Catherine Oxenberg’s Sister, Christina, Says She Attended Ghislaine Maxwell’s Semi-Nude Tea Party

By Marie White

Christina is royal born herself. She may even be American’s most royal woman.

Image result for christina oxenberg
Princess Christina?


Image result for princess elizabeth yugoslavia
Beautiful Princess Elizabeth – Catherine and Christina Oxenberg’s mother.


Image result for princess elizabeth yugoslavia
More recent picture of the ever-stunning Princess Elizabeth.

Princess Elizabeth is a great-great-granddaughter of Karađorđe, who started the first Serbian uprising against the Turks in 1804. She is a descendant of the Serbian House of Karađorđević.

Princess Elizabeth is also a second cousin to Charles, Prince of Wales, and Queen Sofía of Spain and first cousin of Prince Edward, Duke of Kent and his siblings, Prince Michael of Kent and Princess Alexandra, The Honourable Lady Ogilvy.

Image result for princess alexandra the honourable lady ogilvy
Princess Alexandra, The Honourable Lady Ogilvy. 

While daughter Catherine only traces royalty on her mother’s side – her father was businessman Howard Oxenberg – Christina might have royal blood on her father’s side as well.  This is not quite so clear and DNA tests might be required to ultimately settle the matter.

It has been claimed that Christina is the daughter of a man who her mother had an affair with while he was in the White House – a likable philanderer who came to rather an abrupt ending by assassins most likely connected to the US government. His name was John F. Kennedy.

Image result for kennedy and princess elizabeth of yugoslavia
Catherine Oxenberg with her mother’s boyfriend, Richard Burton, and her mother, Princess Elizabeth.

And if anyone is royal blood in America, it is the Kennedys. They are descendants of a royally criminal, bootlegging patriarch.

But all royals seem to have gotten a rather violent start if we search back long enough in time and nobody ever held that against them.

Image result for henry the 8th violent
King Henry the Eighth was a regular murderous scoundrel – like many of his predecessors and successors.


Image result for john kennedy
John Kennedy was neatly assassinated by the US government and the US government told the gullible American people that it was a lone and crazed gunman who killed him. Many believed it.

Whether Christina is really the illegitimate daughter of John F. Kennedy is in dispute.  While some deny it, it is peculiar that some of the Robert Kennedy clan have been heard to refer to her as “cousin Tina.” There seems to be little doubt that Princess Elizabeth had an affair with the affable president who turned the White House into a virtual bordello.

"The Queen Of Four Kingdoms" By Princess Michael Of Kent Book Launch Party

Catherine, 58, is a year older than Christina.

Image result for catherine oxenberg

Catherine was best known for her role as Amanda Carrington on the 1980s prime time TV soap opera Dynasty. She enjoyed a heroic resurgence in popularity in 2017 when, working with Frank Parlato and others, she helped take down the sex cult Nxivm and helped send the rapacious madman leader of the group, Keith Raniere, along with another royal born, Canadian heiress Clare Bronfman, to prison.


Royal born [i.e. descended from criminal family] Clare Bronfman.
Bronfman’s royalty – the closest thing to Canadian-grown royalty – comes from her criminal, murderous, bootlegging grandfather Sam Bronfman who stole billions and then gave away a few million to Jewish causes and became sanitized if not almost canonized. Clare comes from the finest royal traditions.As for Catherine Oxenberg, besides helping to put Raniere behind bars, she rescued her daughter, India, out of the Nxivm sex cult after India was branded and made into a sex slave under the notorious and very common little actress, Allison Mack, who is also headed for prison.

Here is one of my paintings of Allison Mack – behind bars.

But sister Christina had no part in Nxivm, or part of the fight to take them down.

Christina is a writer and fashion designer.  She has written seven books, and her articles have been published in Allure, The Sunday Times, Huffington Post, and others.  Which really means she is struggling to make enough to live on.

In fact, she is now seeking contributors from a website called Patreon.

Patreon is an “online membership platform that provides business tools for creators to run a subscription content service, with ways for artists to build relationships and provide exclusive experiences to their subscribers, or ‘patrons'”.  In return, Patreon charges a commission of monthly income and transaction fees. [About 10 percent]

The idea is that Christina (and a lot of other writers] are trying to attract readers willing to support her work and pay a dollar or two a month.

