Allison Mack Served in Civil Lawsuit – Photos of House She Lives in Under Home Arrest

Update: Sunday, February 23, 2020; 8:38 AM: There are some who have commented that I should not have published Allison Mack’s address.

Actually, the address was first published by the US Government for all to see on  I am reporting on a publicly available document.

If you have a complaint about Mack’s address being made public, you should register your complaint to the Administrative Office of the United States Courts, or to Mack’s lawyers who chose not to make a motion to have the document with her address sealed.

As for stalkers, if someone wanted to stalk Mack, they can easily find her address online. Simple online records searches revealed the same address. I found it in less than 3 minutes.  As for photos of her house, they came from Google Maps, which anyone can find who has access to the internet and if they don’t have access to the internet, they won’t be reading this post.

In addition, but for the good lawyers she had, who crafted a most fortunate plea deal for her, Mack would have been tried and likely convicted of sex trafficking, which would have put her in prison for years. When she got out, she would have been required to register as a sex offender. Once registered as a sex offender, her address would be published wherever she lived. All sex offenders’ addresses are published.

Finally, I have published her address in the past, when she lived in Knox Woods and in Brooklyn. I have also published the addresses of Nancy Salzman, Lauren Salzman and most of the Nxivm leaders. I used to regularly publish Keith Raniere’s address. Nothing has happened to any of these people [other than they were arrested and convicted].

Since the arrest of Raniere and Mack, I have been generally following guidelines set by the courts. For example, in the trial of Raniere, if a victim’s first name only was used, that’s what I used in reporting, even when I knew the last name. In the civil lawsuit, I am again following the lead of the court.

And since, in the civil case, the Court has permitted Allison Mack’s address [along with other Nxivm leaders’ addresses] to be made public on PACER, I am going along with that in the interest of informing my readers.


Allison Mack was served in the Nxivm civil lawsuit on Feb 3, 2020 at 3:36 pm.

Mack is one of 15 defendants in a lawsuit, which features 80 plaintiffs who allege they were victimized by the leadership of Nxivm, including Allison Mack.

Mack was personally served by process server Richard DeWalt who describes Mack as female, age 33, 5’6″, 130 pounds and with blond hair.

Actually, Mack was born July 29, 1982, making her 37 years old. She is probably closer to 5’4″, as I recall. It is not known if she plumped up to 130, but this would be far above the weight she was ordered to be at on her 800 calories per day diet under her beauteous master, Keith Alan Raniere AKA Vanguard.

At the peak of her sleep and food deprivation lifestyle as a DOS slave, she weighed about 110 lbs., which was still too fat for Raniere.

Because Mack’s service was made public, as part of the court docket, we now know Allison’s home address.

For readers, this may be interesting because, since April 2018, following her arrest in Brooklyn and release on $5 million bail, Allison has been living at her parent’s, Jonathan and Mindy Mack’s home, subject to house arrest.

She may only leave the house for school or church, doctor’s and attorney appointments or court hearings or by special permission of the Probation and Presentencing Department.

Allison is currently awaiting sentencing for her having pleaded guilty in April 2019 to racketeering and racketeering conspiracy, the result of a plea bargain. She had been originally charged with sex trafficking and forced labor.

For the last 22 months, Allison has been required to wear an ankle monitor.

Here are some photos published in the Daily Mail some months ago of Allison getting a package at her home.

Note she keeps her ankle monitor inside the door so as to not violate the home arrest provision of her bail.


But what is the house itself like – the one that Allison has been confined to for almost two years?

The address is 3222 Orangewood Ave, Los Alamitos, in Orange County, California, 90720.

It has:

  • 4 beds
  • 2 baths
  • 2,387 sq ft living space inside.
  • 8,470 sq ft lot

According to Realtor,com, 3222 Orangewood Ave, Los Alamitos, CA 90720 is a single family home built in 1957. This property was last sold for $42,000 in 1971 and currently has an estimated value of $1,136,700.

If this last sale date is correct, it seems that this might be the house Allison grew up in.

According to the Los Alamitos public records, the property taxes for 3222 Orangewood Ave, are $2,571.

