Questions Answered About Elaine Smiloff’s Sex Offender Record – and How It Might Relate to the Disappearance of Kristin Snyder

In this post, Shivani asks some serious questions about Elaine Smiloff, the woman who supposedly drove Kristin Snyder away from her final ESP intensive. Kristin was never seen again. It is fair to say that Elaine was the last known person to see Kristin alive.  Frank Report will try to answer some of the questions Shivani raises.

By Shivani

Even though we know that Elaine Smiloff was seen driving away from the Westmark Hotel in Anchorage with Kristin Snyder, according to witnesses, what happened next?

Who is Elaine Smiloff, really?

What’s the story of her having been in some kind of trouble with the law herself?

Is it wrong to ask, or bringing up a touchy subject?

Why was Elaine Smiloff at Esther Chiappone’s, etc. beck and call, to be the one who drove Kristin off, and Kristin was never seen alive again?

Esther Chiappone was more authoritative than Ed Kinum the chiropractor, as far as managing Kristin’s handling as an intensive participant who was found difficult to “teach.”

Esther Chiappone did not let Smiloff speak with authorities alone, and no one admitted that Kristin was saying that she was pregnant and was being told by Raniere’s/Salzman’s intensive staff, for many days, that NO, Kristin was not pregnant.

The negligent treatment of Kristin Snyder in a marketed ESP intensive training is staggering. It’s nauseating. It is heartbreaking.

Was Elaine some kind of tough or violent individual?

Was she in legal trouble before or after Kristin disappeared?

How come Elaine was asked, or told, to drive Kristin Snyder away from the ESP intensive?

Why her and why did she agree to do it?

What is the double-story about how Elaine was supposedly going to keep Kristin company, to not leave her by herself, vs. how Elaine claims that she just left Kristin at Kristin and Heidi’s home and didn’t stay with Kristin at all?

Even to imagine that the way that the Executive Success Program’s staff treated Kristin, by ejecting her, after days of dismissing what Kristin was saying was distressing her, is too much and though it should have been investigative info, right from the start, there was a big coverup.

With all that has come to light since, let’s get some justice. These people put on an expensive and long program and failed their client entirely. No one helped Kristin to get medical attention or cooperated when Heidi Clifford said that she’d take Kristin to a medical professional.

Raniere involved himself with Kristin as a criminal pretending to be a valid teacher and mentor. He even sent detectives out to Alaska quite some time after Kristin Snyder disappeared.

Kristin’s body had never been found. He didn’t only send his inner circle spy, Kristin Keeffe to Alaska to nose around. He wanted something more official-looking than that. So he told some detectives what to go find in Alaska: nothing!

I think that Raniere sent detectives to spread rumors in Alaska that fit Raniere’s goal: don’t bother looking for Kristin Snyder. Raniere wanted Kristin to seem alive and well, having run off from Anchorage to live happily ever after, as a lesbian with some emotional baggage, who maybe even was a drug dealer in hiding, say in Florida.

What are we looking at here? The whole story has got to be exposed. This is no way to allow it to fade away, now that there’s more information available than ever before. Is there a real investigation being done now by Anchorage or any Alaskan law enforcement agency?

No one should ever experience what Kristin Snyder is known to have gone through, even while she was still present as a participant, in a self-help format, in a human growth potential environment. Executive Success Programs were completely phony, apparently only looking for-profit and to recruit suitable fodder for Raniere’s workforce or for his other interests.

It would be better to find out what really happened to Kristin Snyder. She had a life before she ran into whatever Raniere and company tried to sell her or to force upon her. And then all of sudden, Kristin was gone, last seen leaving an ESP group in Anchorage, where the entire group’s staff had engaged in lying to her, gaslighting her, isolating her, and denying her any help or even human comfort.


Elaine Smiloff

Editor’s Note:

Let me try to answer some of Shivani’s questions:

Elaine Donna Smiloff (AKA Elaine Apperson) was convicted of attempted sexual abuse of minor 3. Her offense occurred on August 21, 2002 and she was convicted on March 20, 2003.

Elaine was born on April 25, 1963, so she is 56 years old. She was 40 when she committed her sexual offense and when she drove Kristin Snyder away.

The dates of her conviction are curious since Elaine committed a sex offense [with underage girls] shortly before Kristin became enmeshed in the world of ESP. Elaine also joined about that time.

Was she a violent type?

Elaine was  5′ 2″  and about 150 lbs. She is an Aleutian and has lived in Anchorage as well as on Adack – a remote island in the Bearing Sea, population 331. On that little island, Elaine was elected as one of the council members.

She was also on the registered sex offenders list up until this year. Her name has been removed recently.

As for her physical abilities – she was a Harbor Master at one time. She hunts seals and spears big fish. Although she was smaller in height than Kristin Snyder, she weighed more and was probably every bit as athletic and perhaps more versed in survival skills.

That is not to say that Elaine had anything to do with the disappearance of Kristin Snyder other than driving her to her home and leaving her there.

Elaine told me about that ride, telling me that she did not think Kristin was in any condition to drive all the way to Seward [where her truck and a suicide note were found] when she dropped her off. She also told me that Kristin freely told her that she was pregnant with Raniere’s child. And that she did not know “if she could go through with it.” Whatever that means.

At one time, Elaine promised to help me in the investigation of Kristin Snyder and when I came to Alaska to meet her, she disappeared. Whether that was out of guilt or fear is hard to say. I only know that on the strength of her proffered help, I made a trip to Alaska and she stiffed me. It would have been better if she simply said she wouldn’t meet.

But this is part of the investigator’s game. You track down sources and sometimes they mislead you.

Is Elaine misleading all of us? I don’t know.

Any way you look at it, at the time she was asked by Esther to drive Kristin home, Elaine had been arrested and was awaiting final disposition of her sex offense case – which occurred about a month and a half after Kristin disappeared when Elaine was convicted.

Evidently, Elaine did not go to prison. It is possible that Raniere helped. He had a powerful group of legal people in Anchorage taking NXIVM courses.  He may have had some influence on the courts and court system.

At the time Elaine whisked Kristin away from the class, Elaine was in serious legal trouble.

Did the ESP leaders offer to help Elaine in return for certain favors? Did they pressure her into helping? And did that help include assisting in a plan to ensure Kristin Snyder did not do harm to the wonderful ESP program and that saintly man Keith Alan Raniere?

How close Keith was to Elaine is hard to say. He did pay for her to take a trip to Albany. She came and he discussed with her using her Native American status to help him form a separate nation.

Elaine was not the desired body type for Keith and it is unlikely that he ever had sex with her.

Maybe one day I will hear again from Elaine Smiloff. There may be more than she knows.

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[…] woman home. The potential significance of Smiloff’s criminal record was discussed by Shivani in a January 4th, 2020 Frank Report […]

3 years ago

“It is possible that Raniere helped. He had a powerful group of legal people in Anchorage taking NXIVM courses. He may have had some influence on the courts and court system.” Frank Parlato

Raniere and NXIVM found no shortage of lawyers and people in the medical profession willing to serve as Flying Monkeys.

And NXIVM appears to be a haven for sexual misfits and criminals of all kinds of flavors.
Male pedophiles and female pedophiles.
Pimps and rapists.

Scott Johnson
3 years ago

Smiloff may not have been Raniere’s body type, but she was convicted of sexually abusing little girls, which are also Raniere’s sexual abuse body type. Just when you think the NXIVM story can’t get more twisted and sick, it does.

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