Judge Orders Some of Nancy Salzman’s Assets Seized – But Actually Not All That Much

Nancy Salzman

A new court order reveals that some of Nancy Salzman’s assets will be forfeited to the US Government.

Salzman, the president of Nxivm, entered a plea of guilty to a single count of racketeering conspiracy on March 13, 2019.

The wily Salzman was first to take a plea deal, ahead of her daughter, Lauren – and her other co-defendants, Kathy Russell, Allison Mack, and Clare Webb Bronfman.

The final codefendant, Keith Alan Raniere, couldn’t wangle any kind of plea deal south of 20 years and, thus, stood trial and lost. He faces up to life in prison.

Meantime, the shrewd Salzman [AKA ‘Prefect’] has been negotiating with the DOJ as to how much of her assets, some held in various corporate names, the feds will get to keep. She has done quite well, it seems.

Salzman has agreed that the feds will keep the cash seized at her home, some $520,000 [plus some pesos and rubles]. But it’s possible that she stored only a fraction of the cash at her home knowing, as she did, that Raniere was under investigation and then arrested.

According to two sources who knew her, Salzman regularly kept more than $1 million at home.  She may have moved some of that cash to another locale prior to the arrest of Raniere. That may be her retirement money. Salzman is 65.

Nancy also had real estate in several corporations she owned, paid for by the Bronfman sisters who had unrecorded mortgages on them, which were paid off by Salzman performing special Exploration of Meaning (EM) therapy sessions for as much as $10,000 per hour.

Clare and Sara Bronfman would pay thousands per hour for special EMs from Nancy Salzman.

So what did Nancy give up?

The first item on the forfeiture list is Raniere’s sex lair, the place he used to call his Library, where he would invite slender females to be mentored in his hot tub or loft bed.

The property is located at 8 Hale Drive in Halfmoon New York. It is a townhouse, and, by the way, is now a wreck. The hot tub, where so many slender ladies were enjoyed by the Golden One, collapsed the ceiling – and debris is now scattered all over the premises, as well as causing significant water damage.

It is not known if the water was shut off and the pipes froze.

It’s market value “As-Is” is, I estimate, about $100,000. The fact that the Vanguard lived there and used it as a sex house might further depress the price.

8 Hale Drive. The door on the left led into Raniere’s side of the duplex. The door on the right is for the neighbor. The walls are paper thin and I am sure the neighbors got an earful of the Vanguard’s special mentoring sessions.

Nancy never paid for the sex lair, which was purchased by the Bronfmans, so no skin off of Nancy’s back.

Nancy will also forfeit the cash she stored at her home at 3 Oregon Trail, which was seized by the FBI when they raided her home the day after Raniere was arrested.  The feds found three stashes in her house:

  1. $15,670
  2. $390,180.
  3. $109,727.
Not everyone has a cash counting machine in their own home like Nancy did.


Some of the cash seized at Nancy Salzman’s former home


Found in a bag labeled ‘Friends” which is what friends are for.

The feds also are taking – and this is rather sad, for it reflects, in a sense, that the day Raniere was arrested “the day the music died” – his Steinway grand piano that was located at Nancy’s former home at 3 Oregon Trail.

Steinway Grand Piano is likely worth more than $50,000.

The Talented One often played piano for Nancy, whose doors were always opened to her younger lover. Speaking of pianos, the feds will also get to keep the grand piano at Raniere’s sex lair, which seems to have escaped damage from the ceiling collapse. It is worth, I was told, about $25,000.

Since the Bronfman sisters bought the pianos, it was little skin off Nancy’s nose. She doesn’t play the piano and Keith will not be around in the near future to come over to play the piano and give and get some “wet kisses”.

Nancy also consented to let the feds seize the Nxivm headquarters and the adjoining buildings on New Karner Road. They were titled in one of her corporations but she did not pay a dime for them. The Bronfman sisters bought 455 New Karner Road, and 457 New Karner Road, both in Colonie NY, a suburb of Albany, which was used for the Nxivm classes and offices for Nancy and her employees.

The feds will also seize the contents inside, which include an amazing collection of colored sashes, photographs, notes, diaries, journals, and other memorabilia, including Kathy Russell’s ballet shoes.

Company Store: NXIVM headquarters at 455 New Karner Road

There are also boxes of Raniere’s books at 455 New Karner. Despite being written by the world’s smartest man, sales were never brisk. Perhaps people just weren’t smart enough to understand them.