Let’s hear it in Christina’s own words:

I create original content and deliver on a regular schedule for your pleasure.

The Sunday Story will always be free. It is intended as entertainment.

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Christina Oxenberg©️
Copyright ©️2019

The events that are recorded in these posts are those I remember to the best of my ability, though others may have a different take on those events. I mean no harm in anything I say.
Image result for kennedy and princess elizabeth of yugoslavia
Christina Oxenberg, a/k/a Kristina Karadjordjević is an author whose dual identities as American and also of Serbian royalty have informed and entertained her audience for decades, she says.

Oxenberg is best known for her Sunday Story published weekly since 2010 on Facebook and now on Patreon. This free entertainment has attracted a wide and loyal audience. For a small monthly contribution, here is an opportunity to keep the wheel of reciprocity rolling. Please consider participating as a way to shift the nexus for artists and those who appreciate their work. THANK YOU!


Christina has 209 patrons paying a dollar or more a month – and needs 591 more to meet her fairly modest goal of 800 patrons.
So what kind of stories would you get from Christina if you paid a dollar a month?
Christina Oxenberg's "Life is Short: Read Short Stories" Book Signing Party
Here is one of her recent stories.  It appears as part of a serialized memoir that Christina has been updating every week on Patreon.  You have to subscribe {$1 per month – or 25 cents per story] to read it in full.  But here is the gist of the story.

Christina knew Ghislaine but they were not close.

Christina writes, “She phoned and asked me to tea. ‘I’m poor!’ she wailed, inviting me to view her new digs. I was expecting a slum, but it was spacious and light-filled on 79th Street.”

She writes that “Ghislaine presided in a white lacy bra and underwear set and lots of jewelry; she jangled as she moved. She explained the lack of clothing was because she was hot and it was summertime. She fanned herself with a copy of Vogue … I can’t remember their names but there were three other females at this tea party. We remained fully clothed.”

Maybe she was trying to get the women used to a more casual attire when waiting around for a little sex trafficking.

Ghislaine also had “a baby Yorkshire terrier” named Max.

Image result for yorkshire terrier puppy

Oxenberg wrote Ghislaine liked to roughhouse with the tiny dog, throwing it around the room.

“More than once, she threw the quivering little bundle violently across the room. She thought this was hilariously funny.” Oxenberg’ recalled.


Ghislaine Maxwell, 37 at the time, is said to have left assistants taken aback by her ‘intensely sexual vibe’. In one picture Maxwell wears the red, white and blue bikini, beige heels and a beige vintage Christian Dior trench coat pulled back to show off her midriff
Creepy Ghislaine Maxwell was a sort of wonder woman in her sickening ability to recruit women for sex trafficking and escape all prosecution.


In a third photo, which was shot minutes earlier, Maxwell is sitting in the same chair wearing jeans and a bra and has a dog on her lap. According to one source, Maxwell brought along the Stars and Stripes bikini and suggested wearing it, telling those present how she 'put dildos at each place setting' at a dinner party she hosted for young girls
Ghislaine liked to entertain in her bra and underwear long before she met Jeffrey Epstein.  Christine happened to attend a tea party with the semi-clad future sex trafficker.

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Marie White


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  • This shows what an inhumane POS Ghislaine is. She doesn’t care about people any more than her dog. Cruel bitch!

  • There is no proof that Christina Oxenberg is the illegitimate daughter of J. F. Kennedy. And even if she was, there is no proof that she inherited the genetic predisposition for this or any other disease. And can you prove that Christina Oxenberg suffers from a genetic predisposition? And there is also no proof that there are more hereditary diseases in families or relatives of royalty than in the entire population. Where is the epidemiological evidence? Why Christina Oxenberg does not have children, is something you cannot judge. That is why you cannot know whether it is good or bad if she had children, because these children would have half the chromosome set of the other parent.

