Leaked Snyder Doc — The Sign in Sheet for Snyder’s Final Intensive – Gives Names of All Class Members

The Westmark Hotel in Anchorage where the final intensive for Kristin Snyder was held.


Here it is – the sign-in sheet for the final intensive Kristin Snyder attended.


At last, we have had leaked to Frank Report – from the files of Nxivm – the class list for the Anchorage Intensive that began January 26, 2003.  It was the intensive that Kristin Snyder disappeared from on Feb 6.

I have blurred out the phone numbers and home and email addresses of the participants.

Readers may note that the top of the form says the intensive is from November 2-17, 2002 and this is crossed out and replaced in handwriting “Jan. 2003.”

I have it from the most reliable source that this is the authentic sign-in sheet for the Jan. 2003 Anchorage intensive. Evidently, they had extra sign-in sheets from the Nov. 2002 intensive and rather than print new ones, they merely crossed out the old dates and wrote in the new one.

This is the true list of attendees – from a document nearly 17 years old.


Here are the names of the attendees:

Heidi Clifford

Mona Boyle

Benjamin Alan Swanson

Joe Abney

Trena Hallback

Shelley Senneder [?]

Jen Joliffe

Rick Jarvis

Charles Ellis

Kris Snyder

E.V. Clifford

Carmen Gutierrez

Kirsten Ohlander

Modi Bordinelli

Karen Abney

Cathy Morton

[Name Redacted]

Lori Clark

Esther Chiappone [Carlson]

Ed Kinum


It was a small class – 11 students and, as I understand it, 7 coaches and two instructors, or trainers – Ed Kinum [head trainer] and Esther Chiappone Carlson.

A total of 20 people – with one to go missing on day 12 of the 16-day intensive: Kristin Snyder.

The intensive continued without her for the final four days.

Heidi Clifford told me that Esther scoffed at her not coming to the intensive on Feb. 7, the day after Kristin disappeared, deeming it more important for Heidi and her mother to attend class than to look for Kristin.

Esther told Heidi she should not look for Kristin. Kristin was fine. She was hiding out somewhere, playing Heidi for a fool. She was just seeking attention and wanted Heidi to be disrupted and miss the important teachings.

Regardless, we now have a list of witnesses to Kristin’s behavior during those final days.

I was told by Elaine Smiloff, who did not attend the class, but was asked by Esther to pick up Kristin and take her home when she was claiming she was pregnant – that when police interviewed Elaine about Kristin – Esther sat in during the interview, which is strange.

Why did Esther insist on being in a police interview of a witness? Why did the police allow it?

Note also that Kristin Snyder signed her name only Kris [Snyder[ which is different than how she signed in the past when she used Kristin.

Let’s compare these with some other sign-ins and her signature on the suicide note.

Signature on the suicide note.

Signature on a letter.

Signature on Valentine’s Day card.


Here is what I know about the attendees of  the final intensive:

Heidi Clifford: Kristin’s spouse.

Joe Abney: I believe is the husband of Karen Abney (He is to said to look a lot Keith Raniere).

E.V. Clifford: The mother of Heidi, now deceased, then suffering from Alzheimer’s. It was said that Nxivm could cure Alzheimer’s but it did not work in EV Clifford’s case. She died of the disease.

Carmen Gutierrez: A prominent lawyer in Anchorage.

Kerstin Ohlander

Kerstin Ohlander: A long-time devotee of Nxivm, rumored to still be a member.

Karen Abney: Another long-time member, rumored to be still in Nxivm. She was Kristin’s coach.

Cathy Morton: When Heidi was concerned about Kristin’s progressively deteriorating state of mind, she gave her gun, which she normally kept at home, to Cathy. It is not known what happened to that gun.

[Name Redacted]: We have written much about [Name Redacted] – she lied to the police. She was coaching Kristin in class to encourage her to be estranged from Heidi – to get them to break apart. She had a cabin a few hundred feet from where Kristin’s pickup truck with a suicide note was found. She collected $50,000 and free housing as a gift from Nancy Salzman to operate what was in effect a table and a sink – as a purported café or food counter at Nxivm headquarters in Albany.

Esther Chiappone [Carlson]: She was the woman who removed Kristin from class, telling everyone that Kristin was lying about being pregnant with Keith’s child, that Keith was celibate. This she knew was a lie since Esther herself had sex with Keith. In fact, Esther had moved from Alaska to Albany to have what she thought would be a monogamous relationship with Keith only to discover he wanted her to be in his harem.

