Nancy Salzman Now Living With Daughter Michelle in Modest Townhouse

In what could only be described as another fall for the Prefect, Nancy Salzman has apparently given up her old house and is now living in a modest townhouse with her daughter, Michelle Salzman.

How do I know?

Courtesy of Neil Glazer’s lawsuit.

In his attempt to serve the Prefect, one of his process servers, the intrepid Chris Cozy of APS International, found Michelle Salzman at 1 Brigantine Dr. in Waterford NY.

Nancy Salzman and her daughter Michelle.

1 Brigantine is a single-family home with 1,186 sq ft and was built in 1988.

It has 2 bedrooms and 1.5 bathrooms.

It was purchased back in 2003, when Nancy was taking her slice of the Bronfman easy money.

While Keith was blowing through tens of millions in commodities trades and on stupid lawsuits, Nancy quietly bought a couple million in real estate investments in and around Clifton Park with the leftovers.

She evidently was able to hang onto at least one of the investments.

Of course, Nancy was always smarter than Vanguard and that is why – for their joint work of building and maintaining the Nxivm racketeering enterprise – Keith is going away for life and Nancy may not do a day of prison time.

Prefect Nancy Salzman wanted nothing more than for every woman to come under the command of her master Keith Raniere, for then they came under her command.

In any event, when the process server arrived at 1 Brigantine — Michelle answered the door. It was 8:15 pm on Feb. 5.

No, Nancy was not home.

No, he could not see her.

But upon Michelle’s assurance that Nancy lived there with her and that Michelle was willing to accept service on behalf of her mom, Cozy gave Michelle the subpoena for Nancy in the Glazer lawsuit.

Nancy has been served.

Document 30 – Affidavit of Service – Nancy Salzman (02.11.2020)

It appears from this that Michelle and most likely her husband, Ben, have left Boston and returned home to mama.

Ben, as readers know, was employed by the Chinese Communist Party-funded BrainCo, but lost his job recently when even the communists – in Bernie land – found him too hot to handle.

Ben Myers with wife Michelle Salzman-Myers

Of interest here is that Nancy has gone from her lovely, spacious home at 3 Oregon Trail to a modest townhouse at Brigantine Trail.

All the Nxivm devotees have left Clifton Park, with the possible exception of Brandon ‘Mengele’ Porter.

Nancy’s former home at 3 Oregon Trail

From a slide at Vanguard Week

Let us compare the difference between the homes.

Zillow estimates 1 Brigantine’s value at $201,000. It has 1.5 baths and 2 bedrooms. [1,186 sq ft.]

3 Oregon Trail is estimated at $500,000 and has 4 bedrooms and 4 baths and has 3,350 square feet.

Evidently, Nancy moved out of 3 Oregon Trail shortly after it was raided by the FBI on March 27, 2018.

Photo courtesy of Albany Times Union.

Photo courtesy of Albany Times Union.

I have a few photos of the interior of Nancy’s old home courtesy of the FBI who took them when they raided her house.

Nancy’s grand piano kept ready for Keith.

Some of the cash seized at Nancy Salzman’s former home

A downhill slide for Nancy Salzman

Once she was the Prefect.

Next to Keith Raniere, she was the most venerated leader of Nxivm.

Pam Cafritz, Nancy Salzman and Keith Alan Raniere on his birthday.

It was assumed she knew secret, mystical things and she had risen so far on the stripe path that her knowledge was vast and near perfect. It was second only to the Vanguard, himself, who was perfect.

That was a big part of their racketeering enterprise – their supposedly high-mystical and high-knowledge secret teachings – which in the end, as Neil Glazer explained, “were based upon a system Raniere and Nancy Salzman labeled Rational Inquiry….  They claimed that it was based in science and had two primary components: (1) a self-esteem eroding curriculum designed to break down students’ resistance to Raniere’s and Nancy Salzman’s radical reframing of ethics, morality, and gender roles and relations… and (2) an inherently dangerous form of psychotherapy called “Exploration of Meaning” (‘EM’), which was administered by so-called EM Practitioners (‘EMPs’), all of whom were unqualified to practice psychoanalysis, psychology or mental health counseling.

“Nancy Salzman [was] the principal therapist and head of this individual therapy branch of NXIVM…  she [was] a nurse for only one
year in a general practice and did not have a license to practice psychotherapy.”

[Raniere and Salzman] knew, Glazer continued, that their teachings subjected students “to a high risk of injury, because over time it produced disturbing alterations in the subjects’ thinking, behavior, and emotional experience. The longer someone was immersed in this system, the more likely it became that they would suffer moderate-to-severe psychological and emotional injuries, including post traumatic stress disorder and complex post-traumatic stress disorder…..