Image result for keith raniere books ivy nevares,

Image result for keith raniere books ivy nevares


The feds will also seize First Principles Incorporated, a Delaware corporation that owns Nxivm. Raniere had objected to this, claiming he owns 10 percent of the royalties of First Principles but, unfortunately for him, he could not show one single shred of documentary evidence to support his claim.

The world’s smartest man was always insistent on never putting anything in his own name – this way, he thought, if the feds ever busted Nxivm leaders for their many crimes, crimes that he devised, he would be the one who would go scot-free since nothing was in his name.

The others would take the fall.

He slightly miscalculated, not reckoning that there are RICO laws, and that gangsters for years have done what he did – not put anything in their own names.

Nancy Salzman, from the photo of her shown at the trial of Keith Alan Raniere

In the end, is this justice? Nancy gave up really nothing financially. She presently lives at 1 Brigantine, a home she and Raniere got from Barbara Jeske when they had her sign a new will just days before she died of brain cancer.

Nancy’s other assets are numerous and, if Nancy gets a light prison sentence or perhaps no sentence at all, she will be taken care of by the spoils of Nxivm.

Her days in Nxivm paid off.  She also has a new boyfriend, an affluent man in the medical profession who she, I am told, stole away from his longtime girlfriend.

Maybe she hypnotized him.

But we are not bloodthirsty, are we readers? In my opinion, next to Raniere and Clare Bronfman, Nancy was the most active in promoting the racketeering enterprise called Nxivm.  But does she really need a long prison sentence?  She has repudiated the monster, Raniere, even if she has not repudiated her own monstrous deeds.

I believe she says to anyone who will listen that it was all Raniere’s fault. He fooled her and everyone else. There may be a kernel of truth in that. Nancy is not as vindictive as Raniere, but possibly every bit as manipulative.

Curiously, she, her daughter Lauren, and Allison Mack have not had sentencing dates scheduled, despite the fact that they pleaded guilty almost a year ago. It normally does not take a year to set a sentencing date. All three of these ladies have repudiated Raniere and have cooperated with the feds.

Meanwhile, the two Raniere diehard loyalists, Clare Bronfman and Kathy Russell, as well as Raniere, have sentencing dates scheduled in April.

Will there be additional charges? We don’t know. Will Nancy, Allison and Lauren be witnesses if new charges are leveled against Raniere, Clare, possibly her sister Sara Bronfman-Igtet, Emiliano Salinas, Alex Betancourt and Rosa Laura Junco? Is this the reason their sentencing dates are being delayed?

Or is it merely that the judge wants to sentence Raniere first, then Clare, the two worst offenders, and then move on to the rest – perhaps with a little leniency.







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  • Nancy Salzman thinks she might have assets for her golden years.

    Let’s not forget, that means there is more for the pickings for the civil case.

    Sorry, Nancy, no getting away from all your sins so easily.

  • I guess all that campaign donation bundling, whore delivering, money laundering, sex harassment accusing (aka blackmailing), hacking, underage recruiting, theft and fraud did pay off for not only Nan but her next of kin, someday.

    I’m beginning to think Salzman had all the diabolically brilliant brains behind the man.

    • She was the co-creator of the ‘Vanguard’ fraud. She did it for money. Without her, Raniere would have just been an ordinary conman.

  • “The feds will also seize the contents inside, which include an amazing collection of colored sashes”

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    • You might want to use The Google more thoroughly to figure out how things actually work in the real world, first.

      The US Government auctions off seized property, in order to maximize recovery for The People. Look for auctioneers in the Albany area who specialize in working for the authorities.

      Find Sales of Seized Property – Department of Justice

        • Someone may well buy them and put them up for sale on eBay (another part of the internet you might want to check out). You’d be amazed at the stuff that gets bought at auctions and sold online. I have hobbies, and a bit of a side business, in antiques and collectibles, and deal with both online auctions quite extensive, including the high-end New York houses like Christie’s and Sotheby’s, and have seen all sorts of strange things over the years.

          You just don’t have very broad experience with the real world, do you? You should get out more.

          Anyway, the point, and the bottom line, is that all the contents of the offices will almost certainly be auctioned off, mostly for the purpose of selling the more desirable items like office furniture and equipment. Along with professional buyers, locals and curiosity seekers will probably show up as well. Somebody will probably pay a couple of bucks, and quite possibly even more as a collector’s premium (perhaps mistakenly – buyers misjudge things like that all the time), for a box of sashes.

