Raniere to Be Sentenced April 16 at 10 AM

Keith Alan Raniere

This time we might have a date.

Keith Alan Raniere is now set to be sentenced on April 16.

While the judge did not make this a date certain, as he did with Clare Bronfman [April 23], unless there is a hearing required to dispute the Pre-Sentencing Report, which requires the judge to consider some weighty issue and hence delay proceedings, it looks fairly certain that the Vanguard will hear his fate at 10 AM, Thursday, April 16.

Here is the judge’s order:

ORDER as to Keith Raniere: Mr. Raniere and the Government shall file their respective objections, if any, to the pre-sentence report by no later than March 11, 2020. Any responses to such objections shall be filed by no later than March 25, 2020. In the event that an evidentiary hearing is required to resolve any factual disputes related the parties’ objections, that hearing will take place on April 13, 2020 at 10:00 am in courtroom 4D South. Mr. Raniere’s sentencing hearing will take place on April 16, 2020 at 10:00 am in courtroom 4D South.

We have a firm pre-sentencing schedule and, while I would not advise people who plan to attend, who are coming from afar, to go out and buy airplane tickets or book hotels, the sentencing date looks reasonably likely.  I’d give it 70 percent.

The fact, however, that an evidentiary hearing might take place on April 13, the Monday before the Thursday sentencing – which might mean a delay in sentencing.

Raniere will almost certainly object to something or everything in the Pre-Sentencing Report. He will likely demand a hearing. That hearing will take place on Monday, April 13.

What remains to be seen is whether the judge will rule on it in time for the Thursday sentencing. He probably can and will, and that ruling will likely go against Raniere.

In Raniere’s case, however, a delay in sentencing is insignificant.  He’s not going anywhere. Not for years to come.  The time he spends waiting in MDC goes toward time served.

This is not the same as for the now very Jewish Clare Bronfman, who is subject to home detention in her Manhattan luxury apartment. None of the time she waits for sentencing – almost a year now – goes towards time served. She has been given a date certain – April 23.

What this means then is that the Pre-Sentencing reports for both the monster and his minion have been completed and the process is that the defendants may object, the prosecution may rebut, and the probation officer who wrote the report has to consider the input from both sides and amend the report where appropriate.

If there remains a dispute, the judge can have a hearing and determine matters for the record.

It does not matter much. This is background noise. The judge is going to sentence these two to what he feels is right for them, for society and for himself.

He has to consider himself for this is a high-profile case. He won’t want the sentence overturned on appeal – which can happen if his sentence is too long. And the judge won’t want to be criticized by the public if his sentence seems too short.

Judge Nicholas Garaufis will sentence Vanguard and his Legatus in April.

This will probably incline the judge to sentence higher than minimum – possibly within sentencing guidelines ranges – but not too much higher. I don’t think he will sentence the maximum sentences permitted by law.

In Raniere’s case, the lad qualifies for a life sentence. Many think he deserves it. On the other hand, he was not convicted of murder.

Raniere is 59. Why bother to give him a life sentence which might be successfully appealed when you can sentence him to a virtual life sentence? Give him 30 years; that will satisfy the public.

If you look at the seven felonies he was convicted of, none of them is so serious as to warrant a life sentence.  Forget that he is a dirty scoundrel with a feverish sex addiction and a mad desire to hurt women and debase them as slaves – and forget that he committed countless other crimes that he was not charged with. Raniere was convicted of:

  1. racketeering conspiracy
  2. racketeering
  3. forced labor conspiracy
  4. wire fraud conspiracy
  5. sex trafficking conspiracy
  6. sex trafficking
  7. attempted sex trafficking

He is facing a minimum of 15 years for sex trafficking. But he was convicted of sex trafficking only one woman, one time [Nicole]. And once he tried to sex traffic a woman [i.e. have sex with her] and was refused [Jaye].

His one sex trafficking offense concerns the time when he took a seemingly willing woman [Nicole] to a house blindfolded and had one of his girlfriends eat her out.

The rest of the charges come with latitude given to the judge, from zero to as much as 20 years per offense. He can impose sentences for each offense to run concurrently or consecutively.  In theory, Raniere could get more than 100 years.

Still, as his attorneys might possibly argue, if you look at the charges, he ran a scam, made some seemingly willing women do some crazy things, [the forced labor charges were that otherwise intelligent, educated women had to get coffee or go shopping for their slave masters] and he had nude pictures of a 15-year-old girl [not a prepubescent girl] who wound up staying with him and still is loyal to him,  pictures that he took a dozen years ago.

Sure, it’s horrible. But it is not murder, sabotage, treason, or any other crime normally associated with life sentences.  At least that’s what Raniere’s attorneys might argue.

Still, there is almost zero chance he will get the minimum. Besides, Raniere has done nothing to ingratiate himself with the judge and most likely the probation officer who has written his Pre-Sentencing Report.

My prediction is 30 years. If he gets 30, with time served, plus 15 percent off for good behavior, Raniere could get out in 24 years – [2044] when he is 83 years old.

