More Crimes of Clare Bronfman – As Alleged in Glazer Lawsuit – She Financed, Procured, Groomed and Provided Sexual Servants for Raniere

Clare Bronfman

Neil Glazer represents 80 plaintiffs, former Nxivm members, who are suing the leaders of Nxivm.

His complaint lists 15 Nxivm leaders and 4 Nxivm-related companies.

The list of defendants are




















Most of the 80 plaintiffs are Canadians, most likely corralled by Sarah Edmondson, one of three plaintiffs who are using their real names in the lawsuit.

The other two named plaintiffs are Mark Vicente and Toni Natalie. The other 77 plaintiffs are using Jane and John Doe pseudonyms.

There are 60 women and 20 men.

In a previous post, Where Did Clare Bronfman Go Wrong — Glazer Lawsuit Lays Out Crimes of Vicious Seagram’s Heiress, we laid out Galzer’s allegations of Clare’s role in the abuse of a number of women, including Jane Does 2, 3, 5 and 17, plus her funding of Brandon Proter’s human fright experiments.

Let us proceed now with more of the dour heiress’ crimes against young and vulnerable women and men on behalf of her lord and master, Keith Alan Raniere, and in satisfaction of her own sadism.

As the lawsuit says:

Clare Bronfman is a resident of New York State, currently residing in Manhattan under home confinement. She is a member of the executive boards of NXIVM and ESP, Vice President of Operations of ESP, and the sister of Defendant Sara Bronfman. Clare Bronfman is the Trustee and Chief Operating Officer of Defendant Ethical Science Foundation (“ESF”). She was a member of the Inner Circle.

In 2001, Defendant Sara Bronfman, then 25, the daughter of Canadian billionaire Edgar Bronfman, Sr. and heiress to the Seagram’s fortune, was introduced to NXIVM by a family friend.

Sara quickly became sold on the program.

In time, she urged Defendant Clare Bronfman, her younger sister, to become involved. Clare attended her first sessions at the NXIVM branch in Monterrey, Mexico in 2004.

Sara and Clare became committed followers and relocated to upstate New York to work as NXIVM trainers.

The presence of two heiresses in the fold did not escape the notice of Raniere, and their ascent up the Stripe Path was rapid. They became two of NXIVM’s biggest funders, reportedly giving as much as $150 million. This money was used for bogus experiments on NXIVM members, hiring investigators to dig up dirt on “enemies” including defectors, critics, former employees, and consultants (as well as federal judges presiding over the many legal proceedings spawned by Defendants), and terroristic legal campaigns…

Clare Bronfman rose to become NXIVM’s Director of Operations and a member of its Executive Board. She eventually took charge of the Enterprise’s legal matters. For example, Mark Vicente testified at the Raniere criminal trial that “Clare Bronfman told me that she was spending upward of $40,000 a month just on patenting things.”

[And all bullshit patents too.]

Jane Doe 18

At Raniere’s direction, Jane Doe 18 … helped develop and run exo/eso, often working more than 18 hours per day on the project.

Ultimately, Defendants Raniere and Clare Bronfman refused her requests to be paid the full compensation promised to her for this work.

Jane Doe 23

Jane Doe 23 is a resident of Canada. She enrolled in and paid for NXIVM  curriculum.

She was also the subject of a false criminal complaint that Clare Bronfman filed in Vancouver.

Jane Doe 23 enrolled in NXIVM curriculum based upon Defendants’ false, material representations that Rational Inquiry provided a scientific, patent-pending technology that would lead to a successful career and self-fulfillment.

Contrary to Defendants’ representations, Rational Inquiry was neither scientific nor patentable. Defendants also failed to disclose a material fact—that Rational Inquiry was actually a pseudo-scientific hodgepodge of psychotherapeutic methods which, when practiced by
unlicensed and unqualified lay-people, subjected its participants to an unreasonable risk of serious psychological injury and emotional distress.

… Jane Doe 23 was emotionally and financially harmed.

John Doe 2

In retaliation against John Doe 2 for raising concerns about NXIVM and to intimidate and silence him, Clare Bronfman directed persons working for NXIVM to file a false criminal complaint against John Doe 2 in Mexico.

As a result of the criminal complaint, John Doe 2 retained an attorney to defend him and incurred substantial legal fees and other expenses. The experience also left John Doe 2 extremely traumatized.