Various websites estimate the market value to be at around $1.1 million or about $475 per square foot.

Allison lives about 25 miles south of Los Angeles.


Jonathan and Mindy Mack, Allison’s parents.


The home is in a high density, low greenspace area.


Allison’s house is the corner house in the center of the picture.


Allison lives on Orangewood which is a four lane road. Her house in in the center.


Here is an aerial view. The red marker points to her house, which appears also to have a built- in pool.


Here is a little closer shot and it appears the house has some skylights on the roof.


Here is a picture from the front of the house.


Closer shot of the front of the house.


A little more distant shot where the corner of Orangewood Ave. and Shakespeare Dr. is visible.


A view of the home from Shakespeare Dr. The pool is on the other side of the fence.


Closer view of the side of the house.

Before having to move back in with her parents, Allison was quite happy in Knox Woods, living down the street from her lord and master, Keith Alan Raniere.

She owned a townhouse at 7 General’s Way.  The government has seized the property.

Allison Mack’s townhouse at 7 Generals Way

For a time, she rented a townhouse with her wife, Nicki Clyne at 127 Grenadier which was literally a couple of hundred feet from Keith Alan’s house.

In the rented home, Allison had slaves branded.

While she was in DOS, Allison like other good slaves, had to pledge collateral to her master, the great and powerful Vanguard of Nxivm.

She was in love with the Odious One, enjoyed threesomes with him and gave permission to her slaves to enjoy sex with the Unhygienic One.

Here is his photo at about the time Allison was enjoying his special sperm splendorous episodes of carnal delight.

In Conformity with Fair Notice Warnings Please be advised the pictures below might shock sensitive readers.


Allison Mack’s adorable master. Allison ordered her slaves to have sex with this princely gent. Some described it as a hair raising experience.


A winning smile, if ever there was one — the world smartest man – in Allison’s opinion at least.

According to FBI Special Agent Michael Lever, on August 10, 2015, Allison Mack sent an email to Raniere with the subject titled “vow 3” and included an attached letter.  In the letter, Mack used the terms “slave” and ”master” to refer to herself and Raniere.

The letter pledged Mack’s “full and complete life” to Raniere.

The letter also identified “collateral” to “cement” this vow made by Mack to Raniere.

In addition to numerous, graphic nude photos, which featured dozens of close up vagina shots, Mack’s collateral was described as:

(1) a letter regarding Mack’s mother and father that would “destroy their character.”

(2) a contract that transferred custody of any children birthed by Mack to Raniere, if Mack broke her commitment to Raniere.

(3) a contract that transferred ownership of Mack’s home if the commitment to Raniere was broken. [The government got the home, not Raniere.]

(4) a letter addressed to social services alleging abuse to Mack ‘s nephews.

Mack was willing to destroy her life, the life of her parents, siblings and nephews to serve her golden master, Raniere – who is now sitting in a federal prison in Brooklyn.

In a twist of irony, Mack is living with the parents she once gave Raniere the power to destroy,

It almost proves that blood is thicker than Vanguards.


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  • Also, as I posted a while back when I did some background research, the Macks’ house (the relatively easy-to-find address of which I did not divulge) turns out to be walking distance from the sex equipment company that NXIVM infamously ordered the BDSM cage from.

    Coincidence – or evidence of the tentacles of a deep and sinister conspiracy?

      • According to testimony the order was placed from Albany, and the company’s website shows them as an online distributor with no retail presence at their California location – which is nonetheless practically in Mack’s backyard.

        That’s a hell of a coincidence. Maybe that’s all it is, or maybe there’s a connection we’re missing – while other trivial stuff has been beat to death, things like that have been overlooked or ignored.

        ‘Sean Welch, who works at XR LLC — which stands for “Extreme Restraints” — testified that Bergeron had ordered items like a full-sized “jail cell,” described as “a true piece of dungeon furniture;” a “remote puppy plug,” intended for a human anus and sporting an upwardly curved puppy tail; and a “hanging rubber strap cage,” described as a Chinese finger trap for “bondage play.”’

