Nxivm Village and the Homes They Lived in

Someday perhaps some will study the history of Nxivm, that peculiar group of mainly intelligent women led by one crazed and diabolical man.

Perhaps it will start “In a [mental] galaxy far, far away…”


Yes, the place was earth and species homo sapiens.  Though they may seem like alien creatures.

Most of the inner circle followers of the madman, Keith Alan Raniere, lived near him in a subdivision called Knox Woods in the town of Halfmoon, a suburb of Albany New York.

Halfmoon is a town in Saratoga County, New York, United States. The population was 21,535 at the 2010 census. The town is apparently named for the shape of the lower elevation land north of the junction of the Hudson and Mohawk Rivers. It is also said to be named for Henry Hudson’s ship.


Street map of Knox Woods. Keith lived for most of the years he led Nxivm at 3 Flintlock Lane.

Aerial View of Knox Woods

We get a fascinating insight into the way the inner circle lived near Keith from the testimony of Lauren Salzman at the trial of Keith Alan Raniere.

AUSA Tanya Hajjar is examining her.

Tanya Hajjar


Lauren Salzman

Q     Ms. Salzman, you testified about various members of the defendant’s inner circle?

A      Yes.

Q     Did they live in the same general geographic area?

A      Yes, all within a few miles of each other.

Q     Where was that?

A      In Clifton Park, New York; Clifton Park, Halfmoon, Waterford, all right around, like mostly a three-mile radius but in some cases extending a little beyond that, all within ten minutes of each other.

Q     I’m showing you what’s in evidence as Government Exhibit 176. Are you familiar with this area, Ms. Salzman?

A      Yes, I am.

Q     And as to certain individuals that you’ve been discussing, I’d like to just go over where they lived in relation to each other. Pamela Cafritz, do you know where she lived initially?

Pamela Cafritz was the harem leader for many years. She died on November 7, 2016.

A      Initially Pam lived at 3 Flintlock Lane.

Q   Where did she move after that?

A  She moved to 8 Hale Drive in Halfmoon.

8 Hale Drive

Q     And after that?

A  To 2 Flintlock Lane in Halfmoon.

Q     And after that?

A  To 21 Oregon Trail in Waterford.


Q    And when Pamela Cafritz lived at 3 Flintlock, who did she live with?

A   Keith, Karen and Kristin and then later Marianna moved in there.

Keith Raniere with Karen U, Pam Cafritz and Barbara Jeske.

Q     And that’s Karen Unterreiner and Kristin Keeffe?

A      Yes, correct.

Q     What about Barbara Jeske, where did she live?

A    Barbara Jeske lived in another development at 1 Brigantine.

Q     Was that nearby?

A      Yeah, it’s like a mile away.

Q     And Dawn Morrison, where did Dawn Morrison live?

Dawn Morrison

A      Dawn Morrison, — I can’t remember the name of her street  but she lived in the same development as this, so she lived  like a quarter of a mile from 3 Hale Drive.

Q   Within Knox Woods?

A   Yeah, within Knox Woods, just around the corner from where I lived at 3 Hale Drive.

Q   … where did your mother live?

A    My mother lived at 3 Oregon Trail.

13    Q     Is that depicted on this slide?

14    A      Yes.

Q     Where did you live between 2004 and 2015?

A      I lived at 3 Hale Drive.

Q     Is that in Knox Woods?

A      Yes, in Knox Woods.

Q     What about Barbara Bouchey, where did she live?

A      Barbara Bouchey lived almost right across the street from Flintlock Lane on — I think the street was called Washington Court or Washington Drive but it was just — it was literally across the street.

Q     Was that in Knox Woods as well?

A      All in Knox Woods, yeah.

Q   What about Kathy Russell, where did she live?

A   Kathy Russell lived two or three miles away in an apartment complex, I think it’s called Mohawk Terrace Apartments where Barbara Jeske had originally lived and then Kathy moved into her old apartment when Barbara moved to Brigantine, all within a three-mile radius.

Kathy Russell

Q   And Daniella, Marianna and Camila, where did they live?