“Through the continual and systematic application of the Rational Inquiry methods, [Salzman, Raniere and other Nxivm leaders] obtained the complete trust of their victims, rendering them psychologically and emotionally dependent….   On a near-daily basis, these victims were told that they were failing to advance on the Stripe Path and improve their careers, income and well-being, because they were not working hard enough on their ‘issues’ and thus needed to take additional courses and receive additional EMs.

“Once [Salzman, Raniere etc.] had stripped members of their psychological defenses, they exploited these highly vulnerable people for advantage and gain.”

I am glad Glazer admits that the Nxivm members were “highly vulnerable people” for they are not, for the most part and as a group, strong willed individualists or courageous.

Raniere and Salzman seemed to seek out weak minded [but not stupid] and psychologically vulnerable individuals for their stripe path.

[There were some exceptions.]

That doesn’t mean that the Nxivm members were not intelligent people. Most of them were.

For the most part, they were good, but weak people, looking for someone to do their thinking and even their feeling for them.

However, and happily, it is a lot easier to become strong coming out of weakness than go from stupid to smart.

It was weakness that Salzman and Raniere preyed on.

NXIVM teaches Executive Success Programs.

But the victims may not be to blame – as Glazer suggests in his lawsuit. Read Glazer’s Civil Lawsuit Complaint

Salzman’s and Raniere’s shtick was good and far different than their reality.

Nancy Salzman, with the gold sash, had risen high above the others. Here she is teaching Mark Vicente [now out of NXIVM] Alex Betancourt, Karen U., Clare Bronfman, Lauren Salzman and Emiliano Salinas – all wearing their prized, colored [but lower ranking] sashes.
The game they played on their marks was that Nancy was wise.

She knew how to read a person like a book. No secret could be kept from Nancy Salzman.

Nancy was loving too, but from a much higher level of love. Even what appeared as her anger or selfishness or greed was actually manifesting love at a much higher platform than ordinary people could understand.

Nancy knew at a glance how to remove the many “disintegrations” of people, and help them from becoming “suppressives,” “parasites” or “Luciferians” [all three of which, by their own definitions, Raniere and Salzman were themselves].

Nancy would help lucky students at a cost that was only a fraction of what it was really worth.

Her movements and ideas could affect the whole world.

Nancy [Prefect] Salzman cuts the ribbon opening up the Mexico NXIVM center. Alex ‘El Duce’ Betancourt [l] Emiliano  ‘Puto’ Salinas [R].

She knew all about diseases. She told one woman she got breast cancer on purpose because she was seeking her husband’s attention.

She claimed to be able to cure Tourette’s Syndrome.

When Nancy got breast cancer, she said she would cure it with Nxivm tech alone — with her powerful mind.

To give you an idea how powerful she claimed she was, Nancy said she could have prevented 9-11, which only occurred because it took her a month too long to realize Keith’s teachings were meant for her to spread around the world.

Her failure, she said, to grasp Keith’s message in 1998, caused the 9-11 tragedy in 2001.

Had she only been on board with Keith a month earlier, her powerful energy, combined with Keith’s, would have prevented the terrorist attack.

Portrait of Nancy by MK10ART.

While she was president of Nxivm, Nancy lived well. She had a $40,000 per year budget for clothing alone. All her expenses were taken care of by Clare Bronfman and for most years she earned a six figure salary on top of all the perks.

She traveled all over the world, offering her valuable teachings in seminars [intensives] for anywhere from $7,000-$10,000 per student per class, because Nancy wanted, she said, to share these world-changing teachings with all who needed [and could afford] them.

And while, yes, she was Jewish, in this birth, [and Keith taught her something far higher and advanced than Judaism in this birth], she had been in her former life, the Jew-hating Adolf Hitler, Keith told her.

Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman, 2009

They believed in reincarnation.

But Keith proclaimed hers, in this birth, to be a new life, with a fresh start, as the Jewish woman, Nancy Salzman.

MK10ART depicts Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman.  Keith claimed Nancy was Adolf Hitler in her past life.

It showed their power together. If Keith could get Adolf Hitler – who no one can doubt had a lot of charisma, energy, force, will power and intelligence – only he used it for bad purpose – to become unified in his very next life, what couldn’t Keith Raniere do?

Of course, there are those who say that Nancy never believed the Adolf Hitler crap, but allowed Raniere to tell it privately among the inner circle – since all of them had, according to Keith, been Nazis in their last lives too. [Except for Keith.]

