Snyder Disappearance — Dr. Ed Kinum Called to Account – New Flyer Puts Him on the Spot

[Editor’s Note: AnonyMaker has enough interest in finding out what happened to Kristin Snyder that he took it upon himself to make a flyer and have someone bring it to Ed Kinum’s office. So Ed, in case you are reading, please feel free to call me, Frank Parlato, 716-990-5740. I can arrange for a confidential conversation with myself, Kim Snyder and yourself.]
By AnonyMaker
While considering what might actually help produce further information about the Kristin Snyder case, it occurred to me that Ed Kinum, the head trainer of her last intensive (Esther Chiappone Carlson was the assistant), is a central figure who is easy to find, and who might be susceptible to being persuaded to come clean given that he still tries to maintain a reputation of sorts.
Plus, I just happen to get to a city very near which his office is located, from time to time.
Kinum Chiropractic is located at 201 Glen Ave, Scotia, NY 12302
In the Scientology cult watching and activist community, there’s a long tradition of taking direct action, most famously by the Guy Fawkes mask-clad “Anonymous” movement about a decade ago, but going well back before that and continuing to this day as well.
People have typically done things like picketing offices – and distributing flyers.
Ed has apparently failed to respond to Kim Snyder’s attempts to contact him and get answers to the lingering questions about what happened, from what I’ve read.
So I put together a flyer to help motivate him to heal that ethical breach, so to speak.
Ed may indeed not know anything about what happened to Snyder after she left the intensive for the final time, but there is plenty he knows about her deteriorating mental state and how it was handled – and also what was done after she disappeared.  At least he should finally tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about what lead up to that – at least some of which was deliberately withheld from law enforcement and from her family at the time, as part of the NXIVM coverup that followed.
For starters, a couple of those flyers were posted at his office after the end of business on Wednesday.
Will Ed finally do the right thing – the truly ethical thing, and the truly humanitarian one as well?
Flyers were posted on the door of Kinum Chiropractic yesterday. Will more flyers be passed around in the area? Will Ed Kinum call and tell us what he knows?
P.S.  Kim Snyder, if you’re reading this, I hope you approve, at least generally.  I welcome any suggestions.  And should further and wider distribution of flyers be necessary, I could add your name and contact information if you wanted – let me know either here or through Frank.
Do you know what happened to Kristin Snyder?
Editor’s Note: Ed, if you are complicit in a crime connected to the disappearance of Kristin Snyder, I urge you to get legal representation. I can help you. Contact me, Frank Parlato, at 716-990-5740.
The Plea Deal Bus. It may not be a big bus but it promises to be a happy bus. For those who fail to get on it, if they could have, may spend many years regretting that decision.

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  • Wonder Woman
    Pears and plums, it is NONE of your business how Kim responds to you or anyone else. You can’t tell anyone how to write or respond to you.
    People like you who think you are SO big and bad- you’re NOT!!!!
    You have NOT walked in Kim’s shoes 👠 for the last 17 years- so back off!’ Go find someone else your own age to pick on.
    When you can find something decent for Kim to respond to- she will, other than that- go play in traffic!!!!

    Wonder Woman

    • WONDERing what’s up WOMAN
      KIM, I’m not sure why you think you’re Wonder Woman because you have not said a single WONDERFUL thing since you started posting here!!!
      Was Toni right about you?
      Yes, she was.
      You can’t even write your own posts.


      Rudeness doesn’t cover your inability to answer simple questions.

  • How about posting a couple of flyers on Kristen Kruek’s door asking her about her nxivm and Girls by Design involvement, and asking her to call Frank? And while you are there, you can peek in the windows.

  • Perhaps next time somebody will hire a troubadour. How about a young Jewel impersonator to sing to Ed Kinum during business hours and from the curb, “who will save your soul, if you don’t save your own?” His silence about the disappearance of Kristin Snyder has been habitual. The Jewel lyrics can be made more direct and personalized for Mr. Ed. Rap that poetic justice about Ed and Esther and their dirty laundry.

    The main problem keeping Kinum quiet about a young woman who disappeared from where he was responsible, as a groupleader, for her well-being must be scary to face or even to want to explain. He was directly part of the chain of command running Kristin Snyder’s last long ESP intensive. How responsible was he for every participants’ well-being? Or is that a technicality?

    Ed Kinum was part of the leadership structure of the Executive Success Program, and the groupleaders failed to get Kristin medical help, to say the least. Kinum is not the only one in this position, but at this point maybe he’s learning more about how to think for himself(?)

