Someone in Hollywood Has a Range Rover With ‘NXIVM’ License Plate

By Shadow State
An Instagram poster, David Lawrance, who lives in West Hollywood, recently posted a picture of a new black Range Rover with the license plate “NXIVM”.
David Lawrance spotted a Range Rover with a Nxivm license plate and took a picture of it.
Who in Hollywood would want to be associated with a sex slave cult?
Actually, Lawrance posted two pictures. The first is of the car’s front.
The backplate also reads NXIVM.
Lawrance wrote on his Instagram page, accompanying his pictures:
A quick search revealed that the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price for a new Ranger Rover is about $90,000.
Whoever is driving that car is well to do and has no shame. Either that, or they are proudly still supporting Nxivm and its now incarcerated leader, Keith Alan Raniere [see pictures below].
2020 Land Rover Range Rover Luxury vehicle


With its floating roofline, continuous waistline and lower accent graphics, we haven’t set out to reimagine the Range Rover, we’ve simply made it better. Innovative features such as Premium LED headlights give it even greater presence.


A truly first-class travel experience. The sublime and beautifully appointed interior of the Range Rover features executive four-seat comfort with five-seat versatility. Rear seats have increased recline and deeper cushioning for greater comfort.


From the steering wheel’s hidden-until-lit, touch-sensitive switches to Touch Pro™ Duo’s beautifully integrated 10” touchscreens, the Range Rover contains a selection of technologies designed to deliver a refined, connected drive.

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  • Actually saw this car in WeHo last night. The license plate definitely appears just as it does in the photo with nothing in the place of the last two digits, for what that’s worth. I took a photo of it from within my car and didn’t think anything of the fact that it wasn’t centered or I would have looked up close.

  • Re License Plate Authenticity Conclusion:

    The journalist was worried that an intelligent individual like AnonyMaker, would look up the plate number on the Californian State database and harass the individual owner of said license plate. The journalist then decided to use her phone app. to black out the last two digits of the plate. Additionally the photo was taken with an IPhone and the HDR feature was turned on causing the photo to appear even more manipulated; then just the two numbers being backed out.

  • So to wrap things up, now that we know that it’s been determined that there almost certainly isn’t actually anyone in Hollywood who has a Ranger Rover with California plates that say “NXIVM,” let’s consider what the photoshopped license plate might actually have said originally – and what that or any other license plate seen that might start with those 5 letters, could actually mean. A quick search (hint to Shadow: use The Google*) turns up a couple of possibilities:

    * Nxiv is the name of a character in World of Warcraft, so “NXIVMGE” could refer to so something like Nxiv mage (I asked a kid in the family who’s into WoW for ideas, and they’ve seen a picture of WoW-related license plate with MGE at the end for “mage”).

    * Nxiv is a word or name in the Hmong language, and California is home to the US’ largest population of Hmong refugees. It could be a name or some other reference in that language, with all sorts of possibilities.

    It’s mostly likely that anyone still driving around with a plate along those lines is doing so because in their mind it has no association with a now-infamous sex cult.

    * Advanced search can be particularly useful, and once you’ve learned how it works many of its features can even be accessed directly with coding in the address bar:

  • I think at this point it’s worth reviewing what can actually be determined:

    * There’s no license plate NXIVM to be found in California DMV records

    * The two images from instagram are faked, with off-center plate numbers/characters and signs of photoshopping on the right, altered from whatever they said originally

    * It’s not a new vehicle, but has a grille style dating to about 2014-16 models, so the images could even be from before the NXIVM scandal broke in 2018

    * A separate twitter report claiming that someone saw a NXIVM plate is open to question, since apparently there is no such California plate (see first point) – and it’s even possible it just refers to seeing the faked photos

    In fairness I have to note that it’s possible that there could possibly one or more vehicles with a license plate beginning with the characters NXIVM – the record lookup tools I used would only search for exact matches. But if so, the differences could mean they refer to something else, not the NXIVM we know here.

    • AnonyMaker,

      This summary is all well and good, but you need to cite your sources and provide web links. Shadowstate and I need to be able to research the accuracy and authenticity of your claims. Just stating “something”, does not make it true. The information you provide is appreciated, Shadow and I just need to verify it.

