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A reader asked a question about my role with Nxivm, the Bronfmans, and Keith Alan Raniere:

Dear Frank —

You said that you didn’t have a signed contract with Clare regarding the $1 million but you said you were paid $75,000 per month by NXIVM when you were working for them. Did you not have a signed contract that covered your work as Clare’s spokesman and attack dog and couldn’t you have continued getting paid $75k a month and avoided the whole civil/criminal stuff.

Why would she wire you $1 million dollars before you had finished the project?

Here is my answer:

The contract Keith and I negotiated in January 2008 was that Clare and Sara were to send me $1 million in advance and that I would receive one-third of the profits (minus the $1 million) in exchange for my developing a Los Angeles real estate project.

Before I arrived on the scene, Keith had gotten the Bronfmans into the project. They had invested $26 million and had nothing to show for it. The project was running amok.

I was to relocate to Los Angeles and rescue the now-errant project.

Raniere did the negotiations with me for our written agreement. There were adjustments he wanted and it went back and forth a few times. When he was satisfied, I signed it.

Here is a copy of the agreement:

2008 01 16 amended letter of intent between parlato and bronfmans

I had no reason to doubt his sincerity.  Within an hour of my signing the agreement, Clare and Sara Bronfman wired $1 million to my bank.

Based on their wiring $1 million, I assumed they ratified the contract and would later sign it.

I began immediately and rescued the project.  I recovered properties, got them titled in their name and won possession in court, plus the bank financing to continue the development without further investment by the Bronfmans, who had just finished squandering $65 million in commodities, $26 million in the Los Angeles project and a good $10 -$12 million on lawyers advancing Raniere’s legal quests.

After I fulfilled substantial aspects of the Los Angeles agreement – which took about a month –Raniere said [through an agent], “Give the Bronfmans their money back, you’re fired.”

It was his outrageous suggestion that I get zero compensation, after doing much of the work, that prompted me to refuse. I tried to call him. He refused to take my calls even though in the past we spoke almost nightly – and for hours sometimes.

I refused to return any money.

After all, I had recovered, literally, $26 million for the Bronfmans and ended the bleeding on a project that they invested in, but was not in their name. It was in their name now. It was set for success and I brought it there.

Bronfman herself admitted that I had gotten her $26.43 million back in her testimony in a civil trial.


However, Raniere decreed I was not entitled to anything. Nothing for my work.

At one point, one of his minions told me that if I returned the money, Keith would certainly do the ethical thing and decide how much I was entitled to receive.

I said I’ll hold the money and Keith and I can do the same thing.

But Keith refused to negotiate unless he held the money. That showed ethics, he said, and he would only negotiate with ethical people.

I chose to hold the $1 million pending the results of a lawsuit I expected was coming. That lawsuit came in 2011 and is still ongoing.

Was there a contractual agreement?

That is a question to be determined by a jury in a civil trial.

The Bronfmans said at different times – in sworn testimony – that there was a written agreement and again that there wasn’t a  written agreement – testifying to suit their interests without regard to the truth. [The same thing that Clare did that landed her in prison.]

In civil court in Los Angeles, Clare testified that she never signed a contract with me.  She said she lent me a million dollars but denied it had anything to do with the contract I signed. She pointed out that she never signed any written agreement.

She also began a civil lawsuit against me in Niagara County, NY, and both she and Sara, in a sworn affidavit, said there was no written contract. They were suing for the return of the one million “loan” they made to me.

However, Clare and Sara also lodged a criminal complaint against me with the FBI.

Clare went before the grand jury in Buffalo and testified to a completely opposite story than what she said in civil lawsuits.

She told the grand jury that she did sign a written agreement with me.

The reason she did this was that she was advised by then-Assistant US Attorney Anthony Bruce that, based on the written agreement – if it was valid – he could indict me for fraud since I had not fulfilled all aspects of the contract.

Bruce was willing to overlook the fact that the reason I did not complete all aspects of the contract was because the Bronfmans breached the contract by firing me.