        • “Bergeron had ordered items like a full-sized “jail cell,”

          Bergeron is Dani Padilla Bergeron with whom Mack shared a three way with Raniere.
          An experience that enchanted Pimp Mack.

      • Pimp Mack lives about two miles from XR LLC
        It has toys for men and women and lubricants.
        Lots of Lubricants.

        Top Sex Toy Brands
        Strict Leather
        Master Series
        Zeus Electrosex
        Sex Flesh
        Wand Essentials
        Trinity Vibes
        Passion Lubricants
        Clean Stream
        Other Top Sex Toy Brands

    • “Also, as I posted a while back when I did some background research, the Macks’ house (the relatively easy-to-find address of which I did not divulge) turns out to be walking distance from the sex equipment company that NXIVM infamously ordered the BDSM cage from.”

      So Allison Pimp Mack can keep in practice with fresh bondage gear.
      Very convenient.

  • I think that former perpetrators like Sarah Edmondson and Mark Vicente — both of whom only escaped prosecution by agreeing to provide information to the feds and/or to testify against Raniere — should be banned from suing for damages against their former co-conspirators. There’s just something sleazy about letting them walk away with all the money they made off the cult — and then letting them turn around and sue their former co-conspirators for more.

    I also wonder how Vicente was able to get a no-prosecution deal for his mother. She was the one who used to go around to Post Office locations all over the Albany area to pick up envelopes with cash. Was he really that important to the prosecutors?

  • Great Balls of Fire……Frank Parlato didn’t slink around Mindy and Jonathan Mack’s house invading their privacy.


    Also note anyone and everyone can find out the Mack’s addrress, location, birthday, phone # etc.. by doing one of any number of people searches. Defendant’s addresses are also in court documents.

    PUBLISHED: 12:16 EST, 24 July 2018 | UPDATED: 13:15 EST, 24 July 2018

    EXCLUSIVE: Allison Mack wears ankle monitoring bracelet in first photos of Nxivm leader on house arrest as four more members of branded sex-slave cult are arrested on federal charges.

    Allison Mack was seen making a rare foray outside her parents’ Los Alamitos, California home this weekend
    In the pictures, a happy and healthy looking Mack steps just outside the front door to grab an Amazon delivery before immediately heading back inside. The Smallville actress was seen wearing an ankle bracelet which she was ordered to wear by law as part of her release deal.

    Allison’s parents, Jonathan and Mindy Mack are seen outside of the home.

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    TYPE OF SEARCH: People Search Phone Lookup Address Lookup Email Lookup VIN Lookup NEW
    HINT: Try searching a friend, relative, date, neighbor, or even yourself
    norton secure seal is a public records business located in Sacramento, California. The company offers a variety of public records including address histories, phone numbers and background checks.

  • You are so pathetic…and to hide behind “they could find it online”…it’s because of people like you they can find it!
    Don’t worry, it’s not just the authorities who would have trouble for this kind of “indiscretions”…

    “In addition, but for the good lawyers she had, who crafted a most fortunate plea deal for her, Mack would have been tried and likely convicted of sex trafficking, which would have put her in prison for years”
    First it’s BS (and her plea deal isn’t the work of her lawyer but mostly the DOJ) , second the case is clear, she would NEVER have been convicted for this you idiot!

    And this doesn’t change that 1. you published private information (“but wait, it was on PACER”…something many don’t rush to search through!
    2. it’s not just about Allison but her WHOLE FAMILY you psychopath!

    “Since the arrest of Raniere and Mack, I have been generally following guidelines set by the courts”
    BS, you presented false information against her and took any occasion to try to go after her even when the trial showed the contrary to your accusation…
    Not only that, you defamed her many time and created from nothing a story about child (which could put Allison into danger), you are dangerous Frank and you there is no excuse!

    “She is probably closer to 5’4″”
    Which show how much you know about her…you saw her once in your lifetime and say “she is closer to…”.The data is from her arrest you dumbass!