      I believe Shadow and I have always provided links to all of our research. I am just asking you to do the same; Reciprocity.

    • This is so funny because I saw this car in West Hollywood in 2020 too. I also have photos to prove it. I just googled “NXIVM West Hollywood” because I’m watching a NXIVM documentary on Netflix and it jogged my memory of this car and I was wondering if the internet could tell me if someone from NXIVM lives in WeHo because that would be a fun fact to know my neighbor was or is in a weird cult! And then of course I found this page and of course there are people claiming it’s fake but I literally saw it with my own eyes and have photo evidence which I will happily provide.

  • What a bunch of rum dums

    Shadow probably has a NXIVM sticker on his Smallville lunch pail and Anonyfaker has one on his Antifa backpack. Hell, niceguy and Johnson probably have NXIVM trampstamp tats

    • Mitchel Garrity!!!

      Is your male Jamaican Healthcare Aide sticking “it” to you good?

      As I understand “it” you older white men find the forbidden fruit tastes sweeter. Being gay is no longer a faux pas or stigmatized, but what about interracial relationships like yours? Is it “hard”? Not “hard”, but difficult?

      Do you “come” away a better man for the experience?

        • Mitch,

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          My wife just asked me what I am laughing at. I said, “my friend Mitch”. Swear to God!

          Mitch XOXO!!!! Your so hot, when your angry!!!

          P.S. Are you interested in role playing? You can be Goldilocks; Shadowstate, ScottAmway, and I can be The Three Bears. What do you think? Care to try our porridge?

    • Mitch,

      To help you out with your sock puppets or condom finger puppets; You are the only individual that uses “hell” at the beginning of sentences. You use hell like a Drill Sergeant.

      “Hell, private NiceGuy and Gomer Pile Johnson are two queers that love lubricating their rifles with too much gun oil; So they can practice lubricating each other’s assholes, while they enjoy latrine duty, the next two nights.”

      • I told you before ask Frank. You’re not a detective. You’re not clever. And again, using homosexuality and interracial relationships as insults says much about you.

        Are you a fag, a sissy or just a big puss?

        Now, quit bothering me boy

        • Hi Mitch,

          Excuse me, I think you are confused. You said, “again, using homosexuality and interracial relationships as insults says much about you.” I did not say anything derogatory. I simply asked a sincere question.

          What I actually said was “Being gay is no longer taboo or stigmatized, however, is an interracial relationship tough in the gay community?” Mitch, how is that homophobic? Please explain.

          Mitch You then replied, ” fuck off you sissy cocksucker”; And you also said “Are you a fag, sissy boytoy or a twink?”

          Fact: You Mitch are the one being a hateful homophobe. Not me!!!

          P.S. I remember the time you stated, “give me a break, women all over the world want to be in charge, and they are also fucking Raniere”. Mitch not all women want to fuck Raniere. Mitch, you are a misogynist in addition to being homophobic.
          Mitch you are an angry and old persnickety man. Still, I love you the same way Jesus Christ loves you and I accept you with unconditional love as you are!!! XOXO!!!!

          Happy Holidays Mitch Garrity!!!

        • Mitch,

          I have been thinking about my role playing idea, and you pretending to be Goldilocks is a bit too taboo. So how about we do The Three Little Pigs instead? Shadow, Scott, and I will be the pigs; You can be the big bad wolf, then you can come by….Huff and puff and “blow” the three “hogs” [not houses down, sorry].

          My wife and I are friends with a gay married couple. Both men are Republicans. I joke the same way with them that I joke with you. Get with the times my crusty cantankerous friend!

        • Mitch,

          This boy-toy will stop bothering you as long as you behave. 😉

          Merry Christmas and good health to you!

    • The Shadow has been vindicated!!!!! Take that haters!!!!!!

      Scott Amway and AnonyMaker you both owe Shadow an apology…..

      • NiceGuy, not so fast – sorry.

        No such license plate shows up in a DMV record search, and just what there is out there on the street that someone photoshopped images of to make it look like NXIVM, and what someone mentioned in another vague report that could just be about seeing the photoshopped images, is not at all clear.