A   They lived at 12 — well, originally they all lived at 12 Wilton Court, then Marianna moved into 3 Flintlock and then subsequently 8 Hale, 2 Flintlock and then 21 Oregon with Keith and Pam; Dani stayed at 12 Wilton Court and eventually Cami moved to 120 Victory Way, all in Knox Woods.

Mariana later fled with Raniere to Mexico with their child.


Cami lived at 120 Victory Way.



Q   When Daniella was in the room what address was she at?

A   12 Wilton Court.

Q   What about Camila, where did she live?

A   Cami lived at 12 Wilton Court until she moved to Victory Way.

Q   Monica Duran, where did she live?

A   Monica Duran lived on a street called Minuteman Court,  it’s right behind Hale Drive where I lived. It’s in — literally just right across the street in Knox Woods.

Monica Duran

Q   And Ivy Nevares?

A  Ivy Nevares lived on Grenadier Court, so half a mile away in the same development.

Ivy Nevares [l] with her therapist Lauren Salzman.
Q   And Loreta Garza, where did she live?

A   Loreta Garza lived in 9 Hale Drive for a period of time and then she moved to a development right behind Knox Woods, so still a mile away.

Loreta Garza with Keith Raniere

Q   Where did Clare Bronfman live?

A   Clare had a house on Button Road, so within five minutes drive.

Clare’s house was nestled in the woods

Q   And Jim Del Negro, where did he live?

A   I’m not sure the address specifically but I think it was in an apartment complex that was like within a mile or two of Knox Woods.

Jim Del Negro

Q   Emiliano Salinas, did he live in the same area generally?

A   Emiliano, yes, he bought a — he lived in a condo that I owned on Minuteman Court, so near Monica, in Knox Woods for a number of years and then he moved to the same development as Loreta, like one mile away.

Emiliano Salinas [Photo: Octavio Gómez]
Q   Where did Mark Vicente live?

A   Mark Vicente lived at the Twilight House, I can’t remember the number, but then he moved closer to the same apartment complex I think as Jim Del Negro. Oh, and he lived for a period of time as well at 7 Generals Way.

Q   Where did Nicki Clyne live?

A   Nicki Clyne lived on Hancock Way originally which was right next to Wilton Court, so similarly in Knox Woods over by Dani, and then she moved to the other side, I think she was on a street called Yorktown which was near Ivy, all in Knox Woods.

Q   Did she eventually move to 9 Milltowne?

A   She did, she eventually moved to 9 Milltowne; when Rosa Laura bought the house for the [DOS] sorority house, Nicki lived in it.

Q   Where did Rosa Laura Junco live?

A   Rosa Laura Junco lived ten minutes away — let me see —

Q   Showing you Slide 34.

The mansion of Rosa Laura Junco.

Q   And Daniella Padilla, where did she live?

A   Daniella Padilla lived over by Wilton Court, so over by where Dani lived and Nicki originally.

Dani Padilla on a walk with Keith in Knox Woods


Allison Mack with sister-wife Dani Padilla

Q   Where did Allison Mack live?

A   Allison Mack lived in 7 Generals Way and then she moved I think to Grenadier Court, I’m not sure if 127 was the number. I believe it was. Yes, 127 Grenadier.

Q   And Alex Betancourt, where did he live?

A   Alex lived over by Rosa Laura, so within ten minutes.

Q   And [redacted], where did he live?

A  [redacted] rented an apartment right across the street from Knox Woods just on the other side, so one mile away.

Q   Were you aware of an instance in which someone outside the defendant’s inner circle attempted to move into Knox Woods?

A   Yes, there was a man named Ed Kinum who moved into Knox Woods and my mother — Keith directed my mother to tell him that it was a security risk to be there for Keith and so he was asked to move out.

Q   Did he move out?

A   Yes, he did.

Ed Kinnum – he moved in then had to move out of Knox Woods.

Q   Were you aware if the defendant attempted to stop a member of the inner circle from moving out of Knox Woods?

A   Yes.

Q   Can you describe that to the jury?

A   Nicki [Clyne] rented an apartment outside of Knox Woods about maybe a mile and a half, two miles away and she had told me that Keith called her and told her that it was a breach and she should live closer. She moved back into Knox Woods.