She knew he was anything but celibate. But that did not stop her from telling [gaslighting] Kristin into thinking she was crazy to think celibate Keith, the exalted teacher, would have sex with her.

She tried to make Kristin feel she was to blame for this crazy idea of Keith having sex with her. Soon enough, Kristin began to feel she was “at cause” or to blame for all kinds of problems including many of the world’s problems.

I think it is possible that Kristin was fed drugs in drinks or food – something Esther would have had control of since she was the assigned guard dog for Kristin.

It was revealed in the trial of Keith Raniere by Lauren Salzman that at least one disruptive class member was secretly given tranquilizers – under Keith and Nancy’s direction – rather than being sent to a hospital.

[Lauren wanted to offer this as collateral, but was turned down since it implicated Keith.]

Esther would have been most likely, in my opinion, willing to administer drugs or even poison to Kristin. She was the most adamant about not permitting Kristin to go to the hospital.

Obviously, if Kristin n was pregnant that would have been quickly discovered at the hospital.

Ed Kinum: While he was less adamant about not letting Kristin get medical attention, he chose to substitute Nxivm treatment for those of medical experts.

Just a day or two before she disappeared, Kristin was lying on the floor, face down and depressed at her home, after the intensive ended. Ed and Esther just happened to be there at the home.

Ed lied down on the floor face down like Kristin and gave her therapy for more than an hour.

An intelligent person would have seen to it that she got medical attention.

I wonder how a perfectly fine and stable woman – by all accounts – and a cheerful one – in January – should, after visiting Raniere and claiming she had sex with him which got her pregnant – who then went into a class managed by his devotees – could descend so rapidly in mental health.

Were drugs secretly administered?

I believe Keith likely poisoned women he lived with. He said he had people killed for his beliefs.

He had Nancy [a nurse] calling the shots from Albany and Esther on hand in Alaska – a woman who would do anything for him.

How did Kristin descend so rapidly?

There are numerous witnesses to her behavior in those last few days before she disappeared.

Now, we know their names.

Our next plan is to contact them for more information – about Kristin Snyder.

Anyone of the attendees – please feel free to contact me at 716-990-5740 or email frankparlato@gmial.com





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  • Please take a look at all of Kristin’s capital K letters shown here. In each one of the 4 samples known to be from Kristin’s hand, including the one that looks most like a signature, her capital K comes together, the second line (or lines, depending on how one writes) touches the first straight line of her K.

    The only place where her K isn’t written that way and has a distinct separation, with its lines not conjoined to that first straight, plain vertical line, is on the so-called suicide note. As noted before, that’s Kristin’s first letter of her first name, kind of a big deal even during childhood and learning to print. Her known Ks are dynamic-looking, but the K used in her name on that final note is not dynamic at all. It is made by an unsure–looking hand.

    So Kritin’s K capitals do not resemble the K in her name, as printed in the note found in the Toyota pickup. Nor does the S in the Snyder surname in the note from the truck curve as Kristin’s known capital S letters curve. In fact, the “suicide note” capital S looks like a backwards “2.” Again, these K and S letters are Kristin’s initials, along with M for her middle name, which she didn’t include as often when she wrote her name. These two letters are especially significant to me, because they start her first and last name.

    Another thing is that I still think that Kristin might very well have written only the first sentence, (paragraph) of the note left in the truck. The rest of it really looks to me that it came from someone else’s hand. Additionally, the first sentence of that note is neutral and rather like an introductory paragraph.

    “I attended a course called Executive Success Programs (aka Nexium) based out of Anchorage, Ak + Albany, NY.” This first sentence was written in handwriting which is mostly cursive.

    The rest of the note is where the subject matter begins to veer off into a potent expression of psychological difficulties and becomes quite graphic in describing Kristin’s internal organs as rotting, as one of her perceived dissociative sensations.

    This content and the rest of the note do not have Kristin’s righthand slant to its letters, words. It is unusual for someone’s slant to morph. Really it is. Plus the cursive writing practically disappears from the second, more alarming paragraph, which is not only more printed than it is in the cursive style of writing. The major difference, overall, is that the “slant” is straight up and down, not slanting right or left.

    It is more like the way that [Name Redacted] printed her name on the intensive’s attendance sheet, just as an example. The righthanded slant is gone.

