replaced by new ethnic groups.
          Ethnic gangs far more violent.

          One mobster I knew Tony the Hatchet Chiarmanti got out of prison only to be gunned down by younger mobsters in the parking lot of a Brown’s Chicken.
          Another one I knew Little Tony Zizzo is now sleeping with the fishes.

          “Stubborn, tough-talking Chicago mafia lieutenant Anthony (Tony the Hatchet) Chiaramonti was slain on Thanksgiving eve 15 years ago, November 22, 2001, shot dead at close range in the vestibule of a local fast-food joint, the first victim of a fierce power struggle at the top of the Windy City mob for control of the Outfit’s Cicero crew. The notorious 67-year old gangland enforcer’s murder has never been solved.”


          The Godfather – Luca Brasi Sleeps With The Fishes 5/10 (HD)

          • It may be more than just a coincidence that the Raniere-Del Negro-Vicente-Natalie-Chiappone crime syndicate AKA NXIVM, operated on principles like “omerta.”

            You can ask Heidi where her Pippino-Romano family (don’t be misled by Gina’s sister going by the last name Hutchinson), who sold NXIVM the crew’s two main social lairs, fits in.

          • p.s. I meant to add, why aren’t you investigating the obvious Italian angle in NXIVM, since you seem to have a nose for conspiracy theories?

            Does a Chicagoan like you have some vested interest in not nosing around that too much?

          • Anonymaker,

            Not to mention that Parlato is also an Italian name. And if you investigate a little, you will discover that Roger Stone is half Italian (and also half French Canadian.)

            Even David Miscavige, Scientology’s fearless leader, is at least half Italian.


          • Heidi, I don’t think of it so much as trolling, as subtlety….

            p.s. I’m ragging on Italians, to give Frank a bit of grief about his continuing to let through nastiness about the the subsequent love-to-hate immigrants, Mexicans and Muslims. On an individual basis, I love my Italians 🙂

            p.p.s. Flowers, I am aware of, and have previously referenced, the background of Don Frank “The Sicilian” Parlato. I didn’t know that Stone was actually his paisano, and hadn’t really thought about Miscavige, who I think is actually only about a quarter Italian – is that enough to count for trying to attributing his evil nature to ethnic origins? 🙂

    • This is a comment written by me, but it wasn’t written anytime recently. It happens that it was published here today, and I have a good idea how come it was. As well, I’m no more than an uninvited but thankful guest of Mr. Parlato’s format, and have no objection at all about the timing chosen by the Frank Report.

      Meanwhile as to your assessment of “I thought we’d beaten this to death already.” Goody for you, AnonyMaker.

      • You are much loved, appreciated (and envied for your talent) by many on here, Shivani. That’s a fact.

        Yes, “BULLY for you” AM. But you’ll never out-bully Banger or Schlocker.

        And, yes, you better watch out for those Clifton Park Pippinos — NXIAN minions have been known to disguise themselves as one of us in the commission of harassment and some other crimes like hacking, death threats, etc.

      • Shivani, I realized this was likely something older being reposted – which is why I didn’t accuse you personally of whipping a dead horse 🙂

  • Hotels have had cameras focusing on their entrances for more than 30 years. Was the hotel ever asked about security footage in 2003? The information would have certainly confirmed/disputed alibis and stories from those questioned. Or were the police investigators really that inept?

    • The police had no reason to suspect something other than a suicide when someone who had been observed to be suicidal, had stated they were suicidal, had been treated by their partner as seriously suicidal by having firearms taken out out of their living environment, and had possibly already made one suicide attempt, left behind a suicide note. It may indeed just be that cut and dried, despite the emergence of reasons to be suspicious of NXIVM, and the impression you might get here from all the speculation.

      • Police are still supposed to check out the details of a story anyway, especially a missing person story with a potential for loss of life. People lie all the time, especially when they want to cover things up. Competent police know this.

    • Good question, Clifton. There was a rather vast search & rescue team effort at Miller’s landing, all over the Bay, as seen in “The Lost Women of NXIVM,” part 1.

      There must have been some effort to justify that, at least eliminate the possibility Kristin wasn’t still alive and well — as Elaine proposed to the police — which would surely have included a peek at the security camera playback.

      But, ya know, weird things happen in Anchorage, people up and disappear all the time. Just ask AnonyMaker.

  • An excellent article, Shivani.

    I only have 3 problems with it.

    1) It assumes that Heidi Clifford was truthful and that she was not involved in Kristin’s death — despite her obvious lies. However, that’s just a biased assumption (made by Frank during his investigation) in order to assign full blame to his nemesis, Keith Raniere.

    2) It ignores the obvious fact that if Keith had ‘involvement’ then the suicide note had to be a FORGED & FAKE note. Which means you’re implying that Keith ordered a suicide note to be forged which blamed NXIVM for Kristin’s depression. Keith would never tolerate anybody denigrating his teachings in writing. Thus, that could not have happened. Frank refuses to accept this reality cuz he can’t abide any scenario where Keith isn’t the guilty party. I feel sorry for Frank cuz he won’t conduct an unbiased investigation here. His motives are tainted by his hatred of Keith.

    3) Who gives a fuck about your father in 1938. Who cares if he sailed on some river in buttfuck egypt or wherever the fuck it was. It has nothing to do with JACK SHIT in this investigation.

    My assessment into Kristin’s death…

    I personally blame Kim Snyder for her inaction 17 years ago.

    Kim had personal knowledge that Heidi Clifford was a HEARTLESS & LYING SACK OF SHIT.

    Yet Kim did nothing to focus the investigation onto Heidi.

    Kim just accepted Heidi’s stories and went on about her life.

