Shivani: Beware of People Like Toni Natalie

Toni Natalie

Shivani’s post below is in response to Toni Natalie’s efforts to mute Kim Snyder, the sister of the missing Kristin Snyder. Toni has called Kim “mentally retarded” [and called her mother “virtually senile”]. Toni used this as a reason why I and others should not talk to the Snyder family.

I discovered, as did others, that Kim is not mentally retarded [and her mother is anything but senile] but actually a bright and vivacious woman, who has had some physical challenges. I was always impressed with the stark contrast between Kim and Toni. While Toni gave up her son – and chose to stay with her boyfriend, the psychopath Keith Raniere – Kim chose to keep her son and raise him and leave the father far behind, for he, like Raniere, turned out to be toxic.

Toni called Kim retarded, yet Kim is a mother. Toni was a mother too but abandoned her son. As for intellect, though I am not an expert, I would say Kim is smarter than Toni and much more mature and honest.

The other point that needs explaining, for those who have not read prior posts about Natalie, the author of a book about Nxivm, “The Program Inside the Mind of Keith Raniere and the Rise and Fall of Nxivm,” is that Toni lied about the cause of the death of her brother. He died of a heart condition in 2009 that had nothing to do with Nxivm or Keith Raniere. But Toni said in her book – it is a dastardly lie – that he committed suicide because of the harm Keith Raniere had done to Toni and him.

Toni is excoriated in this post because the rascal cannot but be herself – trying to get in between people – keeping them apart for her own gain. Shivani is less than kind in this piece and I chose to publish it because, as much as any story written about Toni on this blog, this one strikes deep at the true persona of the little scoundrel and back biter, Toni Natalie.

By Shivani

No matter what anyone says, lies like Toni Natalie told about Kim Snyder’s mental capacity, about someone’s good character and even about their emotional “statures” HURT and can be very distressing.

What Toni has done and said has been shown. Certainly, she has been actively using the trust of others to do harm, and her dishonest tactics and antics have been demonstrated, over and over again, to be habitually and deliberately Machiavellian.

If anything like this has been done to you, you don’t forget it. Yes, you can overcome it, personally. But you learn that really nothing can be repaired. Trust is finished and for good reason. You make sure you don’t go back for more of the same. There is no pleasure in finding out that someone is a false friend, a liar, a cheat, a “lost cause.”

Toni Natalie put a tattoo with a quote on her back – “In War, Truth is the First Casualty – But Not this Time.”

Unfortunately, most honest people do not expect people like Toni Natalie to come along and dirty the waters.

Even if you met a Toni before, there’s a tendency not to be suspicious of others who appear as friends or colleagues, as in Frank Parlato’s and Joe O’Hara’s experience with Toni.

The list of people who have been deceived by Toni Natalie grows and grows. It doesn’t seem to matter how personal or intimate or even familial the circumstances have been – beware of Toni Natalie.

Now it all comes back to haunt her permanently.

She has singlehandedly made herself into a hopeless case – and has no credibility left.

This ends up being good but in an ironic way.

Toni won’t repair her damages, because it’d take a miracle, and Toni has run out of having good character or any reliability. Who can she screw with now? Only new, naive people who haven’t heard about Toni Natalie, whom she can begin to target.

Every recounting from people who have been involved with her contains a substantial and, often, a long story of being lied to and being used, all for Toni Natalie’s capricious advantage.

Damage someone’s reputation?

Keep people from really helping one another?

Present one lie after another, arrogantly and stupidly?

Well, this looks like Toni’s major methodology.

Here is one long sideshow about a semi-functional personality disorder and about an individual who has been out to do harm. She cannot even help herself, it seems. Think it over, how come?

It’s doubtful that Toni Natalie will ever be capable of seeing these facts about herself. She has been an abuser, through and through. That’s how come her situation feels beyond any reparation. But at least Toni Natalie has been stopped in her tracks, for now.

Still, exposing her nasty, vicious game-playing does not sweep away the damages which she has left behind, in the wake of her manipulations. Some will have long memories about the troubled path of Toni.

Toni Natalie giving [truthful?] interviews about her relationship with Keith Raniere.
What Toni Natalie has earned is the opposite of what she wanted. She has been deviously looking for self-aggrandizement, but nature has not allowed her to create a vacuum, wherein Toni Natalie is its sole proprietress. Her whorehouse has lost its clientele. Her tea, coffee, cookies and whiskey are rancid. By negating the reliability and even the experience of others, she has negated herself.

This is how justice slapped her in the face, disfiguring her responsively and as the result of her own actions.

Her particular lying was done to block genuine communication and investigation but also has especially belittled two innocent people’s intelligence and coping abilities. Toni Natalie didn’t even know Kristin Snyder’s family and look what she has done to them.


Kim Snyder, it is abundantly clear, is not mentally retarded. But that’s not what Toni Natalie said about her.