    Now why does one imagine that Esther and Ed happened to be at Heidi and Kristin’s home a night or two before Kristin disappeared? Kristin was upset already. Esther had housed Kristin in New York, when evidently Kristin was being messed with privately (or not so privately) by Raniere, and Esther knew the drill about Raniere’s lies about being a celibate. Boy did she know. She herself had already faced that Raniere was with multiple sexual idiots or disciples who protected his false image. Esther was gaslighting Kristin while fully aware that she was pushing a huge lie. Esther Carlson Chiappone accepted and guarded Raniere’s deceptions about his sexual conduct.

    Why weren’t Ed and Esther, as key parts of the intensive staff, looking over their notes or insights about everyone in the intensive, reviewing the day’s work? Why were these two all over Kristin and Heidi? How come they didn’t just go to their homes, their own beds, to their dinner tables to have a meal, to rest and to be relaxing with their loved ones, if either is capable of feeling love?

    Why not go ahead and speculate that already, Kristin was assigned a pair of Salzman/Raniere etc. guard dogs to keep running interference, perhaps especially between Heidi and Kristin? Were they at Kristin and Heidi’s house to spy or to try to control Kristin and/or to influence Heidi and to follow the Executive Success Program’s agenda, which was also their agenda?

    The part here about Ed Kinum lying next to Kristin, who was said to be facedown and sobbing on the floor, is exceedingly bizarre. What could have he been saying to her? Was he sticking to Nancy Salzman’s and Esther Chiappone’s demanded gaslighting script? Esther was right there, too, with Ed. So you tell me what the hell Ed was doing.

    Had Ed Kinum been positioning himself differently, he wouldn’t seem to be as inappropriate. He could have sat next to her as she cried. He could have even tried to help her by putting a hand on her shoulder or trying to help her to rise up after awhile, instead of being so “supportive” of her staying facedown and in despair. He could have seen to providing her with some Kleenex or a drink of water. But of course, the two interlopers, Esther and Ed were not there to help Kristin Snyder. Not at all. They were there at the home of two intensive attendees who were problematic. The two of them were there to help Raniere and Nancy Salzman and themselves, it seems to me.

  • Could Joe Abney be a prior husband to Karen or another relative? Pretty sure that her partner or current spouse is Robert Rembish.

  • Perhaps the leader of this information only leaked to the Frank Report. If so, the reason is that the Frank Report is the leading anti-NXIVM blog.

  • 1.) “An intelligent person would have seen to it that she got medical attention.”

    Except if Kristin had received medical attention, it would have revealed that she really was pregnant and Keith Raniere was the father.
    That was a fact that NXIVM could not allow to become public.
    It is hard to be celibate if one is spreading one’s seed around.

    2.) “Were drugs secretly administered?”

    I believe if the full truth were known about NXIVM DOS or the Vow, one would find out that the “slaves” were kept compliant by the use of drugs.
    Raniere fled for Mexico in November 2017 and the NXIVM Village was not raided by the FBI until late March 2018 after Raniere was arrested in Puerto Vallarta.
    Plenty of time to flush any drugs down the toilet.

    3.) “Esther Chiappone [Carlson] – she was the woman who removed Kristin from class, telling everyone that Kristin was lying about being pregnant with Keith’s child, that Keith was celibate.”

    According to Nicki Clyne using one of her pseudonyms, Esther is still in NXVIM.

    4.) “It was revealed in the trial of Keith Raniere by Lauren Salzman that at least one disruptive class member was secretly given tranquilizers – under Keith and Nancy’s direction – rather than send her to a hospital.
    [Lauren wanted to offer this as collateral, but was turned down since it implicated Keith.]”

    No one in the NXIVM hierarchy has clean hands.
    They are all gangsters, racketeers and Flying Monkeys.

    • Or a psychiatric hospitalization would have have revealed that NXIVM’s techniques were really potentially dangerous to participants’ mental health, and being administered negligently by under-qualified people – which could have been the death of the organization in the wake of the Forbes article that was about to come out and kill off the best part of their recruiting (actual successful executives like Edgar Bronfman).

      Keep in mind that according to the 2004 Times Union article, NXIVM had a case of a participant being hospitalized just about two months before the Snyder case, and there had been one or two other cases as well. Back in Albany, they must have been panicked about yet another incident to deal with, at the point they were probably aware that Forbes was investigating them for a forthcoming article, and Rick Ross was working on pieces about them including by a forensic psychiatrist and a Ph.D. cult recovery specialist (both published February, 2003, the same month as the Snyder incident).

      NXIVM certainly wanted Snyder’s case swept under the rug. But the hapless cultists in Alaska who failed to even do that effectively – witness the days of public spectacle that left a trail picked up by the Times Union in Albany – are not likely candidates for having then pulled off a perfect murder.

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