Prosecution Wants Victims to Have Anonymity When Speaking at Nxivm Defendant’s Sentencing – Raniere Objects

MK10ART painting of Nancy Salzman testifying against Nxivm

The US Attorney for the Eastern District of NY has filed a motion with the court to allow the scores of victims of Nxivm to appear anonymously if they so choose at the sentencing of the six Nxivm defendants.

Their identities would not be kept secret from the defendants, but would not be revealed to the public.

As the US Attorney writes, “Some of the victims have indicated that they would prefer to proceed by Jane Doe number; other victims may choose to use the first name or nickname, as they were identified at trial; and other victims may wish to use their full names.”

Five of the six defendants have consented to the government’s request. One defendant has objected.

In making their argument, the government cited the The Crime Victims’ Rights Act and legal precedent.

The full motion us here

The motion reads in part:

Dear Judge Garaufis:

The government respectfully submits this letter to request an order from the Court … permitting victims in this case to address the Court at sentencing proceedings and/or provide victim impact statements without publicly revealing their names or any identifying information….

Counsel for defendants Clare Bronfman, Allison Mack, Kathy Russell, Lauren Salzman and Nancy Salzman have consented to the government’s request. Counsel for defendant Keith Raniere has indicated that he objects to the government’s request….

The government has been in contact with a significant number of victims who would like to be heard at the defendants’ upcoming sentencings but are concerned for their privacy and would like to identify themselves by Jane or John Doe, or by the use of their first
name only. The government is prepared, however, to disclose their true identities to the defendants subject to the protective order entered in this case….  As the Court is aware, there is substantial explicit information in the public record regarding degrading and humiliating treatment that certain victims in this case were forced to endure, and it is anticipated that additional victims will provide similar, detailed information to the Court in their victim impact statements.

In addition, many victims are concerned about being identified publicly in light of the trial evidence regarding retaliation by members of the racketeering enterprise [Nxivm], including harassing litigation…. there would be no error to permit the victims to provide victim impact statements to the Court anonymously at the sentencing hearing.

To require the victims to provide full identifying information does not serve any of the legitimate purposes identified by the courts. Rather, requiring the victims to provide their identifying information at sentencing would serve only to harass, embarrass and “to humiliate or annoy the [victim].”…. 

Indeed, requiring the victims of certain crimes, including sex trafficking, to provide their names in public could chill their willingness to be heard, for fear of having their personal histories publicized, and the embarrassment and humiliation that such publicity could cause them as they rebuild their lives. In addition, a ruling requiring the victims to disclose their full identities publicly could cause other victims to fear seeking help from law enforcement as that could subject them to further harassment and embarrassment….

The government has received statements from numerous individuals who identify as victims of the defendants, but who may or may not ultimately qualify as victims under the statutes defining victim rights and restitution….. Regardless of that determination, these individuals possess information relevant to “the history and characteristics of the defendant[s].” ….  Several of these individuals will describe abusive conduct by the defendants and many seek restitution. Being publicly identified would compound the harms they describe, while causing humiliation, harassment and embarrassment, such that their willingness to come forward could be chilled….

Respectfully submitted,
United States Attorney
By: /s/ Tanya Hajjar
Tanya Hajjar
Mark J. Lesko
Karin Orenstein


What does this all mean?

First of all, the motion is likely to be granted by the judge. He granted a similar motion during the trial, allowing several witnesses to use only their first names.

There is evidently a boatload of people planning to come to the sentencing of the various Nxivm defendants.

These victims and alleged victims are lined up to speak before the judge before he declares sentence. A number of them don’t want the media [including Frank Report] to publish their full names.

Some defendants will get dozens of victims speaking at their sentencing hearings – and some will get very few to none.

For instance, I doubt Kathy Russell will get many victims reciting the crimes she committed against them.

Kathy Russell

On the other hand, especially if their names can be kept from the media, there may be 100 or more victims showing up for the sentencing of Keith Raniere.

