Sara Bronfman Flees France and Is Living in Portugal

Sars Bronfman Igtet

And there are those who do not believe in karma.

Sara Bronfman-Igtet has fled France, abandoning her newly built mansion in Provence, and leaving her hotel in managers’ hands.

She has moved to Portugal.

Anti-American Libyan Basit Igtet with his wealthy sex-cult member wife, Sara Bronfman.

Authorities in France also shut down Bronfman’s Campus Beyond the School, after learning from Frank Report and French journalists, L’Heyre De Se Reveiller and Oli Porri Santoro, that the school was conducting Keith Raniere’s Rainbow Cultural Garden children’s experiments in government leased property.

The sudden flight from France was totally unexpected.

Bronfman-Igtet had just finished building a mansion in Provence at a cost of $12 million USD.

There are many rumors as to why she fled so suddenly, including that she got news that, if she is indicted in the US, France will turn her over at once to the USA.

New World Order loyalist Jacques Attali undertook to be Sara Bronfman’s adviser in France

Her political “godfather” in France, presidential adviser, noted “fixer” and New World Order loyalist Jacques Attali, is rumored to have told the heiress and her husband, Basit Igtet, that the international scandals associated with Nxivm preclude France fighting her extradition.

She will be deported if she is indicted, no matter how much money she was ready to pay.

Attali reportedly told the Igtets that if the US DOJ indicts her, France will not stand up against the expected worldwide condemnation of harboring a fugitive for a sex-slaver cult, which she funded.

The man that Sara Bronfman followed and funded, Keith Alan Raniere.

Yes, the chickens are coming home to roost.

Sources close to Sara Bronfman said the once giddy heiress has become despondent as she now senses she may be joining her sister after all.

Her younger sister, Clare Webb Bronfman, was indicted in August 2018 in connection to her role in the sex slaver Nxivm cult, took a plea deal in April 2019 on two felonies counts, and is to be sentenced on April 23 in Brooklyn federal court. Her sentence is expected to be in the 4-7 year range.

These two women have funded Keith Raniere’s sex slaver enterprises: Clare Bronfman (left) and Sara Bronfman-Igtet (right).

Sara held a higher rank in the sex slaver cult than her convicted sister.

It is not known how long Sara Bronfman plans to stay in Portugal, but a source close to the family told Frank Report that she hopes to remain there permanently and does not plan to ever return to France, or the USA.

Much may depend on whether she can arrange to avoid extradition from Portugal if she is indicted in the U.S.

Sources close to the ongoing investigation into Nxivm said that DOJ officials for the Eastern District of New York are tight-lipped, but FBI agents continue to invest time and effort into the case, which is a sign that there may be a second wave of indictments coming in the future.

Bronfman and Igtet are believed to be hopeful that the high fees they are likely willing to pay Portuguese officials will be better spent and more effective than the large sums they reportedly paid to Attali and other French operatives, who at first promised them that they would be safely harbored in France in the event of her indictment.

They may fare better in Portugal.  A Portuguese appeals court ruled against extraditing fugitive American murderer and hijacker George Wright to the United States in 2011.

A source familiar with the Bronfmans discounted rumors of her being indicted and told Frank Report that the reason she left France is because she felt unwelcome there and subject to increasing notoriety for her connection to Nxivm.  Rumors circulate that Sara and Basit practice black magic, and sorcery and that neighbors in their rural area in Luberon were increasingly on edge about their presence.

Meantime, the Nxivm power couple is leaving a trail of unpaid bills. Basit Igtet is being hounded by creditors all over the world arising from his ill-fated attempt to run for prime minister of Libya and his subsequent effort to overthrow the US-backed government of Libya by working with US enemies including the terrorist group Al-Qaeda.

Sara also has unpaid bills from work done on her mansion in Albany, New York – and unpaid and delinquent legal fees.

Rumors are also swirling that Igtet may close down his political Facebook page. Igtet’s Facebook page has 291,000 likes.

Marie White’s painting of Sara Bronfman

Yes, things have been going from bad to worse for the Nxivm-enabler, Sara Bronfman, much like the lives she and her sister ruined by financing their sex-slaver leader, Keith Alan Raniere, and putting their millions behind his abuses of the legal system.

