Obedient Lauren Salzman Is Blameless in Confining Dani; Would Likely Have Suicided Herself If Keith Asked

Lauren Salzman was ordered by her Vanguard to shun her father. Too bad someone did not order her father about 43 years ago to shun her mother.

By Bangkok

I said I wouldn’t comment on Lauren Salzman’s articles anymore. I’m making an exception here cuz I’ll be away for a while and may not be posting as much.

Lauren did not imprison Dani.

Keith Raniere imprisoned Dani and Dani’s parents went along with it, much like Lauren was raised by her mom to obey Keith’s every command.

Lauren’s mom and Dani’s parents are the real culprits here.

The REAL story (that Frank’s trying to obfuscate) is that Lauren and Dani both had parents who were sycophants of Keith and had raised their daughters to behave likewise.

The REAL story is that both Lauren and Dani’s parents had raised them to live in a world controlled by a psychopath.

See the connection here?

Nancy and her daughter, Lauren Salzman shared the same man, but he is gone now – being held as he is in federal prison.

Lauren and Dani were both victims of Keith. Lauren and Dani both had parents that raised them to be compliant with the orders of a psychopath.

Lauren was mentally damaged (by her mother) by being raised to obey a psychopath.

How can you blame a child for adhering to the lifestyle that her mom had raised her into?

That’s like blaming an Amish girl for choosing to be Amish when she becomes an adult. Of course she’ll continue to be Amish when she’s an adult, since that lifestyle is all she knows.

Besides, Lauren was merely assigned to watch over Dani and to report (to Keith) if she left the room.

Lauren was merely akin to a hall monitor. She was merely the gal assigned to write Dani’s name on the chalkboard if she acted up. She was not the ‘mastermind’ who imprisoned Dani.

It was Keith who threatened to use Dani’s immigration status to send her back to Mexico if she came out of the room, not Lauren.

Lauren was simply acting as her mom had raised her to act, which is to obey Keith’s every word.

If Keith had asked Lauren to become Dani’s best friend and to take her to Disneyland each week, she’d have done that too. She was merely acting as Keith’s stooge. She wasn’t acting as an ‘independent thinker’ with malice.

Lauren was merely a blank canvass for Keith to paint on. Her mind belonged to Keith.

Serious question…

How is Lauren any less sympathetic than Gina Hutchinson?

What I mean is…  If Gina was following Keith’s orders when she allegedly suicided herself due to Keith’s orders (or due to a NXIVM suicide module which took over her own thinking) then how can you blame Lauren for also losing her own ability to think due to Keith’s manipulation?

Gina Hutchinson was found dead in a wooded area in Oct. 2002, near Woodstock NY, an apparent suicide. 

IMO, Lauren would have likely suicided herself if Keith had asked.

Thus, why do you view Lauren as a rotten person yet Gina was a righteous victim? …

Even though they both had become so devoted to Keith that they lost the ability to think independently of him?


Lauren ‘Forlorn’ Salzman. Was she a pure victim?

Could it be true that both Gina and Lauren were controlled by Keith to the point that they couldn’t stand up to him?

If so, we need to reexamine the vitriol being thrown Lauren’s way.

IMO she needs to be sentenced to 12 months of house arrest only.

She also needs to be given a free nose job by the DOJ for her great testimony. It’ll only cost a few thousand bucks to shrink that huge nose of hers into something less ugly.

Ivy Nevares [l] with her therapist Lauren Salzman. Both women were promised by Keith Raniere that they would have his first born child. Miss Salzman as Miss Nevares’ therapist chose to not disclose to her client/patient that she was in competition with her.  But is Lauren’s nose too big, as Bangkok says, or is it just right for her face and personality?
Truth is, Nancy Salzman created Lauren’s misbehavior by raising her to obey a sicko.

Lauren needs deprogramming and therapy just like India Oxenberg received, not vitriol.

India Oxenberg [r] seemed quite as mad as Allison Mack [l] but she got out and nobody is blaming her for her role in the sex -slaver cult. 
Everyone blames Lauren  – except of course Bangkok. He likes her, a lot. Only he wants her to do something about her nose.  

IMO India Oxenberg acted in a sick and twisted manner too, by helping Allison to recruit new people into DOS — yet Frank doesn’t ever condemn her for that shit. Yet he shits on Lauren every chance he gets. Why the double standard?

I think Frank is trying to obfuscate things due to personal bias. We need to explore this more. 🙂


Editor’s note:

I agree with Bangkok. I think it should be explored more and while Frank Report is regretful that Bangkok may be leaving us for a time, we are understanding.  It is possibly because he is deeply infatuated with Lauren and hurt by our constant looking into the content of her character — far less than the size of her nose.