          It’s an interesting exercise, for instance, to check out all the Scientology cult paraphernalia and trinkets like pins, that get listed and sold on eBay. Note partway down, a vintage matchbook that went for $12.99 plus shipping (these are sold listings only):


          • How the devil would one authenticate a NXIVM sash?
            Anyone can take a strip of cloth and sew some white strips on it.
            I know there is a thriving market in bogus Mormon documents.
            As in anything one buys over the internet or anywhere else “BUYER BEWARE.”

          • ==How the devil would one authenticate a NXIVM sash?==

            Run a DNA test on the semem

          • AnonyMaker said to Shadowstate “You just don’t have very broad experience with the real world, do you? You should get out more.”

            With all due respect AnonyMaker, going out more would take time away from Shadowstate’s poring over the complaint in Edmondson v Raniere (Shadow will have this complaint memorized before this case is ever settled, or less likely, decided in court), trying to drum up more plaintiffs for Neal Glazer (of course without having a clue about when and how additional plaintiffs can be added to a complaint in Federal court), monitoring the Frank Report and responding to 20 different posters who are NOT Nicki Clyne, and trying to figure out how 426Hemi has accumulated more Instagram photos of Allison Mack than he has.

            Of course Shadow could spend some valuable time contributing articles to the Frank Report, but his expository skills are sorely lacking, his credibility is negligible and his research efforts seem to be limited to Wikipedia and The Frank Report, so he is relegated to his role as “deranged commenter”.

            The world is a safer place with Shadow at home, in his own world, playing the fool as The Frank Report’s clown prince and minister of worthless information. He is also a sick man, still recovering from wounds caused by his obvious OBSESSION with Allison Mack.


          • “going out more would take time away from Shadowstate’s poring over the complaint in Edmondson v Raniere ” All of Them Witches

            Speaking of Edmondson v. Raniere if a person believes he or she was injured in any way by NXIVM or the NXIVM defendants, here is a copy of the complaint.

            And if you need to contact an attorney to get your claim evaluated:
            For information about this lawsuit please call Neil Glazer at 215-238-1700 or email him at nglazer@kohnswift.com

            The court can protect your anonymity if you were injured in any way by the NXIVM defendants.

        • For the right price, I’d buy a sash or two in a heartbeat. And I’m sure most of the readers here would too, as something to help recall the good memories of the FR.

          And some would use them as BDSM restraints to go along with the Kristin Kreuk masks they bought earlier.

          • Shadow isn’t buying. These sashes are ok for restraining Ally Wack’s wrists, but aren’t long enough for her big fat cankles.

          • Sashes,

            Just think you could use the DNA from the sash to make your own baby clone or dare I say……..Avatar baby!!!!!!!!


            On a sidenote Raniere has to confirm sons.
            And then the chick from terminator 3 her baby boy looks very much like Raniere.

            I believe Raniere clones could one day replace chimpanzees for medical testing.

    • If she does, then why isn’t she living overseas somewhere that doesn’t extradite people to the US, enjoying the money?

      There are always observers in these cases, who assume that the perpetrators must have thought ahead like that. The mistake of that is, scammers, con artists, and cultists by their very pathological nature, don’t think like that, which is why they end up convicted criminals sitting in prison.

      I’ve followed frauds for over 4 decades, and I’m not aware of a single case where the perpetrators actually had money stashed abroad that they managed to keep hidden and then go live off of it – if anyone in NXIVM did, they would indeed be outstanding exceptions and among the world’s best problem-solvers. In the case of the one famous successful flight, that of Robert Vesco in the 1970s, he fled with negotiable instruments he took with him but ended up in a Cuban prison after he burned through what money he did have.

      • If any of them have a secret stash, I’m betting on Karen Unterreiner. Money person, cooking the books, manages to stay in the background and outlast everyone else. And knew exactly when to run to the Feds.

        • I’d agree, she’s the best bet out of all of them.

          Given how much in the background she was, I suspect she was very meek, loyal and compliant, and not one to have been thinking in terms of skimming off money. But I really hope that someday we’ll hear her story, as she is the ultimate long-term insider, and I’m sure there are things about it that would surprise us.

          However, she may have been smart enough to have built up a more normal-size nest egg legitimately – and to get the feds to allow her to keep it. A 60-year old like her who is really prudent and wants to retire comfortably, should have been saving $10,000 or more per year and built up built up a nest egg of over half a million dollars by now, just for instance to be able to stop working eventually and still have about the same amount of income between personal investments and Social Security.