Now, it’s possible that Sara may be on the receiving end of a terrifying legal system.

In France, before Sara fled, she was hounded by journalists; once a group of eight journalists descending on them in a pack, virtually ambushing them in a private setting. There was also a vicious and dangerous home invasion perpetrated at their mansion.

Her Athal Education, which operated her Campus Beyond the School [Rainbow], has been dissolved in the wake of the shutdown of their school by the Department of Education in Luberon, which may be welcome news to those concerned with the protection of children exposed to the reckless experiment devised by convicted sex trafficker Keith Raniere.

At her school, children from aged six months were being taught Raniere’s program – which featured teaching them on a rotating basis English, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Arab and German, one language per day by constantly changing teachers.

Critics contend that children subjected to this experiment are alienated from parents and because of being inundated by too many languages don’t learn to speak properly during their formative years and grow up to utter a kind of hybrid language babble.

Domaine des AndéolesI

On top of that, their leased hotel, Domaine des Andéoles in Luberon, is doing poorly and may be shuttered soon.

I am grateful that my work was appreciated in France and helped expose the monster. Journalist L’Heure De Se Réveiller said, “It’s been an incredible journey, going through all the layers of this {Nxivm] organization…I must thank you for your amazing work, which is the main source of mine.”
Frank Report will have more details on Sara’s whereabouts in Portugal soon.
Viva Executive Success!

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  • Have the French journalists investigated or reported on any of the details of RCG, like how children who’ve been in the program or left, are actually doing? It sounds like a bizarre idea that could actually have bad outcomes, and from some partial anecdotes we’ve seen about kids coming out not being able to speak any language properly, it may well be another brewing NXIVM-related scandal.

    You’d think Bronfman would have started to figure it out by now, but I can only guess that either her kids are too young for it to yet be painfully obvious that the program isn’t working for them, or else she has ended up modifying it enough to be less extreme.

  • The Bronfman-Igtet marriage reminds me of those old monarchical alliance marriages set up for political gain. In this case, to take over the reigns of Libyan government for control of its vast oil deposits among other things. Do people really believe the atheist Jew Sarah and the nominal European raised Muslim Basit married out of love?

    The first step in the process was the overthrow and murder of the “terrorist dictator” Qaddafi who nationalized oil for the benefit of his people, by the lifelong political vulture Hillary under Obama, to be followed by the establishment of a Zionist owned central bank to pilfer its natural resources with its controlled fiat and computer currency. Only two or three more countries to go! Have you ever wondered why the tiny North Korea has been an enemy to the US for so long? Yep. They’re one of those countries.Trump is no different as a member of the one percent of the one percent, being in cahoots with Netanyahu as his recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital shows, and of course the nepotism displayed to his family and his Zionist son-in-law. Public service for private enrichment. The Saudi Royal family is also in on it, having ties to the Israeli government despite the facade as enemies, and every US administration since the petro-dollar became a thing, as they have likely now close to two trillion dollars in the stock market, obtained from the vast wealth of the oil reserves of they’ve usurped from the rest of the Saudi people to consolidate in their own hands. And it’s not about who started it, or who controls it, even though it is obvious if you look at many of those at the top of the financial industry. A small minority couldn’t do it all by themselves. It’s the system itself that is the cancer. Sure, it’s a “great” system if you’re at the top of the pyramid. The best parasites get their hosts to work for them without the latter even knowing they’re there. The world is a game to these people, a territory to be carved up for the benefit of the few at the expense of the many, with the masters controlling their puppet politicians while the pawns are drunk on and distracted by the perpetual gladiator games and other forms of entertainment, most intellectually vacuous and insipid, as the moral constraints are loosened to be cast aside, while the commercial and tax debts the people owe to the hidden elite increases every year to unfathomable amounts that are never meant to be repaid, as they use it to buy up and control every means to production with it. Trillions upon trillions of dollars in a Universe that is *only* 14 billion years old. Better to secretly enslave by debt and only when necessary enforce control via a police state and a trillion dollar military budget per annum, paid for of course by your taxes. Don’t want those crazy, bloody, revolutions like that French one that happened a mere quarter century or so ago! People are fed the constant lie that consumerism brings happiness driven by the open promotion of materialism and/or hedonism and diminishing of religion, furthered by the not so subtle messages of commercial slogans such as “Just do it”. More like, just buy it: everything they sell. From their goods, to their philosophy, to their entertainment, to their news. Make sure you buy stocks and hedge funds or whatever also to keep the largest ever legal Ponzi scheme afloat, not just in the US but in their analogous markets that exist across the world. Otherwise your money will lose its “value” while they print more—or soon to be implemented everywhere—just flip some computer bits, to lend it to governments to be paid back by the people in a cyclic scheme of perpetual enslavement. The biggest open secret scam going on right now under the noses of those who have eyes to see and minds to think but don’t want to use them. Money, the original purpose of which was as a means to ease the transfer of sales of goods and services, has become a commodity only in the last century of human history.