Before we go too far afield and especially for new readers of this site, let us have a quick look at the person that prompted Lauren to throw her adult life away for.

Despite her large nose or her small character [and nose size does not matter], this woman could have found another man. She is attractive and though weak minded, she is not stupid.

She could have had a relationship with any number of men if she wanted to be in a monogamous relationship rather than be part of a one man’s harem.

For new readers, at least those who are venturesome, let us have a look at who she threw everything away for:

But before you do, this warning is given in full compliance with fair publishing standards. The sights you will see beyond the warning signs are

Not for the squeamish.


Here is the man that Lauren Salzman threw her life away for, for whom she took naked close up vagina pictures of herself, for whom she joined in threesomes with, for whom she was ready to give him a five woman group blow job—



Lauren, you could have done a lot better kid.

Lauren Salzman was part of a scientific experiment that Keith Alan Raniere conducted. In order to complete the experiment, she had to take all her clothes off and be photographed in a variety of poses with the camera focused on her vagina.





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  • Why did our little drama queen, Bangcock, type “I’ll be away for a while”?

    1. He’s going back to juvie.
    2. His go-to pick up line of “Wanna see the inside of my van?” isn’t working, and he wants to experiment with “Wanna take a nap?”
    3. While lusting for Lauren, he discovered realself.com and is stuck in this new rabbit hole.
    4. His plastic surgeons of choice are expensive, and he’s now doing dishes at a 2nd diner. Simultaneously saving for a ring & nose isn’t easy.
    5. He’s Dennis Fucking Burke! (or is it Jeff Fucking Apple!) He takes a lot of vacation because he GETS a lot of vacation.
    6. He’ll be busy attempting to put band aids on his history ignorance by binge watching netflix.
    7. Just like his act, it’s bullshit. We know he thinks “spring” equals “November”. When he types “away for a while”, he really means “see ya Tuesday”.

  • Raniere is a monster. That doesn’t mean Frank Parlato isn’t a criminal. After all, he is a fan of Trump – a sociopath on par with Raniere.

    • Is she someone you met while in NXIVM?
      Do you have any personal info that she is a hoe?
      She acted in Smallville and Battlestar with the Nxivm actresses, so does that make her a hoe?

  • All victims except Keith, Nancy, Sarah and Clare. Why target Lauren and not India? The whole thing comes down to a matter of degree. Some were luckier than others that they didn’t do so many bad things but it was still luck and timing and emotional need/vulnerability. I am old (68) and remember clearly the Stanford University experiments in the 60s, Patti Hearst, Jonestown, etc . We do as we are told! was the message so be careful who you put in charge of your thoughts. But the first four were reptiles just like Keith

    • Scott-

      1. How many websites have you been banned from in total?

      By my count, you have been banned by 3 websites plus Twitter.

      2. People hate you wherever you go. Why are you so antagonistic?

      3. You claim you are attempting to help educate the public of the evil MLMs pose. How does insulting people help you with your life’s mission? Honestly, I don’t understand. Don’t you comprehend the fact that no one wants to work with you if you’re going to be rude to them?

      On one site, there was a man who was working with you and you burnt that bridge. Why? What’s the point?

  • I am less interested in Bangkok’s view of Lauren and way MORE interested in his FR leave of absense. Perhaps doing a stint of 60 Days in?

  • “I was only following orders,” didn’t cut much ice at Nuremberg.

    Nor anywhere else that I know of.

    Detectives take an interest in motives; courts of law not so much.

    In any case, she’s guilty by her own admission.

    If she does suffer from Dependent Personality Disorder, which seems to be the case, I hope she gets some help with it, so that she can live a more normal and more sociably responsible life after she’s served her sentence.

    • Didn’t work here, either. She has been found guilty. The only remaining question is what sentence the judge will give.

  • But yet she didn’t suicide herself. Once the guns were pointed at her, she ratted where Keith was hiding. If she was so blameless, she would have done what Keith said and fought hard to keep the police out. When it was about her she did not follow Keith.

    She was making 200 K a year. Of course, she would do what Keith said

      • He created a documentary about how to fight violence. Lauren mentioned that the drills they had were all focused on what they would do in such emergencies.

        She chose herself not Raniere. She did what benefited her always. Locking up Dani benefited her, so she did it. Erring on Raniere benefited her so she did it.

    • Pea masquerading as Mexican Lady? I don’t think if Lauren had let herself be filled up with machine gun bullets that it would have helped Keith’s brilliant hiding place from being discovered.

      • NutJob,

        You never know. Keith had many special powers.

        1. Radar detectors miss-functioned around Vanguard(Keith).
        2. Rain never fell on Thor’s(Keith) head.
        3. Women would see a blue flame after they banged Big-Dog(Keith).
        4. Doomp’s(Keith) semen had holistic properties and supernatural capabilities. His sperm could give you herpes.
        5. Keith merely contemplating new modules could cause snow fall.

