Salzman Lied About Suicide Note; Kristin Snyder Knew the Name Nxivm – It Was Spelled ‘Nexium’ on ESP Notebook for November Intensive

Nancy Salzman

An important note here:

On the list of people attending the Executive Success Programs for the Nov 2-17 intensive that Kristin Snyder attended [see below], there is a handwritten reference to the “new Nexium center.”

Keep in mind this is the ESP notebook for the intensive. It was not written [or typed] by Kristin Snyder, but by Nxivm officials.

The company, Nxivm, had not been officially launched at this time. Could it be that this was how they were spelling Nxivm – as Nexium at first?

Either way, it debunks a theory that Snyder had no way of knowing the name Nxivm [or Nexium].

As readers know, Snyder allegedly misspelled Nxivm as Nexium in her alleged suicide note, which was found in her pickup truck near the shores of Resurrection Bay on Feb. 7, 2003, one day after she disappeared.

Page one of the purported suicide note of Kristin Snyder.


Much has been made of Snyder’s suicide note and her naming and spelling Nxivm wrong.

Some say that proves it was not Kristin, for she had no way of knowing the name, because Nxivm had not started until later.

But this is not true.

It is clear the name “Nexium” – just as it was spelled in the suicide note – was around in Nov. 2002 and they were already planning a new center.

From a slide shown at Vanguard Week. Nancy Salzman may have helped murder Kristin Snyder.

A despicable liar by the name of Nancy Salzman testified in a deposition in the Rick Ross case that there were two suicide notes, an original one and one that came later.

Salzman was suggesting that Snyder was alive and faked her own death. And the suicide note, faked by Snyder, did not mention the word Nexium – for, as Nancy swore under oath, Nxivm [Nexium] was not around at the time.

Let’s look at her deposition sworn to under penalty of perjury.

[Nancy is being deposed in the Ross Case]

Q. NXIVM hired Interfor through Nolan and Heller. Is that right?
A. That’s correct.
Q. And initially Interfor was hired to investigate Kristin Snyder’s disappearance. Is that right?
A. That’s correct.
Q. Why did NXIVM want to investigate Kristin Snyder’s disappearance?
A. There were a lot of things about it that seemed odd to us, and we — we felt that we should investigate it because of those things.

Q. What was the … objective of the investigation?
A. To determine if she really had … died.
Q. Why was that important to NXIVM?
A. Well, Kristin Snyder disappeared while she was taking one of our courses. At that time, both Esther Chiappone and Ed Kinum, who were teaching the course, were very concerned that she didn’t come back, and then when they found out that she had disappeared, communicated with the Alaskan police. They communicated several times, to the best of my recollection. And the police never attributed or linked any part of her disappearance to NXIVM, taking the course or anything like that.

Q. Who is “they”?

A. Her partner, Heidi Clifford, and I believe her family, because they had a memorial service for her within three weeks. That seemed very odd to me because when I really looked at how long people evaluate or remain hopeful that loved ones will be found after their disappearance, whether it’s in a situation of war or a situation of disappearance or even when the World Trade Center collapsed, people remained hopeful for weeks, months and even years that they would still find their loved ones and, I don’t believe, had memorial services.

But to do it within three weeks, it seemed odd that they came to the conclusion that yes, she — without finding a body or any other evidence, that yes, not only did she disappear, but she died and had a memorial service.

Q. But a suicide note was found, wasn’t it?

A. There was an original — an original note that was left that was not the note that was publicized in the newspaper a year later, so that also seemed odd to us. And the note that was publicized in the newspaper a year later mentioned NXIVM — “I’ve been taking a course in NXIVM, a/k/a executive success programs.” The name NXIVM had not been released to the public at the time, and she would have had no way of knowing that we were going to change our name because the name was released after her disappearance and her alleged death. So that seemed very odd to us.

And that note was not the note that the police showed Esther Chiappone when she was originally missing.

So, all of those things together caused us to believe that somehow something had happened. And a year later, after there was no mention of it in the Alaskan newspaper for an entire year, all of a sudden this note surfaced and it was publicized on Mr. Ross’ website and in the local Times Union in Albany, New York. And all of those things seemed very odd to us.


