Petition to Pardon Roger Stone Gaining Traction

There is a new YouTube video, 30 seconds in duration, that asks people to sign a petition urging President Trump to pardon Roger Stone.

The narrator says, “Comey, Brennan McCabe, and Strzok all lied to Congress, but only Roger Stone was prosecuted and convicted when there was no Russian collusion to lie about.

“Mueller really prosecuted Roger Stone for refusing to testify falsely about the president.”

The video cuts to Fox News political commentator, Tucker Carlson, who says, “How can you look over at these guys who lie in the course of wrecking the country?”

Then Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton says, “If I was the president, I would be pardoning people like Stone in a heartbeat.”

The narrator returns to say, Urge President Trump to pardon Roger Stone now.  Sign the petition at today.

28,017 people, as of press time, counting myself, have signed the petition.


I am aware that there will be people who will be annoyed with me for bringing up Stone on this website.

However, Stone is a friend of mine and that to me is more significant than politics.

On top of that, if Stone did lie to Congress, which I am not convinced of, it was an utterly harmless lie, since the premise the inquiries were based upon a supposed Russian collusion with Trump which has been debunked because it never happened.

Regardless of Trump’s merit or demerit as president, he did not collude with Russians in the election. Neither did Stone.

Roger should not be caged in prison when there was no harm done.

As for intimidating a witness, Randy Credico, I have spoken to Credico and he was not even slightly intimidated. That never really came out in the trial – that Stone and he were friends for years and Stone was joking with him, teasing him, which he had done for years.

They tried to make Stone out as a godfather type telling him to imitate Frank Pentangeli, a character from the Godfather film who actually was intimidated by the Godfather Micheal Corleone. What was not brought up in the trial is that Credico is a comedian and has done an imitation of Frank Pentangeli from the movie for years.

It was just a joke, among friends, not a threat. Credico knew it.

Credico told me – but he did not evidently get a chance to tell this to the jury – that he was not frightened in the slightest by his old friend Roger, and not influenced to testify or not testify based on anything Roger said to him.

I interviewed Credico before Stone was charged and after Credico testified before Congress.

The trial against Stone was scary in its implications. It was set in DC, with a highly partisan judge whose rulings on jury selection almost assured a conviction.

It is my opinion, that based on the highly partisan, anti-Trump prosecution of Stone, Trump, as a matter of honor and justice, should pardon Stone.

It is, I believe, absolutely true, that if Stone was willing to lie – but about Trump – he would not have been charged.

Tucker Carlson does not think much of Comey, Brennan and Strzok. They lied and their lies hurt the country, he says, but somehow they have not been prosecuted.

Despite the no violent nature of his alleged crime, Stone’s house was raided by federal agents and he was led away from his home in handcuffs.


Image result for fbi peter strzok
Former FBI agent Peter Strzok.

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  • It looks like Google or some other internet power has removed the petition’s site…I simply can’t locate it. I just stumbled on your website, which Google has not removed, and am surprised to see that you’re the editor-in-chief of the South Buffalo News, which I didn’t know existed. I’m from South Buffalo, Stevenson St. to be exact.

  • Mr. Parlato,

    The Bible says that a parable in the mouth of a fool is as a lame man. We see the malicious Democrats, mainly, taking the wisdom of our constitutional government into their hands, and with criminal intent, using its powers to commit crime: corrupting our republican form of government into a communist hell hole, committing open sedition and treason against our nation. Our government was established to secure our rights, not empower tyrants. Now we need special lawyers to defend our selves from a government that profits off or violating our rights, as gangsters. The elected official is empowered by the Constitution to arrest and try those officials engaged in perfidy of their oath of office, who are demonstrably enemies of the people. Trump has been Mr. Businessman, but what we need is a President, a Washington, a Lincoln, someone who is willing to fulfill their oath of office.

  • It’s a shame what happened to Stone and shows the way our country will be run if these people are allowed to get in office. American Pride and dignity are on the table, wake up people were losing it!!