Which leads us to two final considerations:

How many people will come to speak at Raniere’s sentencing?  Will he have any supporters? Or just victims and alleged victims?

And perhaps every bit as intriguing, will Raniere take responsibility and ask for leniency in a speech before the judge?

Taking responsibility means he will admit wrongdoing, tell the judge he is sorry, and sadder but wiser, and ask to be given a lighter sentence for he now knows he has done wrong.

If he does that, it will hardly look good on appeal, and I doubt Raniere, craven though he is, would think it wise to admit to wrongdoing. He would know that it won’t likely do him any good anyway. The judge has already made up his mind.

If he has any support left among followers, if he cares about his legacy, he can’t admit he is guilty. If he is still suffering from delusions of grandeur that he is the greatest, smartest man in the world, if he still thinks that one day he will get out and resume his life as Vanguard, destroying other’s happiness as his greatest happiness, he will not admit to anything.

At best, he might come forward and say, “I was truly trying to help people. To make them stronger. My teachings were unusual, but many people benefited. I am sorry that some women misunderstood.”

It won’t work.

He is going to get a lengthier sentence than the minimum of 15 years. He will go to a maximum-security prison, maybe even a super-max.

Unless there is a second wave of indictments, which would cause the authorities to keep him where he is, he will shuffle off to some hell hole where life where he currently resides, that medieval place of torture, the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, will seem as much superior to where he will go in the future, as his old life as the Vanguard will seem superior to his life at MDC.

While the MDC is designed by the Bureau of Prisons to torture the innocent [most detainees are awaiting trial and are, therefore, innocent until proven guilty] and, of course, to make them less fit to defend themselves at trial, maximum-security prisons  – which is where Raniere will be assigned – are places of endless torture not only by design of the Bureau of Prisons but also from fellow inmates who will seek to make him a slave for fun, sadistic sex and for profit.

For Raniere, in the future, there will be ‘no event but sorrow,’ and time will be ‘measured by throbs of pain.’

And, consequently, he will be an endless loser, for, as he taught his followers, he who has the most joy, wins.

Is this unfortunate rascal, Keith Raniere legally unable to distinguish whether or not he has committed criminal acts?








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  • Kim
    I would like to answer the Northern District question.

    Frank and I D Discovery are trying to get the Northern District of NY, to open an investigation into Kris Snyder- all of the paperwork- from the beginning- when she went missing, until now, the question remains- why won’t the Northern district open an investigation on her death?

    We know that Kris was in two different intensives- 16 day classes, and clearly, she was paid up- there was NO reason, that ESTHER would continue to harass Heidi Clifford for the rest of the payment, for Kris- taking classes.

    The money would have come out of the ESTATE- which wasn’t settled yet. Esther had NO business asking for any more money——-it was just greed!!!!! Keith, I know, was behind that.

    Northern District may have a murder case for Kris. We know Keith had a hand in her death.

    Kris’ life is important- and we, as a family, need closure.

    • The Northern District will NEVER open a murder investigation into Kristin Snyder —– since they won’t even bring charges against Keith for child porn photos, which ARE ALREADY PROVEN.

      If they won’t charge Keith for something that’s already PROVEN (i.e, charges which require no further investigation) then WHY would you think they’d re-open a 20 year old suicide, especially with no body found?

      They’ll never do that. Not in a ZILLION years.

      Does Frank honestly disagree with that logic?

    • Kim, this is a question for Frank as well – wouldn’t Alaska be the proper venue for that, not NDNY?

      And, just a detail, but I doubt Heidi would have paid NXIVM unless they were in fact owed money – though of course I think they shouldn’t have been paid after what happend, and sued instead. I can only assume that Heidi was still under their sway to some extent, and just wanted to move on. It occurs to me, I wonder if Kenny suggested suing, though.

  • I just have the feeling that this is a much bigger case than has ever been reported in media…

    What about that hotel in LA?

    Is it just me or are there others wanting to know about all the questions that have never been answered?

    This blog has been very tunnel minded

  • Kim
    This is great news! Keith Rainere deserves prison- where he is treated like what he did to my sister, Kristin- and others. There are so many things that he has done wrong- he deserves to suffer. Keith should have been in prison long ago. Thanks to Frank and others for bringing this cult down!!!!
    Keith and his minions need to go away forever!!!!
    Thanks 🙏 Frank and everyone.

  • To all you NXIVM nut jobs and fruitcakes who think Neil Glazer is some kind of amateur, here is his background:

    “Neil L. Glazer joined the firm in January 2000. Neil received his B.A., summa cum
    laude, from the University of Pennsylvania in 1990, and his J.D., magna cum laude, from
    Harvard Law School (1993). Prior to college, Neil owned and operated a satellite
    communications company and he provided audio and video projection services for live
    entertainment events.
    From 1993 to 1995, Neil served as a clerk for the Hon. Dennis G. Jacobs, of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. After his clerkship, Neil worked at two prominent New York law firms before relocating back to the Philadelphia area, where he grew up. He then
    joined Kohn, Swift & Graf.”

    Magna Cum Laude means with great distinction.

