Guest View: Rudolph Steiner Believed in Reincarnation, Clairvoyance, the Anti-Christ Is Now Living Among Us and Doomsday – Take Heed!

Ed. Note: The views of the author, Fred, do not necessarily reflect the views of Frank Report.

By Fred

Rudolph Steiner was asked once about “special needs” students, kids who are severely challenged, and what their story is.

He thought for a little while, and replied that every single genius in history that he had investigated, where he had gone back and examined their past lives — every single one had at least one incarnation in which they were a simpleton or mentally disabled.

This is not to say that every mentally challenged child is a genius in the making, of course. It just shows that different people have different needs in different incarnations.

A mentally retarded child is born into a privileged family in America; a genius child is born to a poverty-stricken family in India.

If you are in America now, you are part of the globally dominant culture. Make the most of it.

If you’re born in a slum in Brazil: make the most of that. Just understand, you are not where you are by accident, as the atheists would have you believe.

We’ve been caught in a cycle of reincarnations that sees us sinking more and more into materiality, particularly in the West, and Steiner is offering a specifically Western, Christian way out of this trap. He’s adamant that ancient Eastern methods are not appropriate for modern Western people.

I tried for years to get information about Steiner, and people were — as has been pointed out — often very vague and evasive. If someone had said to me, Steiner is propagating true Grail Christianity, an esoteric Western path to higher knowledge and salvation, at least I would have had some idea.

As far as Waldorf schools go: not all of them  follow the guidelines laid down by Steiner. I’ve known dozens of graduates of Waldorf schools, they all loved their experiences there, except that they said it was not a great preparation for the ugly world outside.

And in this, Steiner would have been disappointed, as he strongly felt that a practical education for life in the real world was a vital part of Waldorf schooling.

As to whether anthroposophy is a “cult” or not: the question is, do you accept Steiner’s statement that he personally investigated every single thing he talks about, using his own clairvoyant powers? Or do you think he’s a liar and charlatan? Check out the details of his life, the myriad people he helped, and make up your own mind as to whether he seems to be a liar. He says: you may not see what I’m seeing, but you can test what I say for its logical consistency and for the insights it gives.

For example: Steiner says that underlying the physical body is an etheric body, a dynamic and living “blueprint” that directs all organic processes. He says, if a person’s leg goes to sleep, he — as a clairvoyant — can literally see the etheric leg levitating and rising away from the body. And then when the etheric body is reintegrated, you get a feeling of a rush of bubbles, pins and needles.

You can take descriptions like this, and correlate them with your own experience, and gradually — really gradually — you start noticing things that you had never seen before.

Steiner says: you may not have clairvoyant insight; but when you take the descriptions of someone who does possess supersensible vision, and think about these ideas, and let these pictures play in your mind, you are really and truly working in the spiritual world, and you can see for yourself whether these ideas bear fruit.

The Threefold Social Order is exactly one such concept, and it makes perfect rational sense to me.

Image result for threefold social order steiner
According to Rudolph Steiner, a person has three separate identities: a political identity, an economic identity, and a spiritual or cultural identity.

There are lots of things Steiner says that I just don’t understand at all, that seem like complete nonsense. I’ve learned to keep reading and wait — eventually, you see how it all ties together. I will never take a Steiner saying that I don’t understand and repeat it mindlessly. Taking isolated statements out of context is just really, REALLY stupid with a body of work like anthroposophy. I’ve been reading obsessively in this field for over 30 years and I’ve still barely scratched the surface.

With issues like colour therapy, where I’ve followed up on Theo Gimbel’s work, where I’ve seen for myself the drastic effect a painted wall can have on a school: I am very happy to trust Steiner and repeat what he says.


Image result for teiner’s Threefold Commonwealth,
Anthroposophy 101 teaches that the human has three completely autonomous systems that operate together: (1) Thinking; (2) Feeling; and (3) Willing.