    • I only commented on perennial naked genetic exhibitionism of Christina Oxenberg and her mother. I do not intend to prove anything about her or any other person mentioned in this article. Christina’s maternal grandfather was a nice and pleasant man by all accounts but a nervous wreck who completely fell apart mentally after the former Yugoslavia was occupied by Germany and he ended in exile with his family. People who live in glass houses should not throw rocks about. Christina and her relatives regularly catapult and promote their alleged ancestral genetic inheritance which they use to push themselves into upper social circles. It is claimed by well-informed persons that royal genes not all what they seem. Remember William the Bastard of Normandy. He is not the only one.

  • According to Scott Johnson, it can only be beneficial to have as few degenerated royal genes as possible. And having Kennedy genes at 50%, that’s even more of an advantage now, isn’t it? Then that’s one big reason to envy Christina Oxenberg. And when you mention the Obrenovics, you should tell the whole story. But they belong on the garbage heap of history.
    [Scott Johnson
    January 21, 2020 at 5:11 am
    “But all royals seems to have gotten a rather violent start if we search back long enough in time and nobody ever held that against them.” I do, and most Americans reject the notion of “royalty,” we fought a war and put together a government that rejects it. I think the inbreds are merely living out their spoiled, defective genes]

    • Having 50% Kennedy genes is not an advantage as you suggest. President Kennedy had congenital Addison disease and his sister Rose had congenital mental condition. Christina Oxenberg did not exactly got the best genes available. She has 25% of Oldenburg genes which means severe Systemic Lupus as the Queen Alexandra (princess of Denmark before her marriage), consort queen of Edward VIII, was suffering with. As you can see opting out of royal inbreeding circle did not bode well for Christina. It is very lucky she did not have any children. There is not such a thing as a garbage of history, just stories related long enough which are than taken as “truth”. Cheerio!

  • Ghislaine Maxwell looks like a transvestite after a man to woman transition by a very incompetent surgeon. As for Christine Oxenberg royal ancestors? Her mother is descendant of Montenegrin peasant family who butchered Prince Alexander Obrenovic and his fiancée Draga Mashin in 1903 and thus took over the Serbian throne. Her grand-mother is Olga Oldenburg of Danish Royal family. Christina royal genes are only 25% not much to brag about! Most royal bastards have at least 50% of royal genes. Considering that about 40-50% of British subjects are of royal descent and an undeniable fact that %25% of men in central Asia have Genghis Khan Y chromosome, Christina’s 25% of royal lineage is paltry.

  • It’s strange how these people in this article are all connected/related somehow. Miles Mathis has a website where he points this out and I thought it was the nuttiest idea I’d ever seen. Maybe he is right. Christina is wrong- Epstein knew Robert Maxwell. Robert Maxwell was a MOSSAD operative. And Epstein had an underage honey pot entrapment operation for decades with the assistance of Ghislaine Maxwell (who in my opinion lured Epstein into it just like she lured young girls in).

    • People like Epstein and Maxwell are schmoozers who build up large networks of contacts and then try to trade on them. It’s the nature of the game that they have lots of connections, many of them superficial or even tenuous.

      I’ve been on boards of non-profits with involvement at the big city, national, and international levels, and have rubbed elbows with some of those sorts of people or members of their families. They have a surprising number of connections among them, including sometimes that they’re related, especially if they come from old New York families or the Jewish community. It seems to be the nature of human activities – and there’s not necessarily anything nefarious about it.

      In the NXIVM world, it turns out that the building the Bronfmans bought to use for the Apropos club, was previously a restaurant run by relatives of Heidi’s and Gina’s – and if the Romanos had been in the restaurant business going back to prohibition, they likely dealt in Bronfman booze brought in through the Buffalo-Niagara are with the involvement of people who might be found to be tied in somehow to the Parlatos. When you start looking, it’s quite common to find coincidences and connections like that.

      Which reminds me, I need to drop Frank a line and ask if someone who works with him and has an unusual name, could be a relative of mine – it’s often a small world like that.

      • They might be snoozers but they used their connections to commit crimes which were well orchestrated and led to having evidence against people of wealth and power. How many nonprofits that you have worked for do that?

        • Certainly, those pair committed crimes – and I suspect that Epstein was not actually a brilliant investor, but acquired his wealth by exploiting his ability to schmooze and impress to get people like Wexner to let him manage their money, and then skimmed off a lot in fees and even underhanded dealings.