    “She had been originally charged with sex trafficking and forced labor.”
    No, result of the rest of the accusation being BS but continue with your fantasy

    “redacted adress”
    And you try to excuse the fact that YOU (not the authorities) continuously post this adress? while you push to hatred against her for years? when you have psychopaths on your own website?
    What a loser, expect to be bitten for this! Pacer isn’t an excuse (and Pacer’s info require to connect which allow tracing while you post this for any potential criminal here)

    “In the rented home, Allison had slaves branded.”
    See? Trial showed she wasn’t behind branding but you continue to pretend…Also the branding could never occur in one of the condos, it’s BS and that’s why it’s “alledged” only…

    “She was in love with the Odious One, enjoyed threesomes with him and gave permission to her slaves to enjoy sex with the Unhygienic One.”
    No she didn’t loved him (but was coerced), and she obviously didn’t enjoy the threesome (the mail shows her submissive state) but once again twist the facts…

    “Mack was willing to destroy her life, the life of her parents, siblings and nephews to serve her golden master,”
    Like all of the other victims, she was COERCED to give more collaterals…they were all ready to destroy life of their closed one if we go by your stupid logic…
    I remind you that Nicole did EXACTLY the same as Allison , she accused one of her family member of the same thing.
    Allison was coerced for years AND she was drugged and starved and sleep deprivated to add…
    But for Nicole, it’s ok…Allison was a monster for doing the same under quite worst circumstance but Nicole, it’s ok…

    To be clear, i have nothing against Nicole, she is trully a victim (of Raniere, not of Allison).

    You are a pathetic loser and expect serious return on YOUR criminal behavior!
    I’d advice you to prepare something with your lawyer because you’ve gone one step too far this time.
    Your justification is absolutely not coherent and anything that could happen to Allison because of your criminal behavior will come back to you!!

    You are accomplice to whatever could happen…idiot!

    • Edmondson wrote in her book that her slave group was taken to “the home of Allison Mack, a modest ranch-style house that sits on a corner in the heart of Knox Woods” – and Lauren Salzman testified to it under oath, in court.

      So, yes, branding has been proven to have taken place in those condos – Mack’s home – that you somehow believe it “could never occur in,” which shows clearly how off-base and even delusional you are about many points.

    • To the Anonymous idiot ranting about shit they don’t understand; please go on YouTube and search Allison Mack and Raniere audio about the branding.

  • Good thing the world is filled with cowards who are too afraid to pick up a phone, let alone visit Mack’s parents house. LOL

    I watched the three-part Washington series on the History Channel over the past few days and noted how many nay-sayers, cowards, and do-nothings surrounded him during his life. I can’t hold a candle to Washington, but I know how he feels! LOL

    • Good thing the world is filled with cowards who are too afraid to pick up a phone, let alone visit Mack’s parents house. LOL” Scott Johnson

      Exactly what is the point of talking to a filthy pimp?
      Allison Mack knows that she is a pimp and so does everyone else.

        • “I was referring to talking with ME” Scott Johnson

          Why would anyone even want to talk with you, Scott?
          We have all known for years that Amway is a scam.
          And I notice the “ME” referring to you is capitalized.
          I did not realize that YOU, Scott Johnson, were the main subject of this story.

          • Why don’t you ask all of the guests I’ve had on my radio show why they would want to talk with me? LOL

            You consistently miss the point that just because you know that Amway and other MLMs are scams doesn’t mean everybody else also knows. LOL

            But I realize that it’s all about you, so who cares about the 10s of millions of new people around the world who are scammed every single year. LOL

            The “ME” was capitalized for emphasis and clarification, and unlike you, I never said I was the main subject of this story. LOL

          • Shadow,

            Way to go!!!! Once again you have shutdown Johnson. You would think he’d give up by now.

  • RE Publishing Alliance Mack’s Address:

    Anybody can find anybody in today’s world.

    If Frank posted Allison Mack’s address 25 years ago it would’ve been egregious…..

    …..Guess what…..It’s not 25 years ago.

    You can find any celebrity you want nowadays unless they took a preventative step by buying a property via a legal instrument such as a LLC or a trust.