      • “If she does, then why isn’t she living overseas somewhere that doesn’t extradite people to the US, enjoying the money?”

        There are very few nations that will refuse to extradite American criminals back to the US.
        And most of them suck.
        North Korea.
        (Roman Polanski is a French citizen.)

        • You left off the various Gulf States, which are very posh spots for expats. There are also a number of quite comfortable places like Fiji that rarely extradite people to the US or almost always refuse requests, in spite of formal treaties. Even a couple of European enclaves like Andorra and Switzerland are safe bets, though once someone is there it’s hard to get out.

          Close to half the countries in the world don’t have extradition treaties, and probably over half counting the ones that do, but refuse requests – you should check The Google. Though of course the majority of them are undesirable places unless someone has family or ethnic ties.

          I think you manage to make at least as many faulty generalizations and factual mis-statements like that, as Raniere does in his rambles. Are you trolling us?

  • This is another example of a biased article which stretches the truth beyond its breaking point.

    Frank says that although Nancy forfeited $500,000 of cash found in her home, he implies that Nancy really had another million bucks stashed elsewhere.

    Why does Frank say this?

    Because his so-called ‘sources’ (Kristin Keeffe) claimed that Nancy had over $2 million in cash.

    However, Keeffe’s information is outdated since she witnessed this $2 million dollar ‘stash’ many years before the raid in 2018. Thus, the rest of the cash was likely spent already (or) possibly laundered into other assets, long before the raid in 2018.

    Question for Frank Parlato…

    Why would Nancy Salzman move only ‘part’ of the cash to a safer location, YET STILL LEAVE $500,000 (of illegal cash) inside a fucken SHOE BOX laying around for the Feds to seize?

    Here’s some context…

    Nancy had already known that the Feds were investigating NXIVM (from the NY times article) and yet she STILL left $500,000 in a shoe box laying out in the open, to be seized.

    What does this tell us?

    It tells us that Nancy wasn’t a ‘devious’ person with grand planning ability. It tell us that Nancy was a naive IDIOT who never thought about security whatsoever.

    It’s the same reason why NXIVM refused to use Windows ‘Bitlocker’ to encrypt their hard drives ——- even though they KNEW the Feds were investigating NXIVM after the NY Times article.

    Keith, Nancy and their entire armada of so-called computer ‘experts’ just left these computers laying around the house ‘unencrypted’ (fully readable) with all kinds of damaging files linked to Keith’s nefarious deeds.

    Heidi Hutchinson often claims that Keith was a ‘master planner’ who deviously setup both Nancy Salzman and Allison Mack to ‘take the fall’ for him —- by purposely leaving the ‘cash’ and ‘computer files’ laying around to be seized by the Feds. LOL.

    What Heidi is ‘forgetting’ is that the computer files linked KEITH as the grandmaster of DOS and the senior leader of NXIVM who controlled every perverted and illegal deed.

    If Keith were really trying to ‘setup’ Allison or Nancy (as part of a devious plan) then he would have created phony documents and email communications showing Allison or Nancy as the senior person ‘controlling’ NXIVM’s illegal activities.

    But he didn’t do that.

    Grow a brain, Heidi. 🙂

    The truth is that Nancy and Keith simply had no ability to plan very far ahead. They had no concept of security, largely because they had been untouchable for 20 years and had grown accustomed to feeling invincible.

    What else is Frank bullshitting us about?

    Well, Frank also implies that Nancy is being allowed to keep all sorts of valuable assets which were attained from the fruit of NXIVM’s poisonous tree.

    Frank is implying that Nancy will sail off into the sunset as a wealthy woman, living lavishly from NXIVM’s ill gotten fruits.

    Not true.

    My assessment is that the government is NOT going to allow Nancy to retire as a wealthy woman and to retain lots of nefarious assets born from the orgy of racketeering enterprises controlled by NXIVM.

    Yes, the government is gonna allow her to keep a few properties — so that she and her 2 youngins won’t be homeless. She’s still a mama bear. Michelle’s husband is probably unemployable now. Lauren needs a home. Nancy must provide for her youngins.

    Where’s the harm in that?

    If the government is allowing her to keep certain assets — to maintain a modest lifestyle — then I’m sure she earned it by agreeing to testify in other grand jury hearings which are currently happening in secrecy.

    More indictments are likely coming and Nancy is earning her worth to the DOJ —– by secretly testifying at these grand jury hearings.