Nancy, of course, was committing perjury. She knew the name Nxivm was in use in late 2002 when Kristin took the classes.

She knew the purported suicide note found in Kristin Snyder’s pickup truck mentions Nxivm [spelled Nexium].

Salzman is likely one of the coconspirators in the disappearance of Kristin Snyder. It’s not surprising she lied.

I went to the home of Jonnie Snyder in Dillon SC. and she showed me the alleged suicide note, which she got a copy of at the time of Kristin’s disappearance. She allowed me to make a copy of it

That is not to say Kristin Snyder wrote the note or that if she did write the note, it was not done under coercion or trickery.  Nancy and Keith Raniere may have had a hand in the writing of the note.

But Nancy, in her deposition, was brazenly lying.

The original police report made on the day Snyder’s Toyota pickup truck was found in Seward, Alaska said, “Two hand written notes on two separate note pads ware observed resting on the passenger seat. A sheet of paper describing an ‘Executive Success Programs’ was also on the seat along with a fuel receipt from Williams Express on Huffman Road in Anchorage dated 02/06/03 at 6:47 p.m.”

Nancy says that the police never linked her disappearance to Nxivm and yet in the police report they describe the suicide note.

The suicide note – whoever wrote it – was in the pickup. Police found it. They gave it to Kristin’s parents. The parents saved it.

Jonnie Snyder knows that the suicide note was found in Kristin’s pickup.

She does not know if Kristin wrote it.

The only thing we do know is that Nancy Salzman is lying.



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  • Nice catch, Frank. I think it’s very plausible that at the early stage of the introduction of the new name NXIVM, someone wouldn’t have been familiar how it was spelled – or capitalized.

    However, I do want to point out that from the point of view of the diehard conspiracy theorist, or at least someone invested in NXIVM’s self-serving theory of Snyder’s disappearance, that just proves that something is wrong with the entry and it can’t be trusted. It is rather oddly there in the middle of things, out of place and out of context written in hand apparently different from the entries above and below.

    Salzman may well be a liar, and someone, like others in NXIVM, willing to perjure themselves, but in this case it’s possible that she’s come to believe the NXIVM conspiracy theory about Snyder having faked her disappearance or suicide in order to escape drug dealers, and lost sight of the fact that it doesn’t comport with the original evidence – actually a typical pitfall of that sort of thinking or belief. Yet another key question we have yet to see answered, is what sort of evidence did NXIVM have, including that provided by PIs working for them, to support their theory – apparently there’s enough to have also convinced Kristin Keefe and Joe O’Hara that Snyder is still alive.

    But, of course, “Nexium” could also have been written by someone so close to Raniere, that they knew the origin of the term as a name for Roman debt bondage slaves….

  • Niceguy asked a question. Why throw out the 2 suicide notes idea?
    For cover. Muddy the waters. Just in case…

    Same reason Nina was brought to Albany. She was also “cover” in the form of plan B. They wanted to keep her close in case she was needed to unwittingly take the fall.

    To Nina – why do you think the truck ended up next to your cabin? One of 3 reasons. (I vote #2, but Nina is doing her best to change my mind)
    1) Kristin drove it there and committed suicide by kayak (Including law enforcement, I think every person on the planet – other than anonymaker – has discounted this).
    2) Nina was set up to take the blame if the suicide note flopped.
    3) If I was guilty as hell, I’d be quiet. So, Nina, by being quiet you are either playing into the hands of NXIVM, or you are being smart. Good luck with this…

    • Nutjob,

      Thanks for responding!

      My last theory on the 2 letters:
      If the first suicide note is proved a forgery, Nancy would be asked by the police, “Nancy where is the second suicide note that you mentioned previously?”, Nancy then point the finger at Nina.

      I think you are absolutely correct about Nina being the patsy.

      No need to further respond. Thank again.

      • NiceGuy, the way I read what Salzman said, she believed that there was some original suicide note that disappeared, and that the version we have now mentioning “Nexium” is a later substitution intended to implicate the group in Snyder’s death.

        It’s a shoddy, inconsistent conspiracy theory fitting what she and the NXIVM loyalists want to believe – and Salzman in particular would have wanted to deny that her processes could have gone awry with lethal consequences – but that’s actually par for the course. You can look at Scientology as an example of a group with members, staff and leaders who can be impressively calculating and cunning, and yet have absolutely crazy beliefs behind it all, including a vast inter-galactic conspiracy supposedly spanning trillions of years.