As for Clare Bronfman – we already know there are lots who wrote victim impact statements about her (Her presentencing report contained 25 pages of such statements). There may be more.

How many will show up for court is anybody’s guess. I don’t know if the feds will pay for the victim’s lodging and expenses to show up in Brooklyn, though Joe O’Hara thinks it is unlikely.

There is little doubt the feds are proactively seeking victims. I have had sources tell me they were contacted by the FBI and encouraged to make victim impact statements. These include people who were not mentioned in the trial as victims.

To date, only three of the six Nxivm defendants have been scheduled for sentencing.

Keith Raniere is presently scheduled to be sentenced on Jan. 17, but that date is likely to be pushed back.


Clare Bronfman is scheduled to be sentenced on Feb 14.


Kathy Russell is scheduled to be sentenced on Jan. 29

Not yet scheduled

Nancy Salzman

I think it is significant that Nancy Salzman, Lauren Salzman and Allison Mack have not gotten sentencing dates as of yet.

Lauren Salzman


Allison Mack

I suspect [though I don’t know it] that these three may be cooperating with the feds to help bring about a second round of indictments that could include more charges for Raniere, Clare Bronfman, and charges for Sara Bronfman, Emiliano Salinas, Alejandro Betancourt, Rosa Laura Junco, and Nicki Clyne – and maybe even some of the attorneys who crossed the line in providing legal services to the NXIVM cult.

If we do not see a scheduled sentencing date sometime in January of the Salzmans and Mack, I think the odds are getting better that they are part of a second Nxivm case.

Emiliano Salinas – the picture the DOJ used in the trial of Keith Raniere. The DOJ told the court that they believed Salinas had committed felony offenses.

[There are some who might suspect that the heightening of Clare Bronfman’s sentence is the compromise measure made by Main Justice in return for not charging Emiliano Salinas. If Clare gets, for example, 7 years {instead of two years as was planned} under the guise that new victims came forward, or they miscalculated her Guidelines, the DOJ may be able to alleviate the optics of injustice of not charging her for her many more serious crimes and leave Emiliano protected. It is believed that Dennis Burke was “hired” as an attorney for Bronfman for this very reason – to protect Emiliano. This, however, is pure speculation.]

If the two Salzmans and Mack are not part of a new Nxivm case – as witnesses for the prosecution – then I would expect they too will have a slew of victims on hand at their sentencing to tell their stories of abuse prior to sentencing.

I suspect Nancy will have so many victims that there will be a line out the door.

If what is going down on Clare – a probable longer sentence – influenced in part by victims coming forward – I think then that Keith and Nancy will be most impacted by it.

If the judge is in a harsh sentencing mood, we might see the following sentences:

Keith Raniere: 25 – 40 years.

Clare Bronfman: 4-10 years

Kathy Russell: 1- 3 years.

Allison Mack: 4-10 years

Lauren Salzman: 3-6 years

Nancy Salzman: 4-10 years

On the other hand, if Nancy, Lauren and Allison are witnesses in an upcoming case, then I would expect they will get anywhere from probation to 2 years max and won’t be sentenced until after the second trial is complete – which might be another year or so from now.

Finally, Joe O’Hara reminded me that MK10ART recently created a lovely painting of the very lovely Toni Natalie.

Toni Natalie sticking pins in a voodoo doll of Frank Report. Painting by MK10ART

It is not known if Toni Natalie will qualify as a victim. She almost certainly will not be entitled to any compensation. She left Nxivm a few months after it started some 20 years ago. It has been proven that most of her victimization stories are utter lies.

Chances are she will be permitted to speak at Raniere’s sentencing and she is a persuasive speaker – especially when she is lying [i.e. her mouth is moving].

And don’t worry, Toni will insist on using her full name and be available for media questions afterward.

Indeed, other victims better be careful that she doesn’t stampede them if they try to get in front of the cameras after sentencing.