          My point is that in those sorts of circles, the people tend to be very interconnected, and there’s not necessarily anything nefarious to it – though obviously there are cases where it is, but those are the exceptions. In the non-profit world, people use their connections to raise money for worthy causes like education and the arts; I once worked with a member of the Kennedy and Rockefeller families who’d probably at least rubbed elbows with the Cafritzs, and was a mover and shaker behind a program that offered opportunities to poor and disadvantaged inner-city kids (hand-up, not handout).

  • I’m not a straight man or a gay woman so I’m not the expert on this. But does anyone find the photo of Maxwell wearing the american flag bikini, even remotely attractive?

    • Honest man short answer:

      Not really, but if you’re hard up, all men would give it a go.

      Here is the long answer:

      In the Movie “Harry Met Sally” when Meg Ryan’s character asked Billy Crystal’s character “…even the ugly ones?”[referring to ugly female friends] and Crystals character answered, “them to, just not as much”.

      That’s the answer. Any man that says otherwise is a liar or gay.

      ***Now knowing that she is the embodiment of evil, no I wouldn’t give it go.

      • Good response, Anon 10;51.

        I suspect more guys here would be more turned on if she was wearing a Confederate flag bikini.

        • I suspect only democrat men being the cultists they are would touch that. They would however prefer her in a Sickle and Hammer flag bikini.

      • No, all men would not give it a go. Speak for yourself you horny pig.

        ***Now knowing that she is the embodiment of evil, no I wouldn’t give it go.

        Yea, you would. Your little head controls you.

        • “No all men would not give it a go. Speak for yourself you horny pig”, spoke like a typical woman.

          All men would if she wasn’t so evil. She aided a rapist and a pedophile.

          I do have some standards. I passed on buddy’s attractive girlfriend in college.

          Men are pre-programmed. We’re all sitting in the back of the bus and someone else is driving.

          The secret to a monogamous marriage is to never go out with a loaded gun.

          Your dad, husband, grandfather, brother, boyfriend, and guy friends are no different than me. If you believe otherwise, you are as ridiculous as my wife and my sister.

      • Typical black and white fallacy devoid of nuance created by the intellectually challenged or ignorant. Many men will simply choose to rub one out than suffer the possible ramifications that can come with sexual actions despite its strong pleasure. Not every man wants to stick their dick into every or even most females, especially men who aren’t controlled by their carnal desires. It’s a lot easier to submit to them now that higher order morality is ignored thanks to the well coordinated attack of the “free love” movement of the 1960s, the introduction of contraception, and often little guilt associated with abortion. Something the Catholic Church foresaw with the the introduction of contraception many decades ago. That’s why you have so many sociological problems associated with single parenthood, absentee, irresponsible fathers, and kids with rage, especially among the economically underprivileged and minorities.

        • Anonymous
          January 22, 2020 at 5:55 am,

          You just don’t like reality or you don’t believe in evolution. Which is it?

          • You just love those false dichotomies, don’t ya?

            Just because a man cam stick his penis into multiple women and get each one pregnant doesn’t mean he should. A man can stick a knife into many people and kill them too.

          • To Anonymous January 22 1:06 pm,

            I simply gave an honest answer to a question. I apologize if you don’t like my opinion.
            False dichotomies?

            Sex vs murder? Now that’s a dichotomy. A dagger vs a d*ck? How is your analogy equivalent to what I stated? How is my statement “false dichotomy”? I suggest you look up the definition of dichotomy on Webster’s Dictionary website.

            Have a great day!

          • It’s not only “I don’t like reality” or “I don’t believe in evolution”. That’s your simplistic division of a multitude of choices into two of them, i.e., a dichotomy. Just like your previous simplistic division of men into either liars or homosexuals is if they’re not ones to stick their penis into every woman just because they’re “hard up”.

            And no, it’s not “sex vs murder”. It was pretty clear what was meant. That a drive exists is not an excuse to give in to it whenever one feels like it.

          • Dear Some Men are Hogs,

            You have been corresponding with Nice-Guy 2.0. 😉

            NiceGuy2.0 answers all questions honestly and is always polite and considerate of others. In accordance with the wishes of the editor of the Frank Report, NiceGuy2.0 refrains from using vulgar language and insults, save for Scott Amway Johnson.