        Why couldn’t Keith become invisible?

        For God’s sake Keith has 4 nicknames, just that alone means he is capable of all sorts of things.

          • NutJob,

            All I was trying to say is Vanguard totally could have used his super powers to hide in the closet. If gay men can easily hide in the closet, why not Vanguard?

  • Bangkok needs to take a break, he’s gone off the rails, especially since he returned from his previouis hiatus. Let’s hope he’s not even nuttier when he returns. LOL

    Blame does not have to be removed from Salzman to also blame others, including Raniere, her mom, Danie’s parents, etc. There is plenty of blame to go around. LOL

    Salzman is an adult, therefore she is responsible for her actions. The judge may make a minor adjustment to her punishement because her Mommy Dearest and Raniere f*cked up her head, but that doesn’t excuse her behavior. The judge should throw the book at her, after ripping out a page or two. There are three, nay four, reasons for this, give her the punishment she deserves, give her time to get her head straight, to serve as a deterrent to others, and to protect society. LOL

    We’re well aware that you want to Bang [Salzman with your] kok. She made plenty of money to fix her schnozzola. But I don’t think she should be allowed to have surgery, it would allow her to walk around unrecognized by potential victims. LOL

    Salzman’s nose fits her perfectly, it matches a fellow liar, Pinocchio. LOL

    Serious answer: Neither Salzman or Hutchinson are sympathetic. They both believed an idiot. LOL

    Salzman is more guilty because she was caught and convicted of committing more crimes. That’s how it works, Bangkok. LOL

    There are less stories about Oxenberg because there are less facts available about her compared to Salzman, who gave lengthy testimony under oath. Oxenberg may have even cut a deal. LOL

    Have a great break, Bangkok. I won’t be one of those missing you. You have been WAY off your game lately. LOL

    • Scott-
      “Bangkok needs to take a break, he’s gone off the rails, especially since he returned from his previous hiatus.”
      -TexTex aka Amway Johnson

      Scott, you are the one who needs to take a break. You’ve been fighting Amway for 10 years and the only things you have accomplished are to piss people off, make a sh*tload of crappy jokes.

      In other words, you have wasted 10 years of your life.

      Why not start an Amazon Delivery Business? You get to make up your own hours and make lots of money!!!!

      Even more money than when you sold magazine subscriptions!!!!! $$$$$

  • Off topic…

    Frank, if you have Netflix you should watch the following episode, since it relates to an article you once wrote about Salinas:

    Season 2, Episode 6 of Narcos Mexico (‘El Dedazo’)

    It begins with a scene in 1951 in Mexico City, showing a Mexican child (future president of Mexico) executing a family maid by shooting her in the back of the head, after making her kneel down in a game of ‘pretend’ war. After the child shoots the maid in the back of the head, he calmly turns to his brother and is more worried about the blood ruining his mom’s carpet than of the dead maid laying on the floor, lol.

    Netflix has obviously taken creative liberties with this scene, but they are clearly portraying these brothers as full blown sociopaths, lol.

    FYI: This Netflix series also reenacts various meetings between Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo (the head of Mexico’s drug cartel in the 80’s) and various PRI members —- including the Minister of Defense, Attorney General and even Salinas’ Brother.

    This Netflix series portrays how dirty the Mexican government (PRI) really was in the 1980’s, including how directly they dealt with the actual drug cartel leaders. It was a country for sale. There was almost no difference between the PRI and the drug cartel leaders. The Mexican ‘DFS’ (Mexican CIA/FBI) was literally protecting the Coke shipments from seizure and was a de facto part of the drug cartels, lol.

    BTW: In another episode (from Season 1) they show the Attorney General of Mexico ordering the torture and execution of DEA Agent Kiki Camarena. This actually happened in real life. Most of this series is very accurate, but they do take a few creative liberties here and there.

    It’s a cool series, largely because it’s 95% accurate and true. 🙂

    • Forgot to mention…

      In episodes 7 and 8 (of Season #2), they show the drug cartel leader speaking with Salinas’ brother to propose ideas on how to win the 1988 election for Salinas (since he was sliding in the pre-election polls and desperate to win).

      As it turned out, Salinas’ election victory in 1988 was seen as rigged and fraudulent. lol.