Q   She moved back into the community?

A   Yes.

Q   Into Knox Woods?

A   Yes, back into the development.


This is a slice of Nxivm life. Ed Kinum had to move out of Knox Woods because he was not a member of the inner circle. Nicki had to move back because she was in the inner circle.

Keith wanted his women to be close at hand.

As for Kinum, this is telling since this likely occurred after the disappearance of Kristin Snyder. It suggests he was not trusted as part of the lying, keep Keith’s secrets, inner circle.

He may have been used inadvertently to help seal Snyder’s fate but may not have been taken into the confidences of Raniere, Salzman and Esther Chiappone Carlson as to how to silence her forever.

It is interesting that every woman named above was part of Raniere’s harem. He could easily walk to any of their homes and mentor them with his immaculate ejaculate.  This cad had a bevy of attractive and intelligent women, all waiting around for him every day. All he had to do was walk outside his house and drop in on anyone. None of them had any men [at least not openly]. They were his slaves and lived to do his bidding.

Had he not abused his power and started branding and blackmailing women – had he just been content with his harem of 20 or so women and nearly unlimited funding from the Bronfman sisters – he might have lived out his life quite contentedly.

But he had to venture further, more precariously, recruiting people from all over to be his DOS slaves. Branding such as India Oxenberg and Nicole and others. And, of course, he had to attack people like me and try to smother us forever.

That invited a response.

He should have stayed right in his backyard, within the boundaries of Knox Woods.



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  • Frank, this may be important and IDK if you want to post — BTW, your contact info just disappeared from my phone recently, swear —

    But check out the “7 Seven LLC” — that may relate to the GBD Sexy 7 and/or — I’d go with AND — the two 7’s being the “perfect sacrifice” in Gina’s journal.

    How can we find out what that entity is? ID filmed the 7, Seven graphic Gina drew up and they have the original. It said, “two 7’s are the perfect sacrifice” and it was on the same age as her “black poison” notation. Something about virgins in that, too, if I recall.

    Maybe AnonyMaker or Joe or Kristin Keeffe can provide further info or insight. I feel strongly that the GBD Sexy 7, the Virgin sacrifices, and Gina’s graphic are related.

    Also, remember I was working on a long post that also vanished from my phone notes “Deadly Secrets of the Sexy 7” when I landed in the Keys? …Well, along with nearly all my contacts, etc. Had a lot of fact anecdotes I recall about Keith’s pseudo science infatuation with the 7 thing I need to tell you about.

    • Frank’s contact info is listed RIGHT ON THIS PAGE (in the right hand column) —– you dumb sack of shit.

      Nobody believes your lame excuses about Frank’s info ‘magically’ disappearing from your phone. lol.

      Yeah sure.

      Ms. Heidi, kindly stop making BOGUS EXCUSES for not phoning Frank to give him this info in person.

      Email: frankparlato@gmail.com
      Phone / Text: (716) 990-5740

      You also ‘pretended’ to have phone problems when Kim Snyder asked you to contact her recently. lol.

      Your phone seems to have issues that pertain to some callers but not to others?

      Give us a break and stop the BAD ACTING, Heidi, since ‘acting’ is just not your specialty anymore.

      If you don’t wanna contact Frank or Kim, then just say so without making the same excuses over and over again.

      Please have a nice day though. 🙂

      • Um, Pablo aka Bangkok (per Frank), how would you know if I had or hadn’t contacted either Frank or Kim? Do you know them both, personally?


  • I was watching “The Untouchables” — the best scene in film history ever — on the train station stairs where Costner & Garcia take out 10 mobster hitmen, save the baby and the bookkeeper — and it hit me!

    Kathy Russell — the BOOKEEPER — has the cash stash!

    All those years she spent quietly cleaning Keith’s crud off that suspiciously sunken, long unoccupied jacuzzi, delivering stacks of Clare’s cash to landlords, fetching tea for mistress Nancy — the dainty little, bespectacled, ballerina bookeeper sex freak was socking it away in condoms Raniere had no use for right under his filthy ass and THAT’s why the DOJ HAD to prosecute Russell!

