Did Clare Bronfman Wear Raniere-Ordered Jock Strap While Water Skiing? or Is That Bulge Something Else?

Clare Bronfman

Editor’ Note:

We may have hit the low-water mark here at Frank Report but in the interest of prurient idiocy and the love of clickbait, I have consented to publish the following analysis of Clare Bronfman water skiing by one of our finest artists, Marie White.

Video of Clare water skiing

The question Marie raises is whether Clare Bronfman is wearing a jockstrap in the video – or is the bulge something entirely different?

Readers know that Clare was ordered to wear a jockstrap as punishment by command of her royal and lordly wise Vanguard, Keith Alan Raniere, because she was acting too bossy – too much like a man.

The great and glorious Vanguard not only stripped Clare Bronfman of scores of millions of dollars, he also stripped her of her clothing and made her wear a jockstrap. He also stripped her of her freedom. She is going to prison soon.

Readers may recall that we learned about Clare’s jockstrap from the testimony of Mark Vicente in the trial of Keith Alan Raniere.

Vicente, referring to the teachings of Raniere, said: And the whole idea was that … women had to learn no matter what you do, you’re going to be wrong, so keep taking the hits until you grow up and stop being a baby… I recall at one point somebody was given, like, angel fairy wings to suggest that they were a princess. Somebody was given a jockstrap once. A woman was given a jockstrap.

Q   Who was given a jockstrap?

A   That was Clare Bronfman. She was given a jockstrap for being bossy, like, she was in charge of everything.


So did Clare don that jockstrap?

The timeline fits. She made the video in 2016, after the creation of DOS and when Raniere was at his ego-fed highest maniacal point in life –having secured the indictments of his main enemies [Joe O’Hara, John Tighe, Barbara Bouchey, Toni Natalie, and Frank Parlato] and the silencing of two more writers, [Jim Odato and Suzanna Andrews], the creation of DOS, and maintaining the full -unding of the Bronfman sisters – all at the same time.

He was at his high-water mark. Then I began the Frank Report.

Marie analyzes this and takes it a step further with some rank speculation.

Image result for transgender rights

Now just one more word: Transgender rights are a controversial topic. The position of Frank Report is one that supports freedom.

We fully support every adult’s right to live and be, as far as possible, the gender they prefer.

We support the rights of people to alternate between genders at their convenience and to create new genders or have no gender at all.  It is preposterous to limit the genders to two, except in the biological sense, where there are only two, I believe.

As far as identifying with notions of mass conformity bias based on biological gender as the fundamental guide to behavior, morality, and expectations, this can be enslaving. Each adult person should be free to choose the gender they prefer, to change that gender at any time, and to create any new gender that they like or believe is suitable for them at that particular moment.  How this affects the law, bathrooms, locker rooms, college admissions, military service or even incarceration is beyond the scope of this article.

However, people exercising gender freedom should be free from official prejudice and, in a kind and freedom-loving world, free from calumny and ridicule based solely on their gender identity.

If Clare identifies with being a man, and has donned a jockstrap, or, as Marie suggests, may have actually gone one step further in her quest to be a man, this is her own business.

Where it interests us, and the sober reason for the article, is that this change of gender identity may [or may not] be in keeping with the teachings and commands of her Vanguard – who first ordered her to wear a jockstrap.  This is, for Clare, who financed his sex-slaver cult, where more than 100 women were made slaves based solely on their gender – only women were allowed to be slaves – a matter of human freedom.

How that plays out in a prison, as opposed to a water skiing outing, is altogether another matter.

Clare Bronfman

Clare Bronfman displays a rare, toothy smile. Who’s the angel on her shoulder?


Clare walks into court with her lawyers including John Sandweg, Dennis Burke’s partner.


If this seems a bit mean to make sport of Clare Bronfman, just consider that while she was out water skiing, having the time of her life, she had just gotten Frank Parlato indicted by her perjury. And that’s not sporting at all. She’s fair game.

By Marie White

I had planned to capture Clare’s facial expressions for a new painting. Studying the picture above I noticed something peculiar.

As Clare rises from the water [below] I didn’t see anything abnormal, except its not every day that people see an heiress posting a video of herself water skiing.

I slowed the video down.

See the entire video here

My eyes must be playing tricks on me. After the first wave hits her posterior, something shifted in her blue bathing suit.

It looks as though she may be wearing a jockstrap or a full-body floating device like a child might wear – but that would mean she is wearing two flotation devices.

It got me thinking.

Clare has enough money for a sex change.  Maybe daddy’s little girl is actually now a man.

In an old journal entry, she wrote about how she was the only girl in school among boys and how she dreamed of being one of them.

Sunday, June 14th, 2009

“I remember sitting in the girls locker room before gym class – I could hear the playful boisterous voices of my classmates down the hall – however, I was alone. I was 12 years old, and the only girl in my class at school. I wanted so badly to be like the boys – to be accepted by them to be allowed to play with them – I tried to rid myself of all “girly” qualities and blend in…”

But then something sprung out of the water along with the heiress that I had not seen before.

Further examination of her unshapely hips and squared jawline leaves me uncertain.

I also have concerns about Clare’s well being while she is incarcerated.


Normally this post would not be fair game.

But Clare made it fair game by posting the video, by being a financier of a sex slave cult, by not officially joining DOS, but by utilizing it to her advantage, [did she consider herself the only other man in the sorority, other than Raniere?] by using perjury to indict her and Raniere’s enemies, and by being ordered to wear a jockstrap and not telling Raniere to go to Hades.

