Shivani: Allison Mack Decided to Be the Snidely Whiplash of Female Empowerment, but She Was Really White Trash

By Shivani

Remembering an article by Shadow state. It was published here in 2018. He quoted Allison Mack, who said to a New York Times reporter, “I have two tattoos, and they mean nothing.”

Then Allison launched into her lipspeak about branding human flesh and how it’s so much more meaningful than tattoos. She was completely unaware of how she sounded, patting herself on the back like a self-besotted, reckless demon, while accrediting herself for coming up with the idea for branding a pyramidlike series of sex slaves. History tells us how branding human flesh has equated human beings with livestock.

Allison Mack

“In her apartment, I was surprised to hear Mack take full responsibility for coming up with the DOS cauterized brand. She told me, ‘I was like: “Y’all, a tattoo? People get drunk and tattooed on their ankle ‘BFF,’ or a tramp stamp. I have two tattoos and they mean nothing.”’ She wanted to do something more meaningful, something that took guts.” [From New York Times Magazine.]Mack, while under house arrest, reportedly had to go and get her driver’s license renewed or reinstated, out near her parents’ house in Los Alamitos, OC, Ca.

In walks Allison Mack to a DMV? I mean, she thought that she was so hot-shit to brag about branding flesh.

Even Whitney Houston doesn’t need to holler “Mack is wack.” But you do the boogaloo, Allison. One would think that a slave driver would have a chauffeur. Right, Whitney Houston? Plus a bodyguard who looked like Kevin Costner in 1992.

It turns out that Allison Mack had slaves, sex slaves. Houston, we have a problem. The wack Mack did not hear about the American Civil War? What the hell, explain this to me one more time.

Allison Mack decided to be the Snidely Whiplash of female empowerment? But she was really white trash?

Image result for snidely whiplash
Snidely Whiplash

So she got arrested for what? Was it bad acting? Did Allison Mack act badly? Is she the haggard-looking tattooed, branded woman, that one you hope never gets onto your subway car?

I never liked Mary Poppins, but Allison Mack has carried it too far, in some other maimed and vomitous direction. So she got all hubba-bubba about sadism and was smiling theatrically, in front of the international press to “Say it loud! I like charred flesh and I’m proud!”

If only Allison had gotten what she wanted so desperately. She would have her crotch pressed squarely on Raniere’s back as he crawled all over his detention center on all fours. Giddy-up! Allison can lead the parade on the Flabturd Float like a waving, corsaged ambassadress.

Will Mack jetset to NYC, under custody, to receive her sentence? Huh? Then what? Exoneration?

A trip back to California, still in custody? Victorville is less than one hundred miles from Los Alamitos, but it could be on another planet for Allison Mack. Is she bisexual voluntarily?

If she goes into a prison with lots of $$$, she can set herself up as a sugar mama. Just don’t boast, keep quiet. You boast and you are toast. Better not mention Raniere. Too many of your fellow prisoners already had someone just like Raniere for a stepfather or an uncle or a neighbor or a teacher, a cousin or a priest.

Keep your cool and check out your surroundings. Listen now to podcasts featuring women who have gotten through being in prison. However badly I might think that Allison Mack has sucked at life, even she can have a fighting chance to clean up her act, even in prison. She is going to see things that she has never seen before, almost right off the bat.

If Allison winds up in prison, she won’t regret it if she has her hair colored back to match her natural color before going inside. If she gets six months or more, Allison had better be studying all of her own acts. If she has reformed herself at all, she can be an entertainer without strings again. She turned herself into a Raniere puppet. There has got to be some way back.

If Allison goes to prison, afterward, with a little research, she could get a divorce and move to Mauritania and eat huge greenleaf boats full of couscous morning, noon and at teatime, dinnertime and even more at night. She might want to change her name.

Allow me to suggest that Allison Mack could make a terrific Izzy Rose. It could be soooooo Sadie Thompson.