        • AnonyMaker,

          I have never found one mistake you have ever made…

          HOWEVER, The journalist who posted the photo blacked a portion of the plate with their phone app; She most likely worried about posting a full license plate in Sue happy LA California.

          This is your first 1/2 mistake.

          My dear AnonyMaker…Pride goeth before the fall….

          I am kidding and ribbing! Goodnight!

          • AnonyMaker & Shadow,

            AnonyMaker the journalist was worried that an intelligent individual like yourself, but not nearly as nice as you, would look up the plate number on the Californian State database and harass the individual. That is the answer to all of your skeptical questions!!!!!

            Game Set! Match!Winner! Shadow!!!!!

            She used a phone app. to black out. and this has been confirmed.

            Try this with your own phone smart phone!!!

            You have no excuse not to apologize to Shadowstate!!!!!! You were not right!

            AnonyMaker, whenever, I doubt your statements of fact I look it up, because I have no life. LOL It’s sadly true!!!

            This is the first time you have ever been wrong ever out of the times I have checked!!!!

            99.9% accuracy is not too shabby!!!
            Pound sand brother you are human after all!!!!

          • NiceGuy,

            The man who posted the photoshopped images normally posts full license plates all the time. He’s apparently a hobbyist who looks for interesting plates – just follow the links and check out his Instagram feed.

            My point still stands that Shadow fell for a sort of fake news, and there is no vehicle driving around LA with California plates that say “NXIVM.” Whatever might actually be going on, we don’t really know – and it may not even have anything to do with the NXIVM we know here.

            Shadow apparently missed the fact that Nxiv is a character in World of Warcraft – which could be the basis for a couple of license plate variations:


    • The only official record, actually shows that there is no California license plate “NXIVM” – see my links to searches of DMV data, below.

      Just what we should make of the two internet postings you have credulously accepted, the first of which uses two rather obviously faked and photoshopped images, is open to question. Both could be wrongly based on a vehicle that actually has somewhat different plates, and even nothing to do with the NXIVM we know.

      Your unwillingness to admit your mistake, and then move forward with a more careful examination of the evidence, is the same sort of sloppy thinking that for instance lead NXIVM cultists up to the highest levels to believe that Kristen Snyder faked her death and is still alive.

      • AnonyMaker,

        I enjoy reading your research, articles, comments and enjoy all of your conspiracy busting. You are an intelligent person.

        How the f*ck did you get sucked down this rabbit hole? Are you not, now Alice?


        BTW; Why is your ego so big that you cannot apologize to Shadowstate for calling into question the authenticity of his find?

        • NiceGuy,

          I am harping on this because I think it is a clear example of falling for bad or fake information, and then building theories or narratives on top of it – which may be completely baseless and wrong.

          It seems to me that at least on second look, that license plate obviously has something wrong with it, missing or altered – particularly given that the characters off-center. Or is that not clear?

          • AnonyMaker,

            I get it. We will have to agree to disagree. On the positive side, this is one of two things we have ever disagreed on regarding facts. So I believe that’s pretty damn good!

            Have a nice night and a good week!

            Happy Holidays!

  • There was a good comment on the twitter link for how to report an offensive license plate at California.

    Send a letter to:

    Vehicle Registration Operations
    Department of Motor Vehicles
    PO Box 942869
    Sacramento, CA 94269-0001

  • Thank you, Mr. Lawrence. I’ve seen this license plate before as well, along with some variations on it in Malibu and, unfortunately, around my home. I believe NXIVM is active in Los Angeles — where Emiliano Salinas and other Mexican and Guatemalan elite drug cartel-connected NXIVM members, as well as NXIVM’s Clare and Sara Bronfman — own property. I believe they are behind some on-going incidents of harassment perpetrated on me and my disabled son including our being stalked by persons in vehicles bearing such license plates and other NXIVM insignia. This posting and sightings such as this should please be reported to the police and FBI who are investigating mine and many other reports of harassment and extortion. They operate like Scientologist to intimidate, discredit and silence whistle blowers. Thank you!