        Scientology also has the problem of their past-probing abreactive techniques that are to some extent the bases for NXIVM’s processes and EMs, causing a not insignificant number of people to deteriorate mentally, become delusional and even have psychotic breakdowns – the Lisa McPherson case being the most infamous.

        • Anonymaker,

          I totally misread the article and Nancy’s attempt at deflecting the mention of “Nexium”‘ Nxivm. My recent bout of insomnia has taken its toll on my reading comprehension skills. Thank you for your input and explanation of the 2 suicide notes. I appreciate it.

          The Lisa McPherson case, you bring up is an excellent parallel example of the consequences of exploring repressed memories or trauma can have on someone’s mental health; especially if the individual has a prior history of mental health issues.

          Regarding abreaction unconscious memories/emotions and learning about oneself’s past repressed memories can be a little unsettling and disturbing to say the least, according to everything I have read.
          Obviously Kristin Snyder at some point had some kind of psychological and emotional trauma. I wonder if she was sexually abused as a child and then latter abused by Keith Raniere. Kristin talking about her childhood abuse in Nxivm sessions combined with a recent trauma could have pushed her over the edge.

          The word “abreactive” is a new word for me. I am surprised I have not come across it before considering all the reading I do.

          Thanks again!

    • As I covered with NiceGuy, I’m not sure exactly what you’re referring to regarding 2 suicide notes, but as I understand it, Salzman’s claim is that whatever was the real suicide note, was replaced by the note we now know, which implicates NXIVM, and is actually a plant to make the group look bad – essentially NXIVM’s conspiracy theory that conveniently exonerates them, though I’ve never seen it made clear who was supposed to be conspiring against them.

      And, hopefully, I’m not the only one hesitant to join the groupthink rush to embrace a particular narrative.

      Even Kristin Keeffe and Joe O’Hara don’t believe that NXIVM had anything to do with Snyder’s disappearance – and Keeffe, in particular, is one of the insiders in the best position to know, or else we have to consider that Raniere so messed with her mind and filled her head with conspiracy theories, that nothing she says can be trusted, which casts doubt on other matters.

      Also, the truck didn’t end up next to Cowell’s cabin, it ended up at Miller’s Landing, and Cowell had a cabin to the North of there. It’s been reported that Snyder previously rented kayaks at Miller’s, so it’s an interesting question whether that’s a complete coincidence or somehow connected with her knowing Cowell, but, either way, it leaves the distinct possibility that Snyder could have gone to Miller’s without it having anything to do with Cowell on that final occasion.

      • I never said I thought that NXIVM had nothing to do with Kristin Snyder’s disappearance. What I said was that based on the evidence collected to date, there is no way to know anything with any certainty.

        At this point, all we have are questions:
        – Did Kristin ever go back to her house?
        – Did Kristin go back to the hotel to get the truck – and, if so, how did she get there?
        – Did Kristin drive herself to Resurrection Bay?
        – Did Kristin actually break into a storage shed and steal a kayak (More on this topic soon)?
        – Did Kristin commit suicide by turning over the kayak?
        – Etc., etc., etc.

        • Joe,

          Assuming Kristin committed suicide….

          …If Kristin added ballast(rocks) to her coat pockets and the kayak before she entered the water, she easily could have drowned herself and made the kayak sink; When she flipped the kayak.

          Once water fills the cavity of a boat and pushes out the air a boat will sink and stay submerged.

          I do keep an open mind regarding Nxivm; because Raniere and Nxivm would/will do anything; Such as Murder, Rape, frame, poison, molest, steal, swindle, sex-traffic, in-prison, extortion, and blackmail. Outside of the mafia not to many organizations commit all those crimes.

      • AnonyMaker,

        Kristin Keeffe has every reason to tell the truth or “blab” to make sure Keith Raniere stays behind bars forever. I did not know or at least did not remember that fact.

        O’Hara is right, there may not be enough evidence to convict Nxivm and Raniere, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t have a hand in Kristin’s death.

        I agree with you about the group think, I always think some one should stand out or play devil’s advocate.