It was different in the civil lawsuit. In the civil lawsuit, she needed to have no written contract. The reason Clare denied having a written contract with me in the civil lawsuit is that, if she had a written contract, based on the terms of it, and standard contract law, she would have owed me the full million dollars based simply on the breach of that contract.

She couldn’t just terminate the contract AND demand the money returned.

When it helped Bronfman to say there was a written contract [in the criminal case], she swore there was a contract. When it helped her to swear there was no contract [in the civil cases], she swore there was no contract.

Her attorney in both the civil lawsuit and the man who squired her into the US Attorneys Office for the Western District of New York [WDNY] was Buffalo lawyer William Savino.

He knew Clare was giving opposite testimony in regards to that contract, but suborning perjury did not seem to matter much to him. That may be because AUSA Bruce, an old hand at suborning perjury, was eager for Clare to do so.

No doubt Savino was being well paid for going after me criminally and civilly.

My experience with Bronfman-Raniere is that the $1 million was not important at all to them. If they had to choose between getting the million back from me or getting me indicted, they would forgo the million and take the indictment.

Of course, Clare’s chickens came home to roost recently as did the chickens for the mastermind of the plot, Keith Alan Raniere.  One is in custody and one is headed there most likely on April 23 immediately after she is sentenced.

Keith Alan Raniere at the height of his “success”.

I believe that Keith loved to destroy people. That was his greatest pleasure.  And with Bronfman money behind him, he had the power to hurt others, and, because of their money, I think he thought he was untouchable. Which, in fact, he was, for nearly two decades.

As for my role in his takedown, I would not have gone after him or Clare had they not attacked me in the WDNY.

If they had left it at a civil lawsuit, to fight over the million, I would have responded and likely won the case.

Even if I had lost, I would have returned the million. I never spent it. If I had lost the civil lawsuit fair and square, I would not have gone after them.

But when they went to corrupt AUSA Anthony Bruce in an effort to take more than money from me by stealing my freedom, through perjury, I chose to attack. I had no choice. One doesn’t let someone go after them, no matter how powerful, and take it lying down.

Thanks to the help of some friends, I was successful in getting Raniere and Brofman exposed.

Former AUSA Anthony Bruce who indicted Frank Parlato then promptly retired from the WDNY.

By the way, as part of my attack on Raniere, I tried to bring the crimes of Bronfman-Raniere to the WDNY and Anthony Bruce.

Bruce would hear none of it. I outlined the Bronfman-Raniere crime enterprise, back in 2015, much like I did for the EDNY in 2017, and offered it to the WDNY.  Bruce declined to sit down and listen.

The only major difference in my package in 2015 was that Raniere had not started branding women.  Everything else was nearly the same. Bruce wasn’t interested in indicting the Bronfmans; they were the “victims” in his pursuit of getting me indicted.

And this insane behavior on his part allowed Raniere to start his own insanity called DOS.

It is funny how psychopaths enable each other and wreak havoc in the world.

When it comes right down to it, had Bruce started the investigation into Raniere in 2015, [instead of the EDNY doing so in 2017] when I offered him the blueprint to their racketeering enterprises, Keith would not likely have started branding women.

He would have vamoosed to Mexico.

Instead, Keith was emboldened. He got me indicted. At around the same time, he got Joe O’Hara, Barbara Bouchey, Toni Natalie, and John Tighe indicted for computer trespassing.  His actions prompted Jim Odato, his most powerful enemy in the media, to resign from the Albany Times Union.  He vanquished his enemies  No one was writing about Nxivm.

At the moment I was indicted, Keith was king of his world. He had reached his pinnacle.  And he began branding women.

Remember, that in his madness, when he came upon his crazy scheme of branding, Anthony Bruce in Buffalo, and Rodger Kirsopp and his Albany cohorts in law enforcement, were indicting enemies of Raniere.