    • Bangkok, Sadly, as you are probably aware, our own CIA has also been complicit in the drug trade. From former DEA agent Mike Levine’s 1993 book, The Big White Lie: The CIA and the Cocaine/Crack Epidemic: An Undercover Odyssey, https://www.publishersweekly.com/978-1-56025-064-7

      “In a shocking expose, Michael Levine–former undercover agent for the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and author of the 1990 nonfiction bestseller Deep Cover –rips the lid off the sewer of what he argues is America’s phony “war on drugs.” Levine, writing with his wife, charges that the CIA and the Pentagon have for decades protected and supported the world’s biggest drug dealers, and that the U.S. government has allowed top-level dealers and criminals to escape punishment. ”

      “Levine berates the U.S. government for failing to investigate or prosecute them [top-level drug dealers], blaming this failure on the CIA and other federal agencies’ policy of courting criminals in order to gain information, win influence and fund further U.S. covert operations. Levine also tells how Bolivia’s booming cocaine industry was protected by paramilitary goons led by Klaus Altmann, “a/k/a Klaus Barbie, a fugitive Nazi war criminal and long-time CIA asset.”

  • Another Day.
    Another spectacle of Bangkok Jumping the Shark.

    1.) “Lauren Salzman was part of a scientific experiment that Keith Alan Raniere conducted. In order to complete the experiment, she had to take all her clothes off and be photographed in a variety of poses with the camera focused on her vagina.”

    All of the top women in the Vow proved quite willing to be photographed in the nude.
    And none of them were smart enough to figure out that these nude photos were to satisfy Keith Raniere’s prurient interests.
    “Why the Vanguard is a renunciate!”
    How stupid could the women of of NXIVM get?
    And if Keith Raniere is a scientist, then Moe Howard is a Nobel Prize Winner.

    2.) “She is attractive and though weak minded, she is not stupid.” Frank Parlato

    Both propositions are debatable.

    3.) “India Oxenberg [r] seemed quite as mad as Allison Mack [l] but she got out and nobody is blaming her for her role in the sex -slaver cult. ”

    India Oxenberg got off the hook because her mother, the actress Catherine Oxenberg. fought tooth and nail to expose the NXIVM criminal gang.
    Had India Oxenberg stayed in the gang longer or committed more crimes, then the result could have been far different.

    4.) “Lauren needs deprogramming and therapy just like India Oxenberg received, not vitriol.” Bangkok

    Bangkok loves Lauren as much as Sultan of Six loves Kristin Kreuk.
    When the blue blazes are people going to hold these NXIVM defendants responsible for all of their crimes?
    Lauren Salzman was neck deep in the NXIVM swamp for twenty years.
    Read Neil Glazer’s civil suit against the Gangster Lauren Salzman.

    Looney Lauren is accused of
    Sex Trafficking
    Human Trafficking
    Forced Labor

    And we’re supposed to feel sorry for this Gangster?
    Does anyone in this country take responsibility for anything anymore?

    Just because Bangkok bangs his kok for Lauren Salzman we are supposed to forget all of the crimes she committed???????

    5.) “That’s like blaming an Amish girl for choosing to be Amish when she becomes an adult. ” Bangkok

    Bangkok knows little or nothing of Amish culture.
    Amish teenagers are allowed to live outside the Amish culture before choosing the Amish lifestyle.

    Rumspringa (Pennsylvania German pronunciation: [rʊmˈʃprɪŋə][citation needed]), also spelled Rumschpringe or Rumshpringa, is a rite of passage during adolescence
    the Rumspringa normally begins around the ages of 14–16 and ends when a youth chooses either to be baptized within the Amish church or to leave the community.

    Before you comment on Amish culture, Bangyourkok do your research.

    6.) “Lauren did not imprison Dani.” Bangkok

    Wrong Again!
    Lauren Salzman CONSPIRED with others to imprison Dani and she is responsible for her many crimes.

    Here’s a thought, Bangkok.
    While Lauren is in prison save you empty bottles and cans and save the money and use your own damned money to pay for Lauren’s nose job.
    Shadow State

    • Anytime someone disagrees with shadows opinion on what Allison’s and Lauren’s punishment should be, shadow repeats “Doesn’t anyone take responsibility for anything anymore?????”
      Well shadow, the ones on trial are awaiting punishment. They see being held responsible. Your canned question would make more sense in regards to the dozens of people NOT charged and not awaiting punishment.
      The question with Lauren is HOW MUCH should she be punished. I agree with Bangcock’s proposal of 12 months house arrest.

        • Good for you, shadow! (but you obviously are leaving out a few details). If 24 months house arrest was an option, I’d be cool with it.

      • NutJob,

        Bangkok just wants to keep Lauren under house arrest so he has her all to himself. Clearly our young friend knows how wanton and lonesome the divine Miss Salzman will be. A 40+ year old woman and a young virile man with a trust fund. It’s 2+2= 5 a simple equation. Hopefully Bangkok will not succumb to the vapors coming from Salzman’s beef-curtains.

        I still cannot believe Keith could grab them through Salzman’s blue jeans. I don’t even know how that’s anatomically possible.

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