The Hitler shtick, or any reincarnation bullshit, of course, was never told outside the inner circle.

Nancy Salzman with Sara Bronfman at V-Week 2017. Nancy found out she had breast cancer about this time.

When Nancy found out she had breast cancer in 2017, she declared that with Keith’s help she would use the Nxivm tech to cure herself with no conventional medical treatment.

Then Keith got arrested on March 26, 2018.

The next day, FBI agents raided her house on Oregon Trail, the home she had lived in for years.

They walked away with a lot of stuff, not the least of which was $520,000 in cash.

She dropped the idea of Keith and her curing her cancer and went for conventional medical treatment which led to radical mastectomies. {There are sources who say she was taking conventional treatment right along and lying to the Nxivm community about the tech curing her.]

Then Nancy got arrested in July 2018…..

Nancy Salzman

Don’t fear for the Prefect

She was the first to cut a plea deal – even ahead of her daughter, Lauren – and copped to only one racketeering conspiracy count.

From all appearances, she is cooperating with the feds to bury Keith further, along with Clare and Sara Bronfman, possibly Rosa Laura Junco and Emiliano Salinas and her old partner in her last life, Alejandro “El Duce” Betancourt.

Alejandro Betancourt, Nancy Salzman and Emiliano Salinas toast the wonder that is Keith Raniere and his creation, Nxivm.

Alejandro, as readers know, was told by Keith that he was Benito Mussolini in his last life.

So think of that: Hitler is turning on Mussolini, ratting him out to the feds.

Will wonders ever cease in Nxivm land.

Viva Executive Success!


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  • The cheap shot at Bernie Sanders is strangely out of place in this article. (he’s not a communist. And you can’t tell me we dont live in a corporate welfare state. Democratic socialism will simply balance the playing field for all Americans.)

  • Bangkook says it is the weak-minded that join cults and everyone who joined Nx is weak-minded.

    A careful analysis of Bangkook’s theory shows he is not weak-minded. Instead he is so strong minded that he can see other people’s weaknesses–but that is just his delusion–and that shows that he has the delusional mind of a potential cult leader.

    To prove his cult leader potential, Bangkook should demonstrate that in a golden shower he won’t get wet.

      • Hey, Anonymous, where in the above statement was Kreuk or any on the other Nxians defended? Didn’t you notice it was a criticism and mockery of Bangkok? Are you so obsessed with Kreuk and Sultan that you can’t see straight? Sad

  • I’ve thought from the beginning, that Nancy Salzman was the knowing co-creator of the ‘Vanguard’ scam/hoax. Thats what it started out as, before it became something much much more sinister. She taught Raniere his NLP covert manipulation tricks. I don’t believe that she ever thought he was ‘The Smartest Man on Earth,’ but was just greedy for money and status.

    Raniere was her money machine, and she thought she’d hit the jackpot.

    I don’t believe that money is the root of all evil, but I’m certain that it is the root of her evil.

    • I prefer the Trail of Tears. It is President Andrew Jackson‘s finest moment!!!! He was able to pass the 1830 Indian removal act!!!!

  • Didn’t I read that Nancy had some favorite young women that she spent a lot of time with “mentoring?”

    Who were these women—and did evil Nancy use NLP to mentor them in business, crime or sexual submission to Keith and herself?

  • I started to read the article, and than as soon as I saw the pictures of the “beak” size noses, I decided it was time to stop.

  • Is it just me, or does that house look like a prop from a Stephen King movie?

    Or maybe just a creepy house for creepy people to live in…

  • Frank,

    Do you believe Ben Myers knew about Dani’s imprisonment? Or perhaps Myers had some idea something was going on with Dani?

    • He must have wondered why she disappeared and where she was. He soon started going out with Lauren’s sister, Michelle. Did he know Dani was a captive? At least one source there at the time told me he did. But it seems Ben soon got distracted by Michelle and never cared at all about what happened to his friend that disappeared.

      • Re Ben Myers & Others:

        Amongst the NXIVM faithful, I find the apathy, callousness, and general lack of regard for another human being, extremely disturbing.

        Frank, I think you were right when you alluded to the idea that some NXIVM members would have been willing to kill on Keith’s orders. What’s chilling to me is overall NXIVM was less violent than some other cults that are our there…..

        ….Provided of course you discount, the disappearance/murder, a suicide/murder and a bunch of women that came down with cancer.

        Thank you for taking the time to respond to my questions.