Allison Mack is a DOS sex slave in search of a new autobiography. Cue the music. Get the castanets. Hopefully no more A Capella groups. No one really likes quite that much purgatory. Where Allison Mack might be going, somebody once said about prison, “Maybe it’s better to do your time in hell before you die.” And that was that.

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  • Wow. Support for Allison Mack continues to grow here on Frank Report. I wonder what she’d think of no longer being identified as second in command? The new narrative is almost that she clueless wasn’t really involved at all
    The enemy of my enemy is my friend is really getting used depending on who is in the crosshairs.

    And offense at “white trash”?!
    Geezus virtue signaling meets privilege meets social justice in one gnarly collision

    • Mitch,
      Before we know it, Allison Mack’s many fans will spin the narrative that Allison Mack just wandered off of the streets into NXIVM and had nothing to do with NXIVM’s crimes at all.

  • Shivani

    I mean no offense…Are you and Shadow kindred spirits?

    BTW, Mitchell says that without trailer trash there would be no porn.

  • I’ll wager that after shadowstate1958 saw the pic up top of Allison Mack, sensually clasping the beer bottle with both her hands, he got harder than stale bread.

  • T know this article was posted using English words and phrases, but it didn’t make a bit of sense to me especially the part of about Allison’s hair color–WTF?!

  • I’m a huge fan of Shivani’s unabashed, free-flowing writing style and often agree with her, however this time, Shivani’s missed the mark.

    Before Shivani showed up here on FR there was much discussion about the New York Times Magazine NXIVM interview(s) in which Allison Mack took the cred for dreaming up the branding.

    The general consensus supported by the facts and circumstances is that that NYT Mag story — which appeared in May 2018, months after the branding story broke — after the arrests of Keith Raniere and Allison Mack but prior to the arrest of Clare Bronfman — was part of an entirely contrived, expertly planned and staged, criminal defense media misinformation strategy — down to NXIVM’s preselection and manipulation of the young female writer, Vanessa Gregorialis, who was flown to Mexico to conduct the interviews at the Mex-NX headquarters in October 2017, in addition to visiting Allison Mack at her alleged Manhattan high rise apartment where, in fact, Mack was only briefly situated — or, perhaps, “where she was ‘set-up'” is a more apt description.

    As the DOJ themselves pointed out in media reports at the time of Allison Mack’s rather surprising arrest: Allison “took the fall” — starting with the false and possibly forced ‘confession’ she made in that Gregorialis interview.

    So, sorry Shivani, I loves ya but I find it a bit unfair of you to judge Allison based on her lies to Gregorialis in that yarn that was, obviously, spun by some expert defense strategists.

    I agree that Allison should not have made a martyr of herself or “taken one for the team” — as she seems to view it — should not have lied for any reason but the distinction for me is that Allison was, indeed, not only strung-up like a marionette — including by NX’s powerful purse strings — but was strung-out on Keith and Nancy’s Koolaide for many years prior.

    In fact, Allison’s starring role in NX — which Kristin Kreuk also auditioned for — “Pinochiette Takes the Fall” — was cast waaaaaay back before she ever set foot on the Bronfman jet, IMHO.

    (…Keep those wry, witty writing lessons coming, Shivani. I know I use too much alliteration but I loves it!)

    • Heidi:
      You skip a number of very inconvenient facts.

      1.) Allison Mack pushed aside a number of other candidates to be Chief Pimp.
      Women like Lauren Salzman and Nicki Clyne.

      2.) Allison Mack used Siobhan Hotaling as a punching bag because Siobhan would not allow the Vanguard to mentor her.
      Forget that Siobhan is a lesbian and a free woman.

      3.) Allison Mack would use derogatory nicknames for other women like “The Brat” and “The Princess”.
      This was from trial testimony.