    A game as old as the human condition: divide, deceived, dumb down, distract, destroy, then conquer. But I think slowly the people just might be waking up because of a thing called the Internet. Maybe. If they don’t, well then, they’ll just die in their sleep walk as the new generation of human robots come off the manufacturing line to be cogs in the well oiled Matrix machine.

    Rant over.

  • I feel that if her husband is a terrorist, Frank Report should not share the Facebook of his group. You are giving him free publicity. We should maybe report the page (although Facebook does tell pages from where they have Visitors so be careful about sharing your location.)

    Good reporting. Loved the karma reference

  • Anyone know where the Albany mansion is? There’s one in Latham outside Clifton Park for 4.5 mil
    Curious if that’s it.

  • Bronfman is a criminal like Raniere and Mac. So is Frank Parlato in a smaller way. He needs to spend a few months in the slammer.

      • Oh, God. What a persistent woman she is. She just won’t give up. Hopefully, she will not succeed in this. Perhaps the Portuguese media need to be bombarded with your articles to stop this diabolical plan in its tracks.

  • Bronfman sisters bankrupt?

    The sisters are burning through their money like the Woolworth heiress…

    The Woolworth heiress on her 21st birthday in 1933, her father had increased her inheritance to $42 million (over $1 billion in 2019), not including the additional $8 million from her mother’s estate, making her one of the wealthiest women in the world.

    She died penniless….and had started off with one billion.


    I’m gonna start the betting pool; I bet that Clare Bronfman is running.

    • The Woolworth heiress was named Barbara Hutton.
      The biography of her is aptly titled “Poor Little Rich Girl.”

      “One biographer wrote that, at her death, $3,500 was all that remained of her fortune”
      “At her death, the formerly wealthy Hutton was on the verge of bankruptcy as a result of both lavish spending and exploitation by those entrusted to manage her estate.”

      “Poor Little Rich Girl: The Life and Legend of Barbara Hutton, by C. David Heymann (L. Stuart, 1984, 390pp.)”

          • Shadow,

            Scott doesn’t understand the definition of minutia. Shadow did you forget? Scott is a retard….

            …. Take everything he says with a grain of salt or simply ignore it.

          • “You wouldn’t understand it if I explained it to you. However, I’ll give you a hint: The word after “Admiral.” LOL” Scott Johnson

            Inheriting hundreds of millions of dollars only to lose it all for foolish and asinine behavior is not “Minutiae”.
            Scott, you lost thousands of dollars for your investment in Amway fifteen years ago and you are still bellyaching about it.
            I call that bellyaching about Minutiae

    • Their Dad predicted they’d go broke — from “shirt sleeves to T-shirts in one generation” — or something like that. Edgar Jr. lost his shirt, well, the sleeves anyway — maybe just the collar — in the music business, too, and it appears brother Jeffrey’s heavily invested in the spread of his own psychedelic drug addiction.

      But I don’t think Raniere was or is the only one taking advantage of these poor little rich girls. Starting with Basit where Sara’s concerned — and the many attorneys and contractors, Raniere & Salzman farmed their wooliest sheep out too. IDK why they don’t just turn around and sue a few of those who have any dough but that wouldn’t be any NXIANS below the top tier, that’s for certain.

