Kim Snyder: Please Help Me Get Justice for Kris

Kim Snyder has been helping in the investigation into the disappearance of her sister, Kristin Snyder
By Kim Snyder
In my opinion, all the criminals in the NXIVM group deserve to go to jail.
But there is one criminal who should go to jail for the rest of her life.  Nancy Salzman needs to pay for what she did to my only sister, Kristin Marie Snyder.
Nancy knew Kris was in dire straights due to her slipping into “mental illness”.  Kris was not medically well, yet Nancy did NOTHING to help her.
Kris was telling people she was pregnant and needed to be hospitalized, and Nancy Salzman told people – Kris was just blowing off steam – and to ignore her. She was just seeking attention. Nancy gave directions to ignore Kris!
And Nancy had her minions eject Kris from class, separate her from her partner, Heidi Clifford. Clifford wanted to hospitalize Kris but was NOT allowed to.
We don’t know if Elaine Smiloff ever took Kris home. We do know she did not stay with Kris. Yet, Heidi Clifford says she was told that Elaine was to stay with Kris until Heidi got home.  This by itself is negligence, possibly criminal negligence.
It might be conspiracy to commit murder, on the part of Nancy, Esther Chiappone Carlson and others.
Nancy and her minions in the class were at least reckless. We find from a diary recently discovered that Ed Kinum actually lay on the floor—— with Kris, both of them face down on the floor —- while she cried. He did nothing for her.
NXIVM knew they were in trouble because Kris said she was pregnant with Keith’s child. They knew if she went to the hospital, they would perform a pregnancy test. That’s why they didn’t let her go, I believe.
It was essential that they kept up the lie that Keith was celibate. It was their whole living – selling Keith as this genius celibate guru.
Now, it looks like Nancy may be cooperating with the feds and possibly may not serve any time in jail.
Yet she deserves to serve time for her role in Kris’ death. Of course, that is another case and another matter, different than what she was charged for in the federal case.
But justice is justice and I am determined to bring it for Kris, which means delivering it to Nancy and others in spades.
I’m not quitting. I was the first one to say it was homicide nearly 17 years ago. I am grateful at last to have some help from Frank Parlato, and his many intelligent readers whose comments and thoughtful insights have been a comfort to me and my mother.
And I am thankful to Investigation Discovery for supporting Frank in his investigation and airing the results in their film “The Lost Women of Nxivm”.
To reiterate: Kris began showing signs of needing help in January of 2003. No one ️was there to help her.
Esther Chappione Carlson, probably following Nancy’s orders, kept ejecting Kris from class when she knew that Kris was ill. It was one massive gaslighting.
Kris was told to sit outside the class and write – and she did so for a while – then returned to class. Again, she said she was pregnant. Again, she was told to sit outside and write. Finally, after the third or fourth time of doing this, they got Elaine Smiloff to come pick her up and drive her away – never to be seen again.
Nancy Salzman and her criminals neglected and most likely through either neglect or an active conspiracy, killed Kris.
She should not get away with that.
Our Kris was a beautiful young woman who had her whole life ahead of her. She was hazel-eyed, tall, beautiful and very intelligent.  Her life was snuffed out far too soon.
Exactly what Keith, Nancy and their minions did to her, I don’t know for certain. I do know they are criminals.
I was a little outraged to see the pictures of Nancy and her daughter Lauren at Starbucks making merry.  Nancy has her two daughters, Lauren and Michelle. And the two sisters have each other.
Thanks to Nancy Salzman and her minions, I don’t have a sister, and my mother only has one daughter now.
Another cruel fact is that Kris’ and my father, the late Capt. Robert E. Snyder, went to his grave not knowing what happened to Kris. It haunted him. Almost the last words he said to my mother and I was “Whatever happened to my baby?”
Such a weight of grief for him to carry on his deathbed. It remains a weight of grief for us too. Not only that we lost our joy almost 17 years ago, but that we do not know what happened to her.
It is not enough to say she died and that’s something to grieve and mourn over. There is something more. It is not vengeance. It is justice.
I can’t rest until I know what Nancy Salzman and her evil minions did to my sister. Was it just neglect or did they do more?
Did they actively work to get her to a place where she would commit suicide? Or was it worse, did they outright kill her?
I’m sorry if I have expressed myself poorly, or if I ramble. So many thoughts come to mind when I think of Kris – of the 35 years we had her – and the 17 years we have lived in wonder, wondering what happened – and no it is not vengeance – but hoping that one day we will find out and justice will be served on those who caused our dearly beloved harm.
Please help me get justice for Kris.

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  • Kim, I am pulling for you and your mother to get as much justice as possible. You have a supporter in me.

  • Oh, Kim. How I feel your heartache you’ve expressed so well here in this post. IDK if there’ll ever be justice for any of the loved ones we lost to NXIVM, or closure for we families — not without full-scale investigations in the proper venues with cooperating witnesses. Barb Jeske and Pam Cafritz’s families deserve that, as well, of course. I get very discouraged myself reading about (and sometimes experiencing) the corruption of justice that contributed to the “empowerment” of Keith, Nancy and the spread of their destructive evil and it seems that it’s insurmountable now — that so many of those who can help make justice happen, finally, were too entrapped and mesmerized themselves that they won’t ever remedy it for fear of exposure and a refusal to own up to their mistakes. But, have faith and stay strong, we shall press on despite, in spite of the opposition.

    Love as strong as yours is for Kris, will prevail.

  • If you really want to get to the bottom of this, then answer this question: Why did Clifford and her mother allow a bunch of virtual strangers to take over? That makes no sense.

  • Kim has not expressed herself poorly or rambled. Kim is speaking from the heart and is full of grief, frustration and emotion. She is human and has integrity. She is honest and true to what she says and that is what I see as being brave. I hope she gets the answers she deserves. She and her family are innocent victims here. Forget the corrupt souls, crocodile tears and acting on the stand for less prison time. I am glad she has a way of expressing herself and is being supported by Frank. Much compassion and love is sent to Kim and her family

    • You should be disgusted trolling this article. The other ones, who cares, but to mention Toni in response to something Kim is an insult. Toni used this woman’s family and took advantage of their pure grief. She abused their trust. You worm.

      • Natashka:
        It’s Nicki Clyne’s efforts to sabotage Kim Snyder.
        NXIVM never knows when to give up.

        Frank Parlato will stand by you in your effort to find the truth.
        Avoid Toni Natalie.

  • Kris:
    I don’t know you personally but I hope you find some answers to your questions and I hope you find peace.
    I had a cousin murdered under mysterious circumstances almost thirty years ago on an overseas trip and I know what it is like to lose a family member and have no final answers about what happened and why.
    As for Nancy Salzman, she is the Demon Queen of NXIVM.
    I know that this criminal gang uses bullying and peer pressure to control people.
    NXIVM consists of bullies and thugs.
    My hopes and prayers are with you, Kris.
    Shadow State

    • Kim,
      Don’t pay attention to “Gas Porter”
      I believe that Gas Porter is a pen name for Nicki Clyne, the wife of NXIVM’s Allison Mack.
      The Porter comes from Brandon Porter, the disgraced former Doctor who is a NXIVM Flying Monkey and a friend of Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne.
      The Gas comes from “Gastown” the original name of Vancouver Canada which is Nicki Clyne’s home town.
      Nicki Clyne uses many pen names to spread NXIVM propaganda.

      Kim, if you have any doubts about someone or who to deal with ask Frank Parlato who has been fighting against NXIVM for many years.
      Frank Parlato is the man who is trying to reopen the case into Kristin’s disappearance.

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