So, here’s an analogy. There’s a mountain, and from the top of this mountain, you can see the whole landscape around you. You find someone who has repeatedly climbed that mountain, examined the topography in every detail, and has also described the very long and arduous path up this mountain.

If you believe that this person is a credible observer (and that’s really the only “belief” you need) then you can start taking those descriptions of the landscape seriously, and try to understand what it looks like from above.

You can start exploring the lower reaches of the mountain for yourself and see whether your guide’s descriptions are accurate. If you find clear contradictions in what’s said — then there’s a problem. I’ve never, ever, found the least contradiction or inconsistency with Steiner’s thought. The more I read, the more I see the underlying logic, and the more I find that the obscure bits fall into place.

Image result for rudolf steiner
Rudolph Steiner said he was clairvoyant.

I never act on something Steiner said, until I feel I understand it; but I’ve never spotted a single mistake he made, in terms of contradicting himself or giving inconsistent descriptions.

Rudolf Steiner made exactly one strategic mistake that I can identify: he clearly died too soon.

He predicted often that 1933 would be the big crunch year for Germany, in which the nation would make a choice for good or evil that would change the destiny of the entire world.

We know now that this is the exact year Adolf Hitler came to power. The thing was: Steiner clearly expected to be alive himself, in 1933, to offer an alternative.

Maybe he made a mistake in building his epic Goetheanum out of wood, so that it could be burned down. When they found smoke coming from behind a panel in the building, they were definitely wrong to break it open and allow the air to reach the flames. There’s no doubt that the shock of this building’s destruction affected Steiner’s health and precipitated his early death.

There were many premonitions that this building would go up in flames; Steiner would not use his occult faculties to “cheat” and avoid what was ultimately a karmic necessity. Steiner was doing far too much, far too soon; and he paid the price with his life.

So now there’s a big concrete building in Dornach, Switzerland, still with the original wooden sculpture of Christ Jesus as the Universal Representative of Man that Hitler was apparently trying to have destroyed when the Nazis burned down the building. (I do believe it was arson, just from the story as to where the fire broke out.)

You can be 100% certain that Dornach has been infiltrated by Jesuits and satanists of various cloths, absolutely certain. I have tried to expose this here. You have to find your own way into Steiner, using his own words as far as possible, and watching out very carefully for the stooges and shills and character assassins who have infiltrated the movement.

Seriously: if anyone gives me details of an abusive Waldorf school, I will personally do my utmost to investigate and expose them, I’ll do it right here. I’ve said over and again, exercise total due diligence in checking out any Waldorf school.

However, I’ll just describe one Waldorf school I visited, outside London, back in 1988, I was looking for a job. This school not only took special needs students; it took kids that had been rejected by every other “special” school in the country, really hard cases.

Kids who would shit themselves in class and scream “Fuck you” endlessly at the teachers. All of this was contained and managed with very great patience and genuine love, along with a healthy dose of German discipline.

I decided that I was not in a stable enough space to join this school, not having a work permit or permission to stay in England; but I was left with the very greatest respect for the teachers I saw there.

Waldorf Schools are based on the teachings of Rudolph Steiner.

There’s no arguing that Rudolf Steiner’s thought needs to be recast and reworked so that it’s more accessible to people of the 21st century; but Steiner was pointing to this very time as one of the most crucial in all human history, when we face the incarnation of the most dread Antichrist of any era, who I am certain is now in incarnation.

Steiner said he would be born in the USA in the last half of the 20th century, and would manifest on the world stage in the third decade of the 21st.

You can see all the signs, plain as day, if you’re familiar with them. The whole rise of machine intelligence and a world-wide web crawling with bots is exactly what Steiner predicted.

And for me, this is what really makes Rudolf Steiner relevant. When this Antichrist hits the world, the shock will be way beyond anything this planet has experienced before; it will make all other tyrannies look tame.