    • Yes. In hell.

      If the Feds are doing their job, they’re not relying totally on the ankle bracelet tracking device, they are also staking out Bronfman’s movements, as there is a heightened risk of flight. I hope she does try to run and is caught, that’s more felony charges against her.

  • Portugal is an interesting choice, and it isn’t that easy to think that Sara Bronfman or Basit Igtet will be very welcome there. (Sara Bronfman will have to retire, as any kind of a so-called mentor for children.) My guess is that already, the Portuguese branches of law enforcement have awareness of who this couple is and what their reputation is. Money talks, of course, but that could very well be only a temporary benefit. The reasoning behind my thinking that Portugal won’t be the solution for the Bronfman/Itget family is based on researching another unsolved child disappearance in Portugal, that of 3 year-old Madeleine McCann.

    This is too long of a story to recount here, since Madeleine disappeared while on a quite strange “family” vacation at a Portuguese resort, on May 3, 2007. But the details of the McCann case and the stonewalling frustrations encountered by Portuguese law enforcement when dealing with the McCanns are notorious. Plus, Basit Igtet himself has screwed up enough, upon an international basis, to have ruined many of his own options for resettlement, too.

    In ways, it’s surprising that Sara Bronfman hasn’t ditched Igtet already. One would think that she would be sick of him by now. She could lose 15 pounds and start hunting again for a new, slightly less fatal attraction. Has she learned nothing from her mother? Sara would be so much better off vacationing somewhere on a beach without Basit. She must be bored to tears by that little creep, but then, evidently Sara prefers creeps. Maybe she could find herself a new one, though. Nithyananda might be available, if Sara really needs a “star.” Or she could try to snag an aging rocker, IF she gets her vagina tightened. And loses that pesky 15 pounds and maybe gets liposuction. Poor old thang. She just keeps trippin’ on into her future.

    I wonder how come the Bronfman/Igtet “witches” haven’t chosen a remote island for their latest stopover. If she’s going to keep paying and paying for advice to save her ass, at least find a solution which might work. Sara could shut up and try to grow orchids or learn to knit, but perhaps she hasn’t accepted it yet that her name is mud now, and so it shall stay. It would seem that Sara Bronfman has once again failed to be realistic or to suss out her best options. Maybe she needs a new PR team, a new look and a new surname. She could still try to be a tomato amongst the the cabbages somewhere, but at this point, no one will ever forget that she’s really just a skunk cabbage.

    She was stupid to act as if it were okay for her her to have anything to do with children when she moved her little circus act to France. It’s amazing that she didn’t think of that herself. Maybe she should call Roman Polanski, behind his wife’s back, of course. Polanski would not find Sara attractive, but he might be able to give her some advice. Come to think of it, Andrew Mountbatten Windsor is seeming kind of bored and stuck, all glucked up in the Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell catastrophe. Sara needs to set her sights on someone who has more resources. She and Prince Andrew have a common interest in young people, after all.

    • Sara Bronfman has provided some of the very few comical moments for Nxivm, thanks to her penchant for “love affairs.” Who can forget her defrocking of the monk, Lama Dama Ding-Dong? That was really dreadfully funny. In ways, Sara has always been a more executively successful groupie. At least she didn’t have to be faithful to Raniere sexually. Gawd, good for her and great balls of fire! She was a little bit ahead of most of the pack. At least she still had a little fun, a rare event for any Nxivm “member.” Those poor, bored and unsassified vaginas and penises! Sara Bronfman didn’t surrender her entire pursuit of happiness, like her miserable sister, and never mind Lauren Salzman. Again, Lauren could win a Guinness World Record for living in purgatory, for half of her life as an expectant spinster. Sara did so much better, so cumgratulations, gurl.

      The question is, was that clever or accidental, on Sara’s part? It is obvious that Sara didn’t need Raniere for orgasms, not at all. What could it be about her association with Flabturd Raniere that would still have her stuck? Can she not see that he’s a lost cause? Had Sara Bronfman made some emphatic statements against Raniere after his arrest, rather than trying to continue to follow him and setting up more encounters for herself with childhood “education,” she would be in a considerably better position today. Even Kristin Kreuk has been smarter than Sara Bronfman. Did y’all know that Bronfman is Yiddish for brandy man?) It-get it?¹

  • Excellent journalism, Frank.