        Then there is the, “Nxivm did so many evil things what did they not do or what wouldn’t they do?”


        Peaches has point regarding Heidi and Kristin. Kristin’s behavior is usual for spouse. I do not see any evidence pointing to Kristin. My guess is that Kristin and Heidi were having issues in their relationship before hand.

      • Anonymaker,

        “Also, the truck didn’t end up next to Cowell’s cabin, it ended up at Miller’s Landing, and Cowell had a cabin to the North of there.”

        1. The truck didn’t end up at Cowell’s house.

        2. Kristin had been to Miller’s crossing before her death.

        Those two facts change things for me and point more towards suicide.

        How far is the cabin from Miller’s Landing?

          • Nutjob,

            There seems to be a few narratives within the story.

            It’s getting to be like the differences between a book and a movie….

      • If there was a groupthink narrative that made sense, I’d be ready to grasp ahold and fly away with it. I’m still looking for such a narrative. If anything, it appears the groupthink narrative has been this bizarre suicide by kayak idea.

        A problem is that not enough people are sharing what they know. We need law enforcement to re-open the case.

        Keith is a liar and not a good guy. He does not deserve any benefit of the doubt. Especially, when it comes to the mysterious disappearence of someone he apparently believed was pregnant with his child.

  • Isn’t it odd how many of the attendees of the Anchorage Intensive managed to find their way from the Alaskan Fjords to NXIVM’s Land of Milk and Honey and Money — Saratoga county, New York!
    Right after Kristin Snyder disappeared.

    Kathy Russell
    Esther Chiappone
    Karen Abney
    Nina Cowell

    Who was this Moses who led these NXians to the Promised Land of Saratoga County?
    Was it Nasty Nancy Salzman?
    And who financed this Exodus of Witnesses from Alaska?
    Was it the Bronfman sisters?
    Were the Mexicans like the Salinas Family already oiling the gears of the NXian Crime Machine in 2003?

  • It looks to me like the suicide note was not written by Kristin but her name on the bottom was. It’s similar to the attendance sign in sheet posted earlier if that is her writing.

  • Re Nancy & The Two Suicide Notes

    Why would Nancy establish the “fact” that there are two suicide notes?

    If the first suicide note is deemed a forgery; Nancy and Nxivm can claim the “real” suicide note is missing.

    Sorry boys and girls, but Nany Pants is not as stupid as you all believe.

      • Answer above. I agree. I’d add one thing. When Prefect was on the phone and giving directions to Alaska, Vanguard was next to her holding the wheel.

      • NiceGuy, I’m not entirely sure what your “hunch” comprises, but my take is that Salzman bought into NXIVM’s preferred and self-serving conspiracy theory, that Snyder staged her own disappearance to escape drug dealers – one presumably promoted by “Vanguard” Raniere, and bolstered by hired PIs.

        Seemingly smart people can believe in shoddy conspiracy theories, just the same way they can get sucked into cults (research shows that people in such groups have slightly above average intelligence or education levels, if anything – they get recruited mostly because of vulnerabilities). Salzman was obviously rather conniving, and I suspect that at least eventually she came to understand that Raniere and his compulsions were quite a liability, but she can’t be too much of a critical thinker or she wouldn’t have been involved, and she would have been prone to believing what absolved her of responsibility for negligently using potentially dangerous processes on people.

        There are questions about whether NXIVM’s theory might have some basis in reality, or supporting evidence. Apparently there is a photo, and supposedly credit card receipts, that Frank has yet to show us so that we can judge for ourselves, and I have yet to see anything stating conclusively when this suicide note was first revealed (I suspect that Snyder’s family had it early on, plus it’s likely to be cited in the police report, which would debunk at least that part of the NXIVM theory). And both Kristen Keefe and Joe O’Hara apparently at least believe the part about Snyder still being alive, for what that’s worth – so it’s a theory that merits more attention, or at least debunking, than it’s gotten.

  • I recall that Kristin’s diary was found. Has the handwriting in the diary been compared to the handwriting on the suicide note?

    • Yes. It wasn’t definitive but there were inconsistencies with some particular letters.
      Hey Nancy which one did you want the world to see? Oh yeah we’re looking at both. And you lied under oath. Jeez to think you actually almost got away with it 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Bitch!