5G is the perfect platform for this Beast of the Apocalypse; and 2020 is the year slated for its global rollout. So I’m not kidding when I say the time is here, Satan is hard by the door.

Are you prepared psychologically, spiritually, for such an advent? There are virtually no material preparations you can make. So yes, at one level, anthroposophy can be seen as a doomsday cult, no mistake. But it’s advising you to create organic compost heaps, not stockpile guns, if you want to survive.

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10 months ago

Rudolf steiner was a head of his time..

Rudolf Steiner was far ahead of his time, this cult and those who rule them from the unseen, have been here for many centuries and this is not the first time they have played a part in a so called “reset”. All of what we know of our history is deception. We come from a reality of pure freedom, oneness and awareness. Since their creation, it has been their goal to disconnect us from ourselves and remove the knowledge of our past from our consciousness; they may have finally found the tool they need to cull the human race

2 years ago

Hebrews 9:27 It is appointed unto man once to die and after that the judgement !

3 years ago

Adolf Hitler changed the life for better for Germans as Steiner predicted. He was the second coming of Christ and the destruction of Germany by allies who were mobilized by the Jewish Banksters is comparable to the innocent lamb that was crucified 2k years earlier.

Sabrina Leigh
Sabrina Leigh
3 years ago

Thank you, “Fred.” My children attended and graduated from a Waldorf school. My heart sank when I saw the derogatory post about Waldorf and Steiner on The Frank Report and was relieved to read your informed piece setting the record straight for those willing to look deeper. I’ve read many of steiner’s lectures and books and struggled with the archaic language but rarely the ideas they express. His predictions are indeed coming true and it is a tragedy that so few are exposed to his work, which requires a degree of mental effort most people simply cannot muster. While I was shocked to learn that Keith Rainiere was a graduate of Waldorf, his insanity is hardly an indictment of Waldorf schools! Raniere’s actions must be owned entirely by him. It is absolutely not a reflection of Waldorf, Rudolph Steiner, or the wholesome, deep spirituality of anthroposophy.


3 years ago
Reply to  Sabrina Leigh

There is nothing ‘wholesome’ about an education system that excludes, punishes and treats children for the fictional sins of their fictional pre-incarnates. Also, how do you struggle with ‘archaic language’ but not ‘the ideas they express’? you have some method for determining intelligence relayed in language, OUTSIDE of language?

Do tell. Or convey in your special Steiner way…? Really, the whole of humanity awaits…

3 years ago

Mitch McConnell’s daughter, Claire, got in trouble while teaching at Hawthorne Valley Waldorf Steiner school on the NY/MA border in Harlemville for abusive disciplinary techniques. She taped mouths shut, strapped a child to a seat…. because, well demons inside the children instead of human souls – I think after reading about their belief system. Claire gave no justification except she was still learning. She got a job at a Waldorf nursery after taking a “break.”

That is the Times Union article about it. Only copy I can find.

3 years ago
Reply to  Smallbany

Thanks for that. It put me on the trail of the full Times Union story on WayBack:

We can’t necessarily assume that the woman followers her father’s politics. But while Waldorf might seem to be attractive to a hippy-ish mentality, we can’t necessarily assume anything about the ideology of parents and families; for instance, Scientology has taken a surprising conservative turn over the decades, in contrast to an earlier reputation.

3 years ago
Reply to  Smallbany

Not a big surprise that Mitch McConnell’s daughter would behave like a tyrant !

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

You don’t even realize what tyranny is Leon

3 years ago
Reply to  Smallbany

Interesting, and I can guarantee you, Claire McConnell does not understand a thing about Waldorf education … tying a kid to a chair because they won’t sit still, it doesn’t get much worse.

Let me tell you exactly what Rudolf Steiner recommends for cases like this. This is a perfect example of how anthroposophical knowledge can be extremely practical.