  • From Page 2 of Neil Glazer’s Complaint:

    ” the Defendants achieved a number of personal benefits including but not limited to enriching
    themselves; wielding power over others; advancing in the perverse social order they created; and
    enhancing their own feelings of self-esteem. ”

    So Allison Mack enjoyed torturing and abusing dozens of women because it enhanced her self-esteem.
    Where is the Dignity in that?

  • Let’s set the record straight.

    In November 2018, Allison’s wife, Nicki Clyne, posted her address in the hopes of provoking an incident.
    I saw the address at the time and asked Frank to remove the address and he did.
    I have known her address for over a year.

    And let me tell you that after Glazer’s lawsuit, Allison will be living ion a cardboard box under the freeway.
    That’s what Allison should worry about.

    Here is the one time Nicki posted under her own name.
    Nicky Clyne
    November 25, 2018 at 5:00 pm
    Ok…I admit it, bitches. I posted Allison’s address. It was all part of a scheme to frame Shadow/Frank/Thomas and have his stalking ass thrown in jail.

    I’m the real Nicky, or Nicki, or Clicky , or whoever. I can verify that with a picture, which I will send to Frank, and then I will post on my private Instagram to verify that.

  • I can’t believe you did that Frank😔 A person can only take so much, especially when she is not even safe in her own home anymore. For you, this is just entertaining but have you thought about how this is affecting her safety and also her parents?

    • Poor little Mack. She is such a victim. Affecting HER safety? How about the safety of all of the people they scammed and died after they bumped into NXIVM? Mack’s safety will be much more threatened when she goes to prison. LOL

    • May be she should have thought about that before exploiting, sex trafficking and physically branding innocent people like cattle. She is certainly not getting enough punishment for ruining so many lives.

    • This is a consequence of the fact that Allison Mack worked in NXIVM.
      Perhaps will be better for her, when she will sitting in a prison. It will be the most safe.

      • No, she isn’t…and it’s because of people like you (and many around here) that her address should have been kept off this website…
        You are as pathetic as Frank if you diffuse fake information. And don’t think that being online is protecting you from authorities…
        At this level, it’s worse than defamation.
        It’s incitation to hatred…(I’ll let you check the kind of sentence it could mean to you, loser)

    • You should blame the US Courts. The Court published her address. Read my update at the top of the post.[You may have to refresh the page] Bottom line — if the Court saw fit to publish Allison Mack’s address on Pacer – then they have chosen to make her address available to the public. And so it is now public. If the court had not published her address I would not have published it at this time.

      • I understand, Frank! But you searched for the pictures on the net and deliberatly posted them together with the address on here. Not everybody has an pacer acount or even knew that the address was there to find. You could have chosen to not do that! Especially since her parents have nothing to do with the case neither it is relevant to any crimes committed where they live. This is just another self serving decision from you to get clicks.

        • I am in the business of informing and entertaining readers, trying to pursue justice and investigate the truth and whenever possible get a few extra clicks to make a little money.

          This post is meant to inform and entertain readers and get more clicks. It is a true story. It presented nothing that was not on the public record already.

          As for stalkers, if Allison has any, long before now they could have easily found her address. Think back to the case of Thomas Sekura. Consider also I have published her addresses before when she lived in Albany. Nothing happened. I even published the address of the house where she lived and branded women. Nothing happened. I published Keith’s addresses in Albany and Mexico and nothing happened except that the FBI found out where he was and came down to see him.

          If the court had not published her address – I would probably not have published it either – at this point in her criminal career.

          My address is also online and easily available. The courts made it public. [29009 Geranium Dr. Big Pine Key Florida 33043] It is easily available on a google search. If someone, some pro-Nxivm person was looking to stalk me, all they have to is use Google.

          It is simply a fact of public life that address are known online. I doubt Allison is in any danger, though there are those who say I might be [think Salinas]. But the time for thinking of that was before, not after undertaking a venture. For Allison it was lying, extorting, and branding women. For me, it was choosing to write about it under my own name.

          • When I did that piece about the photos at the Mack house a while back and was checking on the location, I think the address came up both in a people-finder type search for Allison, and also in a search for her parents’ names. It’s not at all hard to find – at least for anyone who really knows how to use The Google.