Jane Doe 50

At some point, Jane Doe 50 asked Lauren Salzman to release her from The Vow, and Lauren Salzman refused. Eventually, the shame and humiliation of what she had to do as part of The Vow was more than she could bear, and Jane Doe 50 informed Defendant Lauren
Salzman that she was repudiating her Vow and requested the return of her collateral, which Lauren Salzman refused.

Jane Doe 50 then wrote to NXIVM leaders, including … Clare Bronfman …  informing [her] that she had been recruited into The
Vow through lies and manipulation and that she had been coerced into giving extremely humiliating and potentially damaging collateral, which she described in her letter.

Jane Doe 50 asked [Clare] to direct the return or destruction of her collateral, which [she] refused to do.

Vicious Lawsuits Meant to Destroy People

As part of the operation of the [Nxivm Racketeering] Enterprise, Clare Bronfman, Raniere, and other coconspirators directed and participated in a decades-long pattern of vexatious, ruinous, and meritless abuse of the civil and criminal justice system in order to harass, intimidate, silence, retaliate against, and destroy the lives of witnesses and persons critical of NXIVM and Raniere.

Clare Bronfman and her sister and co-defendant, Sara Bronfman, expended millions of dollars to finance these abuses.

Faux Lawyer

In part due to her position as the person responsible for overseeing and handling legal matters in NXIVM, Clare Bronfman also took advantage of many members of the NXIVM community by misrepresenting the law to them in order to induce them to act or refrain from acting in accordance with her desires and those of her co-defendants.

Spying on People

Clare Bronfman, along with Raniere and other co-conspirators, also directed and participated in efforts and attempts through unlawful means to spy upon and acquire information from and/or about perceived critics, enemies and potential witnesses, including the hacking of
her own father’s computer and email account.

Ultima Sex Procuring

Clare Bronfman also owned and directed the activities of several of the “Ultima10” group of companies, including exo/eso, which was designed and used to procure, groom and provide sexual servants for Raniere.

Paid Dr. Mengele Porter

Marie White’s painting of Dr. Brandon Porter

Defendant Brandon Porter is a physician formerly licensed to practice medicine in New York. He resides in Waterford, NY.

At all times relevant hereto, Porter was regularly engaged in the practice of medicine in New York State. Porter was paid by and acted as an agent of ESF, under the direction of Raniere, Clare Bronfman, and Nancy Salzman.

Porter, along with Nancy Salzman and others, conducted experiments on human beings within the NXIVM community, including the “Human Fright Experiment,” and the Tourette’s and OCD “studies,” all without voluntary informed consent or professional oversight…

Defendants Raniere and Clare Bronfman were advised by a person with experience in medical and human research that there were scientific protocols they were required to follow in their “studies,” but they disregarded that advice.

MK10ART — Clare Bronfman – leaving court.

Immigration Fraud Through Ethical Science Foundation

Defendant Ethical Science Foundation is a Section 501(c)(3) exempt private foundation founded and funded by Clare Bronfman and Sara Bronfman as an instrumentality through which to carry out unlawful acts in furtherance of the Enterprise, Venture and conspiracy described and defined herein.

ESF was the funding vehicle for NXIVM/ESP projects, with its principal place of business in Clifton Park, New York.

Among these projects were dangerous medical experiments on human subjects without proper safeguards, oversight or informed consent.

Defendants also used ESF to sponsor student visas for foreign nationals brought to the United States under false pretenses. Many of these foreign nationals were put to work in other entities controlled by Defendants, including Rainbow Cultural Garden, and to provide labor
and services to individual Defendants.

In order to disguise these unlawful schemes, Defendants falsely recorded compensation paid to such foreign nationals as “scholarship” grants on ESF’s books, and at times Defendants coerced foreign nationals into providing labor and services without compensation, or required them to pay back or forfeit compensation, knowing that such persons would not complain or leave, out of fear of retaliation, including being arrested due to their compromised or lost immigration status…

Defendant Clare Bronfman also funneled money to RCG through ESF, which ensured that funds would be available to pay MDS [Rainbow nannies] workers. At times, these funds were falsely designated on RCG’s books as tuition payments for children…


Jane Doe 28

One of the women selected by Raniere to lead One Asian was Jane Doe 28. After she agreed to lead One Asian, Jane Doe 28 was frequently summoned to Albany for meetings with Raniere…

Members of Raniere’s inner circle also pressured Jane Doe 28 to move to Albany to be closer to Raniere. Clare Bronfman took Jane
Doe 28 on walks, once telling her that Jane Doe 28’s biggest obstacle in life was that she had “too many options,” and that moving to Albany and working more closely with Raniere would help her focus on her growth.