    Maybe this Kinum guy is still really terrified of his former girlfriend, Esther Carlson Chiappone. Plus her current boyfriend accompaniment, whatshisname Del Negro, might intimidate Kinum, who looks out of shape, like a man who stuffs down his sex drive with tons of overeating. You know the look, like how William Barr looks. The Path of the Clogged Intestines, poor fellows.

    Might as well get a little explosive now, Mr. Ed or Dr. Ed. “I know that I am a chiropractor, but I have been a mindless peon. I was possessed by lying, sex-starved she-devils. But we were really all in love with only one Supreme Being, you see. That is a martyr named Keith Raniere, but he turned out to be some kind of a crazy sadist. I finally saw the light though, lemme tell ya.”

    That will be fine, Mr. Dr. Ed. Go right ahead. Get some legal counsel. Tell someone who can still help you what you know about Kristin Snyder and her ejection from an intensive which you were co-coordinating, immediately followed by her disappearance.

    • Kim, why do you use more than one email address? Why do you type your own name at the top of some comments?
      It looks like you are responding to yourself when you do that.

  • Kim
    Bangkok- unless you have walked in my shoes for the last 17 years- don’t judge me. The flyers were done by Anonyfaker, without our previous consent. He acted on his own responsibility.

    You, BangKOK- have jumped on me- but being a Marine’s daughter, I am NOT scared of you! Go jump! I do NOT like you or care for your comments!
    Have a BAD DAY!!!!!

    Thanks 🙏 Kim

    • Kim,

      I greatly appreciate your kind words and respectful compliments.

      It means the world to me since I have the utmost respect for you.

      I also respect the fact that you’re only seeking the ‘truth’.

      Oh wait, that’s not what you’re doing. LOL.

      In reality, you’re only seeking to confirm your own biased beliefs (i.e., the belief that Keith is guilty of murder) —– which means you’re basically looking to frame him for Kristin’s murder regardless of what the ‘truth’ may be.

      I implore you to respect the following scripture:

      “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor”

      …So please stop trying to get other people to bear false witness against Keith. He is not responsible for Kristin’s death.

      I also submit that Keith could not have ‘had a hand in it’ —— since, according to Frank’s reporting, Keith is the supreme being of NXIVM and he’s always 100% responsible when NXIVM takes part in something (i.e., he can’t possibly just ‘have a hand’ in something, as he gives the orders for everything that NXIVM does).

      He’s either 100% guilty or 100% innocent —- but never just ‘has a hand’ in something.

      I implore you to accept these self-evident facts.

      In this case, he’s 0% responsible cuz NXIVM didn’t directly (on purpose) cause Kristin’s death.

      The quicker you realize this, the quicker you can move on to accepting that Kristin either committed suicide (or) she was murdered by somebody other than NXIVM (possibly by a jealous lover who tried to trash her belongings, sell her truck and erase her memory fast).

      Your ‘willful’ blindness to the facts of this story is something that isn’t helping Kristin to achieve justice.

      You must not seek to confirm your own hatred for Keith.

      You must learn to seek facts with an open heart and an open mind.

      You need to jump off the Frank Parlato bandwagon —– a bandwagon which seeks to frame Keith for pretty much everything but the Kennedy assassination.

      As always, have a nice day. 🙂

      • Exactly what you said Bangkok. I keep wanting someone, anyone to prove to me that Clifford isn’t guilty of premeditated murder. At least someone wiser to ask me questions to help clear her name in my little black book. Honestly, I’ve been taking notes about Kris going on my 3rd year now. I hope my time hasn’t been a waste.

  • I’d like to comment a 2nd time here.

    After consulting various statistical probabilities, I’ve been able to determine that “Operation: Flush out Dr. Kinum” has precisely a 0.0000003% chance of succeeding in its goal of getting Dr. Kinum to phone Kim or Frank.

    It’s largely a WASTE OF TIME with no realistic chance of success, largely due to a lack of persistence by Frank and AnonyMaker in seeing it thru.

    Frank ain’t gonna coordinate anything here cuz he’s too lazy, other than post after-the-fact photos.

    …And AnonyMaker ain’t gonna SUSTAIN THIS CAMPAIGN (over a lengthy period of time) to make sure that a lot of Dr. Kinum’s patients can read this flyer and put pressure on him.

    AnonyMaker has made it clear that, while he may be willing to put up another flyer with Kim’s contact info, he’s clearly not signalling that he’s willing to sustain this effort every day, for any length of time.