It was almost like the Godfather scene where Michael Corleone is in church baptizing his son, while his goons are murdering all his longstanding enemies.

The difference is that instead of church, Raniere was leading women into a diabolical branding ceremony where, unbeknownst to them, they were being scarred with his initials.

This was happening just when his enemies were being indicted.

He was power-mad because he knew he had corrupt law enforcement officials and lawyers on his side.

The WDNY had a signal opportunity to have been part of real crime-stopping effort, but corrupt AUSA Anthony Bruce did not give a fig about justice.

This is how it went.

This is the real history of Nxivm and a story that will be told in all its gripping intensity in a planned upcoming documentary.

As for my being retained as “Nxivm’s attack dog,” this is not quite true. I was retained to help with public relations. I was to make Keith Raniere famous on a worldwide level.

The game changers for Keith Raniere, Clare [l] and Sara Bronfman during a happier time, when their money went to hurt innocent people who opposed their psychopath leader
It was only after I began working for Nxivm, that they asked me to attack certain people.

I am proud of one thing. I never attacked anyone for Nxivm.

I was to get a bonus if I caused Joe O’Hara, Toni Natalie, and Rick Ross to suffer. This was the fall of 2007.

I never went after them.

After meeting with Joe in Albany, I realized he was innocent of what they claimed, and that Nxivm, I thought, simply did not understand the contracts they had with Joe.

I brokered an intelligent deal with him to end the dispute. I advised Clare to settle. She had spent $4 million in legal fees trying to collect $2 million. She was ready to spend another $4 million.  When I told her to settle, she said, “I have to check with Keith.”

I went to Los Angeles shortly after and never had any further involvement with the case against O’Hara.

As for Rick Ross. I was asked to attack. Keith wanted him indicted. I began to investigate Ross’ alleged misdeeds but did not find anything.  He was overzealous, I think, in calling various and sundry groups “cults”, groups that were arguably eccentric but not necessarily dangerous.

But I did not find any illegal activities.

In spite of being offered a bonus to hurt him, I passed. I believe Keith went on to use Richard Mays for the task.

I also told Keith that his efforts to squelch free speech in the Ross case would backfire and that he should drop the Ross lawsuit. He didn’t.

He wound up spending about $14 million of Bronfman money to pursue the case – which was ultimately dismissed. He won nothing.

As for Toni Natalie, while she may have been a minor villain, I refused to go after her. She supposedly stole $50,000 from Nancy Salzman in 1998. It was now 2007. Keith had all the Bronfman money he needed to build his company.  He had Mexican millionaires.

I argued that pursuing a $50,000 theft that happened almost a decade ago was nonsensical. In order to get her indicted, it would cost far more than the money she allegedly stole.  Let her go, I counseled. Go teach human potential.

But Kristin Keeffe had a dossier on Toni that alleged she had engaged in serial bank fraud whereby she got cash from banks by fraudulently claiming she was going to buy brand-new restaurant equipment. She evidently did not buy the new equipment and, instead, bought cheap used equipment or no equipment at all – and pocketed the difference.

It came to about $300,000.

Toni later told me she was indicted for this but claimed it was all Keith’s doing, which I now believe is not true. It was her own plot and scheme.

At the time, however, I turned down the chance to make large bonuses by attacking Natalie. I turned it down because I did not think it was warranted.  She was not worth it. I had better things to do, including rescuing the Bronfman’s $26 million Los Angeles real estate investment.

The reality is, I did not attack anyone for Nxivm, though I later attacked Nxivm. My time with them helped me formulate my attack against them for I knew them pretty well.

Still, I’m proud of what I did for Nxivm. I was honest and loyal when I worked for them.

At the time, I thought they were decent people, eccentric, under siege, but deserving of the right to survive and even, if they deserved it, to thrive.

I realized Keith had a certain desire to punish his enemies. But I understood the impulse. I have done that myself when I have been attacked by enemies.

What I did not know at the time was that Keith was a true psychopath and that all the world was his enemy, even myself, who tried to help and befriend him.