    These are the kinds of pieces that put Frank Report on the map.

    I am curious about your assertion that both she and her hubby have unpaid bills and are being hounded by creditors.

    I would have to assume that she’s got assets (in the US and in many other European countries) that are subject to being attached to lawsuit judgments — if she doesn’t pay her debts.

    Even if she’s living in Portugal —– I doubt that many of her assets are protected from the European legal system, especially from European creditors who might sue to collect.

    …And if the amounts owed are too small to bother suing over, then why would a gal worth $300-$400 million not pay such small debts? It doesn’t make sense to me.

    • “It doesn’t make sense to me”. Bang-kok

      Not much does make sense to you. Wise up and stop being a copycat!


  • Another one bites the dust.

    Is the DOJ still paying Sara Bronfman 250,000 for the sell of NXIVM property’s?

    What a joke, that money should go th the victims of Sara Bronfman.

  • This is great news, Mr. Parlato. The mitigated gall of Sarah to turn to France and continue the rainbow culture education was an unnecessary criminal act. How completely stupid can one be after seeing her sister’s demise to continue the teachings of her Vanguard? Igtet and Sar-Rah are both menaces to society and catastrophic to humanity. I imagine thier living the life of a luxurious cockroach. To the journalist L’Heure De Se Réveiller, I hope you will Grace the Frank Report with some of your writings.

    • Considering she has yet to be charged, how do you know which crimes she did/did not commit? Seems to me that a couple of the extradition charges could easily apply if the DOJ hands down appropriate charges….

      • “3. Rape, abortion, carnal knowledge of children under the age of twelve years.” I’m not a lawyer, but I don’t think Bronfman raped anybody, and I assume the abortion and carnal knowledge both apply to someone younger than 12, as abortion isn’t normally considered a crime. I don’t think she did any of these.

  • The French and Sara Bronfman also know that Donald Trump is President and he is going after human and sex traffickers.

    Remarks by PRESIDENT TRUMP at the White House Summit on Human Trafficking: The 20th Anniversary of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000
    ISSUED ON JANUARY 31, 2020

    Twenty years ago, this nation took a historic step to protect the victims of this form of modern-day slavery here in the United States and all around the world. My administration is 100 percent committed to eradicating human trafficking from the Earth.

    because of the level of evil that you would never believe is even possible in a modern age. The level of evil is incredible.

    As the men and women in this room know, human trafficking is a problem everywhere — a worldwide problem. Human trafficking is worse than ever before, and that’s because of the Internet. I’ve heard from Bill Barr, and I’ve heard from others, that the Internet has caused lots of good things to happen and lots of really bad things. And this is probably the worst of the bad things. And it’s an incredible thing.

    An estimated 25 million people around the world today are being held captive, manipulated, and abused by human traffickers.

    In 2018 alone, the National Human Trafficking Hotline identified over 23,000 human trafficking victims in the United States. Sixty-five percent of these victims were women. More than one in five were children. Human traffickers prey on their most vulnerable citizens and people. They’re vicious. They’re violent.

    My administration is fighting these monsters, persecuting and prosecuting them, and locking them away for a very, very long time. We’ve had a tremendous track record — the best track record in a long time.

    We are dismantling the criminal organizations that make largescale human trafficking possible. In my first month in office, I instructed federal agencies to go out and just do what you have to do. All federal departments are doing what they do to identify and destroy these groups. And we are destroying a lot of them. Unfortunately, they come back very quickly in a different form.

    My administration is putting unprecedented pressure on traffickers at home and abroad, and we are freeing innocent victims at every single turn.
    We enacted bills to fight sex trafficking, increase support for survivors,

    I’ve also prioritized increasing funding for anti-trafficking efforts in my 2021 budget, allocating $70 million towards enhanced prosecutions and — at the Department of Justice. We are spending $123 million towards supporting state and local efforts.