    • We’ve seen lots of examples where information was surprisingly compartmentalized, people where seemingly unquestioning about incongruous things going on – and falsehoods were told to placate people and cover up what was going on. That’s a fairly typical dynamic of cults, and almost anything is possible. It would certainly fit, for instance, for someone like Salzman to have told him something vague like that Dani was away working on a problem – in my experience and observation, cultists like half-truths that they can rationalize as not being out-and-out-lies – and for Myers to have gotten the hint not to push for a clear answer.

      • AnonyMaker,

        I think your assessment is in all probability correct. I’m sure things were compartmentalized to the point of “stove-piping”. We will never truly know for sure.

        I always appreciate your input. Sincerely.

  • Great article, Frank.

    I do not think that NXians were necessarily weak-minded. No doubt some fit this description. Poor Ivy with the long, long hair may be one such person. But as with many cults, some join when they are at a vulnerable point in their lives, such as after a divorce or loss of a job. Or they are brought in by their parents.

    Daniela’s parents approved her joining NXIVM instead of going to school. Nicole was having a rough time emotionally, even feeling suicidal, when she moved to New York City. After having a TV project pulled out from under her, India was introduced to the cult by her mom.

    And if NXians who were DOS members wanted to leave, they had collateral hanging over their head.

    • Diane, I believe you are correct that some members were at susceptible points in their life.

      I also believe some people have an innate desire to be apart of a group and, therefore, such people are more susceptible to cults.

      The vast majority of NXIVM membership had their hearts in the right place; they just joined the wrong organization.

      NXIVM was not a get rich pyramid scheme.

    • I don’t think they were necessarily weak-minded; more that they had a predisposition to accept the particular kind of BS them. A need for it in some way.

    • Sorry, Dianne, I disagree with you.

      People didn’t join NXIVM because they were preyed upon during a ‘vulnerable’ time in their lives.

      They joined because they were weak-minded dupes FROM BIRTH. Keith was simply the pied piper who told them exactly what their WEAK MINDS wanted to hear.

      Guess what? Graduating from an Ivy League school doesn’t make somebody strong-minded. In fact, many Ivy League grads are even more susceptible to cult leaders than the average layperson —– due to their elitist belief system which makes them unable to cope with certain realities they don’t agree with.

      Read and learn.

      Allison Mack was on top of the world before joining NXIVM. Great career. Lots of money. The future looked bright.

      She had every reason not to join NXIVM, yet she did. She actually threw away her entire TV career for Keith and wound up broke, LOL.

      Why? She was weak-minded.

      Nicki Clyne. Same story. She threw away her TV career to work at a vegan deli. LOL.

      She had every reason not to join NXIVM, yet she did.

      Why? She was weak-minded.

      Grace Park. Same story. She appeared in a recruiting video with sicko Keith.

      Why? She was weak-minded.

      Kristin Kreuk?

      She admits to joining NXIVM to overcome her shyness (Her boyfriend may also have had some influence in her decision to join). However, she was still a successful actress with lots of money and a great career. Thus, I seriously doubt that she was as shy as she claims. That sounds more like a handy excuse to explain her departure from NXIVM for PR reasons.

      Kreuk had no reason to join NXIVM and to follow a madman like Keith. Yet she did. She became a teacher and a recruiter for NXIVM.

      Why? She was weak-minded. A Canadian idiot from birth.

      Irish Barb Bouchey? Same story. No reason for Barb to join except she was weak-minded and greedy.

      Emi Salinas? Super rich and well educated. He had no reason to join NXIVM.

      Why did he join? He was weak-minded.

      Betancourt? Same story. Weak-minded.

      Junco? Same reason. Weak-minded.

      The only thing this diverse group of people had in common was the fact that they were all weak-minded dupes.

      In general, I have found that certain people — mostly leftist sympathizers — are simply more susceptible to being brainwashed by cult leaders.

      Your analysis is SHIT, Dianne. I suspect that you’re also a leftist sympathizer.

  • Great Balls of Fire…Goodness Gracious……My Money Is Flying Away….In A Cardboard Box….!!!!

    Well well well. How stupid can you be? She, Nancy, had SAY WHAT????!!!!!
    $520,000 in cash stored in a box? Oh, and a bag? Unbelievable !!! …. Yowza! And why would the Perfect Prefect leave this $ in her home when she knows her precious Manguard is in Mexico to avoid the feds? The feds who obviously will be laser focused on her and likely will show up on her porch with a search warrant….Duh…..

    She must be literally running in the snow and taking cold showers to fix her issue of being too stupid to simply move the $ box/bag to a different location. Imagine how pissed Michelle is knowing this. Even though It’s Michelle living with mom it has to bother her, in my opinion.