  • Shadowstate,

    The license plate is real. You are correct!!!
    A columnist for Vanity corroborates the license plate is authentic! Her Twitter link is below. You are vindicated, my dear friend!!!!

    The photograph is genuine and was probably taken by an iPhone with the HDR function on[ the HDR function is one photo derived by a composite of 3 quickly timed photos, almost taken at the same time. The photos are than merged for a better quality photo. Frequently the photo will appear to the public as “Photoshopped”, when it actually is not. Most IPhone users do not even realize what the function actually does or how it works.

    Scott and Anonymaker are both wrong. Your discovery is real!!!!

    • Shadowstate,

      The response to this post is like when Frank posted photos of Vanguard dressed as a woman from 80’s film photos taken with a cheap Kodak; And everyone accused Frank, of all people, of Photoshopping the images.
      Who would waste their time on such frivolity? Seriously.

      • NiceGuy, people troll all the time for sometimes bizarre and perverse reasons – or photoshop pictures to make a better story. Conspiracy theorists have been known to fake “evidence” to try to prove to others what they want to believe to be true – the sort of motive that drove NXIVM’s effort to try to find evidence that Kristin Snyder was still alive, to fit their self-serving theory.

        This is a clear case where the off-center characters show that something is very wrong with the image. And as you’ll note above, a search of records shows that there is no such state-issued plate. Something strange is going on, but that it’s hard to make sense of, doesn’t disprove it – as we can see with our own eyes.

          • Maybe that assumption of yours doesn’t have anything to do with what is actually going on with the plate.

            The actual plate could be something like NXIVMOS and mean “next I vamoos”* to someone, and not have anything to do with the cult. It could also be a transliteration from some other language like Chinese.

            The bottom line is that you fell for a fairly obvious fake of some sort. Speculating without further, better information just compounds the original mistake.

            * Vamoose | Definition of Vamoose by Merriam-Webster
   › dictionary › vamoose
            Vamoose definition is – to depart quickly. How to use vamoose in a sentence. vamoose Has Wild West Origins.

        • AnonyMaker,

          Are you calling the female journalist an idiot or a liar? I bet you you would believe a man you misogynist!!! 😉

    • Thank you, Niceguy!
      Regardless of whether the license plate was manufactured by the State of California or by a private company as a novelty plate, who the Devil would want to be associated with a criminal sex slave cult?

      • Novelty plate manufacturers still center the characters in imitation of real plates – The Google will show you that, too.

        You still fell for an obvious fake of some sort, whatever is actually going on.

    • That’s still wrong, HDR doesn’t account for the license plate characters not being centered – particularly in two separate photographs, with no other major anomalies or shifted elements in the images. Photo forensics software shows that characters at the end have been digitally erased. So at a minimum, the plate would actually read something like NXIVM01, or NXIVMH8 – possibly referring to something entirely different in the second example, though those familiar with NXIVM’s infamy may recognize the first characters of the license plate and connect it.

      The tweet doesn’t clearly state whether Riley saw a car on the street, or a photograph online – so she could just have seen the same photoshopped images we’re looking at. Plus her tweet says nothing about what sort of vehicle it was on, and provides no photographic evidence, so it still doesn’t confirm anything.

      And if people really want to scour for information and “investigate,” how about someone actually searches DMV records to confirm what’s really going on? A quick search on how to do that, even turned up a couple of license plate lookup sites* – apparently, no one has even bothered to attempt a basic fact-check – all of which return results like:

      “Unable to locate a vehicle with this license plate.”

      FLUNK! And there’s still the basic problem that the off-center characters prove that the image does not accurately portray a real state-issued license plate, whatever is going on


        • Both of them could have come across the same photoshopped picture, which has some original source that we have yet to identify. We don’t know for certain whether Riley saw a vehicle or a photo – much less what type of vehicle it was, and what state the plates were from – nor that Lawrence isn’t reposting images he found.

          We do know that they don’t make plates with off-center lettering like that, with the evidence of photoshopping to explain the deception involved, so obviously something is very wrong with the images Lawrence posted, whatever is going on. You can’t get past that, even if you’re suffering from incredulity that something fake could be posted to the internet.

  • Looks fake as shit, just like most commenters on this website, former and still current members of NXIVM, and most people in real life.