    President Trump’s full remarks are here:

    • I’ve had two guests on my show related to this issue. The first one was the actress who played the mother of the victim in the move “8 Days” and that experience caused her to become active in finding and rescuing the victims, and the other one was the actual person the movie is based on. There are numerous parallels between sex trafficking and MLM scams.

    • ” I’ve heard from Bill Barr, and I’ve heard from others, that the Internet has caused lots of good things to happen and lots of really bad things.”

      Wow! Amazing insight from the POTUS.

      I believe elementary school children know more about the internet than Trump does. Perhaps he should ask his grandkids for help.

      • Hey, my 19 year old nephews know more about the internet than I do.
        But at least older folks understand that not all change is good.
        Politicians like BJ Bill Clinton went Gaga over the internet.
        “We’re going to build a bridge to the 21st Century.”
        Bill Clinton failed to mention the Dark Web and the many illicit activities that flourish on the Dark Web.

      • Sorry, toots, your idiotic Trump derangement syndrome is showing. You and reality are divorced. Babies in the womb know more about anything than an old brain dead fart like you. By the way, Trump owns your worthless PM

        • Trump Derangement Syndrome is very real. And many Trump supporters have what appears to be a Democrat Derangement Syndrome. I would ask, Tree, that you try another approach, one that is more civil. If there is something superior in your view point, is there any chance you could persuade Flowers to consider it?

          Even if you think that is hopeless, I sincerely wish commenters could try a little more civility.

          • Frank, I hope you consider removing political content as featured articles because it is encouraging comments like these that are just completely off-putting. There are so many other places to get that and frankly, I get tired of being inundated with it everywhere. Frank Report is a nice break from it all. Or, at least balance it out and make it from both sides. One of the great things about this site is that it was so non-political. Perhaps leave that to your other website?

          • Lol! Trolls usually don’t like to provide examples or use logic.. ..though I have seen a few humorous and intelligent “trolls” who can do that.

          • Sorry, Frank, I am sick and tired of the ignorant remarks toward the President by this commenter. No, I can’t persuade flowers to do it. No…. most Trump supporters do not have democrat derangement syndrome. That is an ignorant statement. They are fucking sick and tired of a corrupt criminal political organization continuing a coup against a duly elected President. You of all people should know better.

          • I wish you would start with the source of the problem, Flowers. I don’t attack anyone, I counter-attack everyone. Just like Trump. What exactly is Democrat Derangement Syndrome? Except for extremely small fringe groups, did Barry get the same treatment as Trump is getting? I would be happy to answer that question. Not only NO, but HELL NO. Class dismissed.

          • Agreed, Frank. The groupthink is strong on both sides. It’s not just cult members who believe outrageous things.

          • The only person I “attacked” (if using his own words to make fun of him could be called an attack….) was Donald J. Trump. I never said a word about “Trees”, but now I’m a bit suspicious… Trump posting here under the alias TREES? Because that could explain a few things. .

          • Now, I’m a bit suspicious… Pelosi posting here under the alias FLOWERS? Because that could explain a few things. .

          • Damn!
            I never thought anyone would figure that out, Rose’s!
            Or maybe I’m really Dennis Burke….or even one of the Clintons. Or maybe I’m Justin Trudeau. You never can tell….

    • Bill Barr will be 70 in May. Look at him and imagine how clogged all of his intestinal tract is. He might even have a fupa at this point. It looks too late for any viable therapy, and his theatrics are terribly rusty, too. If he weren’t so owned, he could retire, but oh well.

      How come so many of these old political farts haven’t retired? I would prefer that we have younger and more vigorous so-called leaders and wish that there was a distinct cap on the old age at which it is appropriate to run for president. How about 65? We declare already, through legalistics, when someone is deemed to be too young to be nominated. Yet almost every currently potential presidential candidate is in their seventies, and that is ridiculous. Bloomberg is 77, and so is Joe Biden. Come on! Elizabeth Warren is 70. Retire, you old baboons. This is no country for out- of- tune, semi-exhausted geriatrics to try to run, no matter how fat their bank accounts.

      Abraham Lincoln was only 52 when he was sworn into office; he only looked old. At least he was still young enough to go to the bathroom without assistance, though. Enough already with all of the moldy cheese.

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