Susan Dones on Nxivm Secreting Mexican Cash and Illicit Donations to Hillary Clinton

Susan Dones

Ed. Note #1: For a few more days, Investigation Discovery will be making available for free, online, the Lost Women of Nxivm. It must be viewed with commercials. I understand it will be taken offline soon, in preparation for other releases of the film, internationally and I am told also on Hulu.

Ed. Note #2: Patrick Howley is an investigative journalist covering national politics. He reported on the NXIVM sex cult and the details surrounding Jeffrey Epstein. He previously reported for Breitbart, The Daily Caller, and was Editor-in-Chief for Big League Politics. In addition to his own website, National File, Patrick writes for The Epoch Times. Follow Patrick on Twitter:

Patrick recently interviewed Heidi Hutchinson, Joe O’Hara, Susan Dones and myself for a story he wrote about Nxivm.  

Susan’s comments in the story are worthy of a post all by themselves and with Patrick’s permission, I am posting them on Frank Report.


Howley wrote, “Susan Dones, a former member of the Nxivm cult, witnessed the cult’s illegal immigration activities and the key role played by political elites, including Emiliano Salinas, the son of Carlos Salinas de Gortari, the former Mexican president. Dones was part of the cult from December 2000 to April 2009.

Sylvie was a DOS slave who was illegally in the US, brought here by Clare Bronfman. Sylvie was the first witness to testify in the trial of Keith Raniere. She was also a victim of Bronfman, who was charged for illegally harboring Slyvie for financial gain. [Bronfman’s other felony was identity theft for enabling the use of dead Pam Cafritz’s credit card.]

Nicki Clyne is a Canadian DOS slave/master who seems to have committed immigration fraud as well.

By Susan Dones

I knew Sylvie. She was sleeping on Clare’s bedroom floor.

I couldn’t figure out how Nicki Clyne stayed in the U.S. for so long. Then I found out she married Allison Mack, and I thought: Allison Mack isn’t a lesbian.

[Referring to a Mexican man who married the niece of a NXIVM elder] They got an apartment together and learned the color of each other’s toothpaste and what they liked in each other’s coffee in case they got called down to Customs to get interviewed separately. They got married so he could get his green card

After I left (NXIVM), the state attorney general’s office called me and asked all these questions.

A lot of people came in – Dani (Daniela) Padilla came in. She married a gentleman named Sean Bergeron so she could stay in the United States. She was one of Keith Raniere’s concubines and became one of the DOS masters.

There was a whole bunch of women who came up from Mexico. In order for them to stay, they had to find sponsorships. For Loretta Garza, they advertised a job position that she only qualified for and that’s the way they got her to have a working visa. She became the head of Rainbow Cultural Garden.

Loreta Garza

Rainbow Cultural Garden was operating in Mexico and Guatemala and is still operating in France. It’s a children’s program that is very expensive. Children spend time with nannies whose primary language is different — the nannies spend a whole day with them, so the child might be exposed to seven different nannies a week, and the nanny only speaks that language to them all day long. So the parents are not supposed to interfere with them.

The theory is that the child becomes fluent in all these different languages. Keith’s whole theory was how can you go out and attack different countries when you’ve been homogenized into different cultures? We’ll raise children of a rainbow culture. What they’ve found out is that children can’t speak all these different languages.

I found out about the young women coming from the LeBaron clan, and then in the testimony, when they showed the letter from Rosa Laura Junco, offering up her 15-year-old daughter. To me, that’s sex trafficking. You’re offering up your daughter to be this chosen one. That’s sex trafficking. You’re brainwashing these women – and then offering up your kids to be what, pimped out?

Rosa Laura Junco’s father is a Mexican newspaper tycoon, Alejandro Junco de la Vega.

There was so much money that came across the border in cash.

Just before I left, Nancy Salzman told me that most Mexican members paid in cash by bringing the cash across the border – and that NXIVM was not paying taxes on it.

[Dones said she feared for her life knowing about the illegal Mexican activity.]

I was sitting in Nancy Salzman’s living room in Albany and she would just tell me things, things would just pop out of her mouth. She said, ‘We’re bringing cash across the border from Mexico.’ I said ‘why?’ She said, ‘Most of the Mexican members pay in cash.’

I said ‘How are you going to launder that much money?’ Then she realized she had told someone who wasn’t part of the criminal enterprise some illegal information.

They didn’t have to claim it, they didn’t have to pay taxes on it. Mexico was their cash cow. They made more money in Mexico than in the U.S. and Canada combined. There were more students in Mexico and Central America than there were in the United States and Canada and they charged more in Mexico to take a curriculum than anywhere else.

