Kristin Kreuk Offers New Virtue-Signalling Message on ‘Diversity’

Canadian taxpayer-funded Burden of Truth TV star Kristin Kreuk appears on a lovely virtue signalling Instagram video.

She is here to talk about “Diversity” which, as readers know, is to make sure not too many white men appear as heroes.

On the TV show Burden of Truth, Kreuk plays the role of a truth-seeking, brave attorney who risks her career, her comfort, and her safety to expose villainous corporate bullies.

The gal is fearless and Kreuk proves she is an astounding actress – when you consider her off-camera persona is the opposite of brave by any meaningful yardstick. You gotta hand it to the sultry lassie.

In her show, she has achieved diversity, except for the villains – they are all white men.

But wait, let’s hear Kreuk’s complete virtue-signaling narration about diversity:

“When a project is representing diversely, I think that looks like you have all different kinds of people that represent different viewpoints and different life experiences. Quality representation of diversity is giving those characters rich and complex storylines. Not just bringing them in to fill kind of a pocket. They come in and they are a part of an influence and enhance the storytelling. It’s a very vibrant way to present stories that include people in front of the camera as well as behind the scenes. And it doesn’t always have to be about race. A lot of the times when we’re telling stories and we’re like ‘Oh, and then the diverse character comes in. Whereas sometimes you can just exist with each other and not everything you say or do is about your background. I think Burden of Truth is doing a great job of incorporating that, and not making it to be about that.


Kreuk has come under some criticism on this website for her flagrant virtue-signaling – and her fantastic role as a brave lawyer when she cowered rather than exposing Nxivm during the crucial period after Frank Report broke the branding story and Keith Raniere was arrested.

Naturally, she was afraid and while others – some of them her close friends were bravely speaking out – like Sarah Edmondson – who was in danger of being arrested by Vancouver police because of another perjured accusation by Clare Bronfman – and a good word of support from Kreuk might have helped drum up public interest – she was nowhere to be found.

She admitted privately that what Keith had done by branding women was sinister, reprehensible and evil – – but the yellow streak – just like the yellow sash she was awarded by Nxivm – was showing resplendently. She opted out of making a public statement.

She did muster up the courage to publicly condemn Harvey Weinstein – that was safe. And promote a grotesque Indian serial murderess whose lies cost the life of dozens of likely innocent men – in order to support a feminist revisionist telling of the story.

But when it involved real people and real things she personally experienced, she trembled and blinked.

Anyway, happily, she continues to virtue signal and we continue to criticize her – and dependably, she has an ardent defender. His moniker is Sultan of Six. He ably defends her and because he is Muslim – we have diversity.

Nxivm too had diversity. Kreuk is Asian/European – and she was one of its stars for years.

Many of the other leaders of Nxivm were female and all of them slaves to one villainous white man.

Many Mexican women were also slaves. And there was at least one token black slave, Michele Hatchette.

So Nxivm had diversity in spades.

Kreuk earned the prestigious yellow sash of Nxivm with multiple stripes to indicate she was a full-fledged coach before dropping out in 2016.

In a virtue-signaling tweet – right after Raniere was arrested – the comely Kreuk wrote:

When I was about 23, I took an Executive Success Programs/NXIVM “intensive,” what I understood to be a self-help/personal growth course that helped me handle my previous shyness, which is why I continued with the program. I left about five years ago and had minimal contact with those who were still involved. The accusations that I was in the “inner circle” or recruited women as “sex slaves” are blatantly false. During my time, I never experienced any illegal or nefarious activity. I am horrified and disgusted by what has come out about DOS. Thank you to all of the brave women who have come forward to share their stories and expose DOS; I can’t imagine how difficult this has been for you. I am deeply disturbed and embarrassed to have been associated with NXIVM. I hope that the investigation leads to justice for all of those affected.

Of course, the Tweet is a little disingenuous.  The precocious Kreuk fails to mention she was a Nxivm coach and recruited numerous women into the cult including her co-star on Smallville, Allison Mack, who was later arrested.

It was pretty small of Kreuk to do nothing to speak out to help Mack who is going to be imprisoned for years. You would think she would try to take a little responsibility for getting her into this shit hole cult in the first place.

But while she was there, she was high on Nxivm.

Kreuk probably spent more than $200,000 on Nxivm courses –  she took many – and was constantly used by Nxivm as the poster girl for their recruitment into the destructive cult.

She mentions none of this in her tweet, preferring to pretend she was just a shy student who took a quick course a few years ago.

Is it not diversity if a woman can be a number of things from actress to cult coach to virtue-signaling hypocrite?

What do you say, Sultan?




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  • Multiculturalism aims to unify all cultures, races and religions, under the utopian slogans that all are equal and that they are able to live in harmony within a State. This doctrine is an essential part of the globalization process whose consequence is a unified international government or world government. The daily and historical reality is that coexistence between different races has only two results: third worldization and Balkanization (ethnic conflicts and territorial ruptures).