  • Here’s the 100,000-foot view. Obama was a primer – much of his purpose was to stack the government with all those America-hating, socialist bureaucrats that have been part of the highly-orchestrated Russia/Ukraine/impeachment hoaxes/distractions. Then, Trump won, and whether he’s been in on this or not, it’s certain that those who pull the strings wanted him to win. If Hillary had won, you still would have had a sleeping giant of western-democracy-loving patriots; you would have no protests in the streets, no chaos and far less division. But with Trump in office, his supporters are energized every day, while anarchists and Marxists, and others who got pulled to the far left with the help of Bernie Sanders during the primary, you have a highly-amplified situation where the media can define (white nationalists), isolate, marginalize, demonize and destroy all those who love America, and who would otherwise be a problem for those seeking a one-world government.

    Brexit has been used for the same purpose. It’s no coincidence the story has gone the same. No big wins for conservatives there, nor here, and then suddenly a huge win. Yet, since these historic political achievements, the cultures there and here have both accelerated away from conservatism, and to socialism. How is that possible when conservatives had such momentum when Brexit passed and when Trump won? Because it’s all part of the grande plan – all necessary in order to destroy any resistance to a new world order.

    So, maybe President Trump is a part of this, maybe not, it’s hard to say for sure. Personally, based on the enormous Omnibus bill, Syria, Julian Assange being thrown under the bus, no one being indicted to-date who deserves to be, and censorship running rampant online, it’s hard not to think he’s at least playing the game knowingly, whether or not he wants to.

    There is only one thing that can reverse course, almost immediately, and right the ship. The will of the people would normally be enough, but unfortunately, it’s been compromised to too great an extent. But one thing can bring it back to all those patriots who have fallen asleep. It’s the only way to combat the universe of evil that’s smashed into our world.

  • Flynn will be exonerated and his conviction overturned. Carter Page will go all the way to SCOTUS if he has to, and he’ll win BIGLY. I hope he is able to sue those corrupt prosecutorial sacks of **** out of existence. There is a special place in a locked-down cell block for Andrew Weisman. Same goes for All those listed above.

  • Anyone standing up to the “Deep State – unelected people who run this country and have puppet presidents like Bushes and Clintons,” will be silenced. If you support the status quo, you are part of the problem that is being fixed. Without owning every news network, the Deep State would lose all control. Luckily for them, they have enough people being brainwashed by deep state media, then repeating and believing it. Roger Stone will go down in history as a great patriot when the country is taken back. If TRUMP does not pardon Roger, he will lose the election.

    • President Trump will be re-elected in a landslide. No need to pardon Roger. Roger will win an appeal and the civil suit award will be huge.

    • The Senior Executive Service should be destroyed in its entirety. The former de facto head of it – a woman named Kristine Marcy, recently committed Suicide. (Hillary-cide??) She was reportedly a VERY big wig in the wolrd’s pedo rings, and used pedophilia as a tool of political extortion. There is nothing good about the SES – it’s over 10.000 uneelected people who are paid whatever they demand (they are not on the G-scale payroll) while they may hold elected or appointed office at the same time. Imagine government workers with “tenure”…. Sheryl Sandberg come to mind.

      Also: in the 2018 mid-terms 44 ex-intelligence agency office holders ran for Congress. I believe 4 were actually elected. Given what we’ve learned ab out the NSA, CLowns In America, et al, NO ONE from the intel community should EVER be allowed to run for elected office. GWHB was enough. Just my opinion….

    • Mike, Trump will pardon Roger; he loves Roger as much as America does. The cracks are showing and the Dumb DemiRATS are in meltdown mode imploding from within…The headlines will soon read: “The Meteoric Rise and Catastrophic Fall of The Democratic Party”.

