FBI Agent: What to Do About Crimes Against FISA Court, Carter Page and the Trump Campaign? – Indict Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton with Pam Cafritz's mother Buffy Cafritz

Editor’s Note: J. Gary DiLaura is a legendary FBI agent. He helped break the Timothy McVeigh case; was involved in the John Gotti arrest; and, in the old tradition of the FBI, collared bank robbers after shootouts, setting a record one year for most bank robbers caught in NYC. 


These facts are now well known, most have been testified to under oath by officials;

Hillary Clinton purchased the legal entity known as the Democratic National Committee nine months before the Democrat National Convention to select a presidential candidate for the 2016 presidential election.

She gained, by contractual agreement, complete control over all financial transactions of the DNC.

Hillary Clinton hired Fusion GPS to provide derogatory information against Republican National Committee presidential candidate Donald Trump, to be used to her benefit by discrediting then-candidate Trump in the 2016 election.

Fusion GPS commissioned Christopher Steele, a former British Agent, to obtain dirt on Trump. Steele knew or should have known that the information he garnished, fabricated or otherwise provided to the DNC, in a format that was ultimately named the Steele Dossier, would be utilized to discredit candidate Trump in the upcoming presidential election.

The Steele Dossier is a fabricated, “salacious, unverified “ and false document that was used by the DOJ, FBI and other government agencies as evidence to obtain an illegal FISA wiretap warrant on US citizen Carter Page and other citizens.

Documents signed by and sworn to by high ranking DOJ and FBI officials attesting to the credibility, authority, accuracy, and completeness of the Steele Dossier, as cause to issue warrants, were known or should have been known to be completely false by all signors to the warrants.

The fact that the political opponent of Donald Trump paid either directly or indirectly for the Dossier used for the warrants was known or should have been known by all signers who swore to and signed that, “to the best of their knowledge the information was true and accurate”, a totally false statement by all those who claimed to be “sworn government officials, knowledgeable of all the facts and circumstances surrounding the investigation” – which is a statement always asked during the issuance of all federal warrants, orally and in writing.

Warrants for eavesdropping on Carter Page – and ultimately other US citizens – were subsequently issued by the FISA Court.


That’s obvious and easy to answer… first and foremost… in a FISA warrant, DOJ does not have to prove a crime has been committed or will be committed and, therefore, NO ‘probable cause’ is necessary. That’s because FISA is supposed to apply by law ONLY to foreign powers and agents of foreign powers, so it was much easier to allege Page was a foreign agent, and obtain a FISA warrant versus impossible to obtain a legal, Title 3 wiretap!

Neither Carter Page nor Donald Trump committed any crime(s) – which meant that the DOJ had no PC to obtain any legal wiretaps (Title 3) on Page, Trump or anyone else – in order to affect the election.

The goal was to get Clinton elected at any and all costs.

Investigators, by law, are not allowed to target U.S. citizens under FISA. In fact, if information about a U.S. citizen is accidentally discovered, the law requires those records to be destroyed. The law requires that under certain restricted conditions DOJ can retain the names of US citizens but needs special authorization to “unmask” or reveal those names.

Obama by “his pen and executive order”, contradicted the FISA laws and allowed all 17 intelligence agencies to have access to FISA warrant “raw data”. Under Obama’s administration, and in his last year, he allowed the unmasking of about 365 names of US citizens by Samantha Powers. Why?

The crimes these government officials committed are so egregious that the laws provide for BOTH, civil and criminal punishment for violating the civil rights of a US citizen.  The civil punishment is triple damages!

As US Citizens we, the 63 million citizens who voted for Donald Trump, respectfully request that these criminals be brought to justice. Allow a jury of 12 to determine their innocence or guilt, as our Rule of Law requires and not an FBI Director or Attorney General.

It’s up to a jury!

It is my opinion that John Brennan and James Clapper were complicit, implicated, and conspired in convincing James Comey to use the Steele Dossier for the Carter Page FISA warrants.

Mr. President, if AG Barr refuses to indict and prosecute all the signors of the Page FISA warrant as well as Christopher Steele, Fusion GPS and their principals, have him recuse himself and appoint former judge and current FBI Director Christopher Wray as Special Prosecutor.

AG Barr and Rod Rosenstein are friends and Rosenstein signed the FISA warrants. Then appoint a retired FBI agent as director of the FBI, if you really want the FBI straightened out, without disrespecting Wray.

Direct AG Barr to indict Hillary Clinton, and disregard what James Comey illegally said about her investigation. Under the Federal Rules, the FBI Director cannot issue his prosecutorial opinion on a pending case.

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3 years ago

Obama conducted 2,800 attacks in Iraq/Syria under the “War Powers Act.” Trump orders two hits and suddenly Democrats become “Constitutionalists”

These are slimy chameleon weasels. Congress has the sole authorization to declare war, but they have turned their coward backs for decades on that power by leaning on the “War Powers Act,” which has allowed all previous Presidents to order attacks which were not “technically” official declarations of war.

How many dead Iraqis and Syrians were murdered, and for how long under this “War Powers Act” while Congress stuck their worthless heads up their asses? Now suddenly they love the Constitution? If they valued the Constitution, they should have overturned the War Powers Act DECADES ago!!! These overpaid bags of shit need to GO NOW!!!!

Hey Frank
Hey Frank
3 years ago

I really like to read the articles that J.Gary authors. He tells it like it is, and his background gives them authenticity .

3 years ago

#Lock Her Up!

3 years ago

Note that the picture features Buffy Cafritz who is the mother of Keith Raniere’s long-time girl friend Pam Pimp Cafritz.
Pam Cafritz, a woman who would procure underage girls for Keith Raniere’s sexual gratification.

Scott Johnson
3 years ago

If most or all of this is true, and I believe it is, why is it taking so long? Either put them in handcuffs and on trial, or announce the investigation has been completed and there wasn’t enough evidence. Either way, this needs to be put behind us, it has already dragged on for far too long in the swamp.

3 years ago
Reply to  Scott Johnson

“If most or all of this is true, why is it taking so long?” Scott Johnson

Because the Deep State has been engaged in a three year long conspiracy with a corrupt mainstream media to overthrow Donald Trump.
It’s been a slow motion Coup d’état.

Scott, you should note that Washington DC is built in a Swamp.

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