          • Frank, Mack’s stalkers have already found her multiple times.

            I think the people who are angry at you are from an older generation (50+) and don’t understand how easy it is nowadays to find anyone.

      • Suuuuure, you are a poor innocent idiot who posted pics of her PARENTS’ address publicly (while posting lies about Allison permanently).
        Don’t try to justify yourself this time; you will get what you deserve for your criminal behavior (not like you don’t expect it already…)

    • You expect a loser like Frank to do something right? He took her as a target for years…he continues to do so despite a trial showing many of his accusations to be false! But don’t worry, it’s going to bite him back this time!

  • Do you know how much harassment and hostility Allison is dealing with? This is supposed to be a safe place for her. I think you are really out of your fn mind, Parlato

  • Allison Mack has a younger sister, a young woman who is nine years younger.
    Her sister has two Instagram pages one of which had personal pictures and the other which focuses on art found on city streets.

    Allison’s sister stopped posting personal pictures on November 1, 2017.
    Right after Halloween 2017.
    She obviously knew Allison’s stuff was going to hit the fan.

    About eight or nine days ago, Allison’s sister took down one picture on her street art page.
    This picture showed Allison’s sister posing in front of a theater marquee with Allison on it.
    The caption read “I have been all over looking for my sister and here she is in a play at the Old Globe Theater in San Diego.
    That picture was taken in April 2017.
    There was one comment on that picture that read, “So your sister is Allison. That’s a shame.”

    I suppose when Allison was served with that civil suit, a 189-page civil suit, there was much unhappiness in the Mack household.
    And Mack’s parents, as well as her siblings and her nephews, are the victims of Allison Mack’s insanity.

    • She is a piece of shit, she doesn’t even deserve the family she sold out to Raniere. Why they even have her in their home after all she has done for having sex, power and who knows what else was going through this serious cunt’s mind

    • Shadow, now that you have the address, how about a full report on the number of Dunkin Donuts within five miles of Mackhaus?

      From the comments, it seems like I am not the only one who believes you have and have had for years an unhealthy obsession with Ms. Mack.


  • Tonight, a little after 10:25 pm, ShadowState programmed his car’s GPS to the following address: 3222 Orangewood Ave, Los Alamitos, CA 90720.

    I wonder if Shadow will be driving through the Colorado Rockies or around the Rockies. Will ShadowState be wearing adult diapers, like the crazy female astronaut, to avoid stops?

  • And what is the idea of posting her address and pinpointing it out on a map just for all the crazy nutjobs out there who are obsessed with her to go there? I expect shadow will be going dumpster diving to find anything he can to satisfy his obsession

  • AMERICAN CULT NXIVM Exposed By: Omar W. Rosales

    Great Balls of Fire……Is Keith the Devil?

    – Raniere created his sex slave pyramid to be organized in 6s. One Grandmaster with 6 slavemasters. Each slavemaster would then have 6 slaves beneath them. Each of those slaves would then have 6 slaves each. So, the pods are organized in a numerical sequence of 666. And, the FBI reports use the term ‘pod’. Instead, what if we use the word ‘coven’? So, this would be a coven of female sex slaves, branded with the mark, organized into a 666. *******

    What if Keith Raniere is so far gone, that he believes himself to be the anti-Christ? There are many similarities, in what Keith demanded from his followers and slaves, to the Biblical scriptures in the Revelation of St. John. We have the branding, the mark of the Beast, the businesses, the ability to perform miracles, the meetings with heads of state, and the number of the Beast – Keith’s number –

    666.Could Keith be so insane, he actually thinks he’s fulfilling a Biblical prophecy? Remember that walk? The funny Keith walk? Keith Raniere walks on the balls of his feet. He curls his toes to walk and shifts side to side. I call it a monkey walk. What if it’s a Devil’s walk? Isn’t that how a man would move, if he didn’t have feet but walked on cloven hooves? Isn’t the Devil supposed to have cloven hooves? But walk around like a man – searching for sex slaves, hungry to steal their souls? At least, that is what the legends from New England say. So, what do you think?

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