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Well, 2019 has come and gone. And a lot happened during the year. Keith Alan Raniere and his Nxivm co-conspirators were convicted or pleaded guilty to various crimes. The rascal is in custody and likely to remain so for many years to come. The others, especially the brutal Clare Bronfman, will be heading off to prison soon.

Perhaps it is ignominious to gloat – but these two sinister creatures made it their fondest wish to have me imprisoned. And while my fight is still ahead of me, they have been vanquished.  It was a nice battle – Raniere and Bronfman versus me and the Frank Report.

So far, we are batting 100 percent.

Frank Report had another record year. With more than 5.8 million page views, it surpassed its previous record by more than 800,000 page views.

Our numbers show that Frank Report is one of the biggest small blogs/news outlets in the USA.



Page View Stats:

2016:       66,432
2017:  1,146,777
2018:  4,994,896
2019:  5,831,357


Top 10 Countries:


People in some 220 countries logged on to read stories in 2019:

1. United States
2. Mexico
3. Canada
4. United Kingdom
5. Germany
6. Australia
7. France
8. Spain
9. South Africa
10. Netherlands
11. New Zealand
12. Brazil
13. Colombia
14. India
15. Ireland
16. Italy
17. Portugal
18. Switzerland
19. Belgium
20. Sweden
21. Philippines
22. Japan
23. Singapore
24. Israel
25. Guatemala
26. Romania
27. Vietnam
28. Taiwan
29. Austria
30. Russia
31. Poland
32. Malaysia
33. Panama
34. Hong Kong SAR China
35. Denmark
36. Norway
37. Finland
38. Fiji
39. Thailand
40. Bosnia & Herzegovina
41. Argentina
42. Hungary
43. Saudi Arabia
44. Indonesia
45. Kenya
46. China
47. Greece
48. Turkey
49. European Union
50. Turks & Caicos Islands
51. Costa Rica
52. Serbia
53. Czech Republic
54. South Korea
55. Nigeria
56. Dominican Republic
57. United Arab Emirates
58. Puerto Rico
59. Uruguay
60. Cayman Islands
61. Peru
62. Chile
63. Croatia
64. Jamaica
65. Trinidad & Tobago
66. Brunei
67. Bulgaria
68. Estonia
69. Slovenia
70. Egypt
71. Pakistan
72. Oman
73. Morocco
74. Cyprus
75. Ecuador
76. Iceland
77. Ukraine
78. Belize
79. El Salvador
80. Swaziland
81. Honduras
82. Ghana
83. Cambodia
84. Antigua & Barbuda
85. Barbados
86. Bermuda
87. Venezuela
88. Belarus
89. Luxembourg
90. Slovakia
91. New Caledonia
92. Bahamas
93. Sri Lanka
94. Malta
95. Lebanon
96. Bangladesh
97. Albania
98. Libya
99. Kuwait
100. Georgia
101. Jordan
102. Bolivia
103. Qatar
104. Zambia
105. Mauritius
106. American Samoa
107. Botswana
108. Myanmar (Burma)
109. Tanzania
110. Aruba
111. Namibia
112. Isle of Man
113. Lithuania
114. Latvia
115. Guam
116. Nicaragua
117. Zimbabwe
118. Paraguay
119. Grenada
120. St. Lucia
121. Uganda
122. Macedonia
123. Algeria
124. U.S. Virgin Islands
125. Ethiopia
126. Jersey
127. Nepal
128. Guyana
129. Iraq
130. Tunisia
131. Guinea
132. Bahrain
133. Haiti
134. Moldova
135. Papua New Guinea
136. Kazakhstan
137. Réunion
138. Monaco
139. Macau SAR China
140. Afghanistan
141. Cameroon
142. Suriname
143. Cuba
144. Malawi
145. Maldives
146. Curaçao
147. Bhutan
148. Rwanda
149. Montenegro
150. Martinique
151. Mozambique
152. French Polynesia
153. British Virgin Islands
154. Seychelles
155. St. Kitts & Nevis
156. Kyrgyzstan
157. Guernsey
158. Palestinian Territories
159. Cook Islands
160. Sint Maarten
161. Andorra
162. Senegal
163. Armenia
164. Somalia
165. Gibraltar
166. Laos
167. St. Vincent & Grenadines
168. Côte d’Ivoire
169. Vanuatu
170. Azerbaijan
171. Mongolia
172. Gabon
173. Congo – Kinshasa
174. Uzbekistan
175. Guadeloupe
176. Angola
177. Faroe Islands
178. Togo
179. Anguilla
180. Sudan
181. Samoa
182. Northern Mariana Islands
183. Christmas Island
184. Palau
185. Micronesia
186. Lesotho
187. Syria
188. Madagascar
189. Caribbean Netherlands
190. Dominica
191. Liberia
192. Gambia
193. Sierra Leone
194. Cape Verde
195. Djibouti
196. Benin
197. Liechtenstein
198. Congo – Brazzaville
199. Burkina Faso
200. South Sudan
201. Chad
202. St. Barthélemy
203. Mali
204. French Guiana
205. St. Martin
206. Åland Islands
207. Timor-Leste
208. Greenland
209. Tajikistan
210. Tonga
211. Mayotte
212. Solomon Islands
213. Burundi
214. Montserrat
215. Nauru
216. St. Pierre & Miquelon
217. Kosovo
218. Marshall Islands
219. Niger
220. San Marino
221. Central African Republic
222. Kiribati
223. U.S. Outlying Islands
224. Cocos (Keeling) Islands
225. British Indian Ocean Territory
226. North Korea
227. Mauritania