    Yes this is all my own opinion and I say this out of courtesy…cough..cough… to those who have come on here to Frank’s site threatening to sue posters for slander, now you don’t have to be concerned with Balls of Fire. Everything I say is my own opinion or backed up with links, or with quotes from Frank’s articles or guest writer’s articles…Etc……

    Every time Michelle goes out on the town to shop, get gas, groceries, movies, dinner, perscriptions, buy a puppy, get her teeth whitened and her body hair waxed, and 101 other things people do where cash is not noticed, she is reminded that

    “WOW! If only the cardboard $ box/bag were here with me right now, then I could just pay cash for all of this instead of it all being siphoned out of my savings on behalf of my communist non-working “better” half. ”

    I just find this “money laying around thing” too absurd to even try to comprehend. I mean come on, it wasn’t a few 100’s we’re talking about, it’s literally thousands and thousands of $$$$$$ sitting around in rubber bands just waiting for the feds to cash in….EEK…..!!!!!!

    Thanx Frank for this quote:
    “It is a lot easier to become strong coming out of weakness than go from stupid to smart.”

    Sums up dumb and dumber, the top 2 reigning big fish – King and Queen – Jester & Joker –
    of the “more ethical world empowerment movement.”
    Or what ever you call it….

    Great Balls of Fire.. !!!

    • The money left carelessly lying around shows how hapless they really were. Time and again, Raniere lost millions, and tens of millions, of dollars. Several PIs snookered NXIVM out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. They continually spent more money suing people, that they ever got back in judgments. Their non-quantitative screw-ups, like how they (mis-)handled participants in their intensives who experienced psychological problems, were as bad or worse, if not quite as obvious.

      Raniere’s prime talent was manipulating people around him – including getting the Bronfmans to spend vast enough sums on truly competent lawyers, to put off the day of reckoning for all his mistakes.

    • You really are a special kind of stupid, aren’t you, Scott? Where in this article does it say that the three Salzman women live there? (Actually, the article only mentions Lauren’s name once, in the context of when she made her plea.) You certainly have some reading comprehension issues….but you are always quick with the insults, right?

  • Excellent article!

    I guess I won’t have any more sightings of the NXIVM power couple in the greater Boston area…..

    BTW labeling Beantown “Bernie land” is insulting. I don’t call upstate New York Cuomo Land. 😉

    Or call New York City’s district Hillary Wood

    BTW George Steinbrenner a was douche bag!!!! FU

    • BTW Every Sox WS Title since 1918 is tainted. Juiced up cheaters and sign stealing cheaters. Long live Babe, Bucky, Buckner, and Boone.

      • Juiced up?!???!??

        Remember the captain of the Red Sox Jim Rice he was considered “extra big” at 6ft ‘2 and weighed about 205, and Reggie Jackson of the Yankees was large at 6ft and weighed around 190 or 200 something.

        Both men would now be considered small for homerun hitters.

        Remember the special and unusual …Barry Bonds, Jose Canseco, and Mark McGuire from the ’90s?

        Now big large homerun hitters are just a regular thing…..

        Angels Center Fielder Mike Trout: Standing at 6’2 and weighing in at 235.

    • FU? That’s strong language coming from you, NiceGuy3.0. I am reminded of this quote from The Odd Couple.

      Oscar Madison: Told you 158 times I can’t stand little notes on my pillow. “We’re all out of cornflakes. … “We’re all out of cornflakes. F.U.” Took me three hours to figure out F.U. was Felix Ungar!

  • In an attempt to shock niceguy3.0, here are a few disjointed thoughts that mostly defend Nancy from this bashing Frank dished out.

    To start the article, Frank types “Of course, Nancy was always smarter than Vanguard and that is why – for their joint work of building and maintaining the Nxivm racketeering enterprise – Keith is going away for life and Nancy may not do a day of prison time.”

    – I’d say Keith is mostly going to prison for his taste in young girls and for branding his initials on crotches. If Nancy is smart for not doing the same, then I guess so…. But I’d say Nancy was way stupider than Keith because she got sucked into following him. At first she told him “No.” Then she followed along after him and let him ruin her life and the lives of her daughters.

    – Nancy and all the inner circle dunces believed the reincarnation crap that Keith told them. They bonded over it and felt special. As utterly ridiculous as it sounds, they believed what Keith told them. Which leads to my biggest point. Nancy believed Keith had a 240 IQ and she believed the Australian version of the Guiness Book of World Records that listed Keith as having one of the highest IQs in the world. Keith getting Nancy to believe this, put her in a position where she didn’t question him. She did what he said. She taught what he told her.