    Now, doesn’t it all make sense?

    • “I was watching “The Untouchables” — the best scene in film history ever — on the train station stairs where Costner & Garcia take out 10 mobster hitmen, save the baby and the bookkeeper — and it hit me!” Heidi Hutchinson

      Heidi, that scene is not original.
      Actually it was borrowed (plagiarized) from a famous Russian movie titled “Potemkin” by Director Sergei Eisenstein.

      And lots of movie directors have borrowed that scene often as part of parodies.

        • It sure is a Great Film.
          Even though I disagree with the political ideology behind it, Potemkin is an iconic film.
          That is why so many movie directors copy it.

          And I disagree with the ideology behind Leni Riefenstahl’s “Triumph of the Will” but it is also an iconic film which is copied in later films like the Star Wars films and “Red Dawn.”

      • The runaway baby carriage trope goes back in comedy movies about a decade before Potemkin.

        And I doubt that every scene shot on steps is a nod to Eisenstein – though the ones with baby carriages rolling down steps, obviously are.

        Whoever put that video together is sure a fanatic movie watcher, trying just a bit too hard to make connections.

  • Frank,

    Awesome read!!! I enjoyed the humor in this article…..Parlato Bus Tours of Half-Moon in the future? Maybe you can hire “Pablo” the wayward kid to drive the bus…..or run the gift shop.

    • Yep!

      I’d actually had the thought that we should chip in and buy the “library” as-is with the crashed-through hot tub, and preserve it that way as a museum – and, tour center. Maybe the infamous piano could even be had cheap, it’s possible it’s been ruined by exposure to all that water and moisture (which could also make the value of the condo less than Frank’s estimate).

      As pointed out elsewhere, there could be a tour of cults in the Hudson Valley, so it could be the hub for that as well.

      • Frank should have sold pieces of the hot tub on eBay or Etsy like when the Germans sold pieces of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

  • Who did Kristin Kook stay with when in town? With Keith, Nancy, Ally?
    Or did she stay at the local Motel (sultan of) 6?

  • Raniere is so insecure that none of the men lived near him. It’s hilarious that Kinum could be considered a “security risk,” as Raniere considered every male to be a “security risk” to his frail ego, that’s why he kept them busy with the SOP (Society of Protectors) mens’ group. They didn’t know that they were protecting the fact that Raniere was f*cking multiple women on a rotating basis. That must be the scariest thing to Raniere right now, having a male cellmate who probably committed real crimes, not to mention the remainder of the inmate population. LOL

    • In general, yes. But they never trusted Ed with secrets. I think that’s why Keith didn’t want Ed around. Ed wasn’t a “male” threat. He was a Christian/ethical threat.

      • Raniere didn’t want any males around, even soy-boy snowflake SOP types of “men.” Raniere didn’t trust any man with secrets. Isn’t Ed the guy who supposedly contributed to Kim’s sister’s “suicide?” Did Ed knock her off in a Christian, ethical manner? LOL

        You just earned your name. Again. LOL

        • And you just proved again that you love screaming LOOK AT ME, and either are LD when it comes to reading comprehension, or have your head so far up your own ass that you don’t even bother attempting to read what others type.

  • Great, telling post Frank and well told as usual.

    Sometimes I feel like you need to put a “don’t try this at home” disclaimer on the idea that had NX not resorted to the branding they would have all lived happily ever after, though.

    The notion that a harem complete with low-cost, domestic “legal” labor is even possible without the degree of abusiveness and corruption Raniere & Salzman ET AL enjoyed is falacious.

    NX’s criminal abuse started decades ago and depended on much criminal activity and corruption — $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ — not only blackmail, bribery, making everyone complicit in real or trumped up crimes, etc. — but on the kind of power only drug kingpins running foreign Nations hold — PLUS the in-bred idiocy of dilettante heirs to that power — to keep this sham up.

    And, I would add, a strong destructive/self-destructive (Sado-masochistic) psycho streak such as Raniere possesses.

    The happy harem you think you saw in the few weeks, really, you were an honored guest at Clare’s sprawling ranch being plied with pussy and mega dough was all a show. IMHO.