    • One can make false plates and put them on a vehicle.
      Then the question is why would someone make a false plate advertising a connection to NXIVM.
      Who would want to be associated with NXIVM even as a practical joke?

      • It’s photoshopped, Shadow:

        “When a photo has been digitally edited using photoshop.”

        Those are not real license plates on a vehicle. It could be totally staged, or there could be a vehicle that has a plate with some combination of those characters – or there might have been once years ago, and the picture taken before NXIVM had the reputation it has now. (If you wanted to do some real research, you could tell us what model year it is by the grill – but it’s at least a couple of years old)

        We have no idea exactly what is going on with the photo, or why. But that something doesn’t make sense to you, doesn’t mean that it can’t be true.

        Your Fallicy Is: personal incredulity
        “Because you found something difficult to understand, or are unaware of how it works, you made out like it’s probably not true.
        Complex subjects like biological evolution through natural selection require some amount of understanding before one is able to make an informed judgement about the subject at hand; this fallacy is usually used in place of that understanding.”

  • Putting a NXIVM license plate (real or fake) on one’s car is like displaying a swastika on that car.
    I suppose that anyone who can afford a 90,000 dollar luxury SUV would have more intelligence than that but perhaps I am wrong.
    Or perhaps Dr. Gas Porter is correct in her comment down below and there are still a lot of people in Los Angeles and San Francisco who think NXIVM is a “women’s empowerment ” group.

    “Gas Porter
    December 15, 2019 at 11:10 pm
    There are still Nxivm followers in Los Angeles and San Francisco. “

  • That’s been photoshopped.

    License plates are normally centered, right? I doubt there’s some exception for vanity plates in California. (a quick search for images, shows them all centered)

    It appears that at a minimum, there should be two more characters to the right. The image is too low resolution to scrutinize carefully, but it does kind of look like that area to the right is darker than it should be even to the naked eye, and a photo forensics tool confirms that’s an area of digital manipulation where something has been covered over or erased.

    It’s possible that it just said something like NXIVM01, but it’s also possible that the first five letters have been at least partially rearranged and it doesn’t really even have anything to do with NXIVM. Also, any search for the plate would have to try to do a partial match due to there at least being missing characters.

    If it is NXIVM-connected, it occurs to me that it might belong to one of the diehard Mexican NXians who owns a vehicle in California.

    We’re now in the era of deep fakes, including video, and more than ever, just because something is posted to the internet, doesn’t mean it’s real or the truth.

    • Why would the Instagram poster photoshop a plate with that particular name on it?
      Anyone who put this particular plate on his or her vehicle would be inviting attention from the police.
      Indeed anyone who installed a fake plate on his or her car would be inviting public scrutiny.

      • Why did you fall for such obvious “fake news” – isn’t it obvious that the plate characters are off-center, unlike what is seen on real license plates?

        People troll all the time, including for reasons that are perverse or seemingly inexplicable.

        It’s up to you to provide answers, or at least a plausible theory – or just admit that it’s a fake that makes no obvious sense.

        • According to you, Trump is a troll who works for Putin.
          And you would impeach Trump based on the lies of Rachel Maddow, Jake Tapper and Louise Mensch.

          The photographer is an Australian who lives in LA.
          Why would he fake a photo of a car with NXIVM plates?

          • I’ve never said anything like that, and it’s another mistaken assumption on your part, to believe that’s what I think – I don’t.

            It’s interesting that when caught out credulously accepting what’s being fed to you, even when it’s fake news, you lash out with an accusation like that against someone else. In psychology, it’s known as projection, and actual cult members seem particularly prone to it – for example, it’s particularly rampant in Scientology because of their Owellian ideological conditioning.

            It’s a fairly obvious fake, and you fell for it unquestioningly. The question of why the deception was perpetrated, doesn’t really matter.

            I hate to be harsh, but I’d like to challenge you to improve your critical thinking skills, lest you fall in to the same sorts of culty thinking as members of groups like NXIVM. If you like using the internet, here are a couple of excellent places to start:



            You may notice that along the way I’ve recommended a number of informative and very readable works including Konnikova’s The Confidence Game, and Suspicious Minds by Brotherton – I’m sure a librarian can help you find copies of those.