In the end, Keith and the Bronfmans retained me to make Keith famous, to get him publicity and get him known worldwide. They paid me for it and fired me before I could get the job done.

I am proud of the fact that I got a chance to fulfill my original agreement with them.  And while the final results of my efforts came a little late, I think I had a modicum of success in bringing Keith Raniere and Clare Bronfman the fame they so richly deserve.

The third villain, who went after me, Sara Bronfman, is up for a little more fame right now.

And I will be there to help ensure it is delivered.



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  • Frank,
    How did you know they were in Puerto Vallarta just from a picture of Nicki Clyne near palm trees? There are milllions of such palm trees.

  • As I understand it, the Bronfman sisters still own valuable property in Southern California.
    For some reason, in the last ten years, they have not seen fit to either develop that property or sell it.

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    Guys, I’m just too damn good looking to be an ugly fucker like Burke.

    Plus I have a full head of hair and am not a half-bald fucker like Burke.

    IMO that fucker needs some Rogaine ASAP. Plus he also needs to begin a low carb diet to lose some of his flab.

    Guys, I understand that you REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want me to be Burke, lol.

    Hey, whatever floats your boats. 🙂

  • This response is directed towards Frank’s latest reply (to my other comment below).

    I’m responding here (at the top of the thread) since I don’t want my response getting lost underneath the other insane post made by “Friend of the Good Guys” (aka Anonymous) and his insane brotherhood of followers —– who seem to have an unhealthy fixation on a FAT BALD DUDE and UGLY FUCKER named Dennis Burke, lol.

    Guys, I’m just too damn good looking to be an ugly fucker like Burke. Plus I have a full head of hair and am not a half-bald fucker like Burke. IMO that fucker needs some Rogaine ASAP. Plus he also needs to begin a low carb diet to lose some of his flab.

    Guys, I understand that you seem to REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want me to be Burke, lol.

    Hey, whatever floats your boats. 🙂

    Now back to reality…



    Your response was a pretty good one. You made it clear that Clare was no stranger to you.

    You had been working with Clare & Keith for several months before the $1 million dollar payment was made. Plus you had already uncovered the fraud for her (i.e., you had already provided valuable services for her). That would have built up some trust. That’s a logical explanation for her wiring you the money. Thank you.

    I’m assuming you want us to play devils advocate and ask what a curious jury member might wanna know…

    Here goes…

    Joe O’Hara made it clear that all of your bank accounts and companies were registered in your own name and SSN, thereby making it clear that you weren’t trying to hide any money from the IRS or any private persons that the government is ‘alleging’ you were trying to defraud using the Fedwire system (wire fraud).

    3 questions though:

    1) According to your previous posts, the final bank account which held the money was an interest bearing ‘escrow’ account, which presumably is not an account that has your name and SSN as the owner. Thus, I’d like you to elaborate on the details of this escrow account, including who owns it and who has the authority to decide when this money gets to be released to either you or Clare?

    2) Because you said it was an interest bearing escrow account, were 1099-INT forms issued in 2008, 2009, 2010 and beyond? Again, I just want more details on who reported that interest income on their tax returns for 2008, 2009, 2010 and beyond.

    3) With regard to the dozens of bank accounts that you allegedly routed this money thru… Since they all had your name and SSN registered as the sole owner, what made you think that you’d gain ANY benefit by ‘obfuscating’ the flow of money thru these accounts?

    The only real benefit (from obfuscating money thru dozens of accounts) is to ‘slow down’ the time in which civil litigants might find out where the money really went —– by creating the need for dozens of subpoenas for more and more bank account records, thus dragging this process out for as long as possible.

    While certainly not illegal, a jury will want to know WHY you’d want to ‘slow down’ and ‘obfuscate’ any civil lawsuits from Clare or anybody else —– especially since your main ‘defense’ is that you were expecting a civil court to decide this matter and you were 100% willing to abide by its decisions.