    And, guess what? …you’re still being played.

      • Here’s where it would be handy if you played nicely with others and some real discussions could emerge. As is, Heidi will correctly ignore you.

    • Can you please give the class an example of two things?
      1. How was Keefe calling the shots during the production of, The Lost Women of Nxivm?
      2. How is Frank being played?
      Thank you 😊

      • I have a couple of questions for you first, Tiddle-schticks.

        1. Why doesn’t Frank Report ever post about Kristin Keeffe?

        2. Why was the “Lost Women” production crew in Tallahassee, FL looking for Kristin Snyder recently? …Shooting an episode “Ghost Hunters?”

        • Instead of always dangling bogus info without any proof, why don’t you actually prove you’re not a LYING SACK OF CACA by actually penning an article that details your allegations against Kristin Keeffe?

          Frank will publish it. Won’t you, Frank?

          Could it be that you’ve got no REAL INFO about Keeffe and are just talkin’ outta your culo?

          Methinks yes.

          Give us details or IT NEVER HAPPENED.

          • To Bangcock – Nobody knows who you are, where you came from, or what your interest in NXIVM is. On top of this, you are a raging asshole. Why should anyone take orders from you, or give you a second thought?

            If ANY ONE of the things I just typed wasn’t true, you’d have idiots like me jumping on board some of your rants. Your solid points/ideas/demands/accusations would be able to pick up steam. Now, everything from your tiny fingers dies on the vine.

            Heidi would probably love to do what you just heckled her about. Now, you ruined it for the rest of us. She won’t do it because it’s YOU who (so politely) asked.

            Why don’t YOU give us details? Where did you come from? What’s your interest in NXIVM?

          • Well, aren’t you a slithery smooth talker? I bet the chicks all just melt in your mouth.

            Makes me just wanna ecstatically scream out, “Schtick it up your own cula and twist.”

          • I replied to YOU, Bangkook/Pablo/Twiddler Schtick just BELOW Nutjob’s post — but before I read Nut’s reply.

            My point is that not only are your banal, juvenile attacks off-putting to me but when Frank allows you to gratuitously attack me without provocation — or anyone using their real identity, especially — it dissuades others from commenting at all or wherever Bangkook lurks.

            Sometimes I wonder if Frank isn’t letting you have at it on here just to make a case against you, or let you make one against yourself, Pablo ET AL — as sick people often do.

          • Pablo, what is it about the magnificent Heidi that turns you into a whiny screechy li’l bitch?
            I notice H.H is a real catalyst for the paranoid neurotic types on this board. Paranoia and neuroses react very badly to honest, authentic types.

    • Except the “victims” were all fairly content in their delusions. The witnesses that testified and felt victimized were all relatively new recruits. As Frank said, greed took over and they went outside the community.

      Mack, Salzman and the rest would all be just like Cami to this day, loyal to Vangaurd had they not been cornered and had to choose to go against the cult.
      They were all happy doing what they were doing. Occasionally upset if they fell out of favor or were passed up by someone else.

      People on the outside say they were victims. They don’t identify as such. They say they have an alternative lifestyle. It’s like saying Amish are victims of their community or any other group that society considers outside the norm. Some say people that work a job, belong to a traditional family, married have kids are being played and victims.

  • Raniere had been a sexual predator looking for and getting sex with underaged girls in his local area for years and years, from the 1980s up until he was arrested in early 2018. His freedom to act with such predatory criminality wouldn’t have lasted as long as it all did, without his delusionary and devoted inner circle of liars, thiefs and cheats, who hid his true behavior and his activities.

    How ironic that that the majority of the core group were females, willing to fight amongst themselves to score points with the short, chubby pervert and sadistic arsehole, Raniere. So many of Raniere’s “lovers” turned into coldhearted, competitive, vicious criminals on his behalf and to keep their positions within the group. These individuals protected, and thus lengthened Raniere’s “executive success.”

    Look at what(ever) happened to the late Gina Hutchinson, when she evidenced that she was ready to expose Raniere, to talk about what he had done to her, starting when she was only fourteen years old. Who helped Raniere, whenever he knew that somebody had to be eliminated? Who helped Raniere, when Gina Hutchinson needed to be kept silent?