Kristin has had only one mother and one sister, and both were falsely described, with calculated cruelty, indifference. Why? For the benefit of only one hanger-on, a person who stuck her untrue words and her Pinocchio nose between so many others’ business and who just kept lying and lying to everyone and anyone who was perceived by Natalie as being in her way.

Then there is that double-edged sword, used by Toni Natalie upon many different people individually, and the technique employed is especially insidious. Pretending to someone’s face to be a friend, an ally and supporter of finding the truth, and then Natalie went behind the backs of “her friends” and acquaintances to disparage them to one another.

Those who are “over” hearing about Toni Natalie, fine. Move the hell on and forget it. Nobody has any gun to your heads, to either keep reading or to offer griping commentary.

But Toni is still around promoting her lies in her book. The recounting of who Toni really has been, and still is, has exposed her. This is a genuine warning label, to protect anyone who doesn’t already have firsthand experience about Toni Natalie’s decisive state of toxicity.

Toni Natalie with her brother, John Natalie. Toni says in her book that John committed suicide. His longtime girlfriend, Lisa LoPresti, says that John died of a chronic heart condition and she was with him when he died. Who’s telling the truth?

One of my own brothers was born with such severe handicaps as to have never reached beyond the capacities of a one-year-old. That’s right. He cannot even feed himself or communicate much at all. Even his ability to walk at all can be credited to one grandma’s dedication, determination, constancy every day when he was little with getting him walking. She spent hours each day helping him to walk.

I cannot begin to express how deeply painful and outrageous it has been to hear what Toni has said and done. I will always love my little brother. There are no words. Our brother! No one could be more innocent. For the love of God, where is even the least scrap of respect?

How our family dreamed and dreamed that maybe he could improve. And we have needed and wanted him to feel loved, to be safe, to grow, to be nourished. It has been tough and nobody was a hero. Acceptance is everything, deep in the heart. There isn’t a way to describe what our innocent brother has GIVEN to those of us who have known him. Each life is unique, that’s all.

Yet Toni Natalie has smugly lied, even about the death of her brother. She has treated her brother, her son and people who weren’t even in her acquaintanceship like the ogress that she has proven herself to be.

Perhaps the only thing golden to come out of Toni Natalie would be silence.

A Message to the Trolls Defending Toni Natalie

Keep misfiring. Toni Natalie is the interloper, feasting on the living, cannibalizing even the spirit of those who are no more here, like her own brother and like Kristin Snyder. It doesn’t take much effort or intelligence to see how true this is. When you watch the nature of the beast, you can see “witches and sons of bitches melt.”

It’s much like putting out a dense and stinking grease fire. The work isn’t such a pleasure as it is a necessity, for any relief to be found, to arise from the ashes.

Where there is garbage, there will “garbage men” who will strive to clean up the damages. Some of us are ready to handle the filth left behind.



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  • Q: What does it tell you about a person that they were once a “girlfriend” of Keith Raniere?

    A: Everything you need to know.

  • Good piracy check is to periodically Google your own name and see what pops up. Can you imagine Googling Toni Natalie’s much information to be found!!

  • Nice job, Shivani. You have accurately captured what a lying bitch Toni Nata-LIE is. And just for the record, I don’t think all her lies have been exposed yet.

  • I too agree with Shivani and I’m glad Frank is spotlighting Natalie’s lying ways. Unfortunately, so many people fall victim to people like her because we are unaware until we’ve been stung. Flowers is a lot like Natalie. She draws people in with a tale of woe and then starts accusing the people who believed her, for a time, of harassing her once they realize she’s just spinning a web of lies meant to entrap people into her world of make-believe. Then she castigates these people through any means at her disposal trying to make herself appear more believable. She doesn’t care what happens to others. She only cares for herself.

    • Hilarious, Dahlia/Agenda/many Aliases

      Who am I accusing? Please explain, as you can’t just make baseless accusations without at least offering some explanation on why you believe that to be true.
      It’s pretty funny how you assume you know more about my life than I know. Would you consider group trolling with dozens of newly created sock puppets, impersonation, and intimidation by bogus lawsuit to be harassment? Or is it only harassment if it happens to certain people?Lol!

      • I think she is referring to your behaviour as a whole. All that you accuse others of, is basically projection of YOUR own behaviour here on the FR. Just because you choose NOT to recognise or own up to your nonsense doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened. Just deal with it, take the swerve, and reflect..I think you are your own worst enemy, I just wish you would stop the self-harm.

          • So how does your projection theory work? Anything I accuse anyone of doing I am guilty of myself?
            Hmmm. By following that logic, no one could ever accuse anyone of anything, without “projecting’. That means law enforcement would be projecting every time they arrested a criminal…..

            Projection is something that some people do to avoid taking responsibility, but you are using the term as a type of excuse. Not every accusation is an example of projection.

          • You waste peoples time with your pedantry – that seems to be all of your purpose and aim and Imo why you are viewed here on FR as a nuisance. It’s kind of flattening, dealing with boorish behaviour.