    On the one hand, you seem to be suggesting that you were simply holding the money in plain sight via an escrow account, thereby abiding by any future court’s decision on who that money belongs to. Okay, that’s logical.

    But on the other hand, your lawyer (back in 2008) seems to have advised you to open up dozens of bank accounts to obfuscate the flow of this same money, thereby making it harder for civil litigants to find out where that money was located. ….Problem is, that kinda contradicts your first claim a little bit, unless you can explain it better for us.

    As I previously posted, I don’t think any jury would convict you based on your explanations.

    I don’t see any evidence ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’ of anything illegal.

    I only see possible ‘speculation’ about nefarious motives that the government is alleging.

    But if I were you, I’d want to eliminate ALL doubt about nefarious motives and make it a slam dunk case.

    I’d like to see another article written that covers these issues in more detail.

    • Whatever, Johnson…..

      ….Unlike you, Frank did not put himself before innocent people or profit off of the destruction of other people’s lives.

      Scott, 8 years went by, and you had no idea whatsoever your friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, and other acquaintances were incurring debt and garages filled with Amway products?

      With the sole exception of Frank Parlato, there is not a single person who believes you on the Frank Report. You are more delusional than Sultan of Six.

      • I thought you weren’t going to respond to my comments any longer. You lied again. LOL

        Frank made $75k/MONTH, I lost money. Peoples’ lives were being destroyed while he was making that money. Haven’t you been reading about the ongoing destruction of peoples’ lives on this website?

        If you want to discuss the debt, garages, etc., pick up the phone! LOL

        Why do you think that only Frank believes me? LOL

        The real question regarding your comment is whether the correct word is people’s or peoples’: https://thegrammarexchange.infopop.cc/topic/peoples-vs-people-s Is NXIVM merely a group of people, or their own nationality/race? LOL

        • Scott,

          Here is some help…It’s people’s not peoples’ moron. You are wrong. ;).


          BTW: The comment section is not business contract, a college essay, or a book. Sorry for the typos tardo.

          Go back to Middle School English class!
          You are an asshole, a moron, and a first class degenerate.

          Frank’s 75k? You missed the point. LOL
          You ruined people’s lives. Frank ruined no ones life.

          You only talk about how “you” lost money.
          How about the people who lost money because of you?

          • I already provided a link that describes the difference between people’s and peoples’. LOL

            Frank helped put NXIVM in a more positive light, just as I was presenting Amway in a positive light. How many people joined NXIVM and wasted a bunch of money, got f*cked by Raniere, etc.? You don’t know, Frank probably doesn’t even know. I know, it was $75,000/month worth. LOL

            I’ve talked about how virtually everyone loses money in MLM, you’re a joke, just not the funny kind. LOL

            Nobody lost as much money than me because of me. Not even close. You’re an ignorant LOSER. LOL

    • Scott:
      When did you think that 40 dollar boxes of laundry detergent would ever be competitive with 13 dollar boxes of laundry detergent?
      Whoever gave you such a cockeyed notion?

        • Shadow,

          $40 or $13 dollars? Scott Johnson has retarded math skills beyond human comprehension.

          Scotty, people’s or peoples’ ? Have you figured it out yet?

          “Oopsy doopsy, I hit pay-dirt.”
          -Scott Johnson

          • Mr. Shadow started with $50, at least he came down to $40. I tried talking him down the a more accurate $30, but he’s stuck on stupid, just like you, trying to figure out why your low coefficient of friction cheese grater keeps causing problems when you use it to masturbate. LOL

    • Sorry, Potty Scotty, but the only thing you’re TRULY sorry about is the fact that you never attained ‘riches’ with Amway and wound up nearly bankrupt.

      The only thing Scott’s truly ‘sorry’ about is never SUCCEEDING in Amway or rising above the lowly level of ‘direct-level’ distributor.

      Scott, I have no doubt that IF you had actually risen to “Diamond” level ——- you’d have created your own ‘Amway Tools’ to scam your downline and bankrupt them. lol.