    – Nancy brought NLP, Ericsonian Hypnosis, and group/individual presentation skills to the table. Keith brought everything else. Keith came up with Rational Inquiry and the EMs. He told/taught Nancy how it was done. Nancy did what he said and didn’t question. (queue up Shadow telling me that “I was just following orders” didn’t work in Nuremberg)

    – Was Nancy smarter than Keith? Hell no. Using 1998 and the beginning of ESP as a starting point, Nancy was victim number one. (To quell the outrage, here’s my token reminder that one can be both a perp and victim.)

    – Nancy was “highly vulnerable” person #1. She was not courageous or strong willed. She let Keith do her thinking and feeling for her. She was the perfect stooge to be Vanguard’s Prefect. To hammer in this point. I’d bet anything that Nancy REALLY did believe 911 was her fault for taking an extra month or so to join forces with the great Vanguard.

    – Nancy cut a deal and was the first. But let’s not pretend she was racing to be the first to do so. I vividly remember week after week after week going by with nobody cutting a deal. Remember how many articles were posted on FR talking about first on the bus etc? Finally, Nancy cut the deal. Anyone else easily could have gone first. It was probably the most significant leadership Nancy ever showed. It paved the way for Lauren and Allison to get off their paths to self destruction.

    I know me calling Nancy stupid, vulnerable, a blind follower, and a chicken, might not sound like a good defense of her. Sorry Nancy, it was the best I could do.

    • Interesting thoughts. That largely fits with everything I have read about Salzman, my perspective from knowledge of how such groups work, and just in general what I know from working in or with various businesses and organizations over my career.

      EMs borrow a lot from Scientology “auditing” – any idea who brought that in, since Raniere didn’t have direct experience as far as we know?

      While the past lives concept has old roots, and is not uncommon in cults, its use as a tool of manipulation smacks of Scientology. It’s interesting to hear that the inner circle were so wrapped up in it – did it involve multiple past lives (as in Scientology) or just the sort of World War II era incarnations (Hitler, Mussolini) that we’ve heard about?

      I’m surprised to hear that even Salzman was taking in by the Australian Guiness Book of World Records IQ scam – which again gets to her not being the sharpest tool in the shed, as I think a lot of people would wonder why that wasn’t confirmed in the US version of the book and other sources, and why Raniere didn’t seem a lot more obviously exceptional at things like finances and foreign languages.

      Remember also that Nancy just cut a plea deal to cut the time she was facing in exchange for not going to trial – not a cooperation deal like her daughter and others made. She just saved herself the humiliation of being up on the witness stand, being elicited for testimony detrimental to Raniere and others, and possibly also the stress of a trial when she was still recovering from a major illness and surgery.

      • I don’t have direct knowledge of where the EMs came from. From hearing Heidi share how interested Keith was in Scientology and how he craved getting his hands on their materials, I’ve assumed Keith figured out what Scientology was doing and copied it. (Interesting side note. In a group setting during Q&A, I once asked Keith a direct question about his thoughts on Scientology. His answer was that he didn’t know much about them – total lie – but he’d guess that a lot of what they were doing was good.)

        Nancy was all about multiple past lives and even did past life regressions on people. Brian L. Weiss was sort of a hero to her. This surely hurt her as Keith used her beliefs against her, and got her to buy into his past lives lies. I doubt Keith would have felt it necessary to change Nancy’s beliefs in multiple past lives. He probably just focussed on Nazi Germany, but let the multiple past lives idea remain.

        • Nutjob, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen another source who knew Raniere back in the 80s, refer to his interest in Scientology. There are a number of offshoots from which he could have gotten “tech,” too, including Elmira, NY based Avatar, created by former Scientology local mission holder Harry Palmer – particularly in an organization like CBL there would almost inevitably have been people with experience in something along those lines, if Raniere hadn’t picked it up earlier.

          Supposed past life recollections are a known, proven spurious phenomenon of pushing regression therapy, which NXIVM EMs used, too far, or with specific expectations – false childhood memories can also be generated, which is why the veracity of Kristen Snyder’s abuse allegations, probably coming out of EM sessions (though some of the hypnosis-based group processes in settings like intensives can have similar effects) is open to question. I’m particularly curious as to whether they haplessly stumbled into the phenomenon on their own, or deliberately tried to produce it due to familiarity with what is done with it in Scientology – though obviously an answer to that would require finding someone with knowledge of how Raniere and Salzman developed things early on.