      4.) Allison Mack had a feud with Esther Chiappone Carlson because Esther would not starve herself to the point of being a 12 year old girl or a cadaver.
      (And Allison Mack was shocked to learn that Keith Raniere had a thing for 12 year old girls ROTFLMAO)

      5.) Allison Mack had a feud with Clare Bronfman over which one would be the Master of India Oxenberg.
      Allison Mack won that feud.
      NXIVM was nothing more than a Mean Girls Club of Mean Girls in their twenties, thirties and forties.
      And Allison Mack was the chief Mean Girl.

      Heidi, trying to rehabilitate Allison Mack’s reputation is like trying to polish a turd.

      • Does the word “HEARSAY” mean anything to you, Shadow?

        And you’re not even getting the hearsay right. But I made up my mind long ago not to frustrate you further with Mack facts.

        Everybody already knows that if you had your druthers, Allison would be under house arrest in your closet right next to your look alike blow-up doll of her.

          • NutJob,

            Shadow ‘s mind is telling no, but his body is telling him yes… They say the forbidden fruit tastes sweeter… And at this moment Shadow a very ripe-succulent, peach.

            It’s self-evident that Mr. Shadow spanked it to Mack at least once.

  • If Mack is assigned to the Federal prison in Victorville, it is right next to a closed Air Force Base which is now used as a cargo airport.
    It will be very convenient to ship her around by Con Air.

  • Shivani, I see you are now taking over the unremitting abuse of Alison Mack from Shadow.

    I now skip your postings and articles along with Shadow and her friends.

    It’s not journalism.

    It’s hate generation, and is an outright crime when it goes too far. It’s a hate crime whether done by a man or woman.

    There nothing that needs to be said about most of these women that we don’t already know.

    Please, Find a new subject.

    • “It’s not journalism.
      It’s hate generation,” Anonymous

      How much hate did Allison Mack have in her heart when she ordered that a hot piece of metal be used to brand women like cattle?
      Real Hate!
      And I will tell you that Allison Mack still has hate in her heart.
      Hatred that deep does not evaporate in the morning sun.

  • Madame Shivani, may I go and visit my family on my half day off in eight weeks time? Its just, we’re white trash you know, and I’ve been saving this piece of bread..

    • Anonymous:
      Shivani is not insulting “White Trash” (Poor white people).
      Shivani is insulting Allison Mack.
      The British Royal Family lives in palaces around Britain.
      People fawn over the British Royal Family.
      And yet the British Royal Family is worse than White Trash.
      All the money and power in the world will not elevate the British Royal Family above White Trash.
      White Trash is an attitude.

      • My daddy always told me The Clinton’s were white trash.
        Congrats on using the offensive “white trash” for the headline. If the picture fits, Allison definitely will fit in here. I’m in trailer # F

        • To lady Lefty Frastien:
          The Clintons are dirtier than any so called white trash I ever met.

          Bill Clinton associated with a notorious pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and flew down on Epstein’s private jet “the Lolita Express” to Epstein’s Pedophile Island.

          And Epsteins’ Chief Pimp Ghislane Maxwell attended Chelsea Clinton’s wedding.

          Picture of Pimp Ghislane Maxwell, in red circle, attending Chelsea Clinton’s wedding.

          Keep on Pimping, Ghislane!

  • Shivani, interesting thoughts – amusingly framed.

    Mack’s father is a well-known classical musician, so she must have been brought up around real culture. But I wonder about her parents’ other involvements – if they had culty beliefs or even belonged to some sort of strange group, I wouldn’t be surprised.

    And Mack got at least one of her tattoos (one that can’t be seen) due to her manipulative and reportedly abusive first long-term boyfriend and fiancee, who from what I can tell could indeed be described as white trash. For some reason that seemed to attract her, and I think is reflected in her later involvement with the grungy guru slavemaster.

    I still find it hard to tell what to make of her, since we don’t really know much of anything about where her head is at, unlike Lauren Salzman for whom we at least have court testimony. And as has been suggested for Salzman, Mack needs to work with a good therapist specializing in former cult members – there’s a woman who does just that who I believe is conveniently based in LA, though if I recall she does sessions over the internet with people all over the country.