      FYI: For those who don’t know, ‘Amway Tools’ are high priced audio CD’s (created by Diamond level distributors) which low-level members are pressured to buy EVEN IF they have to use their family’s rent money to buy them, lol.

      Potty Scotty actually DREAMED of having his own Amway ‘Tool Scam’ one day —– since every person in Amway dreams about that.

      I also submit that when Scott left Amway, he did NOT do it for MORAL REASONS. Nope.

      Instead, what likely happened is that he FAILED at Amway and went nearly BANKRUPT —- thus, he had no choice but to leave Amway since he was basically equivalent to a gambling addict who ran out of money and credit. He had nowhere to go but OUT. He was bust. Kaput.

      His crusade against Amway is only a thin disguise used to help cloak the ‘failure’ and ‘shame’ he feels for not succeeding in Amway. This is akin to a guy who begins hating a beautiful girl AFTER he failed to succeed at asking her out on a date. It’s misdirected anger.

      I can promise you that if Amway leadership came to Scott’s front door and offered him a free ‘Diamond’ level distributorship —— Potty Scotty would accept that offer in less than 10 seconds. He’d then begin making his own Amway “Tools” about 30 seconds later (to scam his downline with).

      Sadly, he’s now stuck co-hosting a radio show (more like a walkie-talkie show) with a woman who HONESTLY THINKS that she’s the reincarnation of Napoleon’s girlfriend or wife, LOL. It’s true.

      Ask him about his female co-host and her reincarnation beliefs.

      Have a nice day. 🙂

      • The Amway people are the swampy things Trump promised to drain from DC.

        “On November 23, 2016, then-President-elect Donald Trump announced that he would nominate Betsy DeVos to serve as Secretary of Education in his administration.
        DeVos is married to Dick DeVos, the former CEO of the multi-level marketing company Amway, and is the daughter-in-law of Amway’s billionaire co-founder, Richard DeVos.[9][10] Her brother, Erik Prince, a former U.S. Navy SEAL officer, is the founder of Blackwater USA.[11] In 2016, the DeVos family was listed by Forbes as the 88th-richest in America, with an estimated net worth of $5.4 billion.”

        The DeVos family wouldn’t be near as rich without Scott’s Amway money. Despite this, Scott still supports Trump though, hoping he will make Scott Secretary of the Navy, or at least head of Voice of America

      • Bangkok’s on the ball.

        Scott’s perverse dream was to get to the top of the UP-LINE and become a millionaire by fleecing and milking people.

        Scott you are a humanitarian!!!!!

      • The reasons I left Amway are explained on my websites. Click on my name and start reading.

        Peter Mingils is not a woman, but you’re a pu$$y for the lies you wrote and the cowardess you have for not coming on my radio/podcast. LOL

        Have a sh!tty life! LOL

        • Scott I went on your website from 1997 once. Like you your website is retarded. Why go back? Why would anyone care about your fictitious past? Why would anyone care that your cohost is transgender?

      • Bangkok- Jesus Christ you are brutal…..

        And 100% accurate in your assessment of Scott Johnson.

        If Scott’s female cohost is Napoleon; Is Scott Johnson then General Custer?

        I just read your whole comment. Damn you gonna make a grown man in Texas cry.


  • Frank sings “What I Did for Nxivm”
    Kiss today goodbye
    The sweetness and the sorrow
    Wish me luck, the same to you
    But I can’t regret
    What I did for Keith, what I did for Clare

  • I’ve been hooked on this site Frank since 2017 simply because I met Clare in 2005 at a horse property Nydrie Stud.

    The Van Cliefs had put it up for sale and I was there to tour the property in contemplation of purchase, and supposed to have been a private showing, but low and behold as we entered one of the barns, there was Clare, her broker and another woman.

    All of the apologies you might imagine from her broker and mine to her and I for the run in and apparent scheduling kerfuffle of our showings.

