Gibson: Adam Schiff, Jerrold Nadler and a Protest in New York … and Mark Epstein, Jeffrey’s Brother

By Ken Gibson

Today, a black woman was singing God Bless America on Varick Street, in lower Manhattan. A group of unhappy white people behind her made faces, while a mixed-race group in front of her joined in the chorus.

The unhappy white folks were Jerrold Nadler supporters, there to show support of the monkey trial known as the Congressional Impeachment Proceedings, while the mixed-race crowd was composed of Trump supporters.

Their issue was the impeachment proceedings, although these are not really impeachment proceedings, so who knows what the whole thing is. It lacks a genuine legal framework, as hearsay is being admitted, but has so-called whistleblowers who were not in on a conversation, and professors with nothing but opinions.

One such person made stupid and irrelevant comments about Trump’s teenage son. She later had to apologize. I think the entire DNC ought to apologize for this farce, and then apologize to all underage persons as they have been welcoming the likes of Joe Biden, who openly talks about kids giving him rub downs, his hairs rising and other things popping up.

In most countries, they would tell him to shut up.

In America, as I knew it while growing up, he would have been kicked out of any political party. But this is not that America, this is a Third World left-wing dictatorship.

Jerrold Nadler was nowhere in sight. Had he been, he would have been questioned by taxpayers, who are sick of funding his proceedings which are clearly an abuse of government – aimed at damaging an opposition candidate.

Nadler’s GOP challenger, Cathy Bernstein, was in sight, along with other GOP luminaries. We spotted some district leaders and top organizers along with Robert Morgan Jr.  Braving the cold in only a light suit, he led the chants, in which the protesters raised further questions about his relationship to the former ‘Impeachment’ judge – Adam Schiff – who is now under investigation himself.

I have been going after him for months now about his place on the Humpty Dumpty Institute. Turns out that Schiff is working with something called Liddle Kidz which goes around the world touching kids. Must be a Democrat thing, what with Joe Biden talking about kids and his blonde hairy legs. Go figure. Can’t make it up.

Only Democrats would touch ‘liddle kidz.’ Hands off I say!

Schiff’s buddies Ed Buck (big donor to the Dems) and Dr. Bruce Hesler also got arrested after we started this investigation. Both have something to do with sex crimes. Hesler is accused of soliciting pornographic photos from a 9-year-old.

So Schiff is no longer so visible on the Impeachment farce. Nadler has to cover for him, and that might not be working so well.

After the protest at Varick Street, some went to Vandam Street where Nadler’s constituent Mark Epstein (big donor to the Dems) lives. His red pickup was parked outside. If the Epstein name rings a bell, think Jeffrey – who is, was, Mark’s brother.

A sign was held up asking for an investigation into Nalder and Mark Epstein – and the Humpty Dumpty Congressmen. Most people still do not have any idea who or what the ‘Humpty Dumpty Congressmen’ are.

The Humpty Dumpty Congressmen are mainly Democrats, on-board at the Humpty Dumpty Institute, which Mark heads up. It was founded by Constance Millstein (big donor to the Dems).

None of the Congressmen, including Schiff, are answering any of my questions about their activities at the Humpty. Which just might include touching kids.

We need Congressional hearings. Touching ‘liddle kidz’ and talking about rubdowns and things popping up is what we ought to be investigating.

Ed Buck, Bruce Hesler, Mark Epstein, these are the people we need to put on trial, not a president who is creating jobs and taking a tough stance on crime.

Maybe the real reason for the Congressional hearings is that Trump is creating jobs and going after people like Biden, while his supporters are investigating the Humpty Dumpty Congressmen, who are going on the defensive with their offensive.

Morgan’s final refrain was “LOCK HIM UP”. Good move, and let the Humpty Dumpty Congressmen and Mark Epstein join him.  If we can’t  get Nadler in prison, at least let us get him OUT OF OFFICE and put in his place an honest public servant – Cathy Bernstein – from whom we will be hearing a lot more as she gets her campaign in full gear after the holidays.

Here’s to America in 2020, I am looking forward to four more years and a GOP House.



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  • Why no investigation into Mark Epstein?
    The lefty press defends rapists, and the lefty pols give rapists the right to vote.
    who else would vote for the left?
    BTW. Ted Turner, how gave $ to a Ghislaine Maxwell/Mark Epstein/Bill Clinton associate,
    is not happy with the investigation – CNN and many other networks are ignoring it as the reps refuse to answer questions about Humpty Dumpty. 2 of the resp questioned are now quitting –
    Lowey and Maloney, perhaps the 2 closest – at least geographically, to Humpty Dumpty.
    Som folks are about to have a big fall.