    • Without going into details Mack’s older brother is a school teacher and her younger sister is a Licensed Massage Therapist.
      (Allison herself is a sort of unlicensed massage therapist. LOL)
      Both of her siblings appear to be relatively normal and law abiding.
      Her father did give a concert in a mainstream upper class Protestant church in Southern California.
      But it was a collection of songs written by Cole Porter who, to say the least, did not write church music.

      • Without going into details, Mack’s father is indeed a well-known professional classical musician. He was on a prestigious foreign apprenticeship when Allison was born, which is why her birthplace is Germany.

        If you use The Google correctly, you’ll find him on the sites of the LA Philharmonic, and also CSU Long Beach where it references him and “orchestras including the Los Angeles Philharmonic, the Minnesota Symphony, and the London Symphony at venues including the Carmel Bach, Chautauqua and Ojai festivals.”

        Bach wrote church music.

  • And we are back to the old BS FR…exclusively about Allison and always based on lies and false statements, twisting facts, ignoring the truth and of course, only one-sided…

    shivani…I don’t even understand why i answer (except the pleasure of moking you)
    “Remembering an article by Shadow state. It was published here in 2018. He quoted Allison Mack, who said to a New York Times reporter, “I have two tattoos, and they mean nothing.””

    And funny but the article meant nothing either as it was FORCED by Raniere…funny too is that AUTHORITIES GAVE NO CREDIT TO THIS INTERVIEW…only idiots did (as the interviewer herself pointed that it was suspiciously forced…)
    This is why the article was posted by SHADOWSTATE…the worst source when it come to facts.

    “Then Allison launched into her lipspeak about branding human flesh and how it’s so much more meaningful than tattoos.”
    No she didn’t, you interpret…the interview didn’t go further than this and the branding is debunked for her side…there is enough proof of this you idiot!
    Even a recording showing that Allison didn’t had any decision in this…Only Raniere did.

    Lauren herself stated clearly that Raniere decided that they should take the blame if something was going wrong.

    “In walks Allison Mack to a DMV? I mean, she thought that she was so hotshit to brag about branding flesh.”
    What does this even mean? I know you are mad and not really smart but please, do an effort to be at least making a bit of sense.

    “It turns out that Allison Mack had slaves, sex slaves. Houston, we have a problem. The wack Mack did not hear about the American Civil War? What the hell, explain this to me one more time.”
    It turns out she didn’t…she was a slave herself, if you don’t understand how it’s going and choose to ignore the WHOLE TRIAL, it’s a thing but don’t try to pretend publicly that it really happened because it’s not a fact.

    “If she goes into a prison with lots of $$$,”
    Salty idiot, we also know that she is broke but please, continue to ridicule yourself…get help now

    You know what is funny in this specific article? it’s obvious that you are out of arguments…
    So, you do what? you dig up an old debunked argument and just resort to basic insults…trying to get an agressive answer.

    All i need to do is to debunk your BS (while ignoring the stupid comment that made 90% of this “article”.

    All you are, shivani, is a troll, a bad one OR a mentally instable idiot…nothing else.

    Allison was coerced, starved and sleepless, 3 points that are for normal, sane and mature people, a good “excuse” to OBEY the order (because it’s a fact too, she never gave an order by herself)

    What is your excuse?

    Allison is going better and is out of the danger zone from cults but you are still going down further and further in madness…is that why you use her as a practice target?

    BTW, if you expect her to read your petty, childish, immature insults, sorry to burst your bubble but i doubt she care about FR…

    I start to not care seeing the reputation this site is…now only a hand of genuine, knowledgable and sane people still post here…
    Most are nutjobs like you (and sorry, but when you publish this kind of story, you too franky)

  • Why call her white trash though? That’s unfairly lumping a whole bunch of innocent white people who don’t deserve it into the same/similar category as Allison, who tbh, she deserves her own label.

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