    It’s a pretty good size property and we all had a good laugh about how we didn’t realize both groups were there. (the tenants and caretakers of the farm had been invited to leave for the day for the property to be shown).

    As the two brokers wandered off chatting, I had a few minutes of small talk with her and I actually liked her, not necessarily attracted to her, but intrigued by her eclectic nature (not to mention we are nearly the same age) and hoped to run in to her again.

    In the end, I didn’t purchase Nydrie and neither did she. In hindsight, I bet she wishes she had and enjoyed a very quiet life in Esmont. I often wonder if her considering that property may have been a plan to put some distance between her and Keith.

    He probably forbade her from buying it. It’s so hard to reconcile in my mind that the quiet, seemingly shy, reserved lady I met then has turned in to this vicious woman. So I keep coming back day after day trying to reconcile how this all ended up this way for her and so far all I can conclude is it’s simply a matter of naïveté and brainwashing perpetuated on her by Keith Raniere.

    She and Sara both I suspect.

    • Not sure if you know ESMONT. But Clare did own Slate River Farm in New Hope PA that went up for sale sometime after your encounter. Any idea if she was thinking of adding property or moving from PA to VA? She also still has a horse farm up in Delanson NY which she bought to be closer to NXIVM headquarters and Keith although Frank once reported he never really saw any horses there.

    • Yep, yep. I observed Clare at the Plyam trial (on behalf, I was told, of their Dad’s consultant, Steve Herbitts) and saw how she was being puppeteered, heard testimony about both she and Sara and talked to some people who knew them when. And, of course, I knew some of the young women who went before them including my late sister.

      They were thouroughly brainwashed over decades, socialized into sociopathic behavior and are still being milked as cash cows for evil doings. And so long as the cash flows they’ll be corralled in this by the greedy “good guys” and “bad guys” alike. Only a very few, I fear, if any will tell them true and also have any ability to turn it around at this point.

      AND that’s not to say they’ve done no wrong, either. In fact, anyone who claims such is highly circumspect as another taker. IMHO.

  • I dispute this completely. Legatus did not attack Frank Parlato he attacked us by not returning the money. Was that the act of a friend?

  • A good article, Frank.


    Why would Clare agree to giving you an ‘advance’ of $1 million dollars that wasn’t really needed to actually develop the property itself, nor was it needed for any expenses related to the project?

    She didn’t even know you yet so that’s way too much ‘trust’ to place in a land developer, especially one with whom she had no previous business relationship with.

    I don’t know any business person who would trust a virtual stranger with $1 million, especially a land developer with whom they’ve never worked with before.

    Remember, at that point in time (when she wired you the money) you hadn’t YET done anything for her — and she had no way of knowing that you’d fullfill your word and get the job done.

    How would they know that you wouldn’t just bail with the money and give them the middle finger?

    *I understand that you later saved the project and fulfilled your word —– but AT THAT POINT IN TIME (when she wired you the money) she had no way of knowing that you’d honor your word and succeed.

    For example…

    When hiring a new attorney, most people would never front them a $20k retainer without going thru an escrow account —– to protect themselves from the lawyer stealing the money or not fulfilling their end of the deal. …and that’s just a tiny $20k retainer, not a $1 million dollar payment.

    But you’re telling us that Clare just fronted $1 million to a TOTAL STRANGER without protecting herself?

    With all due respect, most people would have insisted on using an escrow service for the $1 million (or) they’d have structured a ‘series’ of smaller payments (i.e., 4 payments of $250k each, etc.) —- each one given only AFTER you met certain goals and began earning trust over time.

    I think you’re not telling us everything, sir.

    • She was not a perfect stranger. I had been working with her for months. I was training her in such things as how to write. I also uncovered the fraud in the first place which saved them more than a million dollars in the first month. I also got control of the project – some of which was done before I was wired the money and some of it after.
      The result was that I was in a position to recover all of her assets and like she said, $1 million is not too much when compared with $26.43 million.