Emiliano Salinas and Alex Betancourt were like rock stars in Mexico, so people came just to be with them.

Emiliano was very involved. Alex Betancourt and Emiliano Salinas were hands-on every single day. They ran Mexico. They were based in Mexico City and they took over the Monterrey, Mexico school.

When I was in, I saw Emiliano Salinas all the time. He joined shortly after I did. Whenever they had a big training, every V Week, he was there every year. He was at Harvard finishing up his Ph.D. when he came in.

I knew Dr. Brandon Porter, who lost his medical license for his NXIVM work, which included conducting brain research and human fright studies on subjects.

I participated in a five-day NXIVM teaching session in Des Moines, Iowa at the request of Porter’s father.

Keith Raniere stuck his teeth into Brandon because of Brandon’s training. Keith stuck his teeth and claws into Brandon long before he finished med school and his Ph.D. in research. Keith doesn’t work just by himself. He worked with a whole group of people I call the Wolf Pack – to get his claws into the Bronfman sisters.

Politicians, if they did come, they came in and out. The person I saw the most with the most influence was Richard Mays out of Arkansas. He was an attorney and a friend of Bill Clinton’s and he did some legal work with Nancy Salzman. I have a picture of him at one of the Meet Triathlons.

It’s like ‘Come on Richard, you can’t lie about the fact you were involved.’

Former NY State Senator, Joe Bruno [R], he used to fly around in Bronfmans’ jet. Nancy told me she would do Explorations of Meaning (EMs) – therapy sessions with him — and she would get him massages at her house and stuff like that.

One of the things I heard from people that were in Albany, they went around and had people write checks for Hillary Clinton’s campaign and then paid them back in cash. They had all this cash they needed to get rid of. That’s one of the ways they would do it. They would write a check for Hillary’s campaign and then pay the check-writer back in cash.



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  • It was Bruno’s (R) campaign fund to which the Bronfmans gave their largest outright contributions – as much if not more than those small, illegally bundled donations – along with a lot of questionable services like those airplane rides and massages. And that was the sort of thing that was crucial to their gaining the influence to get away with what they did in the Albany area, starting during the Pataki (R) administration when they were advised by former senator D’Amato, and that to some extent still protects them to this day, when even the Republican-appointed federal prosecutors in the NDNY apparently won’t dig into NXIVM’s past misdeeds.

    On the other hand, the NXIVM-related donations to Clinton’s national campaign were about 1/1000th of 1% – .001% – of what was raised for her presidential run, and almost certainly got them nothing in the way of useful influence. As has been observed, they were amateurs who didn’t really understand how such things work, and after just a couple of years stopped making such donations entirely.

    Typically, the bi-partisan reality of influence buying and even corruption, is that NXIVM worked both sides to their favor, apparently particularly when it came to local Albany area-affairs involving people like DA David Soares (D). I think that if we want to get the bottom of, and understand, what really happened, sensational partisan angles don’t help.

  • Allison Mack came into NXIVM in a relationship with a man Chad.

    That didn’t last a year before Allion broke their relationship off. She already had her sights on Raniere or visa versa.

    Allison was pretty open about her life and would have made comments early on about being Bi, she certainly wasn’t a lesbian in waiting to be transformed by Raniere.

    Nicki Clyne had an immigration issue being from Canada. Being friends before NXIVM, they both lived in the Vancouver BC area and were in the acting community, why not do their Vanguard a favor to keep his Nicki in Albany and marry her.

    We know it’s true NXIVM was involved in illegal immigration issue. So is it hard to believe they were involved early on?

    • BS, we know it started in 2015 with raniere under coercion…BTW chad was not a 1 year Relationship but a longer term relation…but nice try BSing…

  • You still have not answered the question posed to you around two years ago about why you said to the press that NXIVM coach Kristin Kreuk left NXIVM shortly after you did in 2009. You were immediately called out on that and now we know that Kristin Kreuk was coaching up until 2013 and continued to be a member up until at least early 2016, based on conversations Frank Parlato has had with proctors.

    Were you trying to protect her, even though she didn’t care about your ordeal when NXIVM were out to get you? Or, did someone lie to you and you repeated the claim believing it were true?

    NXIVM people always seem sneaky, for example, we now know things about Toni Natalie that present her in an unflattering manner. Your claim to the press is so obviously untrue, but you said it.

    This is not an attack on you, just a legitimate query.

      • An anonymous poster calling someone “spineless” for posting… anonymously.