    PS — I challenge Frank to respond and defend his false allegations against Nancy.

    I also call upon Jesus Christ (my Lord and Savior) to give Frank a BUTT AILMENT of the worst kind.

    • Pablo writes:

      “Nancy had already known that the Feds were investigating NXIVM (from the NY times article) and yet she STILL left $500,000 in a shoe box laying out in the open, to be seized.

      What does this tell us?”

      Try this on: Nancy worked out (and hypno voo-doo’d Clare into) a deal with Frontier (Burke’s ex-spy PI law firm — which is heavily connected to Carlos and Emiliano Salinas, as we’ve learned) before Keith’s arrest that Nancy felt completely confident in.

      And why not? To wit: Emiliano Salinas remains uncuffed. Isn’t Nancy just as valuable — in terms of ass coverage — as any Salinas character? 😄

      The big clue that this explanation could fit is the fact that Nancy didn’t have to cooperate with the Fed’s to nab 1st seat on the plea bus. And what a SWEET deal that is for nothing. UNO charge of conspiracy to commit y NADA mas.

      Or, tal vez, poco mas — a little more — the MAKA stashed under the bed in plain sight — or in a cute “Friends” bag set out for quick pick up without the FBI having to rifle through her Panty drawer.

      And, just maybe, Keith’s ass was always part of the deal. Jeffrey Peterson seems to think so.

  • (for those just skimming past what might seem TLDR, please note that in the second to last paragraph, I show that at least one of the details in the post is incorrect)

    First, as I’ve written before, it’s very unlikely that Salzman and Raniere have any money stashed, as the general history of fraud cases like this, and the outcome of this particular case, point to the reality that con artists and the perpetrators of fraud just don’t think in terms of preparing for the possibility of their schemes coming crashing down and law enforcement moving in – Madoff and Epstein are classic examples of that. These people could have been sitting on top of millions, enjoying life in some place that has no extradition treaty with the US, but instead they actually ended up handcuffed. The whole NXIVM story is, as is written here, about their having haplessly “miscalculated.”

    Salzman would also have been risking her plea deal to have had stashed money that she didn’t declare, and that the feds might later have found. As sloppy as she was in just leaving money laying around her house, it’s unlikely she cooked up some foolproof scheme to hide bundles of cash, that she could count on not to be found out by savvy professional investigators – plus investigators would have tried to account for the money and may well have determined none is actually missing, perhaps having been spent down (such as when Raniere went to Mexico – another bit of serious stupid planning, when he could have gone to the Fijian island instead), and that’s just a detail we haven’t heard about. She’d also be putting herself at further risk if she had stashed money and started to tap into it, as the feds are likely to be keeping an eye on her, and she has various enemies and perhaps current friends who would drop a dime on her if she showed signs of living beyond her means; I believe that would likely violate her plea deal and get her sentenced to prison for the full term.

    Also, I researched and wrote previously:

    “1 Brigantine Drive belongs to Nxium Properties LLC, one of the affiliated companies on the federal government list – and, presumably, being seized….
    The LLC was apparently formed in 2003 as part of a failed effort to set up a NXIVM campus. But it then went on to buy some of the residential condos in Knox Woods, and according to county records it still holds 7 properties in Halfmoon, and 2 in Clifton Park.”

    I just re-checked, and Saratoga County property records show that the LLC bought it from the first owner on 5/22/2003 for $138,000, so it’s not correct that Jeske owned it, unless she had an interest in the whole LLC – that shows how, typically in a complex case like this, many details are being inaccurately reported, also including quite possibly the amount of cash Salzman had in her house. All these sorts of anecdotes floating around need to be treated with skepticism until properly fact-checked and vetted.

    Ultimately, I don’t see any evidence that Salzman is necessarily being left with any assets at all – it’s possible she is, though I think it’s more likely the feds are taking everything. However, it would be helpful to have the official list of assets the feds are seizing, which I have seen reference to in a Times Union article.

    • After reading AM’s (if I may henceforth, AnonyMaker) comment here, I feel awful about calling Nancy diabolical…when, nope, she’s just a stupid slut.

      • Heidi, you’re welcome to call me that – it’s actually how I sign off with Frank* – but as NutJob points out, those initials could be seen as referring to someone else….

        * If I were paranoid, I might think he’d shared my confidences with you – but I’m willing to believe in coincidences 🙂

  • I assume Salzman’s other assets either aren’t subject to be confiscated and/or she signed something that indicates she owns no other assets, just as Raniere did.

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