Nxivm Sex Cult Financier Sara Bronfman Once Attended Luncheon for Children in Crisis with Duchess of York – While Raniere’s Son Was in Hiding

Back in those days, the readership was small and I had little to work with. I was just beginning to chip away at Raniere.
At that time, I was already indicted – that happened on November 20, 2015 – and I was in the very early stages of my Raniere investigation.
What struck me most about the incongruity of Sara Bronfman attending a luncheon with rich and famous women who are seemingly concerned about children, was, at the same time, her master’s son and the mother of the child, Kristin Keeffe, had been in hiding, actually staying in an apartment I provided for them for more than a year.
Raniere was relentlessly looking for them, spending, according to one of the men who was hired to look for her, more than one million dollars to find her and the boy.
At the time I published the story below, naturally, I could not reveal that I had for a time harbored Keeffe and her son.
Here is what I published back in early 2016 when most of his major enemies were indicted or silenced and Keith Raniere was at the top of his game, branding women and hunting down the mother of his child, quite possibly for seriously nefarious reasons:

S. Bronfman Attends Saqqara Jewels lunch for Children In Crisis,

ignores children Raniere put into crisis

While her master Keith Raniere seeks the destruction of his enemies with her money, mind bends his harem, allegedly tries to lure his enemies to Mexico to get them locked unjustly in a cell, and other alleged torments of people he enjoys punishing as he seeks to win through joy, Sara Bronfman enjoys a little herself – dining, hobnobbing with the rich and famous in London.

The cause sounds good, the donations are likely substantial, the networking opportunities large and the feel good about the whole thing largest of all.

Helping children in crisis. Of course, I wonder if Sara ever thought about how Raniere put 12-year-old Rhiannon in crisis when he had sex with her – or how he drove the mother of his own child to flee with their son – and go into hiding? Is he in crisis?

For years Raniere lied about his own son being his child and Sara Bronfman would donate tomorrow to some punishment of the mother and son if Raniere asked her.

Crisis indeed!


sara s
Sara Bronfman and Heather Kerzner [gay divorcee of billionaire hotelier Sol Kerzner] attend the Saqqara Jewels lunch for Children In Crisis at the Belgraves Hotel on December 7, 2015 in London, England.

Sara Bronfman, The Duchess of York and Grace Sun attends the Saqqara Jewels lunch for Children In Crisis at the Belgraves Hotel on December 7, 2015 in London, England.

The Saqqara Jewels lunch for Children In Crisis at the Belgraves Hotel on December 7, 2015 in London, England.


Claire Caudwell and The Duchess of York attend the Saqqara Jewels lunch for Children In Crisis at the Belgraves Hotel on December 7, 2015 in London, England.



Amanda Cronin and The Duchess of York attend the Saqqara Jewels lunch for Children In Crisis at the Belgraves Hotel on December 7, 2015 in London, England.



Kristin Keeffe appeared in my Investigation Discovery 2019 film, “The Lost Women of Nxivm”.

I was not wrong then about writing about children in crisis – or at least one child in crisis – Keith Raniere’s son – and the risk to Kristin Keeffe, his mother.

Just prior to the publication of this story, while Kristin was staying at an apartment of mine in the Florida Keys, some people approached her along the boat canal in two kayaks.

It was a man and a woman and they struck up a conversation with her and befriended her.  She did not know that this couple was hired by Raniere to do who knows what?

I found this out later and told her.  At the time, I thought she had made some new friends.

But later, Matt Malone, who was Raniere and Clare Bronfman’s IT man for a time and one of their private detectives, told me that a team of private detectives – who he worked with – had been paid over $1 million to find Kristin and her and Keith’s son.

Matt found her, living at my place. He had been told the purpose of the quest was that Keith missed his little son and just wanted to serve Kristin with a summons to appear for a custody hearing so he could get his boy back, who he loved so much.

He told Matt and others in others in Nxivm that his boy was coming back home. He said nothing about the mother. No, she was not coming back, it seems.

Matt found Kristin. He told Clare and Raniere. He was now ready to serve the summons papers to Kristin so she would have to appear in court and Keith would get a chance to have his baby boy back.

But curiously Matt was immediately taken off the job – just when he found her – and the two kayakers were hired to take his place.

They never served any summons. Matt smelled a rat and later contacted me.

Happily, Kristin fled the Keys and wound up escaping from the kayaker duo.  But not to put the blame on them, they apparently had some second thoughts about what they were hired to do and Kristin escaped with her boy and they too disappeared without performing whatever mission they were hired to do.

Clare knew all this for she paid Matt and she paid the kayakers.

Did Sara know at the time that this was going on, as she is attending a luncheon, worrying about children in crisis?


By the way, a tipster recently advised: Basit Igtet bought a 9 hole golf course in a small village of Villars in Provence, enquire this way.

If anyone knows anything about this, please share it with Frank Report.











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