        There was no insult or rudeness shown, except from you, anonymous person. Could this be because you are a fan of the above mentioned actress…?

  • Every time there is a former NXIVM insider who speaks up, curiously, there are people who viciously attack them on FR. If they post anonymously, they are attacked for being anonymous. If they bravely use their real name, they are attacked with even more venom.

    Thank you to Susan for realizing this and not letting these commenters silence you. We need more brave people like Susan to step up and help.

    Keith used to have people break the law or give him collateral so he could have something over your head to keep you quiet. Interesting how commenters on this site continuously use the same strategy to try to quiet insiders who dare speak up.

  • “Then I found out she married Allison Mack, and I thought: Allison Mack isn’t a lesbian.”

    Susan Dones and Allison Mack were in NXIVM at the same time between 2006-2009. How well does Susan Dones know Allison Mack to make such a statement?

    Also, didn’t Allison Mack, while getting photographic collateral on a fellow cultist say that said fellow cultist had a “beautiful cunt”. That sounds kinda dykey…

    • It is very easy to know that Allison was NOT a lesbian, and much more for a woman than YES! She is a lesbian, besides the younger sister of Allison Robyn is a lesbian and openly honest with this issue and has the support of her family, so it would not be a problem for Allison to declare herself a lesbian if that were the case, what I think is that the trios with Keith and some of the other women in the intimate circle, intend among other things to look for women to become bisexual, that way they relax as far as Keith’s sexual behavior is concerned.

      • “It is very easy to know that Allison was NOT a lesbian”
        No ,it’s not…until 2015 ,when she was coerced into DOS, Allison had little Relationship and in dos, it was not really a relationship…she was single for MANY years due to bad Relationship.

        In 2009, yes, Allison was definately not lesbian but in 2015…she married in 2017…

        Except Allison, no one knows…And certainly not some “know it all” who left in 2009…
        She know NOTHING and speak about things without either proof or direct knowledge…

        To be clear, i hate Nxivm, they destroyed Allison’s life but i can’t say i like the way susan is trying to get the interest…especially when she decide to blame someone she knows Nothing about (and ,in a way, defame her)

        • for this you would have to review the file of the FRANK REPORT, and you would know that the story about the fake marriage of allison and nicky was published by Frank but it was not the one who investigated this story, it was a nexian who disclosed it in the comments section and he said clearly that this marriage was made with the intention of having control over allison, not nicky, it is about allison that keith wanted to exercise control, my theory is that allison wanted to get away from the cult and devote more time to her work as an actress, probably I think of walking away in silence as Kristien Kreuk did, as I remember at that time was when Allison worked on an episode of the FOLLOWERS, playing a small town policeman with great enthusiasm to help the federal team, but Alfina discovers that her uncle, a very confident person for her was the murderer, in that chapter she had the opportunity to meet up with Aaron Ashmore, but keith didn’t like her I will interpret that character and use the group to fill her with guilt for doing a job in a show that was according to just one more commercial television product and had nothing deep to inspire and the consensus to apologize in front of the cult community.

  • Last question (for now) about how the old lady gang fit into the “mission.” Like, just one who can say, exactly, how *that* bs story was handled. Barbb B notwithstanding, there was quite the flim-flam with the others, esp Prefect. Clare was, let’s face it, a boob in that case. (Let’s let her think she is in charge!!!)

    But seriously. Where is the mission acvording to the old Lady Gang? So very interested in how the ladies’ aux saw Nan taking her two daughters, deciding who was the more…sociopathic?

    Right. The worms in Prefect’s head.

    Wait!! We are waiting for the I, Prefect book!! Omg, Frank!! Money!

  • I am so, so very interested in the out-of-towners. Where on earth did they go?

    Where did the Saratoga Waldorf ppl go?

    Honestly, you listen to the vids of Raniere saying, ha, “So yes, you must pay us to get our secrets’ and?

    Perhaps someone can explain Prefect’s special mission?

  • Right. The “mission” was nothing more than a dopey, low-level, fake self-help pyramid scheme that was, strangely, especially successful with the children of the rich.

    But really. The Mission? I suppose that is….intellectual property? I would love an example. Cashmere and Starbucks?

  • You know, Frank, I guess the here and now is the “miission” of our dear Nxivm? That bs “mission” has confounded me and others.

    Get ahead of the lawyers?

    Seriously? What was the “mission?”

  • One would say it is straight up a chapter from the Decameron. They party like it’s…2019! Anyone who thinks these ppl have shame or remorse, do realize that they still look for the joy. They party.