    • Even if the note was in Kristin’s handwriting, and that is not (yet) certain or uncertain, the note could have been written by her under terrible duress, including that Kristin could very well have been drugged to further incapacitate her. Kristin was isolated, brought in and out of of her last intensive several times, and then she was escorted away from the others and isolated even more, until she completely disappeared. Then the story of her disappearance was fictionalized by the ESP group and was bought hook, line and sinker by law enforcement and was deemed to be a suicide. Then later some money was spread around as “tips.”

      Even then, Raniere would not leave the matter alone. His sick ego is compulsive and has no brakes. Only being in jail has curbed his ways of doing more harm. Nancy Salzman had and has ambition only for herself and is a complete and conscienceless phony, from what one can see. But neither Raniere or Salzman have ever been smart enough NOT to keep revealing themselves for who they really are. Too many lies gets to be a habit, part of the cult addiction, a symbol to these cretins of how powerful they think that they are. “Look how we can twist the truth and get away with it. We are soooooo powerful.”

      Yet for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Sooner or later, evil turns around and bites its own head off, and this never comes as it might be expected. This loss or lack of conscience or compassion comes back around as AMBUSH, as a shock to the very core. For when we engage in ambushing anyone else, we will be ambushed equally.

      Karma is not punishment; karma is an equalizer. Karma is natural balancing. Only our own misinterpretations see it as a punisher, yet karma is a “wheel” and balances itself. Conveniently we can blame”karma” but are responsible individually for our own right or wrong action. No one can slip by untouched, eyes closed, hearts locked, dreaming we are dharma bums.

      Consciousness is our duty, and consciousness never dies but only changes form. Our very existence is an act of mercy, and somehow we try so hard to ignore this. But when you leave here, consciousness does not disappear. No one who exists will ever be nonexistent. Yet we do not understand this, as the understanding, so far, comes one by one by one. Any bit of knowing can only come out of realizing that “I do not know and I am here to learn.” We live so noisily, mysteriously hesitant to experience silence, to allow ourselves to explore depths. And the depths wait patiently for us to notice and to let go. Adventure awaits as we play with fools’ gold. Adventure beyond our greatest and sweetest dreams waits for us. The expansion is inevitable.

      Life itself is gonna get’ em, those committed to madness, because the surrender to evil is ultimate self-destruction and comes implicitly with its very own price and guarantees. The decisiveness of ignorance exacts an immense price, and it affects not only one generation. “The sins of the fathers are visited upon their children.” The price of that and its ironies require long sight to even begin to see. Still, all along action and reaction is right in our faces, not only moment-to-moment but historically and universally.

      Real virtues are simple, but these hyenas take pleasure in striving to make love and truth seem complex and doubtful. Their aim is to have power over others, but their sense of “power” is really false and pathetic, without any acknowledgement of the true desire behind the mask, the hunger for dictatorship and to do harm. In the name of truth, of freedom, of love and beauty and even of “God,” where there is falsity, only more falsity can arrive. And more suffering, more consequences, directly the result of each one who is caught up in malcontent, malintentions and untruthfulness.

      But these ugly thoughts and actions reap only more darkness of mind and spirit. Truly, now these people have exposed themselves and now have to stay uncovered and showing their naked faces. There will be no more hiding, as their purposes have been exposed. There are more now who see Raniere and his advocates for who and what they are than there are members remaining in the group itself. And we will not stop communicating or cease adding to their exposure.

      The second “suicide” note, a partial and tacked-on sentence, does not appear to have been written by the same hand that wrote the longer note, though. Kristin was coping with fanatics who wanted to discredit her, even to force her to doubt her own mind and experience, when she was feeling desperate and terribly alone, surely overwhelmed by what she was encountering.

      Kristin was faced with criminal fanaticism costumed as helpfulness. She was not being one with the crowd surrounding her. It is completely obvious that The Crowd turned against her for its own sickening excuses and benefits.

      Without a doubt, Kristin did not see this coming, but her circumstances within the group exemplify the insidiousness of the motivations behind the Exective Success/ Nexium/Nxivm movement. The design of the format was never intended to help anyone except for Raniere and his co-conspriators. They were looking for more recruits to control and for monetary profit to further their reach and sense of power, supremacy. And the walls keep tumbling.