[Ironically Clare Bronfman has no options at all. Because she stayed in Albany, Clare has but one option – going to prison.]

Exploitation of Foreign Nationals

As part of their scheme to entice foreign nationals to come to the U.S. to work for Rainbow Cultural Garden, NXIVM offered “B,” a foreign national, a scholarship to attend school in the U.S.

Her student visa was sponsored by the non-profit ESF, which had been created and funded by Defendants Clare and Sara Bronfman.

Once in the U.S., B was told that in order to receive the tuition money to attend school, she would have to work as an MDS for RCG, under
Defendant Loretta Garza.

Although this violated the terms of her visa, B was already in the U.S., her child was enrolled in RCG, and she was able to attend college part-time. However, B was concerned about violating the terms of her visa, which did not permit her to work, and she had believed her scholarship would pay for her to attend school full-time.

She discussed this with Defendants [Loreta] Garza and Clare Bronfman and expressed her desire to take more classes each semester, after which she was informed that she no longer had a job at RCG and that she would no longer be eligible for the scholarship.

She was frightened; if she left the community, she would have no means to support herself and her child, and she would be at risk of retaliation by Defendants, who could report her to the authorities and cause her arrest and deportation.

She shared this concern, and Clare Bronfman offered her an alternative: B and her child would live in a house owned by Clare Bronfman and B would work for her as a “personal assistant.” The work was menial and the pay barely covered weekly groceries, but so long as she was compliant, Clare Bronfman kept her and her child invisible to the authorities.

Terrified of Defendants’ well-known propensity for retribution, B accepted these terms and remained in Clare Bronfman’s house and employ until Defendants’ indictments and arrests made her feel safe enough to leave.


[I interviewed B several times. I was quite concerned that Clare had hired her 12-year-old daughter to walk her dog. I warned her of the danger that it might be a ruse to get her daughter nearer to Raniere. The same thing had happened to another 12-year-old girl hired to walk Pam Cafritz’s dog.  Raniere ended up raping her some 60 times before the little girl, Rhiannon, ran away. Shortly after my conversations with B, she left the group.]

Clare Cheats John Doe 8

John Doe 8 was a foreign national who lived and worked in the NXIVM community since his teens. Defendants rarely compensated him for the innumerable hours he toiled at the various jobs they assigned to him.

Eventually, he complained that he was unable to support himself and could not stay.

To convince him otherwise, Raniere offered him an “opportunity” to build his own company with Raniere as his mentor.

Clare Bronfman and Pamela Cafritz, one of Raniere’s longtime girlfriends and financial supporters, owned the equipment for a dormant t-shirt company, and they offered John Doe 8 a chance to get the company up and running by making and selling t-shirts, in exchange for which he would receive a substantial share of the net revenues.

John Doe 8 worked tirelessly and built an operating business that sold thousands of t-shirts, generating substantial revenues. Although the company was profitable, Raniere, Bronfman and Cafritz refused to compensate him (or reimburse him the money he had invested).

They explained to him that he was like a CEO, and that as CEO he was not entitled to any compensation until investors were paid off. There were no investors, and the company had no debt, but Defendants knew that John Doe 8 would continue working for them so long as he believed he was indebted to the Defendants.

As Defendants also knew and intended, because John Doe 8 did not have the proper immigration status to be operating the company, he was unable to do anything about their refusal to pay him, since taking any action would put him at risk of arrest and deportation.


Wire Fraud for Clare Bronfman 

In another instance, John Doe 8 informed Defendants Raniere and Clare Bronfman that he was going to return to his home country, wait the requisite period, and then apply to renew his visa.

Defendants Raniere and Clare Bronfman, along with Defendant [Dani] Padilla, Pamela Cafritz, and others, pressured him into staying, persuading him that there was no need to leave the U.S. and re-enter because their lawyers could take care of the issue.

