Shivani: Lauren Salzman Lived Happily and Positively, Like a Pig Sobbing in Shit

Lauren with pet.

By Shivani

What Lauren said she thought was different about the schemes behind the schemes of DOS, the things about DOS that she didn’t like, is a huge part of what is crazy about this dingbat, Lauren Salzman.

She was okey-dokey about being a slave, about being a middle-aged spinster sistah-wife for her horndog master. She was even satisfied with opening her legs to a guy who was her mother’s humping partner and who lived with several other women.

MK10ART. Lauren knew that Keith was her mothers’ humping partner.

She knew that the freakazoid bossing her around screwed everybody he could get.

These women were living on top of each other, so Lauren probably knew about Raniere’s abortion demands for his groupies. She coulda woulda known that Raniere was a practicing child rapist, and certainly, Lauren never bit Raniere during group blowjobs.

Mk10ART- Certainly Lauren [left kneeling] never bit Vanguard during group blow jobs.

She knew that she was once a younger hag and that Raniere had a posse of older hags and even Toni Natalie.


Lauren was a younger hag when Barbara Jeske was an aging hag. But Barbara was properly disposed of in a neat, sweet way.

Lauren even went to Mexico to teach “Human Pain” courses and to get Raniere more Mexicans, since Raniere wanted Mexicans, young or old, so he could grab their money, make them into confused fanatical thugs and have a steady catalog full of imported sexual prey. In fact, he had one young lady who was held in a room for him by Lauren for at least a couple of years. The young lady from Mexico had parents who were Raniere fanatics, and they were happy happy too when Raniere had sex with 3 of their daughters and had their son film some of it.

Lauren was cheerful about that, too.

Lauren did not like Raniere having younger and sexier, better-looking sexual conquests or cuter rape victims, so why not imprison one?

And withhold her passport, nothing wrong with that, if maybe Keith would just praise Lauren or pat her arm. That could be cause for some cheerfulness, and Lauren could lie to more people, more jauntily.

She didn’t mind getting branded and agreed to recruit what were obviously more sex slaves for the Head Ape, and she was industriously getting collateral and then demanding more collateral. She didn’t mind jackshit, not that much anyway, as long as Raniere ordered it and threw in a little bit of ritualistic mumbo-jumbo and went to bed with Lauren once in a while, not as a threesome.

She held on until nearly menopause for Raniere to ejaculate an Avatar baby for her to call what? Her very own? She knew that she HAD to work on all of her jealousies. She had learned and lived by this insanity, that pain was the only way to find love, to be lovable or loving.

Lauren lived happily and positively, like a pig sobbing in shit, for her whole-hog adult life. Like mother, like daughter, like sistah. Happy, happy, happy Lauren stuck in toxic quicksand and doing bad, bad, things. She slaved to be jolly and chipper, and JOY was her greatest ambition.

Mk10ART– like mother, like daughter

But testifying in court after her plea deal, Lauren Salzman worked her angle as a regretful martyr who sees things differently, now that Raniere had hidden in a closet south of the border, while police held some guns at her head. She was resentful that her God was screwing more sex slaves with no announcement, no greeting cards or sympathy cards. Why oh why did her idol deceive her, so coldly and cruelly?

Why was Lauren Salzman pretending that Raniere was doing anything differently than always?

He deceived Lauren consistently. He did not overlook her or change his routine. Did she do the boo-hooing because she wanted to tweak some sympathy for her decades of sado-masochism?

Bitter jealousy and unrequited obsession are hardly material for any sudden disclaimers or for any epiphanies. Mordor in the court. Odious is odious.

Raniere was Raniere, and Lauren Salzman didn’t change a thing. She just dug in and stayed on with him. Her mother will fix it all for poor Lauren Salzman, though. Lauren will go from prison to a quiet job as a cleaning lady for Nancy Salzman, who will never pay her.

Why interrupt the storyline of Lauren’s entire life?

Hopefully, Lauren will have a baby carriage of her own to push one day. Maybe she can learn to put diapers and a bonnet on a shackled ferret. An Avatar ferret.


It looks obvious that Lauren Salzman will not do prison time even remotely close to the number of years which she has spent devoutly and smugly tormenting others. She threw herself quite a pity party on the witness stand. It almost sounded as though she was breaking away from her decades of thundering delusions.