      • I have a question for KR Claviger or perhaps Niceguy’s wife could answer. Is a lawsuit bogus when it’s achieved its intended purpose without having to go to court?

        • A lot of lawsuits are bogus, but that doesn’t make them illegal. In the U.S., anybody can sue anybody else for any reason or no reason at all. Amway sued me for a bogus reason, their sole goal was to grind me down financially. They failed, because the settlement posted on my websites shows I retained the right to do everything I want to do. Many states have recently passed anti-SLAPP laws that protect defendants from bogus lawsuits, some stronger than others. Unfortunately, Texas didn’t pass their very strong anti-SLAPP law until after Amway sued me, or they probably either wouldn’t have sued me or would have had to pay my lawyer.

        • What purpose would that be? To try to intimidate and terrorize a person to prevent them from talking about the crimes the party threatening the lawsuit has committed?
          If so, then I guess it didnt work at all. 🤣
          In fact, you dug yourself an even deeper hole, Dahlia/Agenda.
          Say hi to Doc!

  • Not quite sure how you could describe these trolls as “defenders” of Toni. Either I’ve missed these troll comments, or you are misreading their sarcasm as genuine approval.

  • I agree with Shivani’s post entirely.
    She sums up the scummy behavior of one of Raniere’s earliest girlfriends.
    Toni Natalie actually personifies the type of women and men who are attracted to weasels like Keith Raniere.

    Most people would not want to compound the suffering that Kim Snyder has already suffered from the loss of her sister.
    One might agree or disagree with Kim Snyder but still sympathize with her enough to consider her feelings.
    But not a NXIVM creep like Toni Natalie.

    I know from the many stories on the Frank Report that the people who infest NXIVM are misfit toys.
    They possess human features but deep inside harbor the hearts of cruel, devious Grinches.

    Look at the sorry example of Allison Pimp Mack, the Sex Trafficker who ran NXIVM DOS for Raniere.
    Pimp Mack told aspiring actresses that they could become successful and empowered by serving as Sex Slaves in a criminal gang.
    Is there any more heartless example of fiendish behavior than the perfidious pimp Allison Mack?

    And when the women would not follow Mack’s orders, she would call them demeaning names like “Brat” or “Princess.”

    Look at the terrible example of Cruella Bronfman.
    A woman born with a Golden Spoon in her mouth.
    Was Cruella Bronfman happy to enjoy her great good fortune?
    No, she wanted to gain enjoyment by bankrupting people with frivolous lawsuits like the harpy she is.

    a rapacious monster described as having a woman’s head and body and a bird’s wings and claws or depicted as a bird of prey with a woman’s face.

    I’ll say this about all of the top women of NXIVM.
    The women who ran the criminal gang on a day to day basis.

    All of the top women of NXIVM are harpies.
    Fiends in human bodies.

    And I shall pray to God that none of them have children to torment with their inhumanity and cruelty.

      • Yes, I believe Cruella is jealous that Sara has so far escaped justice.
        However, I’ve noticed that Sara is very careful to avoid travel to the US.
        I believe that if NXIVM’s crimes are ever fully investigated, Sara might be in even more legal jeopardy than Cruella.
        In short I believe that Sara will follow Roman Polanski’s example and stay in France as long as possible.

    • The ones who appear “cute” and who want to claim that Raniere deceived them forget how much their enthusiasm and the culty craziness shows and that it has been seen. Allison Mack, appeared to be all too delighted to do dirty work. For how many years was Mack trying to be a golden member of Raniere’s crew? A glittery example of WHAT? You don’t do those actions without permission from the self. Allison Mack was not an automaton.

      At any given moment she could have told herself “this whole thing doesn’t feel right to me. I don’t feel good about what’s going on here, and now I need to cut my losses and go.” It seems that she got off on what she was doing. Is she still a cheerleader? Is she still dying to get back to this cult immersion?

      The idea of “feel sorry for me” being bruited about to ameliorate these actions and this dedication to being important to a monster is not necessarily sincere. The apologies offered to make a plea deal are also self-serving. Having a (rumored) nervous breakdown after getting caught and losing some freedom? Hot diggity.

      People who fight addiction are often counselled to glean an understanding, that the amount of years that one is addicted are going to be matched by how long, how many years you’ll need to be super-vigilant, to begin to balance out the years that have been lost. Even then, it will still the battle of a lifetime and never really ends.

      Nobody knows what Mack is thinking now, very possibly not even Allison Mack. No one knows if she is or isn’t using sneaky methods to stay in touch with her DOS pals. Allison could even have found a new cult with another tweaked agenda to turn her on and to use as ego food as soon as she can get away with it. For that matter, what’s to trust? Mack could be just as wack as ever and could be awaiting her resurrection as a card-carrying devotee of Raniere.

  • I agree with Shivani. I think this is a pretty complete assessment of Toni Natalie and her behaviour. And it’s interesting how Shivani formulates her assessment of Toni Natalie, drastically, bluntly and hard.

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