  • Sad Truth:

    If Kristen Kreuk had never introduced Allison Mack to NXIVM, Allison Mack would be living a normal life right now……

    Thanks, Kristen Kreuk!!!!!

  • Sad little Mean girls and spankyspermtalker, chained to their dirty little keyboards bashing Kristin and her beautiful picture of winning a award. She is living her life and has gotten support from many ex-NXIVM members who basically screamed her innocence.

    Yet the Mean girls and spankyspermtalker continue to bash and convict the lovely MS. Kreuk. Once the sentencing is done and the
    NXIVM case is finally closed, they will still be in their dark corner, typing….about their twisted little dreams, and living in misery.

    Oh wait….they how they are now. Lol. Hey SOS watching these sad folks is like watching death in slo-mo…sad…
    Go, Kristin!!!

    • Whatever Jesse

      Sultan of Spankers, Leader of Wankers. You just couldn’t resist typing.

      Why don’t you call Peter Kreuk at work again like you did last time?

      Cry me a river camel breath.

    • Once upon a time in Sultan of Six’s life… ….Sad little Sultan chained to his keyboards never losing his virginity and having no life…..
      …….typed on and on and on defending an actress who needed no defending…..

      Sadly and tragically Sultan never comprehend, even with his genius mind, Kristen needed no defending.

      …”Only Kristen matters!”-Sultan of Six

      ….So Sultan will sit sulking in his dingy little apartment, typing….about his twisted little obsession over an Asian elf princess. Poor little Sultan living in misery; Kristen Kreuk could care less what happens to pitiful little Sultan. Boohoo! Boohoo!

    • What a sad brown noser you are. What do you get out of it? Nothing. Ask this woman you are one-sided infatuated with if she thinks you are a loser for worshiping the ground she walks on. The sentencing makes no difference here. It is what Kreuk did (and didn’t do, post branding) that makes her look bad. Be honest, are you a loser emasculated male or an ugly female? Stop trying to fill the void in your worthless existence by pandering to a woman who could not and will not give a flying turd about you in any way shape or form.

  • “Kreuk probably spent more than $200,000 on Nxivm courses”

    What an utter waste of money. That sash and any paper certifications she received isn’t worth any more than toilet paper.

  • Allison Mack, dob 7/29/82. Kristin Kreuk, dob 12/30/82. Rather than offering analysis of their western astrological pieholes, let’s simplify and go to Chinese astrology, wherein both ladies show up as dogs, specifically water dogs. We Americans love love love our dogs. Seldom is anyone on earth treated better than the beloved American dog, pampered, groomed, fed assiduously, chauffeured, bathed, walked and poop-scoopered after like small emperors, empresses.

    Now poor Allison was a loyal, protective and a needy, horny dog who decided to stay stuck. Kreuk was a lucky dog who walked away less affected, shut the door and does not choose to look back.

    Who knows or who can judge what Kreuk went through in her own mind, as she decided to cut her Nxivm ties, and maybe not abruptly or all at once? Who knows what Kristin Kreuk knew and didn’t know, or when she was making her decisions to leave her investment with Nxivm/Raniere behind, or how complex it was for her to get away unscathed?

    What Kristin Kreuk was doing, while out speaking publicly recently, might have sounded like virtue-signalling if you want to follow cowbells. Thanks, Becky With The Good Hair, aka Godzilla, for being soooooo contemporaneously trendy.

    What Kristin Kreuk was doing is called doing her job. Try not to lace this with too many innuendos. If you have something solid factually to say about Kristin Kreuk, let it rip if you wanna.

    Virtue-signalling? Kristin Kreuk was working, promotionally. That’s showbiz. It is part of her job and/or best interests to make appearances and to sound “good” and “positive.” Sometimes, in fact often, showbiz is snowbiz, giving snowjobs, whether sincere or insincere. It’s contractual.

    What the fuck do you want, George Frobisher, for Kristin Kreuk to “get thee to a nunnery” or for her to trundle around dejectedly, looking for Hawthorne’s scarlet letter? Why not go after Gwyneth Paltrow’s cult, if you want to put an end to a real American Nightmare? I mean, expose away!

    How come, out of the 2, Kristin and Allison, one is now a down and dirty convicted felon, and the other one is not? This wasn’t luck of the draw. One walked out the door, slow or fast. The other one stayed stuck, slow or fast.

    What you, the writer, seem to want from Kristin Kreuk is not really yours to ask. She wasn’t caught red-handed in a Nxivm or DOS or other Raniere crimewave, at least not enough to have been charged. She has a job, her family and a life of her own. She has every right to her privacy and to make her own decisions and to keep her thoughts to herself, if she chooses, ongoing. It is no one’s business but hers. With your nonspecificity, there isn’t much to address.