      • Here’s a reality check to all you wackos out there: 1) Stone and Flinn have been convicted and are going to be sentenced; 2) Flinn might get off with probation but Stone is definitely getting some jail time; 3) if Trump pardons Stone, it will make the case that he is just covering up for his supporter; and 4) Anyone who says they know who’s going to win (much less by landslide) doesn’t know what they’re talking about; going to Trump rally and thinking everybody supports his re-election doesn’t make a lot of sense.

  • The Government is not the President, Senate or Congress beyond that period The Citizens of these United States allow them to be. If They do things we don`t wish them to it is our fault if we fail to take the necessary steps to stop or at least don`t vote them out and replace them with someone more in line with our thinking.

  • Stone won’t need a trial. The appeal will overturn the kangaroo court. The democraps have overplayed their criminal hand and it is starting to backfire on them. The Trump derangement syndrom will continue for another 5 years and hopefully many of it’s victims especially those that post their idiotic comments here will continue to suffer.

  • Signed!

    I think a less controversial video should also be created asking people to sign. A more neutral one. You could get other audiences that way. I also recommend putting the link to the petition at the top of the post. It took me time to find where to sign.

    I feel bad for Mr. stone. I hope he is set free

  • I support a pardon for Roger Stone. Unfortunately, Trump seems to find it convenient to forget who supported him. The lesson is that if you are a friend of Trump, he will throw you to the pack of rabid dogs (like the ones on this thread) to fend for yourself. The rabid dogs may not be able to take down Trump, but they certainly will take you down if you are his friend.

  • At least some portion of our system is working if someone like Stone is ending up in jail. It is tempting to lose confidence with the levels of corruption that are currently operating. A jury has decided to put Stone behind bars. I fear that the criminal in chief will try to over ride the judicial system with a pardon.

  • Stone is a traitor to this country. He directed WikiLeaks to release classified documents obtained through Clinton’s negligence. He does not deserve to walk free in a country he betrayed.

    • I don’t think it is true that he had any communications with Wikileaks during the election. That has been well established.
      I also think it is fascinating that Wikileaks only released truthful information about candidate Clinton that I as a voter was happy to learn. It informed me as a voter.

    • Hillary Clinton set up a server in her home with a dot com web address.
      Not a dot gov web address.
      Then Hillary Clinton used the dot com server to engage in official government business in violation of US law.
      Hillary Clinton engaged in this subterfuge too hide official emails from US Court scrutiny.

      Dot Gov web addresses have more protections than dot com web addresses.
      If foreign governments or people accessed Hillary Clinton’s emails then it is her own damned fault.

        • Another lie perpetuated by the left wing treasonous democrap media. Cut the bullshit Sparky, your constant lies are backfiring on you devils.

          • Even back in 2017, former White House Chief of Staff John Kelly and intelligence officials tried to force Trump to only use secure White House land lines for phone calls. But officials say that he was put off by the fact that using those lines meant he had to compile logs of whom he was speaking to. “He was totally paranoid that everyone knew who he was talking to.”
            And now: Trump’s decision to disregard national security protocols by using his cellphone instead of secure White House lines raises the question of whether he wanted to avoid White House records of his calls as he worked with Giuliani and other officials to pressure Ukraine to investigate Biden and his son Hunter.

          • CNN reported it so it is total BULLSHlT

            “Several former US officials have told CNN…”

            That’s pretty much in every CNN story. Butthurt officials making up shit

        • But CNN did, however, update the original story to include “more information about the cell phones the President uses.” What CNN apparently meant by “personal cell phone” is actually a government-approved cell phone that has been issued for the President to use. The report appears misleading at best because a government-approved phone that has been assigned to the president isn’t exactly what comes to mind when people think about Trump’s “personal cell phone.”

          • true, thanks, but:
            “These are cell phones Trump has personally been issued. They are considered to be less secure than landline White House phones presidents typically use, and he has been cautioned against using them to make secure calls, sources tell CNN.”