            As per your wishes and your use of the word “please”, I will cease posting on this thread.

            I hope you have a joyous weekend filled with song and dance. God bless you!

            P.S. Like NiceGuy, NiceGuy2.0 has no life as well. 😉

        • To Anonymous January 22 at 5:23pm,

          “False dichotomy” is an oxymoron. Your use of dichotomy is the newer usage put forth be pseudo-Intellectuals at websites like “Jezebel”. Webster’s does not officially recognize the new meaning or your usage.

          You’ve committed a malapropism. Sex is beautiful and elegant. We are done. In the language of my spiritual lost love child, “I bid you good night”. 🙂

          • Anonymous,

            Taken from your own article link—
            “An exception is analytic philosopher John Searle, who called it an incorrect assumption that produces false dichotomies.”
            Who is John Searle? Like I said you are spewing pseudo-intellectual sophist jargon. Kudos to you! Please kindly go back to your land of make believe in Academia Land.

            I am sorry your post-modern Christian based feministic view of the world does not conform to reality.

            Diane Lipson asked a subjective question. I gave a subjective answer.

            You are trying to have a debate over a subjective topic open to an individual’s unique perspective.

            Obviously your life is as boring as mine because I have realized this entire time, you have been trolling me as I have been trolling you. Goodbye! 😉

          • “I am sorry your post-modern Christian based feministic view of the world does not conform to reality.”

            a) That’s not my perspective, although I do agree with some Christian philosophy, in particular, many principles of Thomistic metaphysics which is fundamentally Aristotelian. b) What doesn’t conform to reality is your false dilemma. c) John Searle is well-known philosopher.

            “You are trying to have a debate over a subjective topic open to an individual’s unique perspective.”

            But it’s not a subjective topic. It’s a claim you made about the objective world. You made a generalization about men that put the totality of those among them who would refuse to sleep with any women when they were “hard up”–even the implied “ugly” ones–into two either/or categories: liars or homosexuals. It’s your first comment in this thread for any person who has the ability to read.

            Don’t blame me for your lack of logic. Instead of admitting your fault you digress into red-herrings about pseudo-intellectual jargon when this is simply a lie. The informal logical fallacy of the false dilemma or false dichotomy is well-known to anyone who has taken a basic logic course.

            You sound like a profligate word salad dispensing cult leader, which makes it ironic that you call someone else a sophist.

          • To Anonymous January 22 at 8:14 pm.

            This is you:
            “Blah,blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah,
            blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.”

            Kindly go back to driving your significant other insane. I am done. Best of luck to them.

          • To Anonymous
            January 23, 2020 at 6:23 am

            Please finally be done and take a fucking hike. You were shut down by a far superior man. Continue on your merry way thinking with that little head.

          • SomeMenArePigs,

            Did you just say, “blah, blah, blah, blah,
            blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah”, again?

            The F word is not very intellectual.

            Metaphysics is the basis of what Vanguard taught. Not to mention, metaphysics is pseudoscience. What community college did you receive your associate degree from?

            Shut down? You won’t shut up. Touché, I gotcha!

            My initial response to Diane Lipson was tongue-in-cheek. Maxwell looks trans. I said if I was hard up. Remember? Scott Johnson in a wig is more appealing. 🙂 You need to lighten-up.

            You’re a man? Now I know you are lying.

            BTW you did not say please. You need to say “please” and then I will gladly take a hike.

            Please in the future be more civil and lighten up! 🙂

          • to Anonymous

            January 23, 2020 at 10:24 pm

            Let me repeat, lil fella, since you are pretty fucking dense

            Please finally be done and take a fucking hike. You were shut down by a far superior man. Continue on your merry way thinking with that little head.

          • To Anonymous January 24 10:30 am-

            You have used “please” as required by my lord, Great Bangkok the Wise. I will now point out to you that your anger, is in no doubt , the result of an unfulfilled sex life.

            I bid you good day! 🙂

    • She’s beautiful. They wouldn’t put a picture of her out there if she was ugly. The picture is meant to entice men of course. She’s a carrot dangling to lure men in.