    While the Nxivm collection of crummy townhouses is somewhat interesting geographically, what I cannot forget is the harm that Raniere and his groupies freaks have done, and what many of them have never faced, acknowledged or repaired, in any voluntary way whatsoever, with few exceptions.

  • “Had he not abused his power and started branding and blackmailing women, had he just been content with his harem of 20 or so women and nearly unlimited funding from the Bronfman sisters, he might have lived out his life quite contentedly.”

    Indeed. I simply don’t get it. Not at all.

  • I’ve long been obsessed with these properties, trying to imagine what went on behind those doors. I find it beyond bizarre that with the Bronfman zillions, this is where these nuts chose to live, that this suburban place was where a cult landed, a sex-based cult no less. The lack of privacy afforded them in townhouses is the last place one would think a cult would voluntarily choose. The communal living in a single townhouse–also bizarre. They didn’t even bother to buy up a cul de sac. Which leads to another baffling move on their part. Considering all the money blown, they have nothing to show for it. Some moderate priced starter homes, a couple family houses. They could have bought land, built custom mansions, and still have plenty of change left over. Now I realize that Keith’s crumminess was ruling their moves, as long as he got laid and fed, what more was there to life. Besides, if these women had it too good, they would want more than a stinky toad. But who could share a bathroom with that guy? How thin were those walls? How depressing was their life together, decade after decade, same digs? Drab, dingy, brown, nothing bright or clean or even modern. And these people were alleging to teach others executive success, while Silicon Valley was rocketing to the moon? What 21st century exec would take advice from schlubs like these? The isolation and lack of engagement with the world is startling and it grew as time passed. The world went on and they stayed frozen in amber, behind the times and zeitgeist, they remained musty and mediocre. Have to snicker when we read that people went to Albany to ‘see the community’ nxivm created; they created nothing. What would have there been to see, Keith playing volleyball, a crummy little office building, some dated group homes? The pretension to the arts stopped at an a cappella/barbershop quartet, so cringe. The image of these women is not what they imagined, they appear as uneducated bimbos, unable to discern shit from shinola, weeping over vague blather about authenticity while sitting with the king of the fakers.

    • As for the Bronfman sisters the reason they chose Saratoga County was that they are equestrians.
      Back in the day Saratoga County was a popular place for the wealthy East Coast Horse Set.
      Saratoga County still has that reputation.

    • Really good points, Brigid. The slaves were all made and kept dependent at a very low standard of living.

      They were like lobsters thrown in a barrel that drag down any that try to get above and out. Fishermen don’t even have to put a lid on a lobster barrel for that reason.

    • –Have to snicker when we read that people went to Albany to ‘see the community’ nxivm created; THEY CREATED NOTHING.

      Now I snickered. Of course. Grifters don’t create. They desolate.

    • It was indeed surprisingly low-rent, though I think that was just a continuation of Raniere’s accustomed lifestyle from before he started bringing heiresses under his sway. He really seemed to have been stuck between late adolescence and early adulthood, not changing much at all in the formula that had gotten him women and sex starting in the 70s and 80s.

      And to cite a popular trope that has both some truth and some inaccuracy, the Bronfman girls were the daughters of a barmaid. I can tell you from what I have not only read about but seen first-hand, wealthy and powerful men often hardly parent their children at all because they are too consumed with own endeavors, and thus fail to pass on their successful traits; the kids often end up raised by nannies and bimbo trophy wives (often too consumed with socializing and their own pet projects), and later by the staff of boarding schools and summer camps. I think the Bronfman sisters are reminiscent of the sort of people who win the lottery and then end up losing it all, not having the experience or intelligence to know how to handle wealth – or of hapless heirs like Barbara Woolworth Hutton, the once-richest woman who died broke.