    In short, AnonyMaker is telegraphing that he’s a lazy quitter.

    The ONLY way that Dr. Kinum would be motivated to phone Kim Snyder is if LOTS of his patients started reading these flyers and asking him questions (creating lots of negative PR) —– but that could only happen if AnonyMaker and Frank stopped being lazy.

    I mean, just six months ago Frank wouldn’t even lift a finger to heckle Dr. Danielle Roberts (at a local NY seminar) cuz he’s too lazy to organize anything himself, which is precisely why Dr. Roberts is still able to function as a doctor.

    Why the fuck would anybody phone Kim Snyder just because of 1 or 2 flyers on his door?


    If I were Dr. Kinum, I’d just trash the flyers and ignore them. Issue resolved. Only a few patients likely saw them. Why phone anybody?

    You might as well just pray to your fairy godmother that Dr. Kinum will phone Kim Snyder.

    But don’t let my realistic assessment get in the way of your false hope.

    Have a good day.

    • Bangkok, just because I didn’t immediately respond to your first comment here – below, and I will – doesn’t mean that I’m not necessarily committed to carrying through with action in the real world. In fact, I find it interesting that you spent so much time writing two speculative critiques of action actually taken out in the world.

      If you start to think it through, those posters were delivered late at night, and maybe while as I said I do get by Scotia (nearby Schenectady, actually) from time to time, you can’t assume anything about how long a trip is or isn’t involved, or that I necessarily had a lot of time to spend online right after getting back from such an expedition. What you couldn’t know is that I wasn’t going to even post this for another 24 hours to have time to collect myself, but it looked at the time as if Frank might be in need of a piece and I made a bleary-eyed special effort to get this in to him, after being up for more than 24 hours straight and having done quite a bit of white-knuckle driving in upstate New York that night in order to ensure that I could get the flyers successfully posted under cover of darkness.

  • Anonymaker, at first I thought this was good but now I’m thinking you might have missed the mark. There’s no contact info on the flier and he might slither away. Something tells me the Snyders aren’t going to appreciate your work. I was reading Kim’s past comments to you and I don’t think she likes you or Bangkok and Flowers. Hell, she may not like me either.

    At least we all have the same interests and that’s finding the truth. Frank, the force behind your writing is interesting. Your words made anonymaker make fliers and stick it to Kinum’s door. Too bad he won’t know what number to call.

  • I had to go back and look closer at the flier and have a question. Why didn’t you put a phone number and or in bold the Frank Report site?

    • I didn’t have time to try to coordinate in advance with Kim, through Frank. Kim has previously contacted Ed, and even if he didn’t save her contact information, I’m sure he knows where to find Frank if he wants to get it.

      As I noted at the end of the main post, I will add contact information if Kim wants – I didn’t want to add anything about her unless I was sure I had her agreement and consent.

      Thanks for your interest in supporting an effective effort. I welcome ideas.

      p.s. Kim, if you want to drop Ed a note and be sure he knows how to get in touch with you, his address is above under the first photo: 201 Glen Ave, Scotia, NY 12302

  • I extend a hand of peace, with Dr. Kinum- to try to get him to trust Frank and me.
    Please call Frank. He will help us talk. I want the answers.

  • It’s about time. I’ve suggested this be done with the cauterizing doctor who is now apparently in Mexico. The top picture is not the same location as the real building, shown in the photo below. Fake flyers?

    • Actually it is the same building, in the same location. Top one in winter with snow on the ground, lower one in spring or summer. Banner was changed to read Kinum Chiropractic, P.C.,and the bench was moved from the left side to the right in the winter. Left front iron work railing upgraded from earlier picture. Edge of other house next door matches. Definitely the same place, pictures taken at different times.

    • Scott, I have no idea how you could conclude that from the photos; though if you check Google Street View, that first image which Frank pulled up was taken in August, 2011 so things have changed a bit including the location of the bench and perhaps the color of the awning. In the closeup of the flyer on the door, above the address number 201 you can see a small sign in the window that says Kinum Chiropractic, P.C. and lists office hours.

      I can assure you with absolute certainty that Kinum’s office building at 201 Glen Avenue in Scotia had those flyers duct taped to its doors within the last 24 hours. Just to make sure he got flyers and got the point that more is to come if he does not do the right thing, Ed was also mailed a couple more, along with a note letting him know this was just an initial step.

      • AnonyMaker,

        You are a good man.

