Lost Necker Island Photos — Nxivm After Dark – With New Pics of Sex Cult Members Allison Mack and Kristin Kreuk

I don’t know the names of half or more of the people photographed here. I do know the photos were taken during a Nxivm retreat at Necker Island in 2010.

Sara Bronfman, the Seagram’s heiress, funded the 5-day event which featured a Nxivm intensive during the day.

By day, the students dutifully attended the intensive. But at night, Necker Island became one big party.

In attendance at the gathering were Sara Bronfman, Emiliano Salinas, Alex Betancourt, Kristin Kreuk, Allison Mack, M.I.A., Ben Bronfman, Mark Hildreth, Sir Richard Branson, and many others.

Here are some of the scenes of the nightlife the Nxians enjoyed while on Necker Island.

Perhaps some of our readers can identify can help us identify the “mystery guests”.

Necker Island


Cool cats – but who are they?


The unknown dude on the right has Jimi Hendrix – and not Keith Raniere – on his tee-shirt. And that’s Sara Bronfman on the left.


Allison comes in to greet this mystery guest.


Here’s a Nxivm couple whose names I don’t know. But they seem glad to be here.


We’ve published this photo before – there’s singer M.I.A. on the right, with her then-boyfriend Ben Bronfman and Sara Bronfman in the gold dress. Does anyone know the names of the others?


Come-on, come-on and dance all night…Sara Bronfman showing off some of her dance moves.


Despite the heat, Sara will be alright


The costumes are excellent. So much so that this man is a mystery guest.


Sara with her mother Georgiana Webb Bronfman Havers. They may have had a few. And nice hats.


I believe that is Ben Bronfman on the left but have no idea who that is on the right.


Another mystery guest…


I believe this is Sara kissing her mother.


Another mystery guest


The hats are great. I wonder if they were supplied by Richard Branson.


We’ve published this one before. Allison Mack with Sara’s Lover, Lama Dhonden Tenzin, the ‘celibate’ monk, hot tub canoodler and special emissary of his Holiness the Dalai Lama.


And we published this one before: Mark Hildreth and Kristin Kreuk giving a kiss to Alejandro ‘El Duce’ Betancourt. There was a lot of kissing and a lot of drinking going on.

Kruek hangs on to Alex as he gives a peck to another Nxivm beauty.

The one dude has a tee-shirt with John Kennedy’s picture. Does he look a little like Elton John? And check out the guy in the back. This is what the beautiful people of Nxivm do when they are having fun.

This guy has what I think is arguably the best hat.


Maybe it’s the hat, but does Sara look a little high from Executive Success?


Allison with lover Lama




Is that Mark Hildreth with Lama Tenzin?


There’s Allison in the middle of another threesome…


The Lama with Georgianna



Allison at the end of the table.


One of my favorites Allison Mack, Kristin Kreuk, and Sara Bronfman


Allison Mack and is that Kristin Kreuk with her?


Lover Lama with his lover’s mama.



El Duce on left…Mystery guest on the right.


Looks like karaoke to me.

Sir Richard embraces Sara Bronfman

Kristin Kreuk is all smiles.

I’m sure it’s the angle of the camera and not someone feeling up Kristin Kreuk.


Anyway, I know I have disappointed you again. You were expecting spicy pictures and something like Playboy After Dark – with gorgeous girls scantily clad.

And I know I used a misleading feature picture again. But this is the real thing – Nxians partying hardy at Richard Branson’s private NeckIslandand. Sara paid $50,000 a night for the place and it was –or it least it seemed to be – a frolicking good time.

The only thing that was missing was Hugh Hefner and Keith Raniere.

Image result for playboy after dark

And I have been told by the publisher to use the below pictures of Keith Raniere as often as possible.

He must have hypnotized them pretty good if the women in the above Necker Island pictures found this beast attractive.


Being with Keith Raniere after dark must have been a hair raising experience.


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  • This whole Nxivm thingy is way too sick for normal people , and it’s so creepy to think there are still people willing to follow Raniere , well I hope they can follow him from his prison cell, what a bunch of crackpot crazy weirdo’s.

  • Kristin Kook at it again. Neck deep in NXIVM.

    But oh, she didn’t see anything nefarious. She was just following orders and wanted to get over her shyness.

    Shut the Fk up. Getting free trips to Naked Island to hang out with your Pedo gang.

  • I’m interested to know whether Keith ever saw these photos. His followers looking all goo goo eyed at the Lama, sucking each others face off etc. all while he’s at home and not present

  • Looking at these photos, I can see why Shadowstate believes that the Raniere/Salzman axis was perched on the precipice of world dominance. These are some seriously evil (Allison Mack would call them “Badass”) Motherfuckers!

    Thank God! Shadow defused this grand scheme through his contributions to the Frank Report.

  • The other person with Kristin Kreuk and Alex is Allison Mack. I’m sure you’ll find Allison & Kristin together in almost all the pictures.

  • Is that Emiliano snogging the blondy woman? The guy in the short sleeved grey shirt later pictured next to said woman, Sara and a guy in a pink t-shirt.

  • you need to replace this broken record…those pictures have been seen many time and Nothing Strange is visible…the only creepy thing is the obsession FR team has for those pictures…bunch of low lifes.

    • We may be lowlifes as you say but somehow many readers do enjoy seeing the candid pictures of well to do Nxians at play. Most of the pictures have not been published here before and some of the pictures which were republished were done so to show them in context of the fun night life the Nxians were enjoying. I think it is interesting that besides Sara Bronfman and the actresses, there were quite a few Mexicans [wealthy] on hand. We have one or two more posts of these photos on Necker Island coming soon.

      • John Tighe said he had around 300 on his Saratoga In Decline blog. Do you have as many?

        Also, is the person who leaked the photographs to John Tighe the same person who leaked to you?

        And is the person who leaked the photos to John Tighe the same person who told him about the criminal discussions on the island?

        Also, final question, John Tighe said the leaker was someone on the island. Is the leaker in any of the pictures?

        • These are all excellent questions. The answers might reveal who the source is. But I can say this – the photos got into the hands of Tighe and I from the same original source.

      • Your anti-Sultan rants have bored the rest of us to tears. Please, post no more such witticisms for the rest of the year.

    • If you don’t find those pictures half hysterical and half creepy, then you are either in the pictures or you are defending your relative.

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