Viva Executive Success!



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  • All in the (royal) family.
    Catherine Oxenberg’s sister just wrote a tell-all book about their cousin, Prince Andrew, saying he was a sap used by Jeffrey Epstein.
    But her sister Catherine, whose daughter was recruited into the New York sex cult NXIVM, slammed her sibling’s new memoir.
    She told Town and Country: “Tina’s comments sadden me. I won’t say anything disparaging about my sister. I do not consider my sister a reliable or truthful source.”

    • What Catherine Oxenberg thinks of her own sister is unimportant, more important is whether what her sister writes is the truth and is a truthful description of experiences and conversations. And she can write about Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell because she knows them personally. And Christina Oxenberg is in the secret little black book by Jeffrey Epstein and not her sister. That says it all.

  • The Purpose of the Victim Impact
    Statement and the meaning of

    Yes. You will receive notice from the U.S.
    Attorney’s Office advising you of the sentence
    imposed and the amount of restitution ordered
    payable to you, if any. In the event enough
    restitution is collected by the U.S. District Clerk’s
    Office to make a payment, a payment will be
    sent to you in the form of a U.S. Treasury check.
    It is important that if restitution is ordered on
    your behalf that you keep our office updated
    of your current contact information.

    1. It provides an opportunity to express in your
    own words what you, your family, and others
    close to you have experienced as a result of
    the crime. Many victims also find it helps
    provide some measure of closure to the
    ordeal the crime has caused.
    1) The victim impact statement assists the judge
    when he or she decides what sentence the
    defendant should receive. Although the
    judge will decide the defendant’s sentence
    based primarily on the pre-sentence report
    and certain sentencing guidelines, the judge
    should consider your opinion before making a
    2) Finally, it includes a financial loss statement
    which is used to verify and assess the
    financial impact of the crime upon you. This
    information is used by the Judge to determine
    any money the defendant may have to pay
    you for expenses you have paid or money
    you owe because of the crime. When the
    judge orders the defendant to pay the victim
    it is called “restitution.” If the judge orders
    the defendant to pay you restitution, there is
    no guarantee that the defendant will be able
    to pay you the entire amount ordered.

  • I believe that anonymity is the way to go since the wicked witch of the east has bought herself out of so much already.

  • Will we get to hear the reasons why he objects? He wants to control and humiliate them further or at least be in control of something in his pathetic life

  • The reports of 100 or more women being branded, blackmailed and turned into sex slaves indicate that both Allison Mack and Lauren Salzman, the two women most responsible for supervising the NXIVM DOS harem, will have many, many victim impact statements to deal with.
    And it is the policy of the courts not to publicly identify victims of sex trafficking by name using either partial names or pseudonyms.
    Jane Doe # 1
    Jane Doe # 2

    And I can tell you that many of these women have probably already sought legal counsel to file civil lawsuits against the members of NXIVM involved in NXIVM DOS.
    Those most likely to be sued for engaging in sex trafficking are those who had access to the Dropbox accounts featuring pictures and videos of the women being blackmailed or coerced.
    Look at all of the lawsuits involving the late Jeffrey Epstein, Harvey Weinstein, R. Kelly and other Hollywood celebrities who engaged in sexual misbehavior.
    Every day or so, there are new revelations of lawsuits.
    Expect the many victims of NXIVM DOS to be aware of the current #metoo climate and the availability of legal recourse for them.

    In her allocution, Allison Mack made a special point of mentioning the many victims in this case.
    Perhaps her lawyers told her that there would be “Victim Impact Statements.”

    “I am very sorry for the victims of this case. I am also very sorry for the harm that I caused to my family. They are good people who I have hurt through my misguided adherence to Keith Raniere’s teachings. I apologize to them from the bottom of my heart, and I am truly very sorry for what I have done.” Allison Mack

    As for possible future defendants, if Nancy, Lauren and Allison cooperate they will have to confess to numerous crimes.
    Any case involving Sara Bronfman and the Rainbow Cultural Garden will require cooperating witnesses to confess to international sex trafficking and if the Rainbow Cultural Garden is involved, there might be confessions to child sex trafficking.