Even today, on the first day of 2020, people in 80 countries visited Frank Report.

1. United States
2. Canada
3. United Kingdom
4. Mexico
5. France
6. Germany
7. Australia
8. Sweden
9. Netherlands
10. Brazil
11. Slovenia
12. South Africa
13. Ireland
14. Portugal
15. Spain
16. India
17. Colombia
18. Switzerland
19. Peru
20. Japan
21. New Zealand
22. European Union
23. Poland
24. Belgium
25. Israel
26. Austria
27. Hungary
28. Barbados
29. Antigua & Barbuda
30. Bosnia & Herzegovina
31. Fiji
32. Czech Republic
33. China
34. Vietnam
35. Malaysia
36. Philippines
37. Italy
38. South Korea
39. Thailand
40. Ukraine
41. Finland
42. Norway
43. Greece
44. Ecuador
45. Singapore
46. Mauritius
47. Lebanon
48. Pakistan
49. Indonesia
50. United Arab Emirates
51. Congo – Kinshasa
52. Romania
53. Iraq
54. Namibia
55. Hong Kong SAR China
56. Bermuda
57. Réunion
58. Rwanda
59. Russia
60. Malta
61. Bolivia
62. Saudi Arabia
63. Taiwan
64. St. Lucia
65. Benin
66. Panama
67. Chile
68. Cyprus
69. Croatia
70. Denmark
71. Zambia
72. Costa Rica
73. Somalia
74. Nigeria
75. Slovakia
76. Nicaragua
77. Kenya
78. Lithuania
79. Dominican Republic
80. Sri Lanka

Alexa ranks Frank Report as the #32,052 most visited website in the USA.  

Though Raniere has been convicted for more than six months, visits continue to remain strong as we diversify and cover both Nxivm and other news.

In fact, Google News honored Frank Report by naming it as one of its certified news outlets and Frank Report stories appear on searches on Google News.

Oftentimes, our stories go toe-to-toe with media giants.

A search for Allison Mack, for example, on Google News today ranked us right alongside the Daily Mail, Variety and the New York Times – which is not bad for a website with a much smaller staff than any of these publications.

The future looks bright for the Frank Report.

In addition to Joe O’Hara, K.R. Claviger, George Frobisher, and myself as writers,  we have numerous guest views from readers and a growing list of contributors.