          Thanks again, it’s always interesting and valuable to hear about your experience.

          • I never have known much about Scientology. I found out from your posts that they were in to past lives. Up until finding that out, and finding out about Keith doing the whole past life thing with Gina, I’d assumed Keith used Nancy’s interest in past life regressions to snare her. While this is still certainly part of the story, it’s odd that both Nancy and Keith came to the table with such a big interest in past lives.

        • Nutjob, in Scientology the false past lives are an important construct both to get members to feel they are to blame, or guilty, because of things they imagine they did before they were alive, as Raniere used them; and also to get them to sacrifice their own interests in the belief that they will just come back again and essentially get a do-over, which could be related to NXIVM dissuading people from getting life-saving medical care although I haven’t seen enough detail about that. There are other factors at work as well, such as the sort of fascination or even glamour of imagining oneself to have been fascinating historical characters – and one of the things that most obviously proves they are spurious is that everybody wants to imagine they were Napoleon or Josephine, and Anthony or Cleopatra, and so one, not to mention more self-imagined Jesuses than you can shake a stick at.

          It could be an interesting topic for further discussion sometime when it’s not getting buried deep in threads of an aging topic.

    • Nutjob-

      I believe a portion of what you are saying is true.

      Additionally, I believe “someone” turned a very conscious blind-eye because she enjoyed her lifestyle and all of its perks.

      …Without Keith, Nancy had nothing.

  • 1 Brigantine Drive belongs to Nxium Properties LLC, one of the affiliated companies on the federal government list – and, presumably, being seized. Salzman may be renting or occupying it, but that doesn’t mean she owns it, particularly as her ownership interest in the various holding corporations is being extinguished by their federal seizure. Though we haven’t heard much if anything about the arrangements for managing NXIVM assets, someone has to be overseeing all the properties, collecting payments from any tenants – it’s generally preferable to have buildings occupied rather than vacant – and paying expenses like taxes and utility bills, and so on.

    The LLC was apparently formed in 2003 as part of a failed effort to set up a NXIVM campus*. But it then went on to buy some of the residential condos in Knox Woods, and according to county records it still holds 7 properties in Halfmoon, and 2 in Clifton Park.

    Nancy Salzman’s former residence at 3 Oregon Trail is still held by Veinte-Seiz LLC, another NXIVM related corporate entity (also on the feds’ list) that doesn’t show up as currently owning any other properties. That LLC bought it from a Romano, representing yet another question-raising property deal between Raniere’s NXIVM, and Heidi and Gina’s Pippino-Romano clan.

    As I’ve posted about previously, Lauren Salzman shows up as owning a condo unit in Knox Woods that may be a rental property, in addition to her nice house we’ve heard referred to. I’d thought that she might be putting up her mother there, but perhaps she has long-term tenants – and thus a potential source of income, for those who’ve wondered (and theorized) about how she’s getting by.


    Halfmoon — Controversial company’s latest proposal still seeks to build headquarters, offices on town site
    Times Union/December 21, 2003
    By Dennis Yusko

    “Jill McLaughlin, formerly of 1 Woodin Road, was typical of the letter-writers: “I am pleading with the town planning department to decline this proposal,” she wrote.

    McLaughlin fired off an e-mail to Raniere this summer, saying the proposal would ruin the property value of her single-family home, which is adjacent to the NXIVM site. Raniere wrote back and immediately sent NXIVM representatives to her home, McLaughlin said.

    The recently formed NXIVM Properties LLC then purchased McLaughlin’s home for $175,000, plus moving costs. Raniere was a pleasure to work with, she said.

    “They offered more than we would have asked. I was pretty blown away by how accommodating they were to us,” said McLaughlin, now of Clifton Park.

    NXIVM Properties LLC has bought at least two other properties nearby in September, including 3 Hale Drive in Clifton Park from Elizabeth Quackenbush for $114,900, and 12 Wilton Court in Clifton Park for $110,000 from Sabrina Nitkowski, according to deeds filed in the Saratoga County Clerk’s office.”

    • The home Nancy OCCUPIED on Oregon Trail was not hers. Clare owns it, and may ending up losing it with the civil case. As correctly stated, her present situation with Michelle may be a loser for her. Nancy will probably lose this asset with the civil case.

      • The Saratoga County property records show it owned by Veinte-Seiz LLC, which a search turns up as “f/k/a Blue Skies LLC.” I don’t find it in New York corporate records, but in Delaware, VEINTE-SEIZ L.L.C. was registered on May 1, 1998 and then Frank has reported that Executive Success Programs, Inc. was incorporated in Delaware on July 20, 1998.

