Guest View: My Theory on the Sequence of Events in the Nxivm ‘Murders’ of Kristin Snyder, Gina Hutchinson, Barbara Jeske, Pam Cafrtiz and Suzanne Kemp

Ed. Note: I think in addition to presenting evidence, without forming conclusions until we are very certain – for we are dealing with possible murder – it is a good idea to present some of our reader’s views. They are speculative in many cases – as is the post below – and, although I am not necessarily in agreement with their views, I think they deserve to be heard.

Our reader whose post is below has some very definite opinions on how five women [she is counting Suzanne Kemp] came to the end of their lives: Via Keith Raniere and Co.  While I am not willing to accuse anyone of murder yet, this view is nonetheless a plausible one.

Ed. Note #2: The Lost Women of Nxivm, which details the disappearance of four women [not counting Kemp – on whom we will have much more to say later on] is still available [for a limited time] online to view for free through Investigation Discovery. Viewers will have to endure commercials.

By An Avid Reader

My theory on the sequence of events:

Kristin Snyder announces she was raped by Keith Raniere and is now pregnant. This established motive.

Kristin is removed from the Nxivm Intensive in someone’s vehicle, drugged and taken to a remote wilderness area in the direct opposite direction of Resurrection Bay to be murdered. There, her body is left to the elements; winter snows, spring thaw and, ultimately, the wildlife.

Esther Chiappone’s husband, Rob Chiappone, was employed as a wilderness tour guide in Alaska. Therefore, Esther may have known about an ideal location to dispose of the body.

Alaskan Esther Chiappone Carlson left her husband for Keith Alan Raniere thinking he was going to have a monogamous relationship with her. He lied to her but that did not stop Esther from continuing to do his monstrous bidding.

The truck, kayak, and two suicide notes are all planted with the fictional story created by Keith and his enabler accomplices.

The gas receipt left in the pickup truck was also part of the plan to establish that Kristen had driven the truck. This is a Nxivm habit using credit cards of deceased followers.

Kristen Keeffe is on the ground in Alaska. Why? Was she making sure everything was going according to plan?

In my opinion. Keeffe’s statement in the ID program [the Lost Women of Nxivm] about Kristin Snyder being alive is laughable!

Kristen seems to be a master liar. Maybe she fears being arrested as an accessory to murder, as I suspect so do many others.

With Keith in prison, no one is going to kill her or steal her son – unless she knows and starts talking about the Mexican drug money laundering operation!

The stand-up and walk-out in the film, when asked about her son, was laughable!

Possible scenario

Keith concocted the general story with contributions as follows.

[Again this is speculative]

Kristen Keeffe flies to Alaska to deliver the phony suicide note. Pam Cafritz, the in-house forger, contributed the signature.

The truck is driven to Seward, Alaska, by a person much shorter than Snyder to account for the driver seat position.

This was a 2.5-hour drive that was impossible for Kristin Snyder to do in her mental state of hysteria as described by the Nxivm crew operating the intensive.

The second note on a separate sheet was added in Alaska {The second note read “No need to search for my body.]. Who writes two notes on two pads to commit suicide?

Highly questionable!


Kristin Snyder had shared information with Nxivm about herself, including her hobbies and skills. This is how the kayak and location were created.

Kristin Snyder was known to kayak in all kinds of weather.


Barb Jeske, Pam Cafritz, Suzanne Kemp, Gina Hutchinson, Kristin Snyder were all murdered.

Barbara Jeske and Pam Cafritz – both died of cancer – but were they poisoned also?

Wherever possible the bodies need to be exhumed. The murderer of the heir to the Hotel Fontainebleau in Miami was convicted partly based on evidence of a previous murder of his mother. The mother’s body was exhumed – and the case became a slam dunk!

Both Caftritz and Jeske were murdered for money!

Kristen Keeffe, Karen and Nancy Salzman have survived attempted murder by poisoning. This does not make them victims.

Keith systematically needed to dispose of all these women because they either assisted and abetted him in murder or they just knew too much,

Where are Esther Chiappone, Ed Kinum, [Name Redacted], and Elaine Smiloff, the person that supposedly drove Kristin from the hotel to her home?

Where is Ed Kinnum – and what does he know?