He relied on these assurances and remained in the U.S., working for Defendants, even after losing his immigration status.

Eventually, Clare Bronfman worked out a plan with the owner of a business in Mexico that she assured John Doe 8 was perfectly legal: the owner of the Mexican business established a U.S. subsidiary and that subsidiary sponsored a work visa for John Doe 8.

After that, on the rare occasions when Clare Bronfman wished for John Doe 8 to be paid for any work, she would have funds transferred from a NXIVM entity to the U.S. bank account of the Mexican company’s U.S. subsidiary, under the false pretext that the money was
being paid for services rendered to NXIVM by the U.S. subsidiary. The U.S. subsidiary would then pay John Doe 8.


Her days of being a ruthless and pampered heiress are about to end and soon she will be a federal prisoner, where her privilege status will come to an end. Painting by MK10ART.

You know, we are not even half done with the crimes of Clare Bronfman as alleged by Neil Glazer, but this is a good place to stop.

We will continue in a future post.

Don’t you think it funny that the feds gave her a plea deal with just about the lightest charges of all the Nxivm defendants when she certainly was one of the biggest criminals in Nxivm?.

Ironically, after sweet-talking her into a plea deal, the feds went out and played turnabout is fair play and sandbagged the deceitful heiress by securing about 100 victims – victims of crimes outside her convictions – and now the judge has indicated he is going to sentence her to a longer sentence than the original, estimated sentencing guidelines of 21-27 months.

I predict she gets between 4 – 7 years and the judge will certainly explain why this filth deserves to be sentenced to longer than what her plea deal suggested.

On top of that, Neil Glazer is suing her ass off – and before he is done she will be exposed for a raft of additional crimes for which she may be later charged.

The idiot heiress, of course, is too stupid to settle with Glazer and, as a result, discovery will be a killer and the feds will be watching everything closely.

Their two targets are Clare and Sara Bronfman.

If I were Clare or Sara, I would be looking to settle quickly and early with Glazer to limit exposure.

But, alas, they are far too stupid to do that. Why these two are almost as stupid as the third dumbest man in the world – Keith Raniere.

Smart you say? Yeah, that’s why he’s in a prison cell and likely to be therefor the rest of his life.

Clare is to join in the experience in April. And possibly Sarah too by 2021.

If nothing else, you have to admit that karma is exquisite, precise and exacting.

For the sins they do by two and two, they must pay for one by one. Clare [l] and Sara Bronfman.
Stay tuned for more on the crimes of Clare Webb Bronfman. And then we’ll get to Sara.

Viva Executive Success!


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Heidi Hutchinson
Heidi Hutchinson
3 years ago

And the crowd jumps to its feet; deafening applause, hoots and cheers…but none dare comment lest Schlock, Flowers, Shadow and Bangkok — aka Dennis Burke aka Jeff Apple — smite them and visit Clare’s flying monkeys on them!

3 years ago

Where do you get the idea that I control any Flying Monkeys?

3 years ago

Message to Scott Johnson:

You want people to use their real names before their comments are posted?

Here’s the deal, Scott, if you want people to use their real names, then guarantee to indemnify people if they get sued for their comments.
Indemnify all their legal costs and any damages they suffer as a result of speaking their minds.
Come on, Scott.
Are you trying to chill free speech on the Frank Report?
You know that Clare Bronfman was rabid to sue anyone who crossed her path.
Other people in NXIVM were also very litigious.
Agree to indemnify anyone who is sued for telling the truth about Clare Bronfman and all of the other gangsters of NXIVM.

Scott Johnson
3 years ago

Message to Mr. Shadow:

I think Frank should post comments from people who use their real names in real time, and Frank can then post all the cowards’ comments anonymously after they are emailed to Frank. That doesn’t chill free speech. I’ve been here for a year and a half, nobody has sued me. Nobody has sued Frank. Bronfman is about to go broke over the civil lawsuit, she won’t be able to afford to sue people and it won’t be very easy to do from a prison cell. You are afraid of a nothing burger. Just admit that you’re a coward and we’ll all be happy. LOL

3 years ago
Reply to  Scott Johnson

Who are you?
The KGB?
The NXIVM Gestapo?
Why do you have to know anyone’s identity?