      As far as I can tell, ESP stopped being able to recruit actual successful executives around the time of the 2003 Forbes expose’, which is probably part of why they rebranded as NXIVM – debt bondage slavery (if you’ve followed the discussions about what was probably Raniere’s sly use of a Latin word). Instead, they recruited mostly unrealistically hopefully wannabes who were not on the executive track for good reasons like lack of education or technical skills, and who were vulnerable to the typical scam pitch of easy riches – or the typical cult pitch of an elect group out to save the world.

      They did actually try their hand at doing property development in various of Raniere’s investment schemes, not only in the LA area but in Clifton Park as well. It does seem strange that they didn’t think to try to build their own “intentional community” or co-housing or whatever, but despite his various schemes, Raniere seems not to have had that level of organization.

      A lot of cults buy old mansions and estates – there are plenty of examples of that just in the Hudson Valley, like the slowly dwindling old Moonie settlement. They probably could have found a place in the area, but I think Raniere was more comfortable managing a harem packed in like sardines; one of the dynamics of cults and gurus is deliberate and unnecessarily deprivation of various sorts, which gives control of followers.

      Bonus item I ran across:

      These 7 ‘Cults’ are Located Right Here in the Hudson Valley
      [note this does not include NXIVM, the Twelve Tribes or the Moonies]

        • That is just one example of the Second Great Awakening, a large phenomenon that lead to various revivals and renew religious movements in the region, and ultimately to a large part of it being referred to as the burned-over district. Several, like the Oneida Community and the Shakers, had communal structures and unusual doctrines about sex.

          And Vermont is actually Northeast of the Hudson Valley – on the other side of the Taconic Mountains – and East of the Adirondacks, in the Lake Champlain and Connecticut River drainage basin. You could take the train sometime and get to know America, and you’d find you have to go far North of Albany well past the end of the Hudson River valley, in order to be able to cross over into Vermont and avoid the mountains.

    • Yes, Brigid. A mediocre tyrant was KR, wanting only to recreate the familiar suburban safety of life with mama and pater. Mansion/estate based cults look dodgy for that reason – they live communally and that’s unusual enough for the close-by community to take an interest. By living as they did, they were able to hide in plain sight – WERE able. How glorious is the past tense in this instance?

  • As for Knox Woods, aka NXIVM Village, the State of New York should have put a sturdy fence around it and converted it into a zoo.
    It could be used as a good example of poor breeding habits.

    In London, the Bethlem Psychiatric Hospital, also known as Bedlam, was a tourist attraction where normal people could visit and amuse themselves watching the antics of the depraved lunatics.
    Knox Woods under NXIVM could have served a similar useful purpose.

  • I almost bought in Knox Woods around 2004. The beautiful Lauren would have been my neighbor!

    Had I known.

    Why so many beautiful women fell for this douchebag I cannot figure. That is the biggest mystery. I wish Lauren was asked that on the stand.

  • I’m surprised that Lauren wasn’t asked where Frank Parlato lived when he was doing Keith’s bidding and living in Albany.

    I’m guessing that Frank lived on Flintlock Lane or Generals Ways, very close to his Vanguard and just a stone’s throw from his benefactor, Clare Bear.

    I’m guessing that Frank would drive to Clare’s home each day to meet with her, where he attempted to steal her away from Vanguard in an ill-fated plan that wound up backfiring on Frank.

    I think that Frank and Jim Del Negro probably lived together as roomies and buddies.

    I’m guessing that Lauren’s testimony provided a trip down memory lane for Frank Parlato.

    But where did Joe Ohara live when he was in Albany? I’m guessing it was either Generals Way or Oregon Trail.

    I’ve been trying to decipher why Frank has extra anger towards Lauren. I can’t be sure, but I think it’s cuz maybe Lauren dangled her feminine candy towards Frank but then she withheld her womanly fruit and was only teasing.

    That could have been what happened.

    Frank already confirmed that Nancy offered her personal services to Frank, but he politely declined.

    I’m guessing that Frank wanted Lauren instead of Nancy. Maybe that’s where his anger towards Lauren was born from?

    What does Frank say? 🙂

  • Thanks for putting this all together. It struck me for the first time (probably rather later than most of you) that spouses Allison & Nicki never lived together. What would be the reason the US/ICE is allowing Nicki to stay and not giving her the boot for immigration fraud?