People snicker when they see that Steiner talks about the four “humours”: choleric, phlegmatic, sanguine, and melancholic. In fact, he gives precise spiritual-scientific guidelines for understanding and identifying these personality types.

According to anthroposophy: rocks and stones have a physical body; plants have a physical and an etheric body, the latter being a dynamic organic “blueprint” that underlies the physical body and gives it coherence; animals have a physical, an etheric, and then an astral body, which carries feelings, desires and sensations; and humans have physical, etheric, and astral bodies, and then an Ego, a self-conscious, sentient body.

Each of these bodies develops over the course of an entire planetary “round” or “cosmic day”. In the first “day”, the physical body developed; in the second, the etheric body; in the third round, the astral body; and in the present fourth incarnation of the Earth, the human Ego develops. We are just over half way through the fourth day of creation. The Mystery of Golgotha, the crucifixion of Christ, is the midpoint of this fourth day.

God takes seven days to create the world, yes, but we are still on Day Four.

Now: obviously, we all feel the influences of each of these bodies. However, Steiner maintains that for most of us, there will be one body that is particularly and clearly dominant. Thus: if you are caught up mainly in the physical body, you will be full of aches and pains, you will be largely occupied with physical concerns, and you are a melancholic.

If you experience the etheric body most strongly, then you are deeply connected with the entire etheric realm. That whole etheric world has to turn, influences have to come from very far, before you respond to them. Such people are quite comfortable in their bodies; they have a notable degree of inertia. They are phlegmatic types, they can plod along quite happily without getting bored.

If you live mostly in your astral body, you are caught up with fleeting impressions, desires, sensations. You are more than a bit ADD, in other words. You are easily distracted, your attention flits from one thing to another, you are easily bored. This the the sanguine type.

If you live in your Ego, you tend to be quite bombastic, demanding and argumentative: you are choleric.

Now, in his “Soul Economy” lectures, Steiner says (especially with young children): treat like with like. So, you put the melancholic kids together. They get so irritated with each other’s preoccupations with physical ailments, that they chide each and get themselves to buck up.

You put the phlegmatic kids together: they react against their plodding friends, against this reflection of their own behaviour, and push themselves a little harder to snap out of their inertia.

You put the sanguine kids together: they can see that their companions are all over the place, again it provides a great reflection to them of their own behaviour, and they force each other to keep still and concentrate.

And putting the choleric kids together: they “bump up” against each other with their bombast, and Steiner says they may end up at the tops of different trees, yelling across the orchard at each other. This is very therapeutic, it allows them to burn off steam. It’s very bad for cholerics to keep things bottled up.

What you do NOT do, is tie a restless kid to their chair by themselves. Really, this is totally appalling. You use the kids themselves to moderate each other’s behaviour.

My last teaching job was primary and pre-primary class music teaching, I did this for four years, 2010 to 2013. If you know anything about teaching, you’ll agree that primary class music is one of the very toughest gigs you can get in education. You have to try get a bunch of modern ADD kids working together in concentrated unison, it’s a total nightmare.

I’m telling you flatly, that in a few minutes, I can assess what personality types kids are manifesting. It can shift a bit — if a choleric type gets ill, they will become more melancholic.

You first check and see if any kids are actually feeling ill that day. These are your melancholics. You see if there are kids who are chilled and quite patient — these are your phlegmatics. You spot the extra-ADD kids (they all have ADD these days), the really restless ones, whose attention is jumping all over the place — your sanguines.

And then there are the bossy types who want to tell you all kinds of things you should be doing, as the teacher, and bumping up against the other kids, generally throwing weight around. These are your cholerics.

I would have different parts to the music, and I would very quickly and roughly divide the class up into the four groups, or just pair kids up to do exercises together. If a melancholic was really not well, I would sometimes let them sit a lesson out, just watch, if they honestly were not up to it. I find modern kids are very, very delicate. I used to call one particularly difficult school The Snowflake Academy.