Scott, I remember how you had to bring up embarrassing details about attorney Omar Rosales’ background.
Scott, you’re exactly like Raniere, Clare Bronfman and Nancy Salzman.
You have to know everyone’s background and have their collateral so you can hold it against them.
Scott, you have no shame and no brains.

Ben Franklin posted comments using a variety of pen names.
Did that make Ben Franklin a coward?
Come on, Mr. Amway.
Was Ben Franklin a coward?

And as for Pea Onyu/Nicki Clyne she made it abundantly clear in October 2017 that she was Nicki Clyne.

Pea Onyu
October 10, 2017 at 7:58 pm
Nicki is still one hot sexy woman. Your comments Van Douche are unwarranted and unwelcome please apologize.

DOS diet creates angular look, like Nicki Clyne

Scott Johnson
3 years ago

I don’t have to know anyone’s name, I already said to just submit your anonymous comments to Frank and he can post all of them under the name “Anonymous.” LOL

I already treat anyone who doesn’t use their real name at a much lower level of believability already, so let’s just make it official and better for others reading the comments to come to the same conclusion. LOL

I brought up factual details about Omar’s background because I think it’s important to know about someone’s character when they make claims, there are a lot of liars and nasty people in the world. It is you, Mr. Shadow with no shame or brains. I’m doing the same thing Frank does when he is verifying their stories, asking them questions to determine their credibility. It’s called vetting. I’m much more up front because I’m not in a real time discussion on the phone or a near real time discussion via email. It takes several hours for my question to get posted, then sevral hours to respond, and it often has to go back and forth several times to get anywhere meaningful. We’ll all be dead before i get to the bottom of the matter if I’m playing nice like Frank can do. LOL

As I explained above, neither Frank nor I have been sued. Franklin and others had something to be afraid of, but you’re afraid of your own shadow, Mr. Shadow. LOL

I don’t care about Clyne very much. I’ve written an email to the restaurant she works at and encouraged others to do the same. Have YOU done that, Mr. Shadow? Have you done ANYTHING except post comments about Mack and Clyne on this website? go ahead and admit what you’ve done, since we don’t even know who you are! LOL

Scott Johnson
3 years ago

Another major differnce is that Franklin was by himself. As I’ve said before many times, and it’s never been responded to, if everybody came forward Bronfman wouldn’t have the money to fund all of the lawsuits and the discovery process alone would be a disaster for her.

3 years ago
Reply to  Scott Johnson


Sadly the rest of us all have things like children, spouses, jobs/careers, bank accounts, or other assets. We do not want nuts contacting us or rich “cunts” suing us.

In other words, Scott, we all have lives.

Johnson, you are the only one who has nothing to lose.

3 years ago

Great article, Frank.

But despite your prediction, a ‘settlement’ is guaranteed here.

With the lower standard of “preponderance of evidence” in civil cases, Clare will understand that she can’t sway a jury to support her and she’ll lose too much of her fortune if she leaves it to a jury (i.e., swaying 1 or 2 holdout jurors won’t work in a civil case).

It’s not about her stupidity. It’s about her self survival instinct.

That’s in addition to the ‘incriminating evidence’ that such a trial might provide (to the DOJ) for another round of racketeering indictments, possibly against Sara too.

Clare, Sara and Junco just can’t withstand the discovery process and a trial.

Sara moved to France to avoid this shit. Then she moved to Portugal. She’s uprooted her life to avoid this shit and there’s no way she’s gonna go to trial with this. She can’t win. Zero chance. So she’ll settle.

…and if Sara settles, she’ll likely convince Clare to settle. These sisters stick together. …and if Clare settles, Junco will settle too since she’s not gonna buck Legatus.

To put it another way…

How Sara goes, so goes the rest of them. 🙂

What about Keith’s wishes?

Since Keith is also a defendant (and they are still likely loyal to him), it’s possible that Keith will order them all not to settle.

He’ll do it just for spite, just to destroy these gals as much as possible — so they can’t move on with their wealthy lives while he flounders in prison. If Keith can’t have these girls or their money anymore (cuz he’s in prison), then he won’t want anybody else to have them or their money. He’ll want their reputations and their fortunes destroyed as much as possible IMO.

*However, as Keith gets sentenced to prison (for life) and the Bronfmans begin realizing that remaining with Keith means losing more of their fortunes and possibly more of their freedoms, I think they’ll have no choice but to begin doing anything they can to spare their money and freedom as much as possible.