But I have moved on to a more realistic assessment of Miss Thang.

She has been so accustomed to being enslaved and then, at last, to having her own little goon squad of slaves to supervise, ever so vigilantly. What a veteran! She is like a chimpanzee obsessively examining her lice, accustomed to nitpicking.

Her mental and emotional impotence shows as so pronounced, and she is so very absorbed, chock full of clever-not-clever Nxivm/DOS concepts and linguistics, to the point that she seems to be completely oblivious to its all-encompassing foulness. Tunnel vision.

She has spent most of her life trying to please her mother’s evilness and Raniere’s. Recently, we saw photos of her, still tied to her repugnant mother, over the Thanksgiving holiday, photographed in a line at Starbucks. She had her head down, staring into her cellphone hypnotically, in what now passes for normality. It’s likely that none of the Salzman crackpots are rehabilitatable. Their souls were mangled and sold so long ago. What else do these bimbos know? Huh?

When does a “victim” of group insanity become a perpetrator? Apparently, there are no hard and fast rules about that. Lauren seemed so dutiful, dedicated, even anal about her self-importance, as a major contributor to everything and anything Raniere decided to implement.

Yet, Lauren always seems to look at herself privately as never being really good enough.

It is as if she has spent her entire adulthood eagerly adapting herself to drowning in a huge vat of communal shit. Pardon me for wondering if she has ever even had an orgasm. Perhaps she will someday find the guts to discuss that. How loose was her goose? Or was she resigned to pain masquerading as pleasure and chanting “I am not worthy!”

Maybe for once, she’s right. She’s like the mythic cauldron-soaked frog who was simmered and then fully boiled. Never quite “worthy” enough for her God but with him until the bitter end. She ingested the tricks and has nothing to trade beyond strategic tattling (do NOT tell on Mummy dearest) and nauseating self-pity and selective regrets.

Marie White – Lauren and Allison Mack gleeful that they branded and enslaved women for their master.

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  • One wants to know on what monies this mother daughter duo purchase Starbucks with and what monies they live on.
    Frank, you could find out where their income is from.
    Was this pic taken at Stuyvesant Plaza? We know Nancy frequented there.
    I gather the sex trafficers are reintegrating.
    Parents, hide your female children from these two.

      • You’re right that it’s the sort of information that can’t readily be obtained – short of something like a leak from an insider among those she has stayed connected to, or revelations in government documents.

        However, the money is just as likely from banal sources like remaining NXIVM supporters including Clare Bronfman, Salzman’s 401k or her parents. How do normal people get through an extended period of un- or under-employment?

        It’s unlikely that Salzman would risk tapping into an illegitimate money source when federal agencies (the IRS, DHS/CBP, and perhaps still the FBI) are likely further investigating NXIVM-related financial crimes – and she’s being scrutinized by a probation officer for her pre-sentencing report, and hoping the judge will be lenient. Also, someone who left money lying around the house for the feds to find probably wasn’t thinking ahead to cunningly stash money, and the history of fraudsters like her is that almost none of them actually plan for the collapse of their schemes.

    • Parents, watch over your boys as much as you want to protect your daughters. Let’s not forget our boys or young men, ever. There is no reason for dreaming that Nancy Salzman isn’t equally as creepy and without boundaries around boys or men, as she has been with females. Raniere too was a full-service malevolent monster who entangled both men and women, boys and girls into his grip, with evil intentions.

      It is somehow so macabre even seeing the photos of 2 predators like Nancy Salzman and her clone-like offspring in line at a Starbucks. There’s a photo of Woody Allen and Jeffrey Epstein strolling in their Manhattan neighborhood, and that image is similarly, strikingly sickening. It’s not puzzling that these two were pals and socialized often, since they would agree about their own ugly characteristics being fine and dandy. And so too would the greedy predators, Nancy and Lauren Salzman. So too could the 2 Bronfman sisters. Plus, we have all learned, those whom read or study here, that there are men still active in Raniere’s fold who are acting a lot like their hero.