They are all silent…..

What was their collateral that has kept them free from harm?

I would be looking here! These are the weaker links in the chain.

I also think Keith switched gears to the use of poison for a few reasons.

With a murder masked as an illness, there would be no murdered body, no messy cleanup, no accomplice needed to dispose of the body, and Keith could enjoy the long process of pain and suffering along the way.

So much love, pain and joy for little Keithie-Weethie!

Keith Raniere spread his brand of joy, which meant the pain of others. Did he go so far as murder?

I hope all these “suicides” are solved to give closure to the families and relieve them of the pain of having a loved one die of their own hand.

With both suicides, Keith inheriting money was not a factor. Both were executed to silence the truth of rape!

As for the poisoning deaths (cancer), they had two things in common: knowledge of Keith’s crimes and large estates to be inherited!

As for Keithie-Weethie, I have only one wish: a long, slow, extremely painful death so that he can leave this earth having experienced the most joy and love through pain!

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Scott Johnson
3 years ago

This story isn’t a theory. A theory is a hypothesis that is thoroughly tested and it then becomes a theory. This story doesn’t even qualify as a hypothesis, it’s just a wild a$$ guess.

Dianne Lipson
Dianne Lipson
3 years ago

Guest writes: “Kristen Keeffe is on the ground in Alaska. Why? Was she making sure everything was going according to plan.”

I don’t recall that it was mentioned in the film how soon after Kristen Snyder’s disappearance Kristen Keeffe was sent to Alaska. Was is before or after Snyder’s truck was discovered? Was it before or after the search was called off? If Keeffe was sent to Alaska after the truck was found, then that nixes the scenario that she brought a suicide note from Albany, forged by Pam, and placed it in the truck. But it does strike me as odd that Keeffe thinks that Snyder, in her disturbed mental state, could have disappeared and forged a new identity somewhere else. When Keeffe disappeared, she had assistance from law enforcement, and presumably a clearer head.

3 years ago

Frank thanks for the embellishments!

Retired Inspector
Retired Inspector
3 years ago

Nailed it! There has to be some weak link that doesn’t want to spend a lifetime in jail, that can eventually be “encouraged” to talk. Hope so.

G. Hiram Hilliard Porter MD PhD DDS DD JD
G. Hiram Hilliard Porter MD PhD DDS DD JD
3 years ago

Toni Natalie uncovered all of this in her book long before Perlato came around.
Shadow State shut up.

Dr Enrico Funkelmaier MD STD UTI
Dr Enrico Funkelmaier MD STD UTI
3 years ago

She wrote a book?

3 years ago

“She wrote a book?”

I’d be surprised if Toni Natalie could read a book.

3 years ago

Have to agree with you. I’m sure that if you looked into one of Toni’s ears you would see daylight on the other side .

3 years ago

To G. Hiram Hilliard Porter MD PhD DDS DD JD, aka Nicki Clyne:
How is Doctor Danielle Roberts, O.D. doing down in Mexico?

Hello Toni NatalLIE
Hello Toni NatalLIE
3 years ago

Dear Dr Porter,

Toni NatalLIE didn’t uncover shit. She learned everything about this from Ex-NXIVM members who were in NXIVM whenit happened.

NatalLIE didn’t five them credit in her book for giving her the information. Why, because she is a self-centered narcissist.

If this is the kind of woman you want to believe in, so be it. You can have her dear made up man who is most likely Toni NatalLIE herself posting.

3 years ago

Two notes? One for this person one for that doe doe Bird. And there is this other note. I’ll leave this lie here and that lie there. Now 16 years later I bet they wish they never wrote those dam notes. Yes, in the end the pen is mightier than the sword. I agree with the guest view on Keefe. As far as them mentioning her son she had ample opportunity to clear her and her son’s name. To me she really didn’t speak much truth only left me asking more questions

3 years ago

Although I’d like to take credit, I didn’t write this. (And I’m pretty sure in wasn’t AnonyMaker)

3 years ago
Reply to  Nutjob

You are far to modest my friend……

Bruno Balenciaga
Bruno Balenciaga
3 years ago

Everything is possible. Everything is possible.
In any case, the “disappearances” are very suspicious.

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