  • The shadow state has a Kennedy phobia. Finally we know the correct diagnosis for the shadow state. We’re still waiting for further tests. So far, the shadow state has always diagnosed everyone else.

  • Epstein and Prince Andrew are connected, and Randy Andy’s royal pal is Monaco’s Prince Albert, who was a notorious playboy before his marriage. During his playboy years, and just a couple years after being accused of raping a fashion model, the Prince of Monaco met Canadian “Princess” Kristin Kreuk when he hosted the 2003 Monte Carlo Television Festival. The Playboy Prince had 5 days to arrange some alone-time out of camera range with Kristin, who at 20, looked lovely and luscious in her pre-Nxivm days.×2048

  • If the Americans had been mainly coffee drinkers in 1773 and not tea drinkers, they would probably still be British subjects. (Assuming there had been no coffee tax.) Then the Boston Tea Party would not have been a success, would it? But the Americans don’t want to pay taxes anyway, no matter who to. You can see that everywhere. I guess it’s in the genes. But I am not a geneticist and researcher like Dr. Scott Johnson and Dr. Shadowstate.

    • Little known historical fact: The real reason for the Boston Tea Party was that colonists were upset the Brits were using the tea tax for a taxpayer funded stage play starring a virtue signalling actress.

    • The British taxed tea because it was being consumed. If the Americans were drinking coffee, the British would have taxed coffee. The idea of taxing is to raise money. There is no reason to tax something that is not being consumed or not tax something that is being consumed, if the goal is to raise money. You’re not only not a geneticist or a researcher, you also don’t have a brain. LOL

      • Homemade whiskey is also consumed, but it is not taxed. Consumption is not the only determining factor; it is also a question of the enforceability of a levy or tax. Do you pay taxes on cocaine and other drugs even though they are consumed in large quantities in America? The answer is no.

        • The British removed taxes from most products, but not tea. I don’t pay direct taxes on drugs, but I do pay taxes for drug enforcement, for the jails/prisons related to drug crimes, etc.

      • LOL. I’ve been waiting for that answer. LOL. Who would have expected a different answer? Please, more such stammering answers or comments. LOL

          • Scott – is it necessary to call this commenter “stupid”? I’m am trying to get away from this kind of name calling commenting – and gratuitous insults. If something is wrong with someone’s comment – I would appreciate it if people would comment with civil and substantive replies. I think we will get a better comments section.

          • No, it’s not necessary to call them stupid, I could let them laugh at me and say that my comments are “stammering,” but it’s not my style to do that. Stupid is a succinct description of their comment.

          • To Frank…

            ….And that is why the “NiceGuy” everyone used to love or hate [no one actually cares] is coming back soon as NiceGuy2.0.

            NiceGuy2.0 is warm, fuzzy, lovable and fun for the whole family. NiceGuy2.0 is the Grated version of the original PG-13 version of NiceGuy.

            I sensed Frank was moving in a new direction and I complied ahead of time. I’m psychic.

            Incidentally, I am also a Chris Rock and Richard Pryor fan. 😉

            Have a stupendous day people and may all of your dreams come true!

          • I’m not going the fake route, nor will you see any role-playing from me. NiceGuy2.0 called me “meathead” on another comment, that is not warm, lovable, fun, or G rated.

          • Scott,

            The name Meathead comes from the television show “All in the Family”. The main character, of the show, Archie Bunker used the name as a term of endearment for his beloved son-in-law. The term Meathead was allowed by the FCC television censors in the 70s. Therefore Meathead is rated G.

            I hope you have an awesome evening and remember to wash your hands and say grace before dinner! 😉

          • I am aware of the origin of the word “Meathead” as I often watched the show. It was FAR from a term of endearment, it was a derogatory term that Archie used because he did not like his son in law.

            I hope you have an awesome evening and remember to take your hands out of your a$$ and put them directly into your mouth! LOL

          • Scott,

            — I am aware of the origin of the word “Meathead” as I often watched the show. It was FAR from a term of endearment, it was a derogatory term that Archie used because he did not like his son in law.

            I apologize for offending you.