    “Leave Britney Alone!” – George, for heaven’s sake. Think of a worthier cause, such as Sara Bronfman or Esther Carlson Chiappone, if Dragnet is your game. Those muthas are still in like Flynn. Kreuk has flown the coop. Get that onto your Motorola, George. Kreuk has left the building. Woof.

  • Toni is a thousand time prettier than Kreuk. Toni is a natural beauty. And unlike Kreuk she bravely fought Nxivm.

    • If I didn’t know who she was regarding her past with NXIVM, I’d say she looks rather good. I’d bet you a box of thin mints that you have bags under your eyes. People age. Fact. PS. I actually like her earrings because they look quite minimal.

  • “Diversity,” while perhaps taken too far at times – human beings are prone to doing that – is still a legitimate principle. I’m sure that readers also know that for a long time, the entertainment industry almost exclusively cast white men as heroes, even putting them in makeup to play characters of other ethnicities and avoid hiring people from those groups, while a good old boys’ club ran Hollywood, with other seedy practices including the “casting couch” that is now being revealed.

    What sort of appropriate and balanced, even revisionist, view would you suggest we take of the subject? If you just throw around stereotypes to serve a certain ideological point of view without discussing the nuances in a way that is respectful of our fellow human beings, you risk falling into the same sort of trap of human foible as Raniere and his NXian followers.

    And I don’t disagree that Kreuk is being hypocritical, by calling out people like Weinstein with whom she had no personal involvement, while never having denounced Raniere. You make a good case for that – I can kind of understand why she made the safe PR statement that she did, almost certainly pushed by her professional advisors, but then she should have stuck to her career and not tried to speak out at all on social issues.

    • I’m not sure she ever explicitly condemned Weinstein. This is all she said about him when asked in an interview about the current environment the #metoo movement had produced for women in the entertainment industry: “What he was able to do, it’s heartbreaking. Weinstein had access to money and power in a business where there’s women everywhere.” So this idea that she denounced Weinstein but refused to do the same for Raniere seems to be a myth.

      • Most of the nonsense anonyfaker craps out is nonsense. I guess his girl Kreuk showed real diversity when her WHITE boyfriend Mark Hildreth shoved his WHITE maleness in her

        • What’s so nonsensical about objectively looking at the actual facts of a situation, and having some understanding and compassion for one’s fellow human beings?

          I guess this is what we get when there are people living their lives in mom and dad’s basement playing war games all the time – now there’s a social problem to address, and one that seems directly relevant to a number of commenters here.

          With the attitude of my little group has the truth, and everyone else are enemies to be looked down on if not even attacked, you might as well be in a cult – if you’re not already.

          • These are only facts in your cultish politically correct mind. One of your biggest mistakes Slick is to think you are enlightened, when you are just a brainwashed follower of the cult of Liberalism. It was probably your gullible mental state that led you to to the Brooklyn chapter of NXIVM to begin with.

          • Well said my faithful follower, AnonyMaker. You indeed are a faithful son of Islam. Yes, diversity is great as long as we are the ones deciding the diversity. Praise be Allah and the mighty Prophet.

      • Thanks for clarifying that – good point.

        She also really had nothing to “speak out” about directly – unlike Edmondson, she almost certainly hadn’t experienced any of the abuses. (Which is a reminder, if there are truly guilty “virtue signalers” to call out, Edmondson, and perhaps also Grace Park, are much higher on the list, if not so winsomely pretty).

        I do still think it is fair to fault Kreuk for her milquetoast statement that downplayed her involvement, and failed to apologize for her recruiting of other people even if she didn’t understand what she was getting some of them in to – again, especially if she wants to then comment on other abuses in the world, or portray herself as some sort of crusader.

        • Park and Edmondson are quite beautiful in their own right. As far as Kristin’s statement, it was pointed and accurate of what she knew, as well as others. Oxenburg was in for years, yet she was caught off guard with her own daughter. But for some twisted dopes, not being included in a case and declared innocent by the folks who helped destroy NXIVM is just not enough. You see Kristin should have never gotten the female lead in Smallville so this case is the only way to get back at her. Mean girls must have their revenge…lol So goes Spankyspermtalker logic…..;) Sad….but

          • Kreuk’s statement was not “accurate,” unfortunately. It looks to me like something crafted by her PR people to minimize her involvement without resorting to blatant falsehoods, somewhat understandably, but it was less than full and honest, and it was published under her name.

            That may be acceptable for a nose-to-the-grindstone working actress who wants to shield her career and get on with it, but it’s indeed hypocritical for someone who then wants to portray themselves as a sort of crusader on social justice issues. I suspect that, sadly, like Mack, she is a rather vapid Hollywood type and lacks the reflective capacities and self-awareness to even appreciate how she failed.