      I do feel that behind closed doors, the more insidious members of Raniere’s circle dropped their guru and counselor acts and enjoyed their deceptions and their abuses of others, those who were thought to be beneath them all. For many reasons, I can see them laughing like hell together and celebrating how easy it could be to victimize others, to confuse and to intimidate their “students” and to profit from it all in many different ways. If you have studied other criminal organizations, you will see this coming and going. Some of these individuals drop their masks, between themselves.

      Some of their masks completely FAIL to fool all of the people all of the time. You can and probably do teach your children and grandchildren to pay close attention to whoever, whatever can be approaching them. You do not have to inject fearfulness to into children but be practical and protective. Every day, every night. At least two individuals have come around my grandsons whose real motives I have doubted. These slick and/or sick bastards know when they have been been spotted, busted, and I trust what I smell, see, hear, intuit. There has been to need to create any dramas or to freak out, for essentially most pervs are cowards. Just fire off your warning shots and stand in your truth, come hell or high water.

      I think that the inner circle(s) got a thrill out of behaving sadistically and got off on sharing those thrills together. Seriously. Just like Nazis who were witnessed, over and over again, slamming the tiny bodies of infants into walls, even when the babies were already dead, laughing and proud of themselves, that’s how I picture Raniere, Clare Bronfman, Nancy Salzman, the former Dr. Brandon Porter, Danielle Roberts, Allison Mack, Nina Cowell, Esther Carlson Chiappone and quite a lot of other Nxivm/DOS profiteers and predators. These people usually know what they are really up to behind their poses.

      About the Salzman money, Michelle Salzman has remained free and unfettered by much, if any interferences. Just because Nancy Salzman’s house, when searched by “lawmen” yielded around $500,000 in cash, doesn’t mean that more money wasn’t stashed in several other locations. Nancy Salzman, still wearing her boss hat, could have had money dug up from all over their old haunts. For all we know, she could still be recruiting for her own glory and profit. She hid her grotesque intentions for decades and has had plenty of practice.

      I used to joke that someone needed to go dig up Teresa Russell’s backyard, if she had one. But there would be other candidates who could have had Nxivm money hidden and who have not been noticed, what with only six of their group arrested. For all that we know, Nancy Salzman could still be blackmailing people. She has always been mercenary, from what can be observed.

      When studying Nancy Salzman’s known behavior, just as when she “handled Kristin Snyder,” who was obviously dealt with as a big problem, I see a real fascist with no humanity at all. It is highly possible that she is being protected, by the way. That is another aspect of the Nxivm story to excavate,,without a doubt.

  • Lauren’s pets are better looking than Lauren, the dog and the hairless cat. The evil oozes from Lauren’s pores rendering her abhorrant.

  • I would also like to defend pigs being compared to this sorry excuse for a woman. Pigs are very intelligent animals, something these fools are clearly not

  • Did Lauren force feed someone tranquillisers or spike them? And who was this? I can’t remember the details but this is the kinda thing she did for her master. I hope there are a lot of victim impact statements that pull at the judges heart after all he is “human first and a judge second” or whatever he said when he seemed to be touched by Lauren’s court meltdown. He believed she was broken but how many people did she enjoy breaking before her reign of terror came crashing down?

  • Shivani:
    Get your barf bag ready!
    A movie where the Vanguard Keith Raniere brings peace to Mexico through Non-Violence
    Filmed by Mark Vicente.
    Encender el Corazon Trailer (International) V1

    • This is the real meaning of the “I’ve had people killed for my beliefs” quote. Raniere lined up Mexican people like lambs for a slaughter and the drug cartels were very delighted to play their role in slaughtering them. That’s what drug cartels do. The only effective responsive is overwhelming violence against the cartels. Raniere is a fool for thinking he could bargain with them or influence them. What a disaster Raniere created, and Vicente followed him and filmed it. Agnifilo was right, Raniere is a very soft “man.”

      • Mexico will continue to be a tragedy until it follows President Trump’s advice and seeks America’s help in smashing the drug cartels.
        Normally, I am against foreign interventions but Mexico is right next door to America and any problems there will impact America.

        • The Mexican drug cartels exist, Shadowstate, because Europeans and Americans buy drugs…Before El Chapo in Mexico, the US JSOC helped the Columbians kill Pablo Escobar. In both instances, drug sales increased. Don’t forget the DEA agents receiving prostitutes free of charge from drug cartels.