    Kim has no right to blame anybody else for the lack of investigation (into Kristin’s death) since Kim had a prime chance to convince police to focus on Heidi’s LIES —— yet instead of getting off her lazy ass and hounding police, she instead just went back to South Carolina (or wherever the fuck she’s from) and went on with her life.

    Heidi Clifford knows more than she’s telling Frank. That’s for god damn sure.

    Heidi Clifford is a LYING TWAT and a HEARTLESS maniac. She sold Kristin’s truck and paid off NXIVM? WTF?

    *The truth is that one of the 2 below scenarios likely happened:

    1) Kristin simply committed suicide and thus the suicide note was truly written by her, shortly before she took her own life. No crime happened. Just a batshit crazy gal who chose to ‘off’ herself.


    2) Heidi Clifford was involved somehow and nothing Heidi says about the timeline can be trusted even 1%. Heidi may have used the NXIVM saga (the classroom outbursts) as an excuse to get revenge on Kristin for cheating on her, while deflecting blame onto NXIVM with the fake suicide note. Heidi was likely angry and felt very ‘inadequate’ because Kristin was fucking a real man with a real cock, something Heidi was jealous of. It was a sex triangle.

    Plus, Heidi Clifford is as ugly as a mule which means she was obviously playing the role of a ‘man’ in their lesbian relationship. A ‘pretend’ man (like Heidi Clifford) just can’t measure up to the real cock of Keith Raniere, regardless of how flaccid it may be. Jealousy is the oldest motive in the book.

    The fact that Frank dismisses this OBVIOUS motive is merely evidence of his lack of unbiased, investigative skills.

    Frank doesn’t want to find the truth UNLESS it points to Keith as the culprit.

    • “1) Kristin simply committed suicide and thus the suicide note was truly written by her, shortly before she took her own life. No crime happened. Just a batshit crazy gal who chose to ‘off’ herself.: Pablo, aka Bangkok

      If a person is browbeaten or bullied into committing suicide, then it could very well be a murder.

      “Plus, Heidi Clifford is as ugly as a mule ” Pablo aka Bangkok

      What do a witness’ looks have to do with whether they are telling the truth?
      Susan Dones told the truth about NXIVM and she is a lesbian.
      How shallow can you get?

      • Or if they’re subject to potentially dangerous amateur psychological processes, and then dissuaded from seeking professional mental health care, it might at least be negligent homicide.

        • And Glazer’s complaint is full of accusations that NXIVM and its members engaged in amateur Psychotherapy with detrimental effects on people.
          It is a major point ion the lawsuit that was recently filed.
          And the psychotherapy program was devised by Nancy Salzman who is not a trained psychiatric nurse.

        • Wasn’t simply negligence, AM, at least not on the part of Raniere and some of his closest accomplices. It was a determined effort to cause mental breakdown (and, I’ll add, stimulate action on supplanted suicidal ideation) as Keith ADMITTED to Mark Vicente with regards to, at least, Allison Mack. “I’m breaking her down,” is how Keith responded when Vicente expressed concern about Allison’s mental state.

          In my sister Gina’s case, according to Kristin Keeffe and as evidenced in her journal and on the CBI computer Keith gave her, they discussed and reviewed methods of suicide with her for years prior and someone left those suicidal images on the hard drive while erasing other data.

          And there are plenty of other examples that prove at least Keith’s, if not perhaps Brandon Porter for one, INTENT was to inflict a self-destructive psychosis on the slaves. To murder them by their own hand. Thank

    • Good points in general.

      If you really want to go down the road of 2), there are really several forks, and several actors who could plausibly have killed Clifford, even if the obviously hapless NXians in Anchorage are rightly ruled out. I don’t want to go down those roads of speculation, because I think not enough consideration has been given to the likelihood that her death by suicide was just one of those hard to understand, and even somewhat strange, things that happen in people’s real lives – one of the prime lures and functions of cults is to actually to provide seemingly certain answers that falsely assuage people’s discomfort with such human realities, including conspiracy theories.

      Speaking of cults, let’s not forget NXIVM’s own in-house conspiracy theory, that Snyder staged her disappearance and snuck away – for which there is apparently what some consider persuasive evidence.

      • AnonyMaker:

        You talk about beating a Dead Horse.
        This might shock you but the US government goes to great expense to recover and identify the remains of service members.
        Even service members killed in Pearl Harbor nearly eighty years ago.
        Then the bodies are returned to the family members and given a military funeral in their home towns.

        Remains of Pearl Harbor sailors return home after 77 years
        U.S. Navy sailors fold the U.S. flag draped over the casket with the remains of Seaman First Class Leon Arickx at Sacred Heart Cemetery in Osage, Iowa, on July 7, 2018. Arickx’ remains, which were unidentifiable after his death after the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor in 1941, were identified through DNA testing earlier this year.

        Is that beating a Dead Horse?

        • I’ve served in the military – yet another real-life experience I take it you have no first-hand knowledge of – and have also done volunteer work, and even spent my own money, maintaining veterans’ graves.

          There is nothing at all equivalent, between the promise this nation makes to do everything possible to give a proper burial to those who make the ultimate sacrifice; and expending resources and even putting lives at risk, to try to find the remains of civilians who did something injudicious.

          Also, you might stop and wonder why World War II casualties are only now being found, identified, and interred. It’s because the effort has long been underfunded and not treated as the priority it should be, and at times recovery efforts have even had to rely on volunteer investigators, and funding from private sources or individual states trying to recover their own missing.

          And yet the Trump administration is trying to cut the budget for such efforts:

          The agency that recovers and IDs remains of missing troops needs more money, partner organizations say

          “In its proposed fiscal year 2020 budget, the Pentagon proposed cutting DPAA’s funding to about $145 million”

          There’s yet another thing for you to get active about, unless you just find it dramatically gratifying to wear your heart on your sleeve.

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