Clare Bronfman, as readers know, next to Raniere, was the most unusually cruel and authoritative being in Nxivm.

Did she identify with being a man?

Was she conflicted about her gender?

Did she wear the jockstrap that Keith ordered her to wear and for how long?

Did she take it a step further?


Below are a few of my paintings of Clare



Anthony Bruce, Bill Savino, and Clare Bronfman

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Marie White


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  • RE: Clare’s Bulge:

    There is an actual true medical explanation for Clare’s bulge. She may have a special kinda of growth within her genitalia.

    The following picture is extremely graphic and is a serious medical photograph from a valid scientific and medical website.

    Viewer discretion is advised:


    • If anyone is curious why I would post such a gross picture of a medical condition…

      …….I believe a tumor is an accurate depiction of who Clare Bronfman is as a human being.

      …..And Clare I no you are reading this comment and I want you to know you are a tumor. Have a great Valentine’s Day!

  • When Scott Johnson picks up trannys in NOLA and they turn out to be men, he acts SURPRISED and calls it a happy accident.

    Any Happy Accidents this week, Scott?

    You sure are quiet…

    • OMG, maybe Frank has accepted my request for a Scott MLM time out. I don’t want to be mean to Scott. It’s just that his addiction is not helping him or anyone on here.
      Many blessings, Mr. Johnson.

  • There is a lady on You Tube with a site called Truthful Spirit Blue Heron who has specialized in the whole sex change thingy in a big way. Maybe she focuses on transgenders in too big of a way, but that is one of her fascinations. She knows the ins and and outs of masculine vs. feminine physical traits as well as the various surgeries used to enhance whatever the desired transgender characteristics are.

    Truthful Spirit has a very funny transgender video about Hillary and Bill. The details are like semi-grotesque science fiction, but I admit Hillary has always struck me as a manly sort.

    On the other hand, Truthful will show you that Keith Urban is a woman and that Nicole Kidman is a dude. And then there js always Tom Cruise, but great ball-less balls of Scientology! Not going there.

    Remember, we’ve all seen Bill Clinton’s happy portrait in the blue gown, which Jeffrey Epstein had “hung.” Bill has never looked better, and Bill has a soprano voice. Hillary bellows like a fish monger.

    No wonder Monica Lewinsky has been looking freaked out for decades, haha. Good golly, Mister Molly. Something something, but what?

    I was thinking that Clare doesn’t look like a man due to her lack of that famous, masculinely sizable adam’s apple.

    It just looks as though she had sprouted a massive, rather protruding bush and had a well-defined pubic bone, and that it looks big, probably because of her low weight. Her body is angular and lacks curves, but she doesn’t have those big man hands or feet, either.

    Clare Bronfman has always looked asexual to me, as well as sexually uptight. Raniere might have killed off Clare’s sexual confidence, if she ever had any. Raniere was the emotionally and sexually sadistic punisher and probably savored humiliating Clare Bronfman. It must have made Raniere feel especially powerful, almost as temporarily thrilling for him as when he was able to do his pedophilia, but for different reasons. 100 million bucks fuck. God, how Clare must’ve had to be made to grovel.

    Then Raniere could turn her loose as his fervid Nazi enforcer, his cannibal guard dog.

    Clare Bronfman looks as if she doesn’t care to be attractive to anyone at all, not even to herself. She looks unfeminine but not exactly mannish. Clare just looks yucko, crabby and unphotogenic. She could be the grim reaper, except for when she has those darn staged fainting spells. In seven or eight years, maybe Clare will find time to buy herself some horse therapy.

  • As luck would have it, I’m boarding a flight to New Orleans. Anyone want to hit the French Quarter around 2am? I could really use a third wheel. Don’t want to be the only one stuck listening to Johnson drone on and on about tool scams and Betsy Devos ruining his life.

  • That Marie is a talented and as gorgeous as a new sun each morning. I can’t wait to read more of her stuff

  • Guess we’ll know at sentencing. If Clare really is undergoing gender reassignment, then I would imagine her attorneys will request special concessions for her ‘condition’ in whatever prison she is assigned to.

    • These pictures tell me Clare’s is bigger. Now I hate to say this but maybe Clare was priming Ranieres poop shoot with whatever you would call that buldge.

  • I’ll bet Nicki Clyne would know if Clare is male or female or hermaphrodite.
    Nicki actually follows Clare’s Instagram account.
    nicki clyne

    So does Allison Mack.
    Allison Mack

    Since Allison is not supposedly not able to communicate with us, I must ask Nicki about Clare’s gender.
    Is Clare male, female or hermaphrodite?

    • I’m a girl who loves the water. When I have been caught in strong ocean waves, water can definitely force its way into a swimsuit. I’m wondering if this is just water retained from that. When you’re waterskiing the force of the water is very great when you’re starting off and rising to the standing position.

  • Frank, at least you have perspective and a sense of humor.

    And Marie, perhaps before your time, when old-fashioned sanitary pads were still competing with upstart tampons, women sometimes injudiciously paired the older product with modern bikinis. Plus nowadays there seem to be some “natural” pads that look about as bulky as the old-fashioned ones.

    Or maybe Clare is dyke-ish enough that she likes to “pack.” Interesting theory about the sex change, though.

    The jockstrap incident is to me just another reminder that Raniere never really moved beyond behaving like a sex-obsessed teenager – despite all his teachings about supposed “integration,” and his followers somehow seeing him as some sort of advanced being.

  • Let’s ask SCOTT JOHNSON. He’s the self-proclaimed Expert on picking up trannys in New Orleans.

    What do you think Scott? Will this sausage fill your glory hole?

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