            —“I just call balls and strikes as I see them. I don’t play those games.”-Scott Johnson

            Apparently you are unaware, balls and strikes come from the game of baseball. Therefore you do “play games”.

            Goodnight Dingbat!!!! 🙂

            Side note:
            Dingbat was the a pet name Archie used his beloved wife Edith. Archie loved his wife.

          • You don’t need to apologize for offending me, you need to apologize to everybody for being dead wrong.

            I said I don’t play THOSE games, i.e., fake, role-playing, etc.

            Archie had little regard for Edith. Dingbat is a derogatory name.

    • We don’t mind paying taxes. The problem is blue states like New York, where union state run monopolies are used as money laundering devices for the democratic party in exchange of lavish benefits and pensions at taxpayer expenses.

      • New Yorkers like to pay their taxes, so they always vote Democrat or don’t vote at all. They do seem to like it.

  • Frank,

    Why have we never been invited to any semi-nude tea parties?


    Is it me or does Ghislaine Maxwell remind anyone else of the Queen from Walt-Disney’s Snow White in the bottom photo?

    “Mirror mirror on the wall who’s the fairest of them all.”- The Queen

    • “Why have we never been invited to any semi-nude tea parties?”

      Speak for yourself. Sounds like you have some growing up to do.

      Didn’t Frank just meet up with Scott Johnson during his Texas travels? Scott is very open about his penchant for tea. Just saying…

    • If half of her hair was white, she could play Cruella DeVille.. . but her puppy should be a dalmatian instead of a yorkie.

      • Flowers, you are the LAST person who should be passing judgement on people’s appearance. Right, Cowboy? 🤠

        • You should pay more attention to your fat hubby than you do to other women, you crazy, brainwashed bitch.

        • Not even sure what that’s about ….Nutjob?….but I never critisized her looks. I was referring to her backcombed hairstyle , which is very similar to some of Glenn Close’s Cruella DeVille hairstyles..(try googling it). Also, the article mentioned she was abusing a puppy, which is what Cruella does, right?

          • Nope. I make it easy on you. When I say things like “You sleep in cat urine”, I use my real fake name. And I don’t make personal appearance references. (Well, not very often. And with the exception of Scott’s hairlip. And Shadow walking with a cane. And niceguy’s tire around his waist. And occasional untrimmed crotch references.)

          • And Savino’s trousers. And Scott sitting down to urinate. And Savino’s hairpiece. And Keith’s chubby little legs. Maybe I owe you an apology, Flowers. I possess a tinge of hypocrisy.

          • All trolls are hypocrites, Nutjob. Studies show they process sociopathic and sadistic traits, and are usually racist, misogynistic and homophobic.

          • Hey, flowers, you goofy lame poster, any sauce for your studies bullshit? Who the hell are the trolls they are studying? You are a liar pushing a hoax.

            Sociopathic and sadistic traits, and are usually racist, misogynistic and homophobic.

            Sorry, toots, most of the people that possess these traits are your fellow liberal cultists.

          • Flowers—

            “Studies show they process sociopathic and sadistic traits, and are usually racist, misogynistic and homophobic”; Are you referring to Mitchel Garrity or Bangkok?

          • Dear Trolls
            Google is your friend. The information is only a click away, so give it a whirl, boys.

          • Flowers, your comment about trolls seems to indicate you believe all studies have shown them to be men. That can’t be so since you’ve proven, time and again, to be one of the most persistent trolls here at Frank Report. You appear to hate both men and women equally so I will give you a point for not discriminating.


          • Where do I say I hate anyone, men or women? I’ve never like that, ever. Like all trolls, you make ASSumptions and invent “facts” to suit your agenda, but that doesn’t mean anything you say is true.

          • Flowers your total and complete lack of self-awareness knows no bounds as does your lack of awareness of how the written word works. You don’t have to SAY you hate both men and women because your words convey the message loud and clear, Toots. 😐

          • You seem to ignore that fact that–usuall–Flowers’ angry comments are in response to personal attacks to her. Though she has said some odd things, most of the hatred you and many others subscribe to her are actually in defense of hatred first aimed at her.
            I’m not Flowers, or Sultan.