          • Shadowstate,
            Sorry to laugh at you at your expense, but AnonyMaker snuck in a rare comedy gem and he showcased he actually has an excellent sense of humor.

        • Why did you fall for such obvious “fake news”

          Maybe he is a diehard democrat like you. You both have much in common

          • Anonymous,

            I am a Republican!!! So you can suck on my Republican d*ck, while your wife uses both her hands to cup my balls and finger your cuck asshole.

          • Shadowstate

            The journalist obscured/blacked out a few numbers of the license plate so someone could not look up the plate number on the Californian State database and harass the individual.

            She used a phone app. to black out. and this has been confirmed.

            Try this with your own phone smart phone!!!

  • Shadowstate,

    Awesome work!!!! Or as they say in Bean-Town “wicked pisser”.
    The car is probably a lease like everyone else in LA does. LA is a car culture city with more customize-car shops and car dealerships than gas stations. People in LA will drive a jaguar, but not have enough money for gas and live in a shit hole.

    Bangkok & Flowers,

    I have added additional information regarding your Dual Mercy-f*ck with Flowers.

    • NiceGuy says “People in LA will drive a jaguar, but not have enough money for gas and live in a shit hole.”

      The way rents are in LA now, they might be living in their Jaguar.

    • NiceGuy, I hope you’ve continued to follow the topic, and have noticed that Shadow was taken in by fairly obvious “fake news.”

      The license plate has been at least partly photoshopped, and whatever original photo it was based on may have been taken several years ago while NXIVM still had an LA Center, as the Range Rover is a model several years old – it could even have been Mark Vicente’s vehicle, come to think of it.

      • Besides being off-centre, the plates are also missing the insurance stickers. Shouldn’t there be a sticker with the month and another one the year?

        • The images are of front plates – even though the post claims that the back is the same – which don’t require month and year stickers. Is an insurance sticker required in California, as well?

          • Not sure, but pictures of California plates show them with the insurance stickers…which probably only need to be on one plate. In BC we need to have a current insurance sticker on the back plate, but not on the front plate.

          • Anonymaker, I guess in the US they are registration stickers (not insurance stickers as we have in Canada ) and are only required on the back plates. And since the photos only show the front plates, it is possible the back plates have the stickers.

            However, as you mention, the plates have clearly been photoshopped. The most likely scenario is that someone erased the last 2 characters of the plate, which I think would be very simple to do with basic photoshop tools.

            If the Kardashians can photoshop a child into their Christmas card, I think it would be no problem to edit out a couple licence plate characters…..

            These plates may be “real”, but they are not being shown authentically. Sorry, Shadow, but you have fallen for a practical joke.

    • Nutjob,

      “I’ll guess the owner of the license plate is Sultan of Six”.

      If that were true, Nutjob, the license plate would have read KREUK69 or LANAXXO.

  • There are no month and year stickers on either the front or back plates. So the car can’t be driven.

    “NXIVM” is left-justified instead of centered the way state-issued vanity plates are.

    It’s in the very retro yellow-on-black that is popular for fake vanity-plate companies to make for purposes other than use as legal plates.

    If the pix aren’t photoshopped, it’s an interesting question why anyone put those plates on that car.

    But I really doubt anyone has “NXIVM” as their legal Cal plates.

    • Good catches – there’s definitely something wrong.

      Both shots are of the front of the car. And both have been photoshopped, as I noted in a comment above – as you note, what we see has been left un-centered, and photo forensics software reveals clear signs of the retouching done.

      The person who posted them originally is just claiming that the back license plate is the same. There’s no evidence that it is.

      Who knows what’s really going on.

  • Do online search, pay private investigator $25 bucks to run the plate, get vehicle owners name if your so inclined.

  • Before screaming to shame, maybe try to verify who owns the car and what could potentially mean this plate to them…
    Nxivm isn’t necessarily about the cult itself…

  • There are still Nxivm followers in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Toni Natalie writes about it in her book. The Program Inside The Mind Of Keith Raniere And The Rise And Fall Of Nxivm. Buy it on Amazon.

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