    • What a crock this is, you tell me that if he was just joking around his attorney wouldn’t bring that up at the trial or ask the guy if he felt threatened. Stone’s a punk and I hope he gets the max

  • The Democrats are so desperate to overturn the results of the 2016 election that they are pushing the phony Trump-Russia narrative.
    Neither Russia nor Ukraine determined the results of the 2016 election.
    The horrible record of the Clinton-Obama-Biden administrations guaranteed Hillary Clinton’s loss.

    Let’s examine the sorry record of the past two Democratic party Administrations.

    1.) Slaughter at Benghazi
    Hillary Clinton’s State Department received around 300 emails warning about security problems at the US Mission in Benghazi.
    The British were so alarmed about conditions in Benghazi that they removed their personnel from that hellhole.
    And Hillary Clinton failed to remove US personnel from that Death Trap.
    As a result four Americans, including the US Ambassador Chris Stevens, were butchered.
    Will the US DOJ investigate Mr. Sara Bronfman (Baset Igtet) to see what he knows about this tragedy?
    Supposedly Mr. Sara Bronfman met with one of the prime suspects in this tragedy.

    2.) Operation Fast and Furious
    The US DOJ allowed hundreds of firearms to be purchased by straw men from American gun dealers in Arizona and walk across the border into Mexico to the open arms of the Mexican drug cartels.
    As a consequence even more innocent Mexicans and a US Border Patrol agent were murdered.

    Here is what MK10Art has to say about the subject:
    Unfortunately the EDNY didn’t catch all of the criminals associated with #NXIVM. There have been many suspicious deaths because of #Nxivm and their partnership with Mexican cartel run by Carlos Salinas. His son Emiliano Salinas was a devoted follower of Nxivm and #KeithRaniere. There are many pictures of them together.

    A criminal government conspiracy called Fast and Furious included the CIA, the ATF, and others in what some might call the Deep State – purportedly worked with the Carlos Salinas “crime organization” to raise money [outside the purview of Congress] and exchange some needed guns.
    #BrianTerry (depicted in drawing)– an honest ATF agent – was murdered by the US-sponsored black op Fast and Furious.
    Lawyer and former AZ mafia member, Dennis Burke, represented #ClareBronfman in her recent criminal woes in the Nxivm trial. Many people believe that Burke was really in the game to protect Emiliano Salinas – and was willing to sacrifice Bronfman to help his true clients out – the Salinas family.

    Bronfman was convicted and Emiliano Salinas has not been charged for his role in the Nxivm racketeering enterprise.

    3.) Hillary Clinton stored government emails on an unsecure computer server in the basement of her Chappaqua, New York home.
    Investigations revealed that foreign computers from several countries accessed Hillary Clinton’s illegal server with government emails.
    But apparently to the Deep State that was no big deal.

    4.) The Clinton Foundation, a giant slush fund run by Bill and Hillary Clinton, raised billions of dollars from foreign nations and nationals.
    No forensic accounting has ever revealed where this money went.

    5.) Joe Biden’s ne’er do well son Hunter received a 600K per year job with a Ukrainian oil and gas firm named Burisma.
    Hunter has no degree or experience in the oil and gas industry beyond pumping his own gas at a service station.
    Was this lucrative job a pay off from the Ukrainians to buy influence with VP Joe Biden?
    To the corrupt Democrats in Congress for Trump to even ask this question is an impeachable act.
    What are the Democrats trying top cover up?

    The Democratic Party answer is to investigate Roger Stone and Rudy Giuliani and try to impeach Donald Trump.
    In the words of one newspaper writer the Democrats are bringing a spork to a gun fight.

    If you care about a full and complete investigation of the NXIVM criminal gang then you must fight against the impeachment of Donald Trump and sign this petition to protect Roger Stone from Clinton Family persecution.

    Defeat the Deep State!
    Pardon Roger Stone!

  • There is pretty much nobody active in politics who is trustworthy, my observation. I don’t give a hoot which party is representing itself. What happened to by the people, for the people? What are we playing here, ghosthunter?