          • Where are seeing these words? They exist only in your mind, Roger.
            If the Roger reference is referring to Roger Stone, it’s true that I dont like him, because of his actions, and I was happy to see him punished (as were MANY people….) but that is not the same thing as hating everyone.

          • Flowers is a left wing nut cult member. Too bad ole Roger Stone is going to be set free and suing. She really needs to keep up with the Mueller scenario that is currently going on. Keep trolling flowers, love your hypocrisy.

          • Roger That
            These commentors (trolls) are aware of what they are doing. They basically follow a trolling “playbook” , and once you realize what they are doing, it’s very simple to spot their patterns.

            And they could very easily look up the studies that I refer to, but it wouldn’t matter anyways. Trolls will ALWAYS refute any evidence that contradicts their POV, and then use insults to deflect. I guess they teach these techniques in troll school.😉
            I have come across some trolls who were a bit more sophisticated and who used fake identities to befriend people prior to trolling them.

          • Flowers – I have a quick fuse with you (and Johnson) because of what you have done in the past.

            You, continually screaming LIAR at everything Heidi and Barbara B posted was embarassing and hurtful to FR. I blame you and Scott for many former NXIVM members/insiders not speaking up on FR (which just so happens to be about the only place people can speak up if they want to make a difference and help expose the truth).

            Everything is not a conspiracy and everyone does not deserve to be attacked. I have first hand experience of being called a liar by you. I know I wasn’t lying, and it gives me a certain perspective when I see you doing it to others.

            That being said, I do appreciate that you seem to have quelled these LIAR comments. I will attempt to be more patient before I lash out.

          • Nutjob
            I have never called Barbara Bouchey a liar, and I have no idea if you are just mistaken about that, or if you are behaving like a typical troll and stating lies as facts. Probably the latter.

            I only called Heidi a liar because she began attacking me (and I had never addressed her or even commented on her comments)so I wondered why. I looked at her SM account and saw she was friends with many NXIVM members, such as Clare, but yet claimed those people were criminals.

            At that point, I wondered if someone else was just using Heidi’s name to post comments. However, as we’ve seen, Heidi does apparently write some unusual comments sometimes. Of course, we have no idea who really writes any of the comments- do we?

  • For once, I agree with Scott Johnson’s comments below.
    True Americans are repulsed by the antic’s of Europe’s so-called Royalty.

    The Royal Family of Spain and Austria were the Habsburgs who were notorious for their inbreeding and their jutting lower jaws.

    “The Distinctive ‘Habsburg Jaw’ was likely the result of the royal family’s inbreeding-180973688/

    One of the resulting problems the Habsburgs had with their mouths often caused them to speak with a pronounced lisp.

    In the late Nineteenth Century, most of European Royalty were related to the inbred Queen Victoria of Britain.
    Queen Victoria carried the gene for hemophilia a disease where the blood fails to coagulate and the victim often dies.

    “Haemophilia in the Descendants of Queen Victoria”

    Americans should follow the philosophy of Louisiana’s great political leader Huey Long.
    “Every Man a King but no Man Wears a Crown.”
    Royalty is an abomination.

    • Please no more Kennedys.

      People focus on JFK’s tragic assassination in Dallas and the possibility/probability of a conspiracy.
      But people forget the horrendous way the Kennedy family used Marilyn Monroe for their own jollies.
      In 1963, had the public known that the Kennedys were at least morally responsible for Monroe’s death and that the Kennedys were cavorting with organized crime, it is quite probable that JFK would not have been renominated or reelected in 1964.
      Of course, in hindsight, many of the major political figures of that era were involved in dubious activities.
      There are very few Saints in American politics but there are an awful lot of Wolves.

  • I would say Ghislaine is borderline attractive in her day but her dangerous proclivities makes her quite repulsive. Like having sex with someone with AIDS. I wonder if she is alive? My guess is she is not.

    • Don’t we all? Why didn’t the others take their clothes off, too? I guess not everyone does the same thing.

  • “But all royals seems to have gotten a rather violent start if we search back long enough in time and nobody ever held that against them.” I do, and most Americans reject the notion of “royalty,” we fought a war and put together a government that rejects it. I think the inbreds are merely living out their spoiled, defective genes.

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