    Poor Clare, though. She cannot go to the Prefect parties.

  • BTW, there’s also evidence that Gina was at a Buddhist retreat in NYC in August 2002. Wonder if the Rat (and/or) Kristin Keeffe was there, too.

    • Heidi, *nothing* would surprise me at this point. I suppose you have to give props to the ones who sort of/kind of admit now?

      The thing with it is that they get into one’s head like a worm. Burrow and excrete.

      I would love to see Mk, our fearless artist, do a pic of Prefect worm crapping her poison excrement

      • That’s exactly it, Anony. That’s what I’m sure “they” (meaning Keith and an accomplice whose name shall not be spoken on FR) did to Gina for over a decade — worm their way into her brain —and I well know — as does Frank, I believe — who within NXIVM orchestrated the harassment, coordinated with the with PI’s and spooks to reign hell on Gina and, quite possibly, have her “suicided” but not necessarily “murdered,” IMO.

        Pardon the non-sequiter comment, btw — the more sensical, OT comment that proceeded it was not posted.

  • I admire your courage, Susan. Only wish you’d have come forward with this critical info in the media — starting with FR — sooner but do understand where you, like Joe O’Hara, John Tighe, everyone who has yet to — may have relied on investigators and prosecutors to go after ALL perpetrators for ALL the crimes many, like you, know NXIVM perpetrated.

    I’d really like to know what happened to the Trowel Investigation — FR readers will recall that the EDNY DOJ appointed Ken Trowel to investigate State and Federal authorities that failed time and again to investigate NXIVM and, more often, assisted in framing any would-be whistleblowers — something I believe they’re still up to. Something they’ll continue to try to get away with at the expense of taxpayers, of Justice and potentially the lives and liberties of innocent American citizens before any of these corrupt politicos in the NDNY, past or present, will begin to admit they even so much as made a mistake, let alone abetted the NXIVM crime syndicate for monetary and political gain.

    IDK how Raniere, Salzman and their minions ever thought they’d get away with these crimes — possibly including “suiciding” or “murder” — without the support of all the clout Bronfman and Salinas’ billions could and, apparently, did buy. But so long as this cover-ass, cover-up persists if they don’t have blood on their hands now, they just may considering that — as “The Rat” well knows — the Sinoloan Mexican Drug Cartels ARE involved with NXIVM and do tend toward the violent resolution of problems.

    BTW, has anyone heard from Dr. Daniella Roberts since she was allegedly offered a “safe” haven South of the Border?

    Keeffe, you need to do what’s right for Gealen and come clean, RAT-TA-TAT it all to set yourself and Gaelen free starting with answering this question honestly: When did you last see Gina and why did she have an NYC phone number for you written in her notebook at least sometime AFTER June of 2002. Also, either Keeffe or certainly one of the Salzmans might explain why “GLASS THEME” (is that like a “glass ceiling theme” — for Hillary supporters or contributors) is written on Gina’s August 2002 “EM” NX personal development chart? Who wrote that and also noted “speed kills” on it? When there were no drugs in her system?

    Most importantly, WHY are all the inner-circle lying about when they last saw Gina if none of them have a worry about being implicated in her death?

    Again, Susan, appreciate your bravery and do not chagrin you any just reward for it.

  • This passage by Susan Dones and Patrick Howley is the key part of of the NXIVM story published yesterday
    If the US DOJ is truly serious about uprooting NXIVM and destroying this toxic Criminal Gang it will investigate NXIVM’s financial and political activities even if prominent politicians and business people are embarrassed by their associations with the NXIVM gang.
    The arrogance of Raniere and the NXIVM DOS elite in branding and enslaving women shows that this Criminal Gang believed that they were charmed by their association with powerful people in America, Mexico and Canada.
    Raniere and his top level Gangsters believed that their political ties made them bullet proof and they could get away with anything.
    And for a long time Raniere seemed bullet proof with the corrupt government officials of New York State.
    Notice that the politicians wanted the financial donations and political help from their associations with the NXIVM Gang.
    But they did not want to be publicly tied to NXIVM and what this Gang represented.
    The politicians wanted everything on the down low.

    Once the media started talking about what NXIVM DOS is and once people like Sarah Edmondson and Catherine Oxenberg together with Joe O’Hara, Susan Dones, Rick Ross and Frank Parlato started exposing the Crimes of NXIVM the whole House of Cards collapsed.
    North America’s political and business elite can no longer hide the fact that they were promoting and using a brutal cultish criminal gang to attain power.