We are also pleased to have two wonderful artists – MK10ART and Marie White – who create original artwork based on stories in Frank Report.

Here are two recent examples:

This wonderful painting by MK10ART was based on a slogan that appears on the Frank Report – “If the whole world stands against you sword in hand, would you still dare to do what you think is right?”


Here is a recent painting by Marie White – of Sara Bronfman – the inner-circle member of Nxivm who not only was not named as a co-conspirator but actually will get a $200,000 gift from the feds upon the sale of the Nxivm criminal headquarters in Colonie New York.

I think it is also fair to say that our work is not done on Nxivm either. We are still investigating the disappearance of Kristin Snyder and the deaths of Gina Hutchinson, Pam Cafritz, Barbara Jeske and Suzanne Kemp.

We also are looking at some other mysterious deaths unrelated to Nxivm and may be the subject of my next films. My previous film, “The Lost Women of Nxivm”, was a rating success.

And we exposed during the course of the year a few rascals and helped discredit their lies, which is what we do at Frank Report.

Happy New Year!



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  • Fiji? Hmmm. Anybody seen Jim Del Negro or wifey Esther Chappione around lately?

    Fiji’s ranking pretty high for such a tiny, remote, carefree place. Time for another NXIVM roll call.

    Congrats to ALL of us diehard FR readers, commenters and contributors.

    Happy New Year!

  • Congratulations, Frank! I hope we will all be congratulating yon with a victory in the Western District!
    You are an inspiration and an example of a man with courage! A rare breed.

  • Is North Korean leader Kim Jong-un a fan of the Frank Report? Or maybe he attended a 5 day intensive?

    How else could North Korea end up on the list? Coming in at #226 I would guess just a handful of people have been coming. In DPRK, it’s a tightly controlled internet. And according to Wikipedia, it only has a few thousand internet users and they all have to get government permission. According to Wikipedia, the little fat crazy man (Kim Jong-un, not KAR), is an avid internet surfer.

    In any case – you’ve cracked the Hermit Kingdom, Frank. Nice work!

  • Congratulations! Keep the ball rolling!

    As for “unexplained deaths,” I am personally fascinated with the Dyatlov Pass incident.

  • I wake up every morning and read the Frank Report. I check the comment section throughout the day and it’s the last thing I read at night.

  • Frank, will you ever tell us which politicians are eating the babies?

    Which bank Cuomo’s lollipop came from?

    And is Scott Scamway Johnson really an employee in the advertisement department for the Amway company?

  • Frank this is incredible! Congratulations! I often wondered about the FR stats. Thank You for sharing this great FR news! Wishing you much success (and the best lawyers ever) as you approach Spring. Obviously we are all rooting for you!

    Also as a side note I laughed my ass off over your “sophomoric humor” with the NX Fun in the Sun trip. I feel like you deserve to actually express some humor given the material (and groupies) you deal with 24 hrs a day. I know you must giggle everytime you subject us to seeing that horrible shirtless in bed photo of the Vanguard. 😄

    • Thanks Missouri. I’ve instructed all my writers to find any excuse to post the pictures of the hairy Keith.

      • That picture of “hairy Keith” looks like a baby Sasquatch. I heard the original photo was taken after Natalie had a nipple sucking session to cure her of smoking Marlboro Reds. It is framed and hung up at Barb’s house as a scratch and sniff.

        • I’ve only seen one. Is there more volleyball pics? Also did you know that Chet claims proudly that he is the only journalist to have played volleyball with Vanguard?
          If he and Natalie are still shagging Chet should be fully castrated and nippless by now.

          • I’m hoping there’ll be an article in 2020 that fully breaks down Keith’s volleyball game. I bet that stud was a monster on the court. A white, chunky, miniature version of Usain Bolt in knee pads.

            How did Chet not include this literary gold in Toni’s book? Those two missed the boat. The book could have been chock-full of never before heard true stories. Instead, it was rehashed news with embellishments sprinkled in.

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Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

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