            But her minor hypocrisy is hardly worthy of note, and you’re right that it only gets the attention it does largely because of ongoing Smallville fan wars.

          • –Kreuk’s statement was not “accurate,” unfortunately.

            Yep. She only did a disservice to herself. It was the right call to make a statement, but it wasn’t the right one to make it glaringly selective and not forthright about her actual status in the group. It would’ve been better if she said she was both a student and a coach and given the real reasons as to why she was in the group for several years–she thought it was a self-help group the mission of which was to help others, she found the courses she took helpful and as a coach wanted to help others in the same way she felt they helped her, she enjoyed the friendships she made with people at the time, etc. But like many others, she was simply thought reformed and fooled. Everyone has been fooled by someone or something in their life. There is no shame in that because it’s not always your fault. The vast majority of people are willing to accept such valid reasoning and sympathize–to see her as a victim–when they understand the nature of cults and how they compartmentalize. Lies and/or gaps in the truth almost always hang around and linger to either eventually be destroyed or filled in by the truth.

          • Yeah!!!!!!!

            Sultan taught everyone here a thing or two. Lana Lang is above it all bitches!!!

            Oh yeah!!!!

            Now we all know Sultan of Six is a bigger loser than Scott Johnson.

          • You are a useless human being. You are like a piece of homeless people’s shit on the sidewalk. Nobody on this Earth gives a damn what you have to say stalker. You have no information to share. You are just a loser psycho-fan. You have wrapped at least part of your identity around a woman who does not even know or care that you exist. Get a life, or end yours quickly, you oxygen thief. You only quote what you want to believe is true and dismiss all the new information that has come out. Do you have any chemicals under the sink? Put them down your neck like vodka shots, you complete idiot. “Fan forums” are not real life.

      • Anonymous,

        And Alabama was created by and still run by white trash. White trash hold all the power in Alabama. Alabama is the poorest state in the USA. Maybe the Jews should be brought in to fix things?

        Don’t get me started about Mississippi…

        • Jews hols all the power in Hollywood and control the “culture”. Jews directly influence what people think.

          Alabama is poor because of black people. Look at the crime statistics. Look at the broken families. White America is significantly more than Alabama and if white people were the primary citizens of Alabama, you know, that Alabama would be less poor and with less crime.

        • Nicefag, useless shit like you couldn’t survive in Alabama or any state for that matter if your mother wasn’t hooking every night and the generous welfare state didn’t support you

          • LOL I am fag that likes your daddy sucking my cock.

            …As long as my mommy is charging $250 more an hour than your mommy, we will be all right. 🙂

        • The white population is significantly higher then the black population.

          What percentage of the white population are on welfare?

          What percentage of the black population are on welfare?

          The average Asian household makes more money then the average white household. Not surprisingly, they don’t have a serious problem with feminism and broken families. But, the white population has more money in total then the Asian population as there are more whites then Asians.

          One in five black babies are aborted, thus their numbers stay low. White women are more likely to have children, thus could claim child welfare.

          It’s numbers. You would expect the largest majority of the population to be more represented in these statistics.

          Having said that, despite blacks being less than 13% of the population, they commit 52% of all murders. Blacks are outnumbered by whites, yet more blacks kill whites then whites kill blacks. There are other statistics. This is an OVER representation of the black population.

          Statistics should reflect the percentage of a groups involvement in things: welfare, crime, etc, in regards to it’s population numbers.

          Whites are numerically higher in number than blacks. Blacks are less than 13% of the total population. In the 1960’s, they were around 10%. The welfare state, paid for mainly by whites, has increased their numbers, as single black women have the tax payer raise her children.

          When families break down, society breaks down. Most violent black criminals in prison come from broken homes. Feminism has caused a breakdown in male/female relationships among white people. Broken homes = welfare. More family = less welfare.

          The prison population is heavily populated by black criminals who have committed the most violent crimes. That is tax payer funded.

          How many blacks are homeless on the streets? Not just in total numbers, but in regards to the total black population? Compare that to the white population.

          Anyway, whites are the primary tax payers.

          Has your wife emasculated you today?

  • i do beleive sHE is refering to tranzgenderism what a katoney!!! {bad pic pick} its really hard for them when they get older to seem feminine at all

    vision 2020

  • Go away Sultan of Sickos, Leader of Wankers.

    No one wants to hear your support of monkey midget Kristin Kreuk. Kook is starting to show her age – puffy lower eyelids, crow’s feet.

    Isn’t it interesting, when a person’s outside starts to match their inside? Kook is finally showing her goblin self.

    What else do you expect from a High School dropout?

    Halal head.

  • Kristin Kreuk:
    Go Away!
    And be happy you got out of NXIVM without being indicted.

    And by the way Kristen Kreuk. you are late for your facial at the spa.
    Gwyneth Paltrow has some Goop to slather on your face.

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