Just as India Oxenberg eventually broke free from the spell when she realized it was in her best interests, so too will the Bronfmans.

At some point they will accept the reality that Keith is no longer their Vanguard even if they don’t wanna accept that reality, since at some point they’ll realize “it’s either him or me”.

They’ll settle.

The only question is, HOW MUCH can Neil get from these wealthy women?

You haven’t answered this question, Frank, you fucken PUSSY.

How much would Neil likely accept to avoid a lengthy trial and to avoid years of further litigation to break various ‘trusts’ — just to get the money quickly? That’s the real question.

I’m guessing that Neil will settle for much less than we might anticipate, as his firm will likely get 1/3 of the settlement.

It’s possible the Bronfmans might outsmart Neil here, by getting him to settle for pennies on the dollar compared to what an actual jury trial might give his clients. Do his clients wanna wait years to litigate (and collect from various ‘trusts’) or do they want pennies on the dollar now?

I’m guessing he’ll settle for relative chump change, especially when you divide up the loot among 80 clients.

I’d rather hear your insight into this topic, Frank, if you have the balls to make such a prediction and stop being such a PUSSY.

3 years ago
Reply to  Bangkok

“The only question is, HOW MUCH can Neil get from these wealthy women?
You haven’t answered this question, Frank, you fucken PUSSY.”

Do you believe that Frank Parlato has access to the financial details of the Bronfmans and the Junco family?
Once again, Bangkok, you have jumped the shark.

3 years ago

Another fantastic article. Sometimes there are ones like this that are far more supurb.
I had the pleasure reading your archived articles and noticed you have been so gracrious to warn Nxians of their fate if they were not brave. These Jane Does and John Does should be brave with using their names. Who goes to battle and war and doesn’t use their real name? The Great Spartacus would be ashamed. Winston Churchill would be ashamed. To me all of these people are all cockroaches of different sizes. All eating crumbs (money), running from the light(truth) and living off the backs of the meek( innocent young women), Bronfman, Raniere, Natalie, Mack, Kreuk, Bouchey, Padilla. Shit you get the point. An endless list of cowards, grifters and possible killers and or accesorry to murder/murders.

Scott Johnson
3 years ago
Reply to  Frank Parlato

AMEN! I suggest you require people use their real names to make comments, and if they want to send you anonymous comments, they can email and/or call you (except for NiceGuy, he won’t pick up a phone).

3 years ago
Reply to  Scott Johnson

Scott, no one wants people like you to know who they are. It’s that simple.

3 years ago
Reply to  Frank Parlato

Your statement makes me wonder why Heidi Clifford and company never filed any charges against Nxivm for pushing Kristin to suicide.

Nordic Ski Patrol, seems to me, to be a brave position to achieve. Why the lack of bravery against Nxivm at that time? Hell, Kenny Powers probably could have sacked Nxivm with his position he had at the time. What was he again? Prosecuted or something? Seems all just swept Kris under the rug and decide to vacation for victory instead? Where was Clifford’s loyalty and duty to protect her wife?

Where is that truck? Am I alone in thinking the black Toyota is a possible crime scene?

Scott Johnson
3 years ago
Reply to  Peaches

Then why not use YOUR name? LOL

3 years ago
Reply to  Scott Johnson

I noticed your Twitter account was suspended there, Scott. Were you doxing people that used their real names? Criminals dox, slander and attack innocent commentators (PR firms love to harass people who don’t follow their MSM narrative) You’d be a fool to use your real name online.

Scott Johnson
3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Twitter accused me of auto-sending tweets, which was totally untrue. But it’s okay, I get a lot more exposure on this website. LOL

Heidi Hutchinson
Heidi Hutchinson
3 years ago
Reply to  Peaches

It may settle but only long after the sharks have had their fill of bloody Bronfman booty…whose repping them now in the civil actions?

Same dream team trying to cut deals to keep themselves outta prison in exchange for an Avenetti?

Andre Leonard 2017
3 years ago

“Don’t you think it funny that the feds gave her a plea deal with just about the lightest charges of all the Nxivm defendants when she certainly was one of the biggest criminals in Nxivm?.”


Scott Johnson
3 years ago

It’s called buying justice. It happens all the time.

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