  • The Democratic party no longer represents America. I dont think they know who they represent. The only reason they refuse to control the southern border is because that’s their way to get votes and build a welfare state, a money laundering machine for themselves.

    • “The Democratic party no longer represents America.” Fool Me Not

      Isn’t that the truth.
      Today’s Democratic party would not nominate Franklin Roosevelt Harry Truman, John F. Kennedy, Jimmy Carter or Bill Clinton for President.
      Those past Democrats are too conservative.
      Even Barack Obama lectures the Democrats that the party is too left wing.

      Every time the Democratic candidates debate Donald Trump goes up in the polls.

      • I completely agree. They used to be the party of justice and fairness, for the people.

        No more.

        Frank, let’s start talking about the rise of the police state in NY.

        Or not, because they will surely come after us all.

  • The ” impeachment ” will go down in history as an illegal attempt to overthrow the government.

    I think Nancy knows this. I think she’s scared; she was bamboozled into this farce, and knows the consequences will be ugly come the future of the DNC.

    The truth will come out. Is it for exposing Biden? For the fISA report due to come out? Corrupt officials?

    Something very, very ominous is occurring under out noses, and Trump is the only one strong enough to stand up for us.

    Follow him on Twitter. It’s the only way to hear the truth.

  • Let’s see.

    Donald Trump
    is fighting for America and the economy just ADDED 266,000 jobs.

    Justin Trudeau
    was laughing it up in London and the Canadian economy just LOST 71,200 jobs.
    That’s no joke.

    • More Canadians voted for Trudeau;’s Conservative Party opponent than for the Liberal Trudeau.
      But because of the weird multi-party Canadian system Trudeau was reelected.
      On election night I saw the CBC’s Liberal mouthpiece Peter Mansbridge doing somersaults of joy.

      Justin Trudeau Andrew Scheer
      Party Liberal Conservative
      5,915,950 6,155,662
      33.07% 34.41%

    • Yes, it is super embarrassing. You know it’s bad when even the Premier of B.C. is talking about taking Trudeau’s passport away.

  • From the beginning of his association with the Trump campaign, Roger Stone, a longtime Manafort partner, made a strong case to Trump to bring in Manafort, who would officially connect to the campaign immediately after the February 1, 2016 Iowa caucuses.

    To coerce the Ukrainians to drop the Burisma probe, which involved Vice President Joseph Biden’s son Hunter, and allow the FBI to take it over the investigation.

    To reopen a closed 2014 FBI investigation that focused heavily on GOP lobbyist Paul Manafort, whose firm long had been tied to Trump through his partner and Trump pal, Roger Stone.

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  • Well said!

    I have neglected to mention the story of Ed Buck.
    Buck is a Democratic donor who lives in West Hollywood, California and has the nasty hobby of drugging up young homeless black men and posing them in nude pictures.
    Very salacious nude pictures.
    Buck has donated over one hundred thousand dollars to Democratic political candidates over the years.
    Unfortunately the young homeless black men frequently overdose and die because of Ed Buck’s “hobby.”
    This is a story the main stream media refuses to cover in any great detail.

    Here is a photo montage of Hillary Clinton with murderer Ed Buck next to a view of one of Buck’s victims in a body bag.×381.jpg

    Every chance I get I tell my friends about the numerous Youtube videos with titles like “Creepy Joe Biden” or Creepy Uncle Joe” where the former Vice President at public events bends over thirteen year old girls and whispers sweet nothings in their ears.
    From the UK’s Daily Mail, a picture the US mainstream media seldom shows.

    If Joe Biden can be President, then so can Keith Raniere.

    Here is a short story from the CBS LA station about Democratic party donor Ed Buck and how he murdered homeless men by methamphetamine injections.

  • “these are not really impeachment proceedings, so who knows what the whole thing is. It lacks genuine legal framework, as hearsay is being admitted, but has so-called whistleblowers who were not in on a conversation, and professors with nothing but opinions.”

    Gibson, you lost all credibility with that sentence. Like the members of the GOP (Group Of Protectors) you make vague, irrelevant and/or inaccurate criticisms, but don’t (can’t) refute what was said under oath and verified by Trump and others. Sad.

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