    • Allison and Nicki were and are “frenemies.”
      a person with whom one is friendly despite a fundamental dislike or rivalry.
      Of course many conventional marriages devolve into Frenemy status.

      Nicki is actually closer to Michelle Hatchette and Allison is closer to Dani Padilla.

      • Gee, thanks for the definition. How old do I seem? Sheesh. 😉 Call them whatever you want, but there was a marriage certificate issued to them by the State of NY. Mack & Clyne perpetuated a fraud upon the state (fake marriage) and on the nation (fake reason for immigrating here). That should be prosecuted, or at the very least Nicki needs to get the boot and head on back north.

      • Hah! No, Heidi, I’m neither. I do work in the field though, and like to pretend I speak French, but only on the internet.

        • Tre bien, merci’ — nice triple entendre, Le’ Gal.

          Jeffrey Peterson’s suggested — and I think it’s fairly obvious — that no immigration crimes, or foreigners for that matter, have been charged bc Clare hired the partner of the former U.S. Director of Homeland Security — Dennis Burke, likely referred by Emiliano Salinas — to arrange a visa for Mariana Fernandez. Burke took the case despite the fact that the Fernandez’s resided in the U.S. illegally for 12 years and stayed on the case even after Marianna got preggers and Clare got arrested.

          Prolly lots of other factors and I’d appreciate hearing some other speculation if not an actual explanation, myself. (I’ve also solicited our resident renegade FBI agent, Gary DiLaura, for his opinion on this to no avail.)

          To your xcellent point about Nicki and Allie never living together — it appears immigration officials overlooked that or someone lied. 😮

          Is living together a hardfast immigration rule or is a marriage license enough? You seem to know something about immigration law.

          • De rien, Heidi. I really know very little about immigration law. Much of what I know comes from tv, so not very reliable (like that 70s Show story arc where Lori & Fez try to do this, to much hilarity). I looked it up and found this explanation:

            “For a marriage to be valid under the law, it is not enough that the couple had a real marriage ceremony and got all the right governmental stamps on their marriage certificate. They have to intend to live in a real marital relationship, namely to establish a life together, following the marriage ceremony—and prove their intention through their actions. If the couple doesn’t intend to establish a life together, their marriage is a sham.”

            Regarding the penalties that could be incurred from this kind of fraud:
            “Penalties Faced by the Immigrant

            An immigrant who is found to have committed marriage fraud would likely be removed from the United States (deported) and his or her current visa (if any) would be revoked. In addition, the fraud would destroy the person’s future eligibility for a U.S visa or green card.

            And then we get to the possible criminal penalties. Here’s what the law says:

            Any individual who knowingly enters into a marriage for the purpose of evading any provision of the immigration laws shall be imprisoned for not more than five years, or fined not more than $250,000, or both.”

            I also found that ICE has an open request to all citizens to report suspected marriage-related immigration fraud:

            Hope this is helpful.

    • There’s a detail missing here, that is in other pieces:

      “Mack used her property to brand women of NXIVM who became sex slaves.
      She also apparently had women branded at her apartment that she shared with her spouse and fellow slave Nicki Clyne – at [1]27 Grenadier which is also in Clifton Park…..
      127 Grenadier was rented by Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne”


  • “This is a slice of Nxivm life. Ed Kinum had to move out of Knox Woods because he was not inner circle.
    As for Kinum, this is telling since this likely occurred after the disappearance of Kristin Snyder. It suggests he was not trusted as part of the lying, keep Keith’s secrets, inner circle.
    He may have been used inadvertently to help seal Snyder’s fate but may not have been taken into the confidences of Raniere, Salzman and Esther Chiappone Carlson as to how to silence her forever.” Frank Parlato

    I urge Ed Kinum to unburden his soul and tell the authorities in Alaska and the FBI what he knows about the disappearance of Kristin Snyder.
    Do it for Kim Snyder who needs closure in understanding what happened to her sister.

    • Agree with shadow. I’m a little surprised Ed hasn’t spoken up about what he knows. Ed actually tried to be ethical. I can’t believe he lasted in NXIVM for as long as he did.

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