  • Class I’m going to write 2 separate notes. One for you and one for you. There you go. I’m so clever no one will ever know we killed Kristen Snyder.
    And Keefe, really lady? Come on you should be lawyered up by now right? Hutchinson, your performance was weak. Next time splash some water on your eyes so it at least looks like you’re crying. You keep telling everybody your sister was in nxivm; why not just say she’s connected to Keith. Your dates don’t add up, honey. Frank bravo! I’ll be watching The encore at 2 a.m.

    • Anna Lee,- You are so astute. You must have an acumen for sensing bullshit. Maybe it’s because when you perform ATM for the hubby you have to make sure his skin-missle is clean or get E. coli?

      Keeffe has lived hidden and in fear with her child for years, and Hutchinson’s baby sister was murdered.

      You have such a big heart(total sarcasm).

      You have no heart and I bet you only have 1/2 a brain. What kind of idiot performs ATM with such a high chance of infection?

      Anal Lee while you are blowing your husband later today or waxing your taint, please think about what a rude bitch you are.

      Happy Holidays!!!!!

    • If you are a NXIAN and not merely a troll, Ann, please seek “exit” counseling. You are being mind-poisoned. You and your family are in danger. Thank you for watching.

      • Heidi, you see how heartlessness has to find its own ways to be moved into understanding, awareness, growth. Not everyone is going to be able to pay attention. While it’s sad and frustrating to see, please don’t let it stop you. Please don’t let this hurt you! You are who you are, and I send you love. The more that you trust your own mind and heart, slowly but surely, the more strength you have to keep going. Painful though it is to see coldness, we no longer need to give that coldness the chance to squash our spirit. It takes almost no energy or time to recognize WHO is talking, and to detach from its absence of truthfulness and from its seeming lifelessness and inauthenticity. I hope that you keep trusting yourself and also, I understand it doesn’t come easy. By God, you are not alone.

      • Heidi, I wanted to reach through the TV last night to grasp your hand and tell you that justice is coming for the guilty. I shouted your name out when you came on the screen. You’ve got an army behind you, AND behind Gina. Of course, these demons will wail and rend as they are exposed to the light of day, we can expect their obscene Exorcist-like noise to increase as the truth is dragged out of the darkness. And that’s fine, because eventually there will be peace.

    • Btw, Ann, Gina was not in NXIVM, per se, to my knowledge. Frank may know, otherwise. Gina was certainly exposed to its teachings, to “Rational Inquiry” — for many years — much like Kristin Keeffe. Gina was experimented on using the same methods used on the DOS slaves today.

      Again, anyone involved in NXIVM, be they “consultant,” “member” or “friend” needs sympathy, support and help to truly break free.

      • Unlike Gina, Kristin Keeffe did dirty work for Keith Raniere. I’m glad everything has worked out for her and her son. It doesn’t change the fact that she enabled this creep. Heidi I’m glad that you finally clarified that your sister Gina was not part of Nxivm per se. I suppose it’s fair to say that Gina Hutchinson may have been “Patient Zero” and not Toni Natalie.

  • Why would Nancy Sleazeman claim there were two suicide notes? Did NXIVM write a practice note first?

    And didn’t Nancy pay Nina Cowell $50,000 to run the NXIVM Cafe? The same Cafe that was only selling Tea bags to make tea at the New Karner ESP center?

      • I would say a loan or gift (hush money) of under $100,000 and a free living accommodations does not constitute a “high price” for silence. Nina probably blew through the money in no time and Nxivm apartments tend to be spartan.

        • Oh, but Nice Guy, Nina Cowell was not the only Alaskan who chose to make a pilgrimage to the NXIVM Holy Land of Saratoga County after the tragic disappearance.

          A whole Wagon Train of NXians chose to move to the Promised Land of Saratoga County right around the time Kristin Snyder disappeared.

          Kathy Russell
          Esther Chiappone
          Karen Abney

          Who financed and coordinated this Hegira of NXians from the Land of the Midnight Sun to the Vanguard’s Lair in Saratoga County?
          Was it Nasty Nancy Salzman using the Deep Pockets of the Bronfman sisters?

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