        Stop wasting your time on Johnson. Like Atlantic City , Johnson is a lost cause. Johnson is also below the radar troll.

        Haven’t you noticed yet how Johnson feigns ignorance like Flowers all to get a reply? Please think about it. Johnson trolls O’Hara all the time.

    • I think the banner change and the snow make the locations appear different.
      However, when adjusting the brightness, exposure and contrast, I can see something that might be a bit strange.

      The 2 signs in the little window at the top of the door cast shadows, while the flyer does not. That could be because those signs are against glass, and the other isn’t.
      Also, I can’t determine how the signs are attached to the window…they are on outside of the window, so how is the tape holding them? Double-sided tape maybe?

      Anyways, if this guy refused to provide information back in 2003, I seriously doubt he will change his mind now, but it’s worth a try.

        • Scott, I think the 2 signs in the window are each being held on with 2 pieces of silver duct tape, with the tape pieces running horizontally. What we see is the sticky side of the tape through the glass.

      • Flowers, those signs are taped to the inside of the window – the lower one bends backwards.

        I made an effort to take action in the real world, not to do some extensive job of photoshopping to make it look as if I had. That would have been a lot of work including that, if you think it through, someone still would have had to go to Kinum’s office building to get a close-up shot of the door so that a flyer could then be photoshopped on to it.

        People like Kinum didn’t talk at the time because they were in the cult’s thrall, and wary of lawsuits and NXIVM’s other forms of harassment – that’s what Clifford talks about in her interview with Frank. Now people are coming forward, partly in response to Kim’s pleas for closure, so maybe the time is ripe. I’m not holding my breath, but I’m not sitting on my hands, either.

        • Anonymaker
          It does make sense to attach those signs inside the window, which is why I was puzzled to see that they cast shadows, which are visible only when you brighten the picture. I have no idea what would cause that, but I’m no expert. Anyways, since you say you taped those flyers on the doors yourself, I believe you.

          Will Ed respond? If he recently found religion, then maybe he will have a change of heart.
          Or maybe he really doesn’t know anything more than what he said he knew in 2003.

      • Ed Kinum was never mentioned in any police report. Police would have had no reason to talk to Ed and at the time they were busy with an aparent suicide.
        It makes me wonder even more about the immediate close friends that surrounded her in her last days.
        Heidi Clifford hides a gun
        Kenny Powers signed deth certificate
        Esther Chiappone Carlson split Heidi and Kris up
        Ed Kinum was part of the hot tub action. Explained being at cause

        Kathy Morton- What did you do with the gun Heidi hid in your couch vehicle?
        Elaine Smiloff called Frank says she dropped Kris off

        What are we missing here, besides a confession?

        • We only have the State Patrol report, nothing from the Anchorage Police Department, where the missing person case actually originated. Though you may well be right, that they wouldn’t have had any reason to interview people at the intensive.

          Chiappone Carlson, though nominally the assistant trainer, seems to have been more the enforcer who was probably carrying out guidance from NXIVM headquarters to keep a lid on Kim Snyder and, for instance, prevent her from going to an actual hospital, and then trying to make sure that those directly involved like Cowell and Smirnoff didn’t tell the authorities too much. But Kinum can tell us – or at least the Snyders – a lot about just what went on.

      • Too bad he didn’t just stick around for a comment and new pictures of Kinum. Still though, whether you like him or hate him, it looks like Anonymaker found a home on FR.

        If I were Ed, I would definitely call Frank to clear his name before it’s too late for him to get on the bus.

        It would be interesting to see an assisted suicide case unfold on FR.

    • Amazing? Why haven’t the rest of you done the “amazing” acts that I’ve suggested over the past year or so, such as contact the Waldorf school, authorities in CA and NY about the Rainbow school, the hospital where Roberts works, or the restaurant where Clyne works? Is that just too “amazing” for you to do?

      • Ah, email shmemail, that’s easy and takes not much effort. This is real hard work here Scott 😉. I jest, well done to those who take the time to fight for justice in whatever way, shape of form they can manage

      • It would be amazing if you weren’t such a smartass. It would be amazing if you actually did some work on your own suggestions to help. It would be amazing if you had hair. You are literally the biggest troll on FR IMO.

        Dumbass…fine, he’s dumb but he’s nice.