    Look at the example of Senator Kristin Gillibrand of New York.
    A powerful politician who has close ties to Wall Street.
    Her father was a consultant with the criminal gang and her step mother was a member of the gang.
    These are facts that Senator Gillibrand saw fit to conceal and deny during her short-lived Presidential campaign this year.

    But regardless of the Fall of Raniere’s NXIVM enough powerful people in North America still have ties to the Criminal Gang.
    The Clintons will never admit that their New York political machine was financed in part by NXIVM.
    Stephen Bronfman is a fundraiser for Canada’s long dominant Liberal party.
    The Salinas family in Mexico saw Emiliano Salinas’ political ambitions thwarted but don’t expect Mexico’s NXIVM to pass quietly in the night.

    There is still enough financial muscle behind this continent-wide Criminal Gang to revive it under another name and with new front people.
    NXIVM was too valuable a vehicle to launder ill-gotten profits and funnel illegal campaign donations to crooked politicians for it to be allowed to whither on the vine.
    NXIVM was a handy way to import cheap labor for the elite.
    Who wants to pay an American nanny when one can get an illegal alien nanny for dirt cheap wages?

    We’re coming to the point where the rubber hits the road.
    Will the EDNY and NDNY continue to investigate and prosecute NXIVM and its Gangsters even if it upsets rich powerful people in New York State or will the elite try to quietly Deep Six the investigation the way that the investigation of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was disposed of with the convenient suicide of the disgraced financier?

    • She probably knew nothing but is interested in “fame”…so she picks everything she finds and makes a “nice” story out of it…she mixed certain things and talked about thing that happened after her “time”…either a faulty memory or just another liar (not uncommon in Nxivm)

      For example, she knows nothing about Allison yet DARE to pretend she knows her sexuality…Nobody can be sure that Allison isn’t lesbian or Bi…Accusing her, by this, of immigration fraud…Something that is hardly demonstrated.

      Allison had many bad relationships in her life (and stated how disappointed she was by men), she could very well be a lesbian and nobody can prove otherwise.
      BUT Susan, she knows better…better than anyone including Allison.
      Susan is just seeking attention.

      But your question is legit…She was long in before she bailed out…just like Edmondson or Vicente (or Natalie or Bouchey).
      Always the same “we didn’t know”.

      • So why is Nicki not with her wife Allison?

        If Lauren can hang with her mom, why wouldn’t the Judge let Allison spend time with her wife if they are so in love?

        • You are an absolute idiot…she is not allowed to meet anyone from nxivm…it’s part of her home confinement!

          BTW Don’t come with “but lauren can” , they Don’t have the same limitation…lauren was also free to work (which Allison is not), lauren is not limited at all …she is free as a bird (despite the “home confinement”

          now shut up.

      • Who are you? A nxivm supporter? Allison Mack? A family member or fan of Allison Mack? Everybody who has been in nxivm seems tainted, but you seem personally angered towards Susan Dones and protective of Allison Mack. Feel free to explain yourself.

        • “Who are you? A nxivm supporter? Allison Mack? A family member or fan of Allison Mack? Everybody who has been in nxivm seems tainted, but you seem personally angered towards Susan Dones and protective of Allison Mack. ” Anonymous

          To me Susan Dones is one of the few heroes of the NXIVM saga.
          She left the criminal gang and tried to expose it at great expense to herself.
          Furthermore I believe that Allison Mack is lurking on the Frank Report either directly using an encryption service like Telegram or TOR browser or a VPN or indirectly using a family member.
          Nicki Clyne in one of her personas addressed Allison Mack on the Frank Report.

          I believe that the remnants of NXIVM plan to rebuild using Bronfman and Mexican money.
          Keith Raniere is a lost cause and will be sacrificed but the NXIVM criminal gang will be rebuilt with a new name and new leadership.

        • My feeling are that many like to blame everything they can on one of the victim while they were deeper than her into it…
          Susan done genuinly know Nothing about Allison, she admitted it at first but now is almost claiming to have the knowledge of a biographer…

        • and if you are a biographer, as I remember I never saw a single statement of Allison saying “how disappointed I was of men” on the other hand for you to instruct yourself, Frank published the story of the fake marriage of Allison and Nicky, but that story It was never discovered by him, it was a Nexian who disclosed it in the comments section and said “this was done to control Allison” at no time said “to control Allison and Nicky” also did not say something similar “as Allison was a Lesnian, I could accept it fascinatingly “what this nexian made clear is that it was made to exercise control over allison and not over nicky, now there is a possibility that she is done BI, due to the trios with keith and other women, it is a very good Possibility but to say that she already was has no basis.

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