Lions Can Be Trained to Be Safe and Affectionate With People; Could Raniere Be so Trained?

Recently Frank Report had a post about howler monkeys that quoted from a study that suggests that the louder the howler monkey howls, the smaller its testicles are.

Loud-mouthed howlers keep harems to ensure no other males get anywhere near their females.

Could they be trained to do otherwise?

An unhappy comparison was made in our howler monkey post to our own Vanguard, who also kept a harem and was madly jealous of any men touching his women.

Yet, he had no problem demanding his women never touch another man. He had a reason. It would affect his spiritual vibration to the point where it might kill him.

We recall how insane he went when Lauren merely had some horseplay with a man at volleyball. He told her he could not longer sire her avatar baby and made her write reams of apology letters and admissions of her great guilt.

And we recall how Camila Fernandez had an affair with Robbie. Raniere even demanded to know whose semen was better tasting. Whose penis was larger. Poor sick, small-balled bastard.

He seems to be the human version of the louder howler monkeys.

But could a Raniere be trained to be civilized?

A Vanguard – could this wild creature be tamed or does he need to remain in a cage forever?

The video below is of lions acting like pussy cats.  It was filmed at Taigan Lion Park in Russia.

Somehow, the lions were trained to be docile and friendly to people.  To be harmless. They are safe to let out of their cages and play with people. Could Raniere be trained to be harmless outside of his cage?

Could Raniere become a changed man? Maybe if he was declawed and castrated?

Some say his prison term is likely to do that. Instead of being a predatory male preying on stupid and weak women, he will be the prey of some prisoner – his “prison bitch” in effect, being required to service his protector in prison and possibly anally service any man his protector requires him to service.

“Keith is likely – as soon as he is placed in permanent detention, in order to save himself – to become a prison bitch. He will be feminized and will have to pride himself on his femininity to survive. He has to either be tough or be the woman and since he lacks manliness, he lacks balls, he will act the part of the woman, ” said one former prisoner familiar with him, his case and federal maximum security conditions.

Poor Raniere, he and many others are gravely abused in prison.  It is the only place in America where rape is accepted and condoned.


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  • A similar experiment was already attempted here at FR web site: The circus ringmaster told a monkey named Scotty to go sit in cage by himself, but the ringmaster never locked the door. The monkey walked out of his cage, dressed up ringmaster, began screeching “Amway is for Chimps”, and flung turds at the audience after they booed him. The monkey became even more crazed as the audience threw the turds back, so the monkey pulled down his trousers with the intent to urinate on audience members. That’s when the boos turned into jeers.

    Now there are two ringmasters at this circus. The experiment was a resounding failure as judged by the audience who ended up chanting “where’s the balls”?.

    • Although the monkey may lack a pair of balls in the earth dimension, he is welcome to come back home to the 5th Density in which case we can give him a gender-bender operation and alleviate his personal embarrassment. Unfortunately, we don’t yet have the technology for performing monkey brain transplants at this time, which means that future circus audiences will still be subjected to a crazed monkey screeching “Amway is for Chimps”.

  • I guarantee the lions were well-fed before visiting with the tourists. I doubt Bronfman can buy Raniere enough mac and cheese from the commissary to have a similar effect on Raniere.

    • If Scott Johnson can be trained to go somewhere else to deliver his boring worn-out tirades about Amway, then it is certainly possible that the Vanguard can be trained to be nice to people.

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