        It appears as if it may be one of the older corporations that predates the Bronfmans’ involvement, but if you know for certain that it is tied to the Bronfmans, I’d be interested to hear details confirming that.

        And I believe that all such NXIVM-related corporations and their assets are being seized in the criminal case, though I haven’t been able to find a specific seizure order to confirm that in comparison to the government’s initial list of entities.

        The house was listed for sale on 7/10/2019 by Armida Rose Realty Group, which I’ve seen reported as NXIVM-affiliated, so apparently, it’s still being dealt with by whatever vestiges remain of NXIVM property management – another thing I wish we knew something about.

  • It’s appropriate that Nancy Salzman lives at 1 Brigantine Drive.

    A Brigantine was originally a pirate ship and Nancy Salzman has the soul of a pirate.

    “Its speed, maneuverability and ease of handling made it a favourite of Mediterranean pirates. Its name is derived from the Italian word brigantino, which in turn is derived from brigante “brigand”

  • Full run down on top players of NXIVM by former member

    1] Nancy Salzman is a demon. She hides it, but she’s a horrible sociopath, not unlike Keith Raniere.

    Crimes: Immigration fraud, tax evasion, fraud, withholding medical treatment from a person with cancer (not sure the legal term for this), and, possibly, accessory to murder.

    Interesting fact: At one point or another, she kept close to $8 million in her house. Doesn’t feel bad about what she’s done at all. No conscience. Don’t listen to what anyone says; she’s a monster. I dealt with her daily for years.

    • What evidence is there that it’s a “fact”?

      I question that $8 million number. That’s equivalent to the full price of 500 of NXIVM’s more expensive 10-day intensives – but only a percentage reached headquarters, so it seems out of proportion. It may just be apocryphal, or an exaggeration.

      You’ve previously been caught citing things that were provably wrong.

        • If you pay close attention, it comes from a piece titled “Full run down on top players of NXIVM by former member” – Frank is just reporting, or republishing, a source that is not necessarily authoritative, or even reliable.

          Former members also believed, at least at one time, supposed facts such as that Raniere had one of the world’s highest IQs, had been a child prodigy, and could walk in the rain without getting wet. NXians were a credulous and gullible group, and as I think Nutjob has attested, all sorts of urban legends and rumors circulated – typical, again, of cults. Quite a few people here seem to accept things with a similar lack of critical scrutiny.

          It occurs to me that the $8 million claim also fails a plausibility test. While they were surprisingly sloppy with that half million, it there’d truly been a not-so-small fortune almost 20 times as large – The Google will tell you that much money in 20s would have weighed nearly 200 pounds and formed 10 3-foot tall stacks – they’d almost surely have then thought to install a safe in the house.

          Also, going back and checking, the source even made one of those conspiracy theory style overconfident predictions, that turned out to be completely wrong:

          “12] Keith Raniere: The devil. Every crime imaginable from murder on. He won’t last until his trial. Let’s just say there are some major players in Mexico who will likely make sure of that. And don’t think solitary confinement will stop that. His days are very likely to be numbered and under 365.”

          • Although that former member is unnamed, I believe that former member was on the Board of Directors of NXIVM.
            He testified of Bags of Money coming in from Mexico for laundering.
            That’s right.
            That former member was a prosecution witness.
            If you want a hint of who it is, his initials are probably M. V.

    • The apparent former member who reported that said is “Someone Who Dealt with Them” – not necessarily an insider.

      The “M.V.” you theorize about later is a very new-agey type who shared a place with Allison Mack at one point, and is not a likely candidate for being as bitter and accusatory towards her and others as the source expresses themselves; all their other statements are measured and, in Mack’s case, seem focused on concern about her mental stability. Plus we’ve seen in other accounts that though they were on the board, they didn’t seem to know a lot about the operational workings of NXIVM.

      I can’t find anything about testimony regarding bags of money from Mexico, either – I think you may be confusing something with the bags of money that were found in Salzman’s house. I did, however, run across this in which Frank quotes Keefe on just how compartmentalized knowledge of things like the money were even among top executives and board members:

      ‘Here’s what Kristin had to say about it:
      “Clare did the stuff getting the financial records, Nancy hid the money and did the tax fraud, and Emiliano set up the scheme to get you and Toni thrown in a Mexican prison. But, none of them knew what the other two did, you follow me?”’

      • “is not a likely candidate for being as bitter and accusatory towards her (Allison Mack)

        Read M. V.’s court testimony where he complains about the feud between Allison Mack and M.V.’s wife.

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