      And finally she wired it because Keith told her to do so.

      • I think this story is much clearer than what has been presented previously for your case.

        An advantage that Frank has is that he can get feedback on the presentation of his case. I would focus the story that is presented to the jury similar to what you stated here, Frank. This is what people had doubts on. I would also stress more why it makes sense that they send you rapidly 1 million dollars. Just like this reader asked again, the jury will likely also question it. I think your news site is a real blessing for you because you can get feedback on how strangers unfamiliar with the case view it. Use the feedback.

        Best of luck 👊🏾

      • I suspect it was a setup. Keith had Clare wire the million to Frank to:

        1. Accuse Frank of doing what Keith & Nancy were doing, had already done repeatedly, steal from the Bronfman’s.

        2. Use Clare to sue Frank to curry favor with (pay off) powerful attorneys — like Latham & Watkins — and PI firms like Canaprobe who were also stealing (in a sense) from the Bronfman’s.

        3. Continue to posit himself (and his minions) as Clare & Sara’s rescuer — he always needed a fresh villain for that.

        4. Negate Frank’s rescuer role with regards to the properties.

        This was NXIVM’s pattern long prior Frank’s arrival. They suckered in, setup and, later, viliified anyone who threatened to supplant them as a rescuer and protector of the Bronfman girl’s wealth when, of course, it was they who were doing the stealing in a big way.

        Little tidbit of info to support this:

        NXIVM well knew Frank needed the million to pay an outstanding tax obligation and prolly hoped he would spend it promptly. To Frank’s credit he did not but, alas, they nailed him anyway.

        I’m also certain they knew much about Frank before drawing him in with that hefty salary and some other temptations.

    • Even the Bronfmans agree they paid Frank $1 million. Why are you disputing the only thing they agree on? Also, haven’t you figured out how abjectly STUPID the Bronfmans are?

      • No, Scott, Frank hasn’t figured out how stupid the Bronfmans are. He’s only been giving us examples with thousands of articles. I suggest you write it on tiny slithers of paper and post it on his business door. That way he then and only then he will understand.

    • Get lost, Dennis.

      Among other things, the fact that the funds were transferred to Frank by an authorized bank transfer is clear evidence Bronfman and Frank agreed the funds should be paid to Frank at the time the payment was made. It is quite clear Frank had nothing but the best of intent when the business relationship commenced with Bronfman authorizing his payment.

      If Bronfman changed her mind about terms after the fact, that may mean a new negotiation started at that point. However even with your lack of litigation experience you should understand it’s impossible for later negotiations — if they occurred — to have retroactively changed Frank’s mindset when the authorized transfer was first sent to him by Bronfman.

      The evil mind at work in your writing is always disturbing. Only corrupt prosecutors such as Dennis K. Burke constantly try to push civil business disputes towards criminal prosecutions so as to fulfill their unresolved life issues. You want to know what’s sick? You’re sick. Stop talking to yourself by replying to your own posts on Frank’s blog, it’s truly disturbing to watch. Seek help.

        • Agree! Great points. I think you can further push them in the story that you present to the jury. They also make it clearer why Clare was a fraud and wrong (e.g., the bank points the anonymous writer mentions)

          I think your news site is a blessing for you, Frank.

          Good luck 👊🏾

        • NiceGuy? I think the fact they sent you the money immediately after you signed the contract is enough evidence to prove by a preponderance of the evidence the contract was valid.

        • Frank,
          LOL I’m kidding around, mostly.

          Pea Ony, Mont Blu, the Dennis Burke allegation troll are all quite interesting. All 3 have stayed in character for over a year,

          I have been commenting on the Frank Report for a solid year myself.

          It’s incredible to me how driven all three are despite the fact that everyone clearly realizes they are trolls.

          And yes he or she makes a great point. 😉

      • I agree it’s obvious that this is some kind of sick game for Burke and it’s obvious who is writing behind these names.
        He must have nothing better to do

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