    Crazy enough to have to be rich, rich, rich and kissing the devil’s ass, one way or another, before most candidates can even RUN for “office.” And these powermongers don’t really run for office, they run for orifice. Yeah, like “fill me up!” This orifice wants $$$. This orifice wants status. This orifice wants wimmen. Or is that children or maybe sex dolls with a two year guaranteed microchip system? Oh wait. This orifice want to be the great big boss of the world. So what is he or she mentally, four years old?

    So what’s happening? Have we run out of grownups, or is being grown up a lost art?

    Yeah well, stay the hell away from my family and from me. I will be right here with my American dreams. It isn’t part of my American dream to spend an entire lifetime voting for the lesser of two evils. Where the hell is my country? None of you pips represent a goddamn thing, never mind the people and our children.

    Fricking roosters and chickens with their heads cut off running around stupid, and it’s all “me, me, me, me, me!” And you all dream people don’t see this shit. The political parties all look the same, arguing self-importantly and nothing gets settled. Gangsters in tailored suits and shoes that cost enough to feed one family for months, everybody hawking and spitting about the emperor’s new clothes and the latest vacuum-packed wad of hot air. Who is paying for these jackals!

    All of these old men and women getting in trouble these days, at what could be their years of retirement. The frigging ego monster/sexual predators like the “dad of all dads,” Bill Cosby, no remorse for what he has done, sitting in prison and still talking through his ass. Shut up. Perverts are gonna stay perverts. And there are tons of perverts in suits who have been bought and sold and have nice words to say but rotten goals, agendas. Eating junk food and watching football, one eye on the red phone, a bunch of clubs full of arguing maniacs. Everybody dying to get richer. Fighting over who gets to run the show and afraid of dying. Sho’ nuff, big hallelujah.

    I don’t know about Roger Stone and his wife. All I see here is that Frank is a good friend. Not much is more corrupt than our prisons but people would rather ignore this corruption, just let it continue. Mr. Stone is an old man now. He might not be interested in murdering anyone or raping any children or drugged date-rapes, like the big star, Cosby. Never mind the long list of political hypocrites and pedos. Each one’s day will come. As God is my witness, I will not edit my conscience.

    Roger Stone did not do anything that different from what all of his colleagues keep on doing. You know, lie, cheat, steal. He just got caught on what is temporarily the “wrong side of the street.” So give Roger Stone a big fatass fine and some community service. Or open a retirement home prison, since so many old farts keep getting in trouble.

    • Shivani:
      The American people are better than their government.
      If America has any hope in the future it is from the Heartland where hard working Americans get up every day and work hard to support their families and raise their kids.
      Don’t look for salvation from the government.
      Don’t look for salvation from Wall Street or the Plutocrats.
      Don’t look for salvation from phony celebrities in Hollywood.
      Look for salvation from those American people who try to live by their principles and play by the rules and who stand by Truth that never changes.

      • The Shadow says:
        “Look for salvation from those American people who try to live by their principles and play by the rules and who stand by Truth that never changes.”
        Agreed…but then why would you look to Trump for the truth? Since governments began, despots ruled by this adage: “Lies trump Truth.”

        • For decades the US political and business elites have promised Americans a utopia based on free trade and open borders.
          And all the elites have delivered are gutted out communities, abandoned factories, a tidal wave of illegal aliens, an epidemic of danger drugs.
          If the American people, out of desperation, turn to Donald Trump it is the fault of America’s traitors in Washington and on Wall Street.

        • Wow a libtard criticizing President Trump. Look in the mirror at your fellow democrats. They tell the truth just like you.

    • Heartily agree, Shivani. Stone’s dreaming if he thinks Trump’s about to pardon him. He played the fool and got chumped on all sides.

      Trump’s not half the man Nixon was. Least Nixon had the decency to pardon Heideman and Erlichman before bowing out like a gentleman. Lol.

      It’s unjust that Stone’s taking the fall alone and far too harshly, yes, but live by the sword…

      • Lady what you know about being a man could fit on the head of a pin. Trump a hell of alot more man than you are a woman.

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