        Smartass…makes people feel defensive no one likes the smartass, and as I write this. I realized you’re both. You’re like the ugly girl that fell from heaven and hit every ugly branch on the way down and along the way with every thump your brains came out. It caused you to be less than not more than a compassionate human. It’s amazing you can write. Too bad no one cares.
        Many blessings

  • While certainly clever, it’ll only work if you keep it up EVERY DAY without fail, for a month or two, or even longer.

    If you just put 1 or 2 flyers on his door and then forget about it, he’ll never respond.

    Although, I’m not sure if it’s allowable to keep putting flyers on his door since, at some point, he may be able to claim harassment and it could be a violation of city ordinances.

    I’m just wondering if AnonyMaker has the balls to keep it up? 🙂

    All in all, I see nothing that’ll make him respond to you guys yet.

    Carrots and sticks are a good tool, but only if there’s no perceived end date to the sticks. LOL.

      • It’s going to go much deep into Kinum’s local circles than just the neighbor’s houses – if necessary. If you’ve noticed, I have a bent for research, and I can figure out who in his life he least wants seeing these flyers – or a second page about his cult involvement that we’ll go over here soon.

        • All of his patients would be a good start. I posted warning signs on all the cars of local Amway meetings, before and during the time Amway was suing me. Amway’s dirtbag lawyer, Charles Bundren, even brought a copy of the warning sign (it was actually just a strip of paper, as I repeated the message on 8.5X11″ pieces of paper and cut them into smaller strips) into court, waving it around, screaming at the top of his lungs, waving the paper in the air, with veins popping out of his reddened, blood-filled face and neck. If it were only a movie, he would have earned the Oscar, hands down. I just snickered in the witness chair and agreed I had put the strip of paper on the cars. Here’s Bundren’s latest trick that failed, cheating his fellow citizens out of paying his property taxes, which are almost $44,000/year for a house/land valued at almost $2.2 million, and he is currently late in paying, with interest penalties increasing: A book could be written on his personal bad behavior in various court cases, and I’ll be writing a story on my website soon documenting the cases I know about.

    • Bangkok, in my experience and observation, effective pressure campaigns ramp up slowly, and avoid initially being too confrontational with the party whose compliance is desired – basically, if you piss someone off too much at the beginning, you risk hardening their resolve to never comply.

      Ed’s now been given a chance to do the right thing, before it goes further than his doorstep. It won’t stop – and it won’t stop with just his neighbors, or his clients’ parked cars. It may not be daily, but there’s also no end date except when he’s given the Snyders closure.

      And flyering, particularly for non-commercial purposes, is protected First Amendment speech, though when it comes to issues such as private property there may be some restrictions – I’m aware of the issues, for instance:

      Leafleting, Handbilling, and the Like.

  • Ed Kinum is a chiropractor, a member of the medical professions.
    Here a young woman was having some kind of nervous breakdown.
    Instead of calling for some legitimate medical help, Kinum followed the orders of the NXIVM elite and allowed the young woman to be treated by NXIVM Quacks.
    As a result, Kristin Snyder might very well have committed suicide.
    In other words, Kristin Snyder was murdered by NXIVM’s illegal practice of psychotherapy.

    Ed Kinum can redeem himself by revealing what happened to Kristin at the NXIVM Intensive.

    • First you trash D.O.s, then you lift up a chiropractor as a “member of the medical professions?” LOL

      We don’t know what Kinum knew or didn’t know. Plus, he’s probably as nuts as Roberts and Porter, except his “profession” is a few notches lower. LOL

    • Actually, typical of cults, he’s involved in a pseudo-medical profession that peddles nothing but baseless – and sometimes even harmful – theories, and placebo effects. What members in such groups are in professions of sorts, tend to be in pseudo- or para-medical ones including also naturopathy and dentistry.

      Like NXIVM, there may be some small amount of “good” that is almost not worth teasing out. They do things that make people feel relief in the moment but that research shows don’t actually result in much if any long-term improvement, or to provide minor benefits that could be had less expensively and without added dangers elsewhere (massage in the case of chiropractic, meditation in the case of cults).

      Only one aspect of chiropractic care has ever been properly validated by scientific research – and as far as I can tell, this study did not compare physical therapy or massage therapy as well to gauge whether chiropractic was any more effective than those modalities, it just selected chiropractic as an example of non-medical treatment:

      Efficacy of Chiropractic Care for Back Pain: A Clinical Summary
      A comparative effectiveness controlled trial evaluated the addition of chiropractic care to usual medical care for patients suffering from low back pain.
      Overall, researchers found mild to moderate short-term treatment benefits in LBP intensity”

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