          Remember, Pseudo-ephedrine in the United States had to be moved behind store counters to prevent US Meth. labs from procuring Pseudo-ephedrine.

          • Scott,

            You could kill all of the Colombians, Chileans and the Mexican people and new drug cartels would spring up somewhere else, in other countries. The cartels have begun to farm cocaine in Peru and other previously non-coca producing countries in South America.

            Scott I hate hard drugs. The drug war started during Reagan and has been a failure.
            I do not want hard drugs legalized.
            The drug cartels or drug producing countries are not the problem. It’s the users(public) and their insatiable desire for drugs.

            If an individual in the US does a line of cocaine; That line of coke came from a drug cartel, which has murdered men, women, children, and law enforcement officials. The money spent on the line of coke will be used to finance murder, bribery, corruption, weapons trafficking, and sex trafficking of adult women or young girls; Plus illegal aliens.

            There is no answer. Reagan and Bush senior could not pull it off. Good luck to Trump. Eliminate Mexico and another country will become the next defacto Drug State; Or more synthetic drugs will be developed and used, as is happening now with: Fentanyl, Molly, and Meth.


            Ask Frank what Miami and New York was like in the 80s.

            Best drug documentary, explains how the cocaine smuggling in the 80s worked is Cocaine Cowboys. The documentary is true and makes Miami Vice seem tame.

  • Shivani, I think you eloquently lay out for us of what a pathological mess the life of someone like Lauren Salzman must have been, in Raniere’s inner circle.

    I think I can understand the mindset of rank and file high control group or cult members, and even of those who live in closed communities often doing mundane work under bad conditions. The women of Raniere’s harem were a particular aberration, though I suppose we can at least classify them as being like those who are in long-term co-dependent an abusive intimate relationships, including polygamy, even though it’s hard to comprehend why women put up with them and stay in them.

    • p.s. I love the reference to “An Avatar ferret,” that made me laugh – which you can imagine, is rare for a serious old cur like me 🙂

  • Shivani:
    Allison Mack in her social media also declared herself to be happy with her then current life of being a Slave Master under the Grand Slave Master.
    All of the top NXIVM DOS women were as happy as hogs in shit.

    • Or as miserable as anyone believing themselves trapped in an abusive relationship – but trying to put a happy face on it.

      Lauren Salzman’s testimony, such as about being manipulated into not having outside relationships, but then denied the opportunity to have Raniere’s “avatar baby,” doesn’t exactly sound like that of someone truly happy with their lot in life.

        • Nutjob,

          I firmly believe Lauren would have had a normal life if she did not come in contact with Keith Raniere.

          My friend, I am not piling on. I feel divided myself on the issue of Lauren Salzman’s culpability. Lauren helped to extort other women and kept one young woman captive in a room for over a year.
          Dani was an illegal alien with nowhere to go. If Dani went to the authorities, she would have been deported to Mexico with nothing, no family, and most importantly no money. The disturbing and tragic reality is Dani was better off in the room with 3 meals a day and roof overhead than running away or being deported to Mexico with no money. Dani had no options!

          I see Lauren as a victim and a villain. The legal system exists in part, to not take revenge or retribution, but to punish crimes. It’s not fair to let victim/criminal walk Scott-free. What about Dani?
          3-5 years is fair for Lauren in my opinion.

          There are reasons Lady Justice wears a blindfold and holds a scale….

          …..Justice must be blind. …..Justice must be fair and equitable.

          I trust the judge.

        • I get it. I also know Keith was the driver and he had these women blindly following orders (shadow, STFU with your Nazi comparisons). They all seem to be waking up at different times. Some woke up because they had a baby. Some because their mama helped wake them up. Some needed to get arrested to awaken.

          While we all know that “I was just following orders” isn’t a defense that will set anyone free, in the case of the NXIVM women, the statement is true.

          I also trust the judge, and doubt I’ll have an issue with the sentences.

          • Poor little helpless women. They should be treated like children because they were “just following orders.” Forget the womens’ lib movement, treat them like the little children that they are. LOL

          • Good point. This is your site. We seem to be back to the good old days before Frank started censoring you. 11 of 30 comments, Scoot. You ARE a star!

          • I liked it when the Frank Report limited me to 5 comments a day. I got more work done. Seriously!

            Scott was probably despondent/irate.

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