Seriously, I can do this sorting out into the four humours in a few minutes, with kids I’ve never ever met before. I’m not saying it’s perfect, this is a rough and ready pedagogical tool. But I’m telling you flatly, the method works like a charm. I follow this “treat like with like” routine almost without thinking now.

I had a Down’s Syndrome kid in one class. Working with her one-on-one, I realized that she was virtually a pure sanguine; she lived entirely in her astral body, of immediate sensations and desires. This body has no sense of time, and she truly lived in a perpetual present. As the music cycled, I would cue her for the “one”, as we got back to the beginning, and she could perform a dramatic turn and really contribute, she was a fantastic freestyle dancer in between. I never even got close to getting her to “two”, she just couldn’t do it.

Since then, I’ve said: If you can count to “One”, I can integrate you into the music. That’s literally all you need to be able to do.

I heard a women being interviewed on the BBC recently. She remembers absolutely everything that’s ever happened to her. Now, the etheric body is the bearer of memory. If you get a big shock, your etheric body can be loosened, like if you fall off a mountain, or nearly drown. Then, as your etheric body is loosened and you experience it directly, your entire life truly does “pass before your eyes”. Complete atheists have described this phenomenon.

When you die, your etheric body separates from the physical. It takes a few days for the etheric “corpse” to disintegrate and blend in with the rest of the etheric world, the same way your physical corpse starts decaying and becoming one with the physical world. For about the length of time you were able to stay awake in life, up to three days, your etheric body keeps its form, and you are able to “see” your whole previous life stretching before you, like a tapestry. You experience yourself as a Time Being.

So the woman who is able to remember absolutely everything that happened to her, is a pure phlegmatic — she is living very strongly within her etheric body, and therefore is in constant touch with all her memories, that tapestry of her life is always visible to her.

In this way, you can easily interpret and diagnose conditions about which modern psychology and medicine have absolutely no clue.

You may say this is all crap and a word salad. I’ve spent decades reading and researching and teaching. I trained as a teacher at the University of London, I was exposed to all the main theories of learning and the psychology of education. I did a master’s degree in education, specialising in classroom language, and I read just about the entire existing literature on the subject at the time (the 1980s). I’ve seen more education fads and fancies come and go than most teachers.

Yet I have never come across anything as immediate and practical, as the indications given for Waldorf education. If any of you think it’s easy to get a kindergarten class to sing a three-part harmony: be my guest, you go and try. In this day and age, where there’s almost no common culture of nursery rhymes any more, or old-fashioned hymns and folk songs and the like, it’s a real challenge. I found that TV game tunes and advertising jingles were what passed for common culture, it’s terrifying.

This music teaching was at two Montessori schools, by the way. Sadly, I’ve never actually taught at a Waldorf school, despite having close friends who worked at a couple of these schools, and frequenting their organic markets on a regular basis.

There are three groups of people who I believe should never be allowed to run a public school. I would stand up in any court of law and testify to this. They are: Jehovah’s Witnesses; Scientologists; and Ramtha followers. I’ve seen institutions led by persons from each one of these groups. All of them share one common ideological trait: they do not accept the authority of the state they live in. That’s entirely their business, and they can raise their own children any way they want; but if you reject the society you’re living in, if you refuse to sing the national anthem (JWs), if you encourage tax avoidance and call outsiders the “wog world” (Scientologists), if you stockpile weapons to fight the state (Ramtha), you have no business taking in children from the general population and pretending to educate them to fit in with that society.

Those Rainbow Garden schools remain one of the creepiest parts of the whole NXIVM story… I sincerely hope they have all been shut down.

Frank Parlato
3 years ago
Reply to  Fred

This should be a separate post and I plan to make it into its own post, Fred.

3 years ago

Did not read the article. Another bullshit word salad artist. Freddy and anonyfaker, making the Frank Report great again.

3 years ago

Don’t mock the afflicted.

They didn’t have anti-psychotics in his day.

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