    As for Nancy Salzman, the woman with the cash counting machine in her home just like she’s running a bank, there will be the question of where all that money came from.
    A lot of that money came from Mexico.
    Did any of it come from drug trafficking?

    I will also tell you that the NXIVM story is a lot deeper and darker than I ever imagined with the possibility of NXIVM being used to financially support international terrorism but I will let Frank Parlato tell that story when he is ready.

  • It’s good to hear that the many victims of the NXIVM Criminal Enterprise will be given the opportunity to speak about the abuse and exploitation they suffered.

    Justice must continue to be done.

      • Scott, many people did speak up and got sued by NXIVM.

        We went to the NY State AG’s office and they did nothing.

        We went to the NY State police and they did nothing.

        We went to the IRS and they did nothing.

        You, of any poster, should understand how you can go to the authorities and all they do is NOTHING.

        • I’ve said many times the “many people” should have started a website and worked together. Frank got results doing it, but others could have done it years earlier. I’ve said that numerous times on this website. Stop making lame excuses and admit that I’m right.

          • Scott,

            Frank Parlato achieved something, with a blog, no one else has ever done; Frank took down a large and heavily financed cult. I don’t even think Frank realizes how significant his accomplishment is in the context of fighting cults or corruption. Frank has proved through hard work, perseverance, and tenacity that one man can make a difference, with a blog.

            “I’ve said many times the “many people” should have started a website and worked together”, Scott you mean like the results you achieved? Scott, who do you work with?

  • Will M Vicente and S Edmondson take part? Anonymity in court, but hideaway nxivm poster girl Kristin Kreuk will likely still hide. Pretending on television to fight a pedo is more important. Are any of the “victims” also perps?

    • I think Kristin Crook(ed) is busy playing kissy face with Sultan. If she’s at the sentencing hearing we’ll finally find out what Sultan looks like. He will be easy to spot, with his nose firmly inserted into her anal cavity.

      • I think you’re a fucking dick Scottie. I went to a souped-up Amway presentation in a five star hotel’s conference room way back in the mid-to-late 90s, and sat there for an hour listening to some bullshitter docked up in a fancy suit with his gold watch give his spew about living in an 800K house and other materialistic nonsense that suckers buy as success in life and knew it was a scam as soon as I got out of the meeting. Yet here you are still riding the coattails of Frank’s website that helped bring down a real cult, still whining about something you were in for far longer than KK was in that said cult. It’s about time you stop maiming her name as “crooked” because you too were part of a criminal enterprise according to you—though the government refuses to do anything about unlike NXIVM—but apparently have your head so far up your own ass that you can’t fucking see it. And don’t tell me you’re doing something about it unlike “cowardly” KK out of some goodness that obviously doesn’t exist in your heart. Your situation and hers is completely different but you’re too ignorant to see the false equivalence. You’re just doing it for yourself because you got screwed or whatever reason that could never be your fault.

        • Hahaha Sultan Of Shit, you just gave away more of your life spirit to Kristin Kreuk and got nothing in return! Nothing! Kreuk would not even squeeze out a sorrowful fart if you dropped down dead in front of her! You are emotionally obsessed with her and she could not care less about you! You’re a loser! 😂

        • Hahahahaha😂🤣😂!!!!!

          That is probably your most hilarious alias yet Spanky!!!

          Michael Ferraro! Italian! You always pick white name aliases!

          • They’re not replying to me you big dummy. They’re replying to you. And judging from the conspiracy nut-bar videos on his playlists, it would fit a bigoted twat like you to a tee.

        • “conspiracy nut-bar videos on his playlists, it would fit a bigoted twat like you to a tee”

          You picked those videos on purpose! Hahahahahaha!!!!

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