    “Since joining the firm, Neil has represented plaintiffs in human rights, antitrust, toxic tort, consumer fraud, securities, international terrorist finance and other complex class and non-class litigation, ”

    How many bottom feeder lawyers will Clare and Sara Bronfman have to hire to win a suit against Neil Glazer?

    • You obviously don’t understand how lawsuits are won and lost, dipshit.

      Just because Mr. Glazer graduated from 2 Ivy League Schools (Penn and Harvard) does not make his case in this particular lawsuit any more sound.

      The soundness of his case relies on his clients and the evidence they bring, but having Toni Natalie as a plaintiff will surely hurt his case more than if she wasn’t on the plaintiff list.

      Why? Cuz she has too many skeletons regarding alleged fraudulent business activities. She’s also told many provable lies which are fair game if she takes the witness stand and her character is allowed to be impeached.

      A good attorney would probably not include Toni Natalie in this case since it’ll mean more ammunition for the Bronfmans to portray his clients as lying, greedy bastards.

      If Frank can make Toni Natalie look bad (on this site) then I can promise you that the Bronfman attorneys, with their deep pocketbooks, will make Toni look even worse.

      Now kindly remove your lips from Neil’s butt. 🙂

    • I wonder how many of the 58 Jane Does were in Girls By Design?
      Probably none, otherwise deep pocketed GBD leader Kristin Kreuk would be a defendant.
      So what does that tell you?
      Or maybe Kreuk let Glazer get into her pants instead of her deep pockets?

      • I’ve never seen any evidence that even a single person was recruited from GBD into NXIVM, though I realize there is a cult of Kreuk-haters who don’t need facts to buoy their mission anymore than the NXians did.

        What it tells us is it was just another of Raniere’s failed spinoff schemes – and that Kreuk didn’t have what it took to recruit people, other than a couple of friends. I would say Kreuk can’t do anything but act mediocrely, except GBD did manage to pull off some sort of trip to a California spa.

  • Necker Island popped up in the NYTimes, with mention of a Victoria’s Secret charity party in 2010, the same year as Nx’s retreat. What was interesting to me was that models were brought there for a photo shoot only to discover they were more likely sex toys for the rich.
    In 2010, Alison Nix, a 22-year-old model who had worked occasionally with Victoria’s Secret, was invited to attend a weekend event to raise money for the nonprofit foundation run by Richard Branson. The venue was Mr. Branson’s private Necker Island in the Caribbean and was billed as featuring “some of the world’s most stunning supermodels.”

    She said that she and other models were provided with copious amounts of alcohol and were expected to mingle with men, including Mr. Branson. “We were shipped out there, and all these rich men were flirting with us,” she recalled. She said the models were asking themselves, “Are we here as high-end prostitutes or for charity?”

    A spokeswoman for Mr. Branson said he had “no knowledge of anyone being invited to the event for any reason” beside the charity fund-raiser.”
    Sir Dick was probably disappointed that the Nx event offered up only the likes of Bronfman, Mack and Kreuk.


  • I don’t believe that Keith will ever be raped or turned into somebody’s bitch.

    I believe he’ll keep a large supply of macks on hand (in his cell) to use as a bartering mechanism to keep his prison virginity intact (to keep his ‘butt’ unpoked).

    Plus he can also use prison ‘meals’ as a bartering mechanism, though he’ll have to go hungry sometimes.

    For instance, when Bubba comes calling for Keith’s untapped, virgin booty —– Keith can offer Bubba 10 macks and 5 expired macks in exchange for leaving his booty untapped.

    If Bubba refuses, Keith can ‘up’ his offer to 20 macks, 3 moldy bologna sandwiches and 2 mystery meat dinners —- and the transaction will likely be accepted. Prison is a place for bartering. Joe can confirm this.

    Joe O’Hara knows this well, as I have a suspicion that Joe kept his own butt untapped using a similar bartering mechanism when he was there. Maybe Joe could elaborate on how many macks it’ll take to keep a prisoner’s virginity intact?

    Keith has enough money to possibly keep his butthole untapped during his prison stay.

    But IF his booty ever gets tapped, it’ll likely be poked over and over again.

    It’ll be like tapping a new keg of beer at a frat party. Once tapped, everybody will want some. He’ll be everybody’s bitch.

    Right Joe?

  • 30 years is a realistic expectation.

    I think it unlikely that he will admit any guilt or regret. His Narcissism will not allow it.

    Vangone Week became Vangone Day, and will soon become Vangone Life.

  • Finally cant wait to hear rhis still woundering when alison mack is going to be sentence i can’t wait for her sentence after all 4 years she was my neighbor

    • Allison has not had a sentencing date scheduled. neither has Lauren or Nancy Salzman which makes me suspect they are cooperating with the feds for a second wave of indictments against Bronfmans and Raniere, possibly Salinas, Betancourt, Junco and Clyne.

  • Goods news is he will soon be just another convict with his ilk. Good riddance.

    Bad news is more BS posts by the “bar regulars”( as filler) at the FR in the mean time.

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